I realize I completely forgot to add the weekly schedule to the post last night. Sorry, I’m blaming the jet lag (still). Here goes:

Extra Work Schedule 120416-120421

Monday: No extra work, no Team WOD.
Tuesday: Group 2, Group 3, & Group 4 extra work, 4 member Team WOD.
Wednesday: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 extra work, no team WOD.
Thursday: Off.
Friday: Group 4 extra work, 6 member Team WOD.
Saturday: Group 2 & Group 3 extra work, no team WOD.
Sunday: Off.

This week begins the official de-load for Group 1 and will be Group 2’s peak loading week. Group 1, you’re welcome. Group 2, invest in some ice for the bath.

I’m having an emotional roller coaster day today. As we sailed towards the Dun Laoghaire port this morning I was nearly overcome (nearly, not completely, ’cause I’m a manly man, but I’m sensitive), as I thought about how many generations at least half my family had lived here, and that if my great grandparents hadn’t been brave enough to get on a boat at a port just like that one, I wouldn’t exist. I was overcome with excitement as I had the opportunity to be a huge tourist, and take tours of both the Jameson & Guinness factories, then partake in some of the homeland’s finest libations.

I’ve also been overcome with some other emotions today. If I had to describe them, I’d go with: frustatening-anxietal-angeration-soul-crushing-tired-what-the-fuck-osis. Yes, that’s a scientific condition, and it occurs when travelers go to Europe for the first time on a quasi-work trip, and they realize a few things for the first time once they get over the excitement of just being there. So you can avoid “what-the-fuck-osis” (that’s the clinical name), I’d like to list a few of the causes of the condition:

1) These mufuckas DO NOT know how to make coffee. I take mine in a fairly simple way: black coffee, with 2 shots of espresso, and some half & half. Problem is “black coffee” DOESN’T EXIST HERE. You can get a “flat white” which is some sort of a latte-esque thing, or you can get an americano which isn’t called an americano—in fact, I think it’s actually just called a coffee. The shit is confusing and you will certainly feel like an idiot the first 19 times you order anything. Best way to avoid this? Just order a fucking latte with a couple extra shots, at least you’ll be happy until you realize they don’t have any splenda either.

2) Yes, we all know they drive on the wrong side of the road, but they also drive like blindfolded stunt drivers with glaucoma (don’t know how the glaucoma could make the blindfolding worse, but it sounded pretty dramatic in my head). There’s not really what we’d call “lanes” here. They are more like hypothetical suggestions of areas where you can avoid head on collisions for a little while. The only thing worse than the lane situation is trying to navigate the approximately 10,000,000 roundabouts. For those of you who don’t know, a roundabout is like a much smaller go-kart track, in which every other car is trying to run straight into you, as fast as possible. It usually, however, has some flowers in the middle. I believe they use this to trick you into trusting it as a “safe zone”, so they can then lure American drivers in for the slaughter—devilishly clever.

3) The wi-fi sucks. The hotel wi-fi sucks. The public wi-fi sucks. The wi-fi at places that are supposed to have good wi-fi sucks. Everything involved with cell phones, the internet, communication via space travel, the Facebooks, and/or email absolutely BLOWS. I’ve actually had to log on and off approximately 17 times while writing this post. I haven’t been able to answer an email for 2 days, and I have a video of BP Snatching 260# that I can’t even post because somehow the file changed when it flew from Georgia to here, and now none of my 12 technological apparati can figure out how to save it. FML. Oh, btw, this would all be an easy fix if AT&T and the rest of the cell phone world would just not be dicks, and would figure out a way for me to use my phone without having to hock my left lung. Fuckers.

PREPARED: Talayna Fortunato (fuck yeah)

WOD 120417:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X2 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Push Press + 1 Front Squat + 1 Push Jerk @ 65% (of 1RM Clean & Jerk) – rest 75 sec.
Notes: Each set of the above complex should be repeated for 2 reps. One set is the sequence (complex) listed above performed twice through.


1) 12 Minutes to establish a 1RM High-Bar Back Squat.
Notes: Take no more than 4 attempts. Start at approximately 80-85% of your old 1RM, then work to 90-95%, then either match or beat your old PR.
2) 3 X ME Strict HSPU – rest 2 minutes.
Notes: Standard is hands on floor and head to floor. Hands must be inside elbow width.


3 rounds for time of:

100 Double-Unders
20 Pistols (10l/10r – apportion in any way)
10 Push Jerks 155/105#

Extra 120417:

*The recommendation is to rest at least 2-4 hours after the day’s normal conditioning before performing this work. If you cannot rest this long, test your resting heart rate before beginning the normal conditioning work and rest long enough for it to return to within 5 BPMs of that number.

GROUP 2 Conditioning

15 minute AMRAP of:

Swim 75m
30 Air Squats
15 HR Pushups

GROUP 3 Conditioning


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
21 KBS 24/16kg
12 Pullups

GROUP 4 Conditioning

5 minutes to complete:

1 set ME UB Muscle-Ups, then…
EMOM for the remaining 4 minutes 3 UB Muscle-Ups.

TEAM Conditioning

In teams of 4.

3 rounds for time of:

250 Double-Unders
50 Pistols (25l/25r – apportion in any order, but team must complete 25 on left & 25 on right)
25 Push Jerks 155/105#
Rules: Teams may apportion the reps in any way. There is no limit to how many or how few reps an individual athlete may perform.

99 thoughts on “120417

  1. Number 2 about driving was some of the most hilarious stuff I’ve read to date, and there’s been some seriously funny comments/posts in the past few months… I’m just glad I didn’t have to piss when I read it or I’d be doing laundry right now.

    “There’s not really what we’d call “lanes” here. They are more like hypothetical suggestions of areas where you can avoid head on collisions for a little while.”


  2. 1) All with 80kg
    2) 1RM high bar BS – 167.5kg (7.5kg PR)
    3) 3 and then broke it off. Shoulder not so happy

    Conditioning: 10:32
    Shoulders got really tired on the DU. But still my DU are better than ever.

    Just had two rest days after a international competition in Århus Denmark this past weekend. Finished 5th after being in 3rd minutes before the end. Totally died on the finishing 750m row of the final. PR on my jerk though. 120kg and barely missed 125.

    • Deployed friend asked for your workout program because site is block where he is located. I somehow re-blogged it instead, in my infinite wisdom. Guess I won’t get fancy next time and just click the email button.

  3. 1) all w/ 185

    1) Worked to 405, then missed 425 twice and decided today wasn’t the day. Legs are still wrecked from Sat and didn’t have time to get them loose.
    2) 14, 10, 9 (went too narrow the first round)

    — 9:54 (missed on DUs a few times in the 2nd rd, and dropped the bar on the third rd. Felt slow).

    M/F/S – 3/4/6

  4. 1) 140# across all sets

    1) Started at 235# and worked up to 275# and did 2RM there *this is good for me since jackin my knee up last yr. I havent been able to get above 255# before today. So I PR’d (since the injury at least) by 20#, thinkin mayb coulda 1RM close to 300# if I hadn’t started so low.
    2) 13, 11, 9 (went extremely narrow)

    -17:43 *My DU’s suck they took up about 13:00 of my time.. bbbuuuutt they’re getting better I even hit 10 UB <— that weak shit is good for me.

  5. BB gym
    Based off 265
    No fails. A lot harder than I expected.
    1) 305. PR
    Felt pretty hard but I’m happy considering I did my 1×20 yesterday. Crazy how I can squat 80% of my max for 20 reps.
    2) 22 15 12
    Conditioning later.
    1/2/5 taking 3 days off + squats = trashed legs.

  6. BB Gym:
    1) 115#

    1) 250# – 10# PR. had more, but 250# was my 4th attempt.

    2) 6 (fell off wall), 10, 5 – did not rest 2 minutes. was in a rush for class.

    hip still messed up. pistols hurt – did good morning back squats @75# instead. brutal.

  7. Clean-p press-f sq.-p jerk @165

    H bar b. squat 255-275-295(fail, little bitch)-295(fail, even more of a little bitch)

    conditioning 8:55

  8. Complete 5 rounds of BB complex @ 175

    Hit 365 on Back Squat, missed 385

    HSPUs (strict)

    8:14 PR

    Killin the team WOD this evening

    Performed @ CrossFit Shifted

  9. BB: 165#
    BS: 357, (30lbs under PB)
    Went way to steep on this, mixed up weights and 357 was only my second lift, walked out with 380 but didnt even try.
    Ring-HSPU: 7-4-4
    (Wrist didnt like reg hspu).

    2h later, Conditioning: 9’53min
    Only last set PJ ub. Paced it pretty well.

    4h later, did a Team WOD to fill an injured athletes spot for our Regional Team, made it have a bunch of HR PSHU, all good.


    *Recovering from a beautiful food poisoning over the weekend so yesterdays wod was very easy. Today was trying to push it a bit more and think I’m back 100% tomorrow.

  10. B.B. Gymnastics=140#

    Strength=High bar Back squat: 185, 215, 225, 245F
    3xME Strict HSPU=12, 11, 9.

    Double-unders slowed me down and so did some of the push jerks.

    Only my second day of following Outlaw and I’m loving it!

  11. This is my first post… Found your gym through the crossfit forums and did WOD 120410 yesterday. Doing a little more research and I came across this website. Got into your FAQ For Dumbass Noobs and thought “Man this guy is talking to me all wrong (wrong tone), but dammit he’s right. I DO want to be a winner! Then I posted these numbers for today:

    BB Gym:

    1) 275# I think that was the first time I’ve tried to 1RM back squat since high school
    2) 17,11,10 – not too bad

    24:20 – Double unders whooped my ass.

    Alas, I am still a loser…

    In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to some great programming. Thanks for the site.

  12. 1) 175- harder than I expected

    1) 365- had 385 literally almost stood up and somehow lost it
    2) HS walks

    Conditioning: 8:06

    Wanted to go UB on the jerks but went 8/2 on the 3rd round. Tougher than it looks on paper.


  13. BB Gymnastics: 82,5 kg

    1 )did front squats: 110-120-130-140 (f)-140 (f)-135 (f)
    2) 5-5-5

    DU were everything but unbroken and pistols took a while, but did all jerks fast and unbroken

    3×5 Front Squat for technique

  14. Oly – 140
    Strength – 1. 335 (20# PR) 2. skipped (no time)
    Cond. – 11:50 (scaled to #135)

    Yet another PR (HBBS) to add to the list of many since starting Outlaw in November. Meanwhile, a certain Outlaw hater I know continues to say I’ve gotten worse on this programming. Rudy and Laura know what I’m talking about…

  15. BB-

    1. #365 (#15 Pr)
    2. 10-6-5

    Had to break rds 2 and 3 push jerks.


  16. First post, New to the outlaw way.

    BB Gymnastics: 165# across

    Squat: 325 just coming off a back injury so down 10#

    HSPU: 30/20/15

    Conditioning: 9:48

    Get some!

  17. 1. 185
    2. 360 pr
    3. 22-17-16

    WOD: 7:35, slowed down too much on the pistols and between movements, think this can be done in 6 min

    DU: UB, 45-83-100, 36-100
    Pistols: slowed a little on these and should have pushed harder
    PJ: UB all 3 rounds

  18. Clean Complex @ 185#
    HBBS up to 375, missed 385 about half way
    *this is 30 pounds off my pr … just pissed about it

    *1st set of DU went UB

    With do conditioning for group 4 + hspu later


  19. 1. 165
    2. 395. This may be a Pr for HBBS.
    3. 12-7-7
    Conditioning 20:04. I spend the ENTIRE time fighting with the double unders. Anyone has a helpful tip, I’m all ears. I feel like upper body mechanically it’s ok. i just keep hitting my toes. Is it just a volume thing? I do feel like these long sets, especially when forced to go unbroken, are helpful.

    Also, second question based on yesterday – for a max effort run. I’m trying to stay within Pose technique which is the only thing that keeps me from blowing up on runs – should I drop it and just go balls-to-wall sprint? I feel like trying to stay efficient i smaybe making me slower and is NOT actually a max effort?

    • First thing is make sure your rope is sized correctly, could easily be too short or too long.

      Assuming it is correct though, I would film yourself so you can see what’s going on.

    • There’s a video on the cfj that Raph from cffb did. It’s the band sprints one. In it he talks about how a lot of running mechanics can distract from the meat of a sprint, which is going from point a to b afap. Basically, the clock doesn’t care if you’re running perfect pose technique. You want to have a semblance of form and stay tight, but if the clock says you’re running slower than quit that crap and start running faster again. I’m also not totally sold on pose. The whole idea is to fall over, which is good cause you do want your head out front, but it’s not so that gravity will pull you faster, it’s so that you can drive harder. Gravity only pulls down. You have to use that downward force to help you drive through hard! In a video I saw with Bolt he just kept talking about driving, keep driving. Correct me if I’m wrong but in pose you don’t drive at all, you kinda just fall over. That makes for a slow ass sprint.

      That’s about what I know. I think Rhodes is the resident sprint master.

  20. 1)C&J complex @ 185
    2)Bs this afternoon
    3) 14,10,9

    Conditioning 9:41 (slow on the pistols but happy that knee felt good today)

  21. 1) Used 165# for all complexes, did all of them as single reps before dropping and resetting. Only failed on last push jerk, dropped down too far and lost control.

    2) 325#. Just not feeling it today. Running on little sleep for the last couple of days and still soreness from Saturday.

    3) HSPU’s are my enemy. 9, 7, 3.

    Conditioning: 16:08. DU’s weren’t working for me. Push Jerks were all very good. I thought the jerks were going to be the hardest, and the DU’s the easiest. All my rounds were near the 5:15 range, so at least I was consistent.

    Keep ’em coming, Rudy.

  22. 1) 175

    1) PR’s my back squat at 450. I think I still have some in the tank.
    2) 16,12,13 = 41

    — 9:32 , This felt great! First round DU’s UB, pistols felt better than ever. Can work on stringing the PJ together better. Will Have ATD fix me up!

    M/F/S – 2/2/2


    • Forgot about my extra work.

      4 Rounds + 30

      Did ok but it looked ugly! I swim about as well as that barbell!

  23. 150 on Complex
    320 on BS (Matched my PR, went up like a joke, and for some reason i didnt attempt anything heavier. PUSSY)

    I never post my results or numbers, however now that my med school by some miracle got bars that actually rotate and bumpers down to this shithole island (Grenada) i can follow Outlaw a bit better. This is easily the best free website on the internet (besides all the free porn).

  24. bb gymnastics- done with 160
    strength- 315- failed 335 twice
    hspus- 21-17-14 weird with closer hands

    conditioning- 9:49- I feel like I could have gone faster but the weight was scaring the shit out of me. Paced the dubs too much to not burn out my shoulder for the PJ. 155# is still a big weight for me but I’ll get there.

  25. I actually got this all in in an hour today! Stoked about that.

    1) 82.5kg
    2) 160kg, 165f
    3) 15, 12, 9

    Used a belt for the back squat today. Help me get tighter in the midsection and I managed to stay more upright. Definitely going to keep belting these max efforts. Not a PR but pretty close.

    Conditioning: 10:48

    DU’s went okay today. It’s about consistency right now. I can bust out a set of 50 but then I often will get a couple sets of 3-10 in a row. Those little choppy sets can really waste time. Pistols and jerks were UB.

    As a side note I’m currently waiting for my brother at the laser eye center, on the tv there’s some show called cash cab on. It’s the lamest crap I’ve ever seen in my life. My word the things they play on tv these days. I don’t miss it even for a second.

  26. Part 1:
    Bb gymnastic
    Every 2 min for 20 min perform
    A: Bb complex (power clean from blocks+pp+fs+pj) @225
    B: 5x close grip bench press @230

    Part 2:
    A: Hi bar squat hit 425…stopped tgere didn’t want to go all out this week.
    B: hspu – 15/12/11…felt great

    Conditioning performed with Titin vest
    7:18…should have been sub 7 (lady messed with my camera)

  27. 89kg for complex
    11:27 conditioning
    159kg hb squat (pr)
    hspu 13 13 16

    helen 8:13

  28. 1: 165
    HBBS: 345 (#30 PR)
    2: 14,13,11
    Cond: 14:26 (2nd round of DUs took way to long)


  29. BB gymnastics
    making up saturdays 1rm’s
    1) snatch- 175 = 10lb PR
    2) C+J- 240= 5lb PR
    HBBS- 315= 40lb PR
    12:05 Felt slow after all the max work.


  30. BBG:

    1) 200# yay!!!! Thx outlaw!
    2) had to use purple(1 in) band for stricts. 2,2,3

    11:55 (rx)

  31. Complex — 185 – Pretty easy, got the HR up nice…

    Had to do FS because of sunburn on my entire back — worked up to 315
    HSPU – 11 (fell), 12, 9

    Conditioning: 13.10 — bleh…felt horrible, quads absolutely had no life the entire time, everything hurt, no pop.

    Helen: 7:43 (1 minute Un-PR) — Judged, perfectly vert KB — felt pretty solid, just didn’t have it on the second two runs to PR — first run was 1:02 which beats yesterdays best 400 by 1 second…all KB and pull-Ups UB

  32. Complex at 165
    445 squat (tied PR)

    WOD: 12:57
    then did my affiliates wod for extra conditioning

    Outlaw has brought me back down to reality. I got a lot of work to do!

  33. BB Gymnastics
    1) 155#

    1) 275, 315, 340F, 340…15# PR!

    2) 8, 5, 4….these were very narrow

    14:17 RX…had to break all 3 sets of PJ’s…but made sure they were strict jerks and no push presses

  34. Clean Complex – 195 surprisingly harder than I thought it would be.

    HBBS – No Mother Fuckin PR here. Hit 375(old PR) then went for 395 and missed. Don’t really know what’s up with all the non PRs lately, I feel stronger than I have ever felt after the squat cycle.

    HSPU – just gonna go ahead and say I fucking suck at HSPU. 5-5-4 whoopity mother fuckin doo. Can thank my genes for haven’t 8 ft arms and weighing 230lbs

    Conditioning – 8:44 pistols were the limiting factor. DUs went UB, 60-25-15, 60-40. PJs all UB

    Helen – 8:58, not a PR but the easiest Helen has ever felt. Had to trot across the gym to the KB and Pull Up bar. Pretty pumped about how good the runs felt and how easy the Swings and pull ups were

  35. BBG
    1) 155#

    1) Hatch squat program
    2) 8, 5, 4

    Team Conditioning
    Did all of the work but with 3 people: 16:16

  36. BB:
    1) 175#

    1) 455# Back Squat 20# PR!!!
    2) 13, 16, 14, fell off wall on first set, had 20

    8:42 rx’d

    Did team WOD from last years games for extra work.
    Feeling awesome coach!!!
    post video tomorrow of BS

  37. BB Gymnastics
    1) @185

    1)375 (PR for HB, but was already basing my numbers off of this from doing Smolov Squat program early winter, before Outlaw)
    2) 12-11-6

    10:33 Pistols slowed me down!

    Extra Conditioning (Group 4)
    ME- 9 Muscle Ups


  38. BB Gymnastics

    195 – easy overhead, legs are still feeling weak and not recovered from the comp and being sick the last 2 days

    Strength – skipped. Short on time and the max squat would have been useless today.

    First round done at 1:59, second round o doubles sucked, third was okay.
    No legs…ended up having to break the last push jerks 6-4

    Extra work
    7:33 – again no legs for the run.


    • BB Gymnastics

      195 – easy overhead, legs are still feeling weak and not recovered from the comp and being sick the last 2 days

      Strength – skipped. Short on time and the max squat would have been useless today.

      First round done at 1:59, second round of doubles sucked, third was okay. Pistols slower than normal. Can do this sub 7 for sure.
      No legs…ended up having to break the last push jerks 6-4

      Extra work
      7:33 – again no legs for the run.
      Used vertical standard for the KB.


  39. 1) 115

    1) 235… legs are destroyed from 20RM BS still.
    2) Went super narrow (I need it). 16-14-11

    Had the husband judge my pistols (my right ankle sucks from years of soccer injuries) and got no repped on a lot of them on my right side. Slowly getting more comfortable with it.

    Taking an ice bath tonight, for sure.

  40. BB Gym – 165
    1) 365-385-405(f)-405(f)
    2) 2-4-3

    1/1/1 after NOLA trip

  41. BBG – 175
    HBBS – 335, failed @ 350 (previous PR)
    short on time before class so i cut out the HSPU.

    Conditioning – 8:52
    DUs – UB, UB, 4×25
    Pistols were a little sloppy rd 1, rd 2 was slow, rd 3 was fast (best rd).
    PJ – UB, 8/2 (got off balance), 4/3/3 (pussed out)

    REST 1 hr

    Group 4 Extra: ME MU – 12, completed 3 EMOM for 4 more mins.

    • BBG-165#

      Worked up to 415#. Failed at #425
      HSPU 16/13/12

      Conditioning 11:40


  42. BB Gymnastics: 155lbs
    Could have gone a bit heavier


    1) Worked my way up to 335, 20lbs under PR, gracillis in my left leg was very sore and was not loosening up so stopped at 335.
    2) skipped

    Conditioning: 11:45

    I thought this time was going to be super slow but it really wasn’t all that terrible. I’ll say it I’m a ninja w/DU’s went 60-40, 2 misses 2nd round, sets of 20 last round no misses. Also learned that I can do DU’s in my new Adipower Oly shoes. PJ’s slowed me down the most.

  43. BB Gymnastics:

    406# (26# PR!)
    Forgot to do HSPU

    10:47 Rx

  44. Power Clean Complex – 75kg. Felt real good
    Squat – 185kg (7.5kg off all-time PR, but recent (read last 3 months) PR)
    HSPU – 10, 10, 5

    Conditioning – 13:30

    Pistols done to a low box. Otherwise RX. All doubles done in sets of 20-30 with 10 second breaks between. Push Jerks/Presses were 6/4. Good workout

  45. Complex with 175#

    HBBS 400#

    HSPU: 25,18,18

    Conditioning: 7:41 My rope broke with 20 double unders left in the last round so I scrambled to get another one. Maybe took 10 seconds from me is all.

    MU extra work: 12,3,3,3,3

  46. HBBS: 260 (5# PR didn’t try for more, Stupid, I should have)

    Conditioning: Team CFM 14:39

    Helen: 9:03 (about a 50 sec PR but I haven’t done this one in a really long time)

  47. 145 for the Complex but skipped front squats. Wrists still bothering me and having trouble going from one grip to the next.
    Fight Gone Bad-314 reps

  48. BB Gymnastics:
    Completed at 165#

    1) HBBS= 305# – – Failed at 335#
    2) Strict HSPU= 16, 12, 8

    Team WOD= 14:33

  49. First time doing Outlaw! Loved it!
    1) 175# all sets
    2) 365# HBBS (old PR)
    3) 9, 7, 6

    Conditioning 13:28

  50. Bb gymnastics

    205 (PR is 220)
    Hspu skipped


    Extra work
    8:47 PR (old pr 9:08)
    All UB

  51. BBG – subbed 5×2 hang power clean + front squat + hang squat clean + front squat @ 135# (65%) b/c of shoulder problem

    Strength —
    HBBS – 300#
    HSPUs – skipped (see above)

    Conditioning — 20:40 (horrible range of motion on pistols, subbed 25 situps for the push jerks)

  52. BBG – 135#
    HBBS – 330# first time maxing with high bar…prob have more in me but ran out of time
    HSPU – Progressiions 15,10,10
    Conditioning 10.26 – did half reps 50 du, 10 pistol, 5 – 155 lb pj x 3 rounds
    du are still a nemesis, and so is heavy overhead.

  53. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X2 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Push Press + 1 Front Squat + 1 Push Jerk @ 65% = 75kg


    1) 12 Minutes to establish a 1RM High-Bar Back Squat = 137.5kg (PB by 7.5kg)
    2) 3 X ME Strict HSPU – 2-2-2 reps


    3 rounds for time of:

    100 Double-Unders
    20 Pistols (10l/10r – apportion in any way)
    10 Push Jerks @ 70kg

    = 16:48

    M= 4 F= 4 S= 4

  54. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X2 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Push Press + 1 Front Squat + 1 Push Jerk @ 65% =185


    1) 12 Minutes to establish a 1RM High-Bar Back Squat = 475, legs were so weak today, 50#s off of PR. Boo
    2) 3 X ME Strict HSPU – 10-8-7


    3 rounds for time of:

    100 Double-Unders
    20 Pistols (10l/10r – apportion in any way)
    10 Push Jerks @ 155



  55. BB GYM
    1) 155

    1)335 failed on 340
    2)Every :30 for 10:00 2 x HSPU
    *HSPU are a weakness of mine so I am going to do some density training with these

    Cond 8:30
    100/50 DU
    20 Pistols
    10x PJ 155#

    * During the second rd of du I got a splitting headache, so I cut them short and then ended at the end of rd 2

    2 rds
    10x wall extensions
    10 s holds
    bottom squat
    in-step strecth
    hip stretch
    duck walk 10 steps

  56. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X2 @ 165


    1) 305#

    2) 8, 8, 5



    Rested 30 Min.

    GROUP 3 Conditioning


    9:02 PR

  57. Conditioning only because I’m recovering from back problems

  58. BB Gymnastics – 135
    HBBS – 295 (PR) could have gone for more on another day.
    HSPU – 14, 10, 10
    Conditioning – 18:07. Couldn’t string more than 30 DU’s together today.

  59. 1) 5×2 @125#
    2) 205#/225#/245#(pr!)
    3) 3xME Strict HSPU: 8/4/4
    4) one round of conditioning 6:40

  60. 1) 145)
    Strength: 300lb hbbs: really happy with this. And less than 2 months since being on crutches for 2 1/2 months straight. Hspu: 14,13,15

    Cond: 13:01. Could have went much faster. Did this at my work gym and there is shitty carpet there which is pushed up in certain spots. Was messing with my ropes. First time doing pistols since accident, I used to be good at them….all pjs unbroken.

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