There are very few men in the world that I respect. Dmitry Klokov, Ron Swanson, Rick Ross, Louie Simmons, Jesus, Michael Jordan, and Rowdy Roddy Piper would be just a few off the top of my head. Now… There is another.

I am officially adopting Lucas Parker as an honorary Outlaw, and from this moment on I will be rooting for him above all other non-Outlaw athletes, or at least until he shaves his beard.

Lucas, don’t shave it. No matter what they tell you, you look like a fucking super-human mutant.

This is pretty cool too:

And this:

WOD 120502:

BB Gymnastics

10 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch from blocks (just below the knee).

Notes: Take no more than 5 attempts. Warm up quickly as well. This entire event should take no more than 15 minutes.


1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 85% – rest 60 sec.
1b) 3 X 8 Single Arm DB Bent Over Row (8l/8r) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


For total time:

3 rounds of-

20 Pistols (alternating)
3 Rope Climbs 15′


50 T2B


3 rounds of-

20 Wall Balls 20/14#
5 Power Cleans 225/145#

Extra 120502:

*The recommendation is to rest at least 2-4 hours after the day’s normal conditioning before performing this work. If you cannot rest this long, test your resting heart rate before beginning the normal conditioning work and rest long enough for it to return to within 5 BPMs of that number.

Group 3 Conditioning

For time:

30 Back Squats 135/95#
20 Pullups
10 Push Jerks 135/95#
20 Front Squats 135/95#
20 Pullups
10 Push Jerks 135/95#
10 OHS 135/95#
20 Pullups
10 Push Jerks 135/95#

Group 4 Conditioning

3 rounds for time of:

7 Stones to Shoulder @ 150/100# (or as close as possible)
14 C2B Pullups
21 Box Jumps 24″

Group 5 Conditioning

7 minute AMRAP of:

5 Power Snatches 135/95#
15 DB Thrusters 40/25#
25 HR Pushups

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  1. BB Gymnastics – 75kg (165.4lbs) missed 80 behind


    1a) Bench Press @ 85kg (187.4lbs) – 3/4/5 reps
    1b) Single Arm DB Bent Over Row @ 32kg kettlebell


    Had to put a 15 minute time cap due to time constraints (obviously)

    got to 36 T2B’s.

    MFS = 1/5/6 – bit sore but I had great craic this morning!

  2. Outlawits,

    There was a bit of a disagreement round the old water cooler yesterday regarding the snatch balance and its various derivatives which I would be obliged if people could clarify.

    My understanding (based on catalyst athletics etc) is that the following are correct (please call me a retard if I’m wrong – or even if I’m right and you just fancy an auld vent);

    Snatch balance = Feet start in pulling position and move to finishing/squat/catching position + there is a dip & drive

    Heaving Snatch balance = Feet start in finishing/squat/catching position and do not move + there is a dip & drive

    Drop Snatch = Feet start in finishing/squat/catching position and do not move + there is no dip & drive i.e. drop under the bar damn fast

    My question is regarding a non heaving snatch balance (as I could not find a definition anywhere).

    is it?

    Non Heaving Snatch balance = Feet start in pulling position and move to finishing/squat/catching position + there is a dip & drive (so basically a drop snatch with feet movement).

    I know there are other derivatives for the snatch balance but my question is regarding the above.

    I’ve been using the non heaving snatch balance as defined above therefore am I doing it right?

    (have I also defined the rest correctly?)


  3. Rudy, my man-crush just got bigger. Rowdy Piper was the all time best. Old school WWF. One coconut! Two coconuts!…….

  4. BB Gymnastics:

    130#, (f,f,f @135)


    Skipped due to time constraints



    No rope — subbed 5 strict, 5 L and 5 C2B PUs per round
    T2B — ground out 10 sets of 5
    Power clean — 170#

  5. Snatch – 145# (not a good day, was a chicken shit and wouldn’t get under the bar today)

    Bench – 225# 5/4/3
    KB Row – 62#, 62, 72

    12:41 of pain and suffering, subbed 185 for power cleans

    Very sore today and planning on doing 45 minutes or so of mobility tomorrow

    • I think sore and grumpy Doug is my favorite. No one can yell, “F*** me!” with quite as much feeling behind it as you.

  6. 1a) 3×265 5/5/5
    1b)125lb dumbell 8l/8r

    Will do the rest of the WOD later today.

  7. Bb gymnastics
    Full snatch from blocks 215#
    1a) 3xME Bench press @ 305# 5-5-6
    !b) 3×8 bent over row @ 70# (light but heaviest db available)

  8. BB gymnastics
    1) 145,155(pr), 160(pr),165(f), 165(20lb PR)
    1a) 215 = 6,5,5
    1b) 70lb KB for all sets
    17:06( did 185 P.cleans, just dont have 225 yet)


  9. Snatch from blocks: hit a big PR @120kg

    Bench press@95kg: 6,4,4



  10. BB Gymnastics 1RM = 85kg

    Strength missed due to limited time in the gym today so went straight to the below

    Conditioning = 27:44 as prescribed

    M= 3 F = 5 S = 7

  11. BB Gymnastics: 1RM=62.5kg just couldn’t get under 65, so annoying!
    Strength: 5/6/5 @ 80kg (had a more motivating spotter on the 2nd set! First one the guy thought i was gonna fail on about 3 even though I was fine!), 3 x 35kg Row.
    Conditioning: Scaled to 60kg PC. My form on T2B went to shit after the rope climbs and did them all pretty much strict. Time was 18.33. No bueno!

    MFS= 3/5/8

  12. BB
    1) Snatch from blocks -> 1RM up to 185, missed 195×3 … sore from yesterday’s OHS still

    1a) CGBP -> 3xME @ 235 … 4, 5, 3 reps
    1b) 1-arm DB Row -> 3×8 @ 80, 90, 100

    Couldn’t resist mainsite WOD, call me a traitor
    5×3 min AMRAP, 1 min rest between sets
    3x Power Cleans (135#)
    6x Pushups
    9x Squats

    5 rds + 10 reps/5 rds/4 rds + 10 reps/4 rds + 9 reps/4 rds + 1 rep

    2/3/4 -> sore overhead

  13. Snatch off blocks – 145
    1a. 205 4/4/4 1b. Used a 2 pood, upped the reps to 12 each set

    Conditioning – 19:11 (scaled power cleans to 185#)

  14. Snatch from block
    80 – 85 – 90 (failed x3)

    1a) 105 kg, 6-7-6
    1b) 35 kg

    Cond 1


    Cond 2 (group 5)

    2 rounds, 5 Power snatch, 15 Thruster and 5 Push ups

  15. BB Gymnastics
    115, 125, 135, 145, 155#(F)
    Felt good tho, 145# is a PR from blocks. I can tell my technique is finally getting better, I expect to see lot’s of PR’s in my near future. Dropping under the bar I felt like I was sitting into a perfect little pocket. First time I’ve ever felt that stable receiving a Snatch… lulz.

    1a) 255# 4, 3, 3
    1b) 70, 80, 85#

    *Subbed in 15 Strict C2B Pullups for Rope Climbs
    *Also subbed 175# for the Power Cleans my PR is only 205#

  16. BBG
    New pb off blocks and tied full lift pb at 100kg
    4, 6, 4 @ 106kg
    40, 45, 47.5kg
    16:13 as rx
    mfs = 234

  17. bb gym
    165 175 185f 180 185f
    215 – 5 3 3
    90 + barbell (no dumbells so used barbell set in a land mine)
    17:56 (power cleans scaled to 205. oh the shame.)

  18. Snatched yesterday, up to 225 without a fail

    Did some DB snatch work today



    FUCK. Took video but memory card full just past 3 min.
    Off to do strength…..

  19. BB Gymnastics

    First thing I did was spend about 15 minutes finding a bench 1RM.


    10 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch from blocks (just below the knee).

    Notes: Take no more than 5 attempts. Warm up quickly as well. This entire event should take no more than 15 minutes.

    No blocks, just subbed a hang snatch: 135-165-175-180(miss)



    1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 85% – rest 60 sec.

    2×245, 3×245, 2×245

    1b) 3 X 8 Single Arm DB Bent Over Row (8l/8r) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

    3 sets of 8/8 with 72lb kettlebell



    3 rounds of-

    20 Pistols (alternating)
    3 Rope Climbs 15′

    VERY HEAVILY scaled… I turned the first portion of this conditioning into a skill workout since I can’t do pistols OR rope climbs. Lol <-noob.

    I did 20 pistols holding one foot and sitting on a stack of weights just above parallel squat depth. Then did 4 rope climb attempts (12'). Got my first rope climb ever on the 3rd attempt of the 1st round!

    1st round of 4 climb attempts:



    3.got to the top

    4.got to the top

    2nd round of 4 climb attempts:



    3.got to the top


    3rd round of 4 climb attempts

    1.got to the top

    2.got to the top

    3.got to the top

    4.got to the top


    Did the following all for time:

    50 T2B


    3 rounds of-

    20 Wall Balls 20
    5 Power Cleans 225

    Time: 54:20 Rx'd

    Notes: I felt SUPER slow motion and my hands are ripped to shreds from this week! 225 was my max about 6 months ago! lol took me FOREVER and i had a lot of misses. Looking forward to tomorrows rest day! WHEW!

    M/F/S: 7/8/6

  20. Yeah not only is that beard fucking incredible he is rockin that fur suit like a man. Looks like a mini Doug Young

  21. RESULTS:
    1) 95-115–WU–135-155(1/2 squat to rcv)-165(F)-165(full squat rcv)

    1a) @200 6-4(+1 assist)-4
    1b) @70. Heaviest KB aboard

    22:40. Weakness all around. Pistols were slow and very shaky. Numerous no reps for falling in bottom. Rope only 13ft and far too thin, unable to use legs. Pure arm pull failed by round 2 rep 2, doing lateral pulls with rope. T2B 12-10-8-10-6-4-5-5. Go harder from start. Hips just stop pulling legs up. 225 too heavy. 205(F)-dropped to 185 and still hitting as doubles. Form is atrocious. Notice arms pulling down and back, no explosion  up catching bar too low. Sloppy trash.

  22. bb gymnastics- heaviest- 195
    bench 185- 5,8,5
    kb rows with 70 ( heaviest I had)

    conditioning- paced the beginning pretty heavily to save energy for the heavy power cleans got done with the 50 ttbs in about 9:30 and then rested a fuck load to finish all the reps. 225 is very close to my one rep max so just finishing the work was an accomplishment in my mind. I never would have thought this was possible a few weeks ago- 21:15

  23. 195 block snatch
    26 reps at 205
    80# lat pull

    24:37 conditioning wod
    #crushed, scaled to 205# pc, knee was sore from last week heavy hang cleans

  24. BB Gymnastics
    Snatch from blocks 185 (matched snatch PR)

    Bench 3xME @ 215: 6-5-4
    Rows 3×8 each arm @70lb KB

    Pistols/Rope Climbs took 4:00
    TTB were done by 6:00
    WB/PC took forever (9:32); WB UB, did 2 PC with 225 but had to go down to 215 to finish


  25. BB Gymnastics
    Snatch from blocks 170 (PR off blocks)

    Bench- 185×16, 205×8, 200×14
    Rows- 50, 70, 80

    Did not have enough time for conditioning

    • The “fake” Michael Miller uses that uses 125lb dumbells because he would rather be an outlaw then a CrossFitter.

      Group 5 conditioning 130#stone all I have

      13:09 who invented box jumps seriously

      • Sorry Mike, I thought most Outlaws were crossfitters, my mistake, I guess I’ll just go cut myself now.

    • Snatch: Worked my way up the regional snatch ladder as a warm up. 105, 115, 120, 125,130, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155 (no misses till I hit 155, got it on my 2nd try).

      Bench: 6, 6, 5 @ 120
      Bent over row: 50# all sets

      Conditioning: Team WOD 2

  26. Snatch from blocks-155LBS way below my pr

    bench-5,4,3 @ 200LBS
    Bent over Row-55,70,70

    18:00@ 205 for 8 reps and 195 for 7 reps (power cleans)

  27. BBG:

    1a)115#- 4,3,3


    45 towel pullups for each rope climb (took forever)
    33:44. 145# PC use to be my 1rm. 🙂

  28. Snatch – 215, 226, 235, 245(10#PR) FUCK YEAH!!!!

    Bench @275 – 5, 3, 3
    DB rows w/ 100#

    Did Team WOD 2
    Rested a little then hit the extra work
    Group 3 – 10:26 slow

  29. *Max snatch off blocks- 175, missed 185 in front
    *3xME bench press@200 – 7,6,6
    *3×8 one arm rows AHAP – 28kg KB
    *3 rounds of
    14 pistols
    2 rope climbs
    50 T2B
    3 rounds of
    20 wall ball
    5 power cleans@185

  30. Sean McChesney
    Snatch from blocks 205
    Bench light for shoulders, sets of 135
    Db row 100# db

    Conditioning did the first 3 rounds unbroken in around 3 mins, would of loved to do the rest because I felt amazing, however, I rolled my ankle coming off my last rope climb, fuck. Grade 2 sprain, 10 days before my regional. Gonna rehab as much as possible, could have always been worse I guess.

  31. Snatch 225lb from blocks. (failed attempt at 230)
    bench 205lb 11/7/6

    conditioning: 15:00 Rx’d….power cleans were tough

  32. BB Gymnastics – up to 195# (PR Snatch is 205#)

    Strength –

    Bench at 205# – 8, 8, 6
    DB – done at 105#

    Conditioning – 18:10

    Group 5 Extra Work – Done 1 hour later, 2 Rounds + 2 snatches

  33. Excuses excuses… thats all dis mufucka has been putting up lately… that shit changed today… I went from a sprained MCL to an appendectomy so if finally feels good to be doing shit full force… the only thing that kept me sane was my mediocre training and working with fat ass beats everyday, joys of being a producer….

    155 – pr is 155 from 2 years ago when I started training seriously…. pr is in the bag next time this shit rolls around

    1a) 135 x 10 not much experience with bench as I was a runner… paid for my school so ehh
    1b) 70

    N/t as shit was people were using shit I needed and just an all out clusterfuck…

    the DUKE

    shout out to crossfit harrisburg…. outlaw friendly and totally legit

  34. BB – ate shit
    Bench – 230. 7-5-5
    DB, 70, 100, 100
    Conditioning – ate shit.

  35. I have found my way. I am new, but grind my training hard, and I am excited to be “in”.

  36. BB – 170
    Bench – 295 5-5-5
    DB, 80, 80, 80 (all I had)
    Conditioning – 21:35

  37. Snatch from boxes 135/165/185f/185/205

    Bench @ 280 5/5/4
    Dbl row @ 100

    no rope so did 5 mu instead….not feeling it today

  38. No bb shoulders were tweaky going overhead.

    #275x 5-5-5
    #105 rows


    18:50-t2b were slow

    7/7/7 Not sleeping, finals…

  39. Haven’t posted in a while. Going to try to get back into it.

    Snatch from blocks: 185 lbs (missed 195 lbs x 3)

    I haven’t had anyone check my form in a long time, so any tips on this would be appreciated.

    Skipped Strength due to time.

    Conditioning: 24:12
    Only subbed holding onto a purple band for Pistols. First WOD using 225 lbs for Power Cleans.

  40. Snatch- 205 within the 10 min. Did a couple extra and got 215

    Conditioning: 14:29 RX back felt tweaky so did singles for the PCs

    skipped extra work 4/ strength and did a butt load of handstand pushups

  41. BB Gymnastics

    1a) 210# 4/4/4
    1b) 97#


  42. Bb. 195#
    A 225-3/3 (shoulder was killing me cause I just got my typhoid shot) 200-5
    B. 80# to light
    Conditioning 15:?? Not sure was dead to walk to my phone an check the time as soon as I was done.

  43. Just did strength and bench press is still not agreeing with shoulder after surgery. If anyone has suggestions let me know

    155# – 9/10/13

  44. Snatch: Didn’t do but making up Thursday.

    Bench @ 235:
    Bent over row:
    2 sets @ 90, 1 set @ 70 (we do not have anything else between 90 and 70)

    19:05 (Scaled to 185# on PC)
    I really pussed out during the first section and I shouldn’t have scaled down so much on the PC.

  45. BBG:
    1RM Snatch (blocks) – 155,175,195F,195,205F

    “DIANE” – 3:57 (DL UB, HSPU – UB,8/7,5/3/1) All kips.

    Bench @ 215# – 5,6,5
    Bent Over Rows – 70#

    Conditioning: Total time – 17:36
    Part 1 4:32
    Part 2 3:38
    Part 3 9:26

    Everything felt good except for the power cleans. Felt very weak on those.

  46. BB Gymnastics
    1RM Snatch(blocks)-205

    1a) @195# 10-9-6
    1b) @100#

    23:52 (Did Hang Cleans instead of PC, doing the 2nd team event at Regionals)

  47. Snatch Off Blocks = 135lb, 145lb, 155lb, 165lb, 175lb (PR, Fuck Yeah!)

    3 x ME Bench Press = 225 x 9, 225 x 7, 225 x 6

    Bent Row = 60lb, 70lb, 75lb

    Conditioning (There was some discussion about a break between each part, we assumed there was none, and smashed our way through it. BRUTAL.)
    Mod PC to 205, everything else Rx’d = 19:24

    I follow more often than I post, I’ll get better with that. Love to see all the success Outlaws are having at Regionals, can’t wait to be there next year :). Thanks Rudy!

  48. Snatch off Blocks- 185, I suck
    3xME Bench Press 230 x10, 10, 5
    Bent Row-100#
    Conditioning- “Helen” 3:20:, 3:34, 3:47 -10:41 total

  49. Snatch – 70kg. Crap, no speed on stiff quads

    Bench – 100kg x 3, 3, 3 – Crap, no strength on sore shoulders
    ROW – 32kg KB – An odd feeling movement, haven’t done it in years

    Warmed up to a 90kg Powerclean which felt too difficult to do in a metcon.
    Practiced some BFK pullups, KB snatches and pistols then called it a night due to fatigue.

    Rest day today then hit it hard tomorrow.

  50. BBG 185

    Strength 1a. Bench 205lb 9,8,7
    1b. Row 70lb 12 each side. Biggest DB we had

    Cond. 29.16? Brutal. Timed it but never wrote it down

  51. Posting the day after again.

    Snatch: 135# this was a huge PR for me. So stoked to break into the barrier of at least one wheel!

    Bench 200# 5,5,5
    DB row 2 pood

    Wod: subbed 10 strict pull ups for climbs each round, did heavily assisted pistols, and lowered cleans to 185#. 19:00. Much work to do.

    On a weird side note, after doing the pull ups and deadlifts yesterday my left lat has been twitching uncontrollably all day. WTF

  52. BBG:

    Snatch from the blocks 1 RM: 185.

    Didn’t “superset” these because no benches were open at first.

    1) DB rows: 75-85-90
    2) Bench @ 220#: 4-4-3. No spotter.


    Wow. Scaled to:

    20 pistols
    2 rope climbs (12′)
    2 rounds

    50 T2B

    20 wall balls
    5 power cleans (185)
    3 rounds

    22:02. I just started incorporating rope climbs, and I’m like a handicapped person on them. They ruined my grip, and spirit, for the rest of the WOD.

  53. First day on Outlaw.

    Snatch: went up to 185 from the knees
    Floor press instead of BP: @275 4,5,5
    2 pood KB for rows (heaviest I had)

    pistols and rope climbs x 2 rounds = 8:28
    T2B x 30 = 4:32
    PC @225 and Wallballs x 2 rounds = 10:15

    • Fitness Lonnie (“CrossFit Champion of 2017”) is on outlaw. Whose next Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

  54. Conditioning only

    Rope climbs were hard. I felt so fatigued. Pistols weren’t my best, either. I did all 50 at regionals UB with no reps called back. You wouldn’t have known that watching me yesterday.
    Did toes to bar 1 and 2 at a time. I planned to do 15-10-10-10-5. But, execution was a problem. It took all I had to grip AND hang from the bar.
    Wall balls unbroken in round 1 and 2, did 15 and 10 in round 3.
    Did only 115# on power clean. Trying to save my sternum and back, figured out my thumb is sprained, too. I’m just falling apart! Anyway, I was doing 115# UB in warmup, but had to do singles in the workout. 115 felt like 145. Happy that my back didn’t spasm until round 3, though.

    MFS 2/4/7 (Hello quads!!!)

  55. Today was the 2nd day over 100 degrees…going to be a long summer!

    BB Gymnastics
    165#…tied 1 rm PR for Snatch

    1a) 225…3, 3, 3
    1b) heaviest i had 70#

    24:54 RX…got thru 1st part in 6:15…thru T2B in 10:00 and took almost 15 min for the last part. Pretty happy since 1rm clean is 240#

  56. BB Gym:
    1) stop at 145 due to knee pain
    2a)190lb. 6,3,3

    Conditioning: 12:15 wasn’t feeling it today, rough last night at work, also FL humidity sucks. Pistols Left leg RX and UB, Right leg used a strap to assit knee was hurting.
    P. Cleans scaled to 185lb

  57. I always forget to put this I apologize, I’ll try extra hard to remember. 3/5/8

  58. 1) Sn from blocks- 135, 155, 175 fx2, 165 fx2 Way off today. Got all of them up but seemed to miss them forward.

    1a)265 5,4,4
    1b)110# 8,8,8

    had to run about 150 m between rope climbs and t2b
    Need to work on t2b. I can string about 15-20 and then I am gassed
    missed first pcl rep and then nailed the rest. Done as singles.

    3/5/7- shoulder tired and sore from ohs

  59. Snatch-got up to 173# easily.

    1a)195# 8-7-7
    1b) 65,75,75

    Wasn’t really watching the clock on conditioning. Got the work done.
    185# on the pwr Cleans.

  60. Snatch 125
    bench 95# 12, 10, 8
    db row 50#

    Conditioning 18.47 with 125#cleans everything else rx

  61. BB Gymnastics:
    115, 125, 130f, 130f, 130f.

    1a) 175# x 3, 3, 3.
    1b) 50#, 60#, 60#.

    Did 5 rope climbs because my ceiling is only about 12′ high.
    Used 185# for the power cleans.

  62. 1) 145# wasn’t feeling it today.
    2a) 225# 5,5,5
    2b) 70#, 70#, 70#
    21:15 w/ 185# PC

  63. 3 pos. snatcc-worked up to 145

    Bench Press @ 245: 7,7,5
    DB ROWS: 70lb

    Cond: No rope so had to improvize did the following:

    3 rounds of 20 pistols and 20 T2B
    3 rounds of 20 wallball 5 185 power cleans: 12:50

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