WOD 120510:

Rest day.

Just got in, long day. Entertain yourselves. I’ll give you some topics…

1) If you weren’t an elite exerciser, what would you be elite at?

2) Have you ever thought of yourself as a honey badger? If yes, what sort of weapon will you be using to end your life?

3) Make up 3 mythical elite exercise clothing brand names and explain why each of them will be successful.

32 thoughts on “120510

  1. 1. probably a real sport
    2. going out in a blaze of glory – me vs. as many SWAT members as I could, kinda like the GTA IV days.
    3. Drywall covered it.

  2. 1. Elite masturbating has always been my fall back
    2. Any weapon, honey badger don’t give a shit
    3. Just one for all the cross sluts: 4D. Double Digit Dicks Daily. “Want more dicks in your life? Wear these clothes”

  3. 1. The Sport of Fatness.
    2. Nope
    3. a) Spandex S&M – Because selling it any bigger should be a crime! Feel free to fill in your favorite double entendre… .
    b) Sweats – Because you were right to be insecure!
    c) Limon’ – Knock off lulu lemon crap with a swanky European flavor. Chicks love that crap.

  4. The clothing line for ELEET squatters:
    This clothing line is specifically designed for folks that follow hipster crossfit and/or have tremendous quad size i.e- Rudy, BP, EA, baby elephants etc…(Many claim to have great quads, but few have been confirmed by a 500# squat)

    The flared bottom of the shorts allows for up to 40″ quads to breath. Also, the shorts will have intimidating pictures on each quad- guns, swords, the atom bomb, that freaky ass owl at the end of the Outlaw videos…

  5. 1. Golf (get rich, play forever)
    2. I would travel from Universe to Universe killing other Honey Badgers and take their power, and be immortal.
    3. I would just have a clothing line with no name, just my face. That way, it would be plastered everywhere (hopefully on Will’s S&M spandex shorts)

  6. Anyone having shoulder issues? I have been following for 2 months and right shoulder has not felt right for 2-3 weeks. Is this program too much on some people’s shoulders? It’s fine while working out but weird otherwise. Stick with it? Or find something different? Thanks in advance.

  7. Work on your mobility, ice, and have it checked it out. I agree your shoulders do get taxed with these WOD’s. I feel my shoulders have gotten stronger since I have started following Outlaw about 2 months ago. Try taking it easy or sack up and keep rolling!

    • Thanks for the advice. Gonna have to chill out a bit. My job requires shoulder to be in working order.

  8. Does #3 include clothing for mythical beings? If so, now is the perfect time to market…

    Thor Thongs
    Previously worn by the God of Thunder down under

  9. 1) Life, but since I’m elite at exercise it keeps me from establishing too much of one.
    2) You mean I’m not? In that case probably competing in the WSOE.
    3) i. All plays on the word WOD. Ex. WOD chaser, morning WOD, WODside Barbell, Just WOD it, Caution Large Wod–> the list goes on…
    ii. Elite Exercise Outfitters. Helping you pick things up and put them down again since 20XX.
    iii. Beard Apparel. Our clothes look like winning.

    • T, you are selling yourself short here, I’ve seen you be pretty damn elite at other aspects of life other than exercising……you may be off your game in those areas lately, but I’m sure as soon as the 2012 WSOE has passed, B-Rad and crew will have you taking shots of patron for time and we’ll be measuring your BSSFD….(“booty shaking squats for depth” for you noobs).


  10. 1) Being mediocore…ha..get it? See what I did there….
    2) Not a chance
    3) Fuck clothing I’m thinking bigger. Someone needs to start an alternate exercise league (ala the USFL). Call it the “Extreme Beef League” or something….Entry “fees” are measured in 2-5 beer minimums and offer cash purses upwards of $100.

  11. 1) a- baseball.
    b- large animal hunting with no weapons.
    c- hulu watching

    2) I am not a honey badger, I apparently have become a brown bear after this past weekend (after a short 20-minute stint as a golden bear). And I will die from being sucker-stabbed by a rhino tusk from a revenge-filled rhino wife after I cockpunched her husband to death after a solid barbell session.

    3) a- NatureWear (wearing nothing at all like we were intended to do. Although, there will be a weigh-in and body fat test before you are allowed to wear this wonderful clothing)
    b- Courage Apparel (already exists and makes you instantaneously better at life in general (T, get yours today!!). Also comes with a body fat and weight test pre-wearing)
    c- After spending 5 minutes trying to come up with something witty and worthy of putting on this stupid site, I decided it was a gay question and refuse to submit a third response.


  12. 1) pro rodeo
    2) Drink a shit ton of 4loko (not the pussy ones out now, but the OG 4loko recipe with the crazy unknown shit in it) then go on a rampage with two of these sweet ass tomahawks until my heart explodes.
    3) WodOut…exercisers version of Tapout. Get Bob the wodkiller from biggest loser to help market that shit. Manufacture in Malaysia or somewhere of the sort and sell exclusively through Wal-Mart. Production costs will be extremely low while revenue will be mediocre at best it will still drastically outweigh our production costs. Profit margins will be exponential.

  13. 1: Some sort of ball handler
    2: I would go to the zoo naked and jump the fence into the cage of a lion, bear or gorilla and battle.
    3: I don’t make things up.


  14. 1) If you weren’t an elite exerciser, what would you be elite at?
    Watching internet porn

    2) Have you ever thought of yourself as a honey badger? If yes, what sort of weapon will you be using to end your life?

    3) Make up 3 mythical elite exercise clothing brand names and explain why each of them will be successful.
    H-anus: A full line of bottom wear with cute words on the ass like all other brands, such as dysentery, diarrhea, flatulent, etc.

    Cock-Punch Clothing Company- does not need an explanation

    Lil’ Wod- exercise apparel for the midget crossfitter. niche market.

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