WOD 120405:

Rest Day.

Ok, these fucking kids have gotten completely out of control. I mean it was cute when Noah Ohlsen, despite the fact he was wearing a women’s bathing suit, did this. Then, despite the fact there’s no possible way he’s old enough to produce testosterone, Ryan Sunshine made Noah look so one day ago by doing this. Now it appears that Outlaw, just like the Wu-Tang Clan, “is for the children.” (Side note: None of you dumb kids will know where that quote is from because you are too young and too stupid. Google that shit, son—learn your history.)

Today I was sent videos of two wonderful young men (read: one uppers), who took it upon themselves to grab Noah’s already damaged little ego and smash it against a wall like Chris Coker after a little too much “rubbin'” in turn three. The first video features 17-year-old Brandon Dagnesses from IMT CrossFit in Miami. Brandon will be playing college football at Rhode Island this fall, where they will certainly tell him this beautiful lift is far too fucking dangerous FOR A FOOTBALL PLAYER and immediately make him start doing power cleans, with straps, therefore balistically loading the carpals with 300-400# of inescapable mass.

Anyhoo, this is a PR lift of 205#:


Our next set of videos features 18-year-old Darian Barnett, who is the son of CrossFit Thoroughbreds owner Jeremy Barnett. Darian has an extensive strength training background, and actually broke over 20 national and world Powerlifting records in the two years after he turned 15. I’m sure you can figure out where this is going…

This is not just a fast/flexible kid we’re talking about—this is a legit BAMF. Today Darian PR’d on his Clean and Jerk, at THREE HUNDRED AND FIVE POUNDS. In case you were wondering, Darian is 175#. Prepare to be speechless:


If that wasn’t enough to leave your jaw on the floor, Darian also PR’d his Snatch this week at 240:


Here’s part of the email I received from Darian’s dad-

Darian is now focused on competing in the CrossFit Games and has been using The Outlaw Way program for the past 6 weeks and loving it. The 30 lb. Clean N Jerk PR has come from your programming and has helped him improve on his snatch as well. He wants to hit a 325-340 lb. Clean N Jerk in the next 4-6 weeks and hopefully add another 10-20 lbs. to his snatch in the same time frame.

There it is, children. Unless you can beat that don’t send any more videos—200# looks like kids weight now (literally). Darian ruined it for everyone: have fun trying to catch him.

Someone sent me this today… Evidently it is a screen shot of some texts between friends which was PUBLICLY posted on Facebook. At this moment, just like last week when I posted the Josh Courage video, I am at a complete loss for words.

20 thoughts on “120405

  1. Texts….wicked.

    Now as far as the lifting…. Darian, that PR will last basically until you decided to attempt a heavier weight. Quit making it look so easy.

  2. If Darian knew how long I’ve been dreaming of 305# clean and jerk he wouldn’t be such an ass and just nail it like it was nothing with a POWER JERK! Geez… kids these days.

  3. And to think I thought I was hot shit when I was 17 and cleaning 235lbs…Jordan is right, kids these days…..are apparently quick under the bar and strong as fuck.

    “Smith Barney…bunch of bitches, you need to diversify yo bonds”

  4. All i can say is that the crossfit games are going to be damn interesting in a couple of years

  5. All I could think at the bottom of my tempo squats this morning was “Wu-Tang is for the children.” Time to MTFU and stop playing with kids’ weights!

  6. Alright just have to throw my first post out here because I f’n love this programming. I started following Outlaw just 3 weeks ago and I AM F’N PISSED I didn’t find it sooner. I left TX in October and had to leave my Box and train out of my garage gym since nothing is accessible in my area. Needless to say following the mainsite and other gym’s WODs my conditioning, and strength suffered tremendously….Now after just a few weeks of doing this I’ve seen a return of conditioning and improvements in almost everything. As an example, on the open I got 70 in the snatch ladder despite finishing 135lbs at 5mins (165 felt heavy and hard even fresh… plus I was lazy and scared of the weight.) now, just two days ago, I did 185 power snatches no problem (my PR which didn’t feel like much of a PR)…and 165 feels like kids weight. Insane! Your programming makes you focus on technique and think! As a final kiss-ass remark, I have to admit in 2 years of doing cfit I’ve never felt this good, rested, strong, and not overworked. Now if only you’d open another Outlaw nearby so I could get some COMPETITION IN.

  7. Wu Tang is for the children, indeed. Golf clap for Rudy’s ODB reference. Wu Tang Clan was one of the few things in the 90’s that didn’t suck cock.

    “I don’t have no problem with you fuckin me. But I do have a problem with you not fucking me.” -ODB

    • My thought exactly. Lets see what they can do with a little adversity. Right now they have all those healthy organs and shit. Wait until cirrhosis of the liver hits and pollution from years of cigarette smoke (second hand of course) in the bar . Then lets see those numbers. Hatin is done. Seriously impressive numbers guys.

  8. One of the great things about following Outlaw is I don’t have to think about my own programming anymore. I just trust the wizard and do the work.

    With that said, are there any books that Rudy or other experienced Outlaws think it would be good to read even if we’ve decided to just “trust the program” for the next year? Would it be good to read Louie’s book for myself even though I trust Outlaw to put the right amount of his methods into the program? Any other ideas for reading material?

  9. Don’t know if I’m snaking Rudy on a future blog video post but if anyone has got 9 minutes to spare and hasn’t watched the video posted today over at 70’s Big (and youtube) It’s full of Russian weightlifting awesome. No one in the gym really talking, fatastically bad music playing in the background and Klokov failing on a 200kg snatch only to just bypass it and nail 205 instead.

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