At some point this week I will have the opportunity to address the approach to regional programming. Since I’m pressed for time tonight, I’ll say this: keep following. This site will not be programmed only for regional competitors, and it won’t be programmed only for competitors who are already in their off season. Just bear with us and you will see the plan.

It’s been a long day, and a long but productive 5 weeks. I don’t have 5% of the time I’d need to recap the entire thing tonight. I do need to say a little, so I’ll try to be concise.

-I’d like to congratulate our THREE overall region champions: Brandon Phillips (19th in the world), Kevin Simons (21st in the world), and Jason Hoggan (35th in the world). I had the pleasure of coaching all three of them at the CrossFit Heath training camp this weekend, and as you would expect, they took turns beating the hell out of each other all weekend.

In 2011 Hoggan finished 54th, Simons 75th, and Phillips 102nd overall. Brandon improved 83 places and never repeated a WOD.

-On Saturday, in back-to-back heats, Talayna Fortunato and Natalie McLain posted the 2nd and 3rd best scores in the world on 12.5. Natalie, who finished the Open ranked 36th overall, held the overall lead at 154 reps for approximately 12 minutes. With the luxury of knowing the number to beat, Talayna stuck to a well designed rep scheme, and pulled off an amazing set of 10 unbroken pullups, then 3 more, after completing the round of 21 thrusters at around the same time as Natalie.

We knew T was a favorite coming into the WOD, but Natalie left the entire room with their jaws on the floor. Without her performance, T may not have known what was possible. I’d venture a guess that if she’d seen Camille’s insane 173 in person, she might have been able to go get it. Remember, just 5 weeks ago, T was doing 118 burpees with a broken rib. 5 weeks later she made it all the way back to 17th in the world and 2nd in the region.

WOD 120326:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X2 Snatch @ 75-85% – rest 90 sec.

Notes: Begin at 75% and increase to 85% throughout sets if technique is perfect. DO NOT go past 85% and do not add to 75% if technique is not perfect. These do not need to be touch and go, you may reset.

2a) 5X3 Snatch Pulls – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO
2b) 5X2 Tempo High-Bar Back Squat @ 75% – rest 60 sec.

Notes: Quick descent, 5 counts (seconds) in the rock bottom, bounce and quick back up.


For time:

Run 400m
3 rounds of the BB complex-
5 Deadlifts 135/95#
5 Hang Power Cleans 135/95#
5 Push Jerks 135/95#
Run 400m
2 rounds of the BB complex
Run 400m
1 round of the BB complex

100 Double-Unders


1a) 3X5 (5l/5r) TGUs @ 24/16kg – rest 45 sec.
1b) 3×20 UB T2B – rest 45 sec.

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  1. Awesome camp this weekend, Rudy. Unbelievable amount of talent, a ton of great info, and an effing good time. We expect to have you back soon.

  2. Awesome job outlaws!

    1) 67.5kg, 67.5, 70, 70, 75kg
    2a) 90, 100, 100, 100, 100kg
    2b) 120kg all sets

    Conditioning: Was a little confused wether or not to do the 100 DU as part of the rest of the WOD, so did the 100DU immediately after i finished the last barbell-complex. Hope that was right.
    8:20 on the run/BB-complex and 10:50 on the whole thing. My DU sucked today. Arms were smashed after the first part.

    Midline: Done, but only got 17 UB T2B on the last set.


  3. Hi there!

    Can someone tell me please what the “BB complex” used in the condtioning part is.

    And if it is the same as the days BB Gymnastics, then how does it look wenn actually performed in the condtionig part.

    Thanks alot!


  4. Congrats to everyone moving on to Regionals. I’m hoping some of you CF gym owners can chime in on this business question.

    Why would a gym have a dedicated program for competitive Crossfit athletes (I.e. The Outlaw Way) when most of the gym’s paying members have no interest in competing? What would be the business ($$) benefit?

    • It seems to me (though I’m not a gym owner) that having classes geared towards individual groups of people (from n00bs to Games vets) allows you to tier your approach and give a better service to all. When you have the top level classes then it gives the lesser level people something to strive for and look up to. Just my 2c.

      It’s just like following this site or that video posted about the canadian box. There is a natural progression and more levels keep you coming in the door.

    • BT I think that is a valid question. I think that in some sense or another how we program for competition is how we should program for everyone. If this is in fact the BEST training you can get to find maximum health and fitness gains, in all terms of fitness, than wouldn’t the ‘competition training’ be best for everyone? I don’t find Rudy’s training to be like Rich, Mikko or Graham’s training which in my opinion will (and has) lead to surgeries and major overuse in the long run.

      Now granted a lot of the volume stuff, and high level gymnastics stuff is lost on many of the ‘regular joe’ members. I find it pretty simple, the right program for your members is one that relies on the main lifts 5 days a week (SN, C&J, Squats, Presses, Pulls) hits on skill practice and has a variety of metcons that are intensity based (lots of intervals, lots of 8min AmRaps). It is very much like Rudy’s programming then if you look at it that way. We do ‘competition training’ I would say (our team made regionals despite being open as a gym for only 7 months and having ~90 members that have all only been CF’ing that long, beating gyms in our area with 250+ that have been open 3 years) but the main difference is scaling way down for the ‘average joe’ and scaling up for the competitors. Often times I give the competitors the midline or skill work to do right after class. Some of the ‘average joes’ don’t always enjoy the snatch practice (mainly because their overhead sucks, as well as their coordination) – but I feel like the body awareness and flexibility they gain from this practice is invaluable, as well as that it challenges them so much that they love the ‘easy stuff’ (KBS, FS, BS, etc.)

    • I ask because a group of would like to follow programming which is competition geared. Not GPP. I think its been pretty established that two are different. However I understand catering to the masses especially when membership exceeds the 200 mark and you only have 4,000 sqft and limited equipment. An owner has to cater to its bread and butter.

      So to make it a viable proposal, I/we have to present how allowing a competitor program will help the owner’s bottom line, direct or indirect, without disrupting service to the core clientele.

      • @BT
        I recently tried doing the same thing at my affiliate in some reguard. My affiliate follows an OPT style format that has three levels newbies, average goers, competition programming. I suggested wanting to come in to follow the outlaw programming and for argument sake just believe in the foundation of the programming more like the cycles and how it hits all the lifts gymnastics etc but the owner wasn’t to keen on members following someone else’s programming. Still trying to work something out because I do feel he is a good and honest coach and have to respect that it his business / box. Was just trying to give you a different perspective or thought process to approach your coach with let me know how you make out.

    • Super timely question, I’m sure a lot of owners are struggling with this, or did through the Open. I coach at our gym and pretty much ran the Open stuff with another coach. Our general membership is in the same boat – no competition interest. In my opinion, most of the benefits of doing a comeptitive level program for select members are intangibles that are important, but nearly impossible to quantify.

      To illustate what I mean, we had a TON of people sign up for the Open as part of our team, which was great for the community, but didn’t bring in additional business or revenue (maybe some people stayed because of it, who knows).That said, the community part is cheesy but can’t be understated. People who never thought they’d enjoy this stuff were signing up for it because they wanted to be a part of the gym’s team – NOT because they have aspirations of competing. These folks showed up on their off day, did the WODs, drank coffee, and cheered everyone else on, and took a special interest in how our more competitive athletes were doing. Before the team, the gym was just some basic fitness to them. (And none of our competitive people are that competitive in the grand scheme of things.)

      These people who follow a competitor level program become the defacto leaders of the gym’s team and lead by example – commitment to their training, nutrition, doing the movements properly, etc – regardless of the ability of the other team members. It doesn’t need to be publicized or highlighted that they follow a “special program.”

  5. BB Gymnastics:
    1. 100# – 105#
    2a. 135, 140, 145, 150, 150
    2b. 205# for all sets

    Conditioning: 12:15 (started double unders at 10:15)
    Definitely feeling the post-Open celebratory vodka/pizza/ice cream

    M/F/S – 2/2/3 Glad the Open is over. Ready to focus on Regionals!

  6. Rudy, cannot thank you enough for allowing your programming to be followed by anyone. We (CrossFit Paragon) couldn’t have done it without you. We finished the Southeast Regional Open in 3rd place! EXCITED! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    It’s going to take some hard work but my goal is to be as close to 100% by Regionals time so I can compete with the team. I haven’t posted my times/lifts on here because I haven’t been able to handle the volume until late last week. I should be ready to go today! I have faith in your programming that I’ll be back in no time 🙂

  7. Quick question. The %’s for the high bar back squat are they based upon our low bar 1rm or high bar 1rm?

    Also sick programming, love every minute of doing these workouts

  8. Wow, T brings it again. I know who I will be following during the games. Don’t worry Talayna, I’m married with 3 kids(not that it stops your average psycho) so no breaking into your house and stealing sport’s bras. Nice work BP, born and raised in Lagrange, Ga. I hope you are a UGA fan.

    Noob question alert! Stop reading if noob questions cause you distress!
    Shoes; Romaleos or what else?(the Reeboks look nice) I weigh 190, if that matters. Decided to only LBBS in my Chucks and get some WL shoes for all the lifting we do. Where to buy from? Need them for a cert in two weeks. Is Rogue my only option?

    • Exactly what Jeff said.

      Lifting -> Romaleos

      All Around Crossfit -> Reeboks

      I have both and I’ll occasionally lift in the Reeboks just because I’ll probably be using them in competition unless its a straight max oly lift. I’ve actually hit most of my oly PR’s in the Reeboks.

    • Whew… I was worried there for a minute I was going to have to hide my Outlaw socks and sports bras! As for your ? I would say if you want the ability to WOD (i.e. do double unders and box jumps) and lift in your shoes the Reeboks are the way to go. If you however want a “lifting” shoe that is better for lifting than the hybrid Reeboks, I would recommend the Romaleos. Rudy pretty much worships his. As for me I LOVE my adidas. Only other pair I’ve had were Ristos and they bit the dust after less than a year.

      • Thanks for the info all. I went ahead and bought Romaleos. Can’t go wrong with the best. Will buy the CF Reeboks later.

        T, I might steal your Outlaw socks if they don’t get some in stock soon.

      • I was going to second T on the Adidas but I see you already bought some Nike’s. I picked up the new Adidas weightlifters (yes the bright red ones). From what I can tell there somewhere in between the Nike and Reeboks, solid heel but still light and flexible on the toe. My 2 cents…just waiting for Red/Black Outlaw shorts to order so my shit will look color coordinated.

  9. Just want to say hello! I’ve been following outlaw for a few weeks now and love it. Trying to keep up with both is a challenge since I run my own gym but I’m doing my best to make it work. Did today’s workout this morning. I’ll start posting my results here when they aren’t quite so embarrassing. I’m okay in the strength department but my conditioning is a challenge. I’m 6’5 and close to 300lbs. I’m looking to be the bigges guy to qualify for regionals next year. Will be next to impossible but what the hell? Set your goals high is what I say. Looking forward to the next year!

    • post your shit up man. No one looks down on people in this place. Rudy programs this shit to be tough. It’ll help rudy analyze his data when he chooses to do so. Posting here is a humbling experience when you see the scores of some of the top 100 people in the world. Jay, Jason, BP…ect. It’ll only make you better. Just attack this shit hard, you’ll see results. Thats what matters. So post up, no ones going to look down on anyone.

  10. 1)125#

    Conditioning – 16:44

    Didn’t have time for the midline work

  11. What a great weekend at the Heath Training Camp! I really enjoyed getting to meet all of you and all the incredible instruction. I’m looking forward to getting my butt kicked over the next two months pre regionals and beyond. 🙂

  12. BB Gymnastics
    1) 120, 130, 140
    2a) 170
    2b) 210


    P.M. after work


    Oly lifts are already getting better after jus a few weeks of followin Outlaw (I have piss poor technique, when I land a full squat snatch at heavier loads it looks like every part of my body is attempting to do their own thing <— true story)… Also still using steel plates cause I'm broke as hell, but i'm in the process of trying to find some used bumpers for cheap. A pair of 45#'s will b good for now I can load out with steel plates above 135. Anybody got or know someone with a used set they wanna sell? I'm checking into gyms in my area too.

  13. 1) 147,147,154,160,165
    2a.) 264 (went a bit lighter to make sure I kept ass down, chest up – need to work on that)
    2b.) 265 across
    Conditioning: 14:17 (slow, not happy with my performance – off day I suppose)
    Midline: done

    3/7/4 – felt very tired today, going to eat a horse and rest up

  14. BB

    1) 155#- stayed light and form still sucked

    2a) 185, 195
    2b) 275

    Conditioning: 9:55- double unders weren’t as bad as I thought they would be

    Midline- later


  15. Open is done. Rudy, although I’ve only been watching your stuff for a few weeks and now following it for a few days I’m looking foward to following it. My affiliate qualifed 9th in the Northeast with athletes that will all be on the team except for 1, Kelly Steadman who qualified 4th and is looking to go to the Games again. I’m going to have her look into your stuff. I think the majority if not all of my team will be following your programming. Looking forward to the coming weeks of workouts.

    Squat Snatch: 137.5×2, 2 140×2, 142.5×2, 145×2

    Snatch Pull: 185×3, 3 195×3, 205×3, 215×3
    Pause Back Squats: 220×2, 2, 2, 2, 2 (first time doing these. Were definitely something different, and damn did they open my hips up. Was trying to focus on completely pausing in the bottom and not bouncing around at all until it was time to come up)


    12:04. I’m weak overhead so I might have gamed it a little too much on the first set of complexes. Always afraid of failing overhead. The rounds of 2 and 1 I hit faster. Hang cleans felt heavy for what ever reason, and that is something I would typically consider a strength. Runs were slow, watched the clock and did 1:50, 2:10, and 2:20, I’ve got an even 400m from the door and probably 40-50 feet each way coming and going from the door. Double-unders were junk. After hammering them out in 12.4, I hit about 10 sets of 2 to get going today, then a couple sets of 5 and a set of 40 and 20 to finish.

    TGU: 5, 5, 5 @53
    T2B: 20, 15, 15

    This felt like the hardest part of the workout today. Did my first set of TGU up and down unbroken on each side, the other 2 sets were all singles, but I still did all left and then all right. T2B were grip limited more than anything. First set had to regrip at 15, the other sets I had to regrip at 12.

    Solid work and happy with the way I felt. Need to go get some food now after only having a protein shake in the 9 hours I’ve been up.

    Thanks again for giving us some awesome shit to do Rudy.

  16. Benched
    5’s @ 125, 145, 165 then band assisted (for lockout strength) 5@225 3@245 1@255


    1) 100, 100, 105, 110, 115
    2a) 155, 155, 160, 165, 170
    2b) 185

    Conditioning was fucking brutal.
    17:50. got to the dubs at 15:08 but my shoulders were toast

    Midline later tonight

    • As it turns out, the conditioning I did was 5 rounds, 3 rounds and 1 round of the barbell complex. Misremembered the wod which explains why some people got it done in 10 minutes and makes me feel like more of a man after posting my 17:50 time

  17. Snatch- 170,170,175,180,185
    Snatch Pull- 225 5×3
    Squat- 285

    Didn’t time the wod just got conditioning out of it.

    Midline TGU Done, TTB 3×20 UB

  18. Snatch: 155# technique work
    Snatch Pull: 225#
    Tempo Squat: 275#

    Conditioning: 10:08

    Midline: done

  19. This posted too late in Germany for me to do, so I took a PT test. Maxed my push ups and sit ups. My 2 mile run was horrible. I just switched to this programming from Military Athlete and I will be interested to see if my scores improve in six months or stay the same.

  20. 1) 165, 165, 175, 180, 185
    2a) 225
    2b) 315

    Conditioning 8:48 (does not include DUs- forgot about them )

    Midline later on.

  21. BB Gymnastics
    1) 115, 120, 120
    2a) 185
    2b) 250




  22. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X2 Snatch 140,150

    2a) 5X3 Snatch Pulls 200#
    2b) 5X2 Tempo High-Bar Back Squat 265#



    felt a little worn out from the sat workout i did yesterday night. after all the snatches and cleans my snatch today started off slow but got better. I definitely feel my lifts improving with all this low percentage work to test technique something that i never took the time to do.

  23. 1) 95, 95, 95, 105, 105
    2a) 155 all the way
    2b) 230 all the way

    Oly’s new to me, but starting to feel a little better. Need a lot of work on explosion and not trying to lift everything with my arms

    Conditioning: 15:50 with double unders. Runs got way to slow on rounds 2 and 3. Need a lot of work on hang cleans. I can get through them pretty well, but form is bad–trying to fight myself when I feel myself trying to lift with my arms

    Midline: Done

  24. Snatch: 63-75kg
    Felt better than in almost a year! 🙂

    Snatch pulls, 3 sets 80-90kg.
    Pause Squats, 3 sets 132kg
    (Only had time for 3 sets each).

    Conditioning: DNF:d! First time in a looong time where I dnf. Body feels very off, hoping it has something to do with a little too much champagne yesterday celebrating a special occasion. If I dont feel “normal” by tomorrow I prob take the rest of the week off from conditioning…

    Did midline as rx’d later. Felt good.

  25. First day following your programming. Have to admit this was a little rough coming off of 12.5 yesterday, but I was anxious to get started.

    1. 85/85/95/100/100#
    2a. 105/105/105/105/105# Kept these really light. This is only the second time I’ve ever done snatch pulls so wanted to focus on technique for today.
    2b. 135/135/135/135/135

    Conditioning: 16:39 Rx. Haha, my legs were like bricks after those thrusters yesterday. Oh well.

    Midline: 1×5/e TGU @ 35# (ran out of time), no TTB-hands are ripped up.

    Any advice on the sn pulls would be appreciated. I’ve only ever gotten one formal session in olympic lifting (from the awesome Gary Valentine-Team CT weightlifting). I think I am re-bending knees after reaching full extension… should I avoid this in the sn pull or is it okay? Thanks for the great programming!

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjMrGXRw7iI&w=560&h=315%5D

  26. 1) 165, 175×4
    2) 265×5
    3) 275×4
    Conditioning- 9:42 without DU’s didn’t see them till later.

    No time for midline, will do this evening.

    Been a lurker for a few weeks! 1st post
    Coach Rudy…. You are doing some amazing things. Keep it coming.

  27. BB Gymnastics:

    1) 125, all sets
    2a) 205, all sets
    2b) 225, 245×4 sets


    13:35 rx

    BB gymnastics were done in the morning and the conditioning during lunch. Didn’t have time for the midline this afternoon so might try to get it in later at home.

    This is my first post on the Outlaw blog and just started following it during The Open. Wish I would have found this much sooner!!! This is exactly the type of programming I’ve been looking for and I’m already sold. I’ve been crossfitting for about a year now and wanted to get serious for The Open, just didn’t know where to turn for programming. I’ve got decent numbers so Ill look to improve upon them in the coming year.

  28. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X2 Snatch @ 75% = 64kg

    2a) 5X3 Snatch Pulls – @ 100kg
    2b) 5X2 Tempo High-Bar Back Squat @ 75% = 105kg


    For time:

    Run 400m
    3 rounds of the BB complex- @ 60kg
    5 Deadlifts
    5 Hang Power Cleans
    5 Push Jerks
    Run 400m
    2 rounds of the BB complex
    Run 400m
    1 round of the BB complex

    Time= 10:36 (Forgot the D/U’s at the end before I am an idiot)

    M= 3 F= 5 S=3

  29. 1) 95×2/105×2/115
    2a) 145×5
    2b) 215×3, 195×2 really bottomed out on the last two sets.

    Conditioning: 16:00, no DUs forgot rope. Went rx’d. Maybe should have scaled. 135 press was a lot for me. All good though. Glad I forgot my rope, will get when my son wakes up and we play in the backyard.

    Midline: done

    Lower back really tight.

  30. 1) 170# x 4 x 2, 180# x 1 x 2 — No Fails, felt great today.
    2a) 255 x 5 x 3
    2b) 275 x 5 x 2

    Conditioning: 10.35 — Either getting some sort of lung thing/ cold or I have a seriously severe case of Fran Lung…really struggling breathing and getting some mean coughs/headaches post-wod.

  31. 1) 135
    2a and 2b) 185

    Condition: 14:55 w/ double unders

    shoulders sore so skipped midline.

  32. BBG:
    1) 155-155-165-165-175
    2a) 5×3 @225
    2b) 5×2 @275

    Con: 10:17 Rx

    Midline: complete


  33. Camp was awesome this past weekend!

    Thanks rudy, t, elisabeth, bp, Laura, Jason, Kevin

    Good luck to all you guys.

    Jason I got video of 12.5 for your blog if you’d like. Email me let me know.


  34. 1: Snatches all done at 75%…only 115…I suck. But, my hips, right achilles, and my right shoulder all felt like they had more mobility today and I was stronger in the squat and just overall smoother getting under the bar.

    2a: all done at 185
    2b: all done at 250

    Conditioning- 12:15

    Midline: done

  35. “He’s a rah-tard”…

    Finished the conditioning, stoked that I did one as it was written, at a weight I seriously doubted I could do in the rx’d rep range… looked at it again and realized I mixed reps instead of rounds. 30 reps total vs. 90. Fuck.

    So, I did:

    400m Run +
    1 round of BB complex at 5 reps per movement +
    400m Run +
    1 round complex at 3 reps per movement +
    400m Run +
    1 round complex at 2 reps per movement
    100 DUs.

    13:54 (wasted at least 30 seconds doubting myself after the first failed attempt at the 135# HPC. So, I suppose getting after myself to just do the full weight and actually getting under it is a small victory. Whatever. I’d like to do this again at full reps with a lighter weight (knowing that what reps I did get at that weight was a struggle with sub-par form).

    BBG (earlier in day):
    1) 75#, 75, 75, 80, 80
    2a) 95#, 135, 135, 135, 140
    2b) 170# x 5

    Midline later.

  36. 1- 115 for set 1 and 120 for the rest
    Conditioning: Scaled to 115 10:20 w/o the DU forgot to do them before i stopped the clock.

    Midline: Did two sets of TGU and T2B didnt have time for #3

  37. Bb gym: stayed at 75% 150 no fails
    2a) 215
    2b) 235

    Only did half and DU’s
    Run, 3, run and 100 DU’s
    Nothing in the tank.

    No midline.
    Nap time.

  38. BB Gymnasty:
    Sn: 130 across. Shoulders so tight. Need to get some ART done.

    2a) 225-225-225-235-235
    2b) 230

    16kg since I suck at TGU

      • A very good friend of mine is a chiro who does ART. Maybe it’s a Hawaii hippy thing but ive become very big on holistic medicine, to an extent. The ART she does is awesome. Best way I can describe it is it’s like someone else doing to you what Kelly Starrett tells you to do, but WAY better. I’ve found that it helps a great deal when I’m starting to get beat down and my shit is gettin torn up. Good way to stay out of the hospital.

      • As a hypermobile individual who’s suffered from tendonitis in more joints than I’d like to admit to myself, it is THE ONLY thing that has made a meaningful difference. I’m a Physical Therapist and ultrasound, stretching, icing, etc… they all “help” but some good manual therapy ART actually WORKS!

        Ok that was my sell… where’s my cut? Find one in your area http://www.activerelease.com/providerSearch.asp

      • Thanks, that is the info I was looking for. I have seen/researched a lot of what Kelly is doing and have been interested. Going to One of his mobility seminars/courses. I’m in my mid-30s and want to continue to progress without the injuries. I’m definitely into some alternative methods. Also, if my favorite 2012 games athlete is selling, well…I’m buying. Clicking on link in 3, 2, 1, go!

      • Dirk Legitsky, I see a chiro once a month, my ART friend every other, and a Masseuse who specializes on Athletes on the ART off months, Injury free for like ever now! Could be doing too much but I feel like its improving performance or more like making it easier to perform.

    • Conditioning: 15:26. Our 400m loop is more like 425m… And I fuckin hate running

  39. 1) 135lb x 5

    2) 225lb x 5

    3) 205lb x 5

    Conditioning = 11:29

    Went unbroken on everything but the last set of T2B, got 17 then dropped. some good fun today, thanks 🙂

  40. 1) Snatch Doubles

    180 x 2 (+ 1 failed attempt)
    185 x 2 (+ 1 failed attempt)
    195 x 2
    205 x 2
    205 x 2

    A couple early position failures. None of that after the the set at 185. Good reps.

    2a) Snatch Pulls
    235, 245, 255 x 3 x 3

    2b) Tempo Squats
    275, 280 x 2 x 4

    Tempo squats are kinda fun…..
    Getting great height on the bar on the snatch pulls



    Got to the doubles at 8:28 (they were not great today…)
    Didn’t feel like I had much gas on this one, calves were cramping up a bit on the first round of 3 barbell complexes. Kinda rushed and didn’t do a single warmup rep before starting.


    TGU, 24kg x 5 x 3, each side
    20 UB T2B x 3

  41. 12:58 conditioning
    shoulda warmed up more.

    weight stuff as rx’d based on 104 snatch
    105kg snatch pull
    250 # tempo squats

  42. bb gymnastic

    1) 195,205,215,220,220

    2a) 275,295,305,305,305
    2b) 305,305,305,305,305

    conditioning) 12:18rx

    midline) only got 2 sets around. Ran out of time. The midline was the worst part of today by far.

  43. 1.) 135, 135, 145, 145, 150
    2.a) 135, 145, 155, 165, 170
    2.b) 205, 215, 225, 230, 235

    14:05 (feelin’ it in my lower back after the push jerks)

    used 40# dbs for TGUs; T2B done, but not UB

  44. 1) 105-115-115-115-115
    2a) 165-175-185-185-185
    2b) 150

    conditioning: 11:30 rxd (felt like shit today..no legs!)

    midline: TGU rxd, t2b were broken into sets of 10 🙁

  45. BB: 1. 37.5kg, 40, 45, 45, 45
    2a. 65kg
    2b. 70kg

    C: 16:50
    Using the sensible metric system i lifted slightly heavier and our run route is more like 450m but its still a poo time. HPC were by far the worst lift.

    M: 2 rnds ran out of time. 12kg for TGU, T2B 2 x10ub

  46. BBG
    1) 165, 165, 175, 175, 175
    2a) 225×5
    2b) 275, 275, 265, 255, 255

    Conditioning: 11:13

    Midline: Check

    WTF, I felt like absolute garbage today. Snatches felt good, but everything after that (other than the pulls) felt terrible. I don’t know why, but I felt like I was breathing through a straw on this conditioning wod. I guess I’ll chalk it up to too much moonshine yesterday and not enough water today, then STFU and HTFU simultaneously.

  47. I’m on a road trip headin to so cal from wa state so I could only get the Merton in today.

  48. 1. Worked up to 135. Feeling a lot better at getting under the bar with proper footing.
    2a. 175
    2b. 175

    16 minutes.

    It was fun. Found a lung or two on that one. Thanks

  49. 1. 75, 80, 85, 85, 85
    2a. 135 for all sets (these still feel awkward)
    2b. 180, 180 (fail on 2), 175, 175, 175 (first time to do these. One word–weird.)

    Conditioning: 18:30

    I did almost the entire set of the first round of the HPC and PJ in singles. What a dumba** thing to do. I was scared to hold onto the bar during those two movements.That ate up so much of my time and exhausted me from having to pick up the bar over and over again.
    In the set of two and one, I did each complex series unbroken like a big girl. It was all in my head. I compare it to what I’ve heard that overweight people go through after they lose a lot of weight. They still see themselves as fat, even though they aren’t anymore. I’m not used to thinking about myself as strong. Does that make sense? Well, to me it does. Anyway, two months ago, I couldn’t have done this workout with the prescribed weight. It’s so comfortable to approach the work with that mindset of my old self, and think that I can’t do it. Note to self: stop being a sissy.

    All T2B UB

    MFS: 1/2/2

  50. Snatch – 177, 188, 193, 193, 198
    Snatch Pulls – 221, 265×3
    BS – 295×4

    Conditioning – 9:51
    Runs felt ok, all rounds of BB Complex UB. DUs went 60-40.

    Midline – Felt good, TGUs still suck Rudy no matter how many times you make us do them

  51. Snatch 75×3, 80×2
    Pulls 105

    Metcon 16:11 Great one!

    midline- great finish to the WOD

  52. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X2 Snatch 135, 155. Still trying to get that technique… For some reason it feels easier at heavier loads.

    2a) 5X3 Snatch Pulls 205
    2b) 5X2 Tempo High-Bar Back Squat 260 Fucking awful. Who came up with this fucking torture?

    16:00 I really hate running. I did better on the DU’s went 35, 45, 20. Big improvement for me.

    All sets unbroken.

  53. BB Gymnastics:
    1) 165-165-175-175-180

    Snatch set-up felt awkward today so I stayed low in weight. Felt better in the snatch pulls

    2a) 5×3 @ 220 (high)
    2b) 5×2 @ 280

    100 Dubs UB. Felt kinda sluggish today on the metcon. The jerk felt heavy.


  54. BBGym
    1) 145, 145, 155, 155, 155

    2a) 215
    2b) 275

    13:30 rx’d

    midline: used 45lb dumbell for first set then 30 lb DB for next two. T2B unbroken

  55. 1) 145, 145, 145, 155, 155

    2a) 185 x 5
    2b) 225 x 5


    16:45, got to double unders at 13:45. Runs were slow

    Midline – KB was f’n heavy, did not complete as Rx’d. First two rounds of T2B ub.

    M/F/S 2/2/2


  56. BB Gymnastics:
    1. 155 Straight across. Working on the dive.

    2a 245, 265, 295 295, 305
    2b 325. Great exercise. never done it before.

    Conditioning 17:something. Double unders were terrible.

    midline – I only squeezed in 2 out of 3 rounds.

    I cannot overstate how impressed I am with the results of this program on the Open as a whole. Simply stunning. Can’t wait to see where I end up next year. Nowhere near regionals this year.

  57. BB Gymnastics:
    1) 160,165,170,175,180

    2a) 215
    2b) 265


    Midline: No time.

  58. 1) 165lb, 170, 175, 180, 185

    Had 2 reps out front on 175. Redid them and felt awesome so kept going up.

    2a) 115kg, 110kg, 110, 110, 110
    2b) 275lb across

    9:37 on first part
    +1:26 for DU’s
    =11:03 total

    DU’s screwed up twice in the first 11. Then busted out a set of 70, and then finished them off.

    Skipped midline, no time. Probably make it up tomorrow if there’s room.

  59. A: 147,147,155,155,165 (165 felt the best , jive started to do this weird thing where I fall forward and have to lunge the bar up…)
    B1: 176,198,208,213,218
    B2: 197 x 5 x 2
    16:09 (runs on treadmill, they took a long time)

    M/F/S: 1/1/1

  60. excited to figure out my 1RM in snatch tomorrow. First attempt at it, so I have no idea what to expect. Hoping to get a video of it for you guys to critique. I have a feeling it will be more of a power snatch though, due my poor OH squat.

  61. Pretty fucking excited to start this programming! This is my first day giving it a go.

    1)150 lb – 155 – 165 – 170 -170
    2a)225 – 245 – 245 – 245 – 245
    *2b)205 – 215 – 215 – 220 – 220
    *Haven’t done back squat in awhile and have never done tempo squats before before so I was playing around with the weights.

    Conditioning: 11:02, scaled to 125 to keep under 12 minutes.

    Midline: Unbroken til 3rd set of toe to bar. Could only get to 14 with the programmed rest periods so I stopped and foam rolled for awhile for cool down, did the 20 unbroken afterwards.

  62. 1) 135#
    2a) 185, 205, 205, 205, 205
    2b) 275

    Conditioning: 10:07

    Midline: TGU rx’d
    No time for t2b

  63. Great meeting everyone at the Heath Training camp. Cliff, thanks for the hospitality! Rudy/Laura excellent info. Working with you, BP, and Chris P, I PR’d by 20# on my snatch and nearly 40# on my C&J the first night. That’s sick! It was cool to meet and train with so many badass CF athletes. Rudy/Laura, EA, BP, Jason, Kevin, T, Cliff, and everyone else – thanks for all the awesome advice. I look forward to seeing y’all again soon. Good luck at regionals and the games!

  64. 1) 155-165.
    2a) 225, felt light. Did 245 for 4 sets.
    2b) 275, 295 for 4 sets.

    Conditioning 10:18

    Mid line, at work will do tomorrow am.

  65. 1.175,185,190,190,190
    2a 250
    2b 300

    Conditioning: sore from saturday I did 5×3 Dead’s at 405 and its been a while
    worked on my goats
    10 rounds for time
    3 MU
    5 HSPU on plates
    18;20 Shit time thats why its my goat!!

    Cant wait for Regional’s

  66. 1) 130# all sets. Snatches are my goat
    2a)205# all sets
    2b)225#, 235# rest of sets. This is new to me, and I will say, tempo squats suck!

    Conditioning 18:15, running is definitely my weak link right now,ran out of gas really fast here. still learning how to string together DU, I am going DU then single just to not have to stop the rope. I am wasting lots of energy by doing this

    no time for midline

    2/4/6. felt surprinsly well after doing 12.5 yesterday

  67. BB Gymnastics

    1) 60kg, 60kg, 65kg, 65kg, 67.5kg. Snatches felt good today!
    2a) 70kg, 75kg, 80kg, 80kg. These felt good too, I got some good height this time.
    2b) 142.5kg. Too easy again

    Conditioning – Used 60kg – 15:10
    1st part – 12:10
    100 DU’s – 3:00

    This one sucked. All complexes unbroken except for 2nd round with a break between deadlift’s and HPC’s on last round. Run’s were ridiculously slow on 2nd and 3rd rounds. Couldn’t string double unders together – I did them in like 9-10 sets.

    No time for midline

    • Only did 4 sets instead of 5 for sets 2a and 2b. Bah, I should learn to read some time..

  68. BBG:
    Sn: 170-175-180x2sets-190
    Sn Pull: 175x2sets-185x2sets-190
    T Sqt: 255-275x4sets

    Cond: 12:58; got held up for 20 minutes between BBG & Cond. to sign up member, just went into it pretty cold. Didn’t hang onto the bar like I should’ve. 400’s were fairly consistent. Double unders only took 1:05 (much better than in 12.4!)

    ML: 2 sets as rx’d…ran out of time.

  69. 1) 135×2, 145×2 150×1
    2a) 195-
    2b) 265

    Cond- 16:05 rxd, took my times on the runs. Definitely underestimated this one lol my shoulders were beat when it came time to do those double unders.

  70. BB Gymnastics: 110, 110, 110, 115, 115
    a) 185
    b) 230

    Conditioning: 16:50. Thought this was going to be a good one for me, but apparently not. I have been skipping the conditionings in favor of the strength work when crunched for time, bit me in the ass today.

  71. Late to the game and running one day behind so no one is going to see this….

    1) 145, 145, 155, 155, 165 focused on bar path and pulling under
    2a) 195, 195, 205, 205, 215
    2b) 265, 255×3, 265

    Conditioning: 10:53

  72. BB Gymnastics

    1) 1×2 @ 145#, 1×2 @ 150#, 1×2 @ 155#, 1×2 @ 160# (1 Fail), 1×2 @ 165#

    2a) 5×3 @ 225#

    2b) 5×2 @ 245#


    12:56 – 100 D-U were unbroken

  73. 1) 5X2 Snatch = 165, 165, 175, 185, 192
    2a) 5X3 Snatch Pulls = 255, no straps
    2b) 5X2 Tempo High-Bar Back Squat = 300

    Midline = Done

    Conditioning later

    • Conditioning:
      Run 400m
      3 rounds of the BB complex-
      5 Deadlifts 135/95#
      5 Hang Power Cleans 135/95#
      5 Push Jerks 135/95#
      Run 400m
      2 rounds of the BB complex
      Run 400m
      1 round of the BB complex
      100 Double-Unders

      Finished in 10:43, came off the barbell at 8:43 on my last Jerk. A little slow in the transition to the DU. The DU started 54 unbroken, expected to do all 100 unbroken. Took maybe 3 sets after that to finished.

      fun workout

      and btw, Im running a day behind. It just works better with my work schedule that way.

  74. Snatch @ 120 lbs x 5
    Snatch Pulls @ 175 lbs, 185 lbs x 4
    Back Squats @ 175 lbs
    Time: 19:40 scaled to 115 lbs
    Double Unders Took 5:28
    Did one round of midline then ran out of time.

    Hangovers can suck a bag of dicks

  75. 1) 5X2 Snatch @ 75-85% – rest 90 sec.
    135, 145, 150×3

    2a) 5X3 Snatch Pulls – 195#
    2b) 5X2 Tempo High-Bar Back Squat @ 75% – 265#

    For time:
    Run 400m
    3 rounds of the BB complex-
    5 Deadlifts 135/95#
    5 Hang Power Cleans 135/95#
    5 Push Jerks 135/95#
    Run 400m
    2 rounds of the BB complex
    Run 400m
    1 round of the BB complex
    100 Double-Unders
    Took 12:10…started DUs right at 10:00.

    Subbed 100 sit ups for midline because I was running late.

    Will be a day behind this week.

  76. BBG: Completed. Felt okay…

    Conditioning: 11:52 RX’d. Running sucks. Need to figure out how run more efficiently. any suggestions anyone? I feel as though I just can’t breathe. Double unders were unbroken at the end of the WOD. That felt pretty good.

    Midline: Completed UB.

    • Also, I would like to thank Rudy for the programming that he makes available to us. I’ve been following for just 3 months now and have seen significant results in all areas of my performances.

      I wasn’t expecting much out of myself in the Opens considering I recovered from some back issues 5 months ago and just started to train hard again. I finished 113th overall in Northern California with an awesome 11th place finish on 12.4. The outlaw way has been kicking my ass and I love it. Thanks again Rudy!!

  77. 1) 5×2 Snatch @ 115#. Working technique, and new positions. Feels better, still not solid.
    2a.) 5×3 Snatch Pulls @ 165 with Straps
    2b.) HBBS @ 275

    Conditioning 3 hours later, 11:54. FOrgot about DU’s

    No time for midline, did 1×20 UB T2B strict

  78. I’m not a crossfiter I am a weight lifter but I have to say I have been following your program for a few weeks and you are the shit. Tonight’s bar bell circuit which you call a metcon was fucking bad ass. I’m going to stick with it cause I have become board with my current program and this shit is challenging. I would pay money if it wasn’t free. Thanks

  79. Snatch up to 175–felt pretty light
    Pulls @225
    Squat @ 275

    Conditioning: 10:14–runs were pretty slow, almost active recovery, but I got through the BB stuff pretty quick.

    Going to tack on midline stuff to tomorrow’s.

    Congrats everyone on their performance.

  80. First Day following the Outlaw Way. Kept it light on Monday. Looking forward to all the gains with the hard work that is coming.

    1. 5×2@ 165
    2a. 5×3@ 165
    2b. 5×2@ 205
    Last set of TTB only got to 13. Midline was quite challenging.

  81. Only had time for conditioning and didn’t realise the 100 DU’s were part of the WOD. They looked like – do this after for practice while breathing hard.

    Anyway… 9.55 Rx’d (no DU’s)
    Unbroken on each 15 reps of the barbell complex, took drops in between each round of the complex. The first time through of each round was great, after that was when it got tough.

  82. 1. 157,157,168,168,178
    2a. 225
    2b. 265
    Metcon: 14:47

    Don’t have a PU bar so I sub’ed Toe to Rings


  83. MFS- 1/3/3

    Snatch- 157.5, 160, 165, 170, 175 felt good on these

    Snatch pulls- 225, 245 for the rest

    Tempo h-bar squats- 295 for all sets

    Conditioning- skipped. Not enough time

    Midline- did 2 sets of each. Had a lot going on.

  84. Did this on a make up day for a few things I didn’t have time for originally.

    Did a 5 rd ME row 40/20 rest first
    5 min rest
    Then the conditioning for this day. ( run with BB complex and DU )


    didnt feel like I pushed very hard on this one. Got to DU at 11:45. Did 50/30/20 UB on DU

  85. Started following the program but Im following about 1/2 a week behind. This was my first day on it. Was doing CFFB prior and before that just plain ol CF with 5-3-1 at a box

    SN – 5×2 125, 125, 130, 130, 135
    SN Pull – 5×3 185, 185, 195, 205, 205

    Wod – 22.12

    Didnt have time for the BS or the Midline, did 3×10 KTE

    • 185,195,195
      Tempo 235
      100 jumps. no jump rope
      conditioning at 115lbs 15:39 w/ treadmill
      hanging knee raises and 18kg tgus

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