On Mondays I’m going to start giving a syllabus for the week. This way athletes can be prepared for longer bouts, and teams can plan their schedules to work together. Here’s the plan:

Monday: No extra work, no Team WOD.
Tuesday: Group 1 & Group 2 extra work, 6 member Team WOD.
Wednesday: Group 1 extra work, no team WOD.
Thursday: Off.
Friday: Group 2 extra work, 4 member Team WOD.
Saturday: Group 1 extra work, no team WOD.
Sunday: Off.

Notice that I’ve written the number of team members necessary for the team WODs. This does not mean there won’t be work for the other team members. They will simply do the individual version of the day’s WOD.

Just in case you were wondering what the fastest time on Saturday’s WOD was…

6:18, by Kenneth Leverich. Welcome, Kenneth—being 3rd in the world apparently means you’re pretty good. Six minutes was a little faster than I thought. I hope you don’t get blamed for me having to make everything harder.

We have a rule here at “The Way.” Any time someone combines a PR with a “fuck yeah” we have to post the video. Fact. Trust me: I didn’t want to. I do not approve of adolescent boys lifting heavy weights, as it stunts growth and will give them blonde pubic hair. Also, I do not approve of men wearing women’s bathing suits to lift weights. This is a dangerous practice and could cause testicular torsion if, of course, the lifter has reached puberty (which clearly is not an issue in this video, but could become a problem when he finishes “developing”). Not to mention, at “The Way” we always recommend a well-fitting athletic short, like these or these.

Despite my personal misgivings, a rule is a rule. Here is Noah Ohlsen’s PR 91kg Snatch:

WOD 120402:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X1 Snatch @ 80-90% – rest 90 sec.

Notes: Begin at 80% and increase to 90% throughout sets if technique is perfect. DO NOT go past 90% and do not add to 80% if technique is not perfect.

2a) 4X2 Snatch Pulls – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO
2b) 4X2 Tempo High-Bar Back Squat @ 80% – rest 60 sec.

Notes: Quick descent, 5 counts (seconds) in the rock bottom, bounce and quick back up.


1a) 7X3 Weighted STRICT Pullups @ 70%
1b) 7X3 Bench Press @ 70%

Notes: Rest intervals should be no more than the length of time it takes to transition movements. You may time this total effort, but DO NOT go so fast that there is a possibility of missing reps, or having to break sets. There should be no more than 45 sec. rest between sets.


10 minutes practice on Muscle-Ups to Ring HSPU.

Notes: If you are proficient at these, practice stringing them together. If you are not, try to get some clean singles. Do not do more than 15 total reps.


4 minute AMRAP of:

L-Sit Hold (on paralettes)

For total seconds.

87 thoughts on “120402

  1. I literally almost don’t even know how to approach this..
    Getting a little personal, but we’re all family here, so I must say that Rudy has made one mistake. The fact is, the blonde pubic hair counteracts the testicular torsion by forming a protective cocoon around the “family jewels” and providing protection from the rhino-like barbell that Mr. Courage is all too familiar with.
    Anyhow, the “fuck yeah” coming from such a fresh young mouth seems rudimentary in manner. My apologies on that front. I just became overwhelmed in a fit of passion after executing the patience in the hole I was taught at the Outlaw camp that concurrently helped me hit the illustrious 200 lb snatch!

    Ps. Kenny and I are now both sponsored teammates by Strength Wraps, so as proud of him as I am for smashing the WOD (and my time) I’m also coming for him on this one! We hit it today (after my oly meet) and upped all the weights AND I wore a weighted vest, so you best believe when I do it the way it was programmed, this adolescent boy’s goin’ sub 6!

  2. Well, there goes the neighborhood… Welcome aboard, Kenny.

    Noah — if you’re gonna let out a “fuck yeah” at a competition, please try to make it more than a whisper. On the other hand, I’m thinking you’re probably a bit too young to be using that language at all, not to mention talking about “fresh young mouths,” “fits of passion,” and having “patience in the hole.” Just sayin.

    Seriously, nice work, buddy.

    • The bear cub is obviously wise beyond his years in the ways of the snatch. That said, Noah will you wear that outfit to WOD in 2 weeks when I come visit Miami?!

  3. 1) 65kg, 70kg, 70kg (F), 65kg (F), 65kg – Snatches were all over the show tonight. Gutted
    2a) 85kg all across – Felt good
    2b) 150kg all across. Very difficult
    3a) Bodyweight (I weigh 93kg) – All easy, should’ve added 5/10kg
    3b) 90kg – Good weight here. 1RM is 115kg, so slightly above percentages. Allowed 45 seconds between reps to get some good strength work in.

    Cut it short there as I only had 40 minutes tonight.

  4. Snatch – 76, 80, 82.5, 85kg x 2
    Snatch pulls – 110kg
    Tempo HBBS – 140kg
    Pull ups – 24kg KB
    Bench press – 87.5kg
    Skill – worked the transition for the first time ever and then got a few single reps out for a new PB movement
    Midline – smoked me, no idea of the time but it hurt a lot

  5. A: 155, 165, 176 (f) x 3, 176, 176 (f), 176, 176
    B1: 176, 198, 220, 230
    B2: 210
    C1: 50#
    C2: 135#
    No rings… Did 10 min of: 3 Muscle-up (on bar)/10m HS Walk – 5 rounds
    L-Hang – 90 sec

    M/F/S: 1/4/4

    *Snatch footwork was garbage today, need to work it a bit more, pull also felt funny today…

  6. 1) 175, 185, 185, 195, 195
    2a) 275×4
    2b) 255×4
    Snatch is getting better all the time. Pulls were fine, tempo squats difficult again, but got them.

    1a) 50#
    1b) 190#
    PullUps were supposed to be at 70, but I’ve put on 10lbs as of late and can really feel it there. No problem on bench.

    Skill work: practiced some transitions but no press outs on the HSPU. Then did some pike ring hspu.

    L-Sit total of 75 seconds in 4 minutes.

  7. Hi guys, i’m new here, just found this programming and noticed that I stumbled upon gold, gonna try to strictly stick to this for 1 year and see how it goes.

    5×1@ 80% Snatch based on 135lbs. Failed 2 attempts (caught the weight too forward)

    4×2 snatch pulls 165lbs (felt a little awkward, never really did these)
    4×2 back squat @ 185lbs (felt good but tough)

    7×3 strict weighted pullups with 35# kb (This felt just right, got tough at the end)
    7×3 bench based on 170lbs (this was too light, need to redo 3RM soon)

    Lsit’s SUCK, best one was 25sec

    FORGOT TO DO MUSCLE UPS… Going back to the gym later lol. Can’t do Ring HSPU so will practice the muscle ups.

  8. BB Gymnastics
    1) 130, 130, 140, 140, 145#
    2a) 190# across sets
    2b) 215#

    1a) 55#
    1b) 215#

    85 sec. total best attempt was 30 sec. roughly.

    Will do skill after work.

  9. Awesome watching you lift Noah! Great first meet PR and everything !
    Noah and the 77’s. (Note: Both other lifters are Strict Olympic Lifters)
    Me and the 94’s (Note: Beard gives me strength, even If I am the Midget in the group)

  10. A: 105 x 3, 115 x 3 still muscle snatch for the most part but dropped into squat and held there for a count of 3, snatch balance like…

    B1: 155, need to go heavier, can’t find my straps since my trip.
    B2: 205, real tough getting out of the bottom but managed every set.

    C1: 10#, good weight here, will add 5 next time
    C2: 185#

    Did 10 min of Muscle-up work, almost there, this month for sure.

    L-Sit – no time

  11. Snatch 205, 205, 185, 185, 185, first two singles were dodgy so went lighter to nail down technique
    2a 295 snatch pull
    2b 275 tempo hbbs
    1a 275 bench
    1b 20# weight vest strict pull ups

    10 min did 5 ring hspu singles, threw a mu in the middle somewhere for good measure
    4 min L sit, probably accumulated a bit over 2 minutes

  12. BB gymnastics
    1) 135×2, 140X2, 150X1
    2a) 245 for all
    2b) 220
    1a) 25lbs x 6 sets, 35lbsx1, 45×1
    1b) 185 for all sets
    didnt have a spotter for the ring work, so i worked on neutral grip MU’s

    suck at L-sits got 1:30ish all together


  13. 1) Worked from 185 – 195… still feel beat up.
    2a) Worked from 245 – 275
    2b) F@355, so dropped to 315 – 335 and focused on form.

    2a) Worked from 53# – 80#
    2b) 225 – 245

    Worked transitions from the ring dip into RHSPU, and ended up getting a bunch of singles (first time attempting these). My feet get wrapped up too tight on the ropes, though… need to go with Spealler’s method, but I feel like I’m gonna fall through.

    hellooooooo goat! Longest hold was 24 seconds, and the rest were crap.

    M/F/S – 2/4/5

  14. Snatch: all at 155, 80%
    Felt a little off in technique, light though.

    Snatch Pulls: 185, 185, 205, 205
    Tempo Squats, 140kg, 140kg/1+F, 125kg, 125kg

    WPU: 2 rounds at 90lbs, 5 at 70lbs
    Bench: all at 225lbs

    MU-Ring HSPU, did about ten singles, too low in the roof to string them together since I didnt realise that a fwd roll in the rings probably would be the best way to get to another kip?
    Finished off with an easy set off 5 low ring hspu.

    L-sit: 1min 6sec, horribly bad performance.


  15. 1. 150
    2a. 250
    2b. 275 (70%) Tried 80% and Failed

    2a) Worked 40# vest will find 1rm and get proper weight next time
    2b) 160# will find 1rm and get proper weight next time

    Worked on multiple MU for 10 min

    Longest hold 10 sec prob held 1 minute total


  16. Snatch @ 75 – 77,5 – 80 kg – stopped as my “pocket” is smashed up

    Snatch pull @ 120 kg
    Tempo Back squat @ 120 kg

    Weighted strict pull ups @ 24 kg
    Bench press @ 100 kg

    Muscle Up to RHSPU: Haven’t tried them before – the RHSPU are hard for me, but for a few singles

    4 min L-sit: Used plyo-boxes. Did a tabata, but ended out in more of an L-tuck

  17. BB
    1) Snatch -> 170, 185, 185, 195 (tech. fail), 195
    2a) Snatch Pulls -> 215, 215, 225, 225
    *Light compared to others, but I’m pulling these pretty high and could probably get under them
    2b) Pause Squat -> 325

    1a) Wt Pullups -> 60# (@ 220 BW)
    1b) Close-grip Bench -> 195#
    *That’s 70% but way too light

    10 min handstand practice

    1:20 total of me sucking at L-sits


  18. 1: 156,160,165,165,170
    2a: 264
    2b: 255
    1a: 50
    1b: 160
    Skill: done, ~13-15 total
    Midline: 85 sec


  19. 1).-180, 180, 180, 180, 180
    2a)225, 225, 225, 225
    2b)255, 255, 255, 255, 255
    should have gone heavier on both 2a and 2b
    1a)53, 53, 53
    1b)185, 185, 185
    spent 10 min. on mu practice (ring hspu are outside my skill set)
    91 sec. l-sit total

  20. BB Gymnastics
    All weights in KG
    1) Snatch – 71, 72.5, 74, 76, 78
    2a) Snatch Pulls – 85x4x2
    2b) Tempo Squat – 112x4x2

    1a) Bent over row (moving units so no rig) – 70kg
    1b) Bench – 70kg

    No rig/rings due to moving units so subbed 10 min handstand walk

    1:41 total

  21. 1) 175×2, 185×3 (felt real good on the pulls but so slow under the bar. So slow)
    2a) 215, 235, 255, 265
    2b) 255, 285, 305, 320 (should have started heavier. Felt pretty sold all around)

    1a) 55 for 4 rounds, 50 for final 3
    2a) 220 for all (too light)

    Will do ring work L-sits tonight

  22. Snatch @ 170, 175, 180

    Snatch pull @ 275
    Tempo Back squat @ 305

    Weighted strict pull ups @ 70lbs
    Bench press @ 215lbs

    Muscle Up to RHSPU: I can transition to them well but didn’t have a very high set of rings. My feet would hit the top bar every time, so the RHSPU felt a little off.

    4 min L-sit: About 1.5min Accum.

    M/F/S – 2/2/1

  23. Just started following last week. I’m the only member from my Xfit box (xfit of aces- the woodlands, tx) to make regionals. It is my 3rd year going and I’m hopin this is my best year yet.

    Snatch: 103/103/108/113/113
    Snatch pull: 133
    Back squat: 185
    Pullup: 10# db
    Bench: 108
    Skill: consecutive hspu- felt great
    L-sit: max was 35 sec. Total: 140 sec

    Thanks for the great programming!

  24. I had to go to a worlds gym today, fuck that place is really unmotiavating!

    No snatching, or pulls.

    Did tempo hbbs 315 for 4 sets. Scared the gym mayor next to me, when I looked at him and said, “this ain’t shit, you should see the guys I train with”… I.e. all you beasts.

    Then every bench in the effing place was taken so did 10 min amrap of 7 strict pull ups 7 shoulder press 95#. 10 rounds +7 presses

    Obviously no rings.

    Amrap l-sit 99 secs. Suck at these.

  25. Snatch @ 100, 100, 100, 110, 110 (2nd week with snatch now; still not good at them, but do feel them getting a bit better each day)

    Snatch pull @ 165
    Tempo Back squat @ 250

    Weighted strict pull ups @ 45 (guessed on max; too light)
    Bench press @ 190 (guessed on max; too light)

    Muscle Up to RHSPU: First time ever attempting these and able to get about 10 RHSPU, some sets of 2 and some singles. Felt great!

    4 min L-sit: 1 min 28 sec.

    M/F/S – 2/2/3

  26. 1) Snatch: 185#,190#,195#,200#,205#. These felt great.
    2a) Pulls: 265# for all
    2b) Squat: 325# for all sets, These are awesome.

    1a) Pull ups: 52# for all
    2a) Bench: 225# for all, Thats 70% of my current PR – prob. could have done 235# though

    Skill work/Midline later.

    • Midline = done, did as a tabata
      Skill work = I had gotten a ring HSPU before but tonight was the first time getting one from a muscle up support. Pretty pumped about it. Stuck to just 10 mins though and moved on.

  27. 1. 125
    2a. 155
    2b. skipped Ive been having alot of anterior hip pain in the bottom of my squat.
    anyone have any suggestions
    3a. 185
    3b. 45

    Practiced mu and ring handstand push ups separately

    Midline- Torture

  28. In 8th grade we were forced to wear those nut-hugging shorts similar to what Stockton is wearing in that picture; it was the early 1990’s that’s just how we rolled back then. Except we (8th grade BOYS) were given the old Varsity girls hand-me-downs with an extra bit winged fabric sewn into the crotch…no punchline…just scarred…for life..

    1) Scratched

    2a) 225lb for all sets
    2b) 285lbs for all sets

    Finish the rest later today

  29. 1. 175-190
    2a. 265 For all
    2b. 295 for all

    1a. 70lb KB
    2b. 220# for all sets

    Skill – Did 7, worked on pairing them together, I could get up to the Muscle-Up portion again, but couldn’t quite turn it over…

    Midline — Did around 1.30 – did some on rings some on the floor, half assed this fo sho…

  30. BB gymnastics

    195, 205, 215, 215, 215.
    All reps solid. Knew I was going to make every single one.

    Snatch pulls
    255, 265, 275, 285
    Tempo HBBS
    300 x 4 x 2

    1a) 32kg
    1b) 200#

    Total time 4:55
    Failed last rep of last set of pullups. Came down and redid it. All others UB

    Very good at these but never tried linking them.
    Did 4, then a couple singles, then a set of 5.
    May max out around 6 or 7

    1:40 total in L-sit. Pretty ugly near the end.


  31. BB GYM

    1.) 100-100-100-105
    2a.) 135
    2b.) 180


    1a.) 35 (less than 70% on this)
    1b.) 90

    skipped today

    2:20 total. 45 sec longest hold

    Ran 400m repeats since I suck at running and it was sunny for once. 1:1
    1:35, 1:33, 1:33, 1:28

    Finally feeling better.

  32. BB GYM

    1.) 155, 165, 175 all power snatches. Been getting too comfortable with squat snatches.
    2a.) 205 working on that hip pop. 205 is my snatch goal for the year. Stuck at 195.
    2b.) 270. Felt a lot easier than last time we did them.


    1a.) 55# arms were dead from all the muscle ups on saturday. Im so smoked from that. (less than 70% on this)
    1b.) 225.

    Fucking awful. Tried to work on ring HSPU transition. These sucked.

    84 seconds in 4 mins. 20 something seconds was the longest hold.

    3 mile run after.

    Tendinitis in elbow is flaring again. Bullshit.

  33. bb gym
    1. 165-185
    2a. 245, 265, 275, 275
    2b. 250, 250, then form work at 225, 230
    1a. 85 for all
    1b. 195 for all- tweaked shoulder
    all unbroken, no real rest
    worked on being inverted and getting comfortable in the rings up there
    maybe 90sec…lost track

  34. Split into 2 parts today due to studying.

    1) 80kg, 82.5ff, 82.5, 85, 87.5
    Really fast warmup on this one. Failed twice on 82.5. Then absolutely nailed it and the next 2. Just gotta warmup my movements more.
    2a) 100, 110, 110, 110 My buddy took some video, I’m pulling it high enough that if I was fast enough I could get under it and snatch this. Hope a PR is coming soon for Sn.
    2b) 295lb OH YEAH!

    Then did 10 minutes of skill work on the MU/RHSPU. Managed to string some together. Pretty good at these cause I used to spend lots of time on the rings.

    • 2nd part:
      1a) 32kg, 37kg, 37, 37, 37, 37, 37
      1b) 205lb, 225, 215, 215, 215, 215, 215
      205 was too easy. 225 was too hard. 215 was just right.

      L-sit: 30s, 17s, 10s, 11s, 15s
      Hello Goat! My word that was a horrendous show of athleticism.

  35. Snatch – 120, 120, 125, 125, 130
    Snatch Pull- 155,175, 185, 190
    Back Squat tempo- 205

    Bench- 130
    Pull-up- 35 (lower then 70%- last two sets were a struggle)

    Ring-HSPU – taught myself how to roll out and connect. SO much fun! Arms were a bit fried so they were ugly

    L-Sit- longest was about 45 secs? total time was 1min. 40 secs? i think…

  36. BBG:
    Snatches: 129, 129, 134, 144, 144 (f), 144
    Snatch Pulls: 165, 185, 195, 205 (this one rocked my thumb)
    Tempo HBBS: 225, 225, 225 (f x 1), 225 (had to dig deep for that last one)

    Pull-ups: 70 across the board, failed on the last rep of the last set
    Bench: 145, 150, 150, 150, 150, 155, 155

    MURHSPU: Got inverted thrice, got one rep on the last inversion. Couldn’t get inverted again after that…

    4″ AMSAP: L-Sit: 64 seconds (first forty where strict, couldn’t keep my feet above the level of the paralettes after that.

  37. BB Gymnastics
    1) 68,68,73,73,78
    2a) 83,88,93,98
    2b) 135

    1a) did body weight pull ups
    1b) 2 sets at 110, 5 sets at 105

  38. 1) 145, 155, 155(f), 165, 165

    2a) 205-235
    2b) 275

    1a) 45
    1b) 205

    50 GHD sit ups

    Had to do Fran in the morning for unit PT. Went about 80-90%,

  39. BBG:
    1) 85,85,90,95,100


    1a)11.5# (chain) had to break up the last set

    skipped since i did MU yday, but will make up. decided to run 1.5 mi instead. didnt time but prob around 10:30.

    did right after run, hello hip flexors!
    had to use rings. knees still slightly bent on these.

  40. 1) 160×2 180×3
    Caught all but last in power, settled down in bottom and came up.
    2a) 230×2 240×2
    2b) 250
    Not as hard as anticipated. All reps came up quick.

    5×3 pullups with 55
    No time for anything else.

  41. 1) 135#

    2a) 185#
    2b) 245#

    1a) 70#
    1b) 185#

    Don’t have the capability to do these at my house so did 3 ring HSPUS every minute on the minute for 10 minutes

    L-Sits: 105 seconds

  42. Only did BB Gymnastics today, then did JT with class.

    Limited movements next month or so. Trying to get shoulder (and back, and wrist, and whatever else hurts) back to 100%.

  43. BB Gymnastic –
    Snatch – 155, 155, 165, 175, 175

    Snatch Pulls – 225
    Back Squat – 235×2, 245×2 (not 80%, couldn’t get that high)

    Strength –

    Weighted Pull Ups – 70# (could’ve gone a little higher)
    Bench Press – 175#

    Skill –
    Did 15

    Midline – did it, but was pretty ugly by the end, not sure of time.

  44. everything was off. did dill’s barbell program for a couple of days while drew was gone. it was the first time in many, many months that i did heavy deads. got 285# for a set of 2 which was a PR, but i was still feeling it today. missed some lifts and moved very slow.

    1) went heavier than i was supposed to.

    2a) 195, 215, 215, 195 (215 was slow, so went back to 195 to work on speed)
    2b) 200 – failed last set

    1a) worked strict false grip c2rings pull-ups
    1b) 95#

    skill: worked MUs

    midline: no time

  45. First post! Here’s what I got today…

    BB gymnastics

    73, 75, 78, 81, 85 lbs.
    All of these felt really good. Definitely think I could go heavier. My biggest hurdle that I’ve recently overcome is getting below the bar (vs. just doing power snatches all the time).

    Snatch pulls
    137 lbs. – they felt better as the rounds went on
    Tempo HBBS
    137 lbs. – Not super easy, but felt strong.

    1a) Body weight (165lbs.) – failed the very last rep. Tried after a short break, but was spent.
    1b) 115 lbs.

    I can’t do either, so I worked on muscle up progression and regular HSPU with two ab mats.

    1:09 total time – longest hold was 10 seconds. Biggest issue was cramping up in left quad.


  46. 1) 135×2, 145×3
    2a) 185×2, 190×2
    2b) 255
    PU- 70#
    Bench- 165
    First time getting thru transition on mu to hspu but couldn’t get any locked out.
    Midline- 2:06

  47. Snatch: 165-205#
    Snatch Pull: 235#
    HBBS: 305#

    Pull ups:1-5 70# 6,7 60#
    Bench: 225#

    MU+RHSPU: did 10

    L-SIT: 100sec

  48. BB Gymnastics



    4 MU to RHSPU



  49. 165 for all, still trying not to power snatch.
    225 and 245. Sqts wayyy better than last week. Still not at right %.
    90 and 175, too light on both but gym was packed and pressed for time.
    Skipped rhspu.
    1:34 total time on L sit

  50. What’s up to my mufuckin outlaws…I just popped my cherry today starting the outlaw way programming. I’m co-owner of CrossFit Bloomington-Normal in Illinois.
    5’9″ with bw of 167 scrawny as fuck.
    Numbers today:
    1). 75kg, 78kg, 80kg, 83kg, 83kg.

    2a) 205lbs all sets
    2b) 245lbs all sets (@70% because im a pussy)

    1a) 53lbs across
    1b) 165lbs across

    started the skill did 3 musleup/ring hspu and duty called at the gym and had to cut the rest of the workout short.

    I have my girl that made regionals doing the programming now, with me helping with her individual weaknesses. Look forward to her improvements at regionals.

  51. 1)135,145,150,155,165f

    Mu to HSPU work done

  52. Snatch – 187, 197, 202, 207×2
    Snatch Pulls – 243, 263, 273×2
    Tempo Squats – 315(ugly), 315(1), 301×2 a little over zealous on these tonight

    Pull ups – 70, 75, 70×5
    Bench – 225 for all sets

    MU to Ring HSPU – worked on the transition and couldn’t get it. Got close once or twice and just couldn’t harden up enough.

    L Sits – 78 sec – I Suck

  53. 1) 145, 150, 155, 160, 165
    2a) 215
    2b) 295×1(f), 275×3

    1a) 25#
    1b) 225#

    Ring HSPU *work*

    L Sits – 83 seconds


  54. BBG:
    1) Snatch – 170,175,180,185,190. All reps were solid. Oly is feeling really smooth lately.
    2a) Snatch Pulls – 225×2,240×2
    2b) Tempo HBBS – 275

    1a) Weighted STRICT Pullups – 53×3,58,63,68,75
    1b) Bench Press – 185, felt super light.

    Skill – completed sets of 3,2,2, and five singles. 12 total reps. I actually got my shoelace caught on a chain at the top of the rings and I thought we were gonna have to get out the step ladder to get me down. I was stuck in a handstand for a few nervous seconds.

    Midline – 80 seconds. Did a max hold EMOM and finished with a couple small sets at the end. 25,15,16,12,7,5.

  55. 1) all at 155. still need soooo much work on this movement, feel like everything sucks balls on this.
    2a) 245
    2b) 290 so damn heavy failed second reps on both the last sets.
    1a) 40lbs
    1b) 225, went #25 over 70% and it still felt easy, shouldve done 235 or so

    shoulder and elbow were pissed from havin shit for on snatches so nixed the MU practice and forgot all about the midline shiz

  56. Weird day with a lot of unexpected limitations (noted). Had to use the man bar at school… with no chalk because they wouldn’t dare lift anything heavy enough to break a sweat.

    1) 115-125, 135(f)… I blame this on grip, really.
    2a) 175
    3b) 195

    1a) 25# wanted to use 40-50# but no db or weight vest available. Next time.
    1b) 115

    Skill: Did 1 Ring HSPU every 30s for a total of 15 reps.
    Then learned that damn MU HSPU. Got it down. Pretty stoked about that.

    Midline: 2ish? That sucked.

  57. Snatch-175×2, 185×2, 195×1

    Snatch pulls-225, 235, 245×2
    Tempo HBBS-290

    Messed up percentages on bench and pullups so not even worth posting but 25# & 165#

    MU to RHSPU- did 3-2-3-3-1-1 (ran out of time so rushed at the end and didn’t get 10 min in

    L-sits: 90 secs

  58. BBG
    1) 110, 110, 115, 120, 125
    2a) 165 for all
    2b) 185 for all (havent maxed hbbs in a while) went with what i know

    1a) 10, 10, 20, 25, 25, 25, 35
    1b) 145

    Got a few ring hspu. Transitioned from the top of a dip. Our rings dont go high enough to get a MU with full ROM plus ring HSPU so practiced from a sit position but by the time i got to those I had no press left

    80 seconds in the L-sit. :10 on :20 off

  59. 1) Snatch 205, 210, 215, 220, 225 – Snatches sucked balls today. Missed 225 a couple times which I NEVER do. Fuck.

    2a) Snatch Pulls 315 – Nice and high. Good pop today- not sure why full snatches were such a disaster.
    2b) HBBS Tempo Squats 380 – Holy fuck. Seeing stars after each set.

    1a) 70lb KB – Missed the very last rep of the workout.
    1b) 245 – Easy.

    Muscle-ups to Ring HSPU
    – 15 done in 7:55. I was hoping for under 6, but oh well. I’d be happy if these came up in competition.

    L-Sit – 1:50

  60. Kenneth Leverich

    BB Gymnastics:
    1) Snatch 5 x 1 @ 230lbs.
    2a) 2 x 240lbs, 2 x 240lbs, 2 x 250lbs, 2 x 250lbs. I have never done these before. I will definitely go much heavier next time.
    2b) 4 x 2 @ 300lbs. Felt a little tension in my right calf. Legs need some serious SMR on a daily basis.

    1a) Weighted pull-ups 7 x 3 @ 80lbs
    1b) Bench press 7 x 3 @ 225lbs. Bench was interesting considering that’s the first time that I’ve done bench press in over a year. Thanks for exposing a potential weakness.


    Completed 10 UB M/U to RHSPU. Took it easy. My elbows are really sore still from Saturday and the recent increase in Oly volume. Video below. Some reps may be so-so. Please let me know what you think.


    Held 2:29.14 of 4:00.00 or 149 of 240 seconds and this was the most challenging part of the night for me.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  61. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X1 Snatch @ 80% – 68kg these felt smooth probably should have gone to 90%

    2a) 4X2 Snatch Pulls – @ 100kg
    2b) 4X2 Tempo High-Bar Back Squat @ 80% = 112.5kg


    1a) 7X3 Weighted STRICT Pullups @ 70% = + 15kg
    1b) 7X3 Bench Press @ 70% = 80kg

    Missed the rest of the session as I had work to get to

    M= 4 F= 6 S= 2

  62. BB Gymnastics

    1) 160#, 165#, 170#, 175#, 180#

    2a) 4×2 @ 245#

    2b) 4×2 @ 260#


    1a) 7×3 @ 24kg

    1b) 7×3 @ 210#


    Used lower rings and worked on the transition and HSPU


    120 sec. (on KBs) – 45 sec. to start

  63. BB Gymnastics:

    1) 160-170-180-180-190-195

    2a) 4×2 @ 245
    2b) 275-285-285-290


    1a) 7×3 @ 24kg
    1b 7×3 @ 210

    Need to work on Ring HSPU
    Transition was easy.

    2 min 30 sec

  64. 1. 95, 95, 100, 105, 110
    2a. 135, 145, 155, 175
    2b. 160, 175, 175, 175

    1a. 5# for all sets
    2b. 85# for all sets

    Did 5 muscle ups, and after each got on the floor with a rigged contraption to do a ring HSPU.

    Midline; Have no idea how many seconds. This was miserable, though.

    MFS: 2/3/3

  65. 1. 185, 185, 185, 185, 195
    2a. 275 across
    2b. 340 across

    90# across
    255 # across

    skipped skill work… pressed for time

  66. First day on the Way. First let me say thanks for the programming and the antics. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at any blog. I was doing CFFB when I came across this program. I immediately realized how much I missed the oly lifts paired with the cf style metcons and gymnastics. So here I find myself at the present date.

    SN 160,160,165,165,170
    *worked on technique, knees out, pulling through heels and keeping feet close

    4 rds
    SN Pulls 225#
    Tempo HBBS 275#
    * With speed on the pulls, HBBS were tough but I got every rep

    7 rds
    3x wgt pull up 95,90,70–>
    3x Bench 215#
    *started to slow on rd2 of the pull ups so I thought I’d better drop to get all reps minimal rest between sets

    Then 10:00 MU to Ring HSPU 4rds of 1 MU + 3 Ring HSPU
    Had to do MU from seated position, I hook the straps to a pullup bar, there is no where to attach it to the ceiling, so…

    L-sit about 1:30 in the L-sit accumlated

    2×10 wall extension
    roll around on tennis ball
    Prasara Yoga- Crow transitions (per Blair Morrison)

    Felt good today, looking forward to the program and many thanks.

  67. 1) 70kgx1x2 75kgx1x2 80kgx1
    2a) 85kgx2x4
    2b) 100kgx2x4

    1a) Did Strict CTB-PU with scapula-retraction in the top.
    1b) 75kgx3x7

    Skill work: Did 4 sets of 3-3-2-2.

    L-Sit total of 100 seconds in 4 minutes.

  68. 1) 125, 125, 125, 135, 135
    2a) 215, 215, 225, 225
    2b) 225
    3a) 35 (Rd 1,4,5,6,7), 45 (rd 2,3)
    3b) 185
    L-sit – around 2 mins, but the form started to lag the last couple mins.

  69. First time posting. Been following for a week and a half. Coming back to serious training from a serious auto accident. Hope to rebound quick!

    1) 155,155,165,175,185( felt smoother than 175)
    2a) 245
    2b) 225

    3a) 65
    3b) 205 should have went heavier

    Midline: didn’t time, at least 2 mins accumulated

  70. 130,130,130,150,150

    235- was supposed to be 250. just realized it…urgghhhh

    strict pullups
    bench 190

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