Natalie McLain – 2:11 Diane, with no cameras on her.


WOD 120505:

BB Gymnastics

1) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Jerk.

Notes: No more than 5 attempts. Yes, you may use a rack.

2) 5X2 Clean From Blocks (just below knees) @ 75% – rest 60 sec.



21-15-9 of:

Thrusters 95/65#


1a) 3X3 (l/r) TGUs – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.
1b) 3X15 Reverse Hypers – medium/heavy, rest 45 sec.

Extra 120505:

*The recommendation is to rest at least 2-4 hours after the day’s normal conditioning before performing this work. If you cannot rest this long, test your resting heart rate before beginning the normal conditioning work and rest long enough for it to return to within 5 BPMs of that number.

Group 4 Conditioning

3 rounds for time of:

50 Perfectly Vertical KBS 24/16kg
30 T2B
15 HSPU (regionals standard)

Group 5 Conditioning

For time:

9 Hang Squat Snatches @ 135/95#
50 Double-Unders
7 Hang Squat Snatches @ 135/95#
50 Double-Unders
5 Hang Squat Snatches @ 135/95#
50 Double-Unders

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  1. Did a little snatch technique work to start with.

    1) 1RM jerk – 120kg, 125f, 125f, 130f
    Just wasn´t feeling it today. Failed to get quick enough under it and ended up 7,5kg below my PR set last week.

    2) 95kg all sets (felt pretty easy)

    Fran – 2:40
    3 sec. PR, however struggling with my grip on the PUs and had to break the 15s and 9s into two sets. Quite happy with my time considering that i was feeling pretty weak today.

    Group 5 extra work:
    Hang squat cleans felt really easy, DUs not working that well today.

  2. Just curious, and I might have missed it on another post, but do y’all know how many OUTLAWs are currently holding so-called World Records in the regionals?

    • Corey and Tom K are currently setting the world record for most alcohol consumed. Epic is setting the world record for being bored.

    • Not a single Outlaw holds a so-called World Record at regionals right now!

  3. Jerk
    Up to 130kg, missed a new PB at 140kg

    Cleans off blocks at 100kg

    15 seconds outside a PB – need to eat some concrete and harden up

    TGU @ 32kg KB
    Reverse hypers cobbled together on a GHD with a band

  4. Nice! Natalie was in my L1 cert. in CO. Her Fran at that cert. was well below any one else. Good to see her doing so well and working with you Rudy.

  5. BB gymnastics
    1) 250×5. Failed all
    2) 185 for all
    2:30. ( holy shit that was a 2min and 30 sec PR since. Starting outlaw in December, can easily do another workout.)

    No. Time


  6. BB gymnastics

    Jerk – missed every heavy lift, wrist has been giving me problems and I couldn’t get it out of my head… might have to take a few days off heavy lifts to give it a chance to heal

    Clean From Blocks 5×2 @ 200

    -felt slow and weak… plenty left in the tank when finished

    No TGU because of wrist
    3×15 Reverse Hypers
    3×25 Leg Lifts
    3×20 Glute-Ham Raises

  7. BBG
    Jerk – 287, 307, 317( stuck the landing, and lost it while I was standing up with it)
    Cleans – 221×5(these felt really good

    Fran – 3:33 paced it way too much. Should have done the pull ups UB. Haven’t done Fran in a long time so I figured I would blow up on them so I went 15-6, 9-6, 9. I should be close to 3 min. Oh and did I mention I hate this workout.

  8. BB Gymnastics

    1) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Jerk.
    Got to 85kg, reckon I could have got 90 but failed and had already taken 12 minutes!

    2) 5X2 Clean From Blocks (just below knees) @ 75% – rest 60 sec.
    65kg. Didn’t feel too bad, my tekkers is terrible on cleans so my 1RM doesn’t reflect my strength.


    4.55. Did it in 4.21 recently after learning to kip so was hoping to beat that today. Felt tired after first week of outlaw and the strength work before so guessing a PR wouldn’t be on the cards? Any thoughts? Kipped the first 18 PU but my rhythm went out the window and the rest were strict…


    1a) 3X3 (l/r) TGUs – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.
    3 x 24kg kettlebell
    1b) 3X15 Reverse Hypers – medium/heavy, rest 45 sec.

  9. Jerk: 206 (1# PR missed 211 twice)

    Fran: 3:56 (30 sec PR! I’m with LGA on this one, I paced way to much. I should have gotten around 3:30. Pull ups were 15/6, 8/7, 5/4)

  10. BB Gymnastics


    1a) 24kg KB.
    1b) 3X15 Reverse Hypers

  11. BBG
    1) 225#, 245#, 275#, 305#
    2) 225#
    3:28 rx
    1a) 70# kb
    1b) 3×15 hug a twinkie on ghd

  12. BBG
    1) 265- 10# PR and 100 pounds over body weight
    2) 185

    Fran- 2:40. Over a min and a half PR

  13. Did the conditioning in the morning:
    Fran: 2.47

    Found a nice pace – wanted to save myself a little bit.

    In the afternoon I had a weightlifting competition:

    Snatch: 90 – 95(f) – 95

    Clean and jerk: 120 – 126 – 130 (f)

  14. 175 Jerk 5# PR

    skipped cleans

    549 fran…1st time doing this workout, need to learn to efficiently kip…will re-evaluate in a month or so!


  15. 1) 255. Failed at 270. Pr is 275
    2) 205 no fails most caught in power and then squatted.
    Conditioning: 3:46 PR! By a full min. First time I’ve ever done unbroken.
    Midline: TGU: 45lb barbell
    Reverse hyper :no weight

  16. BB Gym:

    2) Did Power Cleans off the blocks instead my knee still in pain to due full squats.
    5×2@165×2, 175×3

    Conditioning: replace Thrusters with Vertical KBS @70lb

    Midline: Dont have GHD at work so did leg curls instead


  17. Hey, first Outlaw workout. Looking forward to try to keep up with all the beasts on here.

    BB Gymnastics
    1) 185,205,225,235,255
    2) 5×2 @ 205

    Fran- 4:36, First time doing ‘fran’ in years and well off my PR (2:28)

    1a)3×3 TGUs @ 70
    2b) 3×15 Rev Hypers

    Little about me:
    Former Pro lacrosse player up here in Canada, been crossfitting since 2006. I worked at a box up here and hold a Ex Phys degree and am a CSCS.
    Competed and won/placed a few local competitions and Qualified for the CAN West 2011 Regionals but couldn’t go due to personal commitments. I finished off my lacrosse season with a sports hernia, so the past year has been all rehab. My first workout back was 12.1 of the Open.
    Really looking forward to bettering myself in your company, Outlaws.

  18. Jerk 290 (5lb pr from last time)
    Fran – 2:44 (4 sec pr)

    Group 5
    Sucked. Failed too many times to count

  19. Did conditioning yesterday w/ front squats as a strength. Hit a 40lb 5 REP PR @ 275lb

    Fran- 2:32 ; 40 seconds PR. Felt completely fine after it, other then the forearms. Had to break pullups in round 15&9 which is uncharacteristic of me.

  20. BBG
    1. Jerk 255lb 10lb PR. Had more but the L shoulder has been sore lately.
    2. Cleans 190lb for all sets

    4:20 almost a minute slower than PR

    1a. 60lb TGUs
    1b. 95lb Good Mornings

  21. Split jerk. 255 285 305f 305 315f
    Cleans 225X5 all power

    conditioning: Did group 4 extra work to get some HSPU in 18:58

  22. BB Gymnastics:
    Jerk- 225, no pr’s today, didn’t match my old pr of 240
    5×2 cleans off blocks- 185

    Fran- 5:35, was going for sub 5 , but still a pr

    3×3 TGU- 2POOD KB
    Don’t have anything to do reverse hypers on, back was feeling kinda tweaked, was gonna do good mornings but decided not to

    Felt like absolute shit today, couldn’t get my head right

  23. BB Gymnastics
    1) 225, 5 pounds under PR
    2) 175

    Fran – 4:15 – Awesome PR for me, by about two minutes. 21’s were unbroken, as well as the 9 pullups.

    1a) 24,28,28kg
    1b) Subbed back extensions for revers hypers. One second pause at the top.

  24. Split Jerk – Only got 110kg and jumped straight for 122.5kg (2.5kg PR attempt) which I missed quite closely. I’ll get it next time. 110kg was easy.
    Box Cleans – 5 x 2 x 85kg – All easy

    Fran – 4:54 – Very happy with this! 2 minute PR from the same time last year. Forearms were so sore afterwards! Very stoked with my progress – Thanks Rudy!

  25. Jerk : 255lb


    TGU @ 32kg KB
    Reverse hypers on a GHD with 25lb db

  26. Jerk: 260 (10lb PR, Fuck yea)
    Clean:(@195, super easy, too light)
    Fran-5:40 (WTF, almost 2 minutes outside a PR, felt like i had nothing in the tank, and did not want to throw up after. Guess i just wasnt willing to suffer today.

    TGUs-55lb dumbbell (These were hard)

  27. I’m new to the Outlaw Way. How do the different Groups 1-5 work? Do you just pick one and follow it consistently? Do they have different biases? I can’t find anything on this. Thanks

  28. Jerk: 235#, 250#, 260#, 270#, 280#(PR by 5 pounds; could have pushed to 290#) if had more attempts
    Clean of blocks: all sets at 190#, really clean felt light
    No Fran today, feeling tired and sore as hell

  29. Jerk 1RM = 225lb fuck yeah! 10lb PR

    Clean off Blocks = 175lb, 175lb, 175lb, 175lb, 185lb

    Did Group 4 Conditioning = 19:02 Finally tore a callus off that was hanging on through the KB Swings. The hole in my hand sucks alot.

  30. 1) 225 should of went heavier
    2)185 also should of went heavier
    Fran: 3:26 I could of got a faster time but the pull up bars that I was using were connected to a wall so They kept fucking up my kip. When I finished I want that smoked so I new it was cause of the damn wall.

    Midline- just did TGU used 95# barbell

  31. No strength today (low back was smoked from the run, hang squat clean, push jerk wod) but did fran in 3:24 (40 second PR). Couldn’tve been happier with it, clear indication that this programming is working. Thanks Rudy, you’re my boy blue!

  32. Will make up jerk to match timeframe of last attempt (wed this week)

    No blocks, so had to go from floor. 120#

    Out of town and exhausted so skipped Fran. And gym closed anyways.

    Only had 20# db for tgu. Bodyweight on bench for reverse hypers.

  33. 260 Jerk-20# PR
    225 for 5×2 clean off blocks
    nothing after, tired after 4 hour drive straight to the gym

  34. BBG:
    Just did Jerk – worked up to 265, failed at 270 and called it a bit over time…

    Fran: 2.40 — 34s PR, UB the whole way, about as fast as a guy my size can go, I may be able to cut a few seconds off transitions if I have a better barbell/pull-up bar placement/closeness…but this was my first time with no chalk, UB and focus on speed. Honestly it was pretty easy…stayed standing and wasn’t completely gassed when I was done…felt good.

    Played around a bit at Open Gym – but not much else.

    Yesterday I hit the Snatches/Double Unders then Row Sprints and some death by shit with a class (felt a bit burned out, needed to have some fun)

  35. BBG
    1. 225
    2. 140

    4:43 only second time ever doing it for time. Not to bad.

  36. BBG
    1) 165, 175, 190, 205, 225f, 225 PR!
    2) 205 oops did 85% but only failed one rep.

    3:10 PR by 31 sec I wanted sub 3 so bad.

  37. BBG
    1) 185 (felt light), 225 (F), 225 (F).
    Can’t seem to get my mind right on the jerk. Won’t drop under the bar.
    2) 185

    “Fran” 4:04 (PR by just under a minute. Over 2.5 minutes faster than last time I did it.Not a good time, but improvement.)

    My Fiancee:
    1) 115, 135 (PR), 145 (F)
    Same problem as me. Won’t get under the stupid bar.
    2) Skipped due to time.

    “Fran” 7:21 (PR by over 2.5 minutes with a messed up hand, not feeling well, and a bar that’s hard to grip. Not a 2:24 – which is nasty by the way , but great improvement. I’m very proud.)

  38. Have to travel for work today so more time limited than usual. After last Friday’s cluster, I took the entire weekend off — definitely the right thing to do. Since I was both time constrained and missed the weekend Fran, I did Saturday’s work today.

    BB Gymnastics:

    1. 180# (185 f,f) — Still weak overhead but this is a 15# PR so fuck yeah. My footwork isn’t crisp as the weights go up, so loose a lot of efficiency under the bar.

    2. 155# — felt smooth and easy


    4.54 — Disappointing as I thought I could have been closer to 4 min. The thrusters were smooth and well paced; definitely a big difference since starting Outlaw. I lose it on the pull ups. Kipling falls apart around rep 15 in set of 21 and have to go with broken strict pull ups for the rest of the workout (or an ugly strict / kip / anything to get chin over the bar hybrid).


    Skipped, no time

  39. WOD 120505:

    BB Gymnastics

    1) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Jerk.

    Notes: No more than 5 attempts. Yes, you may use a rack.

    Results: 185-205-225-245-250(5lbPR)

    2) 5X2 Clean From Blocks (just below knees) @ 75% – rest 60 sec.

    Result: 185 for 5 sets of 2. No misses.



    21-15-9 of:

    Thrusters 95

    Result:7:10 Rx’d


    1a) 3X3 (l/r) TGUs – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.
    1b) 3X15 Reverse Hypers – medium/heavy, rest 45 sec.

    All TGUs @ 53lbs

    All Good Mornings @ 95lbs(poor mobility = poor ROM)

  40. 1) 5X3 Snatch @ 185 – rest 60-80 sec.
    2a) 3X3 Snatch Pulls – 275, rest 60 sec.
    2b) 3X3 Heaving Snatch Balances – 185, rest 60 sec.


    EMOM for 5 minutes 12 HSPU.———–12,12,6,6,6
    Only time I finished in time to do the hold was round 1 and I did a 30sec BB hold @185

    -Rest 10 minutes-

    3 rounds for time of:

    Row 500m
    20 Wall Balls 20/14#
    20 Absolutely Vertical KBS 24/16kg

    12:11 Rx

  41. 1) 245, 265 f, 255, 265 f 10# off last time, just couldn’t get it locked out
    2) 195

    3:06 * started on 10s mark so 2:56 1st time under 3:00 Took 2 breath rest on set of 15 thr

    Midline 1rd
    TGU 55# on bar

    Gassed after fran


  42. jerk – 215 ran out of time. I’m sure I have more in me so I’ll save it for next time
    Clean 5×2 – 185 no blocks
    Fran – 6.45 not a pr but didn’t feel like a trainwreck in the middle of it either…

  43. 1. 1RM Jerk – Just 20kg bar
    2. 5×2 Clean from Blocks – Just worked on hang power cleans with bar (wrist flexibility getting better after injury.
    3. Fran – 3.47 Used 20kg DB’s for my wrist. Everything unbroken, butterfly pull-ups were 21-10/5-6/3 Did rest a bit between thrusters and pull-ups during the rounds.
    4. No TGU’s or Reverse Hypers

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