Four for four.

4 for 4.

No matter how you write it, it looks perfect.

This weekend we qualified four of our top athletes, in two separate regions, for a trip to the 2012 CrossFit Games.

Talayna Fortunato finished 1st overall in the Southeast, and was dominant the entire weekend. Her scores included three second places finishes, and two firsts—both coming on the final day.

Brandon Phillips finished 2nd overall in the Southest, and was only 4 points out of first place DESPITE the fact that he took twenty-fifth on the opening WOD. BP won two events at this year’s Regional, and looks like a completely different animal on this, his fourth trip to the Games.

Candice Ruiz, who has only been with us for a few months, finished 2nd overall in the South Central by battling back from a 16th place finish on the opening WOD. She was as clutch as possible, taking 2nd on the final WOD to secure herself a return trip to Cali after a one year hiatus.

Finally, Jason Hoggan, who I literally coached through his first CF WOD, finished 2nd overall by absolutely destroying the field on the final WOD. Despite fears about past Muscle-Up failures, Jason, who I have coached longer than any other athlete, calmly paced through the first section of WOD 6, then ran the entire field down from behind, and finished almost a minute and a half before the next closest competitor. I’m not trying to overstate my feelings, but the fact that Jason qualified, after all these years, is the single proudest moment of my coaching career.

Overall I am stunned, beyond grateful, and preposterously excited to see how these next 4 weeks play out. Great job, Outlaws.

WOD 120430:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X3 Snatch @ 75% – rest 45 sec.
2a) 4X3 Behind the neck Push Press (snatch grip) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
2b) 4X2 Snatch Pull @ 110% – rest 60 sec.


1) 1X20 Back Squat (Group 2 – 2X10 @ 50% – rest 60 sec.)

Notes: This should be a maximal UNBROKEN set. If you completed all 20 reps last week, add approximately 5% this week. If you were close to completing all 20 reps (15-19), use the same weight. If you weren’t close (10-14), take off 5%.


30 Burpee Over-The-Box Jumps 24/20″
30 T2B
30 Push Jerks 135/95
Row 1K

For time.

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  1. congratulations to all of the outlaws who competed this weekend. you made us all proud! way to represent! 🙂

  2. Fuck Yeah! Awesome work Hoggan, BP, T and Candice! Huge start and such great motivation to all Outlaws over the coming weeks.

    Can’t wait till next week!

  3. How about an Outlaw goes and wins the Games? Winning regions is cool, no doubt, but I want someone to get that 250,000! Who’s up for it?

  4. Congrats Outlaws! Awesome news!

    1) Snatch – 60kg all sets. Easy
    2a) PP – 80kg, 90kg, 95kg, 100kg x 1 (First time going over 70kg on this lift and lowering it down to my back. Felt good. I would’ve got all 3 reps of 100kg if I hadn’t done sundays overhead work yesterday)
    2b) Snath Pull – 90kg all sets. All very high – nipple height.

    Back Squat – 135kg x 10, 2 min break, 135kg x 10 – Didn’t have it tonight. I had knee pain and no real push in the squats

    Conditioning – Subbed Burpees for BBJ’s (sore side of right shin and jumping down aggravated it) & subbed 900m run for 1k row.

    12:10. Burpees – 15/5/5/5, T2B – 6/4/5/5/4/3/3, PP – 6/6/6/6/6, Run approx 4.10

    Good workout.

  5. Rudy,

    Congrats on the great coaching accomplishment. Seeing the competition first-hand was the most amazing thing! Look forward to the continued success over the next weeks.

    Jason: Congrats again, I’m proud of you bro! See you in Cali!

      • You too, Gio! Jason is blessed to have such a wonderful support system of friends and family!

  6. Congrats Outlaws! Not bad for a “strength biased” program.

    BB Gynmastics:

    1. 115#
    2a. 135#
    2b. 165#


    210# — making incremental increases of 5# every week. Happy with the progress.



    Burpee over the box jumps — Unbroken
    T2B — 15,5,5,2,2,1
    Push Jerks — 6,6,3,3,2,2,2,2,2,2 (didn’t rest in rack position enough and wound up doing 8 power cleans to re-rack as punishment)
    1K Row — 3.48, cracked at 500m

    • Stupid question. Are BOTBJ lateral or straight forward. I can’t find any information and I think I was sick the week they were introduced.

      • Go ahead and try to jump over a 24″ box laterally, and let me know how that goes.

        It’s called a Burpee Over the Box Jump, read it again, Burpee Over the Box Jump.
        Do a Burpee, then anyway humanly fucking possible get your entire body over the box, ie jump, skip, flip, crawl, hey maybe try a kipping HSPU to get over it, it doesn’t fucking matter just get to the other side of the box without going around it or under.

        You’re welcome for all the commas Epic.

  7. BB Gymnastics

    1) 95lbs for all sets. Just trying to get muscle memory back, felt a bit akward.
    2a) skipped-short on time
    2b) 205, 205, 225, 225- all felt easy

    225- haven’t been doing LBBS and got back to it, could have gone a bit heavier.



    Burpee box jumps killed me, just no motor this morning. Enchiladas last night came back to haunt me this morning.

  8. Awesome work this weekend by The Outlaws. It was great competing, as well as watching you guys destrominate. Great meeting Laura, and Jason… who is El Paso born! Congrats.

  9. Rudy, I competed on the team for Ragin’ Crossfit out of Laffayette, La in the South Central region and I must say you are on point with your training. And you wife was outstanding she offered me a few tips that helped me PR on Snatches.

    Stacy A. Robinson

  10. Rudy/Laura
    Thanks for everything. No way I would have been able to hit that Snatch on day 3 without all the help.

    Congrats to all the Competitors.

    • I had the opportunity to meet and watch Jason Hoggan compete this past weekend. Stand up guy. Best of luck at the Games!

  11. 1. 115#
    2. 125# (my shoulder has never liked the “negative” aspect of behind neck press, could have pushed more)
    3. 165#

    1 x 20 BS – got to 15 at 240#. 2 weeks of spotty lifting (knee and then plague flu) has left me feeling weak. Hopefully a full week back will be the ticket and I can start kicking ass again

    13:21 – The first half of the row sucked donkey balls, negative split the row

  12. Shoulder therapy
    1. 65#
    2. a. 45#
    b. 85#
    Back sq. 145 both hands on bar inside collars
    Burpee BJ 24″
    T2B rings
    PJ pvc
    Row 1K

  13. BB Gymnastics

    1) 120# complete
    2a) 125, 140, 145, 150 – to light should have started at 145
    2b) 175# – felt good

    255 x 16 – Didn’t have the best go at it been a little run down finals week ugh!




    Like I said earlier not going to be the best week of training, finals suck but can’t wait to watch the Mid Atlantic regional this weekend!

  14. Awesome f”ing work BP, Hoggan, T, and Candice!!!!! Fuck Yea!!!

    BB Gymnastics
    1) 105#
    2a) 135, 145, 150, 155#
    2b) 185#

    185# x 20 got 17 reps last week with 185#

    All Burpees were a little slow but UB
    T2B were 10, 10, 10 with about 2-3 sec. rest between
    PJ were 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
    finally no rower, subbed in 800m run – it took for fucking-ever, somewhere around 4:00…. I was smoked after the rest of the WOD.

  15. Congrats to Hoggan, Ruiz, Phillips and Fotunado.

    BB Gym. 1. 115 2a. 155/165/165f2/155 2b. 170 all

    Strength – 245 12 reps

    Conditioning 12:02

  16. To all the outlawites who qualified – fair fucks to ya!

    BB Gymnastics

    1) Snatch @ 62.5kg (137.8lbs) – these were a ballache! missed a good few
    2a) Behind the neck Push Press (snatch grip) – 60kg/70kg/75kg/80kg (176.4lbs)
    2b) Snatch Pull @ 92.5kg (203.4lbs)

    Strength 10 x 100kg 220.5lbs. Last time I did it I got 14@110kg (previous was 20 @ 105kg) but it was a bastardised version of a hot and sweaty night between a low bar and high bar back squat so I went with incredibly strict technique and my hamstrings lit up!

    Conditioning; 16.38

  17. 1)Snatch – 170
    2a) 210, 215, 225, 225
    2b) 250

    10×2 Back Squat at 50% – 225



    M/F/S – 2/1/2

  18. Been following Outlaw programming for about 1 1/2 months now. Absolutely love it.

    Congrats to all of the Outlaws for crushing Regionals. Best of luck to those that are competing in the coming weekends ahead, not that any of you probably need too much of it.

    I wonder if the new version of ExerciseCenter will have footage of Pat Sherwood literally shoving his foot into his mouth. One can dream…

    Rudy, thanks for doing what you do. The programming is amazing and the method of distribution is equally enjoyable. Keep crushin’ it Outlaws!

    Fuck yea!

    • A friend of mine recommended watching ExerciseCenter for the sheer trainwreck value. I think I secretly enjoy being frustrated, or perhaps listening to incoherent babble feeds my superiority complex. Either way, holy fuck those two cupcakes make me lose my shit.

      • perfectly said – Did anyone see the fucking high five that started this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqcQng7oTdQ&feature=plcp — Wow. Re-defining cool. Then listening to them try to validate the games and systems and themselves makes me want to puke. Honestly is there anyone out there who wouldn’t rather just watch the world record workouts with good music put to them for 30 minutes? What the fuck is HQ spending all that time/”effort” (ha) on? Sucks cuz I used to think Sherwood was kind of a stand up dude…now he is just pushing his chips all-in to douche corner.

  19. BB Gym:
    1) 105 – felt great
    2a) 125, 135, 145, 145 – 5lb PR
    2b) 145

    180 x 20 – 5lb increase from 4/20

    I have to get re-focused. Ran out of time again today. It doesn’t help that my training partner is freaking hilarious and has me in stitches the whole damn time we’re working out.

    MFS – 2/1/1

  20. BB Gymnastics:
    1) 110#
    2a) 115#, 125#, 135#, 135#
    2b) 160#

    1) 175# for 15 reps

    The push presses really slowed me down.
    Subbed 100 SDHP @ 45# for the 1k row. I can’t wait until I get a rower!!!

  21. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X3 Snatch @ 75% – 65kg (made all 15 reps felt solid)
    2a) 4X3 Behind the neck Push Press (snatch grip) – 90kg
    2b) 4X2 Snatch Pull @ 110% – 97.5kg


    1) 1X20 Back Squat – 90kg Low Bar (should have been 100kg if not more will man up next time)


    30 Burpee Over-The-Box Jumps 24/20″
    30 T2B
    30 Push Jerks 60kg
    Row 1K

    = 11:35

    M= 2 F= 2 S= 2

  22. Outstanding work! Looks like a trip to Carson is in the works for me now; need to go root on all the Outlaws.

    Heavy Deads Work

    Skipped BB Gymnastics

    1: 185# x 20-10lb increase since last run at it. First time I attempted this about a month ago; I put 185# on the bar and failed miserably. Dropped to 165# two weeks ago, got it, 175# last week hit it. Now this, let’s see what next time has in store. I think 200# is possible.

    Conditioning later today.

  23. Snatch 90 kg three times and had a go on 100 kg, but missed..

    Snatch 5×3@ 75 kg

    Snatch push press 4×3 @ 100 kg
    Snatch pull 4×2 @ 110 kg

    Back squat 20 @ 127,5 kg

    Conditioning: 9.28

  24. Fuck yeah OUTLAWS!

    Nothing makes me appreciate great programming and a great coach like seeing success in those that follow it!

    BB Gymnastics

    1) Worked up to 155#, did all sets of touch and go. No fails

    2a) 135,145,155,165#, no fails. Haven’t done these in a while and could’ve gone heavier, but still pleased with my performance.

    2b) 225# all 4 sets. Good extension, got bar past bellybutton easily.

    Strength) 245#. Felt AWESOME and NAILED THEM, much better than last week when I failed on rep 17 with the same weight.

    WOD) 14:40. Did not kip on T2B (trainer I was doing the WOD with told me to do them strict. I figured fuck it, haven’t done them strict in a while. We’ll do it live!)

    Burpees went UB and done in about 75 seconds, T2B were strict singles, resetting at the bottom, and I did push presses instead of push jerks (didn’t read the WOD properly) in 6 sets of 5.

    Row was 3:55 as I had no more gas in the tank.

    M/F/S – 7/4/4 hardly ate any food before working out. Felt good other than that, but a workout with little energy is not the most fun.

  25. snatch: 160#
    push press: 225#
    snatch Pull: 235#

    20 back squat: 300#

    Conditioning: 9:54

  26. AM
    BB Gymnastics
    1) 5X3 Snatch @ 75kg (missed rep 2 of set 4)
    2a) 4X3 Behind the neck Push Press (snatch grip) – 90kg
    2b) 4X2 Snatch Pull @ 110% – 110kg

    1) 1X20 Back Squat
    Retooled my LBBS after the training camp a few weeks ago and cut my weight back 10% to make it a really vertical shin angle still came up short. Old way ahad 132.5kg for 20, but today only had 120kg for 14 before everything went to shit

    30 Burpee Over-The-Box Jumps 24″
    30 T2B
    30 Push Jerks 60kg
    Row 1K
    For time.

    Including time for a 10kg plate to explode on push jerk rep #30 and time to strip it off and throw another one on, and a 3:28 row, total time was 12:10

    MFS = 3/4/4

  27. 1. 165 (power snatch)
    2a. 275 (jerk dip squats. laying off the overhead this week)
    2b. 225

    3. back squat – 275×12 (miserable attempt. i blame all the margaritas down in san antonio this weekend)

    metcon – 11:06 (ring dips instead of push press)

  28. Snatch: 90kgx5 sets

    Push Press: 105kgx4 sets
    Pulls: 125kgx4 sets

    Squats: 125kgx10

    Conditioning: 13:05 RX

  29. BB – Snatch at 155#

    a.) 165, 165, 175, 175
    b.) 225

    Back Squat – 255 x 14, got 245 last time.

    Conditioning – 10:10

  30. BB
    1) Snatch 5x2x85% -> 185#
    2a) Rack Jerk -> 205, 215, 225, 235
    2b) Snatch Pull -> 235

    Back Squat 20RM -> 295
    *Been chasing this one for some time

    Rx’d minus rowing (no rower) -> 7:15

    1/2/1 -> throat cold came back today … sucks

    Congratulations to the Outlaws who competed this last weekend!

  31. Congrats to you guys for qualifying and to the other Outlaws that threw down! Great efforts!

  32. Congrats on all the Regional domination from the Cayman Islands! Especially BP. I competed against him once 2 years ago. Hard work pays off!
    Hoping to keep it going at the Latin America Regionals in 2 weeks. Outlaw… Fuck yeah!

  33. BBG
    *5×3 snatch@140
    *4×3 snatch grip push press AHAP – 140-155-175-185
    *4×2 snatch pull@205

    *1×20 back squat@195

    *For time:
    30 Burpee Over-The-Box Jumps 24/20″
    30 T2B
    30 Push Jerks 135/95
    Row 1K

  34. 1. 145#
    2a. 185# got all except last rep on last set
    2b. 225# to heavy felt like I couldn’t open my hips at top

    Strength. 165# way to light

    Cond. 11:44 the push jerk wrecked me

  35. 1) 160, felt easy. None missed.
    2a) 185, huge for me. A little pain but shoulders are getting healthy.
    2b) 235

    1×20 @300

    Conditioning ran 1 mile instead, no rower at work, 15:20. I hate running.

  36. bb
    1) 63, 68, 68, 73, 73. shoulder felt good once i got going
    2a) 63, 73, 73, 73. love jerk blocks — dropped every rep.
    2b) 93, 93, 103, 103. these felt pretty smooth

    squats and conditioning tomorrow…

  37. Snatch- 165
    Behind the Neck Push Press- Got up to 165
    Snatch Pulls- 225
    Back Squats- 2 x 10 @ 50%…done at 185
    Conditioning- 10:01 Rx’d (makes me think WOD number 4 at Regionals is gonna be special in a terrible kinda way)

    Rudy, I feel so much more prepared for this weekend after becoming an Outlaw 4 weeks ago…great job to all who represented this past weekend…looking forward to Friday!!!

  38. BBG: 1) 150# completed 2a) 115/125/135/155 *wasn’t sure what my shoulders could handle… still can do more than 155#. 2b) 215# completed

    Strength: completed @ 205#

    Conditioning: 11:29 Rx’d

  39. Been following bits and pieces from this site recently, looking to be fully on board starting today.

    Snatch: 5x3x142.5

    Snatch grip behind-the-neck push press: 135-145-155-170. First time doing these. Could’ve gone heavier.

    Snatch pulls: 4x2x210

    Strength: Skipped. Will make up later in the week.

    Conditioning: 10:44 RXed. I suck at rowing.

  40. Snatch 95#
    Snatch push press 135#
    Snatch pull 235#

    Squat 265×20

    Wod 13:19

    It’s amazing that my 20 rep squat is 265#. Less than a year ago I couldn’t hit that for 5 reps. This programming is legit.

    Thank you Rudy for your work. And Congrats to all the Games qualifiers!

  41. Weight – 215

    BB Gymnastics:
    1) 135 – did 1 squat snatch and 2 power snatches (missed 2 reps)
    2a) 135, 135, 145, 155
    2b) 195 – to chest

    1) did 220 (15# heavier than last weak) – 18 reps

  42. This is my first post on the site. I’ve been following for a month and PR’ing all the time already. I’ve just missed Regionals the last 2 years and can’t wait for next years after a year of this.. I love the site and the programming

    I was at the South Central Regionals supporting Katherine Anderson from our box  who took 9th in the women’s division and she has followed Outlaw for a good while. It was truly inspiring watching Hoggan compete this weekend! He absolutely murdered the last WOD

    Today’s Workout:
    225 all 20 reps back squat!  Stoked!! 
    155 snatch.. 
    135/155 snatch press
    245 snatch pull
    13:40 conditioning WOD

  43. 1. 190# full snatch for 5×3 no misses
    2a. 235# behind the neck snatch grip push press 4×3
    2b: 295# snatch pull 4×2
    back squat 21 reps @ 275# will try more weight next time
    12:00 rx

  44. Snatches – 165 x 5 x 3 — Felt solid as the sets went on…

    Snatch Pulls – 245 x 4 x 2
    Snatch Grip PP – 175, 185, 195, 195

    No time for Squats – plus I’m being a gigantic pussy because my knees/calves/hamstrings have been pretty jacked from Pistols lately.

    Conditioning: 10:20 — Felt a bit sluggish, hotter/more humidity today made it a sweaty mess. Burpees were UB, T2B 11-10-9, PJ – 11-10-9 — Row 3.42.9 —

    Need of a rest day – Gonna take tomorrow off – M/F/S – 3/6/4

  45. First post on the site, have been following and training with Outlaw programming for a month now, been killing pr’s and seeing so much progress!! Thanks for representing the south east athletes, my box Crossfit Atlantic soley went to regionals to rep for Outlaw all weekend and they kicked ass the whole time! Brandon Phillips..you had 265 man. Rudy.. you are the man!

    Did all programming back to back
    1) 5X3 Snatch – 140lb no misses
    2a) 4X3 Behind the neck Push Press – 195lbs
    2b) 4X2 Snatch Pull – 205lbs

    1) 1X20 Back Squat -started beginning of last month at 225.
    1×17 @ 265 then failed. backing down to 260

    30 Burpee Over-The-Box Jumps 24/20″
    30 T2B
    30 Push Jerks 135/95
    Row 1K

    Time – 13:38 rx

  46. BB Gymnastics

    Snatch 5×3 @ 145

    Snatch Push Press 4×3 @ 175
    Snatch Pulls 4×2 @ 205

    1×20 BS @ 240


    M/F/S – 2/2/2

  47. Strength – 210 x 14. Legs feel like crap after sprint and hill sprints Saturday.

    Conditioning – 13:37. Calf cramped on 800 m run.

  48. BB Gym:
    2a)135,155. Still shoulder pain

    BS HBBS @205 UB

    Burpee Box overs. 15+15
    T2B. 15+15
    PJ, pissed about this 6x5reps to much rest in between shoulders were on fire, wanted 3x10reps can easily shave off 2min from this
    Row 3:42.
    Awesome job this weekend Outlaws keep it up.

  49. BB Gym:
    1) Snatch @ 95
    2a) 95 – behind the neck feels not so good.
    2b) 135

    Strength: backsquat @ 135

    Conditioning: 11:43.
    Burpee Box jumps – did 12 or so laterally jumping over 20″ box., rest were jumping on top of box to get to other side.
    T2B, broken 5, 5, 5, and combo’s of 3,2,1 thereafter – have to figure out how to keep kip motion going when fatigued.

    Row: ~ 4 minutes, don’t know exact split. torture.

  50. Let’s see what Sherwood has to say about the effectiveness of Outlaw programming now. Well done, Outlaws,well done.

    2a) 185
    2b) 225

    Back squat – skipped. I think i may be fighting off some patellar tendonitis. Shit hurts.


  51. First off, I would like to congratulate the Outlaws for killin it at regionals this past weekend. I realized this past Saturday at my first crossfit competition (raid-games @ europia) that I have been a giant pussy. Mainly because I have been following Outlaw since two days before 12.1 and I’ve never posted anything on how I’ve been progressing. It has been incredible. Rudy is an amazing coach and I want to thank you for everything your programming has done for me.

    1) 50kg straight on snatches
    2a) 55kg, 60kg for PP. (two sets of each)
    2b) 70kg nipple height

    1×20 90kg

    Conditioning 17:00

    In February I couldn’t snatch 45kg for a 1rm. Also, I met Ryan Sunshine this past weekend. Nice kid. Demolished the entire RX division (myslef included) at the competition I was at. Damn Outlaws.

  52. Snatch; 185 double PR, did heavy doubles instead with 60 seconds rest (95% 1RM)

    Conditioning- 10:37 , broke t2b and jerks 4-5 times.

  53. 1) 170

    2a) 170-185-195-205
    2b) 255

    BS – 260 (20)

    – Didn’t stop on the burpees
    – T2B – 10-10-5-5
    – PJ – 12-7-6-5
    – Row – Stayed under 2:00/500

  54. BBG
    Snatch – 177, 182×4
    BNPP – 215, 230, 243, 254
    Pulls – 265×2, 285×2

    Back Squat @ 300 – 10 legs felt good just got tired and racked it. Just wasn’t feeling it.

    Warmed up with Team WOD 2
    Rested about 15 min then did the conditioning

    10:06 – shoulda coulda woulda been faster but…

  55. BBG
    Snatch – 165×2, 175×2, 185×1

    snatch felt good, fast and felt really loose so i went for a 6 pound pr at 221, hit it then went up to 231 and also made the lift. 16 pound pr (snatching with the LGA everyday=PRs)

    BNPP – 200, 210, 215×2
    Pulls – 255×4
    Back Squat- back has felt wrong since saturday, warmed up some and decided it wan’t worth it this close to regionals

    Conditioning: 12:53

  56. BBG:
    1) 115
    2a) 135 x 1 set, 155×3
    2b) 225 x 4

    1) 225 x 11

    17:20 (100 SDHP @53# KB sub for 1k row)

    Pistol Skill Work

  57. Today was my begining to The Outlaw Way.
    1. 140×5. Reps were quick. Should go up
    2a. 140-155-155-160. Room to go up too. Suprosed at the ease of this
    2b. 210. My getting the desired height but trip extension seemed well.

    1. 235×20. Did 225 in a WOD 21-15-9 last week with very slow and torturous reps, but this moved with ease. I will put 250 next attempt. My arms and shoulders were fatiguing the most from supporting the bar

    7:00 without the row. I’m on a cargo ship without a rower and no space to run so 8 trips of 8 flights of stairs sufficed after 12 hours on deck humping chain and shackles during cargo ops.

  58. BBG:
    1) 80#


    ran out of time (boo) so ran 2 miles. ~14:40 (boo again)

  59. 1). @ 155
    2a) @ 140
    2b) @ 225
    No 20 rep squat, and different MetCon to do with a class I taught: 2 laps (300 yards), 15 air squats, 12 HR Pushups, 9 Pullups, 2 more laps- (3:02)

  60. 1) snatch 5×3 @125 rest :45
    2a) behind the neck snatch grip push press 4×3@175 rest :60
    2b) snatch pull 4×2@190 rest :60
    Strength 20rep back squat at 200lbs
    30 burpee over the box jumps 24″
    30 T2B
    30 push press @ 135
    1K row

  61. BBG:
    5 x (30 DUs + 3 snatch @175) Did a set every two minutes. Finished each set in 45-50 sec.

    BTNPP – 215,225,240,250F
    Sn Pulls – 250

    FS – 10 minutes to work to heavy single. Hit 255. Failed on 275, wtf?

    Conditioning – 9:43
    BBO steady UB, T2B 20/10, PP 12/10/8, Row ~3:50ish.

    Felt a little sluggish today. Didn’t get much sleep last night. Started running out of gas towards the end of the BTNPP and the FS. Got it together for the wod though.

  62. 1) 155
    Only one fail, just reset and made it.
    2a) 205 215 215 225
    2b) 225

    265 only made 10. Gave out at the bottom of 11. Think my taint is just sore today.

  63. 1. 165
    2a. 185 205 225 235 245X1(wussed out on bringing it back down to neck)
    2b. 245

    squat 275

    conditioning 9:41

  64. 1. 145
    2. 165, 175, 185×1, 175. Bringing the weight down remains the issue.
    3. 210
    Squat 260. Religious experience.
    Conditioning: 12:55. Squats seriously fucked me up on the burpees box jumps and I admittedly half assed the first 500m.

  65. BB gymnastics
    1) 135
    2a) 175,185,190,200PR
    2b) 190
    20RM HBBS- 230LBS

    10:54 rx
    30 Un-Broken T2B PR!


  66. 1) 175
    2a) 185 – 205
    2b) started with 275 by mistake, 250 for rest

    no back squat

    Conditioning 13:55; burpee box jumps over 30inch box

  67. BBG
    1. 155,160,165,170,175
    2a. 185, 190, 200, 200
    2b. 215, 225, 235, 245

    275- Finally got this, now I can start adding the weight


  68. 1. 113 all set felt good
    2a. 133, 138, 143, 143
    2b. 166 all sets

    BS: 190 for 16 reps

    Conditioning: Team WOD 3 w/ LGA.

  69. Feel Bad haven’t posted, basically due to laziness. I follow one day behind since I train at 5:45am and don’t use a smart phone.

    1. 143, missed one on second set.
    2a. 155#
    2b. 198#

    BS: 260#

    Cond: ran out of time, will get it in.

  70. BBG:
    1. 140# – Felt good
    2a. 165#
    2b. 235#

    BS- 205

    13:31 – Definitely tanked this one. Piss poor effort all around.

  71. 1) 155#
    2a) 95/135/155/185
    2b) 225

    1×20 Back Squat- 300# (17)
    cond- 12:57 rx

  72. BB Gymnastics
    1) 145#
    2a) 175#
    2b) 225#

    1) 245#



  73. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X3 @ 150#

    2a) 1X3 @ 175#, 3X3 @ 185# – Dropped one on my neck awkwardly

    2b) 4X2 @ 215#


    13:32 – neck started to really bother me on the Burpees but I still finished. Tightened up afterward and couldn’t really move my head. Need to take some time off.

  74. BBG: 2×3@135#, 3×3@140#
    BNPP: maxed out at 210#, shoulders a little sore, definitely could have started at 210 and worked up for a final, tough set @240-250
    SN pull: all sets at 205#
    1×20 backsquat 310# 16 reps, last time 295# all 20 reps
    Conditioning: 14:34
    BOBJ: steady pace, still difficult
    TTB: 16/6/4/4; probably the best i’ve ever done on TTB in a
    WOD, this is certainly a weakness of mine, but since i’ve
    started following your program, about a month, i’ve definitely seen improvement in these as other skilled movements
    PP: 10/6/6/5/3
    Row: 4:20 give or take; fresh can do a 1k at around 3:35-3:39
    w/o going balls out, was terrible after the TTB and BJ

  75. 1) 175 for all sets. Missed a few.
    2a) 155,175,195,215
    2b) 265
    Squats: 225 for 16. First time doing a 1×20 so wasnt sure where to start. Leg endurance isnt what it was, and paced to fast.


  76. 1) @105#
    2a) @135#
    2b) @155#

    1×20 back sq @155#

    Conditioning: 17:30 w/95#

  77. 1) 175
    2a) 185-205-225-245
    2b) 260

    Strength: 295 (first time doing this. Somewhat unchallenging. Noted to increase 10-20 next attempt)

    Conditioning: 10:30

  78. 1) Snatch 145

    2a)185, 205, 225×2, 215
    b) 210
    * had to split this up due to people in the gym

    1) 260

    * had to jump over a bench which was probably 18-20″
    *row was 3:40’s

    • Almost forgot.


      Shoulders still a little sore. Spent a lot of time trying to warm them up and stretch them out. Haven’t slept well the past couple of nights because my kids have been trading a cold, so someone has been up every night.

  79. Hey first time posting here, will be following this a week behind as it just works better for me. I am recovering from a fractured wrist which i did just before the 4th Crossfit Open workout when i was an idiot and fell backwards on a squat clean and hyper extended my wrist….and no i dont have a video of it!

    1) Snatch 30kg

    2a) Massive 40kg
    b) 110kg

    1) 120kg

    * had to use dumbbells due to wrist so i used 30kg DB’s…. ouch

  80. 20 rep BS – 115kg

    Caught up Press Cluster –
    80-100 kg

    Conditioning –
    11:15 rxd
    TTB 15-7-4-4
    PJ 9-6-6-6-3
    Row 3.50 1km

    • Also caught up 5 x ME UB hang cleans earlier 5×4 @ 102.5kg

  81. sn 5×3 – 135
    btn press – 155, 170, 170, 170
    sn pull – 215
    bs 215 x20 aweful

    conditioning 18.04 subbed 95lb push press

  82. First Outlaw WOD…sucks I have a PFT on Friday.

    Snatch 135lbs 5×3
    Snatch Push press 185lbs/205lbs/205lbs/205lbs
    Snatch Pull 185lbs 5×2
    Back squat 225lbs x 20
    Conditioning – 14:57 as RX’d.

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