Considering it was 1am in Edinburgh when the Regional WODs were announced, I didn’t really have time to craft a proper response. Now I do, here goes…

1) We will be doing some form, portion, or complete version of each of the WODs over the next few weeks. If you are a part of Group 1 you will not be able to do full versions of them all, and honestly it’s not really necessary. The later groups will have time to do longer, if not full versions of all of the WODs, but we will still be doing general conditioning and strength work. We will NOT only practice the Regional WODs for the next 6 weeks. We will continue to develop all aspects of fitness, while practicing some of the movements and WODs that have been programmed for advancement in the sport.

2) I will be putting together some instructional and strategy videos for the WODs. These WILL NOT be published publicly. I will send them out to those of you who have been following for some time, and they will be password protected. These will be closely guarded, and their security will be taken very seriously. We’re playing for a quarter of a million dollars now—gotta keep some things private.

3) The program will not change for those of you who are not competing at Regionals. Like I said before, we will continue to develop all aspects of fitness, not just practice for Regionals. Nothing is different, we’ve been doing things which are VERY similar to what was posted last night, and we will continue to do those same things.

4) Finally, I do not and will not have an opinion on the WODs until I see them play out multiple times. My only initial reaction is that there is seemingly some very smart nuances to each, as well as, some very smart standards for advancement. I will, however, warn against one thing… Do not take the fact that these WODs are heavy, or that we have done similar things, to mean that in any way we will not have competition in qualifying for the Games. I cannot stress enough that the entire field will be prepared, and they will be as hungry as we are. This is the time to put your headphones on, pull your hood up, and let your training speak for itself—keep your confidence to yourself, and off the internet.

For some reason this didn’t post yesterday (The European internets got me… AGAIN). It’s a day late, but I didn’t have anything else to run tonight anyway.

WOD 120420:

BB Gymnastics/Conditioning

1) 5X1 20 Double-Unders + 1 Snatch (any style) @ 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85% – rest EXACTLY 30 sec.
2) 5X1 Row 200M + 4 Hang Cleans (any style) @ 225/135# – rest 30 sec.

Notes: Rows should be ALL OUT every round. The goal is to perform the HC UB.


3 rounds for time of:

10 1 Arm DB Snatches (alternating) 100/70#
5 Muscle Ups

Notes: Everything here should be performed to Regional standard. ALL HSPU must be Kipped. I DO NOT care if you can do them all strict. Kipping is the standard.


1) 1X20 Back Squat (Group 1 – 2X10 @ 50% – rest 60 sec.)

Notes: This should be a maximal UNBROKEN set. If you completed all 20 reps last week, add approximately 5% this week. If you were close to completing all 20 reps (15-19), use the same weight. If you weren’t close (10-14), take off 5%.

2a) 3X20 Reverse Hypers – medium/heavy, rest 45 sec.
2b) 3X3 DB TGU @ 100/70# – rest 45 sec. (alternating reps, 6 total)

TEAM Conditioning

Perform Team Event 4. Make sure to read ALL RULES before performing this WOD.

Extra 120420:

*The recommendation is to rest at least 2-4 hours after the day’s normal conditioning before performing this work. If you cannot rest this long, test your resting heart rate before beginning the normal conditioning work and rest long enough for it to return to within 5 BPMs of that number.

Group 4 Conditioning

50 Back Squats @ 135/95#
40 Pullups
30 Shoulder to Overhead @ 135/95#
50 Front Squats @ 95/65#
40 Pullups
30 Shoulder to Overhead @ 95/65#
50 OHS @ 65/45#
40 Pullups
30 Shoulder to Overhead @ 65/45#

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  1. I’m looking for some advice, I’m new to the site and trying to start of a new strength program at my gym and I was hoping it get some references on reading materials. Obviously Louie’s book is a must but I was hoping to hear of something that’s not so obvious. Any help would be great. Good luck everyone at regionals

    • Louie’s book is so poorly written, it is embarrassing. It is a must in terms of getting the lowest level detail of the conjugate method, but it sucks for trying to learn the basics. Jim wendler has a book (not 5/3/1, a different one) that gives a much better and far more simple explanation of conjugate. I have it on ebook, I’ll get back to you on the name. Starting strength by rippetoe is a good one.

  2. Damn it Rudy, I’m already getting chills with that pep talk! Time to continue the grind for the next four weeks…

    Rested wednesday, did it today:

    Missed 2 snatches on 5 min set, used 170#
    20 burpees in 53 seconds
    Cleans @ 205#, no missed reps

    BP@185: 8-7-7
    CTB: 5-3-4

    Conditioning, 14:00

  3. Rudy-
    I too would like to know how to get in on the videos. I’ve been reading your blog for a month and started following your programming this week. I also thoroughly enjoy your colorful language!

  4. Rudy, Need to have access to the “crack”. I won’t lie. Our box started following your programming after the Open. Hopefully you deem that long enough. The one that killed us was the snatch wod. Our box did qualified for regionals, however i new we needed something better. So I searched for a better WAY. I can across crossfit murfreessboro. I saw they used your OUTLAW WAY programming for their “Assault on Weakness”. Right away I said helz yea. I started programming your WAY for our team and holy shit, they were hitting PR’s by the middle of the second week. Thanks for the programming.

  5. I see what you did there.
    Telling people that you are only going to give the videos out to true O.G. Outlaws, knowing that everybody is going to want in on all of your strategeries.

    Now we will really see how many Outlaws are out there(or wannabes)

    So…What is your price? 😉

  6. A bit confused…it seemed to me like “These will be closely guarded, and their security will be taken very seriously.” was a pretty cut and dry way to say “If you don’t get them, don’t fucking ask.”

    Realistically there are maybe 8-10 individuals who have a legit chance at making the games who have been following 5+ months…I can only assume that they are the only ones who will get it, and the only ones who deserve it. Then the teams who have shown and expressed their devotion (CF Murf comes to mind) through training camps, coaches and members following diligently also for months. I would assume that “If you have to ask, you probably aren’t one of them” goes into effect here…please stop asking. Begging is something weak people do, not outlaws.

  7. This is the time to put your headphones on, pull your hood up, and let your training speak for itself—keep your confidence to yourself, and off the internet.

    This is Fan- Fuckin- Tastic!

  8. Uuuuuuuuuhhhhh….Rudy, how about actually showing us the beauty of your locations rather than keeping this “kevin Costner-ian” close up shit of your face for 4+ minutes everyday. I mean, it’s literally like watching a ball of hair spin around in circle.

    Do they rhinos in Glasgow?

  9. Just have to say,

    That was fucking awesome. I didn’t qualify for regionals, but that AMPED me the FUCK UP. I can’t wait to get into my box tomorrow to rip out some hang cleans and 100# DB Snatches.

    Rudy, you’re the fucking man. The bearded wizard with a plan.

  10. Long time lurker, first time poster. Can’t really say more than what’s been said other than this shit right here gets me excited about exercising. Stumbled upon this treasure from the hilarious Beastmodal back in December and have been following consistently since late January. Started out with a small group of 3 people at our gym(King Crossfit) in the Pacific Northwest and has grown exponentially since the Open and have pretty much all advanced exercisers(approx 20) following. We’ve been PRing on the BB Gymnastics virtually every week and getting better/faster/stronger at everything. Our gracious owners have even dedicated an “Outlaw Corner” for us to train and just got jerk boxes built to help us with more “fuck yeahs”. Oh almost forgot to mention that we have exercisers that qualified for Regionals as a team(some following Outlaw prior Open and others after). Thank you Rudy for the quality programming and the laughs.

  11. Snatch work out – 135, 145, 155, 165, 175 All Power snatches
    Cleans – Rows all under 1:37 pace. Cleans weren’t touch and go, but were mostly UB

    Squats – 230 x 20 up from 225 last week

    Conditioning will be this afternoon. I am subbing 70lb KB for the 100lb DB because we don’t have a 100lb DB on ship.

  12. I can’t wait to be one of the guinea pigs next weekend in Texas!

    I cannot express how excited I am and how thankful I am to Rudy for preparing me for this! I’ve only been following a month but KNOW it has definitely helped!

  13. Snatch – 97.5, 105, 112.5, 120, 127.5 all Power, all but one round of 20 UB

    Clean – Tried 185, too heavy, 165 for all rounds (Hang Power), last round 2 and 2. All rows under 1:31

    Metcon: My HSPU’s are fucking garbage (always have been), but after 4 weeks I am starting to see improvement. Did 12, then 10, then 3 (in each round, last round my shoulders were shot). 17:31 on the Metcon (with limited HSPU)

    No back squat today, I’ve been off since Saturday due to knee pain, squats weren’t happening, may make them up tomorrow depending on knee/workout

  14. Haha nice Will!

    Prepping for Nationals on May 12th and also suffering from a bruised labia this week so no metcons. Got a kinda running forward just slipped forward 98Kg snatch

    Gotta love (almost) PBs

    130Kg FS x 1 x 3.

  15. Long day!

    1) snatch: 65-70-75-80-85 kg
    2) row and cleans – couldn’t do the clean unbroken, but change my starting position in the middle and they got easier by that.

    Conditioning: 12.22

    20 reps BS @ 127,5 – only got 12. 🙁 My legs were smoked!

    only one round of TGU, but did all the reverse hypers.

    I was wasted after the first two parts today..

  16. Part 1 today:

    6x of 20x DU’s + Snatch

    185, 195, 205, 215, 225, 235…all good felt great!


    8:50 or so….
    I actually did kipping HSPU this time (hope your happy you bearded bastaldo!!)

  17. 1. All squat snatch, 100/105/115/125/130
    2. scaled 185# (only did 3 rounds)

    Squat 20 reps @ 235#

    Conditioning & midline later.

  18. Yeah +1 on the understated “I’m going to destroy everything when I get the chance” tone of your pep talk Rudy.

  19. conditioing 18:20 used split snatch worked awesome.
    bbgymnastics based on 109kg snatch, hit all lifts
    rowing and cleans were hard was unable to connect 4
    squat missed at rep 15 at 300lbs

  20. BB Gym:
    1) 85, 95, 105, 110 – felt great!
    2) Rounds 1,2, and 4 were UB.

    No 70# KB. Used a bar @ 55# – Hard to control, but got much more efficient at it by round 3. Red bands for MUs. 12:53

    1) 180# – 20 reps.
    2a) 2b) – skipped. no time.

    MFS – 2/3/7 – conditioning really aggravated my shoulder.

  21. BB Gymnastics/Conditioning

    1) 5X1 20 Double-Unders + 1 Snatch (Power Snatch) @ 56kg, 61kg, 65kg, 70kg, 75kg
    2) 5X1 Row 200M + 4 Hang Cleans (any style) @ 85kg

    2/2 on every round total working time = 9:47 minutes


    3 rounds for time of:

    10 1 Arm DB Snatches (alternating) 37.5kg
    5 Muscle Ups

    Time= 14:46

    M= 3 F= 4 S= 2

  22. bbg:
    1)145p.sn, 160p.sn, 170p.sn, 180p.sn, 190 sn.
    2)total time 10:00, all rows were b/t 1:40-1:45 500m avg. 225 were all pc 3+1, ub, ub, 3+1, ub

    DNF gave self a 12 min cap. subbed 100# for 88#kb (heaviest thing I had)

  23. BB Conditioning
    1) DU + Snatch @ 140, 150, 160, 175, 185
    2) 200m RUN + 4xHang Cleans @ 225
    Splits -> 1:04, 1:11, 1:16, 1:17, 1:34(only broken set)

    1) 20 RM Back Squat @ 275#

    Conditioning + Midline
    Pretty modified due to time

    Question on HSPU:
    1) How far down do you guys kip? Do you do a quick kip or tuck your legs to your chest?
    2) How do you prevent head rash? Shit hurts.

  24. BB Gym:
    1) 145, 155, 170, 180, 195
    2) didn’t struggle with the cleans, except if I lost my hook grip.

    No 100# DB. Used a barbell –

    1) 315# – 17 reps
    2a) 2b) – complete

    MFS – 2/3/3 – feeling great after the workouts

  25. BB-
    1. 155-165-175-185-195
    2. done, broke cleans on rd3-5

    used a 40 kilo KB with 2 5lb plates duct taped on the bottom. Worked out gloriously.

    1) 255
    2a) subbed good mornings
    2b) done


  26. 1) Snatch: 50,52,3,57,5,60,65Kg
    2) Row and 3 Hang clean 100kg 2-3min

    Conditioning: 11:XX (35kg)

    Squat 20 Reps 105kg 😀 (BW71,5kg)

    Midline: a+b (24kg)

  27. BB Gymnastics/Conditioning
    1) 135/145/155/165/175
    2) Could only hang clean 225 once…need to work on this.

    9:53 Rx…no 100# DB so used 50# which is heaviest we had.

    1) 260…should have done 270 but messed up adding weight.
    2a) No time, not done.
    2b) No time, not done.

  28. BBG/Cond:
    1) 135/145/160/170/180 (F, Hit) — DUs in Romaleos were sketchy…
    2) – 8:47 total time — Cleans were 4, 4, 2/1/1, 4, 3/1 — Felt good, grip was limiter

    19:33 — Kipping HSPU was more skill work here, finally got the hang by the end…still need some work — Same thing with the 100lb’er — Key is to not think about it, hook grip that mother fucker and grip and rip that shit up over and over…MUs were easy.

    Strength – Maybe later, no time today…

    Encouraged after today…the 100lb was touch and go 10 on the second round, 8/2 on the last round…that shit gets your HR JACKED! — honestly thinking about being near-walk on the ‘sprints’ then just crushing 10 TnG when I get back.

  29. Bb gymnastics 1) 165, 180, 190, 205, 215 all power snatch no misses
    2) done @ 225 no misses, I keep my hook grip on these, seems to help a lot transitioning into the next rep

    Conditioning 22:25 rx’d no 100# db tho so loaded up a barbell with 100# used that

    Back squat 20 @ 275#

  30. BB 1) worked to 195 for last set, no misses. felt good
    2) missed 2 sets at 225, by 1 rep.

    Conditioning shoulder felt really shitty, 12:46, 70 lb kb no 100 db

    BS 1×20, went again for 310 and had an epic fail with only 9 reps. legs beat, pretty sure I strained my vmo last week… fuck!

    mid line and extra work in 2+ hours.

  31. BS 1×20 at 185
    Each week this keeps getting rougher but that’s three steady increases.

  32. Strength- 1×20 @315, not too bad can go more weight
    Hypers and TGU- Done

    Snatch Complex- just put the clock on and moved stations every minute, set up every 10 pounds from 115 to 155. Power snatched all of it very easy. Had a lot of time to set up and rest. If you miss on a double under it forces you to rush and form gets sloppy.

    Row/ Hang clean 225- Did this with the 30 sec rest as mentioned and took me 9:06 to complete. Rows were much harder than expected. Cleans were light and easy. Once I switched to the hook grip it went A LOT easier. First set it did with regular grip and almost lost the bar multiple times.

    Conditioning- Did the conditioning my affiliate prescribed. My shoulder still can not handle HSPU’s. I always love doing the light shit they program because it makes me feel good to win by minutes on a 6 minute workout.

  33. A.M. session
    BB Gymnastics
    1) used 105, 115, 125, 135, 145, 165 (all power snatch)
    2) used 205.

    1) 205 for 20 reps

    Conditioning – ran out of time

    P.M. session
    Muscle-up work
    Extra WOD – modified
    1) did 40,30,20 – got through 6 OHS in 22 min.

    ran out of time

  34. Part 2:
    Instead of squats hit a 1rn hang clean:
    302 pr for me..not good at this movement

    Did 5rds for time:
    400m row
    6x hang cleans @225

    14:32….going to be faster not having to break up everythibg

  35. 1.) snatch % of 250 no misses
    2.) 7:29 all HPC unbroken and fast. Slowest pace that showed up was 1:38. Holy shit. Felt like a metcon by itself.

    Conditioning 8:54
    HSPU not too bad. Snatches were tough on grip on left hand. Didn’t even think of hook grip for some reason. Muscle-ups unbroken for once 🙂

    20RM squats later today once I work up the courage haha.

  36. 1. snatch 120-130-140-150-160, no misses, had to squat snatch the 160. All DU UB
    2. used 185, couldn’t hold on to the bar so had to reset every time… not happy with that. All row 500 m split under 1:40

    Conditioning 10:51
    -Had to modify DB snatch to 70 (biggest DB besides the 100 and that wasn’t going to happen)… felt pathetic… going to be impressive and even more humbling to see some very strong women do this at regionals
    – Need much work on HSPU
    – MU UB

    BS at 235 (up from 230 last week), only got 16, mentally week and exhausted

    No Reverse Hyper so I lay down over GHD and put a 35 lb DB between feet 3×15
    3×3 TGU w/ 65# bb

    BP great video above! Again, impressive and humbling… Can’t wait to see how you do at regionals, good luck man!!


  37. BB Gymnastics
    Part 1- 115, 125, 130, 135, 140(fail but close)
    Part 2 – 5 x 200m row, 5 hang cleans- 8:45

    Conditioning- 18:08 (Regional Standard)

  38. 1) snatch – 145, 155, 165, 175, 185 (all power, all DUs UB)

    2) row time/clean – :36/4UB, :36/4UB, :35/4UB, :35/4UB (all cleans power and UB)

    Conditioning – 18:28 (was taking too long in my breaks. Should have been sub-15 but kept distracting myself during breaks)

    20 rep squat – 325×14 (totally spent)

    One round of 20 reverse hypers at 140 and called it a day

  39. 1) 145-155-165-175-185
    – All squat, all dubs UB
    2)Held a sub 1:45 average, all cleans UB

    Conditioning: 14:32
    Subbed an 85# barbell for dumbell.

    20 reps BS – 255

    Reverse hypers on GHD
    TGU with 65# Barbell


  40. 1) Snatch-125, 135, 145, 155, 165

    2) Row/clean- :40/2,2 :39/ 2, (Tweaked the wrist, decided to stop with cleans) :38, :38, :37

    Should have worked/warmed up to the 225# Bummed about the wrist, but I should be fine. Keeping a positive attitude and looking forward to tomorrow.

    Conditioning 10:40 ( Didn’t have 100# DB. Used 70# KB) Felt pretty good despite the wrist.

    (Part of group 1) Squat: 2×10 @ 50% 210#

    Reverse Hypers @160
    Did 4×10 Pistols instead of TGU’s.


  41. Didn’t see anyone post a time for the 50/40/30 Regional WOD. I went 2.38 over time, but I took a little extra time on the pull-ups so I didn’t have any hand rips. Probably would have been faster in “real” competition or if it wasn’t my second workout on a really long day!

  42. 1) snatch 75,85,90,95,100. all under the starting wt for wod 5. great.
    2) pressed for time did 4×3 cleans at 125,130,135,135 – had to work up to 135 as thsi is heavy for me.

    Conditioning: did Diane with affiliate – 5:10

    Extra Group 4:
    24:50 – pullups were slow and broken. time cap is 22 mins i think? was about halfway through last rd of pullups @ 22 min marker.

  43. I had a crazy long day and only only had 20min at a time to warm up and do a WOD.

    in the morning I did “Dianne” 7:05 PR but I’m not very happy with my shit time. I’v been working on my HSPU and I still suck at it. I’m 6’1″ 206lbs I went from strict to kipping I need to keep working on this till Regional s

    Evening WOD I did The Regional WOD #4 with 100DB
    Each run was about 150m and the snatch were all UB with no Dropping. I felt really good with them. The run was more of an active rest than a sprint because my back was sore from “Dianne”


  44. 5×1 20 du/snatch @ 125,135,145,155,165 all easy
    5×1 200row/4 225 hc, hang cleans we’re surprisingly hard for me after the row. fully expected to be able to do 5 but he most I got was 3 every set broken. Fuck!

    Moved ok through the db snatch not the fastest, all mu unbroken and handstands got tough round three. All in all a little frustrated today (probably just the 225 had my head hangin)

  45. Snatch – 135, 145, 155, 165, 175
    Row & Cleans – first 2 sets onbroken, then 2, 1, 1 on the last 3

    Conditioning – 12:44 with 105# dumbbell, dont have 100.

    Started to get the hang of the db snatches by the end, think if i did this wod again i could cut some good time off.

  46. 1) 135-175
    One fail at 145, re did it immediately.
    2) 10 burpees for row
    Did 2 hang cleans
    Only did 3 rounds.
    Used 53lb KB so did 10 reps each arm.
    14;38. First round unbroken and in 3 min then hit the wall.
    Rested 2 hours
    Back squat 255!!!! Holy fuck
    RH no weight and TGU with 53


  47. BBG:
    Snatch – 145,155,165,175,185,195,205F. Threw in a couple extra reps.
    Row/HC – 9:21, cleans went UB,UB,3/1,3/1,UB. Lost my hook grip a couple times. Rows were all sub 1:43 pace. Definitely felt like it’s own metcon.

    Triplet – subbed 90# kb. 12:41. Kips felt great on the hspu, kb was manageable but tough, MUs all UB.

    No squats b/c I had to do everything in one session today.

    Someone brought in a 100# db so I got to play with it a little bit. HOLY SHIT it’s heavy! I felt like I was swinging two five gallon buckets above my head. I’ve got some work to do with that thing if I want to finish under the time cap on that wod. Plan to play around with it a few times a week (and the dumbbell!) so I’m more comfortable with it come game time.

    Group 4 extra work: Event 4 – 20:19.
    Back squats – 30/20, Pullups 30/10, Push press 12/10/8
    Front squats – 10/15/15/10, PUs 25/15, PP 15/8/7
    OHS – 20/20/10, PUs 10/10/10/5/5, PP 20/10
    So glad to have this one done. It was a grind. You just have to keep pushing yourself to get back on the bar. One of my buddies did the first 50 squats UB and it seemed to be a bad idea. My chest was actually burning on the OHS, first time for that.

    Reverse Hypers after wod 4 – 3×20@ 90#. Good to decompress after all of those squats.

  48. Snatch: 145-170-180-190-200
    Row/HC: 9 min HC UB

    WOD: 26 something w/actual 100# DB- just happy I was able to get all the snatches, really struggled with the grip on these, that rubber hex db handle is terrible; had to split snatch every one ugly…better hope Rudy can make me more of a man in 3 weeks

    Ran out of time for 20 Rep BS
    Did some TGU with 100# DB…terrible
    Reverse Hypers done with 95# after Extra work

    Extra Group 4: Regional WOD #4 – 20:02, pissed because I did 50 pullups on round 2 instead of 40 so could have gone sub 20 easy. Paced it out pretty good, so know it can be done faster with some practice

  49. Long week……literally had about an hour or two to myself at the end of each day.
    Teaching every day, got an LTO (long term occasional) position at a school where basically all the kids who get kicked out of other schools go. I like that kind of stuff, but it can be draining.
    Still all stuffed up and a bit weak from being sick too. Just feeling tired compared to normal.

    DU’s + Snatch
    Shoulda had it. Can definitely make that weight, and more.

    Row + HPC
    8:23 total time, Did 5 HPC’s each round. All UB.
    Looking forward to that event.

    Disaster. LOL
    Left arm just wouldn’t go. I hit a few reps yesterday and it was okay but the left just was not there today. More of a bar (DB) path issue than strength, it was just getting away from me.
    Failed a shit ton of reps, had a bunch where the DB would rotate and slip out of my hand as well (someone dropped it yesterday and it’s already all bent, so it’s not weighted quite evenly anymore and likes to roll…..)
    Kipping HSPU suck….they literally got hard around 11-12, and I’m 35-40+ strict. So I did not enjoy that standard, slower and fatigues me more.
    ANYWAY, got through 7 snatches in the second round before the left just wouldn’t work for me and decided I was just asking for a shoulder injury if I kept going at it.
    Right arm was non-issue, so it just needs some practice. Will video and figure it out.

    Was pretty tired and pissed off at this point, said fuck the rest.


    • I actually noticed the same thing with the KHSPU. I can do okay strict and when I get fried I find they help when used sparingly but for some reason trying to do them off the bat through the whole WOD screwed me up. Shoulders got tired quick, my last round I broke into 3 sets!

  50. extra work 10 pull ups in to the last round when 22 mins hit, this wod destroyed me! I could give a hundred excuses but wont. I’ll leave it at I really need to turn it up!

  51. BBG
    DUs + Snatch – 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225 felt good so I kept going.

    Row + HC – realized I did 5 HC every round after reading the comments and seeing how people broke them up, oops. All UB and rower pace never got higher than 1:35/500m
    :59, 1:13, 1:16, 1:17, 1:17

    Conditioning – 14:40
    HSPUs were ok, head fucking hurts from lipping off the floor. Snatches were really awkward on first rd, a little better on the second and money on the third rd

  52. BBG
    1. Snatches: 145,155,165,175,185,195(PR), 205f All squat and felt good to get a PR on the snatch
    2. Row/ Hang Clean: Rows all sub 40sec, Cleans all singles: those kicked my ass
    No 100lb db so did a 85lb barbell- felt good after first round. Rings loosened mid WOD so had to fix.
    275 11 and 9. 2 months ago I did 315 for 16 on a whem. I don’t get it!!
    No time for midline

  53. BBJ
    1) 125-135-145-155-165
    2) Rows sub 35 sec, all cleans UB

    Conditioning 17:24

    1) 255
    2a) Done
    2b) TGU w/ 55#

  54. BB Gymnastics/Conditioning
    1) 110, 115, 125, 135, 145
    2) Used 205#

    Not sure of time…someone reset the clock. This was miserable but a great workout

    1) 270#…only got 10…legs were smoked!

  55. 135,145,155,165,175 for snatches and DU’s. Used 225 with straps for Cleans and Rows. Didn’t see that whole rest 30 seconds thing for BB Gymnastics part 2 so I didn’t rest.
    After that I was too tired to do the Metcon (and I suck at all 3 exercises in the first place).
    Did the 20 rep squat max tonight at 225 and could have done more.

  56. BBG/Cond
    1) 125, 135, 145, 155, 165 should of went heavier.
    2) didnt watch total time. UB on HPC and slowest row was :39

    15 something. I have never kipped before and took first 2 rds to figure how to stay on wall. Took first rd to figure out my tech for the db snatches. Cant wait for this one at Reg.

    345# only got 15 today had no intestinal fortitude tonight.
    no time for hypers and still cant do TGU because almost cut tip for ring finger off and it a weird angle when I plant my hand.


  57. snatch/d/u- worked up to 185
    row/hpc- used 185. I’m still learning how to hook grip and I suck at this movement. Mostly singles, but still better than I expected.

    conditioning- 9:52 with 2pood kb. Fucking heavy. Kipping hspu’s actually got better throughout. All m/u unbroken.

    squats 2×10 at 185.

    tgu- done with 50 pound dumbbell. I also suck at this.

  58. Row/HPC – 1:24, 1:22, 1:12, 1:16, 1:08

    Conditioning: 15:25
    Used a barbell loaded to 100lb cause no dumbell. Made the one arm snatches interesting.

    Back Squat: 2×10 @ 85kg

    TGU: Started with our 97lb KB, shoulders were just too fried. Got a couple reps then called it.

    Spent a lot of time on mobility, tri’s are getting mad tight and my elbows pretty hot today.

  59. 1. 20 DU + Snatch: 97, 105, 112, 120, 127 (no misses but got pretty ugly by the last rd)
    2. Done, not unbroken

    25:something (I’m not going to lie, I was pretty freaked out by the 70 DB snatch but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. 1st round was a little shaky but it got easier once I got a few reps in).

  60. BBG/Condit:
    1) 125, 135, 145, 155, 165 – 4:03. DUs unbroken, but I missed the 165 twice. Grr.
    2) Used 205#. My rows were consistent at 40-43 seconds. All hang cleans were unbroken, but I have no idea what my times were.

    9:43. unbroken kipping HSPU on the first rounds, second round was 10 and 5 and the third was a disaster. unbroken muscle ups on the first two rounds. Used a 70# KB in place of DB.

    1) skipped squats… wasn’t feeling it at all today.
    2) 100# on reverse hypers – completed
    3) used 70# kB – completed

  61. Took rest day Friday. Had first oly weight meet Saturday. 112kg total. I know thats crap on this blog, but its enough to qualify me for women’s masters nationals, etc! ( yes, apparently in the usaw/weight world I’m a masters, lol!!)

    So I will be a day behind this week.

    1) 70,75,80,85,95
    2) rows around :45, hang cleans 2/2,3/1,3/1,3/1,2/2 (so prob between1:30-2:00 per round)

    Used 55# db, should’ve gone 60#. Used purple band (1in) for MU. 31:58. Sigh. Those stupid 5 MU took as long, if not longer than the khspu and the db snatch. Good grief. Oh and my head is bleeding a little!! I miss the abmat!

    Had to skip strength. Gym closing. But I’m def making up the squats. Made too much progress to skip those!

  62. B.B.-snatch-95#, 100#, 110#, 115#, 125#.
    subbed 20 SDHP @ 45# for the row + 4 hang cleans @ 165#. I suck at these.

    15:56-used a 60# DB

    1) 185# back squat for 10 reps.
    2a) no added weight on the reverse hypers
    2b) 60# DB TGU

  63. dbl under/ snatch went to 185#cfelt good
    Row/hang clean all ub i lost the hook grip once and almost lost it

    Conditioning: 80# kb snatch no 100db 12:02

    Extra: 22:09 pull ups were the hardest part for me.

  64. Snatch x2 every 30 sec – 125, 1 miss
    C&J ever 30 sec – 155 no misses
    BS 1×20 – 205
    Conditionings 10.13, hspu progression, 35lb kb snatch 1 arm, 15 ring rows, 15 dip subbed for MU

  65. Had to switch the BB gymnastics due to when I had access to the rower.
    1)5×2 HSN+OHS+SN Bal+ OHS 125#

    *70# DB – should have gone heavier
    * HSPU wer broken every round

    Tried Kipping HSPU before, but never had any luck stringing them together. Today, I was able to string more together and found out that my feet were hitting the wall on the way up, which provided a little more resistance. The first time my feet did not hit the wall, I felt like I was about to do a plyo HSPU. felt good.

    1)255# got it but it was tough on the last 4-5


  66. CrossFit NOLA wod 4 team score 31:00, hit the time cap before guys started 2nd round of pullups, you are going to have to cooking to finish this one

  67. 1) 5×1@ 95/100/105/110/120
    2) 5x row 200m + 4 Hang cleans @ 145#

    1 round of conditioning

    14×160# back squat

  68. 1) started at 120 worked to 160, no misses pretty easy
    2) tried 205 hang cleans…not happening so scaled to 185. All unbroken

    Cond: 17:10, only 2 pood snatches. I can’t kip to save my life. I kept kipping off the wall. However I did all the reps no strict ones. Not good at heavy snatches.

    Squat: 230 w/ gf making sure every rep broke parallel

    Subbed 95lb good mornings, pretty easy
    Subbed 75lb tgu as that is the heaviest db we have….HARD!

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