WOD 120329:

Rest Day.

It’s late, I’m tired, and I just answered 7 billion emails (not an exaggeration, I promise). So now I don’t feel like being witty, insightful, or explaining any of the percentages, movement details, or template concerns that float around my head while normal people are thinking about what time Friends comes on tonight (that bullshit it still on, right?). I’ll post a video or two and leave you with this…

By tomorrow night we will have some pretty accurate data on the amount of Outlaw followers who qualified for and are participating in the upcoming Regional season. I can tell you this: I was wrong, way wrong. We had over 100 in our database by noon. I don’t know who else will come out of the woodwork, but I am completely overwhelmed by the response so far. I am especially excited about the number of entire teams that are following and tomorrow I will be posting the first of the team versions of the daily WODs.

I don’t really know how this happened. I guess we’re going to need to order more shorts.

BP thinks he’s some sort of a strong person because his quads are barely an inch bigger than mine. Luckily he has this, and a top 20 finish in the Open, to make him feel better and raise his self-esteem. He needs anything he can get because I still squat significantly more than he does despite the fact that I’m approximately 29 years his elder and he outweighs me by over 90 pounds. Brandon again tried to prove his “strength” by doing today’s Clean Pulls with 405# (a weight I usually warm up with). I guess he thinks doing a WL accessory with many people’s 1RM Deadlift is good or something…

*DISCLAIMER: Yes, those are a little slow, but pretty fucking awesome. Here’s a way better set at 365#…

Many of you have heard me talk about Pat Mendes during our squat session at training camp. Because I know you went home and forgot to look up this specific video which I recommended you should look up, I’ve decided to enrich your lives by posting it now. This will probably make your face melt completely off.

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    • riiiight?

      i missed out due to three weeks off two weeks before the open, and if i’d done a few more burpees would have made it. does that count?

  1. If you qualified for regionals and didn’t say so yesterday, please do so today. We are trying to get the most accurate data possible on how many people trained with the program during the time leading up to the open. If you qualified but just started following very recently (like during the open or even this week), please let us know that at well.

    • We’ve been watching your site for awhile but just started following the program this week. We are taking a team to regionals Plus 1 male and 1 female going solo We qualified 3 men 2 women plus just missed 3 other women at 62, 63 an 71. Love the stuff you’re doing.

  2. I was just introduced to Outlaw on Tuesday by my cousin whom I coincidentally introduced to CrossFit. I didnt get much work done on Tuesday bc I was to busy researching and excited about starting the programming that afternoon.
    I followed Tuesday and Wednesdays wods and can’t wait for Friday!

    This is the programming I have been missing and have been looking for something like this!
    I qualified for the South Central Regional in 2011 as an individual in 50th place. We also qualified a team, CrossFit Hattiesburg. I felt I wasn’t prepared for individuals for whatever reason and competed on the team.

    This year I have refined my diet, gotten more in depth with my workouts and focused more on weaknesses. I have qualified this year in 41st place for the South Central Regional and can’t wait to compete!

    I really wish I had found this programming 6 months or even a year ago. But I have one month to bust my ass and improve to my full potential with your programming.

    I would just like to say thanks in advance for the increased fitness and gains I KNOW I will achieve with your programming!

    Forrest Rollins

  3. I am an outlaw follower from crossfit altitude (Jay Rhodes is my coach). With the help of the amazing program you provide, I qualified for the Canada East Regionals! Thanks for sharing your guidance with us “little guys”! Helps so so much.

  4. Central East Region but I will be competing on Crossfit Murfreesboro’s Team!!

  5. Um are you usually witty and insightful? And Friends is only re-runs now, get with it.

  6. Hahaha I love this video. It’s awesome. “Time to rack it”.. I use that quote all the time at my gym and people never understand what I am talking about hahaha.

  7. Haha yeah an even better Mendes vid is him with and Starret on I think the mobWOD website. They are working on his quads its pretty funny.

  8. Just starting with this programming. Love the doctrine!
    Qualified for Regionals in Latin America, and now with this help I hope to make some significant improvements.


  9. First of all: LOVE the programming (I am sure you all know that).

    Second of all: I have to brag for a minute, Amanda Hodge is my best friend and an avid Outlaw follower. She placed 59th in MidAtlantic Region, just making the cut! She would not post because she does not feel it was or is good enough. I however think otherwise. She is a full time employee at night and student during the day, who suffers from Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis disease and was in and out of the hospital this whole open. She was in for a whole week and the day she got out “only” hit 107 burpee’s. This programming I know has increased her performance highly and has helped keep her sanity. I along with her thanks you for that and keep up the great work! We will def be repping the outlaw way come regional’s!

    • ahhhh, so she’s one of the two girls who tied for 59th and pushed me down to 61st. she may have a bounty after her head soon…. totally kidding. 😉

      she needs to be proud of what’s she’s been able to accomplish while being so sick. thanks for being a good friend and speaking up for her. she has a very inspiring story!

    • So proud of hodge….by far one of the hardest workers I have ever met. She is truly inspiring.

    • Damn Amber, bout time you posted up. I never see you on here. Ill be back at Vitality a few days before Easter.

      And Amanda is a friend of mine as well. I was very happy to see her hold on and make regionals. The circumstances shes been training under and the results she had during the open are amazing. I remember when she tried to get me to try crossfit after I finished college baseball. Finally tried it about a half a year later.

  10. Who else is following Outlaw in Chicago? My gym is closed next weekend for a renovation and I’m like to hit up a new gym for fun. I may be able to sucker EA into joining, but she requires the red carpet treatment.

  11. Can anybody on here recommend when you should start using a weightlifting belt? I have a squat 1RM of 365# and a DL 1RM of 455, but I’ve never used belts or anything like that. I’m 5′ 10″, 185-190#.

  12. Day late, but just started training outlaw for regionals in the North Central region. 43rd after the open.

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