After waxing poetic and turning The Outlaw Way world into a warm fuzzy tub of fitness love goo, I realized I needed a way to follow it up, but what could I possibly use to follow love goo?

Then it hit me…

I should use an example of the kind of marketing and product engineering I’d like to see in our community. Instead of complaining about Reebok I should give an example of the kind of thing we’d like to see. The kind of thing that would make me buy the shit out of your products and tattoo your logo on our titties. You know, like this “Wodkilla”:

I knew there was only one place I could turn. The MFCEO of the greatest sneaker company in the world. Only if they made Oly (pronounced Ollie) shoes, then my fitness fashion would be complete. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Blades…


Blah, blah, blah. Mike Poppa pr’d again. He hasn’t touched a barbell in 2 weeks because he’s been too busy getting ready to open RFS CrossFit, and yesterday he got 250#. He’s a jerk. Side note: I KNOW he doesn’t really control it for long enough to get 3 white lights. Before you say anything, prepare to STFU.

WOD 120314:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Clean.


8 minute AMRAP of:

10 DB Thrusters 30/20#
10 GHD Situps
10 Inverted Burpees DEMO VIDEO


10 minute AMRAP of:

TGUs 32/24kg

Notes: Do not rush on these. It is and AMRAP, but should be treated as 10 minutes of consistent, non-rushed work. Alternate arms each rep.

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  1. First of all, this has nothing to do with this post. ITs a general question.

    On muscle ups is it necessarily better to use a false grip? Muscle ups are a weakness of mine. I can do higher rep sets fresh fine. But, when I get into a metcon like the one from a few days ago, my form breaks down and I miss reps or drop early to avoid missing reps. I currently do not use a false grip. I am curious if I used a false grip if they would get more consistent…Im curious what you guys would say about it.

    So false grip muscle ups? or neutral grip muscle ups?

    • I originally did false grip when I started CF. I realized most top athletes use neutral grip and have been trying it for a couple months now. It just wasn’t improving so I decided to screw it and now I’m back to using false grip and life is better.

      Give it a shot, if it works keep it, if it doesn’t then don’t.

    • I start a set with a false grip, but in repping them out, I use a bit of an in between grip. Meaning I choke up on it a bit so the back of my palm is face up, not my fingers (like a 90 degree turn). It definitely makes it easier than a true neutral grip, without having to take the time to reset. Sometimes the wrist even hooks through during the swing for a true false grip, sometimes it doesn’t, but I don’t worry about it either way.

      Ultimately: see which way gets you through a set of 10 faster and there’s your answer.

      • Ultimately: see which way gets you through a set of 10 faster and there‚Äôs your answer.


        I have turned more people on to the neutral grip lately. Typically this is a better option if you have a very strong back and understand the horizontal kip and using your hips better. The longevity here is much greater as you can get far more out of your kip, saving your arms, also if you have a very strong pull you will get much higher and “land” in the dip portion almost fully locked out. The false grip tends to be better for people who are not very good kippers (struggle utilizing their hips) and those who pull with mostly their arms. You will be able to ‘eek’ through the rings in a false grip, whereas you cannot do this with the neutral grip. It takes a little while to get used to a neutral grip, but in my opinion as far as ‘games standards’ go, you will struggle very much to get a true turn-out with a locked out elbow while still holding a false grip, consequently it is very easy/natural to turn out with a neutral grip. This is the main reason I think people should gravitate toward the neutral grip if they intend to compete.

    • Thanks for the input guys, yea I tried experimenting around with it today. I’ve decided that I really hate the false grip more now after I have been using the neutral grip for so long. I also video taped myself from different angles and figured out why I probably miss in a higher rep metcon. In my pull my arms were strait out to the side forming a 90 degree bend at the elbow causing the rings to get way to far out form my body. I did a few sets focusing on keeping them in and they felt much better, also looked much better on camera.

      @Jeff, like you said. I have a strong back and I do understand the horizontal kip, thats part of the reason I switched to the neutral grip in the first place. It just allows me to really get a big kip and use my body. In every rep I miss, i dont feel fatigued at all. I just miss them. Which I think this may be correlated with having the rings way to far from my body.

  2. Beautiful snatch Poppa. Thank you for lifting with your shirt off.

    That commercial is amazing. If they gave me shoes I might wear them and see if they make me turn into a cheetah.

  3. K-Swiss’ stock (KSWS) traded up 12.4% yesterday (true story). Could this performance be related to MFCEO Kenny Powers?

  4. BB Gymnastics:
    260 (PR)

    2 rounds plus 20 reps

    Midline–did with a 24KG bell

  5. 1) 255, same as PR

    Conditioning: 4+22

    Midline: 13, very slow and safe w. 75lbs DB.

  6. 1. 213, 223 fail,

    conditioning-2 rounds + 14 reps

    midline-doing at the house after work

  7. BB Gym – 145#. I really struggle with power cleans. Didn’t do the wise thing and work on power cleans after I hit 145#, but I started squat cleaning and got a 5# PR at 185#. Hips pretty tired from yesterday, so I’ll take it.

    Conditioning: 3 + 5 went at a nice steady pace

    Midline: 11

  8. BB Gymnastics

    1RM Power Clean = 120kg (5kg PB)


    8 minute AMRAP of:

    10 Barbell Thrusters 30kg (No DB’s)
    10 GHD Situps
    10 Inverted Burpees

    = 3 Rounds + 1 Thruster

    M= 4 F= 3 S= 3

  9. Weightlifting
    1) 255 (hit 265 but caught it pretty low)

    28 total reps

    A nearby affiliate is doing 12.4 after they announce it tonight. Should be fun.

  10. BBG –
    Tried it in the morning. I didn’t get much time to warm up. Felt stiff and sore, no hips whatsoever. I could barely get 235.

    Redid 2 hours later, immediately after a 2 mile run @ moderate intensity and got 265# for a 15# MFPR.


    3 + 10
    Inverted burpees were slow. I felt I would have gotten more out of the wod doing pass throughs or something like that.

    Will have to save midline for later tonight.

  11. BB Gymnastics:
    Tied my current PR of 270. Couldn’t stick 275. Im surprised i got that much weight up considering how i felt today. So close!

    4 rounds + 3 reps
    (used 35# DBs instead cause I don’t have 30# DBs)

    17 reps

    M/F/S – 2/4/6

  12. BB: 242.5, (PB 245), then failed 255 5 times.
    Still happy, heaviest I pulled in months and 225, 235 & 245 has never felt that easy!

    Conditioning: Decided to sub inv. burpees with 8m HS Walk, havent done that at all since my accident in December and wanted to know where I stood, (no pun intended..).

    4 rounds + 10 Thrusters

    Midline: 17 slow reps.


  13. PC: 195×1 205×0 200×0 (Many problems today)

    Conditioning: 3 rds + 10 reps. (first go at inverted burpees, very slow)

    Midline: 70 lb DB 10-14 reps. (PR TGU)

  14. hang clean – 185# (need to work on getting under faster and faster elbows)

    cond – 1 + 10 / 10 / 6
    (toes to bar instead of ghd – don’t have one)

    turks – 14 / side @ 26# – nice steady pace

  15. BB gymnastics. 285, missed 296, got under it but it pushed me down to the floor. Would of been a PR for the power clean.

    conditioning. 2 rounds 4 ghd’s. Those inverted burpees defiantly have a learning curve to them.

    midline. RX’d 20 reps

  16. BB gymnastics:
    185 from the hang (weak pull from floor still)

    1 rep shy of 3 rounds (I had trouble getting to my feet after semi-toe touch behind head)

    used a bbell with 75 pounds and did 16 reps

  17. 85kg Power Clean – equal pb failed at 87.5kg twice

    2rds and 10 inverted burpees

    10 reps rx’d

  18. 250# Power Clean PR!

    Conditioning: 3 rounds + 6 thrusters Inverted burpees sucked more than I thought they would!

    16 TGU

  19. BB gymnastics
    Worked up to 215, not my max but my form was shitty so I stopped.

    4 rounds

    20 reps @ 2pood


  20. PC: worked up to 200.

    Conditioning: 3 Rounds and 3 reps @ 75lb Thrusters & my make shift GHD

    TGU: 24kg KB 12 reps total

  21. BB Gymnastics

    305 – 5# PR! 2 attempts at 315, its so close to being up high enough…..just can’t quite get it.
    Want to give Rudy and Outlaw a shout out….I started Outlaw Way in December and came off 3 months of no barbell with a lower back injury. Had lifts of 290 Power clean, 295 clean, 225 snatch before the injury….wasn’t sure I’d be able to get back up to them.
    Now sitting at 305 Power Clean, 315 Clean, 240 Snatch. THIS.SHIT.WORKS.

    Pretty sweet bro session….we all PR’d. Scott 255 (30# PR), Mark 255 (10# PR), Christine 155 (15# PR)

    Skipping the posted WOD. Quads are destroyed. Need to let them recover.

    Practiced the KB standard again with 32kg and 24kg.
    Then 6 x 10 GHD situps 1:1 rest

  22. A: 242# (7# PR)
    Metcon: 2 rounds + 7 GHD Situps (finished up 3rd round after timer, inverted burpees felt weird)
    TGU – 10 reps total

    M/F/S: 1/2/2

  23. Power clean 215
    Cond- 3 rounds 10 thrusters 30lb
    Mid-18 with 60lb dumbbell. Felt very heavy

  24. 1 RM: Hit 265 twice, then got greedy and tried 280 and failed (270# PR)


    TGU @ 2 pood

  25. Power Clean: 280
    – 5 lb PR
    – Questionable on the depth, almost too deep. Either way it’s a PR for my clean

    – 3 + 23

  26. Did 12.4 tonight so I can go drive really fast in a circle all weekend.

    Got 246, dog shit, the wallballs destroyed me and I think the row/KBS from yesterday played a factor, but at least I can share what I learned… HAUL ASS! Your legs will hurt and you will get gassed, but do everything you can to keep moving. The doubles are a little bit of rest. Muscle fatigue on the muscle-ups will not be a problem when you get to them. I rested too much on the wall balls and I was still gassed and didn’t have enough time, so haul ass and get as much time for the MUs as possible.

    THIS IS DEFINITELY A “PAIN THRESHOLD” WORKOUT… go as long as you can. Then go longer.

    • MFS 2/7/3 I was extremely fatigued going into this after working 12 straight hours in the race shop. I think 15-20 muscleups is doable for me, and most of you are a lot better than I am, so go big!

  27. PC – 87.5kg

    Cond – 3 rounds plus 20

    TGU – something like 20 or 24 @24kg

    I don’t know what it is like for heavier guys but false grip muscle up all the way. You can still use a good controlled kip to cycle through. Neutral seems to gas me a lot quicker but I don’t see the corresponding increase in rep speed. I save the neutral grip for later in a wod once my fg is gone.

  28. I am officially hooked on everything crossfit and The Outlaw Way consists of, and decided to start posting. This weekend’s camp was amazing! It was awesome to be surround by so many great athletes. I learned so much about the sport (still soaking it all up) and myself. Thank you guys for everything!

    Power Clean 150#

    8 Min amrap

    18 with 40lb KB.

  29. Power Clean- 225 lbs (20 lbs un-PR)

    Used 35 lbs Kettlebells. 2 rounds + 29.

    70 lbs was fine on my right, but the left was killer. 7 reps total.

  30. Power Clean – 245# PR (20# increase) Hit 255# but I was in a full squat. That was also a PR.

    3 rounds and got half way through the inverted burpees

    Mid-line: 18 @ 55#

  31. decided to do wod 12.4
    got 255 reps

    then went for power clean maxes
    hit 255(tie PR), 265, 275 and 280 for a total 25lbs pr!!! All and all a good night!

  32. pwr cln 245. 15 less than a couple of week ago. fucking lame

    conditioning 3 rounds plus 7 thrusters. bitched out on this one too, was moving wayyy too slow.

    didnt count turkish get ups but they sucked. pretty much a huge pussy today.


  33. Big day of catching up for me after being super gassed yesterday.

    AM –
    Yesterday’s conditioning – 9:41 working time ( best of 1:51, worst of 2:04)

    50 forward rolls for form and mobility

    PM –
    Yesterday’s snatch work
    1a) 75, 115, 115, 135, 135, 135, 135
    1b) 135, 185, 215, 215, 225, 225, 225

    Power clean – 300!!!! (20# pr!). Good and bad: turns put I am strong, I practically muscle cleaned the thing, my legs barely moved aside from splaying out a little. The bad is that I caught it in my fists and bent backwards a good bit too much. Still fucking happy as hell!

    Conditioning – 3 + 13

  34. BB gym
    Tied PR at 240. Failed 245 about 3 times.

    3 rounds- 3 situps
    Inverted burpees are probably the dumbest exercise I’ve ever done. Felt like I was tea bagging myself for time.


  35. Power Clean – form and wrist both started to go after 265, so quit after I failed at 275.

    — 3 rds + 3 inverted burpees. Felt like a clown show.

    — 18 @ 32kg

    M/F/S – 3/5/4

  36. PC 62.5kg

    Cond: 3 + 20

    TGU: not sure how many. I was worried bout using a 24kg bell so warmed up with a few 16kg then did 24 with my right arm, tried with my left but bailed as I prefer my face un-smashed in. Then back to 16kgs.

  37. Quite a day of training! Felt good today so I added in some volume.

    Power Clean 290 PR
    -Frustrating that my PC is a full 45 pounds under my squat clean. I’ll take a PR anyway though.

    Conditioning – didn’t have all the equipment so I had to bastardize it a bit.

    8 Minute AMRAP
    -10 Thrusters 95lbs
    -10 GHD Sit-ups – with butt on bench and feet over and under a loaded bar. Awkward using only one hip flexor at a time, but it worked.
    -10 Inverted Burpees

    4 Rounds + 10 Thrusters + 3 Sit-ups. Not really a fan of this one. Hard to get much intensity since you can only go so fast with the inverted burpees. Definitely gave me a chance to breathe. Just couldn’t move much faster.

    30 Muscle-ups for Time

    Embarassing, and not a great confidence booster for 12.4. Got 15 in about 1:40 then hit a wall hard.

    Conditioning from earlier this week:

    40 WB
    30 PU
    20 HSPU
    30 WB
    20 PU
    10 HSPU
    20 WB
    10 PU
    5 HSPU


    Thought I was going to shit myself halfway through the first round (too much milk haha) so it put a bit of added pressure to finish fast. Disappointed with how hard the Wallballs felt until I weighed the ball and remeasured my target. Turns out the stupid ball (actually a gigantic ball of athletic tape) weighed about 26lbs and the target was more like 11.5 feet. Felt better after that.

    5 Min AMRAP TGU 70lbs (Cut it down from the Rx’d 10 Minutes)
    18 total reps

      • The girls at the gym have been making that thing for the last year and a half LOL. Every time they tape up they put it on the ball instead of throwing it away. It’s actually just a little bigger than a medicine ball now.

  38. BB Gymnastics
    Took a warm up, started the clock at 115, hit 135, 155, 185, jumped to 205, failed, dropped to 190, then 195, then with 0:01 left I stood up 200. It was like a muscle clean, I think I would have PRed over my squat clean if I hadn’t jumped and had warmed up better. Feeling stronger than I have in a while.
    I did 3 rounds plus the thrusters. 12.4 has just come out and the first athelete in our gym was going through, so I got distracted.
    I skipped out of AMRAP 5 strict TGU’s simply ’cause I am tired.
    Old dogs need more rest.

  39. BB Gymnastics
    265lbs, 10 lb Pr since starting outlaw 2 weeks ago!!

    3rds+6 thrusters

    21 reps alternating 2pood

    very happy with the results so far. This outlaw programming has inspired me to push harder to get so much better. seeing all these posts of more peoples goals of getting stronger and faster every day is awesome!!

  40. BBG: 177.5#. Need to build up to the 1RM differently. Went from 155# to 185#, failed, dropped down to 175, then 177.5 and felt good afterward. 20 minutes was up, and I had to move on. Need feedback on my form. Will take video next time.

    Conditioning: 94 reps. Used Ab Mat situps in place of the GHD.

    Midline: 15 @ 24kg. Did 1 more to even shit out. My left shoulder is popping and pinching a bit. Definitely affected my movement/position on that side.

    MFS: 111

  41. PC-225lbs pr by 5LBS
    conditioning-3 rounds 10 ghd sit ups
    17 total reps @ 62LBS

  42. Bb gymnastics. 215 (previous PR) 225 (f)

    Conditioning. 30 bar muscle ups for time 8:07

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