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  1. These workouts look really rough and yet really well designed. Good luck to all the outlaws competing!

  2. I love them. They are my babies.

    Seriously, if I would have gotten that extra burpee and made it individual I would have done much better than I placed in the Open. Heavy and technical is where I tend to shine compared to pure motor. Oh well, team should be fun.

  3. Any Outlaws on Long Island, NYC, Brooklyn area??

    Here’s and idea for someone who knows computers-The Outlaw app. Locate all boxes and or home gyms that are outlaw friendly.

    • Team Paragon will be ready for these WODs.

      It does surprise me that teams will be handling same weights as individuals! I really think some of these teams are not going to be able to finish some of these heavy WODs.

  4. Not overly excited, but happy that I’ve been following here for the past 5 months…here’s why — First thing I said “Not heavy enough, need more volume”…..yup.

    Diane is going to suck – but I knew the HSPU WoD would for me, I taped off their box and it is uncomfortably narrow for anyone over 5’10” (at least i thought so), significantly closer in my opinion than the plates, I may be wrong though, I’ll play around with it more Friday…

    WoD 2 is “2k? Fuck Yeah”, “Pistols? Fuck No”, “225 Hang Cleans? Fuck Yeah” — This is one that I’d like to test out a couple times to get a feel for the strategy…all I need to do is have some time on the clock for the 225 and I know I can make up ground…225 is light weight baby…50 pistols with long femurs, maybe not so much…

    WoD 3 — Yup. Now we’re talking….heavy, short, fast. Yes.

    WoD 4 — 20 Rep squats were probably a good idea Rudy, proud of you. The loads are so light it almost has me worried?!

    WoD 5 — Pretty cool, confusing given the open, but cool and great tie-breaker idea with the DUs…hopefully get a PR attempt, then rip out some DUs….

    All in all a bit disappointed, obviously I didn’t stand a shot at making it in the Central East, but my goal was top 20 — I don’t know if that will happen given an almost certain last place on Diane…

    Are Group 3/4 going to test these WoDs Rudy? / Do you know yet?

    • Hey man, last place ain’t so bad on one workout. Just destroy the rest! Be happy you made it, I wish I would have made it but I was a couple points away. Even just being able to do these WODs as individual would be awesome. Have fun with it and use it as a good test to help you train for next year.

  5. They seem to want all Outlaws to qualify?!

    Agree that some of the teams won’t be able to complete some of the heavy stuff.

  6. Heavy duty…

    And what’s up with the double unders?
    As if a snatch-ladder isn’t cool enough…

  7. maybe getting 61st place in my region was a good thing. Workout 2 was likely to send me home.

  8. I think they are a great mix of everything. And as T’s article read, we are prepared!

  9. First of all how much did they pay you to program regionals???????? haha and second I immediately thought why didn’t I start following Outlaw sooner.

    • That is exactly what I thought! Looked at the wods and said damn that looks like outlaw… Wish I had been following for 6 months or more, but let’s see how much I can improve with a few weeks left! I’m excited

  10. Might as well call these the Outlaw Games.

    Anyone else get instant (Sher)wood when reading those events??? <– see what I did there…. 😉

  11. Really excited for all the competing Outlaws. Seems like these workouts were made for you all!

  12. Interesting article by Rip some of you may want to read through. It’s on Olympic Weightlifting not being the same as strength training. We do a lot of Oly here, but it’s interesting to think that with all the PR’s happening how much of it is happening out of just pure exposure to the lifts because most people who come to Outlaw hardly spend any time previously training the lifts. While they do produce a neuromuscular adaptation that improves power expression, do they make you stronger? Or are lots of the Outlaws lifting so big because they already have big squats/deadlifts. Interesting read and one that resonates with me because my squats been stuck for a while and my Oly lifts have subsequently stopped improving. It’s no use cleaning a lot of weight if you can’t stand up with it.


    • Not a bad article but then you have guys like Shane Hamman who was the best hope for medaling. Dude squatted what a 900 something, I don’t think strength was his limiting factor in the O-lifts.

  13. The Back/Front/OH squat WOD is going to decimate folks!!!!! And if you make it, 21 reads @ 345?!?!?!?!?

    Only outlaws can handle this………And maybe Rich.

  14. Rudy said there were 3 types of local competitions… to sum it up they are: 1) we don’t have enough equipment so everyone will do a shit ton of KBS 2) Fuck you, you’re going to die this weekend! and 3) you will need a treasure map for the final chipper.

    I’ll give you one guess which type of programming this regionals falls into. I’ve already started apologizing to my posterior chain for what I’m going to do to it, but I’m happy it’s heavy and we’ve prepared like we have! 🙂

  15. I see a lot of DNF on the dumbell snatch wod for the people who eeked into qualify based on a high burpee score…no problem for Outlaws though…

    • Maybe the 100lb snatch wasn’t that bad I messed around with it yesterday, and I am nothing special.

  16. Any outlaws in the Wylie-Murphy-Plano Texas area, I’m opening a new gym. It will be “Outlaw Friendly”. Should be have the doors open in a couple weeks. Park workouts until then. Click on my name to go to website.

    (Selfish promotion and spamming of the outlaw comments section… Check.)

  17. Confidence is INSANELY high for the Outlaw Team (as in, the team going to Regionals as part of Outlaw CrossFit, not to be mistaken with the incredible amount of Outlaws representing around the world).

    But to all of us world wide Outlaws: We are fucking PREPARED. Far and beyond. I cannot wait to see the numbers we all put up over the next month. Rudy truly is a freaking wizard (with a beard. And sub-par quads…)

    Did yesterdays BB work:

    Snatch – 155 (sloppy but no misses)
    Clean and jerk – 205 (less sloppy and no misses)
    Bench @ 225 – 10, 12, 12
    C2B @ BW – 6, 7, 6

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