Slowest internets ever tonight. Good news though, even though Brits suck at things like providing me fast wifi and making good coffee, they are actually really good at snatching. We got a couple newly minted 100kg PR’s tonight (or PB’s if you’re from this continent), but I could not upload my amazing travel video which included absolutely no shots of my face. In fact, you don’t even get a pic tonight. I know you’re all disappointed, so maybe you should call the Queen and tell her to get her best cable guys working on the problem: she has those dudes at her disposal, right?

WOD 120421:

BB Gymnastics

12 minutes to establish a 1RM Jerk.

Conditioning (2 parts)

Part 1-

3 rounds for time of:

21 11′ Wall Balls 20/14#
21 T2B

-Then (no rest)-

10 minute AMRAP of:

3 Deadlifts 345/225#
3 Rope Climbs
30′ DB Farmer Carry 100/70#

Notes: If you do not have 100/70# DB, then use 2 BB with 85/65#.

Extra 120421:

*The recommendation is to rest at least 2-4 hours after the day’s normal conditioning before performing this work. If you cannot rest this long, test your resting heart rate before beginning the normal conditioning work and rest long enough for it to return to within 5 BPMs of that number.

Group 2 Conditioning

3 rounds for time of:

50 Perfectly Vertical KBS 24/16kg
30 Pullups
15 Push Press 135/95#

Group 3 Conditioning

For time:

9 Hang Squat Snatches @ 135/95#
50 Double-Unders
7 Hang Squat Snatches @ 135/95#
50 Double-Unders
5 Hang Squat Snatches @ 135/95#
50 Double-Unders

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    • Realt tired after a long day with a seminar.

      Did the conditioning Sunday evening:

      Part 1: 5.12
      WB: unbroken
      T2B: first two rounds UB, then 13-4-3-1

      Part 2:
      Mentally I were not into this, so everything were kind of slow – 4 rounds and 4 reps..

  1. Jerk- 225#

    1) 5:48
    2*) 4 rounds + 1 Deadlift
    * Subbed 15 Strict C2B Pullups for Rope climbs, no rope.

  2. Just been doing outlawway programming for a few months this year. WOW what a difference it has made already. Other than the fact I eat more than usual which I thought was a lot for my 5’4″ #130, I feel better than ever. I believe the oly lifts pretty much every day are the shit!! Love, love them!! My basic question is in the dept of RX #. Even tho I do have to scale # down sometimes. I try to stay as close to your programming as possible. As a masters 45-49 is this amount of work still recommended. I know I do not have to go to regionals, but am ramping up w Group 2. I am wondering also. If a trial run of regionals for me may 12-13th weekend , even if a scale here or there is a good idea? I know yall are super busy and if you have any tips, insight, etc for me to prepare for Games in July. CAN’T WAIT!!

  3. 130kg

    conditioning 6:00 flat
    4 rounds plus rope climbs

    extra group 3

  4. BB
    240 5# PR(Fuck yeah) been struggling with that for awhile, technique isn’t the best tho

    Part 1- 6:18
    3+1 (used 95# BB for farmer walks)
    Total time- 16:18

  5. Jerk- 195, 205 (f)–Even though I failed on 205, I did do a much better job of getting quick under the bar

    1) 6:30-Couldn’t be more excited about this today, as I finally understood the kip on the T2B
    2) 3 rounds plus 3dl and 2rc–325 on dl

  6. Jerk – 110kg, 115, 120, 125fff

    Felt super solid today, thought I was going to be able to go for it and PR and bust out 130 or something. Nope, got to 125 and kept throwing it out front. Gay.

    Did work from yesterday that I missed, posted there.

    • On a side note I’m thinking of switching jerk legs to see if that’ll change anything. I snowboard/pretty much do everything else with my right leg forward but jerk with my left going forward. Anyone think it’ll make a difference other than it being weird for a month or so?

  7. Tough day after yesterday’s work (especially with Event 4 last night!). Happy for a rest day tomorrow.

    Jerk – 235,255F,245,265F. Didn’t have it today. Previous jerk from a month ago was 285 without too much trouble. I think yesterday played a big role in this.

    Wall ball/T2B – 5:40
    WB – UB,UB,15/6
    T2B – UB,15/6,7/7/7

    AMRAP – 4 rounds + 2 rope climbs. Was trying to get through that 3rd round but couldn’t squeeze it out. Used a 100# db and a 90# kb for the farmer’s walk.

  8. Jerk- 255, 295(f), 295#, 315 (f), 315 (f). Missed my old PR of 315#, but 295 felt good and fast.
    part 1- 7:47
    part 2- 2rds + 4

    Made up a couple workouts that I missed yesterday after today’s session.

    DU/Snatch-135, 145, 155, 165, 175#
    Back Squat 1×20@ 285# completed all 20UB.

  9. Split Jerk- 225-tie current pr, missed 235 several times, getting under it better tho
    Conditioning- Part 1- 5:30, Part 2- 4 rounds+ 2 rope climbs
    Group 3 extra- 7:42 with hang split snatches

  10. BB Gymnastics- 110kg (Shoulders felt a bit smoked from yesterday should have had more)



    4 Rounds + 3 Deadlift’s R’xd

    M= 5 F= 4 S= 5

  11. Jerks felt heavy today and I was slow under the bar, I got heavy but then went down and just worked technique.

    Conditioning 7:30 broke up the t2b more than I wanted to and 4+ in the 10min AMRAP

  12. 10 # PR felt GREAT, 250# (missed 260, got greedy)

    7:55 first part

    3 Rounds (60′ farmers walk with 2 x 72# KB)

  13. Jerk – 263 (failed 275 twice which would har tied a PR. Just can’t seem to figure this one out…)

    Conditioning –
    1) 6:55
    2) 3+3
    (was moving crazy slow through all. Just not that much energy at all. I was also sharing a rope with a little kid, so, that was taking some time)

    Not sure about extra work, may do it later

  14. Jerk – 185-205-215-225-240f (would have been a 5lb PR)
    – shoulder felt weak and unstable so didn’t get too greedy with a bunch of heavy attempts, tried to work on quickness under the bar instead

    Conditioning (15 minutes total work)
    Part 1 – 5:00 everything unbroken
    Part 2- 4 rds + 1 DL (used 95# BB for farmers walk)
    – 345 DL got heavy


  15. Jerk: 265
    Failed 275
    Clean and Jerk PR is 275. I don’t like the rack.


    1) 5:28
    -WB’s UB – 11′ makes a difference
    -TTB – Not bad, not great.

    2) 4+1
    -Deadlifts UB

  16. Split Jerk(from front) – 320#, did 309 before this and it was sketchy, but 320 went up easy and I stuck it. Tried 330 but didn’t stick the landing or get my elbows locked.

    Did BS from yesterday after the Jerks @ 287 – slow but felt ok

    Part 1 – 6:27 – WBs all UB, but T2B were pretty slow
    Part 2 – 4 rds + 3 RCs

    Extra Work(Group 3) – 4:22 should have been sub 4, just tired

  17. 1) worked up to 275 10lb PR!!!
    Prob about 20 min

    Did affiliate workout that I was at.

  18. Jerk: 205 (3# pr, tried 210 just couldn’t stick it….shoulder are smoked from yesterday)

    1. 7:56
    2. 3rds + 1 RC

    Extra for group 3:
    8:02 (this is stupid slow for me, DU’s suck)

  19. Started following a couple weeks before the open and love it so far! Great stuff. Qualified for nor cal regonals, wish I started folloing outlaw sooner

    Jerk 300

    20 rep bs from yesterday 265- first time brave enough to tackle it

    part 1 6:06
    part 2 4+2 rope climbs

  20. Jerk – 275#, 10# PR!


    1.) 5:15
    2.) 6 rounds + 3 deadlifts, with 105# dbs

  21. 285 jerk (pr)
    Part 1) 4:28
    Then immediately after
    Part 2) 6 rounds even

  22. Got to work out with Apollo today! Dude was a beast on those metcons. Fun day!

    Jerked 365 for a 10lb PR. Fuck yeah! I took the PR and didn’t push for more. 400’s going up this year though.

    1.) ~4.38 forgot to look but I was about ten seconds behind him.

    WB unbroken. T2B UB, 11/10, 7/7/7

    2.) 5 + 2 RCs. Still hate that movement.

    Turkish Getups from yesterday. Done with 95lbs (all we had). Tough doing all 3 before switching arms.

  23. Worked up to a 1RM Jerk in 12min – 270 — 1 fail at 260. — Shoulders were a bit soft from yesterday…270 went up easy tho.

    Going to hit MetCons tomorrow — hung out with the team today and did some practice with them…ended up hitting

    2k + 50 pistols – 12.17 — Row in 7.12, took it slow and easy, felt great coming off…pistols took a little bit to warm up (around 25 or so), last 10 were in about 30 seconds, first 30 were very slow…after the way 225’s felt yesterday I think 4:30 would be close to what I’d need…have to tighten this up a bit and figure out a way to get loose to start pistols.

    MetCons tomorrow with some Cleans before…hate deviating from the program, but today was a lot of fun and was actually nice to hit cuz I was stressing on the 50 pistols…now my mind is at ease on all of the workouts!

  24. 1) jerk @205lb

    1-5:54. 1rd- UB all reps, 2+3rd-14+7 for both
    2- 4rds. With BB@100

  25. Although, some of us are doing regular Outlaw programming, we are also working on few of the regional WODs on top of that. Paragon actually did entire Team WOD 4 today. Definitely recommend teams to work on that one…the transitions makes/breaks that WOD. The workload wasn’t bad at all.

  26. 1RM jerk wasn’t happening today after all the extra wod for group 4 last night.

    1: 8:09 slow, the extra two feet on the wallballs was challenging
    2: 3rds, + 1 rope climb. started DL @ 225, couldn’t do first rep due to fatigue and stripped down to 215 for wod.

    Looking forward to Sunday rest and start fresh on Monday.

  27. 235 PR of 10 from last weekend. METCON: 21 15 9 of 225 DL, Alternating Med Ball Pushups, TTB. 8:46. Spent well over half the time on TTB. Need work.

  28. BB Gymnastics: 245# (10# PR). Failed at 255# twice.

    Part 1: 8:13

    Part 2: 4 rounds plus Deadlifts.

    Almost jumped to the top of the rope at the very end of the WOD with two seconds left, I had to at least try to snag just one more climb. I only got partway to the top when time ran out though. I loooove me some rope climbs

  29. Had to mix-up both days due to another busy weekend.

    Split Jerk – 120kg (PR)
    Hang Cleans – 85kg x 4, 87.5kg x 4 x 3 sets
    Back Squat – 135kg x 14, (45 second rest), 135kg x 6

    All the time I had.

  30. jerks-185, 225, 250, 260PR, 265fail
    3 rounds+1 dl
    we only had 70lb kbs for farmers walk so we did 60 meters instead of 30

    • Was not feeling it. Had to makeup this morning since I was with my wife all day yesterday at a mud run. I must have walked 15 miles and was feeling it this morning.

      1RM on Jerk- Only hit 245 (PR is 275) My form is way off on this. I am in need of some big time coaching on this lift. Someone with a 450 squat and 305 clean should not struggle with this lift that much.

      WB and T2B- 9:48 WB was Unbroken, just extremely slow at T2B. Kept clock running and went right into part 2
      Part 2- Finished 3 Rounds+1 DL. My forearms were shot after the T2b debacle and I was slow at climbing the Rope. DL’s were TNG and easy.

      Rest and mobility the rest of the day.

      BTW got a new RX rope in the mail last night. Used it for warming up before the jerk and hit a double under PR today of 111. Highly suggest an RX rope if you havent tried one before.

  31. BBG: 205# (-15# PR)

    Part 1) 5:35. Unbroken wall balls all three rounds. toes to bars were unbroken in the first round and 11-5-5 in the second and third.
    Part 2) 3 rounds +2 DL. used two 85# barbells for the farmer carry.

  32. BBG – 270

    Part 1: Did a 14ft Target (only thing besides 10 we had measured out, figured why not, still went UB easily) — 7.02
    Part 2: 5 rounds + 3 Rope Climbs — Farmers walks were cake, grip on Rope Climbs only limiting factor, moving well on this one I thought.

    Resting calves, trigger point hour massage tomorrow I’m all jacked up for…

  33. Been following since January. For real going to start posting…

    Split Jerk 170 — 15# PR !


    Part 1 8.57
    Part 2 3 rds +3DL + 1 RC

  34. Strength: Did horrible on the jerk. PR is 225#. Couldn’t even break 200#. 155#, 185#, 205#f, 205#f, 195#f, 195#f.

    1) 7:42-10′ wall balls.
    2) 3 rounds + 6 reps-300# deadlifts, 90# DB Farmer’s carry

  35. BB Gymnastics

    295 (20# under PR) jerks didnt feel particularly strong

    Part 1 – 4:59
    Part 2 – 5 Rounds even
    Hardly moved for the first 2-3 minutes, Not a huge fan of heavy deads anymore but I will get em done. Picked up the pace in the last half.

    About 25 minutes rest, rushed on time…..definitely not fully recovered

    Group 3 Extra work
    9 Squat Snatch, 135
    50 double uners

    UB, 4-3, UB, Doubles were okay in round 1,3. 2 was shit, HR skyrocketed again very quickly.


    Just had a couple off days mood-wise. Not normal for me

  36. 193# jerk. A 15# pr. Tried at 203 a few times but couldn’t lock it out.
    1) 6:20
    1st rnd was unbroken then had to brake up t2b for last 2 rnds
    2) 3 rnds then Stopped with the rope climbs bc I came down on my foot wrong and decided I didn’t want to risk that again with regionals this weekend. Did deadlift and farmers carry for theist few min.

  37. No Jerks today but screwed around with Power Cleans trying to test wrist and strength. Managed to get 245lbs up. Not bad for being a crippled bitch for the past 2 1/2 months. Only been able to follow about 70% of the programming the past two months but still managed to PR, fuck yeah. I can’t wait to get healty…


    1) 8:48 – WB UB, 1st rd T2B UB. T2B were terrible today.

    2) 3 rounds + 6 Towel PU- Subbed towel pu, no rope to climb


  38. Feeling like a train wreck from yesterday so I didnt even attempt the jerk. Will make it up because I want to know what it is.

    Made up back squat. Posted under comments from that day.

    Again a wreck so this didn’t go well.

    1)10 and some seconds. Forgot to look at clock and it was 10:0something when I looked. Took me the first two rounds to get used to the wallball height. Actually went faster third round.

    2) no rope. So did 45 towel pullups to replace the 3 climbs. So one round (3 deads, 45 towel pu, + farmers carry as listed) + 3 deads + 30 towel pu.

    • Got several farmer carries in though just moving the db from the db rack to my work area!

  39. 1) 225, 245, 255, 265 f, 265 (10# PR)

    1) 7:19
    *T2B are a weak point. I need to throw these into the warm up and perhaps do some density training on these
    2)3 RDS even
    * had 2 seconds left after 3rd farmer’s carry. Do 1-Towel pull ups switched right over left, left over right each time. Tried to stay off ground during but had to break it up a lot in the end.

    2 rds
    10x GHR 25#
    10x KBS 60#
    5x roll to candlestick

  40. First post!

    Jerk PR @ 235#

    WB T2B – 6:49

    2 rounds + 3DL (had to share rope).

    Group 3 Cond: 8:47

  41. 1) 1RM Jerk @ 135#/155#/175#/180#fail/180#/185#(pr!)
    2) 8:49rx
    3) 2 rounds @ 315#/70#db famers carry

  42. Jerk: 235, max b4 accident was 265 from rack

    Conditioning: 6:05 wb,t2b

    Subbed 10 pull ups 10 knees to elbows for rope, subbed 50′ 75lb farmer as its the heaviest db in my work gyms. 3 rounds plus 8 knees to elbows.

    Grip was smoked

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