For all you jerks out there who made fun of our strategy video last week, suck it. I hired some professionals and they made it AWESOME. Share this shit on Facebook, or your gym’s site, or whatever lame blog you have that only your mom looks at. It’s the least you can do—I paid like 100 dollars for it (no, really).

Tonight I saw a few people use these techniques. They’re right on. 4-5 minutes left for Muscle-Ups every time.

Almost forgot. I’m drunk. Is it Thursday?

WOD 120316:


High-Bar Back Squats: 1X5 @ 65%, 1X5 @ 70%, 1X5 @ 75% – rest 2-3 minutes between sets.


Open WOD 12.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:

150 Wall balls 20/14# 10/9′
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

For a full description click here: 12.4.

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    • Aaaaaaannnnndddddd the towheaded Canadian goes in for the win on creepiness. The winking smiley face helped.

      To help those quads grow you’ve gotta give up the cow’s mill and get some meat in your life.

      • Beautiful. I just hit a farm yesterday and filled the freezer with the finest grass fed in the land.

    • Hahahaaha. I saw that! I also saw it at 4:40 mark in this video tonight. Sheesh!

      Hmmmm, looks like a Mike Koslap video! 🙂

      • Was referring to KStar’s weiner appearance on the video I posted. Hehe! As far as Koslap … I assumed he created your awesome video. *Hi5*

        Paragon scores for 12.4 are starting to flow in. Our hearts are fluttering …. Hopefully Nate will post some scores since I wasn’t there today.

  1. I tried to watch the video a few times and it wouldn’t load. So I watched porn and went to sleep instead. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. Jay, as a fellow reserved Canadian, I am glad you didn’t mention her Snatch…
    lift numbers.

    Very helpful insight from the Parliament (a bunch of owls). I believe the money was well spent on the video.

  3. Alright, I know it doesn’t make a difference, but I’m back again. I was planning on getting back on the program when I have more time and back in So Cal in the summer but then I thought, why not tomorrow?

    I did 12.4 today and got 182 reps, nothing impressive by any means but I am proud of it.

    Anyways, moral of the story I will be posting and following the program once more.

  4. Here’s the deal. I’m older and less fit than pretty much anyone here. But I was able to maintain a decent pace on the 15×10 rep strategy but with very little rest. I felt “good” for the double unders. More so than i would have had i strung more together.

    So some of you here can be more agressive than I was and should anticipate getting at least a full round. BUT, dont feel the need to rush. Watch Nick Uranker’s video.

  5. Is the consistent wall ball really better than chunking off a big set right away? I mean, obviously the vid says consistency with rest, but I’ve watched a lot of people do Karen, and it always looks like to me that after the big set, the pace is just going to fall off hard no matter what (including the last time I did it, which was admittedly awhile ago and as the second WOD of the day). Which would suggest a big set short of failure, followed by a big rest, followed by the pace. Or is the muscular fatigue debt of going too far with no rest with the save movement a killer?

    • my sets were 50-30-20-20-15-15 before watching rudys video. Wasnt exactly to what he was saying but was close. I found this to be really good during the workout. Im assuming the sets are that to make sure you do not hit muscle failure, and to make sure you stay below redline the entire time. IF you can like he said in the video knock out 50 at first. The first 50 really were not bad, I could have kept going but I broke it on purpose.

  6. Great stuff as always. Videographer was worth every penny. Sometimes varsity shit deserves varsity presentation. I used similar pacing/rest management for a dry run earlier today. I had just under 4min to do my muscle-ups, it was great. I stopped about a minute in because a hand tear was starting to open. I’ll stick to this plan on Saturday, should get me more time. I’m shooting for 15-18 muscle-ups.

  7. 251 reps (non-validated). Alright, 12.4 as done by a ‘midget ninja’ – admittedly my pacing plan for the WBS fell apart after the first big set. Being a short-arse I actually found my shoulders were the most fatigued as I had to expend more force from the arms just to get the ball up to height. By the end, I was having to do them in sets of 5-10. Regardless, managed to punch through the D/U’s quickly, regain some time and had about 2:30 left for the M/Us. Did those in singles and hit 11 before time ran out.

  8. Thought I would post my strategy, which is pretty close to Rudy’s.

    1minute 15 second rounds — 30 Wall-Balls – If you complete the 30 wall balls in less than 1.15 you rest the remainder of the 1.15 — This gets you done at 6.15 (in actuality I was done around 6.00 or so) and totally fresh
    Went UB on the double unders in around 1.20 with transitions, this left me with 4.40 or so to do Muscle-Ups (right on my fresh 30 MU for time)

    I did triples on the MUs until 15, then singles to 21. — Dip was limiting factor, my heart rate was never high, I felt totally controlled. If I had to do it again, I might push the WB rounds down to 1.10 to give me an extra ~30 seconds and a few shots at 2-3 more MUs…but there was no transition time given away or anything, I felt like (for me and my MUs at 6’2, 210) I maximized with this strategy. I think it is very close to what Rudy is suggesting.

    Total score: 261 — Good luck guys

    • Felt compelled to post that I C&J PR’d today again, twice this week (10lbs) — got 280lbs…and better yet, I had no failed attempts whatsoever, and hit 225, 240, 260, 270 and 280 all clean and felt great. The bearded wizard does it again.

  9. 12.4 score 255 reps
    WB 50-20-10s took about 6:30 after that felt pretty fresh when done, probably should have gone quicker
    DU-unbroken took 40 seconds done with 4:20 left
    MU-first MU at 4:00, did 2 then singles. failed on a couple reps trying to string them together. technique was not the best being fatigued.

    Good luck to everyone.

  10. Wow Rudy, you paid $100 for a guy to film himself flipping you off? You should come to Chicago, I know some places you can get a lot more for $100.

  11. Penalty for being late to work on March Madness Friday is a shot of Jameson. Fuck you guys and your exercise, I’m fucking drank’in today.

  12. Hey Guys – first of all I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Scott McQuin, training out of Altitude in Burlington with Jay Rhodes, among others. A few of us got started on outlaw about 6 weeks ago, and I have to say that it’s awesome!

    I’ve hit PR’s 3 weeks running, with a 30# PR up to 255# on the power clean this week. Very impressed.

    Thanks again for awesome programming! I’ll try to keep posting my results as often as I can.

  13. 12.4 259.

    The wall balls were the worst part in my opinion and the faster you can get through them, the better. Finished at about 5:40. Double unders did by 7:30 in sets of 30 (missed a few trying to catch my breath). Definitely stuck to Rudy’s advice on muscle ups. Could have got more on the first set but would have been fried. Stuck to sets of 3 and missed 2 in the last two sets. Depending on how you do muscle ups, I think 2-3 works well cause you keep your momentum up.

  14. 12.4 – 265

    Followed Rudy’s strategy again, and it helped. Went 50, 25, 25, 20, 20, 10 w/ 10 seconds break, and finished up at 5:37 (3 no-reps for height). Did the Double-unders at 70-20 (1 miss), getting to the rings at about 6:55. Then did 3, 2, then singles up to 25 (3 missed reps… pissed about that).

    I kept my heels down the whole time and it helped (I usually do that). I also used lifting shoes, and had someone count out my rest intervals on the wall balls.

    Probably doing it again on Sunday… this time without any missed reps, hopefully.

    Did HBBS after – 285, 305, 330

    M/F/S – 3/3/2

    Part 1 (up to muscle-ups)

    Part 2 (part of DU and most MUs — ran out of disc space w/ 30 seconds left)

    • JC, your “no reps” looked good to me according to my interpretation of the rule. We debated this at my gym. The rule states:

      “The center of the ball must hit the target at or above the specified target height.”

      There was some disagreement among us at our gym. To me this says only the top half of the ball need to be over the target in order for it to be “at”. For the height deficient competitors, this little nuance matters.


      • Thanks, Ben. I think you’re right as to the rule. I haven’t analyzed the video for it, but I thought I saw the ball hit nothing but black on all three when I was doing the wod, so I wasn’t too upset about it (of course, I’m not at the best angle to see the top half). If they shouldn’t have been no-reps, that’s good to know, though, so I appreciate you pointing it out. Good luck to those who haven’t done it yet!

  15. Not a good day at the gym. My lungs still hurt. Never had a 20lb wall ball until today. Wow.

    240 reps– done with DUs at 10 min. No muscle ups yet.

  16. Strength
    1) 245, 285, 305

    Did 12.4 Wed. night -> 248 reps

    Subbed today for a quick 7 min AMRAP then did hill sprints

  17. 12.4 – 240

    I want to make sure I’m doing it right but I did my strength and then went to 12.4 after a couple minutes rest.

  18. Want to post for my friend Drew Anderson. He never posts, but has been doing Outlaw with me for the past month and I’m really proud of him. He got 258 today and missed his last MU which would have put him at 259. He followed Rudy’s suggestions of breaking the WBs into 25s, 20, and 10s while I counted the seconds on his rests. He got to the MUs w/4 minutes left on the clock and broke them into doubles and then singles.

    I’m doing 12.4 tomorrow. FINALLY got 3 MUs last night, so I’m going to spend more time working on them today.

    Good luck, Outlaws!

  19. 158 – which is why I’ve come to the Outlaw Way this week. Obviously my programming is not working for me and I’ve read so many good things about Rudy, his coaching, and the programming. I’ve got a long way to go, many goats to conquer, and I’m hoping by next year my fitness level will be much higher.

  20. No 12.4 for me this year, just rotated back from a deployment this past Wed and trying to get back on schedule with 3 kids and all. Did the HBBS and a conditioning WOD from the other day.


    Row 250m
    25 32 KBS
    3 rounds only, 16:30 including 2:00 of rest. This destroyed me, never dealt with this heavy of a KBS. Decided to hit the weight as rx’d instead of rounds.

  21. HBBS
    210, 230, 245

    12.4 – 248

    I followed the wb timing as much as I could keep up with it. My shoulders burnt out much faster than my legs. I SUCKED at double unders and could only link a max of 10 at a time. They took me a solid 4 minutes. The last two minutes I got 4, 2, 1, 1 for muscle ups.

    I need to work on my du’s.

  22. 12.4

    = 8 Muscle ups

    Pleased with score but just wish I had more time on M/Us but the wall balls got me a little towards the end and D/Us seemed to take forever.

    Onto the next one…

    M= 5 F= 3 S= 7

  23. 259. My lungs could tell it’s been a week since I’ve been in the gym…

    The pacing/suggestions were all on point, Rudy. I felt great all the way through the wallballs until my quads started locking up after my 2nd set of 20 (went 25×4, 20, 20, 10 with approx. 8-10 seconds rest between sets). Maybe if BP shared some of that Kill Cliff I’da been alright… lol

    Missed 2 double unders due to the quads again, but I knew once I got to the muscleups the quads could cramp all they wanted haha. Did all singles on the muscleups, just shoulda gone a bit faster. I really paced myself early on in order to be sure I wouldn’t miss a rep, when at the end I realized that I wouldn’t have even if I’da pushed it harder.

    Splits were:
    5:28 to finish wallballs,
    7:00 to finish doubleunders

  24. 12.4
    Did 2 sets of 50 WB, then 20/10/10/10 to finish up. Stayed flat footed throughout and felt really good going into the DU. ~5:40
    Did 32 then 2 more sets of ? reps to get my 90.
    @5:00 left. Did 2 MU then singles through the end of the time.
    Happy about not failing on any muscle ups.


    No free trip this time

  25. Did the Wod 12.4 this morning – 232 reps. I followed the basic concept outlined by BT because I am older than he is! 15/15 and then 12 sets of 10. I was hucking for air after only 30 reps, so I took rest between sets of 10…

    I started the DU’s at about 8:55; I tripped after 1 rep (so, no rep); then got 12; trip; then 18 and then 12 reps, and then realized my Oly shoes were an issue. Fotunatey, had my regular shoes at hand and finished off 52 reps in 5 ugly broken sets, If only I had the K-Swiss Blades…

    Warm up was drinking a Tim Horton’s double double…

  26. HBBS

    235 x 5
    255 x 5
    275 x 5

    12.4 – 267 reps


    Wallballs were 60-20-20-10-10-10-10-10. Done at 6:15
    Had a very uncharacteristic disaster with the doubles. Tripped up on the rope probably 12+ times before even getting halfway through them. Doubles took me 1:45……lost a good 45-55 seconds there.
    Got to the rings at 8:00 and managed to knock out 27 muscle ups, failing #28 right at the end. Needed those extra seconds and would have been back to the ball for sure.
    Muscle ups were all singles, all false gripped. When I’m doing big sets or in WOD’s where they wouldn’t be quite as tired as this I’d put the rings up higher and do non-false grip. But for singles it seems to work well.


  27. Strength:

    5 x 215
    5 x 230
    5 x 245



    Went 4 x 25 w/ 10-12 sec rest. Then 20-15-15 with 10-12 sec rest. This helped me tie a PR w/ a 6 min Karen and I felt fine.

    I did the double unders as instructed by lord Rudy.

    Started Mu’s with 4 minutes left. Got 21 of them. I’ll take it.

  28. Monday night while playing softball I wound up tearing my labrum. I have an MRI scheduled in a couple weeks. 4 years of college football and no injuries, but 1 game of softball and I eff my shoulder up. I can barely pick my arm up and it can not get to parallel yet. I decided I was not going to be a pussy and miss doing 12.4. I did all the wall balls using only my left hand and did a 10:30 Karen and got 67 double unders for a total of 217. A torn shoulder won’t keep me down!

    • ouch dude. I had surgery for a torn labrum in September, Tore from 12’oclock to 6’oclock, SLAP & Bankart lesion. Best of luck to ya. Be smart and rest that shoulder.

      • How are you doing now? Our Masters guy who won the games last year torn his labrum right before the Open. He will have surgery in a few weeks.

    • I will be in the same boat as him, surgery in a couple weeks and will be done with overhead stuff for about 6 months.

  29. Well Fuck,
    Stuck to the wall ball plan, 25×4, 20, 15, 15 with about 10-12 sec between sets. Finished at 6:15ish. Did the doubles in 3 sets, broke at 17, 54, and 90. Got to the MUs right after 8 min. Was a little gassed going to them, did 3 sets of 2, and the rest singles. Rested way to much when I got to the singles, and ran out of push on the dip. Failed on the 16th rep. Coulda shoulda woulda got 20. Guess I just need to harden the fuck up.

    The only thing I would have done any different would be a lot fucking lighter and have shorter arms.

    Did Squats before the WOD
    245, 265, 280

  30. Just did 12.4, wall balls felt great. Did 25×3 then 20,5,10×5. And had just over 5 minutes left. The double unders were way hard I think I didnt break 20 on my first three attempts then I started stringing them together well. Only did 4 MU after that. 244 final score which I can live with. Thanks for all the tips coach.

  31. God damn. 241 reps. Got to muscle ups with 20 seconds left, rested for 10 and just knocked out one to get one. Wall balls took much longer than they should have and my legs and coordination joined forces to give me a big “fuck you” on the double unders. Same story with Jay, I fucked up too many times before i got them strung together. Sick all week, first time back in the gym today. No excuses, just gotta do better on the next one

  32. 12.4
    Stoked on this. Did the wallballs 10 sets of 15. Counted to 8 in my head(used a Mississippi) finished around 6:30
    Du’s used trips as rest.
    Had around 4 min of MU time. Did a couple sets of 2 then the rest singles. Lungs were the worst for me.

    Subbing squats for Jameson and smithwicks.

  33. 12.4
    240, had time for 5 attempts. was too spent to get my big ass on top of the rings. big time p.r. on Karen though. 7:31 previous record to 6:50 today. Not high enough on the leaderboard to consider re-doing. just going to keep focusing on weaknesses and get better.

    • dubs took me forevvvvver, legs were just shot. going to start hitting them after conditioning a few times a week from now on until i can nail them dead tired.

  34. 265 Total Reps

    Took Rudy’s advice with the 10 sec. rest, but went as far as I could on the first set. 75-20-20-15-10-10. Finished WB around 5:45.

    Double Unders took me a set or two to get my rhythm down.

    Started MU at around 7:30.

    Went 3-3-3-2-2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1. Was locking out my 26th as the clock hit 12:00.

    Probably not going to redo this one. One and done.

  35. 1) 235/250/270

    12.4 — 260

    Made me a believer. I was all skeptical of breaking up the wall balls, but I said, hey, I’m following this program, may as well give it a go. And it was perfect. My buddy of the same height next to me did 50 in the exact same amount of time but unbroken, and that 10 seconds rest helped so much. And the later sets weren’t as hard as I thought they’d be (though I did rest 15 seconds or a bit more in the later rounds, as I didn’t think I could rock a sub-6 Karen and still be fresh as a daisy).

    As for the muscle-ups, I saw a guy die cranking big sets (and big sets of wall ball as well); he was just crushed. I did 4 and then singles. Definitely should have had one more in the last 15 seconds, and I think I may have mispaced it *slightly* and could have squeezed in another one. But super jazzed all the same.

    The only point I would disagree on is the jumping wall ball. I could feel my shoulders and chest in the flippin’ second round of 25, and I knew I needed to save them for the MUs, so I switched to jumping. I didn’t feel it in my calves at all during the WBs or DUs, and would recommend it if your legs can handle it but upper body can’t.

  36. strength: 235, 255, 275

    12.4: 240 reps, did the wall balls in 8:06 and finished the double unders with 2:00 minutes left. Couldn’t even get one muscle up, FAIL!!! Need to definitely work on these A LOT more…

  37. 12.4- 257

    Went in with the plan of 25×4, 20, 20, 10. that went out the door pretty quickly when fatigued set in. Finished the wallballs in 7:47 ( still a 1 minute PR for me )

    got to the MU with 2:30 left to go and managed to bang out 17

  38. 12.4-224 reps. sucking at wall balls didnt help in this one. im gettin better but got a ways to go. great scores so far Outlaws. Best part was definetly the 10-15 min afterwards when Drew Anderson was a drunk version of himself after hitting a 258.

  39. 260 Reps (20 MU)
    Very happy with this. It was exactly my goal and I hit it. I’ve never actually hit my goal before, maybe I under shot this then? Either way very happy.

  40. 256, happy with this since I have not done a muscle up for 8 months with shoulder injuries. Between Rudy’s prep and mu skill work, and my constant rehab I want to say fuck yeah, and thanks Rudy!

  41. Great VIP, great strategy, great beard.
    248 on 12.4
    Wallballs were a problem, took some extra shot rests but mainly stuck tom25-25-25-25-20-20-10, double unders aimed too high, wanted 30s but didn’t have legs left.
    Muscle ups 3-2-2, then a buzzer…

  42. 12.4


    Shit went downhill fast after 50 reps..took me over 8 god damn minutes for the WBS..Had just about two minutes for MUs. Not too happy about this. Not planning on re-doing it either. Gameplan from week 1 was one shot, one score. I’ll take it i guess

  43. I dont even want to post my score because it is horrible. I knew going in that wall balls have been my arch enemy since i started CF. This made me start with the 10×15 like the programming said…well F…I just suck at them. After the third set had to break them into 10s then even smaller. Quads were on fire and about to crap the whole time.

    I am putting this on here because I am an above average CFer, strong for bw and former college athlete (bball and track) then played in the AFL…what the hell is wrong with me?

    Am I going about them wrong? Is it just never doing them? What the hell? Completely lost on how my Karen time went to 10 min…yup i said 10 min.

  44. 1) 225, 255 275

    Fooled around with 12.4, not entered in the open but wanted to see if my wrist was feeling good enough to try MU. Did 12.4 light 60 WB in about 2:15, 90 (60-30 only 1 miss) DU and wanted to see how MU’s were. Got 2 done and couldn’t keep tight grip on the ring with my left hand after that, plus it hurt like a bitch afterwards. Anyone do this in Oly shoes? Did it make a difference during the WB’s? May give the full WOD a shot for shits and giggles tomorrow.

  45. Wall balls 25 25 25 25 20 20 10
    DU 40 30 20

    4 minutes left for mus! Pity I’m shit at them and only got 3. But 3 > 0


    May try it again…

  46. 12.4 = 254, did everything “perfect” for me, but then jumped up and did 5 ub MU which is a little much for me in a fatigued state. Listening to Rudy I prob could have gotten in to the 20’s with 3/3/3…

    Very satisfied still!

  47. 12.4= 241 reps.

    Wallballs KILLED me (got off them 9 something…got to MUs with ~25seconds left). I has ~20 no reps (on height). super upset.

    MFS: 122 (pre) 946 (post)

  48. 12.4= 240

    Finished wallballs around 7:30 and just could not keep it together on the DU’s….only had 15 sec. to get a MU and failed. Not Happy at all but as long as I stay in top 60 in the region I will not do it again.

  49. 12.4:
    269….I might do it again just to get one full round

    Wallballs weren’t bad. Did around 60 right off the bat but I probably could’ve gone faster/farther. WB’s didn’t affect me for dubs, which I did in two sets. MU’s were singles from the beginning. I failed three reps right towards the end, my arms we’re shot. I think that if I went faster during the WB’s I would’ve been able to get one more MU to complete the round.

    Currently in the lead in the North Central Region for 12.4.

  50. WB”s 25×4,21,19,10 done at 5:30 I kept onwaiting fpor these to get hard and they never did. (which is good since I will get to do them again)
    DU’s tripped over the rope for my first five which took :45 seconds, then did sets of 20 to finish. Normally very good at these so a bit frustrated.Done at 7:45
    MU”S 2,2,2,2,1,F,F Didn’t get a MU in the final minute. I will be doing this again on Sunday as I was sitting in 63rd coming in and I think I will need at least 15 MU’s to move up into the top 60.

    • Redo
      WBs 5:28 25×4 20×2 10
      DUs 30, 57, 90
      MUs 3,2,2,2,2,2,f,f,f no MUs in the last 1:10

  51. stuck to the strategy with wall balls, which worked perfectly.I was only 15 sec over my PR and felt awesome. Finished WB in 5:59. Obviously, pacing strategy is key but it’s so clear: Squating more= easier Karen. Anyway, It gave me plenty of time to get my second MU ever! I’ve been working hard for a long time but even more religiously since the camp in Naples….so thanks for the help Rudy and Laura. I’ve never been more freaking psyched about 1 rep!

    12.4: 241:)

  52. 12.4 – 245
    Could have had another 5-6 MUs if I hadn’t stumbled changing from OLY shoes after walballs

  53. 12.4 – 240 reps. Had a bad day w/DUs, which is totally unlike me. Got to the rings with 2:47 on the clock. Rested until the 2:00 mark, but wasn’t able to get a MU. Even though I got a few the other night, I don’t have the technique down well enough to do a MU when I’m fatigued. MUs are going to be my bitch next year.

  54. Did it this morning, used rudys plan on the wall balls 50-25-25-20-20-10 with a 10 sec rest in between. worked like a charm. Finished “Karen” at 5:53, unbroken Double unders. Got to the MU with about 5 minutes left. Finished with 14 muscle ups. I was a little annoyed afterwards because the right ring slipped on rep 7. and I did the rest with the right ring a good 6-7 inches lower than the left. I missed 2 attempts in the sec half I feel because of this. Im contemplating and doing it again with a different set of rings. well see how my quads feel tomorrow. Doing MU with uneven rings really sucks. Happy with the score, just feel I should have gotten more.

  55. Don’t think N8 posted his stuff. Him and Ryan got 261. Krissi got 252. I don’t want to talk about my disaster in DU but got 241 and rest of the chicas got 240.

  56. Strength

    squats didnt feel great today


    legs began cramping after 75 reps, i did 25, 25, 25, 20, 10,10,10,10,10,5
    DU’s felt good, my mu’s are not good with no false grip so i only got 4 and i missed my first one

  57. Only 240. Just another sub-par performance. Took 9 mins to do the Wall Balls because my legs were shot from the running I did on Wednesday.

  58. 219. Weak sauce, i have felt like shit all week. Rudy’s strategy was right on, just felt really heavy on the DU and missed a lot. Wore my o-shoes for the wall balls which felt good, maybe should have taken them off. Thoughts on muscleup development outside of Outlaw programming? Like extra work? Definitely the weak link in my game, except for my weak-ass heart which didnt even get me there.

  59. Did 12.4 Saturday in Slidell at CrossFit Crusade. Score was 240. My quads are feeling excellent in comparison to a lot of other people I know that did this.

    Concentrated on muscle ups for 4 days this week. I’m really close. Even got into the dip position twice yesterday. I know have the appropriate strength. I’ve been a video-watching fool, and have done all the progressions and tested all the strength capacities. I can do strict chest to ring from a dead hang and ring dips. Thanks to the convo earlier in the week between Michael, Jordan, Jeff and Drywall, (http://outlawcoach.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/120314/#comments), I was finally able to distinguish the difference between the application of the false grip and neutral grip and find an approach that works the best for me after two months of mindless attempts. Thanks y’all! After all that self-education and revelation from this week’s “do or die,” situation, it’s still a much different scenario when you try to put it together. Feet, legs, hips, elbows, arms, shoulders, head–they don’t work together. I think I’m probably the most uncoordinated person in the world! When I get it figured out, it is going to be so on.

    I am still in the top 60 in South Central, (25th now and ended at 36th last week) but there are still about 8-9 pages of results that need to be posted today. I don’t think this score will put me out, but we’ll see.

    #1 With muscle ups out of the bag, there is nothing Dave Castro can give next week that will cripple me.
    #2 Making it my mission that muscle ups will never be a DNF issue for me EVER again.
    #3 It’s just CrossFit. It’s not life or death.

    MFS 1/8/8

  60. metcon 255

    Ok with this considering I have been getting whipped at work the past week. And I am a midget


  61. 12.4 – 256. Wall ball disaster. It took me 7:30 to do the wall balls and my Karen time is about 6 mins. DUs unbroken. Muscle ups went 3×2 and then singles from there. Failed the dip on my last rep.

  62. 12.4 – 257

    Finished Karen in 5:10? and got to the muscle ups with at 6:50. Not too taxed cardio wise, but caught a couple of muscle ups really squirrely armed for some reason and fought my way to save them. I think that fatigued my arms, which were the limiting factor more than being out of breath. Probably could do better knowing what to expect if I repeated it, but one and done says the wizard for all of these!

    One more to go!

  63. Completed high bar back squats.

    12.4 – 266 reps. followed rudy’s recommended reps, but rested 15 seconds between sets. Ended wall balls at 6:18 (15 second PR). Broke the DUs twice. Muscle ups were 3-2-1-1-1…. etc. Very happy with this score!

  64. 12.4

    = 5 Muscle ups

    Did 15 sets of 10 on WBs and finished around the 8:30 mark. D/Us by 10 and did M/Us 1 at at time.

  65. went back tonight and taped the shit out of the ring straps so they wouldnt slip on me. Pr’d karen again @ 5:23, Double unders unbroken, first muscle up at 7 minutes. Did doubles then singles. Got 18 muscle ups and I missed 2 late in the workout. I got up, but just caught the dip way too deep. sat there for a sec trying to kip it then just dropped.

    Very happy with the improvement though.

  66. Did 12.4 initially Thursday night Australian time (7hrs after release).
    Went 52/18/17/13/9/8/8/9/8/8 in oly shoes for a 6.40 – 49sec Karen PR. Had to rip shoes off feet were cramping. 4 sets for DU’s and was finished with 3.30 left for MU. Went singles hit 9 missed 3 for 249.

    Re-did Monday morning (2hrs before cutoff – Aussie time)
    25×4/20/15/15 with 10-12 second rests for a 6.06 and another Karen PR (no oly shoes this time just Reebok nano’s). Started Doubles at 6:24 finished just before 8. Got a drink and some chalk and started MU at 3.50 to go.
    MU’s – 3/2/2/2/1x/1x/1/x/1. So missed 3 again but got 4 more. Stoked but still frustrated by the misses, so close yet so far type of thing.


  67. 12.4 on Saturday 3/17.

    244 – Stuck with 4 x 25, 20, 15, 15 for the Wall Balls. DUs weren’t pretty. Still working on MU. MU were scaled to 1 pullup + 1 pushup = 1 rep (only got through 4 before the buzzer).

  68. New follower, first post. Rudy, I love you. No homo.

    Followed your strategy for 12.4. Worked like a charm. Really was only hoping for about 5-10 MU and ended up with 15. SUCCESS

    12.4- 255

  69. MFS. 6/5/2

    H-bar squats. 250,270,290

    Open wod
    244. Double unders sucked. Made to MU with a minute left

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