Outlaws currently qualified for the Games:


-Talayna Fortunato – 1st place, Southeast
-Christen Wagner – 1st place, Asia
-Rika Diederiks – 1st place, Africa
-Brandon Phillips – 2nd place, Southeast
-Jason Hoggan – 2nd place, South Central
-Candice Ruiz – 2nd place, South Central


-CrossFit 7 Mile – 1st place, Latin America
-CrossFit CDR – 2nd place, SoCal
-CrossFit Central – 3rd place, South Central

I just received this email…

8 weeks ago I snatched about once every couple weeks (heavy) and my Max then was 250. Today at SoCal regionals I hit 275 and it felt amazing! I owe the thanks to your intelligence of having me clean and snatch pretty much every darn day. Our team qualified for the Games (2nd overall in SoCal), and will continue to follow the Outlaw Way!!

Calvin D – CrossFit CDR

This lift was featured on the update show, and gave me chills BEFORE I knew Calvin and CDR were following. It was part of an 1140# team total. Just to put that into perspective: 1140# is an average of 3 – 230# Snatches for the men, and 3 – 150# Snatches for the women. This is currently the highest team total in the world.

The most dominant group of Outlaws in the entire world, hail from—I’m not making this up—The Cayman Islands. Chris Spigner’s team, from CrossFit 7 Mile, did something that no other team or individual has done. They simply went SIX for SIX, winning every workout of the Latin American Regionals.

Before you write them off as a “bad region” team, their scores would have been good enough to tie Team Outlaw for 5th in the bruising Mid-Atlantic region. Their 19:40 on WOD 6 would have been 3rd in the Mid-Atlantic and basically means Chris has developed at least two women—IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS—who can do Muscle-Ups with no problems.

Great fucking job, Team 7 Mile. I wear a large t-shirt.


I would like to say; I am proud as hell of Jay Rhodes.

Jay was recovering from a back injury 6 months ago when I started coaching him, and this weekend was really the first time he put it to the test. There is only so much “practicing” you can do for a Regional level competition, and it’s nearly impossible to mimic the level of intensity inherent to the event. Jay’s back could not hold the line after 3 straight WODs featuring heavy pulls, and finally fell into spasm during the almost non-stop spinal extension of WOD 4.

When I saw him drop the bar, and reach for his low back after the second set of 10 Front Squats, I knew exactly what happened. I actually thought he would probably have to just lay down and wait for medical attention. I’ve personally had my back fall into spasm during a WOD, and I know it’s a nearly unbearable pain. Jay, being of Canadian lumberjack blood, decided a trip to the emergency room wouldn’t be a part of his Regionals, and kept doing front squats in sets of 1 or 2, or until the spasms would completely seize him. He actually—SOMEHOW—placed 27th on WOD 4 despite the fact that he was basically done at the 6 minute mark.

Jay’s playing through pain is not, however, the reason I’m proud of him. I’m proud of “The Mayor of Canadia” because he was in 10th place coming into Sunday, and he had every right to quit and bow out due to injury. Jay Rhodes being Jay Rhodes, simply walked into the arena Sunday morning, warmed up, decided to “give it a go”, and with weakened erectors snatched the 2nd biggest individual lift of the Regional (more on the Outlaw destruction of the Snatch Ladder tomorrow).

WOD 120514:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X2 Snatch @ 80% – rest 60-80 sec.
Notes: These ARE NOT touch & go reps. Reset before each rep.
2a) 3X3 Snatch Pulls – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.
2b) 3X3 Heaving Snatch Balances – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.


Row 500m
100 Double-Unders
200′ DB Farmers Carry 100/70#
20 Alternating DB Snatches 100/70#
100 Double-Unders
Row 500m

For time.


1a) 3X8 Weighted GH Raise – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.
1b) 3X8 Tempo GHD Situps (5 counts down, 5 counts up) – rest 45 sec.

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  1. there is a problem outlaw nation, check out Summary Video of Canada East Womens Workout 6 at the 1:46 min mark. the bearded wizard has changed his ways. no more fuck yeahs i guess.

      • It’s a BABY. You get to swear around them until they repeat it. At this age, people will think he can’t say “truck” properly. Which he probably can’t anyway.

    • I don’t know, I’m with Rudy on this one. My daugter dropped a “fuck” at about 16 months, took everything I had to keep from laughing. Blame that on my wife, she curses like a sailor when she drives.

      • Yep, my middle child was 14 mos old at Christmastime and got a buttload of fire trucks for Christmas. All I and everyone else heard about for months were firefucks. Nice!

  2. How much time should you rest between the BB gymnastics and the conditioning?

    • That’s up to you. No set rest time. I usually wait as long as it takes me to break down my bars from the BBG & Strength and setup for the conditioning. Some people even break the BBG & Strength and the conditioning up into 2-a-days.

  3. Our shirts fit a little small so I’ll bring you a large and an XL out to the Games. I can’t thank you enough for the awesome programming that you gave us. My wife and co-owner is on the team and I saw first hand the work she did. Awesome stuff man. You should be proud.


  4. thats what i thought, when you shaving the beard and moving to the Burbs

  5. BBG:
    1) 115, 115, 135, 135, 135 (should have started with 135)
    2a) 95, 115, 115 (too light)
    2b) 245

    CFR Wod
    12′ AMRAP
    10 DL (185/135)
    30 DUs

    Score: 10+9

    *My gym wants me to do at least 2 wods that they program per week and I would have had to mod the heck out of today’s conditioning (no rower. no 100# DBs.) So, today seemed like a good day to knock out one of those CFR wods.

  6. Congrats outlaw nation. Those are serious numbers going to The Games.
    I hate to ask what I am sure I will get ripped for (a noob question), but let’s say you’re an old fellar, like me, and sometimes time or recovery does not allow you to do the whole workout. Is it best to skip the BBG, Conditioning, or Strength? Ideally I won’t be skipping anything, but with a 1.5 year old, full time summer teaching gig at the college (fucking lowly professor’s salary keeps interfering with my games training, HA!), and like real life getting in the way…what would be best to skip in order to optimize the program? I know Welbourn suggests if you follow CFFB to NEVER skip the strength. I assume given the man crush, the same applies here?

    • I would say it depends on your strengths/weaknesses. If getting stronger is your main priority, I would def do the strength work and maybe cut back on the MetCons if you have to. If you need to work on your engine and you have to skip something, maybe don’t do the strength that day and get the conditioning in.

      If both are about the same- do the strength. Strength kills as we saw in the Regionals.

  7. Does anyone have or know of any good plans for making your own jerk boxes? I’m just getting into Outlaw and I have my own garage gym. Resources are limited, so I’d like to make my own jerk boxes.

    Thanks for any replies!

  8. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X2 Snatch @ 80% – 70kg
    2a) 3X3 Snatch Pulls – 110kg
    2b) 3X3 Heaving Snatch Balances – 80kg


    Row 500m
    100 Double-Unders
    200′ DB Farmers Carry @ 45kg Dumbbells
    20 Alternating DB Snatches @ 45kg Dumbbell
    100 Double-Unders
    Row 500m

    Time = 15:54

    M= 2 F= 2 S= 2

  9. BB Gymnastics
    1) 115#
    2a) 165, 175, 185#
    2b) 115, 125, 130#

    alright started good but I was working my way thru DUs @ bout 3:11 at bout 60-70 DUs and BAM sharp ass pain just above my left temple (u know where that wormy little throbbing vein runs to yer brain.. yea there!) got all kinda f”d up and dizzy. so took a 3:00 rest. felt normal again to a degree so I:

    1 cut intensity
    2 changed DUs to singles
    3 changed DB Snatch to 70#

    it still continued to cause me a few problems throughout finishing but I figured I’d stroke out if it got too bad and my face was still cooperating on both sides, so I figured I wasn’t stroking out lulz. Anybody ever have any problems like this? The DUs caused the pain, farmers carry I had to take a break at 100′ cause it started back, and DB Snatch at 100# caused sever pain and dizziness also…. Never felt anything like it before.

    Anyway total working time was 12:07

    1a) 25# plate
    1b) complete

    • Had something similar about a year ago. Mine was in the back of the head, but the symptoms were the exactly same. Was fortunate to be working out with a few neurologists at the time and they suggested that I was too tight the upper back and neck. Took a few days off, got a massage, and everything was straight.

    • Brandon, I had this same thing a couple years ago during a max unbroken set of doubleunders. It felt like something exploded in my brain… then for about 6 weeks any time I worked out intensely it would come on again in a dull ache, especially if I did any jumping. I was able to work through it but it was pretty annoying. I’m pretty sure it came on because I was holding my breath. I did a lot of research but never figured out what it was… I looked into exercise induced migraines, brain tumors… lol. But it just went away and I’ve never had an issue again.

    • sounds like an exertion headache. increasing thoracic pressure via valsalva maneuver (or holding your breath to stabilize) can increase blood flow to the brain to the extent that the carotid sinus can actually ‘over stretch’. normally there is some stretching through regular beat-by-beat pulse, but its excessive in this case and can actually hurt with each beat due to the over stretch. could be what you experienced. best way to recover is to take some rest, avoid valsalva, and keep from contracting midline excessively with weight overhead. just try not to increase blood pressure too much while lifting, can take a few days or even months to make it back to normal – everyone’s different. good luck

      • I agree with the above assessment. And also say if you are having sharp, intense brain pain (that just sounds bad), take the intensity down a notch. Just pretend you’re pregnant (as much as that’s physically impossible) and you can’t get your heart rate over let’s say whatever % you seem to have this problem at. Mkay 🙂

  10. That’s an impressive list of Outlaws going to the WSOE…

    My left knee has been complaining for the past week, and really increased volume after last Friday’s workout. I think it’s either a bad case of ITBS or a strain in my distal hamstring; the pain is primarily on the outside of, and behind, the knee. Had some swelling this weekend and took two days off to ice and rest as much as having 2 small children will allow.

    Felt better / less swelling today, but modified program until it clears (or properly diagnose if it doesn’t clear up soon). In the meantime, figure I can work on one of my many weaknesses — pressing strength.

    BB Gymnastics:

    12 minutes to establish one rep max push press — 165#, more press than push as knee flexion is compromised.


    1a) 4×3 snatch grip shoulder press — 125,130,135,140
    1b) 4×3 bench press — 155,160,165,165


    AMRAP 12 —

    10 PUs
    15 hand release push ups

    5 rounds + 11 (this was lame)

  11. BB gym:
    1) 110
    2a) 135, 165, 175
    2b) 105, 125, 155

    12:02 – couldn’t more than 10 DUs at a time on first set of 100. No idea what the issue was. Used 70# KBs for farmers walk and 63# KB for snatches.

    1a) 15#
    1b) missed

  12. BB Gymnastics

    1} 115lbs for all sets- Easing back slowly

    2a) 225lbs for all sets
    2b) 95lbs for all sets

    Conditioning and Strength to follow later

  13. 75Kg
    100Kg(3 x 3)

    11/100 DU, dumbbell snatches at 35Kg, tried 40Kg but failed repeatedly, had another 15 or so failures throughout the metcon. More of a press out than clean catch at extension.

  14. BB-
    1) 185 across
    a) #275
    b) #205

    Sub’d #88 kb for snatches and #120 farmers carry handles for walk

    Midline done w/ #55 plate


  15. hey guys, quick question.

    Do you generally just do the programming and then call it a day? Or does anyone add extra stuff in afterwards. I ask because I’m used to doing a large amount of volume training (which is likely why my strength gains were slow) and I feel like I should be doing more when I finish the outlaw programming.

    don’t get me wrong, i’m fucking WORKED after i complete it all, but I’m thinking maybe some assistance work or an extra WOD after would be good to add every other day or something. Opinions?

    • if I want to do more, I do more.

      On days when we squat, I usually hit my legs with more squats again at another point in the day, because I feel that I’m lacking there.

      I do put a limit on it if it inhibits my ability to perform well on Rudy’s programming. I hardly think that I know better than he does.

  16. BB GYM

    1) 80 kg

    2a) 115 kg
    2b) 85 kg


    Used two barbells with 50 kg for the farmer carry



  17. 1: 205 – easy, solid.
    2a 275
    2b 225
    Conditioning with 95# barbell for snatches and x2 for farmers carry


    Snatches were a bit awkward at first then got the hang of it.

    GHR: BW, 10#, 25#
    GHD as rx


  18. BB gymnastics

    1) started at 175#, failed both, then realized that my 80% was 165#. Reset the weight and nailed all reps (did 5 sets, did not count my 175 pounders), no misses.

    2a) 205, 225, 245
    2b)165#, 175, 175 x2 + fail, 175 x1


    10:53 total time. Forgot my jumprope that is specific to my height at home, had to use a crappy short jumprope at my gym and it kept getting caught in the toes of my Vibrams. Probably could’ve gotten sub 10 minutes if I had remembered. Oh well.

    M/F/S – 2/2/2

  19. A. 155- felt good. started at 165 and missed a couple so dropped down and made them.
    B1. 205
    B2. 135- very uncomfortable movement for me.

    Conditiong: used 2×95# barbell for farmers carry and 95# barbell for snatches

  20. 1) 66kg <– low, but going up. been working technique with my training partner who happens to hold two American records (CJ and Total, 69kg class: Caleb Williams. He's 3/4 my weight and lifts twice as much; not great for the ol' ego!

    2a) 100, 105, 110kg – solid and easy and up from last week
    2b) 65, 70, 74kg – also solid and up from last week. these are NEVER easy for me.


    Time: still waiting for clock gone bad so estimated about 10-13minutes. Subbed out some lighter KB's too b/c we don't have any db's


    Done. 20lbs for GHR

  21. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X2 Snatch @ 80% – 215lbs
    2a) 3X3 Snatch Pulls – 265lbs
    2b) 3X3 Heaving Snatch Balances – 185lbs


    Row 500m
    100 Double-Unders
    200′ Barbell Farmers Carry 95lbs
    20 KettleBell Snatches 70#
    100 Double-Unders
    Row 500m



    1a) 3X8 Weighted GH Raise – Completed @ BW
    1b) 3X8 Tempo GHD Situps (5 counts down, 5 counts up) – Completed @ BW

  22. snatch @145
    did Clean DLs because I is weak @315
    snatch Balance@155

    WOD: only scale was the snatch which I did at 70lb. See above reason and we don’t have anything between 70 and 100.


    midline done

  23. 144 for Snatchs
    198-Sn pull

    Used 80# because I’m a bitch. and did 200 meter farmers carry because I’m stupid and didn’t double check my training partners ability to read.

  24. bbg
    1) 5×2 snatch @ 205
    2a) 3×3 snatch pulls @ 305
    2b) 3×3 heaving snatch balance @ 225
    conditioning 11:33
    1a) 3×8 ghr 20#
    1b) 3×8 tempo ghd sit up

  25. Just wanted to give a Fuck yeah to my team and to the Outlaw nation! Latin America SWEEP!! Thanks for your help! And good luck

  26. BB:
    snatch @ 165# across all
    pulls @ 270# across all….a bit to heavy and couldnt get a very good pull
    balance @ 135# across all

    did a 400m run instead of row

    completed (no weight added)

  27. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X2 Snatch @ 80% – rest 60-80 sec.
    155# All sets
    2a) 3X3 Snatch Pulls – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.
    245#, All sets
    2b) 3X3 Heaving Snatch Balances – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.
    135#, 145#, 155#


    Row 500m
    100 Double-Unders
    200′ DB Farmers Carry 100/70#
    20 Alternating DB Snatches 100/70#
    100 Double-Unders
    Row 500m

    Scaled to 80# DB snatches (Farmer’s carry was still 100#s). 14:48.


    1a) 3X8 Weighted GH Raise – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.
    50# All sets.
    1b) 3X8 Tempo GHD Situps (5 counts down, 5 counts up) – rest 45 sec.

  28. BB gymnastics
    5×2 Snatch @ 155
    3×3 Snatch Pulls @ 225
    3×3 Heaving Snatch Balance @ 165

    -no 100lb DB so did:
    500 m row
    100 DU
    300′ UB Farmers Carry (70lb KBs)
    20 Power Snatch (135)
    100 DU
    500 m row

    3×8 GHR @ 45
    3×8 Tempo GHD situps

    Went to gym on campus later and did 4×10 Alternating DB snatches
    First set @ 85, remaining sets @ 80

  29. BBG
    Snatch 132# for all
    Snatch Pulls 230/230/240
    Snatch Balance 115/115/130

    Subbed 400m run and scaled to 80# db snatches

    Completed all

  30. BBG:
    1) 80#
    2a) 140
    2b) 100

    Cond: made up Friday. Posted there. Will do this maybe wed.

    Strength: done.

  31. Poppa’s back…

    1) 200 (missed a couple at the top)
    2a) 290
    2b) 225- dropping to slow, missed 2


    11:52- used 70lbs kbs. Did 30 snatches instead because of the lite weight.

  32. Conditioning: 12:59 w a 53 lb kettlebell for snatches. Dont have a 100lb dumbell.

    Worked on snatches as well.

  33. BB gymnastics
    1) 140 for all
    2a) 245
    2b) 155,165,185
    9:15 ( had to use a 70lb KB on the snatches, nothing between 70 and 100, but still used 100lb db on the farmers carry)
    1a) bw, bw, 15lbs
    1b) completed

  34. Conditioning:

    10:09 w/out DB snatches…apparently need to learn how or practice these…turrible


  35. BB Gymnastics
    1) 140 all
    2a) 195 – flying up 🙂
    2b) 155 165 165 – kept a little lighter

    Did a different WOD of miserable proportions. Saying a prayer for a large dose of HTFU for what the next 2 months of training are about to bring!

    MFS: 2/3/5

  36. 1.) 165#
    a.) 235#

    Conditioning – 14:26 with farmer’s carry and db snatches with 110# db

  37. Snatch: completed at 210 no misses!
    Snatch pull: 285, hard on the thumbs with no straps
    snatch balance: completed with 230, 2 misses

    metcon: 16:40 I flat out suck at double unders. Did the carries and the snatches with 100lb barbells

  38. BBG: 155 for 4×2 with 2 total fails and then 165 for 1×2. Clean pulls at 205 and still feel like my form is terrible for some reason. Heaving snatches at 140, 160, 160.
    Did my GHD situps and raises and then conditioning: 16:39. Three weeks ago couldn’t do 1 rep at 100# on DB Snatch. Got all 20 reps with no fail today, even though it was slow.

  39. BBG: 145#x3, 150#X2 (tad bit over 80%)
    Strength: SN Balance: 145, 155, 160, SN pull: 190, 200, 200#
    MetCon: scaled with 200 pound shoulder cage/diamond load, no pair of 100# dumbells and an 85# loaded barbell for the one arm SN, still can’t get the 100# up. 16:49

  40. BB Gymnastics

    15:18 used 100# DB. Wasn’t able to do a rep a few weeks ago with it.

    1b) Done

  41. BB Gymnastics:

    1.) 155 All, no misses.
    2a) 235#
    2b) 165, 175, 175


    11:45 DU’s still trip me up a bit but working on getting better at them. Used 70# DB since that is the biggest DB we have.

    1a) 25# plate
    2b) Complete

    I’m still following Outlaw even though Regionals has already passed. The last two months of following Outlaw has been great despite hurting my wrist a week before competing at regionals. Grinding through the recovery, feeling better.

    MFS: 2/3/6

  42. 1) 165
    All caught in power. Felt great today
    2a) 235
    Could have went heavier. But 10 over last.
    2b) 205 215 220

    No conditioning
    1a) 25lbs first time on a real ghd. Holy
    1b) done
    In Phoenix for a couple days and did this in a BB globo type gym. Owner was cool and they had bumpers and strongman stuff but I forgot how annoying people can be while you’re trying to lift. I miss my garage.

  43. n00b question:

    if DUs are not possible (still practicing, haven’t gotten there yet), how many single jump ropes should replace them? i assume not a 1:1 ratio, since singles are easier?


    • nevermind. i just re-read the faq. no asking about sub/scaled movements. fuck me.

      my local coach suggested 4:1 single:DU ratio. gonna do that.

  44. Snatch 185×5 (full snatch)
    snatch pull 235×3
    snatch balance 210 220 225X1

    conditioning: 9:55 Rx

  45. BB Gym:
    1) 118#
    2) 163#
    3) 118/123/128

    Strength: 10# plate for GH raises

    Conditioning: 12:40
    Used 80# DB bc we have no 70# or 75#

  46. Conditioning 11:14
    Worked really light snatches shoulder has been waking up on the wrong side the last two days so just worked a little form.
    Db snatches were tough on that arm as well but was determined to finish something!

  47. BB gymnastics
    1) 140Lbs
    2a) 200, 205, 205
    2b) 170,180(2 rep),180(2 rep)

    12:50 (85Lb bb/70Lb KB)

    1a) 45Lb plate
    1b) done

  48. bb gymnastics
    snatch, 165×4, 175
    pulls, idk just through a bunch of plates on. couldn’t be bothered calculate the weight.
    balance- 175,185,195. (195 was old 1rm fuck yeah)

    conditioning- started and stopped quickly, had no gas in the tank today. Did a weighted vest murph this weekend at a comp and I still feel trashed. Will probably hit this tomorrow because pullups and rope climbs aint fucking happening.

  49. Snatch 105
    pulls 145
    balance 85,95, 105-think im finally doing this somewhat correctly

    13.27… 50# dumbell

    worked butterfly pullups instead of strength work.

  50. BBG:
    Snatch 165->
    Pulls 305->
    SB 155-> I so totally suck at these

    Cond: 11:30 Used 100# BB’s for farmers carry which slowed me down, and 1 of those for the snatches.

    Goodmornings @100#
    GHD’s s/u check

  51. Snatch 5 x 2 = 145lb for all sets

    Snatch Pulls 3 x 3 = 225, 245, 245

    Snatch Balance 3 x 3 = 155lb 165lb, 175lb

    Conditioning = 13:09 used 100lb barbell instead of dumbbell for snatches and farmers carry.

  52. Snatch 5×2 150 all sets (2 misses)
    Sn Pull 3×3 – 224
    Conditioning – wife wanted to do a different workout so did a 2rnd fgb style wtd step ups, kb snatch, wall ball, strict pu, kb press…170 reps…at least it was a world record…

  53. Shoulder therapy
    1. 65/85/85/85/85
    2.a 175
    2.b 45/55/65
    Row 500m
    100 du
    200′ carry with 95# barbell
    Db snatch left 10# right 50#
    Row 500m
    Gh raises 50#

  54. BBG

    12:41. had to use 70# db due to lack of 100# db.

    1a) 20# db
    1b) completed

  55. 1. 125 2a. 165 2b. 115

    Conditioning 13:21 used 2 poods instead of 100# DB

    Strength – skipped (lazy)

  56. BBG:
    Snatch 5×2:
    135 (failed full snatch twice, muscle snatch x 1)
    135 (failed full snatch twice, muscle snatch x 1)
    135 (failed full snatch twice, muscle snatch x 1)
    135 (success on both after I decided to stop getting intimidated by a weight I can clearly handle)

    Snatch Pull – 135 for all
    Balance – 115 – 115 – 115

    forgot to time it, but my time was shit anyway.
    Used 90 lb. dumbbell and went to war against that thing, got all 20 after a good battle. Ready for 95s if not 100s next time.

    had to sub Good Mornings: 95 – 115 – 125

  57. This was my first Outlaw Way day of programming. I decided to start following after watching athletes at the SoCal Regionals and researching the Outlaw Way. The ideas of this programming fall in line with what I have been working towards and piecing together from different Simmons, Burgener, and Mainsite elements. I loved the stimulus I felt today and I plan on updating daily with my progress. Myself and two other athletes at my gym are embarking on this little journey together.

    BB Gymnastics

    1) 185 # 5×2
    2) 185, 205,225
    3) 135 (Trouble reracking for multiple snatch balance


    Rx’d 13:38

    DId not have time for Strength portion.

  58. BBG
    1. 147
    2a. 205
    2b. 135/165/185(f)

    10:18 sub’d 100# for 70# due to lack of 100’s


  59. BBG
    1. 125lbs, missed my first rep, but everything else good from there, each round felt better
    2a. Stayed at 125lbs, wanted to get comfortable with the movement, again, felt best on the last round, got under the bar better, rather than pushing it up and squatting
    2b. 165lbs, this is what I need to work on!

    100lb dumbbells for the carry and 70lb dumbbell for the snatching, finished in 16:30. Big troubles on the double unders, new Oly shoes:)

    1a. Need an assistance band for these still, but got ’em done!
    1b. Never done this before, felt ok

    Tough session for my hands, but looking forward to tomorrow!

  60. 1) 170 lbs- 3 misses
    2a) 245 lbs for all
    2b) 185, 195, 205 x 1

    Subbed 70 lbs kettlebells for Farmers’ Carry and Snatches. Time was 11:14.

    Strength: Done with assistance for the glute ham raises.

  61. 1) 160
    2a)230 (speed)
    2b)195, 200, 205

    * no rower subbed 400m run
    started @80# kb x3 couldn’t get the left arm up and under
    so I switched to 75# db x1 too light
    jumped to 80# db x2 still felt light
    jumped to 90# for the rest

    very confusing I know, but I had to try to figure out where I am with 1-arm snatch



    *still fighting a cold and hacking up a lung

  62. 1) 115#
    2) 135#
    3) 115#

    11:58 with 100# and 90# kbs for farmers carry and 55# DB for snatches

    3×8 glute ham and GHDs

  63. BBG:
    1) 115#
    2a) 185#
    2b) 135#, 145#, 155#

    subbed 50 SDHP @ 45# for the row

    1a) 25#, 35#, 45# plate

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