WOD 120426:

Rest day.

Ok guys, seriously… WHAT THE FUCK? Maybe I just believe in the inherent reading comprehension of United States citizens a bit too much, but how the fuck could SOME of you mistake our addition of a paid Regionals Strategy Page for us charging for the programming found on this site? Look, I said months ago that the programming on this site would always be free, and IT FUCKING WILL. Last night I said we are charging for a page which we built to share strategy tips and techniques for REGIONAL FUCKING COMPETITORS, and I’m pretty sure we had 7 to 12 people commit suicide today. Why? Because somehow “free programming” and “charging for strategy tips” became synonymous, and I am now ranked just below a puppy killer and just above the 350 pound dude in the seat next to you on a 9 hour flight, as the most hated people on earth. Look, if you don’t understand why you would need a strategy page for the biggest competition of the season, then you are probably not competing in the biggest competition of the season and you should probably prepare yourself to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Also, you should probably start reading the words I write. Like the time I explained the extra group work at the bottom of each night’s post is FOR REGIONAL FUCKING COMPETITORS, and corresponds to which week their regional is. I blame this all on Drywall, Tom K., Jeff Binek, LGA, Elisabeth Akinwale, and all the other vigilante site moderators who are now spending more time concentrating on their preparation for regionals, instead of keeping a watchful snarky eye over the site that they are using to prepare for regionals (is that ironic? finally?). Fuck you guys for leaving me to deal with this all by myself. I hope you’re happy with your workouts.

Boz would no-rep the Easter Bunny, and it would look like this.

My man crush on John Welbourn has officially escalated to a point where things will get weird the next time we see each other, and it’s all because of this post. He’s so tall…and strong.

Finally… This video is a little long, and the quality isn’t great, but it sure as hell made me want to go find a barbell. Not to mention, it features some of Klokov’s most insane work. Watch ’til the end, my personal favorite.

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  1. bahahaha! lmbo! thanks for the laughs. i almost choked on my chips. i mean bacon. im sorry my laughs are coming at your expense, Rudy. 🙂

  2. I have disgraced myself, and my coach. I will gladly take my own life at your request.

    But to our defense…I mean for fucks sake how did anyone mis-interpret that? You posted free programming…in the same post in which **stupid people thought** you declared you would be charging for programming? Isn’t that a bit oxymoronic? Admittedly my outlaw blogging time has been unfortunately short lately, LGA, EA and me are getting ready to take our revenge out on a bunch of little burpee machines, it is proving time consuming… A fitting quote:
    “I usually don’t take time to respond because I’m too busy enjoying how awesome I am.” would also work in this situation I assume.

    • What Jeff said.

      I had come to a point where it had gotten past my abilities to help fix people’s ignorance with our style of harsh sarcasm, well not really sarcasm, but come on these mother fuckers are a special breed of stupid.

      I will try and dedicate myself to a certain amount of time each day to try and “fix” these ignant mufuckas.

      • You need to get LGA.com — It is some shitty site now…Though no one owns LargeGentlemanAthlete.com — Just some food for thought…lets step our game up.

  3. The Outlaw Way

    From my view this program is more than worth paying for. The amount of time and dedication that the outlaw team puts into everything you guys are about is more than worth it. Anyone that wants to cry about you charging for strategies, or just your straight up day to day programming would probably cry about anything and dont belong using the outlaw way methods. On behalf of the CDR staff we want to thank you for what you have done for us and hope to represent you well at regionals with a podium team finish. We would be more than happy to pay for your excellence.

    Calvin D

  4. This is what happens when you get famous .. all the fucktard trolls who post their elite “virtual” times on the .com page bring their whiney asses here… outlaws.. shouldn’t we be infamous instead?

  5. For fuck’s sake Rudy, how did you fuck this up so badly? Fucking idiots leaving your site because they think it is going to cost them when it isn’t; that’s something you should file under “not a problem.”

    Instead, you go on a fucking rant, alerting them to their own stupidity so they stick around longer. Way to think it through.

  6. Helo Rudy,

    your a great couch. Wince i get enough money I will pay the skrilla. I will be an Outlaw. $50 bucks isn nothing to compared to your awesomeness. I hope one day I can an eleet crossfitter…for now I’m my dumb affiliate wa wa. Nothing compares to you programming. I try to do what can on weekends whenever noobes class isn’t going on. The head couch doesn’t like me disrupting class. I’m like fuck that shit man suck my dick you suck i am outlaw bitch! i always slam my weight down after PRs and am like “fuck yea.” Outlwa is onley way to go. I need to find a box that excepts outlaws. Id love to any advice friends.

  7. Explanation of extra regional page was SO CLEAR to me. I just want to thank you for all you do, bc I know it is AlOT of work.
    I think you need to be compensated for your time and have no patience for complainers either. One month of recovery supplements is more than $50, so really what’s the problem. GREAT INFO for $50 I wake up every am to your posts and I enjoy reading all info. Pls keep your wonderful humor. Thanks!!!

  8. Holy shit people shut up about $50. If you are not in regionals disregard anything Rudy posted about money. If you ARE in regionals and want to somehow try and beat the baby machines that won the open, pay your shit and watch how to do things better (preferably a section on reading comprehension Rudy).

    I am a teacher and this is the shit I have to deal with everyday. I want to stab myself in the eye most days and/or a 10 min amrap of cock punches.

  9. Did anyone else have a brain explosion when the part came on of the dude deadlifting 800+ pounds IN HIS BASEMENT?!

  10. First wanted to say thanks ive made the best gains ever since starting crossfit in 07. One thing i was wondering about and yes i read faqs ddint see it so im asking. What is the rest between parts of work out ie once bb gymnastics is complete how much time do i take before starting the strength portion? i get the 1a 2a part of sets and rest just unclear on how long to take between the dif portions of the work once again thanks.

    • If it isn’t marked, as long as you want really. Most people get right into it with little or no break. Others have the time to break up their workouts into two-a-days and finish the conditioning later.

      • cool thanks, i usually try and all the strength work some days run outa time for the conditioning. Cardio however never been my weakness strength has always been subpar for me so focusing attention and energy to build it up now.

  11. Coach could u read an article by Rippetoe if u have time and give your thoughts on it. Its called “Is Olympic Weightlifting Strength Training” I know your busy but it is a good read and would love to get your two cents on it. Thanks

    • Why don’t you first give us your thoughts? And, you know, a link to go with it.

    • Or could you read this book and if you have time, re-post your comment. I just punched my wife in the baby-maker after trying to read your incoherent ramblings. Not trying to be a grammar nazi but come on man, help us out here. Maybe English is your second language?


      Also I believe Jordan Derksen posted the article you mentioned in a previous Outlaw thread. I’m too lazy to go looking through them but I’m sure it’s there.

      • Dusty your a funny fuck. I know I can’t spell for shit. And English is my second language . How many languages do you speak out of curiosity?

      • One, which is why I inlcuded the part at the end about English not being your native language. In that case you’re off the hook.. Sadly there are too many literate English speaking Americans who write. speak (and apparently have the reading comprehension) of illiterate retards. That being said, as Drywall mentioned, posting a link to the article you want us to read is as easy copying and pasting the URL into the comments box.

    • i came across this article earlier today through westside. it’s long, but worth the read.

  12. calebf514 yesterdays wod
    BB Gymnastics
    10 minutes 1RM Power Snatch. = 170#

    1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 80% – rest 60 sec.
    1b) 3 X 8 Banded GH Raise – heavy, rest 60 sec.
    29 reps at 195#

    12 minute AMRAP:
    4rnd 8 KBS

  13. That’s awesome shit rudy, some people are just fucking ignorant!!
    On a side note, did an extra WOD yesterday afternoon / evening
    500 Power Clean and Throws with 90#+ Hay bales – 5hrs
    did 1,000 bales with another guy helping, damn idiot had the baler too tight, plus the shit was green as hell. Glad I been following Outlaw or my ass woulda been toasted. Hands feel like they had a fight with a meat grinder tho. Glad it’s a rest day. Awesome video too.

      • Where’d you think I get my exercise ideas? The one I’ve been perfecting as of late was inspired by the guys who clean manure out of cow barns. It’ll increase hip extension power output by 8% in 3 days, and internal rotation of the shoulder by 24 degrees. Next best thing since the donkey-punch.

      • Id like to see a video of that one Courage .. i got one I’m workin on tonight that’ll increase power in hip extension exponentially!!

  14. So just curious, those of you competing in regionals, what excuse do you use to take off work? Surely you don’t say “I have to compete in exercise” or some such embarrassing nonsense.

  15. Yesterday was the first time doing a 1 rm Max on power snatch for me. I was disappointed. I know today is a rest day but after reading today’s post and watching that video I redid my snatch. 145#. Broke my pr by 20#. Thanks for getting me fired up.

  16. Reading comprehension fail aside, how the fuck would you complain about a one time fee of $50 for programming if you actually thought that WAS the case? Jesus Fucking Christ, no wonder why America is going down the shitter.

  17. Wait you don’t have to pay for this site? I just mailed a check for $600 for 12 months of access. Rudy can you please send me a refund?

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