Today, on his personal blog, Talk To Me Johnny, John Welbourn posted an email from one of his followers. Here is a quote from that email:

Dejected, I set out to find a way to pursue my fitness goals as best I could outside the local box. What I arrived upon was that there were two publicly available programs that could help: CrossFit Football and Rudy Nielsen’s Outlaw Doctrine. Both programs fit very well with what I picked up from Rip, Louie, et. al. and neither strays far from the positive aspects of the CrossFit community. I now follow CFFB because my goals align more closely with CFFB than Outlaw, and because I suck at Olympic Weightlifting.

Here is my personal response to the author of the email:

Dear “Dejected”,

Hi, my name is Rudy. I’m 5’11” (6’1″ in my Romaleos), I like long walks on the beach, slow motion Weightlifting videos, and making yummy paleo treats that taste like a turd fried in coconut oil but have at least three times as many calories as the version the primal dorks are trying to replace. Anyhoo, enough about me, tell me more about you. I read that you “suck at Olympic Weightlifting”. Awe… Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m sure it’s just that you haven’t yet been taught how to jump up in the air and stomp your heals down into the floor like you’re trying to kick a Chinaman in the taint. Don’t worry, we can help. We practice Olympic Weightlifting nearly every day, while John Welbourn programs stupid stuff like this and this.

I know you think John is the one you should be with because he played in the NFL, and he owns 56 muscle cars. But I played TWO sports in college (Division III still counts as college sports, Drywall), I once owned a classic Porsche (’85 944, I bought it on ebay for $3,000), and I don’t want to toot my own horn: but I have 26″ quads. Clearly you and John have a thing together, but from the way you spoke about me it seems like you’re not completely committed to him. I found the way you talked about Louie and Rip to be intoxicating awesome, bro. There aren’t many men who really understand the way I think, and you could be the soulmate athlete who can finally put all my thoughts into action.

I guess all I’m saying is, we should get to know each other. You’ve spent enough time with those neanderthals who play “American Football”. Maybe you would like to be with someone who knows that numbers are good for more than the ability to differentiate between jerseys when calling penalties. I’m not saying I’m better, just different. I know John won’t treat you like me the Outlaws, he doesn’t understand you like I do the Outlaw Doctrine does. John doesn’t really know how to work your body. Ask the other Outlaws: I know exactly how to work it.

I hope I haven’t been too forward. I just wanted you to know that we’re here for you. You don’t ever have to feel dejected. We’ll always have a warm place for you to stay if John decides you’re not good enough for him, and he doesn’t want you around anymore. I love your musk.

Yours until the end of the present millennium (in health, of course),

Rudy Nielsen

WOD 120406:

BB Gymnastics

1) Snatch From Blocks (just below knee): 2 X 75%, 2 X 80%, 3X1 @ 85% – rest 75 sec. DEMO VIDEO
2) Clean From Blocks (just below knee): 2 X 75%, 2 X 80%, 3X1 @ 85% – rest 75 sec. DEMO VIDEO
3) 4X1 Heaving Snatch Balance – heavier than last week, rest 75 sec. DEMO VIDEO


1X20 Back Squat

Notes: This should be a maximal UNBROKEN set. If you completed all 20 reps last week, add approximately 5% this week. If you were close to completing all 20 reps (15-19), use the same weight. If you weren’t close (10-14), take off 5%.


For time:

50′ Prowler Push (high handles) 165/125#
15 OHS 135/95#
50′ Prowler Push (low handle) 165/125#
12 OHS 135/95#
50′ Prowler Push (high handles) 165/125#
9 OHS 135/95#
50′ Prowler Push (low handle) 165/125#

Notes: The Prowler weights displayed are including the weight of the Prowler. The standard Prowler weighs 75#, if yours is not a standard Prowler, then figure out exactly what it weighs and load it appropriately to equal the prescribed weight. HSPU standard is ONE SET of 45# plates stacked on either side of an Ab-Mat for men (i.e. two plates on one side & two plates on the other), and one 25# plate stacked on one 45# plate on either side of an Ab-Mat for women. Kipping IS allowed.

TEAM Conditioning

*Note that HSPU standards are different for teams.

In teams of 4…

For time:

Part One

50′ Prowler Push (high handles) 215#
15 OHS 135/95#
50′ Prowler Push (low handle) 215#
12 OHS 135/95#
50′ Prowler Push (high handles) 215#
9 OHS 135/95#
50′ Prowler Push (low handle) 215#

Part Two

50′ Prowler Push (high handles) 215#
9 OHS 135/95#
50′ Prowler Push (low handle) 215#
12 OHS 135/95#
50′ Prowler Push (high handles) 215#
15 OHS 135/95#
50′ Prowler Push (low handle) 215#

Rules: This event should be set up with one Prowler, one male and one female barbell, and one male and one female HSPU station. One male and one female teammate will complete Part One in its entirety, then the other male and female teammates will complete Part Two. The working male and female teammates will perform all the Prowler pushes together, then they may also work at the same time on the OHS and HSPU. They must both have both hands on the Prowler at all times while it is moving (i.e. they must be pushing together), and their hands must remain on the handles on one side (i.e. the male may not push on both handles, he must remain on one side). As soon as Part 1 is finished, the other teammates may begin on Part 2.

The Prowler weights displayed are including the weight of the Prowler. The standard Prowler weighs 75#, if yours is not a standard Prowler, then figure out exactly what it weighs and load it appropriately to equal the prescribed weight. HSPU standard is ONE SET of 45# plates stacked on either side of an Ab-Mat for men (i.e. two plates on one side & two plates on the other), and one 45# plate on either side of an Ab-Mat for women. Kipping IS allowed.

Extra 120406:

Group 2 Conditioning

8 minute AMRAP of:

3 Rope Climbs 15′
20 HR Pushups
30 Double-Unders

112 thoughts on “120406

  1. What sort of deficit are we looking to create with the 2-45 pound plates on each side? We have 45s that differ in thickness.

    • Hi-temps or Kraiburg style…

      Not the elite pendlay, elieko, etc. (Not that anyone should be using such sacred plates for anything but O-lifting anyway)

      • For someone who dont have a clue about what the above means, how many cm/inches deficit are we aiming at? My gym has the thick rubber plates from Rogue..

      • Michael, not this time. He’s asking for two of the thick rouge 45# bumpers (stacked on top of each other) on each side of the abmat. Off the top of my head, those are about 3.5 inches each, so roughly 7 inches total, with the abmat between them.

        The point is to make the HSPU VERY DIFFICULT. I would even throw out that if these are still easy for you, grab some paralletes and go to a deeper deficit. The idea is to be prepared for the hardest version of the movement going into regionals.

      • Cool did it with about “double abmat height”, which sounds like it was meant to be then, doesnt matter since the OHS wiped out any kind of hspu-strength I had from round 1.. 😉

  2. How do you build blocks that you can drop hundreds of pounds on? Mine are starting to break down.

    • You’re a Canada East guy right? Jon Laniel makes them, pretty expensive though. Around $900 shipped.

      I’m just stacking plates for now.

    • I just cut and bolted several 2x4s together. I staved them jenga style so it would be more sturdy. And drilled holes in the top and bottom so the bolts would be flush with the wood less that $20

    • Two ideas…would a couple of cinder blocks be about right for the height? I think cinder blocks are like $1 apiece. Second, catalyst athletics has an article on building jerk blocks. I think you could take a look at that article and come up with something below knee height instead of just below shoulder height.

      • I just read robin’s post, I think this is the articles she was referring to.

      • I’ve been using pallets I got from work. But every rep I have to step back and drop then put them back up for the next rep. That article rules though thanks.

    • Rogue doesn’t sell wooden jerk blocks for $2,000 with $500 shipping? I’m shocked.

  3. Funny shit Rudy!

    1) 2×67.5, 2×72.5, 3×1 at 77.5kg (fail on 2nd set)
    2) 95×2, 100×2, 3×1 at 107.5 (singles felt so easy!)
    3) shoulder still not okay with snatch balance

    20RM Backsquat – 17 reps at 140kg
    Last week was 130 and miscounted and did 22 reps, so figured i might give 140kg a shot. It killed me!

    Did my own conditioning. Got a competition next weekend and tested three of the WODs for strategy. FIrst one is:
    7min AMRAP
    8 t2b
    6 swings 32kg
    4 burpee boxjumps
    = tested strategy and time on four rounds (3:45)

    15min break and then did the first part of the final WOD which is:
    Power snatch 40kg
    Pushups w. hand release
    = 3:09

    3min break and then did the first round of the next WOD which will be 2min after the last competitor finishes the one above.
    70kg thrusters
    Tuck jumps over 24inch hurdle

    This was just to test how fatigued i would be after the first WOD going in to the second one. It´s going to be nasty…


  4. I played rec league sports at a D1 school. That’s pretty much the same as D3, right Rudy?

  5. Ran the BBG and Strength this a/m. Will run the conditioning later tonight.

    1) 115# / 120# / 125# (still working on bumping these #s up)

    2) 150# / 160# / 170# (same as above)

    3) 135# / 135# / 145# / 145#

    S-1) 155#

  6. …You weren’t this forward when we met at the Arnold!

    Maybe you were too busy trying to sell Rob Orlando on the Limited Conjugate Method…

    a.k.a. No-Longer-Dejected

  7. Hey guys,

    Not really new to Outlaw..Followed for a good while, but ran into some problems with my box owner, whom took it personal that we were not following his programming. Agreed to follow the gyms, but not really feeling good about it, and would much rather be an Outlaw.
    Anyways, just looking for some advice, besides just switching affiliates, as to how I could go about this…

    • Does your gym do any type of separate/specialized programming? Is there a Crossfit Endurance class or Crossfit Football class? If so you could maybe pitch it as a separate program like that and see if others might be interested.

    • I don’t understand the affiliates that aren’t open to new (proven) styles of training if the students make the time to commit to the program.

      With that said we ran into a problem of different sorts. “Regular” gym members saw us doing different things, and thought that they could start doing whatever workout they wanted. To counter this we’ve started to do two things: 1) explained to everyone that we were following a comprehensive, structured program, not just doing “what we wanted” 2) Made sure we did the workouts outside of the regular class times so we were less noticed.

      When it comes down to it, having some members (usually the better exercisers) follow different programming can cause problems even if the gym owner is on board. So as Robin eluded to, if you can get the owner to go for it, it needs to be A) organized so people understand what your doing, and B) available for everyone. People hate feeling left out, and CrossFitters especially hate feeling un-elite.

      Then if the owner still doesn’t buy in, find a better gym.

    • My box does an open gym set-up. 2 slots a day where you can do what you want. We have about 5 of us following the Outlaw way, started after the open. Seems to work well and avoids butt-hurtness.

    • Say “please” and if he still says no, find a new gym. You won’t be the first, or the last.

      • This particular gym, the owner programs a strength class a few days a week as well, as his defense for not being willing to let others do Outlaw, aside from the normal WOD. However, it doesn’t have the proven theory behind it, or nearly as much structure as Rudy’s program. He also has looked at Outlaw, and simply thinks his programming is better. There are certainly times I could do it without anyone around, and there is a seperate room, but it’s frustrating that if he were to find out, he’d be literally mad.

  8. Well,

    Snatches went okay, but still unsteady..
    2@72 kg , 2@ 77 kg . 3×1@82 kg
    Clean – wasn’t stable in bottom and missed the last single
    2@97,5 kg, 2@ 105 kg, 2×1@110 kg, 1 fail

    Heaving snatch balance – went fine
    1@ 90 – 95 – 100 – 105 kg

    20 rep Back squat @ 117,5 kg – 7,5 kg increasement from friday. Today was a battle, but manageable.

    80 kg Prowler was a game. OH squat went pretty smooth, but broke the second one in 6-6. HSPU is a weakness and they didn’t went well.
    Time: 9.02

  9. Snatch: 140/2, 150/1+F, 150/1, F, 1
    Clean: 190/2, 205/2, 215/1, F, 1

    Incredibly bad from the blocks, cant create tension in my back somehow. Need more of this!

    SB: Did not do, wrist protesting.

    HBBS: 265/20
    Not so much about the weight, never close to fail, but what a mental struggle..

    3h later:

    Conditioning: 16’08min

    Decided to try to do the OHS as unbroken as possible to force my self to “kip” the HSPU. Killed my shoulders completely and my kip looks more like someone is having an inverted seizure but I’m sure I learnt something.

    20min later, Extra group 2: 3 rounds+11 HR Pshu


  10. heaving snatch balance: 110kg
    back squat: 123kg
    conditioning 13:30 (making repairs to homemade prowler mid- workout)

  11. 1. 115×2/125×2/135/135(f)/135
    2. 165×2/175×2/185/185/185
    3. 155/165/165/165
    Squat – 225×20

    Conditioning later.

    • you always post conditioning later. killing other bears does not count as conditioning. get yer shit together bear

  12. snatch- 150,160,170 felt bad today
    clean- 185-195-210- felt good
    snatch balance- 135-155-165-185

    strength 245 x 15 then quick rest and got the next 5. I probably could have gotten 20 but my form was getting really bad. number 15 was basically a good morning so I racked it.

    conditioning- no prowler so did the extra conditioning from a few days ago with the rope climbs, power cleans, pushups, and dubs. got 2+15 pushups. Still not used to lifting this heavy in metcons and the big weights scare the shit out of me so i pace way to heavily. I wasn’t even that tired when i finished =(.

  13. 1) 115*2/125*2/135/135/135
    2) 155*2/165*2/175/175/175

    Back Squat – 175*20

    13:50 *Had to scale OHS, my left shoulder is jacked and left hand is fractured, oh and I’m a pussy! Did 115#

    Ok Outlaws I think I posted this video right (I’m a computer RETARD). I need some feedback on my Snatch to work on technique, speed, balance, hell EVERYTHING. Before WOD 12.2 I had never done Oly lifts to amount to anything. I had 3:00 left in 12.2 when I got to 165# and only landed 1 rep at that weight and man it was UGLY. I find myself, with the heavier # I go, the more I try to muscle snatch… WTH. I think the hardest thing for me is (all of the above mentioned) + I cant get low under the weight without fallin on my ass! I need some critiques and help. I’ve been working daily on mobility in my hips and shoulders, my hip flexors SCREAM at me like a banshee when I get low (i.e. ass to heels is not happenin for me yet) Thanks in advance to anyone who chimes in.

      • Just out of curiosity (no im not being a smart ass) have you watch your video? If so what do you think you did wrong/ need to fix?

      • Hey I don’t think yer bein a smart ass at all man, I’m lookin for any type of feedback. Yea I’ve watched it numerous time in slow motion too…. My limited knowledge on Oly lifts limits my input; however, I see my hips not staying in line with my spine causing alot of balance issues (i.e. hip flexors still too tight), I’m not getting under the weight anywhere near quick enough…. Also I’m thinkin my back should probably be more straight when in the pull. Ideas? Also the jacked up shoulder and broke hand doesn’t help but it’s not that much of a problem… My technique is simply piss poor I think.

      • Brandon, I wouldn’t focus on your hip flexors or your quickness. The main issue at fault in this 1 particular video (and understand that it’s very difficult to give you guidelines for future training with just one video to go on) is that you’re initiating hip extension before the bar has reached your hip crease. Your initiating near mid-thigh. This is causing you to loop the bar in a huge way during your pull-under. If you pause the video when you first catch the bar, you will see how far forward your knees are. As you stablize the weight, your hips and knees naturally orient themselves posteriorly so your weight is over the mid-foot and heel (as opposed to your toes).

        You’re sweeping the bar in with your lats really well. Unfortunately, the way you pull off the blocks as well as exploding/extending at mid-thigh is causing you to be–and to catch–with your weight forward on your toes. This makes the lift seem that much more difficult and unstable.

        So if I were to give you some cues to correct the faults in this particular lift, I would tell you to drive your weight through the heels as you begin the lift. I would tell you to push the knees back more aggressively as you begin the lift. And I would tell you to make sure you feel the bar in your hip crease before you extend your hips powerfully.

        Heels–knees back–patience.

      • Chris, I appreciate it a lot… After reading yer post, my nerd side kicked in and watched the video in super slo mo and it all makes sense now… The hip ext. with the bar at mid-thigh is not just isolated to this one attempt, I’ve actually been doing it for a couple weeks now that it was pointed out to me… When I first started Outlaw (Only been following since the close of 12.2) I couldn’t even get any hip ext. every attempt was profoundly muscle, so I guess while developing the hip ext. I developed a bad habbit… I’ll do some skill work with what you said. Again thanks!!

  14. 1) 100, 110, 115
    2) 140, 150, 160
    3) 155, 165, 175(f), 175(f). Attempted 175 again and it. 10# PR

    Squats – 185×14. Squats have been off lately.

    Conditioning: 10:52 – HSPUs were tough, but I loved them!

    MFS -4/4/4

  15. BB Gymnastics


    12:05 Rx

  16. 1) 135-175
    2) 205-265- squat clean pr
    3) 185- felt horrible so I stopped

    Strength- later

    Conditioning: 9:35
    OHS unbroken, HSPU all kips, Prowler in the Redneck cooler

  17. 1) Snatch: 165#, 180#, 190#
    2) Cleans: 235#, 255#, 270#
    3) Snatch Balance: 235#, 245#, 245#, 255# (ties current PR for Snatch balance/OHS)

    Squats – 14 reps at 285#. Once again did not fail the reps in the legs, with every rep it slid down my back a little bit until it just slipped off. I am pretty new to the Low bar back squat but someone who was watching me said I was standing up too upright at the top causing the problem. Waited 2-3 minutes then did 285# for another set of 10 trying the tip he gave me and it felt 100 times better.

    Conditioning Later

    • Conditioning:
      11:59, HSPU after OHS were brutal.

      waited 10 minutes because a class was about to come in the gym and hit the group 2 extra work. Finished 3 rounds + 3 Rope climbs + 3 push ups.

      Both of these were fun. The Prowler pushes were easy, the OHS weren’t bad at all, but the HSPU killed me. The added range of motion just magnified my weakness even more. Very fun workout though. I really enjoyed it. I need to continue to work on these. When I am fresh my HSPU are ok but once they go, they go bad. Did doubles and singles the entire time. Going to continue to work on these leading up to regionals.

      Had to go right into the extra work. I am training at a different gym over easter break so I had to get it in before the 5 pm class came in. At my home gym I have the privilege to come in whenever I want, but while I am home I have to work around the class schedules. Shoulders were a little fried going into the push ups but thats what I need for those. It felt good to work under fatigue. I love rope climbs, continuing to get better at them, very fun to do too.

      Just to sum things up, today had some of my weaknesses, but I love this shit. So much fun.

  18. snatch: 155,170,180
    clean: 215, 230, 240

    Snatch Balance 225#

    Strength: 265#x20

    Conditioning: 10;07 fuck hspu

  19. 1) 165, 175, 185 – no blocks so I paused below the knee then exploded. Felt good.
    2) 210, 225, 240 – same thing, felt good
    3)205, 205, 225, 225 – good

    20 Back Squats at 265# –

    I think I’ve got another 10lbs in me … near religious experience, still room for a little more though.

    This is was first time I’ve ever used a belt though, it was AWESOME. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get a belt. I was stupid before. So stupid. The core activation was like no other.

    Team metcon in 12:43. All really easy except for the HSPU.

  20. Snatches 115, 120, 130
    Cleans 140, 150, 160
    Snatch balance 125, 135, 145, 155 start dropping slower when the weight gets heavy

    Back squat 205 for 20! So psyched I got that

    Metcon 9:56 Thought I was finished and walked away until ppl started yelling that I had another prowler

  21. 1)155- 165-185-195×2 kind of jumped around with my weights on this one. Did an extra set.
    2) 225-245-255
    3) worked to 225# Heaviest since shoulder injury, really happy with this.

    1×20 @295 completed.

    Conditioning, only had time for 8 min AMRAP of

    3 rope climbs
    5 PC @175
    15 HR Push Ups
    30 DU

    3 Rounds +2 rope climbs

  22. snatch- 160,170,185
    clean- 225, 245, 260
    snatch balance- 205, 210, 215, 225

    strength 300 x 20

    conditioning- Everything felt great today. OHS 15UB, 6,6 , 9UB. HSPU 15UB, 5,4,3 , 3,3,3. Kipped all of them.

    Time: 9:06

    Extra work for Group 2.

    3RDS + 18

  23. BB GYM:

    1.) 90-100-105 (failed all three at 105)
    2.) 120-130-135
    3.) Skipped (hip and back pinching)

    Strength: 165×20

    Conditioning: 15:09

    Felt sluggish on everything. Hips and back tight.

  24. BB Gymnastics:
    115 x2 / 125 x2 / 135 / 135 / 135
    166 x2 / 175 x2 / 185 / 185 / 185
    135 / 145 / 145 / 145

    Squat 225 x 20

    12:43 @ 115 , stacked 25# plates (shoulders were toast)

  25. 1. 2×155 2×165 3x1x175
    2. 2×205 2×220 3x1x235
    3. 185 205f 185f 185f (i’ve hurt something in the back of my right shoulder)

    4. 265×17 (bar slipped out of postion and i couldn’t recover.)

  26. Snatch off low blocks

    180 x 2
    195 x 2
    205 x 3 x 1

    Clean off low blocks

    235 x 2
    255 x 2
    270 x 3 x 1

    Easy stuff….felt good on all reps.


    295 x 20

    Last 4-5 were tough, room to go up.



    Was shit. Used the R-1 Yoke instead of prowler….push was nothing. OHS weren’t too bad. Was about 2:30ish up to the 12 HSPU then it went to shit.

  27. BB
    1) Snatch from blocks -> 160, 175, 185
    2) Clean from blocks -> 205, 225, 235
    3) Snatch Balance -> 165, 185, 205, 225

    1) 20 rep Back Squat -> 19 and 1/2 (so close to 20)

    Short on time today


    • Forgot to mention, I followed CFFB for ~8 months before coming here. Both are great programs and would recommend to anyone.

  28. BB Gymnastics
    1) 125, 130, 140
    2) 200, 215, 225
    3) 155, 175, 185, 195

    225 Shouldve went 20-30lbs heavier, only got tough at rep16

    2 plate deficit on the HSPU definitely slowed my time and made me actually look forward to the prowler!

  29. BBGym
    1 = 71, 76, 81kg + 1 @ 85kg for fun
    2 = 96, 101, 107.5kg
    3 = 95, 100, 105, 110kg FAIL

    20 reps @ 127.5kg

    Taught 2 classes

    Used 1 bumper each side (worst movement for me)
    Oly shoes need new soles as they’re pretty much slick so I spent a while skating around behind the damn prowler

  30. 1) 95, 115, 125×3, need to get with a coach and improve form significantly
    2) 165×5
    3) 95, really trying to get these right

    Dropped to 165 and got all 20. Think this is a intestinal fortitude thing. Gonna go up each week from her, now that I did it. My max is 285, should get 185.

    Did gym’s wod. Got 5 rounds plus 2 DB burpees.
    40lb DB burpees x5
    40lb ball slam x10
    AMRAP 8:00

    • L1 Cert next week, pretty excited! We have to wear our military issue PT gear the first day but can wear whatever the second day. Too bad I didnt get my Outlaw shorts in before the class, oh well. CF donated 30 spots to the military, that definitely doesn’t suck.

  31. 1)145,155,165
    3)165,165,165f,155f This kills my elbow
    285×20 3 more than Last week. Felt good
    14:00 HSPU done off of one plate ohs ub
    M/F/S 2/5/5
    Got to work out with other people today so that was nice.

  32. BB Gymnastics
    1) 95, 100, 105, 105, 105
    2) 145, 155, 165, 165, 165
    3) 95, 115, 115, 125; first day I was able to do these, finally finding my shoulder position

    225; felt really good

    12:56 had to scale OHS to 95, but felt strong

  33. 1) 165-175-185 failed all singles, didn’t have it today.
    2) 205-225-245 one failed single.
    3) 155-175-185-205

    225 – 20 reps. Could’ve gone heavier, first time doing it wanted a benchmark.

    19:42 rx
    Only failed 2 HSPU, but did singles the whole way through.

  34. 1) 160, 170, 180 — Felt pretty good, had a couple short pulls working up…popping at 180 well though.
    2) 225, 235, 255 – No Fails, all easy.
    3) 135, 155, 175

    Strength: Went for 315 x 11 — Just didn’t have strength today, a little low on food intake pre-workout, felt weak.

    Conditioning…Was a fucking loss…My ‘redneck cooler’ broke halfway through the workout, I couldn’t get HSPU on the double-plate stacks and my wrist was being a cunt all day…somewhere around 12 minutes, scaled…not my best day…

    Did a Tabata Double Under contest after, 20 burpee penalty from breaks. Got 281 Doubles…

    M/F/S – 1/1/1

  35. 1. 165-175-185×3
    2. 205-225-235×3
    3. 245-255-265-275

    20 Rep Squat @ 265-redemption from only doing 13 reps last week at this weight, oh what a difference warming up properly makes

    WOD: 12:44 (HSPU were off today, did almost 50 yesterday so that might not have helped)-prowler was light and OHS UB

  36. 1) 165, 180, 190
    2) 225, 245, 265
    3) debacle. 185 – 225, with a bunch of fails all over.

    Awesome post.

    — 20 @ 315 (felt easy… No idea why last week sucked so hard)

    — 9:20 (getting more confident w/ hspu, but not perfect)

    M/F/S – 2/2/4

  37. BBG:
    Snatch – 165×2,175×2,185x3x1
    Clean – 205×2,225×2,235x3x1
    Sn Bal – 225,235,245,255F

    Back Squat – big time fail. 265×10. Did 255×20 last week. Shit the bed today.

    Conditioning – 15:25. Kip actually felt good today. All of you posting sub 10 minute times on this can fuck off.

  38. 1) based off of 200
    One fail on second rep of 80%, tech fail.
    2) based off of 265
    No fails.
    3) 205 215 225 235PR
    Way easy, should have tried for more. I’m ready to test my snatch. Herro PR!

    Squat) 235×20 lovin it.

    Conditioning 12:07
    Used a cooler with 150 in it.


  39. BB Gymnastics –
    Snatch – 145, 160, 170
    Clean – 190, 200, 215

    Back Squat – 20 at 225, only got 15 last week.

    Conditioning – 11:41, last set of hspu took over 3 min.

  40. 1) 160, 170, 185
    2) 215, 225, 245
    3) 185, 225, 245-f, 245-f

    315 x 20

    Did Group 2 WOD first in order to compete against two other athletes in my gym.
    = 4 rounds + 1 rep

    Later I did the Prowler/OHS/HSPU WOD, without warming up or anything because I was stressed for time. Fuck it, sometimes you have to just get it in…
    … then left. Without stretching. Bodybuilder style.

  41. 1) Snatch (just above knee): 120, 132, 140
    2) Clean (just above knee): 168, 177, 180
    3) 4X1 Heaving Snatch Balance –135, 137, 140, 142

    1X20 @195
    Conditioning scaled OHS to 115, HSPU to 1 45 and Prowler to ~35 ft.

  42. 1) 75/80/85-85-85
    3)95×4 – PR of sorts, the ability to heave made a huge difference

    1×20 @ 165 – 10# increase from last week, felt even easier this time around. wat

    i love 1×20 back squats. really. i love them. what is wrong with me.

  43. 1) 145, 155, 165
    2) 205, 215, 245 jumped up a little because I was feeling pretty good
    3) 185, 195, 205, 205

    1×20 Back Squat- 265#


  44. 1) 165, 175, 185 (felt good)
    2) 220, 235, 245 (a little slow)
    3) 185, 205, 205, 215 (total shit. Missed a couple attempts)

    Squats – 330×20 (crazy fired up about that. Started feeling really woozy around 14)

    Conditioning – kind of improvised this. Did it TEAM style and partnered with another guy but we had three teams usin one prowler. Needless to say there was a lot of standing around. HSPUs felt awesome somehow. Really want to try this on my own some day to see what happens.

    AMRAP – no time. May do a modification of it in the woods while camping tomorrow night.

  45. BBG
    Snatch – 175, 190, 205×3 – all felt really good
    Clean – 225, 245, 260×3 – easy
    Snatch Balance – 225, 245, 265(started to lose it on the way up and never got it back under control) tried it again and completely missed it. 275 is my PR

    Back Squats – 17 reps @ 300# felt heavy from the start. Somehow managed to get to 17 and my back started to get tight and my legs were numb so I pussed out.

    Conditioning(Team) – 37: something the super deficit HSPU hurt us. I actually felt pretty good on them, did mostly sets of 2 and never failed any reps, OHS and prowler push was easy.

  46. 1) 110, 115, 125
    2) 150, 160, 170
    3) Worked up to 135, but dropped to 125. Wrists wouldn’t take it today.

    Didn’t do the 20rm today. Trying to get back on schedule and plan to do tomorrow’s wod as well (4 days in a row). That one unexpected day off has jacked up my schedule.

    15:45 with whatever I could make into a prowler. Took a jerk block (probably 50 damn pounds), and stacked 5 45# plates on top. Still didn’t feel right, but did what I could with all I had available.

    OHS were unbroken, but with incredible pain. Wrists took a long time to recover going into the HSPU’s. Stiff as hell.

  47. 1)snatch from blocks: 2×195/2×215/3×225 -ive never done this movement with blocks before but it has showed me a weakness in my pull. i feel like i could be more explosive.
    2)clean from blocks: 2×243/2×260/3×275.- ” ”
    3)1x 225 1×255 2×265 – i worked up to weight due to tendonitis in my elbow from the past week.
    4) 265×20- i could do more.
    5)Conditioning- 6:29 if i improve my kip i think i could shave off 30sec.
    took 30min break then hit fran.

  48. i rested just about 30min and hit fran (time-2:23) and 50 burpies right after. i felt really good im not sore i took progenex recovery right after and im feeling like i could hit fran all over again.

  49. 1. 135/144/155
    2. 180/205/215
    3. 135/165/185/200(f)




  50. 1) 75kg, 80, 85, 85, 85
    2) 95, 100, 107.5, 107.5, 107.5
    3) 95, 100, 105(PR), 110f, 110(PR)

    277lbx12, put it back up and finished the 8 right away. 260 came so easily yesterday I feel like a massive pansy for failing at 12. Really…

    Conditioning: (subbed 200m row for Prowler) 15:30

    Mostly pissed about the stupid 20RM. Really wanted that 277lb.

  51. A: 147#, 155#, 165#
    B: 181#, 195#, 205#
    C: 176#, failed 186# twice (not a good day for these)
    D: 215# (10# PR, did high bar this time, felt way more comfortable)
    Metcon – 15:45 (subed high resistance tredsled for prowler)

    M/F/S: 1/1/2

  52. Snatch from box based on 135#
    failed the 1rst and last reps of 85%

    Clean from box based on 180#
    all good

    4×1 Heaving snatch balance did 105,110, 110, 115 (i know i can do better, just going up gradually)

    Didnt do the 20 rep back squat, felt very tight, might be gluten’s response from the way I have been eating, gonna fix that. My but wink was back in my squat and squat felt akward.

    No wod, tired from work, too frustrated for all them skills for today, calling it a night.

  53. BB Gymnastics
    1) 2 X 150#, 2 X 160#, 3X1 @ 170# (Failed last 2)
    2) 2 X 195#, 2 X 205#, 1X1 @ 215#, 2X1 @ 225#
    3) 175#, 185#, 195#, 205#
    1X20 Back Squat – 225#

  54. BBG:
    1) 80,85,90. The 90 felt great. Was suppose to go up, but had to go to another gym and couldn’t drop weights ( if I needed).

    2) 120, 130, 135

    3) 90



    I knew my time on this wasn’t going to be great, but I know without a doubt if I’d been at my affiliate it would’ve been much better.

    Had to go with the cooler for the prowler. Hspu on bare floor ( well, used a blanket). And OHS with p.o.s. equipment. Lots of kinks along the way. The hspu went well though. I was happy with them. 21:48.

  55. Snatch 105, 115, 120
    Clean 130, 140, 150
    Snatch balance 130, 135, 145, 150

    Back squat – 17 @195. Annoyed.

    Conditioning: 12:41. OHS unbroken, HSPU’s very broken. 🙂
    We don’t have a prowler so we rigged a sled that we could push. Better than nothing.

  56. BB Gymnastics
    1) 175-185-195(2/3)
    3)155-165-175(got under, lost the bar in front)-205(Got under, lost the bar in front)

    20reps @265

    27:08 OHS Unbroken, HSPU worked on keeping feet on the wall when locked out


  57. BB Gymnastics

    First time working off blocks

    1) Worked up to 70kg x 3 x 1
    2) Worked up to 100kg x 2 x 1
    3) Worked up to 90kg (PR)

    20 rep Back Squat – 125kg x 20 (PR) – Stoked!

    Skipped Conditioning due to wrist protesting on second rep of 60kg OHS.

    Practiced Butterfly Kip pullups – really getting the hang of them! – and did 3 x 10 HSPU’s.

    Decent night

  58. BB Gymnastics

    1) Snatch From Blocks 2 X 140, 2 X 165, 3X1 @ 175

    3) 4X1 Heaving Snatch Balance @ 175


    1X20 Back Squat @ 245

    Trained with coaches at the gym today (Bayou City CrossFit) and we did
    5 power snatch (115)
    20 double unders
    100m sprint
    rest 3 min
    4 rounds
    time was right around 15-16 min including rest, can’t remember now, rounds were taking about 40-55 seconds each

    Rested and set up for the OHS/HSPU WOD, started and wrist couldn’t handle the constant weight sitting on it during the OHS so I tapped out.

  59. Not a great day of training, even after a rest day yesterday. Too many Peeps.

    Snatch from blocks–155, 165, 175 –didn’t feel very clean
    Clean from blocks–205, 225, 245–Felt really strong, powerful
    Snatch balance–225, 20 lbs more than last time

    20RM backsquat
    Did 275 last time successfully, pumped it to 285 and failed miserably after 12. Just didn’t have it. Sucks. Legs just didn’t have spring.

    Conditioning –14:24
    HSPUs were so bad. The added ROM is an absolute crusher for me.

    I felt pretty smart today though. No prowler, so I threw two 25 kg plates on a flat bench that weighed somewhere around 50 pounds probably. Perfect weight and friction on the ground. Probably a good option for lots of people.

  60. 1) 145-155-165
    2) 195-215-225
    3) 135-135-155-155

    Strength – 245

    Conditioning – 12:27


  61. 1) 140-150-160×3
    2) 170-180-195×3
    3) 165 across

    Strength-235,fairly tough

    Conditioning: 12:15, used 180# for prowler(2 45s plus 90lb rogue butcher) was a joke.
    All hspu strict as I don’t know how to kip and I had to do them on my garage which isn’t completely flat, definitely a set back with the deficit. Wasn’t even tough on cond as much as it was on muscular fatigue

  62. 105kg x20 Hi Bar Back Squat

    7.05 for Conditioning
    but only used 1 plate per side because I follow a week behind and forgot about the standard and just did the WOD. Rear delts and external rotators were screaming at me by the end of that anyway. 2 plates per side would have been messy on the shoulders!

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