WOD 120315:

Rest Day.


Wall Balls and Muscle-Ups, where have I heard that before?

We’ll be doing some work on this one in the morning and shooting a video for tomorrow night. There is A LOT to be done with 12.4 and for many of you this should be another one that moves you up. Just another day at the office, kids.

I hate to say this, but this one choked me up a little.

Dark Horse Beast: Kevin Simons

Kevin is as talented as anyone on earth. I have been absolutely stunned by how quickly he has progressed. Many of you have become Simons fans from following this site. I have also.

Can’t wait to see this guy at Regionals. Seriously.

Jay Rhodes, 305# Power Clean @ 175#. Fuck yeah.


Have I ever told anyone how much I love Karen? Oh, BTW ladies—turns out that 9′ is really easy; can someone fucking win this one? Please…?

I’ve got an all-expense-paid trip to the Heath, TX Training Camp for any Outlaws (yes, we have to know that you’ve been following) who are top THREE in the world. Not kidding.

26 thoughts on “120315

  1. Damn it i took a rest today cos i was hurting so much. Should of attached some balls and done it. oh well guess i can jsut hit it tomorrow =D

    Also 12.4 wtf just saw Holmberg only get too 25 muscle-ups =/

    • 25, eh? What’s that face for? Clearly, Holmberg would’ve gotten more had he been an Outlaw. He freakin’ did 86 wallballs unbroken. Was that smart?

      • Well he’s a previous champ (just) and 10 times fitter then i’ll ever be. I look at the wod and its more like an Amrap of wall balls haha

    • just read your post. what are your thoughts on the WBs? go as long as possible before breaking them up, or take strategic breaks? either way, my short self will be jumping, so i’m not really sure if it matters…

      • The muscle fatigue from one movement to the next wasn’t a problem for me, so I say go as hard as you can. Catch your breath on the transistions, then go hard again. It kind of feels like 3 different workouts at a high heart rate.

  2. Affiliate was doing a special session for 12.4 tonight.

    Did it … 248 reps (150+90+8)

    I broke up the wall balls into 50/25/25/20/15/15 …. double unders 30/30/30 …. all singles for muscle ups

    If MU might trip you up under fatigue (like me), I recommend setting a pace. The guy next to me did 150 walls balls unbroken but was pretty cashed by the time MU can around. He got a rep less than me, BTW.

  3. Thanks for the kind words and everything else, Rudy. I hope to make you guys proud.

    • I remember when Simons started posting on here, we all said “look at dis bad mufucka…” Now a few hundred thousand people are saying the same thing. Keep kicking ass man!

    • I remember meeting Kevin at the L1 cert in Boise ID 2 years ago. A beast then and more of a beast now. No big words, just big actions. True people’s champion imo! Congratz on taking the next step towards that podium Kevin, good luck!

  4. I’m really looking forward to the Heath training camp next week! I’m making the trip from Oklahoma.

  5. hey, I’m to posting here.
    I’ve been following for about 3 weeks now and absolutely love the programming!
    I’ve been crossfitting for 2 years in some form or fashion.
    I’m not very good at keeping up with commenting on blogs, But i’m really going to try because i love the community here.

    I’ve been following a lot of the outlaw athletes for a couple of years now.

    I’ve been doing the workouts a week behind. Because of my work scheduel i sometimes have to stagger my rest days differently. I am also not quite used to this much volume yet so some of the conditioning i will taper down a bit. By lowering the weight or number of reps.

    I look forward to continuing in the outlaw way!!

  6. Did the Open workout tonight:

    I finished through 13 muscle ups, 253 reps.

    Wall balls: 50-30-20-20-15-15 , Never hit redline 6:24
    Double unders: my rope hit a WB rack behind me at number 82, then I was an idiot and did 12 more…so 94 double unders. @ 7:40
    Muscle ups: first muscle up at 8 minutes, missed 2 reps due to sloppy form. I took it pretty conservative to. Doing it again on Saturday and im going to push the pace more here. I feel I should be able to get close to 20 MU. I know places where I probably moved to slow to error on the side of caution to make sure I didnt hit redline. In retrospect, Im pushing it more on Saturday.

    Never hit Redline, honestly never felt terribly winded during the workout. Yea I was breathing hard, but the Double unders really are like a rest. My tip would be do a decently large first set but not to redline. then break them down from there. I was never too tired during the wall balls. I also had 1 no rep there.

    Fellow outlaws should crush this. This Workout is easier then a lot of the shit we do here. Your legs will be a little jelly afterwards but the wb and DU are easy. Just take your time on your muscle ups, stick to a good pace and dont miss a rep.

    We got this shit.

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