WOD 120413:

Run 800m
30 Muscle-Ups
Run 800m

For time.

Team Conditioning

With a team of 4, featuring 2 men and 2 women.

Run 800m
60 Muscle-Ups
Run 800m

For time.

Rules: Both runs must be completed as a team. The Muscle-Ups may not be started until the 4 team members all complete the run, also time does not stop until all team members complete the run. The Muscle-Ups may be apportioned in any manner, but ALL TEAM MEMBERS MUST DO AT LEAST 10 reps, with the limit for one member being 30 reps. I.e. 3 team members could do 10 reps, and one member could do 30, all 3 members could do 15, or any other combination as long as all members perform 10 reps. Teams may only use ONE SET of rings. Rings may be hung at any height as long as full extension AND turnout is achieved at the bottom. Teammates may help each other reach the rings.

Extra 120413:

*The recommendation is to rest at least 2-4 hours after the day’s normal conditioning before performing this work. If you cannot rest this long, test your resting heart rate before beginning the normal conditioning work and rest long enough for it to return to within 5 BPMs of that number.

Group 3 Conditioning

8 minute AMRAP of:

3 Rope Climbs 15′
20 HR Pushups
30 Double-Unders

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  1. Question for any of u guys or gals. Is it normal for my ps and pc to be more than my full snatch and clean? To me it’s a huge difference. My power snatch is 215 compared to my 175 full snatch. This might be a dumb question but I followed cffb for a long time and didn’t do much of the full stuff. Thanks

    • Same with me, however I’m seeing steady progress with full cleans and full snatches. The benefits to mobility, and power have been huge. Just be patient, focus on technique and follow Rudy’s plan. My full snatch and clean are steadily moving closer to my power snatch and power clean maxes. Ps: 255 ss: 225 pc: 335 sc: 315. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a chance to get the fulls up over the powers 🙂

      • Thanks Zach glad to know im not the only one. Ive had 6 knee surguys so I think it’s more of a mental thing for me

  2. I feel like I’m going to be doing a 20 min amrap of bear complex sat to make up for lack of bb movements today

  3. current day length London, England

    13h 45min 55sec

    current day length Alexandria, VA

    13h 11min 36sec

    Just sayen

  4. Great time for a short WOD, gotta head to Ft. Campbell this mornin woke up at 3 this mornin to get it in.

    Time- 12:23

    • Part 2:
      3 Rounds + 16 Double Unders — Should’ve been 4+ but last round of HR PU I pushed a bit too hard and hit failure around 16.

    • I follow outlaw at crossfit Harrisburg. I’m sure if you dropped in we could welcome you.

  5. Total 17:20 (First time doing 30 MU in same sitting)

    2:46 – 800
    30 MU – 11:40
    2:54 – 800

  6. — 11:05 (forgot to check the clock before/after the MUs. Only went 5, 3, singles on the MUs, and I missed 2 reps. Definitely a 30-MU pr though.)

    Worked on HSW and large-deficit HSPUs after. Slight progress on both.

    M/F/S – 2/3/2

  7. 17:02 Rx…paced muscle ups…did sets of 3…next time 30 comes up, will try to do sets of 4.

  8. 12’21min.

    Happy with this, never 30MU for time before so 6’02 was some kind of PB.
    Run included 3 flights of stairs to the rings, kept them together good in sets of 5-1, one miss.


  9. 14:02
    Muscle Ups took me 7 minutes. Both runs around 3:30- terrible running course. Probably cost me :30-1:00. Feel like muscle ups are getting worse for some reason.


  10. Taking an extra rest day today.

    Bought a full competition Zhangkong plate set and barbell for $500. Crazy deal. 185 kilos to add to my home gym.

  11. WOD: 10:50

    Lovely spring rain while we ran-PR’d on my 30 MUs by a good 30 secs or more. Went 5-5-1-2-2-then singles the rest of the way and did 31 just because I’m a idiot. Runs felt okay.

  12. For time-
    800m Run
    30 Muscle ups (turn out)
    800m Run

    10:30 RX

    Nice twist after the 70% for reps Bench Press Wednesday. Hit 210 for 16-13-10. Feeling it today: )

    Performed @ CrossFit Shifted

  13. Cond-

    Hand tore pretty bad on second set of 5 MU. Did 4×5 then 2×3 then singles.


  14. 14:31?? Subbed running for 2 minutes and rowing the rest for the 800m. Easing back into running. 30 muscle-ups 3:45-10:31

  15. 14:00

    800m – 3:10
    transition – :30
    30 mu – 7:08 (went for a double at the end and missed)
    get out the door – :5
    800m – 3:07

    pr for 30 mu is 6:32 so pretty happy with that. did all singles.

  16. 10:51
    Holy shit it’s hot outside. It rained the whole fucking day and then I picked the one time to workout when it’s 100 degrees. started with 9 unbroken and then did sets of 3 and 2 all the way through. The last run was brutal.

  17. 1st 800- 2:59
    30 MU’s for time- 5:39 (high rings, 1 foot above reach, straight grip)
    2nd 800- 2:57
    Total- 11:35
    (Best MU’s have felt in a long long time)

  18. Pouring outside so no run. Made up some work from the other day to make up for it.

    30 MU: 6:55

    Old PR is 3:50 but that was when I was lighter and false gripped. Got tired of ripping my wrists so switched to neutral grip. It’s been a long road on the switch but I think this is a good sign that things are looking up. Failed 4 of them.

    Other work posted on Wednesday.

  19. 12:45.

    Afterwards, I went over and skeeted on the barbell just to let it know I hadn’t forgot about it.


  20. Metcon
    10:42 rx
    Run) 2:38
    30 mu’s) 4:40pr
    Run) 3:10
    Transitions- 14 seconds

  21. 12:55 total, with 5:22 being the muscleups. Had to take the runs easy so as not to inflame my IT band too badly leading up to regionals… Here’s to hoping it relaxes a bit by then.

    • My suggestion would be to see an ART specialist, they work freakin wonders and totally worth the money

  22. 16:23
    No clue what the splits were but the MUs were 3, 2, 1’s from there with 5 misses. Felt slow and sloppy on those. Not bad on the running.

    Worked HSW for a bit after and PR’d at 22′ (fired up about that)

  23. 28:45

    Ive never done that many MUs in one sitting and didn’t think I could. Now I have a shit ton more confidence in them now. All neutral grip too. I’ll never use a box to get to the rings again muahahahaha

  24. 10:00 on the nose. Really surprised at how well I felt yesterday. Did not get to do extra work though.

  25. Had to Row instead of run today, due to hail and Tornado Warning sirens.

    800m Row
    800m Row


    Rowing and MUs do not mix well.

  26. Run3:15
    MU with purple band 27:33

    Total: 34:06

    Even tho this still sux, it’s an improvement. I think I need to be doing this regularly! But not sure where in the programming I should add them.

  27. Maxed my lifts because I was having a bro session with a mate
    Snatch new PB at 215lbs
    Clean and jerk hit 275lbs, then new clean PBs at 285 and 295

    Nowhere to run so did the extra conditioning work AMRAP
    3 rounds + 2 rope climbs

  28. 10:40
    3:00 800m
    4:28 MU PR
    3:12 800m

    Did this with my fellow teammate Nick Quintela. The guy moves fast on those MU’s and definitley pushes me to get better. Overall, still need to practice but getting better.

  29. 15:44. Had to do singles since it was 40 degrees out and my hands were getting numb.

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