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So my, and probably a bunch of other peoples, season is over. Is there an Outlaw approved ‘I’m-going-to-put-conditioning-on-the-back-burner-and-lift-heavy-shit-and-get-strong-as-for-the-next-month-or-two-and-hopefully-gain-some-weight’ program? Like I’m talking maybe doing 1 or possibly no metcons at all. We all know that there’s no fast track to putting on the size and strength like dumping metcons for a bit, and in my own personal experience doing this conditioning comes back quick; I just want to use any time off conditioning as best as possible. Plus it’s a nice mental break. I figure there’s no time to do it like the present for those of us who aren’t going to the games.
-Jordan Derksen

…caused enough of a stir, that I have to break from my regularly scheduled exercise commentary and lulz-making, to answer it with some sort of intelligence. Fine.

Jordan, what did you have in mind? Maybe a Hatch cycle? Or you could try the Conjugate Method—I hear it’s pretty effective. Sorry, I couldn’t help but take a couple shots.

Look, I know that in approximately 12 days there will be 25 people who are following this site, and are officially still a part of the season (do the math, 7 individuals, 18 team members, SO FAR). I know the other 150 to 15,000 of you are now officially training for next season. This, however, doesn’t mean there’s a better option for your continued development.

I’ll let you in on the big secret: make sure you don’t tell anyone. The Outlaw Way is a strength & conditioning program designed for athletes. There’s really no other way to describe it. The fact is that most of the athletes who follow the program happen to play “the sport of fitness”. I, therefore, build the general framework of the template around the seasonal demands of the sport. When the season is over (in 12 days), and we’ve done 2 weeks of testing/data collection, we will immediately go into our off-season developmental program. I’ve actually laid this out in the Template section of the Doctrine page:

When you plug the Limited Conjugate into all aspects of programming, you can begin to design daily WODs that will build to a bigger goal. The goal here is to be prepared for CrossFit competitions and CrossFit Games season. I would use the exact same design and template no matter what I was trying to prepare an athlete for, depending upon the demands of their season. The loading and volume of the program will change as we move closer to the season, then back to the off-season. A few weeks ago Brandon (Phillips) said to me, “It’s the off-season. We should only be doing enough metcon to keep us hungry.” I couldn’t agree more. Here are the basics of what we’re doing right now:

From 4 weeks after the Games until 4 weeks before the Open begins: This is when we build. If you’re worried about losing your “wind” because of a local competition, then you have your priorities wrong. I’ve moderated volume to ensure that strength/power/skill building will not be stunted. We’re working on the highest level (that we will need) of gymnastics skills as frequently as possible and are practicing to attain a virtuoso level with the Olympic lifts (for overall athletic development). Add in some good old-fashioned CrossFit.com-style ass-kickery, some traditional S&C Barbell and Bodyweight movements for overall strength gains, and govern it with a Limited Conjugate method that does a perfect job of keeping everything in order.

Last year we started 4 weeks after the Games, because we were dealing with a group who was made up of Games participants. This year we will start building as soon as our testing period is over, 2 weeks after Regionals. That will allow for 6 months of “I’m-going-to-put-conditioning-on-the-back-burner-and-lift-heavy-shit-and-get-strong-as-for-the-next-month-or-two-and-hopefully-gain-some-weight”. If you want to go off and do some fucking combination of 5/3/1, Bulgarian weightlifting, CF Endurance, and Pole Dance Fitness, be my mother-fucking guest. I can’t wait to see your spine shoot out your asshole when you attempt that new 1RM Back Squat of 700#. I mean you’re supposed to have that after hitting 17 reps at 60%, right?

RANT WARNING: Stupid fucking exercisers. YOU TRAIN FOR MUSCULAR ENDURANCE. What do you expect to happen when you load the bar with a moderate weight and try to do as many reps as possible? I don’t give a fuck how many reps you did at 70%. The predictive calculator doesn’t provide you with ‘roided out fairies who can float over, throw some Westside chains around the bar, and help you squat a weight that you’ve never even seen loaded on a barbell before.

We will be doing squat cycles, weightlifting cycles, skill development, and a “stay hungry” level of conditioning for the entire off season. They will all run concurrently, be cycled often, and be governed by a method designed to moderate volume while providing maximum positive adaptation.

Jordan, if you want to gain weight—eat more. If you want to get strong as shit—this is probably a pretty good place.

WOD 120516:

BB Gymnastics

1) 7X1 3 Position Snatch (low to high) – rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO

Notes: Do not load heavy unless you are proficient through every position. This is a technique and speed drill (working turnover when fatigued), but you may go heavier as long as there are no misses or slop reps.


1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 95% – rest 60 sec.
1b) 3 X 8 Good Mornings – heavy, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO


4 rounds for time of:

30 Front Squats @ 115/75#
15 T2B
15 Lateral Box Jumps 24″ DEMO VIDEO

Extra 120516:

*The recommendation is to rest at least 2-4 hours after the day’s normal conditioning before performing this work. If you cannot rest this long, test your resting heart rate before beginning the normal conditioning work and rest long enough for it to return to within 5 BPMs of that number.

Group 5 Conditioning

For time:

30 Back Squats 135/95#
20 Pullups
10 Push Jerks 135/95#
20 Front Squats 135/95#
20 Pullups
10 Push Jerks 135/95#
10 OHS 135/95#
20 Pullups
10 Push Jerks 135/95#

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    • Jordan, it was a legit question. I WAS NOT trying to berate you. I answered it because many people have asked it, and quite a few people suggested I address the topic. The berating was strictly for the dummies who have no concept of volume or how difficult it is to combine multiple programs which are not meant to run concurrently. Just wanted you, and everyone else, to understand that the off-season is taken into account 100%, and there is no need to randomly jump onto anything else.

      I swear I wasn’t attacking you, dude. Totally legit question.

    • I had the same concern. Not so much what the program would look like come “off-season”, but when would the “off-season” start. Now I know and can’t wait to get going.

      Doing GPP stuff at my gym just wasn’t cutting it. I was getting fitter but I wanted CF to be my sport and needed something that took everything into account. I threw stuff together but it didn’t work: overtraining, not hiting everything I need to work on, etc. Love this stuff!

      For me : Outlaw Way is to Crossfit what Crossfit was to exercise. I don’t see me going back to anything else.

  1. Dude you come up with the awsomest stuff. Hope that’s a word. I’m not the best strength guy but I’m a decent athlete and there’s no off time. Whatever you throw out I’ll give it a shot.

  2. This is what I thought the answer would be. Rudy keep kicking ass and thank you for this programming!

  3. I’m excited about the “Building” phase which will be hitting us soon for 6 months, however, I am considering the very far future (2014) and would like to ask this – Would it be advisable for someone who needs extra “building” to maybe repeat the initial 6 months while the program is gearing towards the Games prep. So that next year on the building phase I have already have 12 months at it. So to put it simply, 18 months of “building” then 6 or Games prep, or 6 months building, 6 months games, 6 months building, 6 months Games, which will put me in a better position in 24 months time?

    • If you haven’t noticed by now, the common theme 100% of the time someone asks if they should make changes to the program is to 1. jump in today and 2. follow the program as written.

      Followed by this:

      • I understand if you follow the program 100% throughout the “season” you will be better by the time the open comes around but, what if you wanted to be the best you could be for the open after that? By saying “building” is necessary to make the best gains, and to do this you must calm down on the met-con’s, surely by following the “building” phase 18 months out of the 24 would be better than 12?

      • Does anyone else have anything intelligent to say about this before I “do whatever the fuck I want to do”?! Sound advice by the way Drywall!

    • Stick with it the way it is programmed taking into account off-season and in-season. Don’t waiver from it that drastically. During in-season if you feel there are some weaknesses that Outlaw isn’t hitting consistently enough for you (slim chance) then add in some of that necessary work, but I’d stay with it.

      Maybe during in-season just sign up for more local competitions then you would normally and have that be your Regionals and Games.

      You aren’t going to get worse by following in-season programming. You’ll only get better.

      Just my 2 cents.

    • I would cross that bridge when u get there. I think the point that you are missing is that this is a STRENGTH and conditioning program with a heavy emphasis on strength. Even now we lift heavy weight every day. If u think the conditioning is taking a toll then skip it every once in a while.

      Your other two options are to pay Rudy some money to train you personally or do what the Fuck u want.

  4. AWESOME FUCKING RANT! I stumbled across the outlaw just before the opens this year. I’ve been doing what I can to follow the program to the T, but it gets tricky being a
    Crossfitter stuck in a globo gym world. The gains in my lifts have been amazing. I can now HPC over 200# and can rep out enough squat snatches to not be afraid of “Amanda”. I think the best coaches in the world in ANYTHING know how to pull from every area of their education and you sir have done that. This fact, coupled with your gnarly fucking beard, have me man-crush jealous of your skills. I believe that the outlaw ways will be what I need to have any sort of chance for a ticket to the north east regionals next year

  5. BB Gymnastics
    1) 7X1 3 Position Snatch (low to high) – 50, 50, 55, 55, 55, 60 miss at high hang, 60kg

    1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 118.5kg – 2, 3, 3
    1b) 3 X 8 Banded Iron Cross Good Mornings (courtesy of 70sbig.com) Green band, green + beige and red, green + beige and red

    4 rounds for time of:
    30 Front Squats @ 50kg
    15 T2B
    15 Lateral OVER Box Jumps 24″


    Wish I had watched the video where the fella jumps on the box instead of summoning up all my power to get over the damn thing every rep!!

  6. Starting your programming today..i finished 67th in the central east this year in the open..trained about 2 months prior for it..hoping i can get the outlaw way a top 10 finisher in indivudals next yr

  7. 1) 7×1 All with 155#. Wanted to work on form with this one like you said, so I tried to keep it as light as possible.

    2a) Bench 275#(This was about 87%)
    2b) Good Mornings 95#,115#, 115#. I didn’t know how heavy heavy meant. Haven’t done these in a while so I tried to play it safe. Was probably too light though. Wahts a good weight for this movement?

    3)Metcon: 13:22
    1st rd Everything unbroken
    2nd rd FS-10,10,10 Everything else unbroken
    3rd rd FS- 12,10,8 Everything else unbroken
    4th rd FS-15,15 Everything else unbroken

    Probably should of done 2 sets of 15 on fs the whole time. Very good workout though.

  8. Knee getting better with ice, rolling, stretching, etc., but still babying. Itching to return to regularly scheduled programming.

    Here is today’s modified work:

    BB Gymnastics:

    7×1 PP / PJ / SJ — 145# across (slight pain on the dip which gets better as the sets progress, but still limits power output and initial bar drive)


    1a) 165# — 3,3,3
    1b) 115#


    5×3 minute rounds of:

    3 135# power cleans (almost “muscle” clean)
    6 HSPU
    9 T2B

    1 minute rest

    2 + 10
    1 + 12
    1 + 15
    1 + 13

  9. I have got to say looking forward to next year. i stumbled onto the site as the open was kicking off. While not a games caliber athlete i am enjoying my gains. Great stuff here love it, just what i needed after hitting a wall as to speak in doing crossfit since 07. Cant wait to see what my lifts are like after a yr straight on following along to best of my limited equipment ablity. Thanks for the great site.

  10. Anyone know of any outlaw friendly gyms in the Houston area?? I’ll be there from May 24th-27th (Memorial Day Weekend)for a wedding and I’m looking at hitting a workout or two while I’m down there.

      • I live in the woodlands, just north of Houston. U can go to crossfit north Houston. Fridays they do outlaw and the coaches there follow it everyday so they will let u do it during regular class times. There is also the box I go to, crossfit Conroe. We follow outlaw everyday

    • In league city area. A group of us are doing outlaw. more than welcome to drop in with us. email me if interested and we will work something out.

  11. 7*1 Snatch: 95 (good form)

    Bench ME: not happening today, shoulders still smoked from something yesterday (245 fail, 235: 1, 1)
    Good Mornings: 115

    15:17 (did round 3 and 4 with only 15 FS, wanted to be able to walk/workout on Friday)

  12. BBG:
    1) Skill work.

    1a) 205: 7/3/6 (Don’t know my 1RM yet. Guestimated.)
    1b) 95, 115, 115 (Went light due to combination of back and hamstrings being sore this morning and fairly new to weighted good mornings)

    No Conditioning.

  13. BB Gymnastics
    65, 75, 75, 75, 75, 80, 85#

    1a) Wasn’t feeling Bench today shoulder was screaming, stayed at 90%
    275# 2, 2, 1
    1b) 125#

    20:19….. this kicked my ASS!!

  14. your conditioning today almost made me quit fitness. my purse kept getting in the way i guess.

  15. Took wed thru sat off last week off due to shoulder pain. Massage, ice and PT have made it almost 100%. Can’t believe how much I missed doing the program. Thanks coach for the amazing programming.

    1. 95, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155
    1a. Bench 90% 251 1, the dropped to 235 1 and 2
    1b. Good Mornings 135 all sets
    20:18 those front Squats killed me. Everything else unbroken except last toes to bar.

  16. Just started following the program this week. I love it. I look forward to checking the website everyday like when I began Crossfitting. I hope I get the opportunity to come over to the gym sometime and do a workout.

  17. Great post, reminded me of a “Talk to me Johnny” I read a while ago from John Welbourne. Some guy emailed in asking how he could gain more weight. The answer was more food related than anything.

    John said something like “dump olive oil all over a whole pizza, then eat it all.”

    I like to find food challenges like this one and eat my way to victory. (this is from a few months before I started doing CrossFit, 30# lighter now but much stronger and just as hungry, going to do the challenge again in a couple weeks because I’m craving spaghettis)

    (long vid, use fast forward to see the food)

    The Outlaw way makes it easy. If you really want more muscle and more strength, you owe it to yourself to eat like a monster. You’re already training like a monster, chow down like a monster and you will get stronger.

    3 position snatch 95, 115, 135, 155, 175, 185, 190
    1a) me bench @ 345 2, 2, 3 (got an extra rep on the last set from starting off the rack much faster and holding my breath in at the top on the 2nd rep instead of letting it out and taking another breath. also had my spotter slap me on the back really hard before i went haha)
    1b) 3×8 good mornings 155, 175, 185
    25:15 rx

  18. BB Gymnastics

    95lbs across the board.


    1a) 175-6,5,5
    1b) 135, 155, 155 (10, 8, 8)

    Conidtioning (2 rounds)

    10:13-Started out feeling iffy and just totally hit the wall after round 2. Don’t know if it was because I didn’t eat enough or because I worked out 10 hours prior…whatever the case it was no good and just called it.


  19. CFG DATA:

    1. 40, 55, 60, 65, 55, 50 (felt horrible today and the hangs tweaked my bicep a little so went back down)
    2. 195 (8), 205 (7), 205 (5) (this is pounds); good mornings 65, 75, 80 kg
    Conditioning Time: 20:48. Subbing GHD sit-ups for 2 out of the 4 rounds.

    1. 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110
    2. 205 (minor pec tweak so backed off); good mornings: 100 ± across the board
    3. Conditioning time: 19:38

    Adam: doing it later today.

  20. BB Gymnastics
    125,130, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155 – no misses

    1a) @225# (2, 2, 2)
    1b) (165, 170, 170)*8

    short on time only 2 rds – 8:47

  21. BB Gym:
    1) 105

    1a) 135×1 (somehow i added wrong and did 10# more than what I should have. ended up being a new 1RM. FTW!) 125×3, 125×2
    1b) 70, 85, 90

    Coming back this evening for conditioning.

    • 16:38 – used 20in box starting 2nd round. Couldn’t jump a 24in anymore without clipping my toes. Only did 10 T2B in 4th round bc of a decent rip. However, first 2 rounds of T2B were UB which is good progress for me.

  22. BBG: 7×1 3-pos snatch. I went high to low.
    95#, 95#, 95#, 105#, 115#, 115#, 115#. Finally got the “hang” of it at the end. Pun intended. I’m so witty.

    3x Bench ME 95% (275#): 2, 2, 3. No spotter so I was scurrd.
    3×8 Good Mornings Heavy: 135# all sets.

    15:56 rx’d.

  23. BBG – all at 125
    3 x ME @ 205 – 5,4,3 no spot
    3 x 8 @ 115

    Cond- 18:27 rxd

  24. BBG
    7×1 @ 60 -62,5 – 65 – 67,5 – 70 – 72,5 – 75 (failed in the hang snatch)

    BP @ 120 kg: 2-2-1
    GM @ 80 kg

    Conditioning 1:

    Rested 20 min

    Extra work: 8.02

  25. BB Gym:

    1a) 185-1,1,2

    1b) did barbell rows instead, hammys are still sore from doing good mornings as a sub for GHD on mon.

    Skipped, played hockey instead

  26. Day 3 of my first week following the program. Took a while to get warmed up today, and my shoulders were sore and fatigued going into today, so my bench performance was sub par.

    3 pos snatch: 135-155-175-185-185-185-185

    ME Bench: 275×6, 275×7, 275×6
    GM: 135

    Conditioning 17:30 (only 3 rounds, ran out of time)

  27. Bbg 115/115/135/135/155/155(f on 3)/155

    Bench @ 275 4/4/4
    Goodmorning @155 3×8

    Wod – 16:53

  28. BB Gym
    115,115,115,115,135,155 (I was able to keep good form with the 135. I failed at the above the knee with the 155. I just put the bar down and reset and I was able to complete the move.)

    Bench — 225, 2, 1, 1 with spotter assistance.
    Goodmornings — 135

    Round 1 — Everything Unbroken
    Round 2 — 15-15 front squats, everything else unbroken
    Round 3 — 15-15 front squats, everything else unbroken
    Round 4 — 15-15 front squats, everything else unbroken

    Time: 17:17

  29. bbg
    1)115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175
    1b)125/6, 145/6, 165/6 cambered bar
    capped @22min. 10 lateral box overs short of finishing

  30. Snatches at 95#. Two misses total, playing with my squat snatch (have been doing almost all power snatch until now). Did Good mornings with 95# because I like to do these light but with good technique and range of motion. I know Wendler might not be Rudy’s favorite, but he never goes about 135 on these and squated over 800.
    Bench- 270 for 3,1,2
    Metcon: 23:00 flat. My grip slipped on front squat about 10 times and ended up essentially Zercher squating on those reps. This sucked a fat one. Thanks Rudy.

  31. BB gymnastics
    7×1 Position Snatch @ 135

    3xME Bench @ 235 – 2,3,2
    3×8 Good Mornings @ 135

    Felt slow, mentally weak especially on the FS
    Front squats were killer (UB, 10/10/10, 11/10/9, 12/12/6), should have forced sets of 15
    Everything else UB

    M/F/S – 2/6/2

  32. BB gymnastics
    1) 115×3, 125×2, 135×2
    1a) 240 = 3,3,2
    1b) 95, 115, 115
    16:30( felt like a slug today)


  33. http://youtu.be/a_UXTikUnnE

    WOD 120516:

    BB Gymnastics

    1) 7X1 3 Position Snatch (low to high) – rest 60 sec. 75#


    1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 95% – rest 60 sec.
    115# x 6/115# x 6/115# x 6
    1b) 3 X 8 Good Mornings – heavy, rest 60 sec.
    65# x 8


    4 rounds for time of: 20:15

    30 Front Squats @ 65# sets of 10 (long rest breaks)
    15 T2B 8/7,8/7,15
    15 Lateral Box Jumps 20″ UB

  34. Skipped Snatches and conditioning, have been having some patella tendonitis and wanted to take it easy.

    Bench @ 275: 3-2-2
    GM/8 205, 185, 185
    KB snatch + plank work.

  35. BB Gymnastics

    1) 7X1 3 Position Snatch

    130# across all


    1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 95% – rest 60 sec.
    260# for 3 across all

    1b) 3 X 8 Good Mornings – heavy, rest 60 sec.

    bar only


  36. Invited to work out with another regional competitor, was stoked to have a partner so I went up and did his wod with him this morning:
    7 dl 345
    7 muscle ups rest 20 sec
    7 muscle ups
    3 rounds
    15 dl @225
    15 hspu
    Rest 2 min
    40sec, 41sec, 39sec
    2 rounds
    10 back squats 135
    100′ farmer carry 100lb
    20 front squat 85
    30 ohs 65
    3 mu
    Rest 3 min

    Afternoon wod outlaw conditioning:
    Front squat wod – 15:04

    Looking forward to a rest day that was a lot of squats low back is a little tired

  37. Performed at CrossFit Shifted

    Snatch: 95/115/135/145/155/165/165

    185 me – 7/7/4
    135 x 3 x 8

    16:26 rx (WOD was a fuckin burner… Smoked me)

  38. 1) worked from 165# to 185#… did the sequence in reverse.
    2a) 275# – 2, 1, 1
    2b) stuck to 135#. Apparently I’ve always done these incorrectly… And the correct way hurts.

    — 11:45 (FSs killed me)

    M/F/S – 3/4/5

  39. 1) Stayed at 95# to work speed
    2a) 205#- 1,1,1
    2b) 115#, 135#, 135#

    22:53 Rx’d. Toes-to-Bar were A LOT easier today, but that’s probably because I had so much time between sets. I bitched out big time on the Front Squats.

  40. BBG-

    Fucked my thumb up pretty bad on the snatches. Bounced the barbell off the floor, tried to prevent a super high bounce with my hands, and jammed my thumb. Thought for sure it was broken.

    Still went through sets at 95, 115, 125, 135# then decided to stop from the pain.


    3×8 good mornings at 115#

    Bench did not do from thumb injury



    Had to use back squats, couldn’t hold FS from thumb. T2B sucked.

    Overall pretty frustrated from my thumb

  41. Salute to the Outlaw nation!

    I want to Thank Rudy Mutha Fuckin Nielson, His Badass Wife Laura, and Team Outlaw for Sharing this Intelligent Holistic approach to CF training for All Crossfitters World Wide!

    #6 SoCal Regional Competitor Tommy Pease and I will continue to Follow the Outlaw Doctrine through and through!

    We can’t Thank You enough!

  42. Conditioning


    Then Rudy told me to go do Regional WOD 4 after it. Awesome.

    Regional WOD 4


    Legs were blown up, but I felt pretty good.

  43. BB: 145#
    Strength: 255×1 each round
    135# good mornings
    Conditioning: 19:51

  44. Snatch Complex – Worked up to 60kg. Felt good and no fails. I was moving (comparatively) fast tonight

    Bench – 110kg x 1,1,1 – Blarg
    Good mornings – 60kg, 60kg, 70kg – First time doing these weighted. Felt my hammies working very hard.

    Conditioning – 22:45.
    Front squats – 30, 10/10/10, 5/5/5/5, 10/8/7/5
    T2B – 9/6, 5/5/5, 5/5/5, 6/5/4
    Box Jumps – Slow (step down) and unbroken all rounds except last round which was pogo and fast.

    Front squats sucked the life out of me. Huge (read 20 seconds or so) breaks between sets in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds. Pretty bad really.
    I know my quads are going to hurt tomorrow. My lower back was getting really lit up too – possibly from the Good mornings?

    Can’t wait for a rest day!

  45. 1) 155, 135×6
    2a) 185 for reps
    2b) 95

    19:58 beat up, didn’t want to do it but decided to suffer through it

  46. BB Gymnastics
    1) 7X1 3 Position Snatch (low to high) – rest 60 sec.
    95, 115, 135, 135, 135, 145, 145 (all in lbs.)
    had to use wraps on account of ripping a nice hook grip callus in that damn regional hang clean WOD

    1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 95% – rest 60 sec.
    2, 1, 2 (using 215 as 1RM so 205=95%)

    1b) 3 X 8 Good Mornings – heavy, rest 60 sec.
    115, 135, 155 (lbs.)


    4 rounds for time of:
    30 Front Squats @ 115/75#
    15 T2B
    15 Lateral Box Jumps 24″
    box jumps were slow, never done them like that before.
    front squats were really rough in the third round.

    For time:

    30 Back Squats 135/95#
    20 Pullups
    10 Push Jerks 135/95#
    20 Front Squats 135/95#
    20 Pullups
    10 Push Jerks 135/95#
    10 OHS 135/95#
    20 Pullups
    10 Push Jerks 135/95#
    ended up reading it wrong and did 30 of each type of squat… god was that a bad idea… thank the lord its a rest day today hahah

  47. BB Gymnastics
    85, 115,115,115,135,135,135

    1a) @205# (8,5,5)
    1b) 95lb

    Conditioning: 14:19

  48. 1) 7X1 3 Position Snatch (low to high) – rest 60 sec. @ 115#


    1a) Floor Press @295# –.(3,3,2)
    1b) 3 X 8 Good Mornings – @165#


    4 rounds for time of:

    30 Front Squats @ 115/75#
    15 T2B
    15 Lateral Box Jumps 20 in


    First full three days of Outlaw…beat me up.

  49. 1) 95, 115, 115, 115, 115, 135, 135


    1a) 2, 2, 2 @ 285#
    1b) complete @ 135#


    I was a little distracted before I started the workout and did back squats instead of Front Squats.


  50. Snatch-
    73/83/93/98/103/108/113. All felt great

    1a) sets at 153# 5/4/3
    1b) good mornings 95#

    Conditioning: 16 min
    All t2b unbroken except last rnd 9/6.
    Squats were slower than I wanted the last 3 rnds. Did em by 10’s. Hip flexors are so tight.

  51. BB: Worked from 115# to 135#. Good technique practice!


    1a) 235# 5, 5, 245# 3 ( Dropped down, shoulder feeling tight)
    1b) 185#

    Conditioning: 14:36 FS were rough!

    MFS: 2/4/5

  52. 1) 3 Pos. Snatch (3 sets @ 145lb, 4 sets @ 165lb)

    2) Conditioning: quads still a bit sore from regionals so i split 30 front squats into: 15 front squats and 15 wallballs

    MFS: 1-2-4

  53. BBG:

    1a) 120# – 3, 125# -2
    1b) 75# ( too light)


  54. Shoulder therapy
    BB 15#
    Strength incline db bp 8-15-15 35#
    G morn 115#
    Conditioning 2 rounds 10:56 rest 2 min. 1round 5:25
    Left shoulder needs a day of rest.

  55. BBG, 95X1,115X2,135X4

    bench- 205- 1-1-1. This was my previous 1rm i thought maybe it had increased but apparently not. Weird considering my max snatch is only 5 pounds less.
    good mornings- 115×3

    conditioning- 14:17. Holy fuck this sucked. I must have dropped the bar 5+ times each set. Almost nothing was unbroken but tried to stay moving.

  56. This is the switch in programming I have needed looking forward to the next phase and to the way outlaw programming has pushed me already:
    4rds as prescribed……20:53……. Kicked my ass and loved every minute of the whole program.

  57. BBG: 3 position SN 7×1; 115#, 115#, 120#, 120#, 125#, 125#, 130#
    Strength: Bench Press: 240#; 10, 7, 4
    Good Mornings: 185#, 190#, 190#
    Conditioning: 21:19, started out great for the first two rounds, average of 4:30 per round, then hit a mental wall with the FS, not heavy, not that winded, just a shit load of reps that fucked with my head.

  58. BB Gymnastics

    1a) 235# 2/2/2
    1b) 135#


  59. BBG

    115# 5/4/2

    Conditioning–thanks for the great bday present

    1551 holy front squats

  60. BBG. 40,50,60,70,80kg
    Strength. Bench 80kg. Good morning at 50kg
    Met con. 18:35 rxd. Horrible.
    I’m not going to walk tomorrow

  61. 1) 95, 95, 95, 105, 105, 115, 115
    2a) 2, 2, 2 @ 250#
    2b) 135, 135, 145

    Conditioning – 24:30. probably should have scaled to 95#.

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