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Rest day.

Tonight’s post come to us courtesy of Uncle Drywall. He has been our resident dorky data collector since the beginning of this project (because he evidently has no job, but access to an endless supply of internets), and has a nearly finished roster of Outlaw Way Regional qualifiers. If you read through the explanation below, he explains why it’s not a perfect roster (while using the “MF” phrase as many times as possible), and why we still need your help to finalize it.

I’ll cut to the good part if you don’t feel like reading the whole thing. We qualified 127 Outlaw Way followers for Regionals. That’s by my count (I’ve done it a couple times), and that’s including Masters. This is by no means a completed list, but is a good start. Read on…


I finished your goddamn regional qualifier tabulations. If you think reading the comments section makes you dumber, try mining it for data. Fuck. When I see you in Dublin next week I’ll have a few spreadsheets I’m going to shove up your ass.

These results are not complete as we cannot capture anyone who did not post to comments when we asked on March 28th and 29th. But of those who did, plus the “oh I’m too fucking important to be bothered” bitches like BP who we know personally, Outlaw had 127 people qualify individually for regionals (and probably more). That’s only counting people who started Outlaw a minimum of 2-3 months before the Open began, not the fuck-ton of people who joined during and afterward. Rub one out, you know you want to, hotshot.

Now because all these rah-rah motherfuckers keep asking “hey can I get a list of all the Outlaws at regionals” I figured I’d put one together. You know, because appeasement works so fucking well. But, you’re going to have to ask people for additions/corrections for several reasons:
1. We have no idea which of these people are going to pussy out and go team instead of going solo.
2. I certainly didn’t give enough of a shit to cross-reference this with the games site for accuracy. I could have a few regions wrong or have a few people who don’t belong there. Ask me if I give a shit.
3. There’s probably a lot of lazy fucks who didn’t bother posting.
4. I didn’t include teams into the count for people who made regionals obviously, but I did throw teams on this list. Going off blog comments, I have no fucking clue if that means the entire team was following or just one person.

And if one motherfucker complains that I didn’t sort men and women, I’m banning their fucking IP.

See below and go fuck yourself.



PS: Now that the names are out, if these guys shit the bed you’re going to look like a massive blowhard. Just thought I’d remind you of that.

Christian Oman

Auste Rayome
Brandon Buchholz
Christen Wagner
Craig Austin
Jen Young
Josh Moore
Keiko Cross
Maura Mc Graw
Susan Harvey
Tye Anderson
Yuko Futenma

CrossFit Asia

Josh Bromley

Canada East
Chris Cristini
Christine Scozzari
Jay Rhodes
Jonathan Reid
Kendra Hall
Kevin Bowles
Kyle Charbonneau
Lacey Van Der Marel

CrossFit Cambridge

Canada West
Prairie CrossFit

Central East
Caleb Gregory
Derek French
Emily Griffith
Jason Malone
Jeff Binek
Jennifer Hayes
Josie Parsons
Katelyn Hayes
Nicole Holcomb

Crossfit Brigade Chattanooga
CrossFit Rutherford
CrossFit Covington
CrossFit Murfreesboro

Adam Shackell
Anders Galaly
Arnars Sigurðsson
Dadi Hrafn Seinbjarnarsson
Inga Ingadottir
Rachel Blumberg
Rob Martin

Spartan Mentality CrossFit
Team Butcher’s Lab

Latin America
Ani Wieselmann
Evan Yoak
Tim Pell

CrossFit 7Mile

Mid Atlantic
Amanda Hodge
Chris Carter
Colleen Sullivan
Corey Perry
Courtney Butowicz
David Lee
Drew Anderson
Jane Meade
Jared Butler
Matt Temsey
Michael Tancini
Sarah Wilson
Tom Kulisz

CrossFit Manayunk
Crossfit 215
RedPoint CrossFit
Hipster CrossFit aka Outlaw CrossFit

North Central
Amy Quimby
Bart Boyd
David Cornthwaite
Elisabeth Akinwale
George Fairley
Ginny King
Jake Howard
Josh Nimmo
Melissa Dinsmore
Monica Ball
Paige Millpaugh

CrossFit OKC
Team Bellator
CrossFit Progression

Alicia Gomes
Ayn Toppin
Brent Miffit
Dani Horan
Danielle Horan
Dave Bonanni
Jessica Dean
JP Wionek
Miwa Andrus

CrossFit Route 1
Champlain Valley CrossFit
Hybrid Athletics

Northern California
Jake Neubauer

Allison King
Apollo Lewis
Kevin Simons
Nadia Shatila
Sun Chang

Kirkland CrossFit
CF Bellevue
CrossFit Spokane Valley

Carlie Stone
Paul Gregrow
Sean McChesney
Taylor Yaffee
Tommy Pease

CrossFit South County

South Central
Candice Ruiz
Chisty Harper
Courtney Wuistinger
Easton Evans
Forrest Rollins
Janice Marie
Jason Hoggan
Jonathon Shelton
Mihael Barousse
Nick Quintela
Blake Aulds

CrossFit Hattiesburg
Crossfit Vida Brickell
CrossFit Waco
CrossFit NOLA

Elly Kabboord
Amy Bright
Brandon Phillips
Brett Lukas
Jenn Harris
Jessica Rodriguez
Jonny Smyth
Krissi Brown
Lauren Brooks
Marc Anthony
Noah Ohlsen
Sarabeth Phillips
Talayna Fortunato
Ty Hanson
Wendy Shafranski
Cheryl Nasso

CrossFit Paragon
Gardens CrossFit

Chase Heywood
Geoff Turner
Jon Lipp
Mandy Malloy
Natalie McLain

CrossFit The Club
CrossFit Broadway

45-49 masters
Cliff Lewis
Janice Spray
Ingrid Hurley
Ken Cutrer
Kristi Lunny

50-54 masters
Larry Silber

55-59 masters
Steve Lobotsky

65+ masters
Peter Nathan

21 thoughts on “120412

  1. I’m new to outlaw, just finished my first month, great programming! I qualified for south central regionals…wish I would have started following before the open. I’m already looking forward to next year after I have a year of outlaw under my belt. Stay tuned.

  2. Several members from CrossFit Shifted have been following for several months now, Including our team “CrossFit Shifted” that will be crushing the SoCal regionals.
    Chad Kibbey
    CrossFit Shifted

  3. Jake Neubauer couldn’t keep you a secret out here in Nor Cal. A few of us going team for RCF Honey Badgers have been following your programming.

    • I would but I’m staying downtown and not getting car. All the gyms I found were pretty far outside City Centre area. I think CF Dublin has a new location downtown but they aren’t open on weekend.

      Temple Bar it is.

  4. Holy Godzilla balls, this is getting big! If your ever in the Houston Area i’ll buy you a Scotch and a guiness to wash it down. Congrats!

  5. I’ve been following the Outlaw Programming for the last 4 weeks. My fellow teammate and training partner Nick Quintela got me hooked on it. It will definitely help us at regionals. Lots of great athletes on the list who qualified for regionals. This programming is the real deal. Good luck!

  6. I think Mark Williams from Canada East follows Outlaw as he trains with Jay Rhodes. I’m pretty sure he qualified for regionals.

  7. Are there any Outlaw friendly gyms in Knoxville or Nashville willing to invite a fellow Outlaw in for a WOD this evening? Garage gyms included? I am passing through and would love to drop by! Hit me up by email at bbarton1234@yahoo.com. Full payment in beer available!

  8. In Southern California, Crossfit CDR Redlands qualified as a team for regionals and have been following outlaw programming since the beginning of the year. Thank you!

  9. Go ahead and add Katie Schmitz, Nick Scott, and Duke Burk from the North Central Region out of Fit2Fight CrossFit to that list, they all qualified as individuals.

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