Day two in England marked the first day of Training Camp at CrossFit Central London.

I don’t really know how to describe the feeling of meeting, getting to know, and getting to coach a group of people who, while they are from an entirely different continent, have a unified desire to perform as well as humanly possible. I simply cannot believe that the tiny gym I opened over 5 years ago, which at numerous points felt like an utter failure, has afforded me the opportunity to do what I got to do today.

“I believe in professionalism, but playing is not like a job. You have to be grateful to have the opportunity to play.”
-Wynton Marsalis

WOD 120414:

BB Gymnastics

1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

Notes: Take no more than 5 heavy attempts.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.

Notes: Take no more than 5 heavy attempts.


1X20 Back Squat

Notes: This should be a maximal UNBROKEN set. If you completed all 20 reps last week, add approximately 5% this week. If you were close to completing all 20 reps (15-19), use the same weight. If you weren’t close (10-14), take off 5%.


21-15-9 reps for time of:
Deadlifts @ 315#/205#
Box Jumps 30”/24”

Extra 120414:

*The recommendation is to rest at least 2-4 hours after the day’s normal conditioning before performing this work. If you cannot rest this long, test your resting heart rate before beginning the normal conditioning work and rest long enough for it to return to within 5 BPMs of that number.

Group 1 Conditioning

3 rounds for time of:

50 Perfectly Vertical KBS 24/16kg
30 T2B

Notes: HSPU are Regionals standard. Kipping is allowed.

Group 2 Conditioning

For time:

9 Hang Squat Snatches @ 135/95#
50 Double-Unders
7 Hang Squat Snatches @ 135/95#
50 Double-Unders
5 Hang Squat Snatches @ 135/95#
50 Double-Unders

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  1. This opportunity is a testament to what you bring to the table as a coach. Your reaction to it is a testament to who you are as a person.

    My question is, can those Brits lift?

    • I went with a velcro/fabric one. Much lighter. The last thing you want to do is have a weight strapped around your waist during a metcon. Just my .02 though.

  2. Majorly off day. Don’t know what was going on, as I felt rested… For some reason the lifts weren’t there. I was expecting PR’s, but I guess today wasn’t the day.

    Snatch: Walked with 220 for a second before dumping it. That was the closest I got to a PR today (old PR 215).
    Clean and Jerk: 245 felt incredibly heavy and form was TERRIBLE for some reason (old PR 265), and even though I wanted 275 I decided to call it a day as far as maxing out went.
    20 rep squats: 265. Went up from the 255 I hit last time. Felt good.

    Conditioning: 6:04. Box jumps were fine, but deads got heavy.

    No extra work today, something’s off (maybe something with diet?) so I gotta fix it, and fast. I hope everyone else has a better day than me!

  3. Sn: 175 (#20 off PR)
    C&J: 250 (#19 PR, cool.)
    BS: 15x#290 (fucked me up)
    Cond: 10:27
    Extra: 7:26

    1/2/4 – DL got really heavy, hands took a beating. Forgot to shave calluses – woe is me.

  4. snatch: 195 failed 205 3x and the last one was really bad.
    clean and jerk- 235- pred my clean by 5# at 250 but failed the jerk 3x. Got all dizzy after each clean.

    bs: did 5 reps with 245 and decided i had no legs today. In hindsight maybe I’m just a pussy but I was legitimately scared about the conditioning after so my head wasn’t really there was these.

    cond- 9:27. It’s funny because i was nervous that if i made regionals and something like this came up i would DNF and be really embarrassed. Not a great time but 45 deadlifts with 315# is fucking heavy for me.

  5. Snatch 125# (I suck at this)
    Clean and jerk 205# and missed 210# on the jerk
    HBBS 255#

    Deadlift/Box Jump workout 7:21 Rx

  6. Snatch- 185 (went for 205 3 times but just cannot get locked out and solid in the bottom…want to get this within the next couple weeks)
    C & J- 225 (failed at 245 multiple times…felt weak as crap this morning)
    Squats- 245 (high back position…went 225 last week so happy with this)

    Conditioning- 6:54 (315 is still super heavy for me so happy with this…fastest I’ve done this WOD in the 3 times I’ve done it)

    Disgusted with today’s efforts especially coming off a good day yesterday but whatever it was still good work

    Thanks Rudy for the programming…I’m loving it and feeling ready leading up to regionals

  7. Snatch:
    225 (F) Got under it but couldn’t stand up. Would’ve been a 5 lb PR

    Clean & Jerk:
    280 (F) Missed on the jerk, couldn’t lock out my left arm. I got it above my head but I couldn’t walk it out.

    Back Squat:
    240 – 20 reps. After cleaning 280 several times this felt very light. Need to go more next week.

    I’ve never done it before. Stuck to triples on the deadlifts the whole time. I’m not sure if I could even have finished this in a reasonable time last year.

  8. Snatch: hit 260 easy today on first attempt…missed 265 forward.
    CJ: hit 295 easy made a jump to 315 missed 3x…should have hit 305/310/then 315.

    Deadlift/Box Jump: 4:31….really disappointed. Deadlifts were faster than last year at regionals, tried going to fast on Box Jumps had 7-10 misses. should be sub 4 min. May do it again just cause its going to bother me if I don’t.

    Doing part 2 with back squat this afternoon.

  9. 6/7/6

    PR’d on both Snatch and C&J, but felt sluggish and pretty sore. I played around with not getting post-workout to see if it affected me for the last couple days and it def does. Lesson learned. Also haven’t been getting enough sleep lately so that prob played a part too.
    Snatch – 175# (old was 170#)
    C&J – 215# (old was 205#)


    Got all 20 reps for the squats at 185#.

    Taking the rest of the day off; conditioning would wreck me right now. I’ll stick with a little R&R and come ready to do work on monday.

  10. Snatch: 80 – 85 – 90 – 92,5 – 95 (fail) – 97,5 kg

    Clean and jerk 110 – 115 – 120 (f) – 120

    20 rep BS: 122,5 kg

    Didn’t have time for the conditioning..

    I’ll do it tomorrow…

    • Did the conditioning today!

      Paced the box jumps to much, never really find the rythm…


      A bit disappointed, but wouldn’t risk any back problems…

  11. Snatch: #150 (#15 PR from two months ago)

    C&J: #183 (#13 PR from 2 months ago), squat cleaned #190 but couldn’t get OH. My max jerk out of the rack in #190, I couldnt believe how gassed my legs felt when I tried to jerk it.

    BS: #185

    Conditioning: 7:07. I changed the weight to #225, just did this metcon w/ #205 a month ago.

  12. 1) 90kg, 95fff
    2) 110, 115, 120

    Nothing special. Bit of a rough sleep last night so I was feeling off with the Snatches. 95 usually comes pretty easy but today failed 3 times and called it.

    20 Rep Squat: 270lb PR

    Conditioning: Did a team workout with the rest of the guys, made sure to get my deads in though.
    3 rounds 1 minute at each station:
    Row for Cals
    Overhead Walking Lunge, 40kg w/Bar
    Deadlift, 142.5kg

    For my rounds: 55 reps, 41, 42
    Only got so high on the first round because I started on DL and busted out 19 cause I was fresh, also since it was the first round I didn’t have to worry about transition time at the start.

  13. Snatch – 195 — Blah!
    C&J – 260, 270 (Jerk Fail) — Had it with O-Lifting

    Back Squat – Forgot? Guess I’ll hit this later…

    6.53 — Bout a 2 minute PR from last year – DL were a lot better though, still need some work.

  14. PR for C&J at 145#. Really excited. Snatch… Still suspect, but got 100 (which is all I have ever been able to do, since I have terrible form and never actually get under the bar or squat). I am trying to get stronger, since my recent athletic background included mostly marathon running. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.

  15. Snatch 235PR
    Clean and jerk-270PR
    HBBS-400×12-Wasnt feeling it today.

    Deadlift/Box Jump workout 6:12 Rx- I should be way faster tham this, BJs get to me and made sure i opened hips on top of box each rep.

  16. Had a so-so day of lifting
    1) Snatch up to 200, missed 210 three times in the catch
    2) Clean & Jerk up to 265, missed jerk 275 two times


  17. Snatch 130lb (felt gnarly so didn’t go up)
    Clean and jerk 160
    BS – 16 @ 180lbs (could have kept going if I didn’t feel like i was going to pass out)

    deadlift/box jump: 6:15 rx
    snatch/du: 6:12 rx (grip was the limiting factor on both wods – could have gone faster)

  18. BB Gymnastics

    1) Maxed yesterday to a new PB of 215lbs (97.5kg) but went for it today anyway. Made 90kg, missed 95 a few times, missed 96kg a few times and also missed 97.5 a few times. Guess my ancestry is not Bulgarian

    2) Jerked badly yesterday but made PB cleans at 285lbs and 295lbs. Hit myself in the chin with the 285. So did jerks today. Hit 120kg then tied a PB with an ugly 130kg.

    Clean and jerk – cheely single at 120kg for fun

    1X20 Back Squat @ 132.5kg (292lbs)

    No DL/BJ fun, but instead did a demo workout for Reebok CrossFit in a shopping centre.
    Bit of friendly competition with a mate on Amanda
    6:24 PB by 10kg and 2:35
    Also 9 muscle ups unbroken for another PB

  19. Snatch-had 225 overhead 5 times and couldn’t stick it, bad footwork (pr is 215)
    C&J-285, 10# pr

    1×15 @ 280

    WOD: 10:03, deadlifts are getting better, long way to go still. Box jumps were fine.

  20. 1. power snatch – 185 (10# off pr. missed 4 times at 190)
    2. clean & jerk – 235 (15# off pr. missed jerk 4 times at 245)
    3. back squat – 265 x 20

    did a different metcon because i’m doing the deadlift/box jump wod later this week. bad lifting day. shoulder injury is screwing up my overhead stuff. cleans and squats felt good though.

  21. A: 176, 186, 198 (f x 8) – so freakin close every time, got pinned on first attempt (not sure what that’s all about)
    B: 198, 220, 240 (f jerk) – would have been a PR
    C: 20 Rep Squat – 225# (10# PR)

    No conditioning, no time today and kinda worried about tweaking my back…

    M/F/S: 5/5/5

  22. Pr squat snatch 190 got it super easy but ran out of attempts!
    Sq cl 255 (easy failed 265 jerk not happy cuz not close to pr)
    Completely ate shit on this one didn’t have my hips after the bs so kinda enbarassed of that time oh we’ll got the work in moving on…

  23. squat snatch: 255#, ties power snatch max. 30# more than i’ve ever hit in a full snatch.

    clean & jerk 300# 15# p.r.

    20 rep max back squat complete @ 275#
    9:00 flat rx

  24. Hit my last PR on snatch at 190#. Shoulders feeling a little wrecked from the week. A little disappointed I didn’t get a PR.
    Clean & Jerk 245# (Old PR) Attempted 255# twice before I ran at tiime. I felt like I should have been able to get it.

    20 Rep squat – 300# (10#PR)

    Conditioning 7:55 Deadlifts caught up to me towards the end.

  25. CF Deep Ellum hosted Court Wuistinger and me today for Outlaw training. Thanks, guys.

    Snatch – 205 (un-pr. felt good and jumped to 225 and even 230, to no avail… I’ll get it soon)
    C&J – 265 (un-pr. did the same thing I did on snatch. just wasn’t sticking it overhead)

    Back Squat
    — 20 @ 315 (switched to high-bar, so I thought it’d be harder and I should keep the same weight… it felt easier. Ef.)

    — 3:27 (9 seconds off last year… ok with that, considering how fried my hamstrings were)

    “Rest” –> Received rowing instruction from 3 rowing coaches for about 20-30 minutes. Y’know, just in case our legs weren’t warm yet. Good stuff, though.

    Extra Work (Group 1)
    — 18:06 (I think. Legs both cramped up with 5 HSPUs to go, so that sucked. HSPUs went better than expected)

    M/F/S – 2/4/3

  26. SN 175 (5# pr)
    C&J 250 (5# pr)
    BS 250

    Conditioning: 13:08.

    Hands kinda torn up from yesterday and today. Good thing it’s sat.
    3×10 reverse hyper 20# to get some fluid in there

  27. Terrible day for me…

    Snatch 150- same as old PR
    C&J 185- same as old PR- felt easy so I jumped to 195 but failed 2x

    Wod- subbed rowing cals- 7:22 deads felt good

  28. Snatch – 205, 20# or from three weeks ago
    Clean and Jerk – 265, 15# pr

    Back squat – 245 x 20 (225 last week)

    Conditioning – 7:54

  29. Snatch-205, 20# PR it was a little ugly though
    Clean and Jerk-275#, 5# PR, Probably could have gone to 280-285# but 275# was a mental thing for me.

    Back Squat-265# finally completed all 20 reps, week 1 I used 285# and did 10, week 2 I used 265# and got 15 and today I wasn’t being a bitch and got all 20 finally.

    Conditioning- 9:42 RXd

    Overall, it was a great day in the gym and definitely yelled fuck yeah after the snatch in which I was warned if I do it again I will be suspended from the gym for 2 weeks..

  30. Snatch: 150 (10# PR Fuck Yeah!)
    C & J: 180 (10# PR Double Fuck Yeah!!)
    Back squat: 190 (only got 15)

    Conditioning: 6:03 (DL felt ok but was slower then normal on the BJ, should have been about 5:30)

  31. Snatch- did squat snatch instead of split snatch today- 155(tied squat snatch pr), failed several attempts at 165
    C&J- cleaned 215 and missed jerk twice, went for a squat clean pr at 245 but missed each time
    Back squat- 245 for 13, pussed out big time
    Conditioning- 5:52

  32. Felt like hammered dog shit today, not sure why, ate good, slept good… Just one of those days I guess…

    Snatch-185, then failed 215 2xs where I called it. Felt stupid heavy, wrist fucking killing me.
    C/J Stopped at 275, felt heavy, I felt like I was in slow motion.

    BS 310, did 12 reps and quit like a bitch, not sure why.

    Conditioning Stopped at 6mins with 9’s to go. 315 felt like a 1000lbs and back was on fire… Decided to listen to my body and not get injured before regionals. Live to train another day.

    So overall- shitty day!

  33. Sn 175. Not a pr but happy since I haven’t been oly lifting much prior to following outlaw
    Cj 195 failed 205 twice. Disappointed
    Bs – skipped
    Conditioning 13.13 295 Dl 30″ box jump. All singles and slow. Still adjusting to the volume

  34. Just started following Outlaw on Friday. I’m liking the volume.

    Snatch -190 PR
    C&J – 260 PR

    Jumped up 5lbs on the snatch and 10 on then CJ. 260 Clean felt heavy but jerk went well.

    I’ll do the conditioning today, I was honestly scared to attempt it yesterday because my back is always wrecked after high volume heavy back squats, plus we did a team WOD yesterday with a couple of the guys I work with.

  35. 1) 205,215f,215,220PR!,225f
    2) 155,160f,160,165f,170f (5Lb un-pr today)

    HBBS-225LB (easyish) I missed the first 2 times we did this but I liked it a lot.

    15:46- holy crap 315LB killed me! i did 27 rep @ 315 and then dropped to 295LB. I should have done 295Lb and gone sub 10 but oh well.


  36. BBGym
    1) 195 (old pr easy) 205 x 4 (f)
    2) 225, 235(f), 235, 245, 250(f)
    Strength skipped it, been giving me an excrutiating headache at the end of the sets

    conditioning 9:20 rx’d

  37. BB Gymnastics

    1RM Snatch= 87.5kg (PB by 1.5kg)

    1RM Clean & Jerk= 116kg (PB by 1kg)


    1X20 Back Squat @ 90kg (Went 105kg previously and this was too heavy and today was too light, should have been 100kg I am an idiot)


    21-15-9 reps for time of:
    Deadlifts @ 315#
    Box Jumps 30”

    = 6:40 (PB by at least 3 minutes from just after Regionals last year which I’m pleased with- Deadlifts much stronger this time around)

    M= 1 F= 1 S= 1

  38. Snatch – 260 (#25 pr)
    CnJ – 305 (Got the Clean on 315, but failed the Jerk, Clean was a 5 pound PR)
    Squats – 19 @ 335. Felt a twinge on 19 and immediately dropped the weight. Back feels ok today, but just playing it safe

  39. 1) 135, stopped there.
    2) 185 ” ”
    Got to sleep in today and was OUT. Apparently I never moved because my back is tight as hell today.
    3) 190 (5# pr) Wanted to quit on rep 11.

    Skipped conditioning due to my back.

    Group 1 wod: 18:00 flat. Made sure my swings were vertical as hell with a pause at the top on each one. Grip crusher.

  40. BB Gymnastics

    1) 180#

    2) 255# PR


    235# PR


    6:28 – Done yesterday @ 275# as part of team training (3rd Regional Workout from 2011)

  41. Snatch- 105, 110(f)- got under the bar but couldn’t stick it.
    C&J- 145, 150(f)- couldn’t even get the clean and that’s not even a pr for my clean.

    So a bad lift day for me, gonna blame it on the MU. Shoulders smoked.

    Squat -140

    Cond (rx) 7:34. Happy with this!

  42. Did BBG/Strength yesterday (4/14), Conditioning today (4/15)

    Snatch – 145
    C&J – 205



  43. Hey y’all, I’m moving soon and have to change boxes and I want to switch my programming to Outlaw for the next six months. Quick questions, what’s up with the Group 1/2/3 conditioning WODs? What is the significance of those numbers? Thanks!

  44. Snatch – 70kg
    Clean and Jerk – 107.5kg
    Back Squats – 20 x 130kg

    Back and Quads were too fired up after Squats to do conditioning. I was dangerously losing back positioning on the heavier deadlift warmups.

    Did 70% bench for 3 sets (30 reps total) and practiced BFK pullups.

  45. Snatch – 205# (5lb PR, I got 200 a week and a half ago but it was real ugly. This 205 was SOLID as FUCK.)

    Clean and Jerk – Worked up to 245 (10# PR), cleaned and failed on the jerk. I still have a hard time grasping the concept of dropping myself under the bar. I’ll get it soon though, my clean kicked ass.

    BS- 245#. Legs felt soooo heavy. After 4 reps in, I was ready to die. The next 16 were so goddamn hard.

    Conditioning- 9:30. 315# DL is quite a bit for me, I’m still adjusting to the volume. Box jumps went swimmingly though, 30″ feels so badass.

  46. Did the work on Sunday.

    Snatch – 210, ties PR. Failed 5x at 215. I was under it but kept losing it in the bottom.
    C&J – 245, 260F x 2. Previous PR is 270. Felt gassed from all of the snatch attempts.
    BS 20RM – skipped for time.

    Conditioning – 6:55, games std BJs. First time with this one. I managed to avoid is last year by going team at regionals. The deads felt better than i expected, but I died on the last set. Deads went 15/6, 5/5/5, 3/2/1/1/1/1. 3 missed reps on BJs.

  47. I did the Frogman Challenge yesterday in Santa Ana, CA. Most of the workouts were swim intensive. The final workout was Isabel, swim 100m, Grace. I finished Isabel in about 2:30ish, WAY faster than I ever have, and finished the entire workout in 7:39. This was faster than anyone else that day for RX’d weights by about a minute. Thanks to this site. I firmly believe that. We’ll see if anyone beat me today. Some big time CrossFitters were at it today. I’ll look forward to seeing how my time held up. Since I was kind of recovering, I did only the Snatch max and the Clean and Jerk. When I started Outlaw, I hit 225 on the snatch. Today I hit 245lbs. My old Clean and Jerk was 300lbs, with a sloppy jerk. Today I hit 310 with a solid jerk. Thanks so much, I’m never doing any other programming!

  48. Snatch:235 (+20lbs)
    Clean & Jerk 275 (-10 from PR)
    HBBS 10 reps @ 295, was not feeling the BS

    9:09. DL was a smoker.

    Awesome PR gains. Thanks Outlaw!

  49. Snatch 175
    C & J 255

    Back squat 1×20 @ 250

    Conditioning 21-15-9
    dead lift
    box jump
    8:21 *About a minute slower than at regionals last year, but that wood at regionals was nice and springy!

  50. Did this today. Been working too much last 3 days. Feel mentally recovered and ready to
    get back at it.

    1) 205. PR only by 5 lbs but I’ll take it. Missed 215 3 times. Could not keep it locked out.
    2)255 was easy. Failed 265 2 times. Stopped there. 265 is my recent max so not entirely mad.
    Squat) 245. Crappy but still feel I can go up.

    No conditioning. Went hiking for 3 hours, moderate trail. Manly shit.


  51. 200 snatch/walking lunged it up
    Cleans only up to 275
    BS 305×23 kept going for me up 20lbs from last week. Could have kept going, felt great.
    8:15 on dl bj low back was smoked after the bs

  52. Snatch Complex- 95#

    Run 1-1:25
    Row 1-1:27
    Run 2-1:36
    Row 2-1:41
    Run 3-1:37
    Row 3-1:42
    Did my 50 burpees afterwards as well. This was much tougher than I thought it would be.

  53. Sn- 185 195(fx3) 190 (fx2) pr is 200
    * need to work on keeping the feet in tighter on the landing. I had 195 OH twice but felt myself leaning to far forward both times

    C&J- 240 245 f on jk x2 pr is 255
    * again need to keep feet tighter on the landing.

    Back squat 245×20 went up 10# from last week but should have probably gone up more

    Conditioning- 10:28
    This is the first time I have tried this WOD & it pretty much sucked about as much as I imagined

    2 rds
    1a) 10x wall extensions
    1b) Crow transitions
    1c) HAM Hip Mobility Drill From Mountain Athlete

    My full oly lifts have taken a hit during my training with CFFB. My strength increased but the lack of practice has made my (already suspect) form worse.

  54. This is my first time following outlaw. Been reading the blog and the workouts for about a month or so did some parts of the workout but never the whole thing.

    1. 195. 10# pr
    2. Didn’t do clean and jerk cause I did a press complex yesterday.
    BS. 175# should of went way heavier just wasn’t sure how heavy so I went with something I knew I could get.

    Cond. 10:04 did 17 deads at 315 but was to heavy so I went to 275 then finished it.

  55. Snatch: 220–10 pound PR. Awesome.
    C&J: 255–5 pound PR. Also awesome. Just PRed on this last week.
    Need lifting shoes.

    The rest I’m doing tomorrow.

  56. Had a shitty weightlifting day, no PR’s.

    Followed it up with slipping off the box during the deadlift/box jump wod and needing 21 stitches. I’m out for a bit…

  57. 1) 115#/135#/140#
    2) 155#/165#/185#/190#
    3) 1×20@155#

    21/15/9 – DLs and Box Jumps: 205# & 24″….7:04

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