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  1. I made up Monday’s Wod today at my box. (snatches 70%,80,90etc). Would it affect my body if I snatch tomorrow?

  2. You can’t have too much snatch. Rudy, I love your stuff and wish I found it sooner. Snatch is my weakness and this has already helped me a ton.

  3. Been lurking on here a little while, but just started following the Outlaw Way with Wednesdays programming. My first day back from two weeks off due to a back injury. Felt awesome. Excited to see what is to come and join the outlaw crew. Loving the blog site. Aloha from Oahu, Hawaii

  4. logged on and thought thats it! gotta love this stuff. Combining all the oly lifts +strength+conditioning = long wod but ive seen a vast improvement over the past month since following cant wait to see what a yr does.

  5. Sitting at BP’s desk, substituting for his classes today, the whole while going to be checking out how he does. I am going to Diane it today with the region competitors to see how I compare/ I can hardly do 1 Muscle Up. Good luck Brandon and all the other Outlaw Crew.

  6. Freelanced today given muscle-up deficiencies; took the view that scaling MUs to CTB or the questionable pu / dip sub wouldn’t do the workout justice. Did instead:

    12 minutes to work on squat snatch: 115# – 140#

    Group 4 Conditionining from 4/24 (scaled power snatch to 115#):

    3 rounds

    20 Rep Back Squat: 205#

    Good luck to the Outlaws competing this weekend.

  7. 21.05

    MFS 8/8/6

    it was horrible in the gym this morning but after basically being in bed since I finished Wednesday’s session its great to be back in the gym and getting over my man flu

  8. “Amanda”
    6:40 (PR)

    -MU UB
    -Failed 3 Snatches, extremely pissed about that
    -Wanted sub 6, just didn’t have it today, very frustrating


  9. Amanda (not RX)
    125# for rounds 1 and 2
    115# for round 3
    15:twenty something

    MU fine, 155ish Max on Snatch makes Amanda tough

  10. “Amanda”


    MU – 5/4 , 4/3 , 2/2/1
    SS – 5/4, 3/2/2 , 2/2/1

    M/F/S – 1/2/1

  11. “Amanda”

    Drew did the whole push me over the top of the rings thing. Definitely helped me get a better feel for getting my hips up high in the kip. Snatches were easy. Damn my body and it’s inability to do a MU.


  12. Skill: Snatch bolt
    5×30 3×35 3×40 3×50 2×50 2×60 2x65Kg


  13. “Amanda”
    Modified 8:07
    Snatches were done with 115#, still working on my skill. 1RM = 155#
    When my technique is flawless on the Snatch the weight feels so light but it’s kinda hit or miss, but it has improved since following Rudy’s BAMF’in programming, just haven’t been able to bump up my PR cause my technique starting sucked so bad. Patience is a damn virtue I suppose lulz

  14. First time doing Amanda. 8:01 RX I missed one snatch. The six felt much better than the nine. All muscle-ups were in sets of 3.

  15. Did some Pause FSx3 + Push Press + Split Jerk prior to: 4 sets: 235, 235,235, 245

    Amanda: 5:55 RX

  16. “Modified Diane” at 3:34. Did all sets of DL unbroken at #225 but did the HSPU’s with my feet on a bar.

  17. Workout 1:
    Tall Snatch 7×3-1 @ 60-65-70-75-80-85-90(f)
    Tall Power clean 7×2 * 50-55-60-65-70-75-80
    Amanda: 5.42

    Workout 2:
    Technique on HSPU and MU
    Then Regional event 4 – just wanted to try it out, so paced it a bit

  18. First ever attempt at ‘Amanda’ scaled both mu’s and weight on squat snatch

    Thin black band for mu’s and 45kg for as 14.58

  19. Amanda-6:52
    MU- 9,7,5 unbroken
    SS-4/3/2, 3/2/2, 2/1/2

    First time doing Amanda and only 3 weeks into doing SS the right way…

  20. 5.52 Amanda Games standard today…that is a 6.50 PR over June 13 of last year which I didn’t jump to the rings or turn out fully.

  21. “Amanda”

    11:15. PR (I guess) as it is my first time doing this WOD. Can’t do Muscle ups yet very well. My shoulder/body turnover was smoother today than it has ever been though, so that was reasurring. Only been doing MU’s for a few months so I’m pretty pleased.

    MU’s were done in 5/3/1, 2/2/1/1/1, 1/1/1/1/1
    Snatches done as singles for first two rounds, then for set of 5 I did touch and go on 4 and dropped the bar, banged last rep out barely after barbell had settled.

    If my muscle ups had been faster and UB, I could have shaved off sooo much time. Oh well.

    M/F/S – 8/7/2 (not sure exactly which end of the numbers corresponds to which, but I had a great mood with no soreness. I am running on a few hours of sleep though so I am fatigued. I think I got the numbers right.)

    • forgot to mention to the outlaws competing this weekend and today,

      Kick some ass out there! You guys inspire me to try my hardest every session in the gym. Keep being awesome!

  22. First Amanda attempt, only ever doing 3MUs max before in the day so pleased to finish Rx. Did MUs as singles and Snatches as 3/3/3, 3/2/2, 3/2. A leader boarding (and skills building) time of 24:51.

  23. “Amanda”

    4:05 PR by default

    Failed first snatch on the 5’s, missed the rings on my jump in the 7’s…..lost 10 seconds easily. End of a shitty week, can do this faster…

    HSPU practice with Regional standard.

    5/3/7 sore on the “bump” spot from snatches yesterday….it was sore already and I really tagged myself. I’d be surprised if there was not any internal bruising.

    Will post video for Amanda when it’s done uploading.

  24. Warmed up with the team part of WOD 2
    Row 1k, 25 Pistols, 15 HC @ 225 – 6:53
    Rowed @ 1:45 pretty easy, pistols weren’t bad at all. HC went 5,4,3,3

    Then did Amanda about an hour later – 5:53(games standard)
    The rings cost me about 30-45 sec,

  25. “Amanda”


    Started swinging on the first round of MU’s and had to reset, then missed one snatch on the round of 7.

    Sub 4 next time…

  26. 12:30 Rx “Amanda” – 42 years old, any other old guys out there to compare to?
    first 9 muscle ups unbroken, snatches are weakness for me, 165 is PB. just started outlaw this past Monday to hopefully improve my oly lifts. Love the program.

  27. Rest day for me. Need to make this up since these are my two worst movements, but not sure if I will get to.

  28. 7:24

    Seates MU as is there is no place hugher than 7-8 ft to hang the rings
    Missed rep 2 in 1st round. Only miss

    Great job over the weekend Outlaws. Good luck in the Games.

  29. “Amanda”
    10:29 @ 125#
    Not sure about the time, but the weight was a PR. As RX’d for sure the next time this comes around.

  30. Did
    5×1 power snatch
    70-80 kg
    5×1 snatch balance
    75-90 kg missed 3 couldn’t get left shoulder slotted
    5×1 squat snatch
    80-90 kg missed 2 lifts, see above

    9:25 pr by 2:30
    9 MU UB first rd, missed 2 in 2nd
    Snatches singles the whole way. missed 3 of these also….
    Next time I attack this fucker rather than being so cautious.

  31. 10:06
    I forgot to squat snatch for the first 9 or so, but I was able to used the RX’d weight and an overall PR of 23 seconds.

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