WOD 120503:

Rest day.

This is un-fucking-believable. Seriously. It’s pretty hard to impress me at this point, and this almost made me simultaneously punch myself in the face and poop my pants.

Spencer Arnold – 120kg (264#) Snatch off blocks @ 77kg (169#):

As if that wasn’t good enough… Here’s Elisabeth Akinwale with what may be one of the most violent lifts I’ve ever seen from a female. This one actually did make me punch myself in the face. Speed, ladies and gentlemen, this is what speed looks like.

Elisabeth Akinwale – 78kg (172#) Snatch off blocks @ light-enough-to-crush-bw-shit-too (yes, including Muscle-Ups#):


More info on these to come tomorrow night…

23 thoughts on “120503

  1. I was curious if anyone on here is doing zone and what they are setting their activity level at in order to calculate their blocks. I have mine at 0.9 (Medium to Hard 4-5x per week). Anyone else? Do you recommend zone for following Outlaw’s programming?

    • Outlaws recommend a healthy diet of Johnny Walker and Pizza. Occassionally I throw in a 96oz Porterhouse and a dozen eggs…but you want your base to be in Scotch and Italian pies.

      Personally I think zone sucks, I think ‘dieting’ sucks. Just eat clean, eat a lot and have personal accountability.

    • You’re trolling with this post, right? I mean no logically thinking person actually uses the Zone diet. Right?


      • You must not understand…meals are cleverly placed into blocks because counting to 30grams of protein would be too fucking hard each meal. This way I only have to calculate how many blocks the meat is and then count to 5. See…Its easier….see? And this way I don’t get near enough food or fat because the fat block is drastically low. See? It makes me better. Come on guys…Zone Rocks!

    • Here’s how I do it… 3 larger meals, 2-3 smaller snacks. Comprise each one of some source of leaner protein, healthy fats, and lower glycemic carbs (mostly veggies and some fruit). Then throw in whatever you want a couple times a week and the occasional alcohol! If I get hungry sooner I eat. Too full, I don’t. Gaining weight? I eat less. Losing weight? I eat more. You shouldn’t eat what I do though, you aren’t me and should find out what works for you! It’s not rocket science but if you’re still struggling read this: http://beastmodaldomains.com/2011/09/28/my-take-on-nutrition-paleo-brownies-are-dumb/

      • No bullshit, I actually tried Kefir based on that asshole’s recommendation. Holy fuck was that dumb. I’d rather drink paleo breast milk.

  2. Plus he used straps, anybody can snatch a lot with straps. Pfffff

    Nice fucking lifts.

  3. Very impressive lifts! Very motivating to get better. That shirt is badass!

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