Deacon is pretty psyched to be in Chicago for the North Central Regional. He wanted all the Outlaws to know he will be there to drool on any and everyone who gets in the way.


Talayna Fortunato is the fittest woman in the Southeast Region. Talayna works out to Whitesnake. Coincidence?

WOD 120518:

BB Gymnastics

1) 10 minutes to work up to a heavy but not maximal Power Clean & Power (Push) Jerk.

Notes: Work up to the limitations of your technique. I.e. your heaviest lift should not be slop, it should be technically clean.

2) EMOM for 7 minutes perform 3 Power Clean & Power (Push) Jerks @ 85% of the above.


1a) 4X5 1&1/4 Front Squats – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.
1b) 4X8,6,4,2 Strict HSPU + ME Kipping HSPU – regionals standard, rest 60 sec.

Notes: If you cannot get through the strict HSPU, then go to 1 rep short of complete failure and switch.


10 minute AMRAP of:

100′ KB Overhead Carry 32/24kg (2 KB 2 arms)
5 Muscle-Ups
25 Absolutely Vertical KBS 32/24kg

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  1. The drool isn’t his only weapon. He also has a tooth he’s willing to brandish.

  2. Drool and teeth, nice.
    BTW< any onesie size OUTLAW gear for my 20 month old, Spencer? He likes to hang from the rings (L-pull-ups) and it might make for a nice pic.
    And Whitesnake – very nice!

  3. Just wondering what you guys thing about tapering before a regional. I was going to follow the blog workouts and then just take 3 days off before so last workout would be Monday. Any thoughts?

    • I can’t speak from crossfit competition experience, but when I tapered during my bike racing career I never shut it down completely leading into event. I always found it more useful to decrease volume during the days leading up to an event while doing very short bouts of intensity (followed by ample rest) to keep my system “open” and primed for competition.

      Trick is to thread the needle between doing just enough intensity so that you’re not blocked when you hit Diane, but not so much that you dig yourself a hole leading into the event. Bottom line is that 3 days off will leave you rested, but you may feel like complete shit in a short, purely anaerobic effort like Diane.

      I’m sure that more qualified crossfit competitors / coaches can give you better advice, but that’s my view from a sport that (surprisingly) taxes similar metabolic systems to crossfit.

    • Dont really believe in tapering for competitions….unless you are extremely sore or have injuries that need to be tended to-then I would recommend taking time off. If not, keep moving-you’re as fit as your going to be.
      I usually do olympic lifts btw 70-80% the week of to keep the CNS high and responding accordingly. Doing recovery rowing, airdyne, or running (longer time domain at about 60% of max effort). and I lot of mobility/ice baths/etc.

      But then some people are weak of mind and believe they need time off.

      Or ask yourself
      “WWRD” What Would Rich Do?


      • Thanks for the advice guys. Watching the latest “Day in the Life of Rich” video helped me push through the Last Group 5 WOD..got that extra conditioning done in 7min flat. I guess I will do some skill work Tuesday (HSPU + Pistols) and a light row. Then take wed and thursday totally off.

      • +1 any time I’ve taken a couple days off leading into a competition I come out flat and my body doesn’t respond well.

    • I had to take some time off due to a shoulder injury on the Saturday before…I went into semi-crisis aversion mode and ended up taking Monday-Thursday off….on the upside I PR’d my Diane and the shoulder sustained throughout the weekend…on the downside I felt a bit sluggish in 2 and 4 and lacked a bit of intensity the entire weekend…Unless you have an injury, I’d say go hard through at least Tuesday, recovery run/row on Wednesday morning then focus on recovery.

  4. BB Gymnastics
    1) Worked up to 285. Felt great and got my head through on the jerk.(That has been a struggle for me lately)
    2) 245 every set. I really enjoy doing movements emom.

    1b)Kip-4,3,3,3. My kip needs improvement. I fell off the wall every time. Its not the strength that I struggle with but the technique…very frustrating.

    2 1/2 rounds. Got through the MU’s. This was another great workout!

  5. First, let me clarify — I’m a fucking moron.

    Now that that’s out of the way, here is the work:

    BB Gym:

    1. Worked up to 165#, all clean technique and no knee / hamstring problems. Put on 170 and tweaked hamstring again on dip. Proof that I am a fucking moron, but was diagnostically useful.

    2. Just did power cleans, no jerk, @ 155# — felt fine. Knee only hurts on flexion, not extension.


    1a) No squats. Did 5 strict PUs + ME Kipping PUs — 5+9, 5+7, 5+6, 5+5
    1b) 8+3, 6+3, 4+4, 2+4 (all strict)



    Physical therapy consult next Wed. Hoping to get to bottom of issue and get back to normal training.

  6. Looks like Talayna is employing some kind of super secret training methods there. Something tells me Rudy would display greater virtuosity performing the split.

  7. I need some thoughts about moving workouts. I follow a week behind and have to rearrange workout order because I have limited access to equipment during parts of the week.

    So, next week I have to move Monday’s conditioning to Saturday because that is the only time I have access to the concept 2. My first instinct was just to move the entire Monday workout to Saturday, but especially when I look at the barbell gymnastics that we do every single day, I got really nervous about changing up the schedule.

    So, would it be better to move entire day workouts to fit my what I have access to, or to leave the BB Gymnastics in the order Rudy has it and only move the conditioning components.

    And before anyone says it…I know the best option is to do everything on the day the schedule calls for, in the order it calls for it, I just don’t have that option. I have to either adjust the days or follow a crappier program.

    • If you don’t have the option, do what you can. It’s really not difficult or should be difficult for you to follow.

      Do what you can, when you can, and let the results come on. If you stress about this too much its detrimental to your training.

  8. BBG: worked up to 215, did my 7 sets with 185.
    Strength: 185 on front squats (for triples), Strict Pullups instead of HSPU’s. I didn’t have a good spot for them, plus I can’t do more than 4 unbroken. 8,8,5,7 on Pullups.
    No conditioning for now, headed to a wedding, bringing a weight vest and bands and will think of something to do in the hotel.

  9. So I have a question about the pulls Snatch grip and Clean grip pulls. If you deadlift 400+ and you only clean 265 or so is the 80% still enough to illicit a response. I’ve heard both arguments that you’re working your speed but if you can pull 315 fast it wouldn’t hurt your cleans or snatches would it. Just wondering what everyones thoughts are, if everyone says stick with the prescribed % for cleans then I will just curious.

    • IMO, and it’s worth what you pay for it, I do them with more weight than I can Snatch or Clean, but not so much weight that I cant still get a good high-speed-powerful pull….. I figure this way, the more power and speed I build with shit I can’t even Clean or Snatch yet, then the faster I PR on them bad boys. I could be completely wrong tho!

      • Thats how I feel about too and looking back through the blog there is one of the better athletes doing pulls with 405 and 365 granted 405 was fast it was not nearly as good as 365 and I don’t think he is cleaning that much….yet haha. So I will stick with bar speed being my gauge.

      • Michael – it is both form and speed work. There are times where Rudy will post the height in which he wants the pull to be. If it is a percentage less than your 1RM clean, he is likely looking for flat footed hip explosion or something similar. Pay attention to the underwritten statements and the percentages and stick to them. Sometimes he also just doesn’t want you doing heavy deads. My dead is 545 and my clean is 290 — a GOOD clean pull at 325 for a triple is still all you can handle if you have perfect positioning and pull. Stick to the program, don’t go balls to the wall heavy on the clean pulls as if they were deadlifts unless they are written that way. They are two distinctly different pulls.

  10. Day 2 of the Outlaw Way. Here we go….

    1) 185#
    2) 7 rds EMOM@155
    1a) 165×4
    1b) kip:6,4,4,3
    3rds (ok….2.99999 last 2 KB swings took me to 10:05)

  11. BB Gymnastics
    1) Worked up to 175# felt this was a good place to stop… technique was flawless.
    2) 145# all sets, last set was a bit taxing on the lower back cause my dumbass got weak and sloppy!

    This shiznit kicked my ASS!!!
    Only 2 rounds + 50′

    Gonna do Strength + some Skill Work on HS Walks later this evening

    • Did strength and some skill work with different Cleans and crap this p.m.

      1a) 175, 175 (crapped out on this set), 165, 165#
      1b) 8+8, 6+5, 4+6, 2+4

      BBG Skill work
      did 3 reps EMOM of
      1) Deads, 2) Tempo Deads, 3) Clean Pulls, 4) Hang Clean, 5) Clean from blocks, 6) Power Cleans, and 7) Squat Cleans.
      Really light weight jus tryin to get a feel for position, form, tech, and hip extension.

  12. 295 fs…switched to kipping in end of pullups…made it to the 2nd round of mu in the 10 min..new to the program looks great though…finished 67th in central east open this yr an have no intention of being over 30th next yr…great stuff

  13. BB Gymnastics

    1) Worked up to 205#

    2) 185lbs for all sets – rough, either have some bad allergies or I’m getting sick



    Just totally out of it and ran out of time.

  14. BB Gymnastics
    Snatch pull – snatch – 2 OH squats 5×1@70 kg

    Power clean and push jerk – 100 kg

    7 min OTM 3 PC and PJ @ 85 kg

    Front squats @ 95 kg
    HSPU: 8+6, 6+8, 4+11, 2+14

    3 rounds + 50′

  15. BB Gym:
    Worked up to 165lbs
    EMOM: 140lbs

    1a) 165lbs all sets
    1b) Pressed instead


  16. BB Gym:
    1) 145
    2) 125 – these got better and faster towards the later rounds

    1a) 135,145,145,150
    1b) 8+8, 6+12, 4+6 – forgot about 2’s

    Used red bands for MUs and couldn’t get both 52# kbs OVH, so used 44# kbs for walk.

    MFS – 6/1/2

  17. Knee is definitely buggered. Rested since Monday but still very stiff and locked up, hurts to even PVC pipe power snatch.

    2, fell off
    6, good rhythm
    1, fell off
    9, 1 no rep at the top

    8 feet with 32s, switched to 24s, got two muscle ups.

    Back stronger Monday.

  18. BB gymnastics
    P. Clean and Jerk – worked up to 205
    -need to work on my drop under the bar

    accidentally did 8 min of 3 P. Clean and Jerk @ 175
    -this started to get heavy

    4×5 1 1/4 FS @195
    HSPU 8/4, 6/3, 4/3, 2/3
    – I have issues with kipping HSPU, just needs work and practice

    -left wrist was giving me issues with holding KB overhead so had to hold 50# DBs (heaviest gym has)

  19. BB Gymnastics
    1) 110kg (120kg is PB) felt fairly easy and fast
    2) All 21 reps complete @ 93.5kg

    1a) 1&1/4 Front Squats 5 @ 100kg, 5 @ 102.5kg, 4 @ 102.5kg – stopped due to time and general douchebaggery
    1b) HSPU – 7 + 2, 5 + 1, 4 + 0 – these ate me up and I fucking hate them

    10 minute AMRAP of:
    100′ KB Overhead Carry 32kg (2 KB 2 arms)
    5 Muscle-Ups
    25 Absolutely Vertical KBS 32kg
    2 rounds

  20. BBG:
    Worked up to 235# Power Clean, Power (Push) Jerk, but the jerk was a little sloppy. 225# was a lot cleaner.

    EMOM: Done. Used 195# (85% of 225#).

    FS: 190# (up 5# from last week) for all sets. Felt a lot easier this week.
    HSPUs: 8+6 kip; 6+5 kip; 4+3 kip, 2+3 kip.

    2 rounds plus 50′ of walking. Rings were surrounded and stolen up after I started…had to sprint to another room in the gym to get the MUs in.

  21. JUST STARTED OUTLAW WAY ON WEDNESDAY (had to be an insane 2-a-day with a shit load of front squats… ‘fcourse)
    1. worked up to 240# pretty sure thats a PR never really done it before but it felt pretty easy to me, no fails on the way up either!
    2. finished using 205#… last two sets were really tough… got all sets out in under 40 seconds though… first 6 were right around 30 sec.

    1a) used 225# for the 4×5 since legs were still toasted from wednesday
    1b) did half the strict HSPU’s but couldn’t get a strict on the last set (so for the strict sets it was 4, 3, 2, 0) and the kipping sets were (8, 6, 6, 5)

    subbed 1.5 pooders for the 2 pd OH walk…. just could not for the life of me get them over my head for some reason!
    other than that… nothing modded, got 2 full rounds right down to the wire
    muscle-ups are a GLARING weakness that i am very slow/bad at.

  22. CFG data:

    1. worked up to 100kg, jerk got sloppy and time ran out. I could have fixed the jerk and gone up time permitting, but decided this was my working weight today. This is a good thing; a few months ago full clean and jerk at 100 was problematic and I actually missed it in a weightlifting comp. 🙂
    2. math was east for this one, 85kg. Completed each 3 in under 30, leaving 33-37 seconds rest each round. Really liked this.
    3. went to 90kg (down 10 from last week, but last week I had to split a few sets up into 4/1, 3/2, this week I didn’t do that; coach Caleb and I thought this would be the better way to go.
    4. HSPUs – suck! went 7/4; 6/2; 4/4; 2/4 🙁

    Conditioning: We didn’t do conditioning today instead we worked on muscle-up technique.

    1. 120 (easy)
    2. 102.5/105 – time caught up on one round, but made it up by doing like 6 in a row
    3. 120
    4. 8/12; 6/14; 4/16; 2/18

    Again, no conditioning today.

  23. 10 min Power Clean & Push Jerk: 265lbs (push jerk technique was first to break)

    EMOM for 7min PC+PJ: 225lbs (no misses, finished around 30sec every round)

    1-1/4 FS: 185lbs (no misses, no broken sets)

    HSPU Strict/Kip: 8/6, 5/3, 4/4, 2/5

    No conditioning today, out of time.

  24. BB Gymnastics
    1) 270- a little sloppy, but it was a pr attempt and I felt good so I went for it.

    **** had about a 15min break to unload some equipemnt from a truck and it messed up my grove for part 2.

    2) 230- this was tough. missed a couple jerks and then split a couple of them.

    1a) 190 across all– still getting a feel for these.
    1b) 8-6-6-6 strict- cant kip without falling off the wall

    2 rds + the overhead walk.

    ** we dont have rings high enough for mu’s right now and seated strict mu’s werent happening so I subbed 15 ring dips and 15 pull ups.

  25. BB Gym:
    Worked up to 235lbs – no misses, felt good
    EMOM: 7 min @200lbs –

    1a) 4*5@175lbs – up 10lbs from last week, could of gone heavier but bitched out
    1b) 8+10, 6+8, 4+8, 2+10 – shoulders totally smoked


  26. bbg hit 275 and felt like that was a good weight, heavy but not maximal to where form broke down
    emom: 7 min @ 235#
    1a)4×5@205 + 10# from last week
    1b) 6, 6, 4+2, 2+6
    2 rounds plus 100′

  27. A) power clean + push jerk – 275

    B) 7 min emom @ 235

    1a) 4×5 1+1/4 fs 225/245/245/245
    1b) hspu 8+7/6+4/4+0(fell off wall)/2+7

    100′ oh barbell walk @ 135 (only 1 2 pood kb)
    5 mu
    25 kb swing @ 32kg

  28. BB Gym:
    1) 215 then just missed 225
    2) 190#

    1a) 165#
    1b)only did strict with 10# plate and abmat – 5, 3, 2, 1

  29. Hit 275, then missed the PJ on 295 twice. Was trying to beat last weeks PC+PJ 285… but couldn’t make the jerk happen; shouldve called it. R patellar is still bothering me, might need to take a little time off.
    7 emom: 245 for first min, then dropped to 225. Tough.
    Rear foot elevated squat (bulgarian) in place of front squat x 6 each side with 2poods e.h.
    HSPU: 8+8, 6+6, 4+4, 2+2
    Conditioning as Rx with strict muscleups from a seated position (no hanging rings)
    2 rounds +walk+5 muscleups

    The OH walks were freakin brutal.

    Value added was low today. Was preoccupied by the knee.

  30. Any outlaws in the boston area? Gonna be up there for kids certification… Wanted to workout on saturday evening.

  31. Felt like complete ass coming into this. I had to get a checkup yesterday I got a bunch of shots, and got felt up by an old nurse. resulting in a sore arm and erectile dysfunction. Perfect day for a shit ton of shoulder stuff.

    bb gymnastics- a) 225- kind of ugly but stuck with it. 235 I missed the power jerk

    b)195 for the emom which was harder than it sounded.

    a) did “barbell yoga”. Did the 3rm squat yesterday and the front squat wod yesterday. Just worked flexibility.
    b) only got 4-6 kipping after each set of strict. This felt really bad. Shoulders felt weak and I kip myself right off the fucking wall every time. Needs work.

    conditioning- 2 rounds+ 2 muscleups. I had a lot of trouble with the walks. Mainly i had to do 3 turnarounds each time and I couldn’t keep my balance when spinning resulting in a lot of kb clean and jerks. Just kind of sluggish through the whole thing. Much needed rest day tomorrow.

  32. Warmed up with snatches from wed.
    7 EMOM C&J
    Only did 2 rounds of strength
    225. Killer
    HSPU strict done, kipped numbers
    10, 8
    Feeling drained today.

  33. Still a loyal follower Rudy — saw the post the other night, just taking some time off to fuck around a bit and have some fun with my affiliate in classes and stuff. I’ll be back when we get going on the offseason.

  34. First day back on after Regionals….. low back too a good beating in Event 4. Thanks to Rudy for coming up to coach Lacey and I, and for the kind words afterward.
    A few mistakes, and a few things I couldn’t avoid at the Regional.
    HSPU standard was incorrect loosing about 6″ from the wall, I decided to go with a kip and it completely fucked up my distancing, took a lot out of me to not fall off the wall each rep….core fatigues, deads get harder, took more out of me than expected when I got to the cleans….by event 4 my back was in shambles and went into spasm.
    No excuses…..just keep on working and try to make that weakness bulletproof.

    Power Clean + Push Jerk

    225, 255, 275 ties PR, 285 PR, 295 PR (vid of 285, 295 was smoother)

    1 PC + PJ every 30 seconds for 7 min @250#
    No misses. Felt easy after going heavy.

    Ended up doing the affiliate WOD
    225 Power Clean
    Muscle Ups

    Hard as fuck….


  35. RESULTS:
    1) 135×5-165-185(not worth increasing bc roll)
    2) 160. Dropping b/w reps. Weight needs to move continuous stop worrying about increased resistance of roll.

    1a) 180-180-180(4-5 get tough, lean fwd)-180
    1b) 6-4-2-3. Extra depth is killing me and my kip is off. Damn roll and pitch pulls me off wall. Big issue is breaking midline.

    1) 2 rounds @50 OH. 70 made 1 round and arm failed 3x. Dangerous and shoulder and stability walking in ships motion. MU from low rings no swing. KBS 25-15/10 shoulders weakening but mental failure 

  36. BB Gymnastics:
    1) 185#
    2) 155#

    1a) 185#
    1b) 5/5/6/8

    1) 2 rounds + 16 KB swings*

    *Scaled the overhead carry to 24kg KBs because I couldn’t shoulder the 32kbs together.


  37. BB Gymnastics:
    1) 155#, 175#, 185#, 195#, 205#
    2) 175#
    205 and 175 were too heavy this time around.

    1a) 165#, 160#, 160#, 160
    1b) 3, 3, 3, 3

    2 rounds (I did a third round after time expired for the hell of it.
    I used 60# DBs because I don’t have 2 32kg KB.

  38. Worked up to 235lbs legs still sore from Wednesday

    200lbs every set pretty easy

    165lbs front squat
    Hspu 8+14 6+12 4+10 2+8

    3 rounds

  39. BB Gymnastics
    1) 185 lbs- shoulders had jack shit for the jerk, so about 50 lbs under PR
    2) EMOM at 155 lbs. Shoulders finally felt good around round 5

    1a) 155, 165, 175 x 2
    1b) 3+3, 4+6, 4+4, 2+5

    Used 55 lbs bells for the Overhead Carry. 2 rds + 2 KB Swings

  40. BB gymnastics to 115# – had a hand/wrist issue last week and felt it a little today. Held back.

    Did 3×7 EMOM @100#. Felt better as it went along.

    Tried 145# front squats. Only got 4 on the last 2 sets… pretty happy. HSPU were not good today. I worked out late in the day… not my best time.

    10 min AMRAP of 100′ KB walk – used 35# and 5 muscle ups (why am I still not efficient?) and 25 swings at 55#

    2 ROUNDS.

    I am an OUTLAW. I WILL represent at the 2012 Games!

  41. 1. 190- 5lb PR. Felt good
    2. Used 165 for first set and dropped to 145 after because reps became sloppy. Second metcon after following a westside routine. Conditioning isn’t where it should be.

    1a) 135,145,145,145 really enjoyed these. Elbows started to drop in the hole of the 4&5th reps.
    1B) Did them sub-max: 5,4,4,3 came off wall every time i kipped

    Conditioning: 2 rds+ 2 MU (grip started to go)
    Used 1.5Pood for first set of OH walk but dropped to 44lbers then 1 pood. Have bad shoulder mobility and was overextending a lot. Used 1.5pd for swings felt great and grip started to go from 15-25.

    MFS: 1-6-4

  42. 2nd day back, did Wed. Work yesterday, and my legs are mufuckin hurtin.

    PC & PJ – 266
    EMOM @ 226

    1a) 205, 225, 235×2
    1b) 7(strict) + 6, 4(strict) + 6, 4 + 6, 2 + 3(fell off wall)

    3rds – grip was fried after rd 2

    For all of you noobs to the site, and/or people who just like to ask stupid fucking questions.
    Rudy knows his fucking shit, don’t question his methods just STFU and do it. If you have to follow a day behind, then fucking follow a day behind and STFU. If you can’t follow the programming to a “T” then follow it the best that you can and STFU. If you don’t know what something means then fucking google that shit. You are all adults, well most of you, Rudy does all of this programming for free, and he trains a lot of ELITE exercisers, he doesn’t have time to hold your fucking hand and explain everything to you, unless you want to pay him $200 a month, and still if you asked me some of the questions that are asked on here I would tell you to keep your money.

  43. 1.) BB: 235#

    2.) 195#


    1a.) 250#
    1b.) Strict-13,10,8,6 Kipping-6,5,4,4

    3 Rounds + 3 MU’S

    MFS: 3/4/5

  44. BB-
    Worked up to 245

    EMOM @ 205

    Power clean aggravated my knee so no squats today.

    3 Rds + change on the walk


  45. BBG
    1. PC & PJ 205lb had more but kept it light due to shoulder
    2. EMOTM 3 PC & PJ 155lb
    1a. F Squat 195, 195, 205, 205, 210
    1b. HSPU 1+3, 2+3, 3+3, 3+4 big weakness
    2 rounds 3 Muscle Ups

  46. BBG – Worked up to 95kg. Had to drop to a quite deep half-squat (above parallel) to catch it so I left it there.
    EMOM – 80kg x 7 x 3. One of the reps on the 6th round went to a full squat clean due to a brain fart. Jerks were often pressed out. This EMOM is very hard for me. Got puffed as.

    1a) 110kg x 4 x 5 – Hard stuff. On the last set I did a few full reps – 1&1/4 gets hard!
    1b) 8 + 5, 6 + 2, 4 + 3, 2 + 1. The first set felt good – I finally felt like I got the technique on kipping HSPU’s for once. Other sets were arse. I think my shoulders were well fatigued from the pressed out jerks!

    I skipped conditioning – Lower back was stiffening up and my time was running out. The EMOM PC&PJ and 1a/1b felt like conditioning enough today!

  47. WOD 120518:

    BB Gymnastics
    1) 10 minutes to work up to a heavy but not maximal Power Clean & Power (Push) Jerk.
    Result – 145#
    2) EMOM for 7 minutes perform 3 Power Clean & Power (Push) Jerks @ 85% of the above.
    125# – no failed lifts
    1a) 4X5 1&1/4 Front Squats – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.
    1b) 4X8,6,4,2 Strict HSPU + ME Kipping HSPU – regionals standard, rest 60 sec.
    8 + 5
    6 + 8
    4 + 10
    2 + 14
    10 minute AMRAP of:
    100′ KB Carry 24kg (2 KB 2 arms)
    5 Muscle-Ups 
    25 Absolutely Vertical KBS 24kg
    4 rounds plus about 50 ft carry
    MU and KBS unbroken 

  48. BB gymnastics
    C&J – use 155 for 85%. Easy weight but in terms of being able to do 3 quickly enough between each minute…that was really hard.

    Front squat: 165 – 165 – 165 – 175 – 185
    HSPU 8/2, 6/3, 4/3, 2/3
    …i don’t kip well, once I die, i pretty much have nothing left until I reset.

    2 rounds and change
    -that shit was brutal. had to use 55 lb. KBs and those still were incredible humbling.
    -only have rings on my home set up so I subbed 15 pull ups and 15 dips per round.

    overall felt pretty shitty from the start today, definitely didn’t bring it like i usually do. just one of those days, tomorrow will be better.

  49. WOD 120518:

    BB Gymnastics

    1) Power Clean & Power (Push) Jerk. 215 lbs

    2) EMOM for 7 minutes perform 3 Power Clean & Power (Push) Jerks @ 85% of the above. 185 lbs


    1a) 4X5 1&1/4 Front Squats – 185 lbs
    1b) 4X8,6,4,2 Strict HSPU + ME Kipping HSPU – regionals standard, (3,4,4,3 all kipping. Need to get better on regional standard HSPU)


    10 minute AMRAP complete. MU slowed me down but it was good to work on them while fatigued.

  50. BBG:
    1) hadnt done this yet so worked to 1rm. 145# for PC&PJ. 155 for PC.
    2) used 135 to base off so 115#

    1a) 140#
    1b) no bands to practice strict so just did kips. 12,6,4,4,

    practiced MU. ran 10 mins. 21 KBS(16kg)+12pu for helen practice.

  51. BBG
    1) 255
    2) 215-215-215-195-195-195-195

    1a) 225
    1b) 2,2-1,3-2,4-1,3

    2+4 KBS


  52. First day on the Outlaw Way. Just did Barbell Gymnastics, will add in the strength and conditioning work gradually.

    1. 175 #
    2. 140 # for all reps and rounds

  53. My wife’s first Outlaw Way workout.

    PC&PJ up to 115#, then EMOM @ 95.

    1&1/4 Front Squats @ 95# all sets
    HSPU – no strict; 10, 9, 6, 7, all assisted

    No conditioning; shoulders too tired.

    Go Maria!

  54. Pwr Clean & Pwr Jk 205
    3PC & PJ EMOM 7 ,in – 175 after rnd 2 dropped to 2reps per rnd
    1-1/4 FS @ 185#
    HSPU Prog.
    Conditioning 3 rnds + 3kbs
    subbed farmer carries 35# each hand and ring rows

  55. Bbg
    Emom 185

    Total- 10/13/14/8


  56. 1) worked to 225#
    2) got 6 rds in 2 on the 2nd round

    1a)205 5, 3, 3

    2 rds + 100′
    100′ oH carry
    Bar MU (no rings)
    15x KBS (Chalk this one up to not reading before doing)



    * getting over an illness and the kids have been up at night with the illness, body felt good otherwise, my stamina feels a little low and I can really feel during the conditioning

  57. 1) stopped at 185#
    2) Used 170# and wound up doing 2 EMOM for the last 4 minutes
    3) 165#
    4) 8+8; 6+7; 4+6; 2+9

    Skipped conditioning. was a little hungover today so it wasn’t the greatest.

  58. 225 Hang Power Clean & Jerk
    185 EMOTM for 7 Minutes 3 Power Cleans
    225 1 1/4 Front Squat (half way had to take out 1/4)
    4×8,6,4,2 Strict HSPU +ME Kipping (Unbroken strict but only 1 or 2 kipped)

    100 Ft KB Overhead 32KB + 5 Muscle ups (scaled) 25 Vertical KBS = 3 Rounds

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