WOD 120509:

BB Gymnastics

5X2 Snatch off blocks ( just below the knee) @ 85% – rest 75 second


1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 90% – rest 60 sec.
1b) 3 X 8 Single Arm DB Bent Over Row (8l/8r) – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.


3 rounds for time:

5 Snatch Balances 135/95#

20 Wall Balls 20/14#

30 Double-Unders

20 T2B

30 Double-Unders

Extra 120509:

*The recommendation is to rest at least 2-4 hours after the day’s normal conditioning before performing this work. If you cannot rest this long, test your resting heart rate before beginning the normal conditioning work and rest long enough for it to return to within 5 BPMs of that number.

Group 4 Conditioning

For time:

30 Back Squats 135/95#
20 Pullups
10 Push Jerks 135/95#
20 Front Squats 135/95#
20 Pullups
10 Push Jerks 135/95#
10 OHS 135/95#
20 Pullups
10 Push Jerks 135/95#

Group 5 Conditioning

3 rounds for time of:

7 Stones to Shoulder @ 150/100# (or as close as possible)
14 C2B Pullups
21 Box Jumps 24″

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  1. question on the Snatch off blocks… Is this 85% of our 1rm off blocks we got last week or just 85% of our 1rm snatch?

    • A man without a beard is like a peacock without his feathers…

      My guess would be to go off of the 1rm snatch off blocks. Before I knew my 1 rm snatch off blocks, I based my block snatches off of my 1 rm snatch and did just fine. I don’t know how your numbers are, but mine are pretty close ( snatch to sfb). Do what feels best for you.

      1 rm snatch: 164 x .85 = 139
      1 rm sfb: 154 x .85 = 130

      I’m going in between today: 134#

  2. Bearded or not, a Cash classic.

    BB Gymnastics:



    1a) 175# — 3,2,2 (I hate benching)
    1b) 36kg kettlebell was the heaviest thing around.


    15.47 (105# snatch balance)

    Once again, T2B slowed the whole thing down.

  3. 1) 75kg All sets

    1a) No BP
    1b) 40 kg, No heavier DB. Really easy


    Felt good today. Might squezze ind some extra work later.


  4. CrossFit 7 Mile team…. Destroying everything…. Gonna take the Latin America Regional… Congrats to all the Outlaw winners so far …. and those that compete this weekend!

  5. Snatch 105

    BP @85% -105lbs
    Rows 70lb KB

    75# Snatch Balance
    T2B were way too slow

  6. Multiple stress fractures on two metatarsals in my left foot. I think it was from dismounting rings poorly about two weeks ago or so. Pain just got worse and worse Neil testing an X-ray yesterday confirmed my fears. Gonna take a week off then see how well I can follow with a boot on my foot for 4 weeks.

  7. 1) 5×2 Snatches at 87.5kg (no blocks)

    2) Bench @ 112.5kg: x4,x3,x3 Rows: 24kg,28kg,32kg (never done em before)

    3) Shit-canned the metcon at 15:00 with 2.5 rounds done. Fucking tired today, gonna do an ELEET amount of resting tomorrow.

  8. Snatch from blocks: 102kgx2, 102kgx2, 102kgx2, 106kgx2, 110kgx2 WFH (without facial hair)

    Bench Press: 102kg: 4,3,4
    KB Bent Row: 88lb: 3 sets

    Conditioning: 10:04 RX

  9. bbg: snatch off blocks: went off of actual snatch max instead of snatch from blocks max because i have an amazing beard.
    215# for 5×2

    strength, also powered by my awesome beard
    bench press: 325# 3, 3, 3
    bent over row: 115# 3×8

    conditioning 15:18 rx

  10. Thought I should tell someone I’ve been following Outlaw Way for a couple weeks. I’m already seeing improvement across the board. This is what I needed. Thanks for the free program.

    Question: Will neck-beard inrease my strength, or should I trim that junk?

    BBG: 115#

    STRENGTH: 155# Bench 6,5,5


    • as long as their is a direct line of contact from neck beard to chest hair.

  11. BB Gymnastics

    5X2 Snatch off blocks ( just below the knee) @ 85% – 74kg

    Was short on time and missed strength portion


    3 rounds for time:

    5 Snatch Balances @ 60kg

    20 Wall Balls @ 9kg

    30 Double-Unders

    20 T2B

    30 Double-Unders

    = 15:11

    M= 5 F= 4 S= 3

  12. BB Gymnastics

    115lbs- Easy strength wise, but felt like a newborn calf with my balance

    Yesterdays Strength (couldn’t skip a squat day)

    1×20 @ 245lbs – Felt fucking great,


    1a) 155,165,175
    1b) 80lb DB

  13. BBG – 155
    A)275 bench – 3,3,4.
    B)100# DB rows.
    Conditioning – 14:01.

  14. 1) 125# all sets (I’ve had better)

    1a) 235# 2, 4, 2
    1b) 72# KB

    15:51 (115# Snatch balance)
    T2B were the suck today

  15. BBG: 155#
    Strength 1a:205# 6, 6, 5
    Strength 1b: 1p, 1.5p, 2p
    Conditioning: 13:36


  16. BBG) 195# (had to drop to 185# on the 4th set to get technique right, then back to 195#…)

    1a) 265# – 3, 2, 1
    1b) Sub’d ME muscle-ups — 6, 5, 7 (was told to get my elbows in and it helped on the last round)


    M/F/S – 3/5/4 (still sick w/ a chest cold… hacking a lung in between sets was fun)

  17. BBG- 185# for all 5 sets. Plus a set of 2 off the ground.


    1a) 205 x 9, 6, 6 (most I’ve done at that weight in my life. Schwing!)

    1b) 85# DB used for all three sets. No problem.

    WOD- 14:55 RX. Snatch Balances were MONEY today

    M/F/S – 2/3/2 (FUCK YES! who needs a rest day? give me more!)

  18. BB gymnastics
    110 kilos (240#) and tore my hand up didn’t finish! And instead of being smart I had a fucking temper tantrum and did strength!
    The WOD was 13:48!

  19. Hang Sn @ 185 for all sets. first set was wobbly, last 4 solid and easy
    BP @ 255: 5, 3, 4
    KB row @ 80# (heaviest I had) for 3 sets of 12; not too hard
    Conditioning @ 9:51

    WB sets fell apart. TTBs fell apart even harder.

  20. Just wanted to say there is a group of us at Chicago Elite Fitness who started a program based (in-part) on the Outlaw way back in December. We got such great results we have been following just this site for about a month.

    Thanks so much for this fantastic resource!

  21. Hang Sn @ 155 for all sets. missed a couple reps in front of me on the 1st two sets but then all the rest were pretty solid.
    BP @ 255: 2, 3, 2
    KB row @ 80# (heaviest I had) for 3 sets of 12; felt pretty easy.
    Conditioning @ 13:28
    (1st rd 2 sn. bal and then had to sub into ohs- 2nd and 3rd set did front squats (8) @135. everything else was alright except T2B which suck all the time.

  22. BB Gym: kept it light and did power snatch off the blocks instead wanted to save my knee for conditioning.
    1)115 for all sets
    1a)205lb 5,5,4

    Conditioning: Felt good today, it’s probally the two flexarils and one darvocet I took last night.
    9:15RX. All reps UB


  23. BB Gymnastics
    Snatch from blocks
    115# accross all sets, felt good

    1a) Bench @ 275# *2.5, 2, 1 *Almost hit catastrophic failure on first set, had no spotter, and I was pushing up 2nd rep and my foot slipped causing the weight to fall on my chest… I then thought to myself…. hhhmmm gotta either push it back up or roll 275# across my ribs, abs, and other more sensitive areas of my anatomy… NOT HAPPENIN!! So I went beast mode on that shit and got it up.
    1b) 80, 90, 90#


  24. BB Gymnastics:
    5×2 Snatch from block @ 85 kg

    1a) BP @ 112,5 kg – 3-4-3
    1b) 45 kg rows


    Unbroken, but walked between exercises and pick the barbell from the ground


    Rested 2 hours

    Played around with hang power cleans

    Extra work, group 5:

    The stone was around 90 kg
    Time: 8.32

  25. BB: not sure what # we were supposed to base this off of. My1RM is 215@85% =185 & 1RM Off Blocks is 185@85% =165
    1. (165, 170, 175, 180, 185)*2

    1a. 210# (4, 3, 4)
    1b. 80,85,85


  26. Shoulder therapy
    BB gymnastics
    Incline bp 20#
    BB row 35#
    Snatch balance 45#, WB 14#
    Stopped at 2 rounds 9:59 left shoulder needs a rest.

  27. RESULTS:
    1) @160. Started Squat snatch then PS 3-4-5. Powerful but missed 3 reps from weak lock out

    1a) @210 4-3-2
    1b) @70 Largest weight we have

    12:50 Using small stuff as rope, too light for DU so had to 2x SU. x1 UB, x2 T2B 12-8, x3 t2b 12-4-5. Hips ha nothing. SB were quick down and light in legs but stabilizing felt tough. 

  28. BB-
    205 for 1 set then dropped to 185 for the rest. Whole movement felt really slow and shaky.


    #88 KB rows put upped reps to 12s because i didnt have anything heavier

    Everything was broken up, even the fucking snatch balances were not unbroken. I feel gassed. Looking forward to a rest day.


  29. snatch: 170#- a lot of failed reps, for some reason my right knee comes inwards and hit the floor…hip mobility?

    bench: 240#: 4/4/5
    bent over row: 80#

    cond.: did ghd instead of t2b in 18 min, good pace for first two rounds and came apart on round 3 in snatch balance….hard movement for me

  30. Skipped BBG to make up back squat. Will do tomorrow. Posted under yesterdays comments

    1a) 120# 1,1,1 ( this is/was not my max, not sure what went wrong. Oh well)
    1b) 45#

    17:24. Knew snatch balance would take me time. And really tired.

  31. BBG: 175#. Been battling a hip pointer and some crazy shit inside my left knee, so basically p-snatched it.

    Strength: 1a 225 3,3,3
    1b 80#, 80#, 80#

    Conditioning: My partner and I have been doing some outlawcrossfit.com wods with the clients – good times. Not sure how we were supposed to score todays – 20:56, 31 pullups.. Took me a long time, didn’t do a bunch of pullups. I think i’m dehydrated.

    look at what a whiny bitch i am today. But i do have a beard. You can see it on the update show that came out sunday night. Big beard, turquoise “crossfit elevation” shirt. I tried to sneak the word “outlaw” in but the edited it out. also the part where I just talked about beards.

  32. BB Gym:
    1) 145 – squat snatches

    1a) 245 – 3,3,3
    1b) 85 – 3×8

  33. BB Gymnastics
    5×2 snatches off blocks-140lb- kept missing at 155(85%)



  34. BB gymnastics
    wrist still bothering me so stayed light on the snatches
    did 5×3 T&G Snatches @ 135

    Bench @ 205 (no spotter so had to go a bit lighter and couldn’t go all out) 6,5,4
    Rows @ 85


  35. Snatch – at 174#

    Bench – at 215#. 4, 3, 4
    Db row – at 110#



  36. BB Gymnastics:
    205 no misses

    290 6-3-3
    taped a kb to the top of a dumbbell. 2 pood plus a 40 roughly 112lbs

    metcon: all goats combined into one 17:46 smoked

  37. BB
    125# for all

    Bench 225# 5/6/5
    DB Row 80# (should go heavier next time)



    *Scaled snatch balance to 90# for first round then went up to 110# for next two
    Also couldn’t get on a pull up bar for T2B so did 15 GHD situps

  38. BB Gymnastics

    1a) 205#(8-6-6)
    1b) 100#


    Extra Conditioning Group 4
    11:35 (UB on Pull Ups, Jerks, OHS)


    • Your website is amazing. Why don’t you post anymore? What is your relationship to Outlaw? Read a few posts from a year ago, they are hilarious and make me feel like its ok to do CrossFit but simultaneously find fault with it. I’d like to use stronger words but am afraid my crossfit boss will read this and fire me;)

  39. BB gymnastics
    1) 150 for all sets
    Cut it out do to time



  40. Wanted to take it a bit easy this week following regionals. Just meandered through the general conditioning.

    Conditioning 11:17


  41. 165 for first set, terrible form so I dropped down to 155 for last 4 sets. I started to warm up for bench and felt like crap, so I stopped. Came home and did Plyometric pushups (10 reps) and KB one arm row (8 reps, 2 pood) for 4 rounds EMOM. Glad to get this rest day.

  42. Snatch: 190×5 full snatch
    couple misses in there

    Conditioning 9:30

    no time for strength or extra work today

  43. Barbell Gymnastics: 185 lbs- Missed 5/10. It was easy to get overhead, but my shoulders were weak from yesterday. This was my PR off the blocks 2 weeks ago!

    Skipped strength due to time.

    Conditioning- 13:40

  44. BB Gymnastics

    1a) 220# 3/5/4 reps
    1b) 97# kb


  45. BBG

    1a) no spotter so I did 3×5@80%(185#) instead
    1b) 70#

    no conditioning

  46. The only thing that would make these guys beards better is if they were red like mine. I may not get called Leonidas but who wouldn’t want to be referred to as a little guy dressed in green. Leprachauns are cool too, right?

  47. BBG: 65kg off blocks. Just didn’t have it today.
    1a: 90kg (12, 7, 7)
    1b: 24kg KB (easy)

    Time: 15:53

  48. This is a rest day for the Outlaw programming but due to my mini vacation last weekend I am a day behind…

    WOD 120509:

    BB Gymnastics

    5X2 Snatch off blocks ( just below the knee) @ 85% – rest 75 second

    1X165(2nd rep failure)-1×165(2nd rep failure)-1×165(2nd rep failure)-1×165(2nd rep failure)-2×165(YES!)


    1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 90% – rest 60 sec.


    1b) 3 X 8 Single Arm DB Bent Over Row (8l/8r) – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.

    7×165-7×165-7×165 subbed a bent over row. Didn’t have a dumbbell or kettlebell heavy enough.


    3 rounds for time:

    10 Front Squats (135)

    20 Jump Squats

    30 Double-Unders

    20 Floor Wipers

    30 Double-Unders

    18:49 as shown above… changed the movements because my shoulders are SHOT!

  49. Wod-11:35 sucky and gassed out. Not sure what my problem is.

    Snatches 5×2 at 60k. Yes, I work in kilos.

    Question for Rudy: what is your connection to drywall?
    Best Allison King

  50. BB Gymnastics

    5X2 Snatch off blocks ( just below the knee) @ 85% – rest 75 second. 105#


    1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 90% – rest 60 sec.
    105 x 10 Reps x 3 sets
    1b) 3 X 8 Single Arm DB Bent Over Row (8l/8r) – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.


    3 rounds for time: 18:30

    5 Snatch Balances r1 95# (too heavy for good technique then r2&r3 85# better technique.)

    20 Wall Balls 14# to 10 ft

    30 Double-Unders

    20 T2B

    30 Double-Unders

  51. 1) 175 one fail
    Felt fast today!
    Now I found out why Monday felt so heavy. Used 85% instead of 75%. I guess my math is as good as my conditioning.

    11:48 subbed v up for t2b

  52. Jake Neubauer
    snatch (blocks) 185-200#
    Bench: 255# 4/3/2
    Row: 100#x3x10

    Conditioning: 8:14

    extra work L8r

  53. Snatch off blocks
    150lbs x 5 x 2

    Bench Press / Dumbbell Row
    230lbs x 6 x 5 x 4 / 90lbs x 8 x 8 x 8

    Did the group 4 conditioning….freaking stopwatch working….

  54. 1) 125 x 3, 135 x 2 (felt good so bumped up last two sets)
    2a) 3,3,3 @ 240#
    2b) used 80# DB
    Conditioning – 18:25. subbed 115# Snatch Balance, DU sucked today

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