I’m sure some of you are wondering why I haven’t de-briefed 12.4 yet. I don’t have a spectacular answer other than it feels kind of redundant. Just like we expected, the Outlaws have continued to move up the leaderboard as the degree of difficulty has risen. I’m going to assume that no matter what 12.5 brings, you feel ready for it. We currently have SIX of the top sixty men in the world (that we know of), and NINE of the top sixty women in the world (that we know of). There are double digit others littered throughout the top 150 on the men’s and women’s sides, and if I had to put a number on it I’d guess Outlaws occupy approximately 10% of the top 300 spots in the Open. All things considered, FUCK YEAH.

On a global scale we may have done exactly what I asked of you guys—made history, but on a local scale (which means shit that I get to see), this weekend may have accidentally set up as one of the most bad ass moments in the sport.

(JEEZUS, I’m getting chills just writing this.)

The Heath Training Camp will include a special heat of the final WOD of the Open. It will feature the current 21st ranked male in the world, Brandon Phillips, the current 24th ranked male in the world, Kevin Simons, and the current 27th ranked male in the world, Jason Hoggan. Did you comprehend what I just wrote? Three of the top 30 men in the world will be at the Heath Training Camp, and they are separated by a total 69 points (or in 12.1 terms, .00000000000000000004 of a Burpee). You may want to register for the camp just so you can watch these mongrels battle for the title of Outlaw supremacy.

The likelihood is that this heat will be winner take all.

One WOD to decide the king of the Outlaws.


Holy SHIT I just got excited! Are you fucking kidding me? Is it really possible that everything worked out this dramatically?

Eh, doesn’t really matter, Talayna or Elisabeth will probably beat all of them anyway.

By the way, this page exists now: FAQs For Dumbass Noobs.

WOD 120321:

*DO NOT go out of order on this piece. The Clean & Jerks are purposely placed before the Back Squat testing in order to prime the CNS.

BB Gymnastics

5X3 Clean (full squat) & Jerk @ 70-80% – rest 90 sec.

Notes: Begin at 70% and increase to 80% throughout sets if technique is perfect. DO NOT go past 80% and do not add to 70% if technique is not perfect. These should not be touch and go. Reset before each rep.

Strength (testing)

Establish a 1RM Back Squat.

Notes: Take no longer than 30 minutes.

BB Gymnastics II

1a) 4X4 Clean Pulls – moderately heavy, rest 60 sec.
1b) 4X2 Front Squats – moderately heavy, rest 60 sec.

Notes: Feel out weights for each exercise that are challenging but not max efforts. Straps should be used for Clean Pulls.


9-6-3 of:

Thrusters 165/110#

For time.

Midline (time permitting)

1a) 3X15 Reverse Hypers – medium/heavy, rest 45 sec.
1b) 3X10 STRICT T2B – rest 45 sec.


154 thoughts on “120321

  1. Far be it for me to question your infinite wisdom, but isnt testing a 1rm back squat a few days before a competition CRAZYNESS? Is there a method behind your madness?

    • Hey Charbs STFU!!!!! and fucking back squat. It’s the fucking open, not a competition. If you’re that close to making to regionals and think that doing a max BS will affect your amazing 12.5 performance then be a fucking pussy and don’t fucking BS. Otherwise, STFU and squat!!!

    • If you’ve been following Rudy’s programming or know Rudy and his maniacal desire to prepare his athletes as best as possible, then you’ll realize that the Open isn’t a “competition” for Outlaw athletes. It’s simply a stepping stone to what really matters: making it to Regionals in order to make it to the Games.

      Unless I’m totally off here, the goal with the Hatch cycle has been to make fucking monsters as the Open ends; it’s simply a part of the periodized/planned training leading up to Regionals. So, doing the Open WODs and testing for a 1RM Back Squat (for which there will be a metric fuck-ton of PRs) are just 2 parts of the training.

      This is probably a quicker answer: FTFPAS. (follow the fucking program and squat).

  2. I love the FAQ page!

    I also love the tough love that gets thrown around here!

    Looking forward to this. Been on the outlaw way three weeks and I can feel a big pr coming!

  3. Rudy I like the new FAQ page but I didn’t see the programming template attached.

  4. Can you send me a Word document of your programming template?

    Go fist yourself.

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. I am not going to lie its one of the funniest things I have ever read.

    I love this blog!

  5. Will Exercise Center be covering the showdown in the Lone-Star state? If not, video please.

  6. Only managed 90kg squat FML. Pb is 100kg but took a solid 3-4 months off working out (bad idea btw) I expect a nice increase when the 1rm comes round again

  7. BB Gymnastics I – worked with 115# and 125#

    LBBS – 270# (this is 25# more than my max when we started the cycle)

    BB Gymnastics II
    1a. 135#
    1b. 155#

    Ran out of time for rest.

  8. Haven’t posted consistently lately. Ran into a brick wall with work and other issues, and the Open suffered as a result. BUT, I have been making sure to at a minimum get the Hatch Cycle work in, so I was excited for today.

    Was pressed for time so I did BB Gymnastics I and then maxed before I called it quits.

    BB Gym I – Stayed at 175

    Low Bar – 355 (I spent about 10 weeks of the cycle using 315 as a base having never done Low Bar before it started, then jumped it up to 330 at the end, so this is still a big PR for me.)

    Thanks for the great programming and can’t wait for the camp this weekend.

  9. Clean & Jerks all at 190 lbs

    Low-Bar Back Squat max at 295 lbs. High-Bar max is 335. I missed a lot of the squat days because of my hip. I wouldn’t pay any attention to my stat for your data Rudy haha.

    Had no time for the 2nd BB Gymnastics

    Rx’d in 10:34. Tied my PR with 7 UB Muscle-ups, but I think that killed my shoulders for the Thrusters. Could only do 2 of those at a time.

    No time for midline. Finished the morning off with our running club, hitting 10 x 30 sec ME Hill Sprints

    • I guess I should add I hit 320 for Low-Bar two weeks ago when we did 102.5%. I based all my numbers off of my High-Bar max, and that week I only hit the 95%.

  10. This was the mainsite WOD from yesterday, except with the order of MUs and Thrusters reversed. Was that change on purpose? (Yes). Pourquoi? I suppose for most people the MUs will be harder, so putting them first would allow for more consistent work/higher power output.


  11. Someone shot me a note:
    “Did you write the FAQ page? That was way too funny to be Rudy.”


  12. Clean and Jerk:157.5lbs That’s 70%. Didn’t go up as I felt my foot work needed work on the split jerk.

    Back Squat: 295lbs. Not to sure what is going on here. 30lbs down from my PR.

    Clean Pull: 225 all 4 sets. 20lbs below 1RM Clean.
    Front Squat: 185 all 4 sets. 60lbs below 1RM Front Squat.

    Thruster 165

    12:46. Given my weak press and front squat this was tough. All thrusters were singles, so a lot of extra cleans going on. Muscle-ups need technical work, plenty strong, but need to work on getting down from the top smoother.

    Reverse Hyper: 50×15, 15, 15 (went a little light as my back was feeling a bit off from a failed back squat. Used it more as a stretching movement)
    Toes-to-bar: 10, 10, 10

    So first day following this programming. Myself and one of my athletes are going to follow it. Haven’t been training much lately as I just moved my affiliate at the beginning of the month and have been crazy busy, so maybe the reason for my poor back squat, but regardless, still not to psyched with that. Looking forward to following your programming Rudy.

  13. c&j-5×3 1601bs
    back squat-225, 255, 285, 310pr, 320pr, 330 fail

    310 was a previous pr from about 3 yrs ago. unitl last week i had not squated over 300 in 2 yrs. needless to say this stuff works.

    going back to finish later

  14. C&J: 80kg for all rounds (70%), stayed low to save calf.

    Back Squat: 175kg, PB by 5kg
    (Always doing HBBS due to lower back issues).

    Clean Pulls: 90kg, 100, 110, 120
    Front Squats: 120kg, 130, 140 1+F, 1RM PB by 2kg

    Honestly forgot what my PB was, but felt so strong I was sure I was gonna get 140, got lazy on the 2nd rep however and forgot to keep tension, first rep flew up…

    4h later

    Conditioning: 5’44min, rx’d
    Decided to go allout, 9,mu UB, could only get 6/3 thrusters. 1 missed mu in total.

    3*10 RH @ 20kg (finally got the Reverse to our gym, first time using proper)
    3*10 Strict ub ttb


  15. BBG – 85lbs/100lbs 5×3

    Back Squat 230lbs, 25#pr

    so for the fisting is that high-colon or low-colon

  16. Fucking love the new FAQ!

    1. C&J – 80, 80, 85, 90, 90kg

    2. 1RM BS – 180kg (tied my PR) will upload video later for judgement of depth

    3a) 85-90-90-90kg
    3b) 110kg all sets

    Conditioning: 5:37
    MU 9 – 4,3,2 6 – 2,2,2 3 – UB

    No reverse hyper, so goodmornings instead – all sets 60kg
    T2B – done

    Fuck i am wasted and cant wait to have a day off. Maybe i will try to fist myself, maybe i wont.

    • Here is the video of my 180kg BS. Pretty sure its deep enough, but you be the judge.

  17. BB gym: 125, 125, 135, 135, 140

    Strength: Really off day. I got a PR of 265# on 2/5 and I wasn’t even able to get 255# today.

    BB gym II:
    1a) 175, 195, 205, 205
    1b) 165, 165, 185, 185

    6:40 – Actually got on top of the rings, but didn’t stick it dammit! Rrrrrr. Used a red band for modification after my first 6 attempts.

    Zero time for reverse hypers and T2B.

    Proud of my two training partners, J. Hill and Drew (Drew doesn’t post). They both rocked out some big boy PRs. Great energy in the gym this morning.

    MFS – 2/3/3

    MFS –

  18. 1. C&J – 130 lbs. for all (70%)–>limited experience with Olympic lifts, but starting to feel more natural and I expect to make a lot of progress with Rudy’s programming.

    2. 1RM BS – 345 lbs @ Bw of 154 lbs–Squat felt great today!

    3a) 225 lbs
    3b) 175 lbs–my front squat is a lot stronger than my clean, so pulling from the floor limits the weight I can use on front squat. So, basically, I am going to have to get my ass in gear and get stronger on my Olympic lifts!

    Conditioning: 5:45

    Midline work: Done

    This is my 3rd day following Outlaw and loving it so far!

  19. Today was fucking awesome.

    BB1: 163,167,176,180,187
    BS:405 (this has been a goal for at least a year, 40lb PR since the 102.5% work…Read:FUCK YES)
    1a) 264,264,308,308
    1b) 225,225,245,245
    Conditioning: 6:51
    Midline: 90# and done

    1/2/2 – Today felt great, extremely happy with the progress. Thanks for all the work put into the programming, It’s greatly appreciated. This shit has been a non-stop PR’athon and I fucking love it.

  20. Amazing what a nice P.R. on the back squat can do for your mood… “walkin on sunshiiiine, yeaaah”
    C&J stayed at 205# and focused on technique for all reps
    back squat: 405# 15# P.R. first time breaking the 400# barrier, put everything i had into this one.

    clean pulls: 275
    Front squats: 225
    Conditioning 9:25 rx’d
    midline: done

    • Great work man! I think you deserve to go buy yourself a real belt now haha!

      • Lol thanks bro, just recently started using a belt again, haven’t really used one since high school. I’m guessing I want one that doesn’t look like I stole it from a junior high weightroom? 🙂

  21. BB Gymnastics

    5X3 Clean (full squat) & Jerk @ 70kg


    Establish a 1RM Back Squat = 152.5kg (PB – FUCK YEAH)

    I fricken suck at squatting so I was pleased with this

    BB Gymnastics II

    1a) 4X4 Clean Pulls – @ 140kg
    1b) 4X2 Front Squats – @ 87.5kg


    9-6-3 of:

    Thrusters @ 65kg

    Time= 7:29

    M= 3 F= 3 S= 6

  22. Stoked about this weekend… definitely need some rest between now and then, though.

    1) worked from 195 to 225

    2) 1rm Squat – 455, f @ 465 and 460 (matched PR… *enter curse, whine, and exuse here*)

    1a & b) stuck to 225… just trying to loosen my arms and legs up. Still tight as a snare drum from the 12.4 double-tap


    — Sub’d Weighted GHDs… did them.

    M/F/S – 3/5/6

  23. C&J – used 155# for all sets

    Back squat – worked up to 300#
    This makes me super happy. When I started this program, I was being super cautious with my knee…to the point that I often didn’t squat as heavy as I should…I was using 255as my base 1RM. Lost of mobility and tweaking my squat form finally seems to have fixed my knee after almost a full year of pain. I tried for 310 and failed, but I feel likeitwascompletely mental…the weight didn’t feel heavy.

    Skipped clean pulls

    FSQ – 135, 165, 185, 205

    Used 145# for conditioning…7:08

    Did 12/12/10 t2b

  24. Wow…today rocked me

    Weightlifting #1
    1) 185, 185, 195, 195, 205

    1) 400 (failed 410)

    Weightlifting #2
    1a) 225, 235, 235, X
    1b) 275, 275, 285, X

    Conditioning & Midline
    Will do later

    Pre 444
    Post 785
    Just feeling shitty right now

  25. M/F/S: 6/8/6

    1) Up to 165
    2) 345, 355F, PR=365
    3) No time for rest of lifts

    Conditioning: Started at 165, scaled to 135 after 3 reps. 6:28.

    In a funk for performance as of late; lacking intensity big time.

  26. Clean & Jerk 125/135/145/145/145
    Back Squat 275 PR by 30# was 245 six weeks ago
    Clean Pulls 145/155/155/165
    Front Squats 185/205/205/205

    Conditioning subbed MU’s for Pull Ups & Dips I have no Rings. iPod quit working so no time either

    Subbed Reverse Hypers with Good Mornings 115

  27. C+J – Stayed at 185 for all. Tough for the 3s. Focused on setting shoulders back more at start to help in the triple extension. Felt it was better.

    Squat – 345# (20lb PR) My squat is weak, finally happy to break through a barrier though.

    Cln Pulls – 275 for all
    F Sq – 225 for all

    Conditioning: 5:23 – happy with this. Thruster UB, MU were 3/3/3, 2/2/2, 3

    Midline later tonight.

    Happy with the 20lb PR, would have liked more but I was sick for a week or so and got off track a bit. Cannot complain about a 20lb pr though.

  28. clean and jerk – 115# (kept it light today)

    backsquat = 335# (Pr 10)

    clean pulls / front squat @ 115#

    wod – 6:07 (mu transitions and thrusters @115)

  29. BB Gymnastics

    Couldn’t do clean or jerk, so I subbed 5×3 high bar back squats(no heavier than 225) and some behind the neck jerks to at least get something in.

    1RM BS 350#

    BB Gymnastics II

    1a) 4X4 Clean Pulls – 275/275/295/295
    1b) 4X2 Front Squats – skipped

    Conditioning, planned on subbing WOD for “Amanda” since I can do snatches without wrist flaring up, I started round 1 and did 9 UB MU then the snatches killed my wrist so I called it quits then. Not worth it at this point.

    1a) 3X15 Reverse Hypers – done on GHD with bands
    1b) 3X10 STRICT T2B – rest 45 sec.- done

  30. I am a noob so please forgive me. Just wondering if you guys and gals do your low bar with o lifting shoes on? It’s been some time since Ive done them and used to do them bare footed. Thanks and please be gentle I am fucking sensitive

    • Most don’t. I know Rudy prefers a flat sole (read: Chucks).

      I personally prefer my oly shoes no matter what type of squat.

      …..BITCH! ha, just kidding.

      Good question.

      • Jay I guess I had my question answered watching this videos. There all using o lifting shoes. My high bar is about 405 so I am going to try tomorrow with the shoes on and see what’s up Thanks for the reply

  31. BB Gymnastics

    Stuck to 74kg across the 5 sets.

    1RM BS

    120, 130 (current pb), 135 PB, 137.5 PB, 140kg PB

    Was stupid and went hi bar with out thinking

    BB Gymnastics II – ran out of time so jumped to conditioning

    Conditioning – scaled to 60kg = 6:00

  32. Hatch Cycle 8.2

    Clean pulls- stayed at 295 all the way through, no straps.


    5:22 rx’d

    Reverse hypers and t2b done.

    Reading all the PR’s makes me smile, you guys rule.

  33. 5X3 Clean (full squat) & Jerk @ 70-80% – rest 90 sec.

    Establish a 1RM Back Squat.

    1a) 4X4 Clean Pulls – 195-205#
    1b) 4X2 Front Squats – 225#

    9-6-3 of:
    Thrusters 165/110#
    Gym didn’t let me do MUs, so subbed 3x strict pull ups and 3x dips…12:10

    1a) 3X15 Reverse Hypers – subbed Good light good mornings
    1b) 3X10 STRICT T2B – yes

  34. BB gymnastics 1
    1) 165 for all sets
    1) 335 = 10lb pr and a 20lb total pr from the beginning of the cycle
    BB gymnastics 2
    1a) 255
    1b) 235
    = 13:28 ( suck at both movements)


  35. I’m not a monster like many of this site but in the 2 months of doing Outlaw I broke through 295 to today a PR of 345! I’m sure much of it was a form issue that needed correcting but regardless this site has helped me correct my issues and break through barriers. Thanks Rudy!

    Oh I have a video but I’m a tech tard and don’t know how to upload it.

  36. BB Gymnastics

    Still 375#…failed 380# twice

    BB Gymnastics II
    225# for both

    Had to substitute double pullups and double ring dips (18-12-6) since i don’t have a place to do MUs


  37. C/J: 195# for all. Little shaky with my technique so kept it at 70%
    1RM: 335# (25# PR from the 102.5% day)
    1a) 225, 245, 285, 285
    1b) 225, 225, 245, 245f1
    just did the T2B: completed.

    looking forward to this weekend in Heath

  38. C&J 55kg for all

    Back squat 135kg PB !

    Clean Pulls 100kg for all
    Fron Squat 80kg for all

    M/U’s were banded and still destroyed me
    Thrusters 60kg
    12.14- sucked!

    mid line- no time

  39. BBG I:

    1RM – 365 (Tied old PR. Was hoping for PR but actually feel good about it considering my current eating and sleeping situation. Read: no sleep and eat when I’m not working, holding a baby or working out.)

    BBG II:
    1a) 225-255-285-325
    1b) 225-245-275-275

    Con: DNF finished 9/9 @ 2:30 (Been nursing a sprained wrist sustained during 12.4 and couldn’t handle the pain of either movements. Wah.

    Midline: no reverse hyper, T2B complete.

    2/7/3(wrist 9)

  40. BB Gymnastics
    5X3 Clean (full squat) & Jerk @ 90kg

    Strength (testing)
    Establish a 1RM Back Squat.
    With a previous max set a few weeks ago of 185kg I wanted 190kg so after a smooth 170kg I bumped the weight up and missed it twice on the way up – soft cock

    BB Gymnastics II
    1a) 4X4 Clean Pulls – 105kg
    1b) 4X2 Front Squats – 120kg

    9-6-3 of:
    Thrusters 75kg

    Midline (time permitting)

  41. BB Gymnastics

    Clean & Jerk
    205 x 2 x 3
    225 x 3
    235 x 2 x 3

    Work to 1RM Back Squat
    275 x 3
    315 x 1
    365 x 1
    395 x 1
    415 x 1
    440 x 1 (15# PR – FUCK YEAH)

    More Barball….

    Clean Pulls
    315 x 4 x 4
    Front Squat
    275 x 3 x 2 (cut the last set…..felt heavy as shit for some reason)



    Was at the gym for a long time…..just left it at that, no midline.


    Pretty jacked about the back squat!!! 2.57 x Bodyweight

  42. Didn’t squat today or do the C&J. The world will not end.

    BUT, I owned muscle ups today!

    95# Thrusters
    Muscle ups AS RX. Did my first one today! I did two in my warm up. Then I did every last one of them in the conditioning. Still have a lot of work to do, but I am so pumped!!!!!!! Can’t you tell?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I had to break the first set of thrusters into singles. I think it was mental because I did two at 110# then dropped to 95# because I could barely get the weight over my head without breaking my back over. Did 6 and 3 unbroken. 95# was too easy, or either I was warmed up better. I hate that I scaled the weight. I shouldn’t have to with 110, but I couldn’t get it over my head and keep my posture. I didn’t do a proper warm-up. I’ve noticed that I’m not confident or comfortable lifting heavy without a good warmup.

    MFS: 1/2/3

  43. 1. 5×3 C&J 70-80% – 145×3, 155 2×3. 165 2×3
    2. BS – 225×5, 255×3, 275×2, 305×1, 330×1 (F), 330×1 (PR)

    1a: 225, 230, 245, 245
    1b: 185, 205, 205, 205


    2a: 3×15 GH raises on floor
    2b: 3×10 strict t2b

  44. 1) C&J: 90kg, 92.5, 95, 97.5, 97.5
    2) Back Squat: 160, 165, 167.5f, 167.5 PR!, 170f
    So I finally PRed. Only by 2.5kg but it’s a PR nonetheless.
    3a) Clean Pulls: 120kg across
    3b) Front Squat: 120kg across
    Kept these a little lighter.

    Conditioning: 7:03

    Pffff seriously. Muscle Ups got me. Still trying to work on that neutral grip with the kip. Failed a few.

    Skipped midline.

    Starting to feel better overall. I think my body is finally getting used to Outlaw. Hopefully the PR’s start flowing soon.

  45. Clean and Jerk at 135
    Back Squat at 235 lbs (20 lbs PR) Really wanted 245 lbs but I failed it 5 times
    Clean Pulls at 225 lbs
    Front Squat at 155 lbs
    No Conditioning due to lack of rings and inability to do bar muscle ups
    Did 3×15 GHR w/ no weight instead of Reverse Hyper

    • Damn man, I feel like a bitch among these beasts. I want to get up near the levels you guys are, even though I doubt that I will surpass any of you but hey.

      If you run with the big dogs, you become a big dog or perish.

  46. Clean + Jerk – 175×2, 185×2, 195
    Squat – 435…that’s +30 since the start of the cycle and 15 since the 103% day
    Pulls – 315
    FS – 225
    Conditioning – 7:19

    Skipped midline will do it tomorrow.

  47. BB Gymnastics 5×3 squat clean + jerk 88,88,93,98,100

    1RM Back Squat 165

    BB Gymnastics II 1a 103lb
    1b 103lb

  48. A little out of order today:

    1) 195, 195, 195, 205 (felt good an in control)

    2) 445 (20# PR and it was not my max. Was happy with the feel of it though and am amped knowing that I have more in me)

    Conditioning – 5:21 (very happy with that time. Missed MU’s, and besides that was able to read my body very well throughout)

    4 hour time lapse…

    1) clean pulls – 225, 245, 265, 265
    2) front squats – 225, 225, 265, 265

    3a) good mornings – 95, 105, 105
    3b) t2b – did em all

  49. BBG: 155X3,165X2

    Strength: 285 20lb since 103% 40lb total


    Conditioning: 9:42 @145lbs
    Thrusters sets of 3
    MUs 5/2/2, 2/2/1/1, 2/1 (shit. can usually do 9 unbroken no problem. arms felt week today. rested WAY too much)

  50. A: 160,170,176,181,186
    B: 275, 285 (5# PR), 300 (f)
    C1: 198, 3 x 4 @ 242 (back a bit tweaked)
    C2: 185, 3 x 2 @ 205
    Metcon @ 135# + Bar MU – 5:25

    M/F/S: 4/4/4

  51. good day…

    midday session:

    Clean pulls 315/355/365/365/405
    Front Squat 230/230/280/300/320

    Cleans 225 for all sets

    Back Squat 455#

    did conditioning and hit 3:00!!! then realized i did it with 155! but honestly I don’t think it would have changed the time.

  52. No where close to 300. BUT. I did have 20lb PR today. I have been stuck at 155 (sad but true) for the last 18 months. I started following the outlaw programming about 2 months ago. BAM! I think it was the best day of this whole year for me.

    In my defense, I want to mention that I do weigh 145, and I am 6′ tall. It’s a long way to the bottom…

    C&J @93
    BS 175
    Clean pulls 103/FS 95
    WOD: 93 for thrusters, strict pullups ( no m/u for this girl yet, but I think Rudy may get me there)

  53. CJ- 155×3, 175×2
    Back Squat- 335, 10# pr, up from 285 at beginning of Hatch cycle
    Clean pulls- 225
    Front squat- 225
    Conditioning- 8:30

  54. A. 160

    1RM LBBS: 325# PR. that’s a 60# PR.

    Conditioning. 5:35 w/ 135. Felt great.

    Fuck Yea!!!!


  55. BB Gymnastics
    1) Stayed at 195, clean was fine worked on Jerk technique (driving under)

    Attempted 405 Just didn’t have it today PB(400)

    BB Gymnastics II
    Skipped (No time)


    Skipped(No time)


  56. 3 new followers from Portland!!! 3rd day on Outlaw

    CJ- 115
    a. 125
    b. 135

    Metcon 8:49 95#/assisted MU… almost there!

  57. BB Gymnastics
    1) 185 across. Worked on big split on the jerks.

    Strength Testing
    405. 40# PR FUCK YEAH!!!!!

    BB Gymnastics II
    Not enough time

    10:00, damn muscle ups. getting better daily but not there yet..

    ran out of time

  58. BB Gymnastics


    1RM Back Squat.

    only trained with HBBS so LBBS was different/awkward. 175#

    BB Gymnastics II

    1a) 145# all
    1b) skipped

    Conditioning: skipped

    skipped the above two cause i was running out of time, getting tired and wanted to do the midline stuff.


    1a) 3X15 good mornings 45# bar
    1b) 3X10 STRICT T2B – check.

  59. C&J – 210, 220, 225×3 – these felt good, just felt tired.

    BS – Hit 355# fairly easy. Tried old max at 375# and failed, hips felt really tight. So I tried 385# and my hips still felt really tight. So no awesome PR for me. :,(
    Maybe it was the 300+ miles I drove today that caused my hips to be tight, or maybe I’m just a fucking pussy like the rest of these noobs.

    Clean Pulls – 275, 295×3
    FS – 255, 265, 275 – don’t know why but these were a lot easier than the back Squats.

    Conditioning – 5:13
    Meh, felt awful on the MUs. They were 5-3-1, 2-2-2, 2-1. Thrusters felt good though, pussed out on the first round and went 6-3, other rounds UB.

    Midline – time didn’t permit, I was ready to go

  60. BB I
    45kg, 45, 50, 52.5, 52.5


    PR is 100kg but that was ages ago and havent been training the low bar properly so happy with 95kg. Unfortunately my PR does not reflect the size of my thighs.

    BB II
    1a. 65kg
    1b. 50kg

    hopefully do the rest after work…

  61. C&J: 115 all sets
    Back Squat: 256 (6 # pr, up from 235 at the beginning of cycle)

    14:12 (Should have been between 12-13 min. Failed a couple of MU’s, my arms are pretty sore from bench yesterday).

  62. BB gymnastics #155 kept it light

    Strength low bar #365 #15pr felt good coming off a groin injury havent low bar squated in months

    BB gymnastics II 1a) #225

    conditioning 10:31 could only get 1 muscle up . after that subbed 1 muscle up attempt and a strict dip

    southern engineered reverse hyper and strict T2B completed

  63. C&J- 155,160×3,170
    low bar Back Squat- 335LBS @ 155LBS and 18yrs old. 25LB pr from the beginning of the cycle!
    1a) 235,235,255,255
    1b) 205×4

  64. C&J- 155
    Back squat 295 10lb unpr- Im just getting over being sick
    Clean PUlls-225
    Frnt squats- 205


    No Reverse Hyper
    t2b- 10-10-10 rack city bitch

  65. BB Gym I
    3×3 @ 165..Cut the last two sets to stay fresh for strength

    375!!!! 15 lb PR BABY! Attempted for hundred twice but failed. Should’ve have had them. Rule number 76-No Excuses, Play Like A Champion

    BB Gym II
    Skipped due to time

    4:56..I’ll give that a FUCK YEA! Set a 5 minute cap

    Skipped due to time

    I’d say it was an overall fucking successful day!

  66. Back Squatted 502.5 for exactly a 0.5% PR. Whatever, I’ll take it.

    I forget exactly what I did for everything else (book is at the gym). I’ll write it down tomorrow.

    Conditioning – 3:02

    Why couldn’t Muscle-ups have felt like THAT on 12.4? Never felt so good. Don’t know why. MU went UB, 4/2 (needed chalk), UB. All thrusters UB. Fuck yeah.

    Can’t wait to throw down with BP, Hoggan, and all you other beasts in TX. Let’s kill this fucker.

  67. C&J – 80kg, 80kg, 85kg, 85kg, 90kg
    Squat – 180kg (12.5kg un-PR), failed on 185kg (got pinned). Gutted about this, admittedly I hadn’t done the squat cycle like the rest of you cats but I expected a bit more. Hopefully will be able to hit 200kg this year.

    Clean Pulls – 90kg, 100kg, 105kg, 110kg – Last 2 sets got sloppy. Good speed though
    Front Squats – 130kg, 135kg, 140kg, 140kg – Moderately difficult on last set

    Skipped conditioning through lack of time and crying baby.

    The short breaks between lifts are killing me! ha.

  68. Clean and Jerk – 90

    Back Squat – 185 PR!!
    Most ever lifted before this squat cycle was 155. Pretty happy with a 20% increase!

    Clean Pulls – 135
    Front Squat – 115

    Conditioning – 7:47
    -thrusters at 75lbs
    -subbed 1 strict pull-up, and 1 strict dip for muscle-ups

  69. 145 for all C&J – kept it at 70% and moved fast – really felt the pop on the bar.

    325 squat (PR). Even though it was a PR, not happy with it. During the squat cycle, the percent work was going really well and hit 315 no problem at the 102.5% day. Any thoughts or criticisms more than welcome…

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Izi4c09OhI&w=420&h=315%5D

  70. Clean and Jerk – 175, 185, 190

    Back Squat – 345 PR (5# increase)

    Clean Pulls – 225, 255, 275 all nipple height
    Front Squat – 225

    Conditioning – 24 mins or fucking forever. God I suck at muscle ups. Had to do them in singles. Thrusters were a bitch cause my tendinitis in my elbow started flaring up. Did triples and doubles.
    -thrusters at 165#
    -No midline, I was fucking spent.

    Did our gym workout 2 hours later. A shit ton of snatching at 95 pounds, Knees to elbows, and running.

  71. new to this game, but loving the outlaw way!

    Squat clean and Jerk @165
    no back squat today 🙁
    Clean pulls @ 215
    Front Squat @ 175
    Conditioning = 6.52 (mod thruster load @ 135, muscle-ups)

    Thanks for all you do Rudy, looking forward to getting faster and stronger!


  72. BB Gymnastics

    5X3 Clean (full squat) & Jerk @ 70-80% – rest 90 sec. worked up to 205. This is far and away the best these have ever felt.

    Strength :Establish a 1RM Back Squat. – 435. 30 pound PR, still had some left. THANKS RUDY!

    BB Gymnastics II – i forgot about this. Will do today.


    9-6-3 of:

    Thrusters 165/110#

    For time. 5:3something. Modified muscle ups, weaksauce. Thrusters unbroken.

  73. Clean & Jerk #105, 1RM#155
    Back Squat #285

    No time for anything else.

    Did mid-line with #30.

    Not sure on the BS depth. Kept checking my iPhone. No baseline to go from, hit #255 with the 102.5% recently. Calling this my baseline.

    Met base CF coach/trainer, invited to Lvl 1 cert. Glassman is coming in to cert. our military affiliate. Just got back from a deployment, this couldn’t have been better timing. Was looking to spend the money already, thank you taxpayer, much appreciated.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4AztgNowfs&w=560&h=315%5D

  74. I believe, I believe!!!

    Yesterday I PR’d my BS by #10lbs @255

    In November I had hernia surgery and had to take 2.5 months off. I thought it would be a long time before I hit 245 again let alone PR. For the last month I have been following the outlaw way and I am so excited about the progress I am making.

    Good luck everyone on 12.5

  75. 1) 190 190 195 200 205
    All reps felt great. Super fast

    2) 315 failed at 325. 300 came up so fast. 315 not so much

    1a) 255
    1b) 235

    Wow! 165 was fucking heavy.
    Broken all over the place.

    Midline maybe later.

  76. SC&J – 195

    1RM LBBS – 355, 20# Un-PR. Failed at 365#. Back squats have not felt good for the last 6 weeks. I don’t know what’s going on.

    C Pull – 255
    FS – 225

    Conditioning – 3:51
    Thrusters all unbroken. MUs went 7/2, 3/2/1, 2/1. Happy with this considering it’s almost bodyweight (170#) thrusters for me.

    Midline – No time.

    Long day today. Happy to have a quality day at the gym.

  77. C/J – 185

    BS – PR’d on 102.5% day @ 425. Tried 430 today, but couldn’t get past the sticking point. Legs felt a little drained.

    Pulls – 225 (really wanted to focus form)
    FS – 225

    WOD – 4:25

    This video is poor quality since all we had was an iPhone, but Easton Evans and hit 550# BS today. By the way, he’s only 19.

  78. 1) 175×3/185×1/200×1

    Strength) 350 old max 280!!

    Time did not permit for second BB gymnastics

    Cond) 8:02 w/ 135

  79. BB Gymnastics

    5X3 Clean–180lbs felt pretty good

    Strength (testing)

    Establish a 1RM Back Squat.
    355!! 25lb PR!!

    BB Gymnastics II

    1a) 4X4 Clean Pulls – 275lbs
    1b) 4X2 Front Squats – 225lbs

    did 12.5 today for conditioning

    Midline Done


    • got 90 reps on 12.5 after all the other strength and bb gymnastics so i was pleased i feel

  80. BB Gymnastics

    5X3 Clean–155, 155, 155, 165, 165

    Strength (testing)

    Establish a 1RM Back Squat.
    305 (PR)

    BB Gymnastics II

    1a) 4X4 Clean Pulls – 135, 155, 155, 155
    1b) 4X2 Front Squats – 135, 155, 165, 175

  81. MFS. 3/2/6

    C&J- 185, 190, 190, 195, 200

    B. Squat 1rm- 385#
    No I could of done better but had a pain in lower back. So didn’t press it. Tied PR. Just started about 3 days ago with outlaw so didn’t do the whole cycle.

    1a) 265# for 2 sets, then 255# for last 2. Wanted to feel explosive at the top of these so dropped the weight when I didn’t.
    1b)255# for all sets

    Conditioning- 10:18
    Thrusters UB just a pause in the rack for first 2 sets. Need to get better at muscle ups. They held me back.

    Midline work done. Sub’d good mornings for reverse hypers

  82. C and J 130lbs
    275 had to stop, wasnt feeling right…


    6:01 cant do mu. Did pu and dips

    Did midlinework

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