Tonight I realized there may be some question about whether team members should be doing the extra work that corresponds to their group. The short answer is, yes. Although I do not think it is as important for team members to load with anywhere near the volume of individuals, we are in a loading cycle that will be beneficial for anyone competing on the weekends that we are loading for. So yes, team members, you should be doing the extra work that correlates to your group, along with either the team WOD (depending on if you are chosen for that event), or the individual conditioning WOD for the day.

Tonight I’d like to introduce you to a young man named Ryan Sunshine. No, you’ve never heard of him, and yes, I think his name really is “Sunshine”. He’s 18 years old, weighs 160#, and today he snatched 200#. That 200# was a 10# PR for Ryan, and I can’t tell if he says “fuck yeah” or “fuck yes” as he’s spiking the barbell, but it was certainly something with an F-bomb. Either way he should have his mouth washed out with soap, and then get a good swift kick in the arse. Not because of the cursing of course, but because if he pushed those knees out, and had a little more tempo control off the floor, he’d probably snatch 100kg. These kids nowadays, I swear… *shakes head*

Oh, btw, in case you didn’t think Ryan’s 200# snatch was a big deal: I did a little research tonight, and guess what I found… Ryan finished the Open in SIXTY FIRST PLACE in the Southeast region—by THREE points. Poor little guy, he’s gonna be mad next year, and probably pretty fucking good. You think BP could be scared of a dude with peach fuzz?

I don’t know why this video is so cool to me, but Alicia makes these look so smooth and easy I really wanted to post it. This is great proof that women are capable of doing these proficiently, and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Well… At least if you’re Alicia there isn’t anything to be afraid of.

WOD 120403:

BB Gymnastics

*For both lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk), perform one set at each percentage. After 80%, try to increase the weight for 3 more sets. You may to a max effort if everything feels good.

1) Power Snatch + Snatch (full squat): 1X70%, 1X75%, 1X80%, + 3 – rest 75 sec.

Notes: These are single reps and DO NOT have to be touch and go. One rep would be 1 Power Snatch AND 1 Snatch.

2) Power Clean + Push Jerk: 1X70%, 1X75%, 1X80%, + 3 – rest 75 sec.


For time:

30 Box Jumps 30/26″
20 Deadlifts 315/205#
30 T2B
20 DB Push Press 50/35#
30 GHD Situps
20 Row for Calories
30 Alternating Weighted Pistols 25/15# (DB)
20 Burpee Box Jumps 30/26″

Extra 120403:

GROUP 1 Conditioning

*The recommendation is to rest at least 2-4 hours after the day’s normal conditioning before performing this work. If you cannot rest this long, test your resting heart rate before beginning the normal conditioning work and rest long enough for it to return to within 5 BPMs of that number.


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
21 KBS 24/16kg
12 Pullups

GROUP 2 Conditioning

5 minutes to complete:

1 set ME UB Muscle-Ups, then…
EMOM for the remaining 4 minutes 3 UB Muscle-Ups.

TEAM Conditioning

For time:

30 Box Jumps 30/26″
20 Deadlifts 275/185#
30 T2B
20 DB Push Press 45/30#
30 GHD Situps
20 Row for Calories
30 Alternating Pistols
20 Burpee Box Jumps 30/26″

Rules: All 6 team members will perform this WOD. This is a relay style event. The order of the team will be decided before beginning. The first member will perform the first movement, when they are finished they will transition to the next movement. The next member may then begin working on the vacated movement. Athletes may not move forward until the teammate in front of them has begun working on the next movement. The event is finished when the final teammate finishes the final movement. Coaches, this is an opportunity to make sure that there is not a wide speed/strength discrepancy between the members of your team.

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  1. Would it be possible for you to post separate women’s programming? The Outlaw Way for Her. It could be performed at Curves or Flirty Girl Fitness, perhaps.

  2. For the team wod. Would you recommend starting with your fastest team members and ending with your slowest?

    • YES. We watched all of the teams do the chipper at the ’10 Games and all the teams at the Central East and Games last year, and the best thing you can do is to go from fastest to slowest. The faster each person gets out of the next person’s way the more time it gives the slowest person to do the movements. If you put the slowest person at the front or in the middle, the rest of the team is just sitting there waiting on that person to move to the next movement, and if there is a time cap, which there always is, the fewer amount of reps you will get bc you have members just waiting.

      That was our take on it, but the bearded wizard may feel different

  3. Stupid 18 year old had to come and steal my shine…

    Kidding, we’ve spoken a few times and he’s actually a very nice young man. Good shit, kid.

  4. Stupid question or maybe just impatient question. Which or to what does the group apply to? For example who follows group 1 or 2 etc? Is this assigned or do you just choose one?


  5. Feel like a dumbass noob for asking this, but the 80% is of your full snatch, correct? Just checking because I don’t think there is any way I’m going to P. Snatch that. How do your guys’ power snatch numbers compare to your full snatch?

    • Power snatch PR is 215, from when full snatch was 225…. It was low, but still power.

      Guess we’ll find out today. I think there will only be so heavy you can go.

  6. Feel like a dumbass noob for asking this, but the 80% is of your full snatch, correct? Just checking because I don’t think there is any way I’m going to P. Snatch that. How do your guys’ power snatch numbers compare to your full snatch?

  7. 1) Snatch 62.5, 67.5, 72.5, 75, 77.5, 80kg (Pwr snatch PR)
    2) PC & PJ – 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110kg (so easy PC and 5kg PJ PR!!)

    Conditioning: 12:25
    Pretty smooth all way through. BJ UB, DL 10/5/5, T2B 10/10/5/5, DB PP UB, GHD pretty messy, pistols slow but smooth, Burpee BJ stepped down all way through which made me do them UB.

  8. There should def be an outlaw cert and not a cert that you pay $500 bucks for a nice day out. They should get the cert for being a pure badass, squatting so low their balls touch the ground, deadlifting so much the earth moves slightly and a small chinese settlements feels the an earthquake every time the bar bounces. The Outlaw Badass Cert has a nice ring to it =P

  9. Pistol clarification please.

    Is one rep one leg? ( as opposed to right leg and left leg is one rep)

    Does it matter how the dumbbell is held?


    • Every pistol is a rep.

      Are there different possibilities to hold a dumbbell for a push press?

      • In the videos I’ve seen online the weight is in both hands with the arms extended. Just making sure that’s the outlaw way :). Thx.

    • I’m curious about the pistols as well. I just had one of my athletes do the work and she did a 15lb dumbell in each hand at her sides. Seemed pretty awkward and slowed her down a good bit. We weren’t sure whether it was supposed to be one or two so we just went with the harder option. Clarificaiton would be great though as we have another 6 people doing this today. Thanks guys.

      • ONE DB, held basically any way. It may be held straight ahead to use as a counterbalance or pulled tightly to the chest. Don’t rest it on your shoulders or any other body part. It must be held.

  10. Wow that snatch is impressive. Thanks Rudy way to make me feel worse about my snatch by putting up a vid of a skinny kid snatching mad weight!

  11. 1) Power Snatch + Full Snatch: 155#, 170#, 180#, 190#, 200#, 205# (Power Snatch Pr, it may have been a little deep for a power snatch though. It was like a cross between my Squat snatch and my PWR snatch. It was still above parallel so I’ll count it.)

    2) Power Clean + Push Jerk: 225#, 235#, 255#, 265#, 270# (Failed Push jerk), 270# (Power clean and Push jerk PR)

    Conditioning later

    • Just felt a little beat up going into this one. I normally split the programming up to do the conditioning at night, but I had to come back earlier than normal because of a project for school. I guess it was just one of those days. Pumped for tomorrow though.

  12. Skipped BB Gymnastics, lower back really tight. Adjusting to working out in the morning. Might make up later today.

    Conditioning 20:12, scaled where required. Pistols are new to me, going to work on them.

  13. Psnatch + snatch % from 135# + 3 attempts (115F, 115F, 115)

    Pclean + Pjerk % from 180 + 3 attempts (155, 155, 165)

    Conditioning for time: 14:58

    30 Box Jumps 30″
    20 Deadlifts 185# (slowly getting back up in weight, deadlifts destroy my lower back)
    30 T2B
    20 DB Push Press 35# (scaled to 35#’s)
    30 GHD Situps
    20 Row for Calories
    30 Alternating Weighted Pistols (didnt use weight, suck at them, got easier as I went)
    20 Burpee Box Jumps 30″

  14. 1) 150, 160, 175, 185, 195 (failed snatch), 200 (got both), 210 (only snatch), 220 (only snatch, failed 4x)
    Happy with a 10lb PR on my power snatch. Frustrated with the 220 snatch. I get under it every time no problem, just catch it a little in front. I feel like it’s a shoulder/thoracic mobility issue.

    2) 195, 210, 225, 235, 245, 255
    Made these quick as I spent a lot of time snatching. No real issues.

    Individual metcon with 24kg KBs for the push press and unweighted pistols to a med ball.
    16:45. Sucked, felt slow and heavy.

  15. 1) Worked from 155 to 215 (f @ 2nd rep twice at 215)
    2) Worked from 195 to 255 (couldn’t lock out the push jerk repeatedly. effin wrist)

    — 11:28 (bleh)

    Only had about 10 minutes to rest

    Extra Work (Helen)
    — 8:47 (shockingly, I went reeeally slow on the runs)

    M/F/S – 2/4/3

  16. 1) 155, 165, 175, 175, 175, 175
    2) 195, 205, 220, 220, 220, 220

    Felt like I got hit by a truck today so I just went to 80% and stayed. Too much studying…

    Conditioning will try to get in later today.

    • Wrote my exam, feeling a bit better now but still brain tired.
      Conditioning: 16:20

      Not so good on that one.

      About 20-30 minutes later:
      Helen: 8:00 (PR)

  17. 1) 80, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110
    2) 110, 120, 125, 135, 140 – didn’t do 3rd lift

    Used two 15# DBs at the very beginning of my pistols b/c I was unclear about using only one. Gave up on that pretty fast though and went to just one. Was pretty slow on the pistols and T2B.

  18. 1) Worked up to 95#, felt heavy
    2) Worked up to 225#, felt heavy

    Conditioning: 13:24
    GHD sucked, pistols got the heart rate through the roof so the burpee box jumps were super fun.

  19. 1: 137,147,156,165,185,200(f)
    2: 164,174,184 – stopped here, shoulder tweak and wanted to play it safe.

    Cond: 17:40 slow as shit, not happy with that. Fucking competitive exercise.


  20. Didn’t do the snatches, but practiced Handstand walk instead..

    Power clean + push jerk @ 87,5 , 92,5 , 100 , 105 , 105 , 100 kg – didn’t had the power today..

    Conditioning: 12.15
    Push press @ 25 kg, pistols @ 12 kg..
    Do not have a GHD yet, but made something similar with a bench and anchored feet..

  21. 1. 135, 145, 155 * 4, (f last snatch..).
    2. 175, 190, 205, 225*3 (f last pjerk..).

    Did MU extra here: 4(!), 2+F, 3, 3, 2+F wtf…
    Did no false grip with my wrist guards since that is very possible to come up in a wod for me, want to blame my sore upper body from yesterday, but seriously just pathetic…

    2h Later, Conditioning 16’33min..
    Pistols and BBJ took +6 min, purely out of breath, hit a wonderwall after the row.

    Really need to work more on my rowing, never ending story of me fucking up wods whenever there’s a C2 involved.


  22. Snatch 125-135-145-145-155-155
    clean and push jerk 185-200-205-215-225-235 (had to get pretty low on 235

    Conditioning: 13:22

    Did muscle up conditioning

  23. BB Gymnastics

    Power Snatch + Snatch
    165, 180, 190 all touch and go.
    200 failed full snatch
    210 failed power snatch (there…..just didn’t catch it)

    Moved on….snatches weren’t great today.

    Power Clean + Push Jerk

    260 maybe a push jerk PR
    270 definitely a push jerk PR



    Not bad….can take some time off that though. GHD’s always slow me down, but there were decent, Pistols were a lot tougher than I thought they’d be at that point.


    Pretty average day…

    • It’s the burpee box jumps after the pistols that really looking forward to. Should be a blast

      • BB Gymnastics

        1) Scratched the Snatch
        2) 155, 165, 180, 185, 195, 205 (was more of a push press since I suck at push jerks)



        Pistols weren’t as bad as I though they were going to be. Lost time on DL, went 7 touch-n-go, broke into sets of 2-5 after that. Burpee box jumps also slowed me wayyy down

  24. Snatch: 150-160-175, then…….went for some heavier singles and hit a PR @ 225#, fairly easy. I have it on video, but have no clue how to post it.

    Clean: 180-190-205-225

    Conditioning: 15:30 blah. mentally weak with broken sets when they never should have been.

  25. 1. 105/115/125/135/135(f)/135
    2. 145/155/165/175/185/195(f)

    Team Conditioning – 12:30 (subbed 35# DB cuz someone jacked the 45’s and 40’s)


  26. 1)160, 170, 180, 195, 195, 195 (+3 were all sn + sn, i suck at p.sn and want to pull under too much)
    2)205, 215, 225, 235, 245, 255

    19:06 (only did alt. pistols, not pistol w/ db, again outside my skill set)

  27. 1) 145, 155, 165, 185, 195, 205…then PRd my snatch at 215# (10# PR, gotta love not having 2.5# plates sometimes)
    let the fall-off begin
    2)195, 205, 225, 245, missed 265×2

    Got owned by this: 18:20 – only variation was 12kg KG for the Pistols

  28. Pwr Snatch + Snatch: 135,145,155,165,185
    Felt light so I went for a PR and Hit 200#
    3 weeks ago I could not snatch 180 until the Outlaw Camp Providence.

    Conditioning: 13:11 GHD slowed me down but I didn’t care because I PR’d. But then I watched Sunshine Snatch as much as I did and I punched myself in the balls.

    • Yeah Buddy, I mean Fuck Yeah:

      Snacthies: 115,125,135,145,155,165, 170(PR!)

      JC and I hit this together and I also didn’t care too much at my slow as shit conditioning wod(18:06) because of the PR. That weekend in Providence was fucking special and it keeps paying out

      @sunshine, when you snatch that heavy nobody calls you skinny, we got your back brother

  29. BB
    1) Snatch -> extra sets at 185, 190, 195
    2) P. Cn&J -> extra sets at 225, 240, 255

    Modified cal. row to KBS (55#) & wt pistols to bw pistols (I started w/ 2×25 DBs and it wasn’t happening)

    Time -> 17:57


    I wasn’t feeling it at all by the time conditioning came around

  30. 03.04.12

    53, 57, 61, 65, 67.5, 79 (failed the power but hit the squat)

    Snatching felt off today :S

    PClean + PJerk
    75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100 (95 and 100 are push jerk PB)

    Conditioning – 17:02

    Had to sub vsits for T2B rig has been moved to the new unit, subbed DB push press for bb push press at 45kg we dont have db’s

  31. power+squat snatch
    160, 170, 180, 190, 190 easy power snatch, fail on squat snatch, 205, felt really good on power and squat. getting the hang of this whole squat snatch business
    power clean+push jerk
    205, 215, 230, 240, 240, 250
    21:25 rx

  32. 1) 90, 95, 100, 110, 120, 135 (f)–> 3rd week of Outlaw and 3rd week ever of any variation of the Snatch. Today is the first day I was able to drop into a proper squat snatch through all sets. Not much weight yet, but still let out a big Fuck Yeah in the gym!

    2) 130, 140, 150, 165, 185, 195 (f)

    Scaled deadlift to 275 and bw for pistols. Waaaayyyyy to slow on T2B and GHD!

  33. 1.) 85-95-100-105-110 (PR power snatch) -115 (f) on PS, made SQSN
    2.) 105-115-120-125-135-145 (PR on PJ)

    24″ box, everything else rx. Those deads are rough for me.

    Energy is better this week.

  34. AM
    Hit all the percentages based off a 95kg snatch and then did 80kg, 82.5kg and 85kg (power snatch PB)

    Power clean and push jerk
    Hit all the percentages based off a 126kg clean and jerk and then did 110kg, 117.5kg (press out on the push jerk – PB though) then a 120kg for a PB power clean, PB push jerk (even with a press out) and PB power clean and push jerk.

    24kg KB sub for DB push press, 10kg KB used for pistols

  35. 93.8kg pr power snatch
    120.8kg pr power clean (missed jerk)
    (weighted pistols took a few)

  36. BB Gymnastics
    2)Skipped Jerks.. Not sure why I can’t do shoulder to over head with a barbell!

    22:50 Deadlifts & Pistols took a very long time


  37. 1) 115, 125, 135, 140, 145(F), 145 nailed it!

    2) 165, 165, 175, 185, 195, 215 PR!

    Scaled DL to 295, everything else RX’d 19:55

    Today was a good day :).

  38. 1) Power Snatch + Snatch (full squat): 1X70%, 1X75%, 1X80%, + 3 – rest 75 sec.
    125, 135, 145, 155 x 3
    2) Power Clean + Push Jerk: 1X70%, 1X75%, 1X80%, + 3 – rest 75 sec.
    165, 175, 190, 205×3
    For time:
    30 Box Jumps 30/26″
    20 Deadlifts 315/205#
    30 T2B
    20 DB Push Press 50/35#
    30 GHD Situps
    20 Row for Calories
    30 Alternating Weighted Pistols 25/15# (DB)
    20 Burpee Box Jumps 30/26″

    15:26. Pretty brutal. Left some leg skin on the box during the last part of burpee box jumps.

  39. 1)143, 154, 164, stayed at 164 for +3
    2)185, 198, 212, 220, 231, missed 235, (push jerk not my specialty)

    No conditioning, 2 basketball games tonight

    Added some extra asst work due to no conditioning:
    1a)Reverse Hyper 3×10 @180
    1b)Glute Ham Raises 3×10 w/band resistance
    1c)Barbell Roll-Out 3×10

  40. BBG:
    P. Snatch + Snatch: 114, 119, 129, 134, 144, 144, 149
    P. Clean + P.J>: 134, 144, 154, 164, 174, 184

    Conditioning: 205 D.L., 20 lbs. pistols: 19.26 (Should’ve scaled DBPP)

    Helen: 8.58 PR

  41. Snatches 105, 115, 120, 120, 120, 120

    Clean & PJ- 140 (on mistake),140, 150, 150, 150, 150

    Metcon 13:04 felt like I was in slow motion?

  42. 1) 135, 145, 155, 165, 170×2
    2) 175, 185, 195, 205, 225, 245 (f), 245 (pr), 255 (f jerk…clean pr)

    Conditioning – 12:04

    MU 10 UB then as Rx

  43. 1) Power Snatch + Snatch (full squat):
    130, 140, 150, 155 x 3
    2) Power Clean + Push Jerk:
    160, 170, 180, 200 (failed push jerk)


  44. 1) 100, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130
    2) 155, 170, 185, 195, 200, 205

    Conditioning 26:18
    Pretty slow but who cares. Considering my max dead is 365 im proud for getting through this. 45lb db’s for PP 18lb kb for weighted pistols

  45. /Users/alexisnewton/Downloads/photo-2.JPG

    Had to get my 315 deadlifts in. That is a 17 lb anchor shackle in the middle, so technically I had 317 lb deadlifts today. Thought the outlaws may appreciate this.

  46. 1) – 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200F
    2) – 215, 225F (Push Jerk and shoulders were fuuuckked today, did some splits) – 235, 250

    Chipper – 16.39 — My bane, chippers…I tried to focus on transitions and keeping them down…just slow moving to the exercises I guess, or maybe just slow in general…a little tight in the lower back/shoulders from yesterday.

    m/f/s – 1/4/5

  47. Muscle up to Ring HSPU’s from yesterday.
    For critique…..
    Need to roll right into the press out – which I’ve now termed “Leveriching”

    • I think your only thing that would need critiquing would be your finish? Just make sure that your hips come completely in line with your shoulders to show that finish position. besides that What I’ve seen as a better way to cycle is to roll them out forward. other than that those are sick man.

  48. S- 75, 80, 85, 90- so close on 95! Next time.
    CJ- 115, 120, 125, 130

    22:10- 185 DL, assisted pistols

  49. Snatch – 155, 166, 175, 185, 191, 196(tied Power Snatch PR) all done touch and go

    Power Clean + Push Jerk – 210, 230, 240, 250, 259, 265 didn’t feel great on either movement, pressed out the jerk on the last three.

    Conditioning(Team) – 24:27 we all sucked it up on the pistols, everything else we motored thru pretty quickly

  50. 1a) Best PS – 185, Got a few solid full snatches at 195
    1b) Got up to 245. Not feeling great in the push jerk

    Deads felt as strong as ever.
    Once I learned how to use the weight as a counter balance the pistols became much easier.
    Burpee box jumps were the worst part of the workout.

    • Alex! I didn’t know you followed outlaw too! How fun! 🙂 The Refinery team and the couple of us going individual here in Boise are following it too 🙂

  51. 1. 155, 165, 175×4 (been forcing myself to stay lighter to focus on technique as going heavy hasn’t brought me any pr’s over the last 3 months

    2. 195, 205, 225, 235, 245, 255 (felt good and could have pushed for 265 pr but decided to stick with good form, clean is the limiting factor, push jerks no problem)

    WOD: 15:10 –deads get me again 3-4 min on those alone, but for the first time in 3 months it didn’t feel like The Predator was ripping my spine out of my back after the first few reps

  52. 1) 100-105-115 stayed at 115 and worked on not jumping! ha
    2) 125-135-140-145-150f-145

    conditioning: 16:01 rxd (pistols put me into quicksand)

  53. BBG:
    Snatch – 145,160,170,180,190,200. PS PR!
    PC&PJ – 190,205,215,220,225,230. My PC hasn’t felt very strong over the last few months. Not really sure why.

    Conditioning – 15:49. Felt very slow on pretty much everything. Went Games standards on the box jumps and burpee box jumps. Pistols kicked my ass, 3 failed reps, all on my right leg. Most of the pistol reps were done with db against chest.Counter balancing with the weight helped on the pistols. Two of my biggest goats are L-sits and pistols and we’ve seen both of them in this cycle. I’m going to start throwing some skill work in for these.

    Not happy with the conditioning today but i’m jacked that i power snatched 200#.

  54. Been out of town and missed 3 training days.

    1) 155, 165, 175, 3+ @ 185, 190, 195 PR (PSn)
    2) 195, 210, 225, 3+ @ 245, 255, 265 PR (both lifts)
    Make-up: HBBS Pause Squats 4×2 w/ 325, heavier than last week, so PR

    19:50 I got hammered.

    11 reps, then 3,3,3,2

  55. BB Gymnastics –

    Snatch – 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185
    Then a PR squat snatch at 195

    Power clean and push jerk – 175, 195, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245 (which is 5 lbs off my 1 rm squat clean and split jerk)

    Conditioning – 14:33

  56. 1) 140 150 160 170 185 185
    PR on power snatch and on doubles
    2) 185 205 215 225 235f 235f
    Failed both times on push jerk.

    280 on DL
    V-ups for t2b
    40lb on PP
    KBS 70 for row calories
    Pistols took the longest. Form got better as reps went on.


  57. 1) 155, 165, 175×3
    2) 175, 190, 205×3

    Conditioning (individual because my team couldn’t train today): 13:34
    Extra work (group 1): No time today, unfortunately.

  58. 1) 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200 (feeling good so I hit a few single rep squat snatches. For 210 and then a 5 pound PR at 220. Fuck Yeah! Actually doesnt deserve that, should be way more than that…)

    2) 195, 205, 225, 245, 265 (failed jerk), 255

    Conditioning – 19:00
    (felt slow, especially on the burpee box jumps. Had to wait 90 seconds or more for the GHD, that rest really cooked me off too…)

    Muscle ups – 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 (really bad)

  59. 1. 125/135/145/155/165 fail/165 fail/165 fail
    2. 165/175/190

    Conditioning 18.30

    Helen 9:13 C2B


  60. Haven’t posted in a while because I’m lazy as fuck. Still am.

    Did a bunch of snatches.
    Did a bunch of clean and jerks.

    Conditioning in 14:20. Not wearing Oly shoes for the pistols was dumb. Almost as dumb as pistols.

  61. i was trying to avoid this, but its now official. I am a D.A.N. (dumba$$noob) I was clearly stil asleep when i read this. (and wish i had been able to read some posts before i did it)

    Heres what i did.

    80, 85, 90
    90,95, 100

    First time my squat snatch has been better than my power snatch!

    2) 95,100,110
    100, 110,115
    115,120, 125.

    Wouldve kept going on this if i had done it right! These felt good. havent push jerked 125 before. Hoping my split jerk max is higher now. yay!

    18:56 (rx)

  62. A: 137, 147, 155, 165, 176 (PR), 186 (f PS/made full snatch)
    B: 160, 176, 185, 198, 220 (f) x 2 on jerk

    M/F/S: 1/2/2

  63. 1) 70%- 150.5, 75%- 161.25, 80%- 172
    2)70%- 182, 75%- 195, 80%- 208
    I missed the memo about 3 more rounds with increasing weight…

    Conditioning: 21:40
    I thought I did pretty well, until I read everyone else’s time. Apparently I’m no stud.

    Rested 30 mins
    Helen: 9:53

    • 2) 155, 170, 185, 205, 225, stopped cause my elbow and shoulder are pissed again

      conditioning 20:42… had to take about a 3 minute break after deadlifts cause i thought i popped an anurism. was holding my breath the last 10 reps for some reason. finished the rest nice and slow to make sure i didnt die

  64. Kenneth Leverich

    BB Gymnastics
    1)Power Snatch/Snatch: 180, 190, 205, 215, 220
    2) Clean + Push Jerk: 210, 225, 245 (Felt light)
    1) 12:55
    30-minute rest
    2) 4 RFT
    4 x Rope Climbs
    7 x Hang Squat Clean @ 155
    40 x Double Unders

    Kenny was totally smoked today before we even started the work. Tomorrow and Thursday will most likely be complete rest days.


  65. Power Snatch + Snatch: From 225 max right before the Open started. Did 160, 170, 185, 205, 215, 225. I am VERY proud of 225, that was my old Snatch PR. I power snatched that shit, and then snatched it. It was easy. Excited to get after a new 1rm.

    Power Clean + Push Jerk: From 300lb Clean max. Did 225/240/255/275/285/295. Very excited about this one too! Thats a 10lb pr from my last power clean.

    Conditioning took me 23 or 24 something. I had to use the blue band for pistols, because I’m a puss.

  66. Snatch 145-155-170-175PR power snatch

    C/J skipped, wrist is still really bothering me.

    Conditioning 12:54

    Need OHS work, have been avoiding for 8 or so months with shoulder injury, so did some with the class, worked to a 205# for 3 reps. felt okay, a little wrist pain.

    Helen 8:46, did this at around 70-80% or so.

  67. Just started the “Outlaw Way” Programming a trainer at my gym mentioned it to me so I check it out. Really like what you guys are doing. After the opens i’m sitting in 9th place in the Nor Cal region… It will be interesting to see how things change after doing all this epic outlaw shit. Thanks

    145,195,205,215,225,235, all felt good, 10#off p.snatch max so I felt good about that.
    P.C&J 145,195,245,255,265,275… 40#off c&j max, but good for the volume of training.

    Conditioning wod: 16:49, miserable. 315# has never felt so heavy. I need more work with high rep heavy deads

    Helen: 7:47

    16 UB MU’s I kipped all of them wasn’t sure if i was supposed to or not.
    that ended after the 1 minute mark so I did my 3 OTM for 6 minutes instead of 5.

    I wish I had some one pushing me through all this today, working out alone sucked.

  68. Snatches – Felt waaaayy off tonight. I don’t know what’s happened to them lately. I worked up in hang snatches to 70kg which felt much better than my horrible attempts from the ground

    Cleans – 70kg, 80kg, 87.5kg, 92.5kg, 95kg, 97.5kg (PR)
    Happy with these. The last rep was the best and I caught it pretty high too.

    Conditionining – 18:15

    50kg Push Press for DB push press
    Full rom situps for GHD sit ups
    pistol squats to chair (approx parallel) for pistols

    This one was a grind!

  69. Snatches: 175/195/205/215/225/245(hit the pwr, failed the full)

    CJ: 225/235/255/275/295/305

    Conditioning: 17:52

    I’m terrible at Box Jumps

  70. BB Gymnastics
    1) 60,65,68,73,73,80 (failed on sqt snatch)
    2) 88,95,100,108,113,120 (failed on jerk)

    24″ box, 185lb dl, 30lb db pp(should have done 35), BW pistols to 14″ box

  71. BB Gymnastics

    1) Power Snatch + Snatch (full squat): 1X70%= 60kg, 1X75%= 64kg, 1X80%= 68kg, + 3 – Hit a PB @ 86kg (Fuck yeah)

    2) Power Clean + Push Jerk: 1X70%= 80kg, 1X75%= 82kg, 1X80%= 92.5kg, + 3 – rest 75 sec.


    For time:

    30 Box Jumps 30/26″
    20 Deadlifts 315/205#
    30 T2B
    20 DB Push Press 50/35#
    30 GHD Situps
    20 Row for Calories
    30 Alternating Pistols
    20 Burpee Box Jumps 30/26″

    = 20:03 with regular pistols

    M= 4 F= 3 S= 5

  72. 1) 135, 145, 155, 175, 185, 195
    2) 175, 185, 195, 225, 245, 250



  73. Snatch: 155-185# then went for Snatch pr @ 210# got it Fuck Yeah!
    Power Clean: 225-265# no jerk rear shoulder pain 265# power clean is 10# PR

    Conditioning: 13:58

  74. 1. Up to 145. Felt solid.
    2. Up to 195. Used a true push jerk. No split.

    Conditioning: 21:23 That sucked.

    Thank you!

  75. Was supposed to do this on schedule, but was in (another) car accident. Everyone wants to hit me lately… what gives?

    Felt off today.
    1) 100, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130(f)
    2) 140, 150, 160, stopped there due to time.

    Conditioning: 11:41 Everything rxd except for DB push presses. Only have 25’s so did 30 UB reps to make it more even. Felt sloooow.

    Group 1 Work: didn’t do and I feel like a vag now. Need sleep…

  76. 1. 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205* failed my squat snatch
    2. 205, 225, 235, 245, 255, 265, 275* failed my push jerk

    Conditioning: 16:25… used 60# DBs for PP (my gym doesn’t have 50s)

  77. 1. 100, 110, 115 stopped because it was feeling awful
    2. 120, 130, 140, 145, 155, 160 (failed on jerk)

    14:04…slowest kid alive.
    Used 40# DB’s….we don’t have 35’s. Everything else Rx’d.

  78. Sn 140,150,160, 165 (f), 165(f) 155
    *Got the power but I just couldn’t catch the squat. I’m not sure why. It has to be a mental thing because I would really hate to drop the bar at the globo. I have been yelled at by the yoga banshees before

    PCL+PJ 185, 200, 210, 215, 225, 225

    Conditioning 22:39
    Unfortunately had to do some subs
    30x jump and touch 18″
    20x dl 315#
    30x T2B
    20X DB PP 50# UB
    30x decline situps (no GHD and benches too low to do) (UB)
    20x burpee lateral jump over bench (waiting for thr rower)
    30x pistols
    40x SDLHP 45# (rower still taken) (UB)

    2 rds
    Shoulder dislocates
    In step-pigeon
    Crow evolutions

    * chippers are hard to do at the Y… Had to unload the weight after the dl’s, and sub a number of the exercises. I guess the sdlhp is a good sub- it usually takes me about 2 pulls per calorie on the rower so I doubled the number. Plan to do Helen later.

  79. Fit2Fight hit this as our 2nd WOD today (conditioning) as a team 22:36 Rx’d (but used the individual weights on the deadlifts and DB Push Press)

  80. 1) 110, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155
    2) 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195 (should have gone heavier)
    Conditioning – 23:33. subbed 275# deads, used 28 in. box, and two 25# DBs. still sucky and slow.
    Helen – 10:56

  81. 1. 130,140×2,155,165. Power snatches felt weak
    2. 155,165,180,190,200,210 pressed up jerked slightly on 210

    Conditioning: 15:50
    Had to scale like crazy, first time doing box jumps since accident so did 24″
    Went down into a pistol and my knee gave out and it putmmemon my butt.
    Subbed ohs squats with 1 pood kb,15 each hand

  82. 1, stopped at 155 pr is 165lbs
    2, pr at 205. old was 185lbs

    cond 20:13

    subs include: 275lb dl, hanging knee raise, #45 press

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