Evidently we’ve found a new way to weed out Outlaw Way followers who are hiding in the bushes. You’ll know them when they post a PR video, and right after the lift is complete they belt out a huge “FUCK YEAH” for everyone to hear. It may be subconscious, but they want us to know; they really really want us to find them.

Today I found one of those bush hiders. She is none other than the 2010 Games 17th placed finisher Candice Ruiz. I’d like to welcome Candice to the fold with a congratulations on this new PR:

One of the original icons of the sport. This man LITERALLY invented the butterfly pullup. I absolutely love this video.

WOD 120317:

BB Gymnastics

1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch – rest as needed.
2) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk – rest as needed.

Notes: Take as long as you’d like to warm up for these lifts, but limit yourself to ONLY 3 legit attempts. You may use any style of each lift, but try to stick to a near USAW standard.


5 rounds for time of:

5 Deadlifts @ 315/225#
20 Hand Release Pushups
12 C2B Pullups

*Rest 10 minutes.

5X200m Sprint – Rest 90 sec.


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  1. Candice — 3 things:

    1) Welcome
    2) So… you just PR’d with approx 10 seconds rest after a failed attempt? Holyshit.
    3) Kickass music choice.

    F*ck yeah is right.

  2. Fuck yea! I need to stop pussin out and actually post my damn results at the end of the day out here!

  3. Rick is right time t start posting results been following this site for a couple weeks now. Definitely dig the skate shop vibe, I used to be one of those fuckers hiding in the back of the skate shop father getting chased by the cops for skateboarding.

    Snatch 140
    Clean & Jerk 175

    WOD 21:00 Rx. Dead lifts got really heavy.

    Anybody got any tips on why I tend to be completely worn out about 3:00 into any WOD? I feel like its my diet but could be wrong.

    • Perhaps you just going at it too hard. Pace yourself a bit better, try not to do as much as possible within the first 3 mins and remember that you have alot more time to go. Going fast at the start will only mean that your slower at the end

    • Mario may be right. OPT wrote something a year or two ago about this. He believes if you feel gassed within the first couple of minutes in a workout it’s because you didn’t warm-up well enough. Of course, I can’t search for that article now b/c I’m not a member of his site (He’s so secretive with everything),but his recommendation was to mimmic the movements of the workout in your warm-up, and to make sure you actually break a sweat and get your heart rate up. He got all science-y and geeky about why that’s important, but I don’t remember any of that. One of the movements he likes best are forward rolls. He said it’s one of the best things you can do to wake-up your CNS.

  4. Trailing one day behind. Spend 12 hours in a car and train yesterday, going back from my army course in southern Germany. So was not feeling super fresh when i attacked 12.4 this morning.
    Got 253. I will take it, even though im not totally happy about it. Almost stuck to the plan. Went 25×4 and then 5×10. Finished WB at about 6:30 and started MU at 9:00. Did doubles but missed my 14th rep and ran out of time.

    Doing the team competition this year, so im not doing it again. The team was 7th in europe after 12.3, so no worries about regionals.

    Will do todays work tomorrow morning.

  5. Snatch: stopped after a slow ps at 155, need to put in extra work here, totally uncomfortable in everything from set up to catch..

    Clean & Jerk, 245, 255 (missed jerk) Clean PB by 5lbs!
    (Ran out of time had to go coaching, but felt easy, definitely expect more soon!)

    Conditioning: 10’17rxd.

    Broke pshu after 1 round, but wanted the rest UB and aimed sub 10, had to drop after 10 of last ctb…

  6. Meh bad day of training in a bad mood. Pb’d on snatch by 2.5kg couldn’t move fast enough to get under cleans =((

    excuse excuse excuse, need to strap on a pair

  7. Weightlifting
    1) 185, 2×205 failed (had plenty of pull, not stable in receiving)
    2) 245, 255, 265

    Rx -> 11:22

  8. What’s up Outlaws names Brandon Long I live in southern middle TN. 5’8″ 170#. Been doin CrossFit hard for about 6 months to a yr now, been rockin “The Outlaw Way” bout a week now and already seeing PR’s Fuck Yea!!! I’m in the USMC when I get out I’m wanna start an affiliate, lovin the heavier programming, and props to all you Outlaws killin it in the Open… today’s WOD

    1) Snatch 165# PR (Old= 155#)
    2) C&J 205# also a PR (Old= 200#)

    Rx – 15:07

    Deads killed me my last PR on Deads was 335#, 315# felt pretty good but did singles.

  9. A: 198#, fail 220
    B: 186#
    Metcon @ 225 – 14:15
    0:27, 0:29, 0:32, 0:30, 0:30

    M/F/S: 1/5/5

  10. Candace, welcome. That was wicked.

    Brett Marshall – Got a chance to meet him and compete against him at the 2010 Canadian Regionals. I traveled out west a day early and Crossfit Calgary was actually the first affiliate I ever stepped foot in.
    GREAT guy as I’m sure everyone can tell by the video.

    Legs were pretty smoked but turned out to be a good day.

    Snatch – 235 (5# under PR) – Almost nailed a PR at 245…….failed 245 a few times…..got a sweet video that I’ll post.

    C&J – 285 (5# under PR) – failed 300 twice on the jerk…..legs just had no pop.


    wow HR pushups were hard today
    Broke once on the pullups in 4th set, lost rhythm. Other than that all pullups and deads UB.

    5 x 200m, 90 seconds rest (shorter than 200m not sure how much….maybe 15m)

    Total time – 8:19


    Really I’m pretty happy…..I’ve been getting texts from my university buddies about St. Patty’s……we used to do it pretty big.

  11. Didn’t go for the 1rm today. Working on my form. Just did a bunch of snatches until I got it right.
    Conditioning was awesome. Dead lifts and chest to bar were good but the HR pushups tired me out. Love the coaching and tips from everyone.

  12. Rudy, you definitely need to patent that saying and make Outlaw shirts out of them. Speakin’ of shirts ….. *SideEye* I’m ready to wear my Outlaw gear!!!!!

    DL, Pushups, and C2B … I wonder if that’ll be 12.5.

  13. Snatch: 205 (5# PR)
    C&J: 275 (5# PR)


    Skipped the runs due to heavy rain in SoCal and general laziness…

  14. Think my 35 year old ass is starting to adjust to the volume. Snatch and C&J are both 15 under my PR’s but are the first time I’ve hit even these numbers on a Saturday in three weeks. So no PR’s but there was progress.

    Snatch: 195
    C&J: 250

    11:34 all deads UB everything else was all over the place.

    No running.

    20 month old daughter and two week old daughter are wreaking havoc on my sleep.


  15. snatch: 155, 185 (tied PR), 200 (f)
    clean and jerk: 245, 260, 270 (5# PR for both clean and clean and jerk) FUCK YEAH!!

    conditioning: 15:23, had to break up the chest 2 bars on every set 4×3.

    sprints: averaged about 38 secs a piece, total working time was 3:15ish. Quads were burning on this portion..

  16. snatch 90 95 100kg(fail)
    clean and jerks werent great able to clean 120 couldnt jerk it
    conditioning 9:12

  17. Snatch
    90kg, misses at 95 and 2 at 100kg. Should have this in the bag though. Time to cowboy up
    Clean and Jerk
    110kg, 120kg, 2 misses at 130 kg – would’ve been a PB clean and clean and jerk. Should be there, but engaged in a mild wrestling match with it. Stupid bar

    10:55 as rx’d
    Those press ups battered me

    Probably slide the sprints to tomorrow and do them on an ugly hill

  18. Snatch – 145, 150 (PR), 155 F
    C&J – 195, 205 (PR), 215 F

    3 rounds @ 315
    1 @ 305
    1 @ 295

    28, 31, 32, 37, 32

  19. Snatch and C+J – had nothing today. I find it tough going for a 1RM each weekend.


    Only 3 sprints and started to feel it in the hammies so shut it down.

  20. Snatch: 155 lbs (10 pr)
    Clean & Jerk: 175 lbs (20 UnPR) Cleaned 195 twice but couldn’t squat it up.

    Conditioning: Deadlift at 225 and Non Chest to Bar Fat Bar Pull Ups
    Time: 11:54

    Raining and cold outside. Did 5 x250 m Row, 90 sec rest.
    44.9, 46, 48.1, 49.4, 49.1

  21. 1) 185
    2) 260 5lb PR



    5X200m Sprint — did not do

    ran a 5k this morning got new pr of 24:10
    legs were smoked still from 12.4 so snatch and c&j felt rough but still got pr on c&j
    felt just overall dead on conditioning today

  22. No strength today I couldn’t get under my first few snatches at 165 (legs are killing me) so I skipped it.
    Conditioning felt good 13:57 rxd.


  23. We’ve started following you guys at our box. Amazing stuff! Can’t wait for the London weekend!

    Snatch – 80, 85, 90(fail)
    Clean & Jerk – 100, 110, 115 (PR)

    Conditioning A) 12:47

  24. Snatch- 185-225(f)-220(f) completely caught and under weight, could not rise up, needed more of an aggressive turnover with the 225… I think I will hit this within a couple of weeks.
    C/J- 275-305 Failed Jerk. No drive with legs, pretty beat from yesterday. Called it there.

    Conditioning 9:34

    Sprints- :28-:28-:30-:40-:40. Legs finally caught up with me and said “fuck this” on last 2 sprints.

  25. 1) 3 x fail @ 165# (my PR)
    2) 215# (PR tie)

    Conditioning – 13:45

    :35/:35/:34/:34/:34 (felt a little short, but there were awkward turns as well)

    Ok, here’s my Outlaw testimonial. A month or so on the program. That 215 CnJ that tied my PR? That was done splitting with the opposite leg forward. Fuck yeah.

    My training partner did 12.4 yesterday and was extremely disappointed at her performance. Wasn’t even sure she was going to look for one rep maxes today. But then she went for it and PR’ed her snatch and clean and jerk, and then used the most weight she’s ever deadlifted in a metcon before. Fuck yeah.

    Thank you.

  26. I don’t have a lot of benchmarks but i’m just gonna start posting for the sake of data.

    Snatch – 85#, 10#pr
    C/J – 140, 5#pr

    skipped cond today.

  27. Snatch – 229(failed-landed it just couldn’t stand it up, sore legs much), 234(fx2) pull felt great today just didn’t have the explosion or strength in my legs.

    C&J – 265(failed jerk, just out of position when I got it overhead), 285 – called it after getting this one, just didn’t have the drive out of the bottom on the clean.

    Conditioning – 12:13 Push Ups of any variety are always going to be the death of me it’s just trying to manage them the best that I can. Did sets of 5 after the first round.

  28. Did 12.4, listened to Coach and worked out for me. The only one I can blame for anything is myself

    254 reps

    finished in 6:30

    by the time i rested, started, completed and rested again
    3 min…pathetic and this is where i lost a ton of reps

    14 total
    could have prob done 6 or 7 first set but would have been toast after

    Thanks Rudy for great coaching!

  29. Coach-
    Great video of AFT. He has always been a stand up guy. Unfortunately, many of the pioneers of CrossFit do not get much press anymore (for a variety of reasons, many of which are BS). When I started, AFT and OPT used to post on the main site. Man, talk about inspiration.

  30. I could only hit 185 on the snatch and 225 on the c+j today, pretty tired from yesterday’s 12.4. I am also riding my own ass pretty hard about the catch position, as I tent to power snatch or power clean EVERYTHING and that sucks. SO my numbers have gone down but form feels better.

    Conditioning:26 something. Fucking horrible at c2b. Embarassingly so, and i tore my hand up. Awful.

    Sprints- loops is about 225m – 108, 105, 108 118, 115

  31. Nice job Candice! Welcome to the 2 double O club!

    Did this Sunday after a fun and debaucherous (is that a word) St. Patrick’s day :/

    Felt shaky strength wise so stayed 15# under both PR’s and concentrated on form
    Snatch 155
    C&J 185

    7:40 – Push-ups bogged me down the most, but kept the rest cycles short. All DL’s and C2B UB.

    One guy jumped in on the 2nd sprint so we did 6 to keep him company on the last one. It’s been an hour now and I’m still shaking! Hungover sprints… bleh

    MFS: 2/5/2 – amazingly not sore from 12.4 yesterday, but I do need a nap now!

  32. Finally got yesterdays work done.

    Snatch: 85kg – failed twice on it
    C&J: 115kg – attempted 120 which would have been PR, but wasnt quick enough under it.

    Conditioning: 8:57

    No time for runs.

  33. Hey Outlaws, been following the programming for about 3 weeks with a couple of my fellow North Central Region competitors. Adjusting to the volume quite nicely, biggest challenge is fitting the training time in. I love this programming. I’d never put myself in this kind of suck on my own. Keep it coming! Also, did 12.4 yesterday, and the pacing Outlaw suggested was great! Double unders sucked more than expected, but still had 4 minutes to work on the rings and hit a 262.

    Wt lftg:
    Only PCln+J: 235-245-255F

    Conditioning: 12:50 (I hate effin 315 deads)

  34. HUGE fuck yeah day!

    Snatch: 200, 210 (PR), 215F (barely missed)
    C&J: 265, 275, 285F (5lb UN-pr)
    Total: 485lbs – PR — 15lbs off my year end goal!

    Conditioning: 10.12 — HR Push-Ups limiter

    Sprints: 29, 30, 30, 29, 29

  35. Snatch: 205# match pr
    C&J: 245# 20# under pr just missed 265

    Conditioning: 9:10 not the best at c2b

    Sprints have to do later ran out of time

  36. Snatch: 195#, missed 210 twice.

    Power Clean: 235#, started to get a little ugly there so i stopped.

    Conditioning: 10:50, broke deads on round 3. pushups were SLOW. pullups went UB, 6/6, 8/4, UB, 8/4.

    Ran out of time for sprints. Will do later.

    • Forgot to add that I made up the HBBS from previous day.

      225×5, 240×5, 260x2x5 (345 max)

  37. Snatch: 100, first time
    Power Clean: 125, novice at these lifts

    Conditioning: 10:08 @215

    Row instead of Run: 5x200m

  38. Snatch – 185# (5# PR)
    C & J – I don’t want to talk about it.

    Conditioning – 10:35 Rx. Hand release push ups were terrible… slowed me way down!

  39. pulled up really sore after 12.4 so wasnt expecting much from o lifting..

    snatch 50kg (good for me!!)
    c&j 65kg (not good, im really sucking at sticking the clean)

    conditioning wasnt great – DLs felt heavy but UB, push ups and C2B are not strong points

    i always thought i was alright at this but my weaknesses are def being exposed!

  40. Snuck most of the workout in yesterday (Sunday 3/18) as my birthday workout.

    BBG: Snatch – 100#. Confidence issues going above 100. Working on it. Skipped C&J.
    Cond.: 17:27 @ 260# deads, light band for C2B pullups.

    Skipped sprints. Had a pitcher of Margarita’s instead.

    HR Pushups schooled me. First round was fine, but subsequent rounds simply broke down. Band on the C2B pulls as I’m trying to avoid kipping while letting my shoulder recover a bit more.

  41. No strength today, trying MU’s before the wrist was healthy was not a good idea.

    Conditioning: 13:15

    Just wasn’t a great day. Didn’t really gas out, was limited by muscle fatigue more than by conditioning. DL’s were unbroken first two rounds (I should never have to break 5@315). Need a rest day.


  42. Week 8.1 of Hatch

    Cond- 10:58

    Broke all pushups at 10 and rested for 10 breath cycles and went UB on deads and UB until round 5 on CTB.


  43. BB Gymnastics

    1) 185#, 195# (Tied PR), 200#F

    2) 235# Fail Jerk, 245# Fail Jerk, 255# (Clean PR) Fail Jerk



    5X200m Sprint – :33-:35

  44. Snatch 155 (previous pr) 165 (failed twice)
    C&J 195-205 (previous pr) 215 (failed clean)

    Conditioning: did dea maltz challenge in 34:40

    Sprints: all approx 35 seconds

  45. MFS. 3/7/4. 4:30 am workout

    Snatch- 185,195,205 F
    C&J- 225,245F,245F suck

    Conditioning- 15:37 c2b way to broken

    Later at firehouse. Ran out of time in the morning
    Not timed. 200m [50 m shuttle run style]

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