Don’t have time for a long post tonight, but I do feel the need to say thank you to two people. Brian and Clare Sharp, of CrossFit Central London, have legitimately set a new standard for hospitality. They could not have been more patient, and have developed a gym community that clearly reflects how outgoing and generous they are. Thank you, Brian and Clare, for making my first European experience one that exceeded any expectation I could have ever imagined, and for teaching me how to not die while playing chicken with the other UK drivers.

Lauren Brooks 160# – Elisabeth Akinwale 175# – Snatch PRs:

WOD 120416:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X2 1 Hang Snatch (full squat) + 1 OHS + 1 Snatch Balance + 1 OHS @ 65% (of 1RM Snatch) – rest 75 sec.

Notes: Each set of the above complex should be repeated for 2 reps. One set is the sequence (complex) listed above performed twice through.


For total working time:

Run 400m
-rest 2:00
Row 500m
-rest 2:00
Run 400m
-rest 1:30
Row 500m
-rest 1:30
Run 400m
-rest 1:00
Row 500m

Notes: These should be all out efforts. Keep track of each round and if there is greater than a +/- 5 second differential between any round there is a 25 Burpee penalty.


1a) 3X5 TGU (5 UB each arm) – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.
1b) 3X15 Strict T2B – rest 45 sec.

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  1. i am new to the programm, and i will like to know hats the recomended rest time between the BB GYmnastics, the Conditioning and the strenght or midline, basicly between each part of the workout, thanks

    • Yo, I’m not a genius, but to be fair you don’t sound like one either. Haha

      So I would say finish the BB Gymnastics…. then get warmed up for run/row.
      Then do the run/row.
      Then rest a bit, let the heart rate get back down to semi normal…
      Then do the midline work.

      The whole session isn’t for time, just the run/row, so just move onto the next part when you feel ready to do it.

      Just use common sense really, you wont be able to do legitimate heavy TGU’s straight after the ‘all out effort’ Run/Row.

      Always listen to the body……………. unless it tells you to burn things……


  2. Thanks for coming over Laura and Rudy. It meant a lot to many of us that you chose to come to London as your first twat-tastic, wanker-licous, bollocks induced European training camp.

    umm, yeah.

  3. Rudy. So a question regarding the run/row workout today. From my experience both training and coaching, max effort is something that should flatten you and is something you can’t replicate without a thorough amount of rest, depending on what it is, 10 minutes, a few hours, maybe even a couple of days.

    In regards to todays workout you are asking for it to be maximum effort, but then state that if your times deviate more than 5 seconds there is a penalty. So my question is are we looking for a max effort that is sustainable or that won’t deviate more than 5 seconds, or are we looking for a true max effort. If you are looking for true max effort the penalty confuses me because I feel like that is an absolute given that the differentials are going to vary more than 5 seconds.

    For instance my max 500m row is 1:25.0. When I did that, and when I’ve done anything close to that, we’ll say within a few seconds of that, I’ve been flattened. That is a maximum effort, and I believe a true max effort in the range of 90 seconds can and will completely flatten somebody if done properly. I know from experience doing a 500m row at that effort, which is my max, would lead to a slow run, and then I imagine my next row would be in the 1:40’s because I’m completely tanked as I went as hard as I could. On to the third row I’d likely be as slow as 1:50, so we are talking a 25 second deviation, maybe more. Where as I can probably hold, for this workout, someting in the 1:35 range for all 3 rounds.

    Lets take something that is similar in that it uses a lot of the body and similar in time. Dave or Josh’s Isabel times. Both around a minute at max effort. If they were to try and do that again a few minutes later I’m sure the time deviation would far exceed 5 seconds. I know they are not the same, but having done both, I would say they both leave the body in similar states when done at maximum effort.

    So maybe I’m reading into this too much, but I guess, given my experiences I’m just looking for a more defined idea of what we should be doing. The burpees are in no way a problem for me to do on either end, I’m just looking for what kind of effort you are looking for. Having done a bunch of the endurance wods from CFendurance I know they are often max effort, but max effort that is sustainable over x number of rounds, so looking for as little deviation as possible. Are you looking for something along those lines, or for people to truly go balls out, because going as hard as possible I see a greater than 5 second deviation being a given.

    Any thoughts or insight would be most appreciated. Really enjoying the programming thus far, and our team is getting stronger and having great success with it. One of our ladies hit a 150 Snatch this weekend and one of the guys 245. Thanks in advance for your time and advice.

      • Yep, you answered yourself.

        I think Rudy and DW are deep into drankin’ in Dublin by now, so I’ll offer my two cents. The man programmed what he wants you to do. So do it. If you don’t meet the standard, take the penalty.

        Pretend it’s a competition and that no one cares about your ponderings on the subject or whether you feel ready to go all out again. Just do work.

      • Thanks for the thoughts guys. So I guess I approached it like I would for a competition, I went for the fastest consistent times I could, looking, ultimately for the fastest overall time possible. I think this was the most affective option for me, giving the most output in the given amount of time, versus blowing myself up right away and overall doing the same amount of work in less time.

        Runs were 1:36, 1:35, and 1:37. Rows were 1:34.0, 1:37.2, and 1:36.6, The descending rest time sure got tough. Need to work on pushing my running pace.

        BB Gymnastics: 5×2 @ 125

        TGU: 3×5/side @ 53. Went for quick unbroken sets here, kept each side to under 50 seconds.
        GHD Sit-ups: Subbed these for the T2B, as T2B are a strong suit, and GHD Sit-ups have been killing me in the workouts lately.

  4. I have been crossfitting for about 2 years now and me and several other idiots from my gym just (today) started following this fucking ridiculous programming and I have to say that this WOD is going to make me feel like I just started CrossFitting.

  5. Did strength this morning, will do the conditioning this afternoon. The only problem with hitting a 20lb pr on a snatch is that the new weights are FUCKING HEAVIER THAN SHIT. That strength hurt way more than I expected. Snatch is 245lbs, used 160lbs.

  6. Samesies.. PR’d on my squat snatch by 30#, the bb complex @ 165# tore my face off.. loved every second of it.

    Runs 1:55, 2:00, 1:58
    Rows 1:45, 1:45, 1:40

    midline done with 55# tgu

  7. It warms the heart to see how psyched Rudy is to watch lifting at the pub. Like a kid at christmas.

    The complex tore my shoulders up – 95, 115,115,115,115 wobbly all over the place.

    Conditioning (our loop is actually 500m)
    runs – 212, ? (forgot timer, took the penalty) 220
    rows 151, 150, 148

    I just don’t know how to push it on the runs, and I actually felt like I was this time.
    Midline, check

  8. 1: 125
    Cond: 1:35,1:38,1:36,1:43,1:35,1:45
    Have a feeling we weren’t supposed to penalize for Run/Row +/- 5 deviation, but I did anyways. Last two Rows off, so 50 burpee penalty 4:06 and felt terrible.
    No time for midline.

    1/2/5 – hamstrings and adductors sore as hell.

  9. Snatch BB complex:
    5 rounds of doubles complete @ 155

    Run- Row-
    1:25 1:41
    1:26 1:40.8
    1:26 1:41.2

    TGU @53

  10. BB- 135

    Runs- 1:15, 1:22, 1:31
    Rows- 1:26, 1:32, 1:36

    Florida humidity is special

  11. Snatch complex:
    5 sets with 65 kg

    Run: 1.05, 1.05, 1.05
    Row: 1.29, 1.29, 1.29
    So maybe you can’t call it all effort.

    Total time: 15.42

    3×5 each side, Unbroken, 24 kg
    3×15 unbroken strict T2B

  12. Been in the field the past few days runnin a rifle range at Ft. Campbell (so feeling completely useless today), but decided to do Saturdays WOD to attempt my ME Snatch and C&J

    Snatch- Freakin horrible missed my old PR of 165# twice, just wasn’t feelin it today
    C&J- 10# PR, hit 215# today

    Strength:(from Saturday)
    Back Squat- 185# 1×20 *felt I could’ve went heavier, but only did 170# last week.

    Conditioning:(from Saturday)
    Deads @ 315
    Box Jumps 30″
    12:45 *slower than I expected.

    Will probably hit up today’s Snatch work and Midline later.

  13. BB-


    Midline w/ #75 barbell and toes to bar done


  14. snatch complex @ 135#

    rowers were taken
    did 6×300 yd shuttle runs with the same descending rest
    :57, :58, :58, :59, :58, :58


    1/1/3 -> really weird soreness in my mid/low back

  15. BB Gymnastics

    For total working time:
    Run 400m 1:23
    -rest 2:00
    Row 500m 1:42
    -rest 2:00
    Run 400m 1:39
    -rest 1:30
    Row 500m 1:51
    -rest 1:30
    Run 400m 1:38
    -rest 1:00
    Row 500m 1:48
    Total 18:01 didn’t kno if u did 25 burpees if u were +- 5 sec the round before or what so I did 50 burpees because I was +- 5 secs on both the run and row from rnd 1 to rnd 2 I stayed within 5 sec from rnd 2 to 3

    Strict toes to bar couldnt get all 15 UB but did them all absolutely strict

  16. Snatch complex 85lb

    Run: 1:11, 1:14, 1:08
    Row: 1:44, 1:49, 1:51

    3×5 TGU 50lb dumbell
    3×15 strict t2b

  17. BB Gymnastics : @ 150

    Runs : 1:16, 1:17, 1:21
    Rows : 1:40, 1:42, 1:41

    midline: Done in the afternoon

    My times are pretty slow, our 400m run is brutal, first 200m is uphill with a turn around at the top, this crushed my legs for the rows. All I have to say is running on a track in regionals is going to feel amazing.

    m/f/s – 1/3/6

    Sore from the DL/box Jump MC on Saturday.

  18. Just wanted to congratulate Talayna for making it on the crossfit games page! I remember Rudy talking about how she did so well despite her injuries and I loved how she credited crossfit for making her “harder to kill” πŸ™‚ its awesome to see Outlaw on the map!! Way to represent πŸ™‚ I believe in it!! Now through her performance maybe others will too πŸ™‚ Good work!! Fuck ya!! πŸ™‚

  19. snatch complex- 135

    I used to be a cross country runner and holy shit I’ve gotten so much worse at running and so much better at rowing. A year ago the runs would all be either under a min or just over a min and the rows would have all been over 2 mins.

  20. BB Gymnastics: @ 85#

    Conditioning: Skipped. Injured hip. Worked on ring dips and negative MUs instead.

    TGU: Skipped. Not able to lunge
    T2B: Done

  21. since i can’t snatch or ohs right now i did 10×3 alternating sets of press and front squat at 65% with the 75 sec break after every other set.

    10×3 press 120lbs
    10×3 front squat 195lbs

    runs – 1:21 1:24 1:25
    rows – 1:43 1:44 1:44

  22. BB Gymnastics @ 65kg

    Affiliate was doing Nancy today, close enough.

    TGU’s: 50lb, 70lb, 98lbx2 each side
    Toes to bar: 3×15 UB

  23. BBG: 140#. Felt smooth and easy. Got out on my toes on a few reps but not too bad.

    Runs – 1:12, 1:23, 1:19
    Rows – 1:39, 1:40, 1:42
    2×25 burpee penalties for runs. Runs were hard to pace. I felt like i was just as fast on my second run but was 11 seconds slower. Rows were easy to pace b/c i could see it.

    • TGU – 2×3 each with 53#. Shoulders felt like crap for whatever reason so I stopped.
      T2B – 5×15. Kipping with 60 sec rest b/t sets. Did a couple extra sets b/c of missed work on TGUs.

  24. BBG: 135 — Have some serious sunburn on my back, so I did 4 x Hang Sq Snatch + OHS for each set, 5 times through…Pulls got better as I got fatigued.

    Runs – 1.02, 1.13, 1.21
    Rows – 1.32, 1.39, 1.46
    Sooooo I got the big green weenie of 100 Burpees after the workout…which I was pretty smoked on. A few too many beers over hockey/pizza combination led to some cramping and overall pussy-dome this weekend. Froning better watch out.
    Did the first 50 slow, in sets of 10, then the last 50 as fast as I could, which wasn’t much, around 3:40 — HR was jacked from the sprints

    Did some weighted sit-ups and T2B…

    Feel great a few hours after, but was on Struggle St. during the wod today…fun one.

    • Oh and yet again, about 30mph head winds on the 2nd 200m leg of our 400s…that was a nice kick in the balls…on a normal track/windless day I would’ve been :53-55 for sure.

  25. Had a tag-team style comp on the weekend. Partner and I took it (fuck yeah) claiming $1000 prize.
    Couple highlights from the weekend, event 1a was max bench – Hit 290 for a 15# PR

    Another event was 4 min cap for Isabel + max rep GHD’s – one guy working, can tag in and out only twice. I started on the barbell and was through 20 reps in under a minute tagged at 24 around 1:10-1:20, not sure. But it was good.

    Got sick the next day….very achy and sore throat. Last two days combined with that and being sore from a competition have sucked pretty hard.

    Supply teaching today, then napped for 2 hrs and dragged myself to the gym.

    BB Gymnastics

    165# – longer than 75 sec. Felt weak, just happy to get through it all.


    No running/rowing today

    Grabbed one from a few days ago

    AMRAP 8

    3 rope climbs
    20 HR pushups
    30 Double unders

    4 Rounds + 20 Pushups


  26. BBG:

    Run, Row

    Skipped tgu
    T2b done

  27. BBG) 145 – no misses

    Run is an out-and-back through some double doors. I would be closer to 1:15 on a track.
    Run – Row
    1:29 – 1:36
    1:30 – 1:40
    1:30 – 1:39

  28. 1) 105
    Runs-1:09, 1:19, 1:24
    Rows-1:37, 1:42, 1:42
    Yup, did 50 burpees, sure did
    TGU- 53#
    T2B- done

  29. BBG
    1. 4@125 Felt good so did 1 @135 and that was better

    Run Row
    123 134
    129 135
    134 135
    I need to look at my watch to push better on the runs. Could push better on the rows because I could see where I was at.

    Tried 60lb DB, but failed on 5th rep on R Hand so 55lb
    T2B done

  30. Snatch complex done @ 125
    Runs – 1:14, 1:16, 1:20 (25 penalty)
    Rows 1:38, 1:42, 1:42
    17:06 total

    Can’t wait to run at regionals on something flat and straight through…. Turn arounds and hills suck ass

  31. Snatch Complex (shoulder was tweeking so started a little lighter) –
    135, 135, 140, 145, 145

    Runs – 1:18, 1:19, 1:21
    Rows – 1:42, 1:43, 1:41

    TGU – 32kg, 24kg, 24kg
    T2B – done

  32. Snatch complex: 125#

    Runs: 1:17, 1:20, 1:07 ( A bit odd to see my last 400m run was a lot faster than the first two. I should be closer to 1:05-1:07 range. Slow times in my eyes since I used to run track.) 25 burpee penatly. Overall, it was nice to have an all out sprint.

    Rows:1:46, 1:45, 1:56

    TGU: 53#
    T2B: Done

  33. Complex at 95#

    Did 4x500m Rows (Did 20RM bs yesterday… feel like my ass and hammies are going to pull off the bone so pussed out on the runs). Rested 2, 1:30, 1 between each.

    1:51, 1:51, 1:52, 1:54

  34. 1) 120LBS
    Run- 1:09, 1:10, 1:13
    Row- 1:43, 1:43.7, 1:46.5
    NO Burpees!
    Tgu- 53KB,44KB,45BB sets of 2-4 UB
    T2T- done

  35. BB Gymnastics


    Runs: 1:27, 1:23,1:20
    Rows: 1:44, 1:45, 1:45

    Took a 25 burpee penalty

    Check w/ 44# Kettle Bell

  36. Run
    1:30, 1:46,1:50
    1:30, 1:36, 1:37
    Fell apart after the first round. Need to rest.

  37. Complex at 95, 135 (fail on both snatch balances), 115, 125, 125

    Ran to a Krav Maga class and did the class before the workout. Walked home and went straight into this workout. For conditioning,
    3 rounds of 1 minute ME- DU’s, 2 Pood KB Swings, Pushups, ATG Squats 95#, Rest

  38. Snatch Complex – 52.5kg for all rounds. Started getting a bit difficult on final round. Felt good once my wrists warmed up.

    Runs – 1:28, 1:30, 1:48
    Rows – 1:38, 1:42, 1:43

    Didn’t do penalty burpees cos I’m a pussy.

    No time for midline.

  39. Snatch Complex- 95#

    Run 1-1:25
    Row 1-1:27
    Run 2-1:36
    Row 2-1:41
    Run 3-1:37
    Row 3-1:42
    Did my 50 burpees afterwards as well. This was much tougher than I thought it would be.

  40. BB Gymnastics- Done at 57kg


    Run’s- 1:16, 1:15, 1:18 done with a dodgy 200m turnaround point
    Row’s- 1:44, 1:43, 1:42 done on a chicken shed (no joke) rower

    Midline done

    M= 3 F= 4 S= 4

  41. BB Gymnastics – Done at 115#

    Conditioning: 17:44 (18:21 w/ 25 Burpees)

    Run: 1:25, 1:15, 1:24
    Row: 1:41, 1:45, 1:42

    No Midline due to time

  42. BBG – (modified b/c of rotator cuff problem, not going overhead) — did 5×2 of hang squat clean + front squat + hang power clean + front squat @ 135 (65% of 1rm)

    Conditioning — ~ 19 mins total

    Midline — skipped b/c of time constraints

  43. Snatch Complex@65%of1RM=155#

    Runs – 1:12, 1:12, 1:18(Burpees)
    Rows – 1:35, 1:32, 1:35

    1a)TGU – 32kg
    2a)T2B – 15UB

  44. Snatch complex-135#

    Ran out of time for all of midline only did toes to bar

  45. BB Gymnastics) 115


    For total working time:

    Run 400m 1:18
    Row 500m 1:46
    Run 400m 1:17
    Row 500m 1:47
    Run 400m 1:18
    Row 500m 1:46

    Total working time 8:26


    1a) 3X5 TGU (5 UB each arm) – 53 all UB.
    1b) 3X15 Strict T2B –HARD AS FUCK!

  46. BB Gymnastics

    Run: 1:31/1:35/1:34
    Row: 1:43/1:46/1:45

  47. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X2 @ 115#


    For total working time:

    Run 1:13
    Row 1:40.4
    Run 1:20
    Row 1:43.7
    Run 1:36
    Row 1:46.7

    Did my 75 Burpee Penalty in sets while teaching class


    1a) 1X5 @ 24kg 5R/3L, 2X5 @ 16kg

    1b) Had to break these up a bit, my forearms were dead and I couldn’t hold on to the bar.

  48. 1) 5X2 @ 145#


    For total working time:
    I ran on a treadmill max speed 12.0 every time
    Run 1:18,1:18,1:18
    Row 1:32,1:38,1:37

    Midline Done!!!!

  49. Snatch complex @105
    Run splits: 1:32, 1:35, 1:40
    Row splits: 1:47, 1:51, 1:55

    MFS: 1/2/3

    avoided the burpees…just

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