Here is the final scoop on the Regionals Strategy Page

We will only be GIVING access (for free) to those who are already our clients. This is the only way to make things fair, and not arbitrarily try to pick from an ever expanding list of followers who we would then have to somehow choose based on starting date and known history of posting—i.e. it would be impossible to choose. Therefore, we will give access to our clients and will have to charge everyone else. Yes, to me this feels very “sales pitch-y” and sort of makes me feel creepy, but I also know that every dime will go back into travel expenses for us to have coaches at no less than two Regionals every weekend. So fuck it: I’ll stop feeling bad. I’ll also feel like less of a weirdo if I don’t have to pay completely out of pocket to travel around watching people work out. In some parts of Europe that’s actually illegal.

I will be updating the page daily with videos and tips/commentary/strategies on the WODs. Last year we found that one of the most important keys to success was actually seeing the WODs in person, if you were one of those people who didn’t have to go the first week, before your event. I will be able to report back about not only what we come up with before this weekend, but what we come up with moving forward. I’m incredibly excited to see how much this helps all the Outlaws.

Here’s the step by step of how to get access to the page:

1) Email Laura@OutlawCrossFit.com
2) She will send you a PayPal link for $50. Yes, it’s $50. Dunno exactly why we chose that number, but most people we asked said it seemed fair.
3) After receiving the PayPal link you will need to sign up for a WordPress.com account with THE SAME email you sent the original email from. This is extremely easy to do, will only take a few seconds, and you can do it here.
4) Once you have a WordPress.com account go ahead and pay the PayPal link.
5) As soon as we receive confirmation from PayPal we will add your email to the list of people who have access to the page. All you will have to do is follow the link you receive.

I know this seems like a lot of steps, but we must make sure that the page is not easy to share or spread around. If we simply do a password site it will certainly be shared with a ton of people. Using a WordPress.com login allows us to strictly monitor who has access and where they are accessing from. If we give you access and the page is viewed from 25 different states using your login, we will promptly refund your money and take your access away. See how that works? So don’t share your login with all your friends. You can certainly tell them what it says, but don’t make us have to be Metallica (Napster reference).

WOD 120425:

BB Gymnastics

10 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Snatch.

Notes: Take no more than 5 attempts. Warm up quickly as well. This entire event should take no more than 15 minutes.


1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 80% – rest 60 sec.
1b) 3 X 8 Banded GH Raise – heavy, rest 60 sec.


12 minute AMRAP of:

25 Double-Unders
20 Perfectly Vertical KBS 24/16kg
15 T2B

Extra 120420:

*The recommendation is to rest at least 2-4 hours after the day’s normal conditioning before performing this work. If you cannot rest this long, test your resting heart rate before beginning the normal conditioning work and rest long enough for it to return to within 5 BPMs of that number.

Group 2 Conditioning

For time:

30 Back Squats 135/95#
20 Pullups
10 Push Jerks 135/95#
20 Front Squats 135/95#
20 Pullups
10 Push Jerks 135/95#
10 OHS 135/95#
20 Pullups
10 Push Jerks 135/95#

Group 3 Conditioning

3 rounds for time of:

7 Stones to Shoulder @ 150/100# (or as close as possible)
14 C2B Pullups
21 Box Jumps 24″

Group 4 Conditioning

7 minute AMRAP of:

5 Power Snatches 135/95#
15 Wall Balls 20/14#
25 HR Pushups

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  1. So do we have to pay $50 per team member, because that doesn’t really seem fair. 😉

    Hope we get to see the bearded wizard at the Central East regional

    • It’s us or Jay Rhodes as far as I see it that weekend (Ohio and Toronto are much closer than SoCal and Latin America)… I’m assuming he’ll go to Canuck-land and see to it that Jay makes it!….Let’s be honest, Rich, Dan and Graham are all playing for second against me anyways, and CFM better be a lock with these WoDs. And Rudy as much as I love you and your strategies, I am po-as-fuck.

  2. K so I’ve spent more than my share on fitness crap… Is $50 worth it? Because I know I’m not in the running for $250,000. Because honestly I’m an endurance athlete trying to feel cool by attempting to get strong and technical! If I can just beat myself to death in my garage without giving a flying f$@# on strategy I’ll be happy! Can I beg you not to charge for your programming? Because it works, I’ve just gained 15lbs on my snatch in the last two weeks by following….. But I’m a cheap b!$&? And not willing to squeeze one more penny… Thoughts?

    I guess what I want to know if I have an insanity spending spree what is it that I’ll be getting other than your amazing programming?

  3. I’m not anywhere near regionals. Just like getting the workouts and watching those competitors that outlaw trains tear it up. To get the best training out there by Rudy, I think $50 is cheap.

  4. If one more person ask for free for all this top notch material Rudy has been giving away im going to drop this 100 lb dumbbell Ive been throwing around on someones head!

  5. I recently attended the London Camp and have been following the site for 75 days now, since the beat the coach WOD appeared on the Crossfit Football Site. $50 is cheap for good advice/coaching if you want to qualify for the games or even improve your game 5%. It would be fair to say that $50 a year is too cheap to have access to this site and the programming, may coaches would charge you $100’s a month to provide you we programming of a lesser quality.

  6. BB Gymnastics: 75kg / 165.4lbs – no pb but got behind the bar well.

    Strength: Bench at 82.5kg/ 181.9lbs all 3 reps

    Conditioning: 3 rounds + 10 KBS

    MFS = 7/7/6

  7. After all that we have learned just following the site, all the extra time and effort that has been put into this program to make us better, yeah… 50 dollars is more than reasonable.

  8. Good Morning OutLawCoach. I have been following your programming for about a week and a half now. I love it. Thanks for the free info. I had some questions. When I follow the programing I do it all in one session. Takes me about 2 hours usually including my mobility and warm up. Is this meant to do all at once or break it down into morning and afternoon. Also I am new to some of the abbreviations. Is there a list that tells me what they mean, For example what are Banded GH Raise? Again thank you so much.

  9. My husband owns a baseball school and is constantly giving away tons of free advice in addition to all the lessons he runs. I always bug him about doing that and wish he would charge more. I think 50 dollars is more than a deal. I am happily going to pay it and can’t wait for it to start.

    Thank you for all the hours of work and sleepless nights helping us get better. It is much appreciated.

  10. BB Gymnastics:

    Worked up to 135#

    3 fails at 140# — Way too slow getting under the bar. Need to work on my hip extension through the second pull.


    Skipped due to time constraints


    4 rounds even, finished last T2B with 2 seconds remaining

    DUs continue to be messy and include an extra skip between rotations. Stringing T2Bs together fairly well, but grip definitely became an issue in last two rounds; got through 5 UB and then had to resort to doubles and singles.

    For what it’s worth, the fact that the general programming is a free and open resource is an absolute gift. From the perspective of a (happily) reformed cyclist who subsidized a racing “career” partly through coaching, it takes considerable time and effort to write thoughtful and comprehensive programming such as this that all but guarantees progress. Thank you Rudy. If you ever come to NYC for a training camp, I’ll be first in line (sadly, all I have to offer as a gym is a small patio and a pump room).

  11. BB Gymnastics:
    Worked up to 145#, failed at 150#, 5# PR. Attempted my first Snatch 1 1/2 months ago. Working on opening my hips more and not bending my elbows before my shrug.

    Finish rest later today.

    It didn’t start getting creepy until Paypal was mentioned. Is there anyway we can meet in a motel parking lot and make the exchange there? I will be in a black van dressed in drag…don’t worry I am working undercover.

    Thanks again for the site, email sent. I am not even a regional competitor; I just want access to more quality coaching and you already give it out for free. I am glad you didn’t say $100, I would have paid that too.

  12. Does anyone on here follow Outlaw in the Tempe, AZ area? I will be there this summer and am looking for an affiliate that is Outlaw friendly.

  13. You would think anybody at Regionals is trying to make the Games. Trying to make the Games means trying to win $250,000. $50 is a small investment in this venture, especially considering that most of these people probably spent at least that much on something already this week to help prepare them for the Games (supplements, food, new shoes, lots of beer for those of who didn’t make it). So if anyone writes you an email complaining, let me know and I will give them a quick 20 UB Cock Punches.

  14. Most Likely a stupid question, but under the extra part …group 2/3/4 what exactly does that mean? Im assuming that it is in reference to the chronological order of athletes and their regional dates… group 2 would be those going in the first weekend of may?

  15. Barbell Gymnastics:
    went 95, 135, 185, then hit a 235# power snatch again,
    ME bench press: 295# 6, 8, 5,
    4×8 Glute Ham Raise no extra weight yet, i am heavy enough
    5 rounds on the dot

    $50 is a great price for that type of info. It’s very generous of you that we don’t have to pay for the regular stuff! Thanks again Rudy and all you cool cats in the Outlaw nation.

  16. BB Gymnastics
    125# First time ever maxing
    ME BP – 200# 6,6,5
    GHR done No resistance yet
    3 rds + 9 DU ugly

  17. BB gymnastics
    1) 160 = 15lb PR

    1a) 205 x 9, 215×5 ( was working in with someone and for got to take their weight off), 205×6
    1b) completed with red band

    5rnds+8 t2b w/ titan vest ( wanted 6 rounds!!)


  18. 1) PS- 185 (not a PR)

    1a) 250 – 7,5,6
    1b) complete medium band


    M/F/S – 2/3/2

    my two cents on stregety page. If you are on this list:


    and are not a paying client of Rudy’s already, get out your wallet and pay the fifty bucks. Consider it a donation/thank you. And for everyone who didn’t make regionals, pay the fifty bucks so you know how to make fun of the people who didn’t.

  19. BB gymnastics: 135-145-155(first PR)-165(fail)-165(fail)

    Strength: ME bench @ 225lbs 10-7-5

    finishing programming later today.. good stuff!

  20. BB gym:
    1) 105 – 5# under PR.

    1a) 110# for 9,7,7
    1b) Blue band – whatever that means.

    Coming back tonight.

    MFS – 3/2/2

  21. BB Gym: 165 P. snatch till needs work

    1a)195 12,10,10
    1b)all done with 15lb plate

    Conditioning: 5RDS + 55reps needed 5 reps to complete 6RDS not happy with that.
    DU all UB
    V-KBS rounds 1,2,3 UB, rounds 4,5,6 10+10
    T2B rounds 1,2,3 UB, rounds 4,5 8+7, round 6 10+ pussied out

    will try Group 4 conditioning later to practice more power snatches.

  22. BB gymnastics
    135,155,175,185(5lb PR),195fail (should have went 190)

    1a) @190 8,6,6
    1b) subbed Good mornings @190 5,5,5

    4 + 5KB

  23. Barbell Gymnastics:
    Did some Hang power clean @ 102,5 kg

    1a) 100 kg; 9-7-7
    1b) GHR on the ground, used bands

    6 rounds and 20 DU

    First 4 rounds were unbroken, 2 last I did 10+5 T2B, the rest was unbroken

  24. BB Gymnastics

    10 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Snatch = 87.5kg (PB by 7.5kg)


    Missed due to limited time


    12 minute AMRAP of:

    25 Double-Unders
    20 Perfectly Vertical KBS 24kg
    15 T2B

    = 4 Rnds + 14 KBs

    M= 2 F= 3 S= 5

  25. BB Gymnastics: 125lb(default PR never maxed out)
    Strength: 155lb:9,8,6
    No GHR(need to figure out how to make one)
    Conditioning: had to sub sit ups for T2b:4 rnds+10 sit ups

  26. BB
    1) Power Snatch @ 195

    1) Close-grip BP @ 225 (6, 5, 4 reps)

    Did Group 4 WOD because I was already warmed up for the snatches. Will do regular WOD later.
    Rx’d @ 3 rds + 10 wall balls

  27. BB Gymnastics
    Power Snatch – 125, 135(F), 135(F), 135, 145(F)
    *Still working on my technique, Snatch is the only thing I haven’t progressed in since starting The Outlaw Way.

    Bench – 245# 6, 3, 3
    Subbed in Good Mornings – 125#, I attempted GH Raises on a bench and the damn thing slid out from under me.

    4 rounds, DUs are still killing me I can only do a few UB.

  28. BB
    1) Did regular snatch and got 85kg. Got under 90 three times, but failed to catch it.

    No BP.
    Did goodmornings instead of GH raises 3×10 w. 70kg

    5rds+ 53reps

    Practised some MU to ring HSPU transfer afterwards.


  29. Power Snatch: 100kg, miss 105 at buzzer

    Bench@200: 8,7,6
    GH Raise: 2 red bands

    Doing AMRAP this evening: shooting for 5 rounds

  30. BB Gymnastics:
    115#, 125#, 135#, 140#, 145#f

    1a) 165# x 5, 5, 4.
    1b) I liked these. Not sure what to put for resistance.

    4 rounds + 25 double-unders

  31. 1) 195# 20#pr
    1a) sets of 10 at 175, for shoulders sake. However, heaviest bench in awhile.
    1b) sets of good morning 135-165

    Conditioning 5 rounds +5 t2b
    rest 10 mins
    3 rft of 8 alternating 100#db snatches/14 c2b/21 box jumps 10:54

  32. BB Gymnastics
    87.5kg =PB
    Went under 90 but was below parallel so threw it away

    1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 100kg – 6, 5, 7.
    1b) 3 X 8 Banded GH Raise – beige and red band (who knows what tension it has?! I know it was really hard!).

    4 rounds + 43 reps

  33. BB Gymnastics
    1) worked up to 175! New PR by 10#

    1a) 6,6,6 @ 225
    1b) 8,8,x (ran out of time)

    Run 800m, 70 pushups, 60 slamball (20lb), 50 box jump (24in), Run 400m, 30 ring dips, 20 burpees

    22:31 – push-ups killed me

  34. P. Snatch 165 (pulled 175 and made the lift but had to hit a full squat)

    BP @ 205: 7,5,5
    GHR 3×8 with a blue band

    5rds + 42 reps
    forearms were on fire!


  35. well its going to be hard now without this great info coach Rudy. 50 dollars is a small price to pay for coach Rudy i agree 100%. But i think what people are saying is that Coach Rudy has been posting for awhile and has been programing with a scientific method thats is proven and we are very sad to see that go away for money( greed is the root to all evil). Coach Rudy said back in the end of febuary of 2012 after the open was closed about how overwhelmed he was with the results that came from people emailing saying that they made it to the regionals following Coach Rudy’s programing. That will now shrink and new and young atheletes will go elsewhere when searching the web. It was a good thing what you were doing Coach Rudy and it helped so many people on the front lines of crossfit. There will people who will always follow and pay that amount and more but the fact is what you were doing for free was good for all people that enjoyed your methods of training. Well good luck to all OUTLAW crossfitters. i enjoyed the 4 months of training you have allowed me to perform at home it was a great scientific programing method. I will miss the funny video’s. also the great compotition between the biggest Quads, that was great stuff Rudy…Take Care i have to go cry now and find a new crossfit site to follow.. Any suggestions of a WOD programing blog thats free like yours once was for a poor California boy to follow ? Thanks again Coach Rudy hope to meet you sometime.

  36. BB Gym: 110 (ties PR)

    1a) 6-6-7 @ 100lbs
    2b) subbed reverse hyper (75×15)

    5 + 7 Toe to bar

  37. Power Snatch- 180* (PR)
    Bench- Did 135 (15 reps all 3 rds.)
    Don’t have a GHD so did 3 sets of 15 Back Extensions

    Conditioning- 5 rds. plus 6 T2B

  38. BB. 175
    Strength : 10, 9, 8 at 240 on BP
    3×8 on ghr. No weight
    Conditioning. 5 rounds + 12 kb swings

  39. Bb- 185.195.205. Miss 215 need work w any snatch. Just putrid. Squat power or hang.
    Str- 225 13.7.6
    No weight gu

    Conditioning – 5+ 36

    Bw 225

  40. BB- 125lb, tied squat snatch pr

    str- 155: 11, 8, 7
    gh: 45, 55, 55


  41. Shoulder therapy
    Power snatch 80#
    3×8 gh raises learning move
    Conditioning 1.5 pood not overhead yet, t2b with rings. 3 rounds + 4 t2b
    Ice shoulder

  42. No bands so dd the strength separate as a 1 and 2.

    Bench Press – 135/12. 155/9. 155/7 (Shoulder stil doesn’t agree with bench press after surgery)

    Straight Leg DL’s 3×8 at 175

    Conditioning – 3 + 37
    – Felt like crap and all 3 are weaknesses.

  43. BB- 115, 125, 130, 135, 140(f), 140
    Bench Press- 10, 9, 10 @100lbs

    Conditioning- 5+42

  44. BB Gymnastics – 185

    Strength –
    Bench at 190# – 12, 10, 8

    Conditioning –

    5 Rounds + 29

  45. Snatch – missed 205 a couple times, then just worked some technique drills for a good long while.

    No bench or GHR

    AMRAP – 5 rounds even (not too much energy on this, or was just lacking motivation throughout. Not all that bad overall)

    Extra (group 2) – 7:16 (feel like low 6 is plausible if going UB. That was my goal but I am in a need of a damn good rest day!)

  46. I am addicted to outlaw programming like a heroin addict!! I’ve been doing it for 3 weeks now and I saw today’s wod and was like “sweet, a lighter day”…bullshit, thanks for whooping my ass today!! Because of this site I’ve gained a ton more range in my shoulders so I can get a legit squat snatch in…when I get near the 260 range I might send a video, until then I’ll keep working…awesome programming!!!

  47. BB gym PS
    Worked up to 195. Attempted twice, both times caught in squat.
    Anyone else have a problem with just one foot moving out after the second pull?!

    1a) 9 5 7 at 175#
    1b) Done on floor, little push off.

    4 rounds -5 t2b
    Grip blew up. V ups is not the best sub for t2b, midline felt fine.

  48. Snatch- 135, pulled 145 to my eyes a few times but decided to be a big ole puss a not make the lift
    1a) 185-10, 6, 5
    1b) bw
    Conditioning- 5 rounds+ 18 kbs
    Group 3 extra- 7:44- 120# stone

  49. BBG: 135, 145 FLx2, 140, 145, 150
    Skipped strength due to a full gym and a bad attitude towards my fellow man.
    Conditioning: 4 rds +25/6

  50. Power Snatch – 196 1# PR

    Bench @ 253 – 6, 7, 6(near death experience on the last set. Pretty scary when the bench breaks while you’re holding 250# over your face.)
    GHR- completed UB but no bands

    Conditioning – 5 rds + 3 T2B

    Extra Work group 3 – Did 6-100# DB snatches instead of stones

  51. BBG
    1) 185#-200#(PR) (didn’t hit a full squat but a bit sketchy on the depth)

    1a) 180# 9-8-9
    1b) Done


    Group 4 extra
    2rounds + 1 snatch


  52. BBG
    1) 205# (PR) Increase of 20# from a month or so ago. Thanks to Outlaw I’ve gone from 165# to 205# in 2 1/2 months. Afuckingmazing!!!


    Elbow tendinitis is a pain in the ass. I can’t even bench. Shit is on fire. Hitting up the ortho tomorrow.

    4Rounds+7 T2B

    Group 4 extra
    2rounds + 5 Snatches

  53. 205, 20# pr on power snatch

    BP: 253- 5,3,7
    GH raises: bw

    4+5 t2b

    Group 3: 9:01 120#stone

  54. 195 max on Power Snatch which is 10 short of my PR. No bench, so weighted pushups with 100 pounds for 5 reps pretty easy on final set. Did banded Good mornings.
    Conditioning- finished round 4 as timer went off. TTB kicked my butt.

  55. 205 snatch. Failed at 215

    conditioning 5 rounds + 22 double unders. hands have sucked the past week

  56. BBG:

    1a) 200# 4/5/6
    1b) used 20# db.

    4 complete rounds + 10 du.

  57. BBG
    150# felt terrible on this

    1a) 190# 6,4,4
    1b) orange band through all

    5rounds + 7 KBS


  58. BB Gymnastics

    145lbs- Not bad since I haven’t snatched a damn thing in over 2 months


    1a)155# 7,7,8
    1b) No band just did BW


    4 rounds + 25 DU

  59. BB Gymnastics;
    Snatch 1RM 80kg, 85kg, 90kg (equal PR), 92.5kg, 95kg (+5kg PB), 97.5kg (fail)
    Just under 2 weeks from the Outlaw Camp in London and working on the technique stuff, 5kg on the PR is great – well pleased. 97.5kg floated, although I failed to commit to getting under the bar.

    95kg here… (construction criticism welcome)

    Been a long time since Bench Press, estimated 1RM as 100kg (suspected well wrong!)
    1a) 80kg 12, 11, 12
    1b) Subbed GHD Situps

    12 min AMRAP (25DUs, 20 KBS 24kg, 15T2B) 3 rounds +25DUs +20 KBS +10T2B
    …must learn to tape hands, v. close to ripping.

    Walked through Group 2 WOD working on form in Squats @60kg;
    30 BSq, 20 Pull ups, 10 Push Jerks
    20 FSq, 20 Pull ups, 10 Push Jerks
    10 OHS, 20 Pull ups, 10 Push Jerks
    17mins 02 sec.

  60. Snatch – Worked up to 70kg. This was terrible tonight

    Bench – 92.5kg x 7, 4, 4
    GHR’s – Unweighted with toes under the couch for holding myself down. This worked terribly as it just made my calves clench rather than my hamstrings. I tried to talk my wife into holding down my legs but she couldn’t be bothered. Bleh


    3 rounds + skipping + KB’s + 7 Toe’s to bar. Terrible and grippy.

    I had a crap night. Bring on a rest day tomorrow!

  61. bbg
    2)subbed good mornings 95-10, 115-10, 135-10
    5 rounds rx
    this was a motherfucker on grip du and kb ub every round, toes to bar not so much

  62. BB Gymnastics

    10 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Snatch.=220(PR)5lbs


    1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 80% – rest 60 sec.=255-10-8-7
    1b) 3 X 8 Banded GH Raise – heavy, rest 60 sec.=Red Band and 25lb Plate


    12 minute AMRAP of:

    25 Double-Unders
    20 Perfectly Vertical KBS 24/16kg
    15 T2B


    Group 4 Conditioning

    7 minute AMRAP of:

    5 Power Snatches 135/95#
    15 Wall Balls 20/14#
    25 HR Pushups


  63. BB Gymanstics
    Snatch – 130lbs (very much not happy)

    180 lb Bench Press 6, 6, 6 reps
    Used the green and blue band for the GH Raises

    5 rounds and 24 DUs
    I used three different jump ropes, and I used the FAT Bar for the T2B

  64. Gymanstics
    Snatch – Ended up at a slow 70 kg

    90 kg bench Press – 11 – 9 – 9
    Used two thin violet bands for the raises.

    4 rounds + 25 + 12

  65. BBG: 165# (matches PR)

    Strength: 1) 215# 8/8/9 (little boost of energy at the end there)
    2) Did these unbanded

    Conditioning: 5 rounds +51 reps Rx’d

  66. BB Gymnastics

    10 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Snatch.=195(PR)5lbs


    1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 80% – rest 60 sec.=255 8-7-7
    1b) 3 X 8 Banded GH Raise – heavy, rest 60 sec.=Red Band and 25lb Plate


    12 minute AMRAP of:

    25 Double-Unders
    20 Perfectly Vertical KBS 24/16kg
    15 T2B


    Group 4 Conditioning

    7 minute AMRAP of:

    5 Power Snatches 135/95#
    15 Wall Balls 20/14#
    25 HR Pushups


  67. BB Gymnastics






    4+27…did first two rounds with 2 pood KB cause I didn’t carefully read. Luckily teammate let me know I was using wrong weight. Felt very sore from trying the individual regional wod 12.2 day before.

  68. Skipped snatch. Will make up


    1a) 112# 3,4,4
    1b) purple (1in). Never done before


    4 rounds + 25 du+ 14 pvkbs

  69. 1RM PS – 155,175,185,195,205F (PR is 200)

    Bench @ 210 – 7,6,6
    GHR – blue mini, red small, blue+red

    12 min AMRAP – 5 rds + 40 reps (1 missed kbs, 1 trip on DUs)

    No time for extra work for Group 4. Will try to make up Friday or Sat.

  70. BBG
    1RM PS 165, 175, 185(PR), 195(f)
    Bench 205lb 7,7,6
    GHR w/45lb plate
    How do you use the band on the GHD? I couldn’t find a video on You Tube. Any suggestions?
    4rnds +8KB swings

  71. BB Gymnastics:
    1RM PS:165#

    Bench: 9, 8, 7
    GHR: Done

    5 rounds + 18 Double Unders

  72. BB Gymnastics



    1a) 3X5 @ 235#

    1b) 3X8 @ BW



    Extra 120420:

    Group 3 Conditioning

    11:54 – Switched to 120# stone for last round

  73. 110 Power snatch

    1a) 95# 10/8/7
    1b) Good Mornings 15

    replaced double unders with 100m row…achilles

  74. 1) 175, 185 fx2, 180 f… boo!

    2a)BP @ 245 8,6,5 needed help on the last one
    2b)8x banded fire out (green bands) * no ghd, so I did the ghr yesterday and subbed the fire outs today

    5 rds + 9 DU

  75. Pwr Sn – 155 failed 165 3x. Could probably get it but ran out of time
    3x ME Bench @ 175 lbs 4,3,3
    3×8 Good Mornings at 205lbs
    Conditioning 3 rounds plus 8 du, 1.5 pood kbs

  76. 1rm pwr: 185(pr). Close but I don’t think it hit parallel so I’m counting it

    Strength: bp@235 5,5,6
    Gh raises blue bands done

    Amanda: 6:40
    Got kicked out of a track by my house for doing this. The athletic director tried to get me to stop but I had 3 snatches left. I told him “sorry man 3 more”. He wasn’t happy lol

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