I legitimately have nothing to really say tonight.

I don’t know, how’s this…

Work out harder—run faster—win everything—eat awesome shit—fuck yeah.

Was that good? You psyched now, or what?

Since I need some content, tonight I will share three of my favorite songs/videos with you. Just so you know, I don’t care about your opinion on music because most of you are either: A) children, and you are stupid, or B) you are fucking nerds and think Disturbed or Nicki Minaj are edgy and cool. Also, it is my site, and if I want to put up nothing but videos of cats playing with yarn, I will do just that. In fact, cats playing with yarn are way cooler and edgier than Disturbed and Nicki Minaj, so maybe they belong here too.

Video #1 – Thrice “Firebreather (live)”.

Best band ON EARTH, great live show, beards and plaid—if you do not love this band you should immediately cause yourself some form of physical harm.


Video #2 – Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross “Work”.

How do you guys get to work in the morning? REALLY? Well, Rick Ross goes to work on a mufuckin’ YACHT. And he’s fat, and he takes his shirt off. Enuff said—quintessential awesomeness.


Video #3 – Hatebreed “Destroy Everything”

This is about my 35th favorite Hatebreed song, but I wanted to give you guys something a little more poppy to enjoy. Lulz. This is IMO the greatest Hard Core band ever, and they may have the most meathead inspiring lyrics in history. The chorus on this song provides a great example, “Destroy everything, obliterate what makes us weak.” There it is: print that shit on your next t-shirt. What else makes Hatebreed cool? At least 4 of the 5 members can kick the living shit out of you.

WOD 120410:

BB Gymnastics

1) Power Snatch: 5X1 @ 70% — rest 75 sec.
2) Power Clean + Push Jerk: 5X1 @ 70% – rest 75 sec.
3) Clean Pull: 3X2 @ 90% — rest 60 sec.


For total time:


21-15-9 of:

Squat Cleans 135/95#
Ring Dips

*Rest 2 minutes.

12 Rope Climbs 15′
50 GHD Situps
Row 1K

Extra 120410:

*The recommendation is to rest at least 2-4 hours after the day’s normal conditioning before performing this work. If you cannot rest this long, test your resting heart rate before beginning the normal conditioning work and rest long enough for it to return to within 5 BPMs of that number.

GROUP 1 Conditioning

15 minute AMRAP of:

Swim 75m
30 Air Squats
15 HR Pushups

GROUP 2 Conditioning


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
21 KBS 24/16kg
12 Pullups

GROUP 3 Conditioning

5 minutes to complete:

1 set ME UB Muscle-Ups, then…
EMOM for the remaining 4 minutes 3 UB Muscle-Ups.

TEAM Conditioning (3 parts)

*In teams of 2 consisting of one male, and one female.

Part 1:


21-15-9 of:

Squat Cleans 135/95#
Ring Dips

For time.

Rules: This event will be performed by taking turns to complete each portion of the WOD. The first athlete (male or female) will complete 21 Squat Cleans, then the other athlete will complete 21 Squat Cleans. The first athlete will then complete 21 Ring Dips, then the 2nd athlete will complete 21 Ring Dips, etc. Only one athlete may be working at a time, and each athlete must complete the full set before the other athlete begins.

*Rest 5 minutes.

Part 2:

5 minute AMRAP of alternating Rope Climbs 15′.

Rules: The athletes must alternate reps. Both athletes must use the same rope.

*Rest 5 minutes.

Part 3:

Row 2k.

Rules: There is no set time or distance protocol for alternating athletes. Teams may choose the fastest possible way to complete the event. This may include anything from 1 athlete completing the entire piece, or athletes changing every 200m. There is no set template—do what you think will be fastest.

106 thoughts on “120410

    • I’ll just provided the first couple obvious observations… don’t jump, and get your hips open all the way. When your feet leave the ground you have to wait for gravity to pull you down, and your wasting time in the air. Your hips might be open all the way, but it’s hard to tell in that video. Also, in warmup or practice, hold that bottom position for a couple seconds, get comfortable down there (improves flexibility and strength in the bottom). It will save you a PR some day and make you more solid during fatigued reps in a workout.

  1. Still can’t do anything overhead for about 2 more weeks. I did Elizabeth in 6:44, 15 seconds off my pr. I guess it’s not bad considering I havent done anything upper body in about 6 weeks.

  2. 10/4/12
    Power snatch 5 x 1 @ 66kg then got greedy and went for 87.5kg. Made it twice for a new PB
    Power clean + push jerk 5 x 1 @ 87.5kg
    Clean pull 3 x 2 @ 113.5kg

    CFCM WOD 2
    AMRAP 12
    6 power cleans @ 50kg
    4 push jerks @ 50kg
    10 toes to bar
    174 reps
    Grip in tatters

  3. A: 137
    B: 160
    C: 208
    “Elizabeth” – 9:37 (PR)
    Didn’t have rope so did a bunch of pull-ups, 50 GHD’s, and 1000m Row (3:54, total crap, totally gassed)

    M/F/S: 3/5/5

  4. Power Snatch 5×1 @ 185# felt light.. so i did an extra single power snatch with 235# suggestions/comments welcome, looking at these videos i see i am jumping wide and kind of doing whatever i can do get the weight up over my head with my power snatch. with my squat snatch my feet hardly leave the floor and i feel more confident about my technique, however, haven’t been able to get as much weight up with a squat… yet!



    Power clean/Push Jerk 5×1 @ 200#
    Clean pull 3×2 @ 405#

    conditioning Total time 25:39, finished Elizabeth in 9:31, subbed 50 pull ups for 12 rope climbs everything else rx

  5. BB Gymnastics
    1) 115#
    2) 165#
    3) 215#

    13:24…subbed 5 strict pullups fro each rope climb since I don’t have a rope…60 strict pu
    felt super slow the whole time

  6. Big ups on the Thrice plug! Amazing band….Not sure if you know, but Thrice will be heading out on their Farewell Tour soon. This may be the last tour Thrice ever does.

  7. 1) 110#
    2) 145#
    3) 195#

    “Elizabeth”-11:30 PR (Never done Elizabeth before today) *squat cleans killed me. sucky time
    12×15 towel pullups
    50 GHD Rx
    Run 1k
    Total time w/rest 30:51 *not happy with this

  8. 1) 90
    2) 110
    3) 175

    PS and PC are weaknesses. Would much rather full squat, but I’m definitely feeling/seeing an improvement with them.

    “Elizabeth” – 9:44. Last time I did “Elizabeth” I had to use bands for the dips. Dips still very slow. 9’s were all singles, but I’m stull happy to see progress.

    Huge improvement with rope climbs. Moved fairly fast through the GHD’s, but moved like the slow, shorty I am on the row.

    Total: 27:17

  9. Probably being a dick but what does EMOM stand for?
    1 set ME UB Muscle-Ups, then…
    EMOM for the remaining 4 minutes 3 UB Muscle-Ups.

  10. BB Gymnastics:
    Power Snatch – 110#
    Power Clean + Push Jerk – 150#
    Clean Pull – 195#

    Elizabeth – 7:27 RX

    12 Rope Climbs 15’
    50 GHD Sit Ups
    Row 1K


  11. 1) 145
    2) 185
    3) 315

    Elizabeth: 5:56
    Pretty happy with this b/c I pace it to make sure my back would hold up

    -rest 2 min

    Rope Climb, GHD, Row- 13:56

    Rope Climbs took 4:30- last 4 were terrible
    GHD- sets of 10, took over 5 minutes
    Row- 3:52- Kinda hard to Row with no pull and no core, thanks for that Rudy

    Total time: 21:52

    • Extra work- Swim WOD
      6 rds + 2 squats. Everything unbroken, pushups started to slow a little on the last 2 rounds.

  12. 1. 115#
    2. 165#
    3. 255# (assumed 90 of estimated max clean pull and not 90% of clean)


    15 x 15′ rope climb
    50 x GHD
    1k row (3:57, suuuuuuper beat at this point)

    28:30 including rest and Elizabeth

    • I was wondering this too about the clean pull. Based on everyone’s numbers so far it’s not 90% of just the clean so I guess clean pull it is. Thx for mentioning it!

  13. 1. 135#
    2. 175#
    3. 245#

    E: 7’55min
    Pissed at this, was counting on at least a minute faster..
    Rope, GHD, Row: 23’13min (total time for everything).

    2h later – Extra Group 2 “Rowing Helen” (Cant do run/pu due to logistic):
    Ok with this considering rowing is my goat, forearms and grip pumped like nothing else. Everything UB but obv slow transitions and row just sub 1’50/500 all the way…

  14. So just to summarize, I think that one dude is going to work, while that other dude wants to destroy everything.

  15. 1. 135lbs
    2. 165lbs
    3. 260lbs

    7:34 Rx

    Completed the GHD’s and the 1000m:

    Could not do rope climbs due to a knife wound in my lower calf and can’t apply direct pressure to the spot. I will be completing a crap ton of pull ups later.

    Great WOD! Love the beat down it applied to me. Can’t wait for more.

    PC out

    • This is so casually badass it’s awesome.

      no big deal about the rope climbs, I just have a STAB WOUND FROM KICKING ASS!

  16. 1) 155
    2) 205
    3) 265

    Elizabeth – 5:57 (-30 seconds off PR)
    -Cleans felt better than ever

    Total time: 26:57
    Epic crash and burn after Elizabeth. I just went through the motions to finish everything.

  17. 1) 85
    2) 115
    3) 225

    Elizabeth – 9:14
    Total conditioning – 28:40 (subbed 36 towel pullups for rope climbs, subbed 100 abmat situps for GHD)

  18. 1) 70 kg
    2) 95-95-100-100-100 kg
    3) 130 kg

    Elizabeth: 5.26 (Ring Dips slowed me down)
    rest 2 min
    12 rope climbs – didn’t went well and took a lot of time
    50 GHD situps (used a bench and anchored feet with DB)
    1000 m row (3.20) – paced myself and felt tired at that time

    Total time for both workout (incl. 2 min rest) 18.28

  19. 1) worked up to 135 lbs, focused on form and letting the bar glance off my pockets

    2) worked at 165 lbs, focused on form and hip extension

    3) worked up to 245 lbs and really focused on hip extension

    WOD part 1) 9:55. Had some issues with my wrist midway through and had to adjust my athletic tape

    Part 2) rope climbs in 4 mins (not very good with my feet yet, but with a 78″ wingspan I can really stretch to get up there quick. only takes me two foot adjustments to get to the top of 15 feet from the floor), V-ups (no GHD machine at my box) in another 1:45, and row took another 3:55. Total time for part 2 = 9:45

    Total for conditioning 21:45 with the 2 minute rest. Had to fight to prevent myself from vomiting and shitting my pants after the row.

    Rudy, you’re an evil genius. Keep it up.

  20. 1) 150
    2) 200
    3) 270, focused on pulling above my stomach

    4:42 Elizabeth (25s off PR)
    total time 18:48

    I have never gotten my ass kicked by GHD sit-ups like that before. It was horrible. After the first 12 it was doubles mostly. Not sure if it’s just the day or the combination of movements leading up to them in the WOD. Either way, brutal. Ran out of gas on the row, slow as shit.

    Gotta man up for the Group2 stuff.

    • you got it dude, it’s just another WOD! just being one of the crossfitters that is assigned to do the extra work would be enough to amp me up!

      let me give you some of my strength!

  21. P. Snatch: 155#
    P.Clean: 205#
    Clean Pull 255#

    Elizabeth: 4:38
    Total Time : 17:54

  22. Did BB gymnastics i felt kind of weird then I warmed up and started Elizabeth feeling kind of lethargic and dizzy. I finished the first round in 2:20 and just felt like i was going to pass out. I just felt like i got all the energy sucked out of me. I decided to stop and I’m taking a rest day tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’m over trained or dehydrated (it’s 100 degrees in my box) but I was just mentally and physically drained today.

  23. P Snatch: 145
    P Clean: 180
    Clean Pull: 255

    Elizabeth: 5:43(PR)
    Total Time: 20:13

  24. 1. 145×2 155×3
    2. 175×2 185×3
    3. 245

    Elizabeth – 6:32 (1 sec off a 3 year old pr so okay with that).

    35 ghd sit ups and 500m row – 4:33.

  25. 1) 105#
    2) 150#
    3) 195#
    4) Elizabeth: 7:53
    rest 2 mins
    rope/GHD/row 13:53
    Been following for 6 weeks now and I have been humbled by the workouts more than my previous 18 months of CrossFit, especially when comparing to the numbers posted here. I love it though because I have never improved so quickly and the timing couldnt be better.
    Thanks to Rudy and all who post here. You are all motivation to, “Work out harder—run faster—win everything—eat awesome shit—fuck yeah”.

  26. 1. 115. 2. 165. 3. 245
    shootem E-Liz-uh-beth- 7:50 (11 sec PR)
    Modified team.
    6 rope climb 1:1, 25 GHD 1:1, 1k row- 6:50

    M/F/S drunk/fuckyou/lickmyballs

  27. 1. 145
    2. 195
    3. 270

    Elizabeth – 6.43 (25s PR)
    RC/GHD/Row WoD – 11.49
    Total time with rest: 20.32

    rest 1 hour

    Group 3 — MUs – 6, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 (did an extra minute because I was disappointed with the first) —

    m/f/s 1/2/3 — Shoulders/Tris burnt!

  28. Power Snatch-135 for all sets, Power Clean and Jerk-185 for all sets, Clean Pulls-250 for all sets.
    Elizabeth- 17:54… Out of shape, bad clean form.

  29. Shitty day today. Had to move some stuff around to get it all in. Wondering if that was smart. Started with Swim WOD:

    Conditioning Extra Group 1: 4 rounds.

    Then went to the gym and hit the work:
    1) 155
    2) 205
    3) 255

    Lifts all felt pretty good. I’m thinking doing the swim WOD first wasn’t smart cause I felt a li’l dizzy before the regular work. But I had no other time to use the pool today so whatev’s. Anyway, proceeded to shit all over my Elizabeth time in a bad way, my legs just had nothing today.

    Elizabeth: 8:42
    rest 2 minutes
    Rope/GHD/Row: 17:18

    Old Elizabeth PR is 7:32. Piece of crap day I guess. Hopefully I find my legs again soon.

  30. lunch training:
    Power Snatch at 205×4….played around with last set-hit a power snatch/OHS/hang power snatch

    then Helen:
    8:01 at school
    *the reason why I mention is that its old school in door track around basketball court. 3x laps is around 405-410m. Not ideal place to run Helen-but previous PR is 7:59. So didn’t break records and it really doesn’t matter…..

    PM session:
    Power Clean + Power Jerk at 225×4…played around and hit Power Clean/Front Squat/Hang Power Clean/Power Jerk-felt better than actual PC+PJ

    part 1:
    Elizabeth 4:13 PR by like 30 seconds!!

    Part 2:
    epic crash and burn afterwards…so mind set went to technique work on rope climbs and speed through GHDs and recovery work on row…..17:23

  31. BBG:
    PS – 155
    PC&PJ – 195
    Cl Pulls – 250

    “Elizabeth” – 5:56. Twenty secs off PR but I paced it down a bit knowing that I had a 2nd part coming. All dips unbroken.

    REST 2 mins

    Part 2 – 12:32. Rope climbs were slow but steady ~4 mins. GHDs were broken 17-13-10-10. Row was slllooowww 4:05. I had nothing left for the row. About 600m into it I could actually situp straight but then my ass and hammies were burning so bad that it didn’t matter.

    Total time – 20:28, including 2 min rest.

  32. 1: 135
    2: 160
    3: 245
    All three felt light, can’t wait to test.
    Elizabeth – 7:54
    Total – 21:40

    Extra: 9:16
    (1 hour later, couldn’t wait any longer. Runs slowed me down, KBS and PU all UB – hooray acronyms)


  33. BB:
    1) 165
    2) 205
    3) 305, no straps

    Elizabeth: 6:31 first time ever doing. so PR. quads just had no gas in them today
    Triplet; 13:30
    Helen: 8:21 not a PR but, unbroken but wicked slow on runs


  34. 1) 115, felt really good. My max is 135, can’t drop under yet.
    2) 145, also felt good. 1RM is 185
    5×3 weighted strict pull-ups with 26# KB, this is my 3RM limit, found that out today

    Did affiliate’s WOD. 25 95# hang squat cleans/400M x 4 for time. Lowerback tightened up, so I bailed after completing 3rd round, at 20min by that point. Wanted to work on my front squat, glad to do this today. L1 cert tomorrow.

  35. Music… I listen to jazz while I lift. So fuck all you.

    1) 155×3, 165×2
    2) 200×2, 210×3
    3) 245

    Conditioning –
    Elizabeth – 6:11 (totally smoked on this, just zero energy. And, had to do the dips on a makeshift rope contraption that left my arms torn up. Give me my rings back Rudy!!!)

    Other shit – 13:21 (again, totally smoked. I subbed 10-meter lateral shuffles for rowing as I had no rower)

    Helen – 8:40 (just under a full minute worse than my PR. No energy, can’t figure out why to be honest)

  36. Power snatch- 155
    Power clean and jerk- 185
    Clean pulls- 225

    Elizabeth- 6:31
    Total- 22:30

    Muscle-up extra work 10 first rd them completed the 3 on the minute for duration

  37. Power Snatch – 140
    Power Clean and Jerk – 175
    Clean Pull – 225

    Elizabeth – 6:23
    2 min. rest
    Part II – 11:55

  38. 1) 115
    2) 155
    3) 205
    Team Wod with Mrs Hughey- 16:35/15 rope climbs/7:50 row
    Max MU- 11

  39. 1) 100
    2) 110
    3) 210

    Elizabeth: 8:39
    rope climb hell: 14:?? this was a f’n nightmare

    Helen: 10:30 (according to Rudy this was supposed to feel like shit..and well..it did.) almost 2 min slower than my PR 🙁

  40. PS – 175×5
    PC+PJ – 210
    Clean Pulls – 274
    Conditioning(team w/ Josie)
    Elizabeth – 15:36 tried to do the squat cleans UB, haha, quads were blown up
    Rope Climbs – 14
    Row – 6:57 I rowed 1000, she rowed 500 then I finished. It would have been faster for me to just row the entire 2k, but I didn’t want to.

    Extra Work(group 3)
    ME – 8 these sucked after Elizabeth, rope climbs, and rowing.
    Got all 3 UB for the rest

  41. 1) 150
    2) 195
    3) 335
    All felt great

    Elizabeth (7:25 PR)
    Total WOD time 20:58 (subbed plank rope beginner climbs)

    Group 3: 7 muscles and then completed the remainder.

  42. 1) 155
    2) 195
    3) 295 (wasn’t sure which weight we were supposed to base the 90% on)

    — 4:44 (I tried riding the bar to the ground without stopping above my knees like I normally do… it was faster at first, but gassed me and fried my back. Ended up dropping the bar a couple times. Not gonna do that again.)

    Total WOD
    — no idea. Someone accidentally restarted my clock. Took me 6:40 to finish 25 GHDs and the row. Was going SLOW at the end.

    M/F/S – 2/4/5

  43. 1) 95
    2) 140
    3) 180

    “Elizabeth” in 6:03 PR
    Pretty happy with that considering the fact that my legs were sore as hell. Outlaw is paying off!
    Rested 2 minutes… (which by the way, was not long enough…)
    16:39 on wod two. Did the 12′ climb up, climb half way down, climb back up, climb down shit. Thanks Rudy for being so hard on us… ass.

    Group 1 Work, didn’t do and I feel guilty as hell. Gonna make it up this weekend when my schedule opens up.

  44. 1. 175
    2. 205 only 3 sets my shoulders are on fire
    3. not enough time had to teach class

    Conditioning: Elizabeth 4:37 could of done better I was mentally weak I could of shaved off 30sec it I stopped being a pussy

  45. 1) 135
    2) 175
    3) 245

    “Elizabeth” 6:14 (slow)

    2nd part 14:26


  46. 1)160# Felt easy.
    2) 210# Again easy
    3) Used 90% of my clean max, so only 275lbs.

    Elizabeth in 12:30 ish? Its on the board at the gym. I took forever to do the rope climbs and other work, got interrupted by someone asking about the gym, and was just plain tired. Did the row in 3:34, but wasn’t pulling hard at all. I’m feeling tired. Very tired all the time. I’m going to try to get more sleep.

  47. Been out since last monday except for some light pool work. Back got jacked up.

    Power Snatches- 155

    C&J- 185

    Clean pulls- 315

    Conditioning-21:02 total

    Did the swim work tonight-
    7 Rds + 12 squats
    Crawled 6 rds, fucked around with a buddy on the first round and lost some time with my stroke.


  48. 1) 120
    2) 190
    3) 240

    6:07 PR!

    Rest 2 min

    Used too much arms during the rope climb so they were SMOKED for the row!


  49. 1. 95
    2. 135
    3. 185

    Elizabeth – 8:29. No rings. That’s a lot of dips on parallettes.

  50. BB

    10:15 on “Elizabeth” about a Minute PR
    32:29 total time

    Holy hot dogs batman that was fun and shitty. I suck at this shit hahaha.


  51. 1) 125LBS
    2) 160LBS
    3) 220LBS

    Conditioning was good
    Elizabeth-7:00 PR by 1:17
    total tome-21:04 liked it all except the row.


  52. 1) 60kg
    2) 80kg
    3 100kg (assumed it was 90% of max clean not clean pull)

    Elizabeth – 19:20. Absolutely freaking horrible on the ring dips. Just couldn’t string more than 3 together. I did paint for 6 hours today (Annual Leave isn’t for holidays anymore – just home renovation work!) so I started this with aching shoulders and lower back. The cleans weren’t bad – triples the whole way with a few breaths between sets. Just the freaking dips man…

    Too bloody dead to try the other conditioning. I don’t think Elizabeth is supposed to be a 19 minute workout..

  53. BB Gymnastics
    1) 63,68,73,73,73
    2) 88,93,98,98,103
    3) 148,153,153
    (went up in weight because the 70% felt so light. only went up if form felt good)

    Elizabeth 15:09 85lb squat clean, ass. ring dips
    6 rope climbs, 50 GHD situps, row 1k 17:15
    (first two rope climbs were easy, then it was 1 and rest)

  54. 1. 155-170 these felt good so I added 5# each rep
    2. 195 awkward pinching between my shoulder blades made these uncomfortable and miserable.
    3. 295

    Elizabeth: 5:14 off my PR by 30 seconds or so
    2mins rest which went by very quickly.
    12:54 rope climb, GHD, row.
    Total w/ rest: 20:08 I was trying to go sub 20 but the rower was trying to drown me to death.

  55. 1)75

    Elizabeth-12:51, ring dips still suck but this is a 1:07 pr from two months ago.

    180 effin towel pullups 16:58
    Ghd – approx 2 mins
    Row -4:10

    Pullups, GHD, row total – 23:45

  56. 1. 155
    2. 175
    3. 235
    Elizabeth- 856. Slow, but still a PR of over a minute.
    Pulled something in my neck during Elizabeth and shut it down.

  57. Day Behind

    BB Gymnastics
    1) 170 – easy….felt like 145ish
    2) 210 – touch and go style (no pause in the rack position)
    3) 285


    Elizabeth – 4:29 PR (old PR was 5:04 from December
    – room to shave off time there

    Was feeling decent after in the first minute or so, then went to change my shoes and just got crushed. When I finally got my second shoe on 3 minutes had passed….started the rope climbs at 4 min.

    Total time 24:08 (4 min rest instead of 2…)
    Rope climbs were slow, GHD’s fired up the quads again, bad enough that I had to actually get off a couple times and let them relax. Row was useless. lol Basically just going through the motions after Elizabeth.

    Extra Work – Group 3

    13 Muscle Ups
    3 EMOM x 4

    13 took about 45 seconds, first set of 3 on 15 seconds rest was tough, after that no problem. Tougher than usual after Elizabeth, started to get hard around 8-9, done 10 in WOD’s no problem several times.


  58. 1)140
    2) 185
    3) 255
    All felt fast and good.
    Elizabeth: 9:52
    Gassed! Prob from eating too “good” past couple days.
    Nothing else
    Did this today, took an extra rest day yesterday.

  59. BBGym
    1) 135
    2) 160
    3) forgot to do it

    38:18 (subbed 45 rope pull ups, and 100 sit ups ona bosu ball) haha worst workout in soo long. actually yelled outat one point that i just wanted to quit… such a pussy today

  60. Skipped this today to work on strengthening my shoulder.

    Elizabeth 5:54

    Total work 21:06.

  61. BB Gymnastics

    1) Power Snatch: 5X1 @ 125 lb
    2) Power Clean + Push Jerk: 5X1 @ 160 lb
    3) Clean Pull: 3X2 @ 235 lb


    For total time:


    7:49 (1:53 second PR) FUCK YEAH!!!

    *Rest 2 minutes.

    12 Rope Climbs 15′
    50 GHD Situps
    Row 1K

    Total time including rest 27:43… Every part of that second section sucked BALLS… You know, in the best way!

  62. Went to do Elizabeth after 2 full days rest. I feel much better. 5:59 RX- not the best time ever but I’m a “kid” and “skinny” so fuck it I’m happy. Didn’t have time or energy to do the rest of this nonsense.

  63. Little behind on posting.

    BBG: power snatch: 140
    Power clean + push jerk: 185
    Clean pull: 265

    Conditioning: Ouch!
    Elizabeth: 6::04 (30 seconds slower than PR)
    completed the rest and finished the conditioning Rx’d in 22:08 (including 2 min rest)

    rope climbs were fun and fast, GHDs took a while and burned, rower fucking sucked (I think i rowed a 4 minute 1k)

  64. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X1 @ 140#

    2) 5X1 @ 175#

    3) 5X1 @ 225#


    “Elizabeth” – 8:41 PR

    Total Time – 24:23

    Rested ~ 20 Min.

    Extra 120410:

    GROUP 3 Conditioning

    M-U – 5,3,3,3,3

  65. Did any team of 2 do Elizabeth? Sergio and I from team Vida Brickell 10:09. Need something to compare it too! 17 rope climbs and 7:11 for the 2k row.

  66. 1) 115
    2) 145
    3) 275
    Total time – 37:31. subbed 60 strict pullups. don’t have bumper plates so had to set each clean down.

  67. 1) all complete
    Elizabeth 7:45, no pr. Couldn’t drop weight at work gym and had ladies walking right behind and in front of me when I was doing squat cleans.

    No rope so I went home and did prowler sprints 25 yards up turn around 25 back 6 times
    1min rest between efforts

  68. 1) pwr snatch 5×1@ 95#
    2) pwr clean & push jerk: 5×1@155#
    3) Clean Pull 3×2@205#

    Elizabeth: 115# 14:50

    3 rope climbs
    50 GHD
    1000 row

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