I sat on the back porch for a while tonight. Today was beautiful and tonight was even more perfect. I left the gym early and had an opportunity that I rarely get. My son was still awake when I got home, and I got to hold him until he fell asleep. While he was laying on me—snoring in my ear—I got the chance to reflect a little on the past few months and how far this whole thing has come. Today Dusty posted this to comments:

This place reminds me of the Skate shop I used to work for, except with exercisers and barbells instead of shit-head teenagers and wheels/decks. It was a legit shop, not some mall-store staffed by fucksticks. A no bullshit kinda place with a mini-ramp in the back and no tolerance for whining or bitching. Outlaw is like the Skatopia of exercising, with more teeth and less Anarchy. In other words I hope you keep this up, thanks Rudy!

We like to talk a lot of shit and have a lot of fun here, but when it really comes down to it, we take the sport of human performance very seriously. Dusty’s comment got me thinking, I know it’s hard to believe, about the sport and why our little project has grown the way it has.

I have the same “first WOD” story that everyone else does. I did Fran and it fucked me up. Like beyond the normal “Ouch, that really hurt” level fucking up, all the way to “Hey, why am I still shaking, that was 4 days ago” level fucking up. We all had the moment: bloody hands, spinning room, hold your head over the trash can and wait for whatever gluten-laden food you had a few hours before to make a return appearance. Then, a day or two later, you turn into a ripped-hand televangelist trying to convert everyone you know into an exercise sadist so you’ll have someone around just in case a 911 call needs to be made. These are the inherent actions of a lunatic, and this is the reason we are all here.

The weird thing is, a whole bunch of people decided they were just as crazy as us. For me, as an affiliate owner, this is a good thing. I like money. I like comfort. Fuck, I’d like to get a gold medallion of my own face, just like Rick Ross, and wear it to Training Camps just to freak people out. I’m new money.

The problem is, I’m also an underground hip-hop, indie rock, Hard XXX Core snob who only wants those who think just like me to like the things I like, so I sorta hate worldwide success.

I poo-poo Reebok and the partnership with them, even though it’s pumping a metric shit-ton of money into the sport and they do make pretty good shoes. I don’t want every resolutionary who sees the Games on ESPN to walk into my gym thinking they will look like Rich Froning, despite the fact that they’ve never lifted more than a sweater vest overhead and they eat fucking pasta every night of their lives (I HATE PASTA). However, the more people who actually walk in the door and are committed, the more freedom we have to actually run a successful business. Simply put, it’s like the first time you heard your favorite band on the radio—it sucks for you because they’re no longer your little secret, but at least you know the world gets to find out about something that is truly amazing.

I guess that’s where The Outlaw Way comes in…

This is the place where douche-baggery is officially not allowed. We don’t answer to any corporate sponsors and never will (except Nike, if they call I am absolutely selling out—I want that fucking medallion). We call a gym a gym, won’t look down on you if you’d like to have a slice of “God’s Fuel,” aka Pizza, and will always agree with this amazing statement by Adrian Bozeman, “It’s not religion, it’s just a workout.” That doesn’t mean that we, in any way, don’t take the sport seriously. Our worldwide assault on the leaderboard is mind-boggling, and I am frankly shocked by all of the Outlaws who are coming out of the woodwork. But no matter how successful we are, we will always make fun of the “fucksticks” who sell skateboards at the mall.

I am so proud of our cabal and I hope you’re all having as much fun as I am right now. Many of you haven’t had a season for many years, and some never have. This is the single greatest motivation to exercise in the history of exercise. There is no amount of fucking “beach abs” that will make you bleed, try to make yourself pass out, or repeat a 7-minute AMRAP of Burpees four-fucking-times. Coach summed it up pretty well when he said, “Men will die for points.” Besides, you could always be on a treadmill, eating Slim Fast Bars and trying to lose those 40 pounds you gained after college. You know, like all those people who’ll be competing in the Open next year.

WOD 120313:

BB Gymnastics

1a) 7X2 Hang Snatch High-Pulls + 1 Hang Snatch (full squat) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

Notes: The video shows the movement performed twice. All 7 sets should be performed as singles, not doubles. One set is 2 Hang Snatch High-Pulls followed by 1 Hang Snatch.

1b) 7X3 Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

Conditioning (pain threshold training)

5 rounds for total time of:

Row 250m
25 Perfectly Vertical KBS 32/24kg

*Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

Rest 10 total minutes, then:

4X200m Sled Drags – heaviest possible, rest 1:1

Notes: Drags should be performed Westside style. Heels down and pulling with the hamstrings. Do not run with the sled. Simply power walk heel to toe every step. Do not use so much weight that you must push off of the balls of your feet. HEEL TO TOE.

132 thoughts on “120313

  1. …and the outlaw way is the only Cf blog in which the term ‘fuckstick’ can be used appropriately in a genuine, even reverent post.

    Proud to be a part of this little experiment, Rudy.

    On a side note, if you sell out to Nike, can we all get beanie-wearing, bald-headed Rudy medallions to wear to the games? No? Rudy bobble-heads, at least?

  2. Alright! fuck I give in! coaches and fellow athletes back in miami are telling me its the greatest thing since sliced bacon! Ill give you guys shot be ready for an annoying email from me asking you how to get the most out of your little experiment. I guess i’m a new outlaw…. do I get a medallion too?

    • Make sure you read the Outlaw Doctrine, FAQ section & just dive on in …

      Ok …. I’ve done my job on Newbie Orientation. Who’s turn is it? 🙂

      • How to get the most out of the “experiment”??? Glissel gave you the into, read what she said and you will be good.

        besides that its pretty simple just follow these steps.
        1) look at your computer screen/or phone screen
        2) read what rudy has programmed out
        3) Do what Rudy has programmed out
        4) Get strong as Fuck and be fucking awesome.

        …Did I leave anything out?…
        1 more thing, approach the squat bar like its a Rhino and your about to kill it, then fucking kill the Rhino, throw that shit down, and stand over it in victory…

        Refer to the video from a few weeks back if you need a reference on how this is done.

        Anyone have anything else to add?

      • “approach the squat bar like its a Rhino and your about to kill it, then fucking kill the Rhino, throw that shit down, and stand over it in victory…”

        Best advice ever. So fucking true.

  3. Quick question for the smarter Outlaws. Since I started following my Oly lifts have gone steadily backwards and my squat remains stubbornly where it was when I started. My question for approaching our bulgarian style Saturdays is this: if our Oly lifts are suffering should we supplement by working to a daily max and doing dropoff sets a la prilepins table to get extra volume and a positive stimulus (and honestly, extra practice)? I’m guessing that blasting up to a max once a week just isn’t giving me the stimulus I need to improve. I also figure what with prilepins chart being part of our doctrine should we be incorporating it more? And since we’re only doing a max once a week it doesn’t make it decidedly bulgarian. They still got their volume in by maxing twice a day all week.

    As for the squat… I don’t even know. A full year at 365 leaves a dude wondering how well the nads be workin.

  4. Awesome post. I worked at one of those skate shops as a teenager and I still skate in my spare time. The feeling here is truly similar. I love it.

  5. Will give it a go in a few hours, don’t think i’ll be doing the conditioning, got a really bad stomach bug don’t think rowing is possible

    • Thanks for letting us know your problems, buddy. How about next time you just “do work” and perhaps sprinkle a little HTFU on there.

      • Chill the fuck down son =P. Just finished doing it all. Couldn’t really hit the squat snatches cos i was a little stiff so i stuck to power snatch instead.

        Did the conditioning as well but did 26 one arm db hang snatches instead (13 each arm) as we doing have kettlebells. Took about 10mins

  6. Great post. Love being a part of this. What I found at Camp and by participating on this blog is that most people following the Outlaw Way have way more going on than just CrossFit, which is refreshing. They are parents, professionals, students, artists subscribing to the philosophy of “work hard, play hard.” They are great athletes no doubt, but no one here (well, not most) is going to slit his or her wrists if they have a bad workout, don’t make it to the Games, have a crappy day of eating, etc. Balance!

    BB Gymnastics:
    1a. 75, 75, 85, 85, 90, 95, 95
    1b. 75, 70 for the rest

    Conditioning: still trying to get caught up, since I do the Open event a day behind, so did yesterdays MU/FS. 17:41

    M/F/S – 3/5/7

  7. I don’t have a sled, planning on using a treadmill that has shorted out. Read somewhere that pushing the treadmill around with the power turned off was a good sub for sled pull. Anybody have experience? If not I will post my thoughts on the subject after I get ‘er done.

    • It might be hard to do the heel-toe powerwalk pushing something vs. pulling. Nonetheless, please post video. #goodtreadmilluse

    • I heard that treadmills are a good substitute for Atlas stones as well. Pull that sumbitch off the ground, cock your head to the side and throw it on your shoulder.

      • treadmills are great substitutes for atlas stones, had to move that sombitch into a truck and then out of it and down a flight of stairs into our storage room in the basement when my wife bought it in a garage sale. She used it for like a week and then it broke… D’oh! at least i’ve found a way to make use of it even though the motor is busted.. More like a push than a pull but it’ll have to do for now.

    • Oh, I thought you meant you were going to push the treadmill down the street. Lulz. Walking on the treadmill while it’s off? Louie actually showed us that at Westside. Good call.

      • I don’t know what I like better, the fact that he explained it incorrectly in his post to make it sound like he was literally going to push it down the street, or the fact that EA is in fact aware of the turned-off treadmill substitute but wasn’t able to piece that together.

        • I should take it out on the street and race cars to redeem myself for such poor communication skills 🙁

      • @paneles de yeso
        My misunderstanding was largely influenced by the type of comments/questions/ideas we typically see on this blog.

  8. I like how a post about being underground and edgy resulted in Captain Happy’s Good Things Circle Jerk Comments Section.

    The fuck, people?

  9. For the hang squat snatch part of the sequence, should the feet really not move on the platform like in the vid? I would have assumed that they start in their set position for the two high pulls and then open for the catch in the squat.

    • As Miranda Oldroyd would say, “ONE word… productive application of force.”

      That’s what you’re trying to develop by keeping your feet down. BTW, math isn’t Miranda’s strong point.

      • She’s probably reading this saying “Jesus Christ, I was making a joke…”

        @Miranda – Humor is also not your strong point.

  10. Very cool post – Looking forward to getting badass with outlaw one day. I have a lot of work to do. Can’t really do any of the proper strengths because of SI injury, but I’m trying to at least do the metcons.

    Warm up
    Run 1 mile – 6:40
    Str – Bench press
    135×10 – 155×5 – 185×5 – 205×5 – 215×5 – 215×5 -215×5 -215×4

    WOD with 24 kg (not supposed to do KBs… Fuck it)
    20:04 – Fucking terrible, but need to start somewhere again.
    ~ 2:00 a round

    No sled.. so I waited 10 mins and did some planks..
    60s – 45s – 30s in each

    Mobility work and stretch later.

  11. Strength
    1a- 155
    1b- 155 Probably could have gone a little heavier, but wanted to get these movements clean. Felt pretty good by the end. Pretty tight from yesterday.

    No rower–subbed 25 SDHP w/ a 24kg KB–that’s a fun intro to 25 swings
    Ended up 17:37 total, around 1:56 per round or so.
    That really sucked. Reminded me of a killer CFFB workout–30 swings w/ 32kg in a minute, rest a minute for 10 minutes.

    No time for sled drags.

  12. Hey guys… I have a little “nerdery” in me as well.. Since I started this yesterday and I ALWAYS track my shit… AND I use beyondthewhiteboard.com… I will try and load everything in and will title it “The Outlaw Way” then the date “120313” then the modality… ie… “BB Gymnastics”, “Strength”, “Conditioning 1a” so on….
    I don’t do anything half way so this is just another way I obsess…. Let me know if I fuck something up or enter it wrong.

    • Hey guys, I am going to start using my own set of tracking software which I like to call, “Douchebag comments on Rudy’s page.” It will probably have to be a database since a simple word file would be hell on data management. <–nerd talk.

      Key, I don't give a fuck how you track things. Neither does anyone else.

      • Tom,
        Make sure your most recent comment is at the top of the list you create you fucktard. Use it, or don’t, I give two shits, but if you don’t track your work you’re a fool.
        Embrace the hate….. Right????

    • Thanks for mentioning that Justin. I used to use BTW but haven’t since starting Outlaw. Obviously Tom K. is ignorant of the significance of your comment, but hey, glad it made him feel better to be a dick instead of just ignoring your comment.

    • Lol. I’m a fan of BTW, so I’ll be taking advantage of this. Thanks monkeydude…

  13. Productive application of force? As in, rather than trying to take advantage of the squat and its positional advantage, you’re trying to reach the position by being explosive and efficient?

  14. BBG –
    1a & 1b – 135-140-145-150-155-160-165

    Coupled the two together (squat snatch straight into presses)

    Conditioning –


    2 x 150 yd sled drag @ ~ 105# (tire+70#)
    2 x 150 yd sled drag @ ~ 80# (tire+45#)

    Couldn’t stay moving with the first 2 sets weight without getting out on my toes so went down.

  15. 1a) 85, 95, 95, 100, 100, 105(f -lost balance standing up) 105
    1b) 115, 125, 125, 130, 135(f last rep), 135, 140(f last rep)


    2:10, 2:39, 2:44, 2:47, 2:31
    13:10 total

    Really late start this am. No time for sled pulls.

    M/F/S – 2/3/2

  16. 1. worked upto 115 for last 3 sets
    1b. worked upto 155 for last 3

    conditioning 12:11 work time all kb ub scaled to 54lbkb

    no time for sled drags

  17. 1a) 65, 85, 95, 115, 135, 155, 175 felt good, video of 175, felt slightly heavy but could’ve got more, pointers welcome

    1b) 155, 175, 205, 225, 245, 245, 245

    conditioning 19:15 total time with rest intervals rx’d, kept a good pace on the row but last two rounds of kb swings had to break into 15/10 and 16/9, grip failure.

  18. 1a: 110,132,154,176(f),165,176,176
    1b: 132,154,198,220,220(x2),220,224(x2)

    Conditioning: 19:29

    Sled: 3:30,2:43,3:12,3:05 @ #90

    2/2/5 – soreness mostly in calves, made the sled pulls feel superb…

  19. Weightlifting
    1a) 135, 135, 145, 145, 155, 155, 165
    1b) 185, 185, 205, 205, 215, 215, 225

    Conditioning #1
    Splits were -> 1:41, 1:46, 1:46, 1:51, 1:51

    Conditioning #2
    Subbed weighted stairs walks
    (Don’t have a sled)

    Much better day than yesterday…

  20. 1a) 60kg across
    1b) 70kg across


    19:02 Total time (w/2 pood)

    First set UB swings then 15/10 for the remainder

    M= 3 F= 3 S= 3

  21. Great Post! I’ve been xfiting for 2.5 years but just started Outlaw 2 weeks ago and I am fkin hooked! I am tracking my progress with this new method of training. Will let you all know how it goes. I HAVE A GOOD FEELING…

  22. 1A) 135,145,155,165,175,185,195 (could of gone a little heavier, but wasn’t sure where to start)
    1B) 185, 215, 235,255,275,295,305F

    1:41, 2:02, 2:12, 2:43, 2:35

    No sled work. Don’t have sled. gonna go to the auto body shop next door and have them weld me some today!

  23. 1a) 65, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135 (kept these light to work on technique)
    1b) 135, 155, 185, 205, 215, 225, 235/F (dont know what happened, 225 felt really light and then I couldnt get this ONCE)..

    PAIN Treshold Total Time: 23’05min

    Hope we were suppose to “try to make ourself pass out” coz that’s pretty much what I did. First round UB and fast (for being me) at 1’50min, the rest were pretty much the hardest thing I’ve ever done and all rounds +3mins…

    Sledge (subbed 10*10m turn around 75kg): 3’25min, 3’15, 2’56, 2’46


  24. 1a) 135, 155, 155, 165, 175, 185 fail, 185 fail
    Fuck both 185’s were close and only 10lbs of my snatch PR.
    2b) 115, 135, 165, 175, 185, 185
    Slowly getting comfortable pressing with a wide grip behind the neck after my shoulder injury again. Could have gone heavier but was afraid about taking down the bar to racked position again.
    No conditioning today.

    Rudy, will the outlaw shorts be ready before regionals? Would love to kick ass wearing them! And do you guys plan to do camps in other areas of Europe? Would love for you to come to Copenhagen, Denmark. Would salute that with a big FUCK YEAH!

    • Kasper, shoot me an email with your suggestions about which gyms in those areas might be interested in hosting a camp, and we’ll see what we can do!

  25. 1a. & 1b. 95 lbs for both throughout. 4 months out of shoulder surgery. Working on form and my way up.

    Conditioning: subbed 25 sdhp and a 40 lb dumbbell for kbs. 16:13 total.

    Been following outlaw for the last month since my bro showed me. Awesomeness.

  26. Strength:
    1a) 135/135/135/135/140/145/145
    1b) 100/105/115/125/125/135/135

    (splits) 1:40/1:43/1:50/1:53/1:50

    Sled pulls @135

    M/F/S – 4/4/6

    Pretty sore in the shoulders today so the BB gymnastics felt kinda weak. Conditioning felt strong. Awesome post BTW.

  27. Thanks for a great post Rudy! You are doing great things for sure. I also really enjoyed camp.

  28. 1a) 185,195,195,195,200,200,200

    1b) 135,135,140,140,145,145,150

    Conditioning (pain threshold training)

    4X200m Sled Drags – 2:40,2:30,2:40,2:30 w/ 65lbs on sled


  29. Man, the pimp cup of Outlaw Love runneth over today. I’m also proud to be a part of the strong-as-fuck experiment.

    We’d love to host a camp, if you want to come out to beautiful Denver. We have Jameson, and a local, Stranahan’s, that is even better.

  30. 1a) worked up to 165#
    1b) stayed at 185#

    Conditioning: 19:03
    Working Time: 11:03

    Sled Pulls Done inside the gym back and forth

  31. 1a across @ 70kg
    1b 4 @ 80kg, 3 @ 90kg
    round times of 2:03, 2:29, 2:49, 2:42, 2:47
    Total time = 12:50
    No time for sled drags

    60 burpees for time.with the class in 3:03

  32. First post. Realized its not an ego thing but what the coach who has provided this incredible site and workouts.

    M/F/S: 3/4/7

    1a. Up to 130lb (should have pushed it up more, was concerned about technique and very sore)
    1b. Up to 150, 155x0F (first time attempting movement and awful taking weight off back to overhead)

    Time ran out before CF class started:

    Thus, 3 sets of row/kbs completed. All rows 50-53s. All KBS (1.5pd) UB. Other than 3rd set, picked it up right away.

    Maybe make up sled work tomorrow.

    Yesterday: BS up to 75%@275

    BO Row: 225 (not great ROM; partner wanted heavier)
    W BE (no GH machine): 45

    Conditioning: 6 MU, 5 FS 185: AWFUL. FS broken up, MU missed reps, including 8-10 misses on last MU attempt. 15min range. Should checked the ego for the FS weight.

    Need much work on MU without false grip.

    Thanks again for everything.

  33. 1A) 95, 105, 115, 115, 120, 120, 120
    1B) 115, 135, 145, 150, 150, 150, 150 (Should’ve gone heavier, but I really don’t like lowering the weight behind my head)

    Only have a 53lb KB, so I did 30 reps each round
    1:55, 1:44, 1:46, 1:53, 1:51

    Sled work done – 1st two sets done with 2 45’s, but I was way too far forward and my achilles were on fire. Second two sets were done with 1 45 & 1 25.

  34. sorry for destroying this great experiment with my patheticness….(is that a word ?)

    1a) 75, 75, 75, (realized I should increase wt each set) 85, 95, 105, 105 (split snatches)
    1b) 75, 75, 75, 85, 95, 100, 105

    subbed running 250m for the row – when we have beautiful 50+ degrees on March 13 in Minnesota, I have to take advantage of that and get outside (sorry for ruining the experiment) – used 53# kb

    splits – 2:32, 2:50, 3:04, 3:01, 3:05

    legs tired from yesterday

  35. 1a.) 75-85-85-90-90-90-90
    1b.) 85-95-95-95-95-95-95 (did singles, shoulder pain when lowering)

    Did 3 rounds with 35# KB

    Body still wrecked from 12.3, coupled with a lot of flying. Doing 12.4 on Thursday so basically pussed out today.

  36. 1a) 135, 145, 155, 160, 165, 165, 170
    1b) 185, 195 for the rest- the press wasn’t bad, it was lowering it down without snapping my neck

    1:45, 1:46, 1:49, 1:52, 2:05
    Total Time 19:17 (to include all 10min worth of rest)

    2x200m sled drag with 135# sled through soft sand, gravel, and dirt….aka misery
    3:15 and 4:00

  37. 1a)/b) 95; 95; 95; 95; 105; 105; 105

    Pain- total time 19:56 (no rower- subbed run)

    sled- used 185lb tire

  38. 1a) 115,115,125(f),125,125,125,130

    Pain Tolerance: 19:27 @ 53lbs

    Skipped presses and sled work. I’m doing 12.4 tomorrow night because I have a couple of races to win this weekend, and I’m not talking about the “coward practice” kind of racing.


  39. 1.a) 75, 95, 115 for rest of sets
    1.b) 115, 135, 155 for rest of sets

    2:30; 2:31; 2:35; 2:40; 2:37 (I elected to do 13/12 split for all)

    Sled pulls done in my school gymnasium

  40. 1.a) 95, 115, 135, 155, 165, 175 (f) , 175
    1.b) Got up to 225. Shit felt solid.

    Didn’t look at the clock. Too busy trying not to pass out or snap some shit up.

    Sled pulls- Felt retarded, pretty sure I fucked this part up although my hams are on fucking fire. 95, 135

  41. 1a. 42.5kg, 42.5, 42.5, 42.5, 45, 45, 45
    1b. 47.5kg, 47.5, 47.5 47.5, 50, 50. 50

    C. Between 2:15 and 2:25 each round.

    Sled – tried to set it up using some straps and rope around a tire but the tape snapped, i fell on my arse/wrist. ill try again this arvo.

    • sled pulls – only real option was the tire back and forth in the gym but looking at other peoples times, i think it was way too heavy!! or maybe im just really shit at it.

  42. Out of town, so not WODing at my box. Did the class workout in the am. Couldn’t do any of the snatch work so just did the intervals pm.

    Conditioning: 9:23, KB unbroken except for round 4.

  43. 1a) 115-120-125-125-125-125-125
    1b) 120-125-135-135-135-130-130

    Conditioning: 2:03, 2:05, 2:07, 2:11, 2:15 (18:46 total)

  44. 1a) 55-55-55-55-55-55-55
    1b) 75-75-75-75-75-75-75

    Conditioning: 2:11, 2:56, 3:14, 3:02, 3:04

    First time posting.

  45. 115 135 155 165 176 187 195 (f)
    115 135 175 195 205 215 225

    17:40 not including last rest

  46. Snatches: Worked up to 175# on last set.

    Push Press: Worked up to 185# on last set.

    Conditioning: 17:54 including rest. Rounds came in just under 2 minutes.

  47. snatches – 95. (2nd time to do snatches since shoulder surgery)

    Push press – 165 last set

    Conditioning – 18:05 including rest.

  48. 1a) 135-155-175-185-195-205-215
    1b) 135-155-165-175(f)-175-185(f)-185

    Total working time: 9:46
    – 2:01, 1:50, 1:51, 2:00, 2:04
    – I tried to keep the rower below 1:50/500
    – First three rounds unbroken. 3 & 4 were 15/10

    Started with 135# but it was too heavy to do it properly.
    Sets 2,3,4 were with 115#

  49. 1a) 145, 165, 175, 185, 195, 210, 225 (PR snatch from the hang)

    1b) 155, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225 (PR behind the neck for 3)



    Just couldn’t hang onto the thing…..back wasn’t blown up or anything at all.

    Sled Pulls – completed.

  50. 1a) 135 145 155 160 165 170 180 (PR hang snatch)
    1b) 135 145 155 165 175 185 200

    Did 3 rounds, subbed run 200m for row
    1:37 1:45 1:52

    Sled drag
    2:00 2:00 (100lbs) 2:05 2:05 (125)


  51. 1a) 115-135-145-155-155-165-165
    1b) 155-185-185-205-215-215-225(2)

    9:26 – no idea what my splits were

    No time for sled drags.

  52. 1a) 95, 135 (f), 135 (f), 135, 145, 155, 165
    1b) 135, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 195 (f)

    Subbed 200 meter runs for the rows. Total time was 19:37. Went into oxygen debt early because I flat-out sprinted the first 2 rounds. Lesson learned.

    Sled Drags
    2×200 meters w/ 45 lbs. First time doing these. Felt good.

  53. 1a/1b- 85/95, 105/115, 115/135, 125/165, 135/185, 145/185, 150/185
    WOD 14:33 total work time
    10:00 later, tied a rope to a vest to a prowler and walked.
    The first in 200m in 4:03, 2nd in 3:20, 3rd-3:03, 4th-3:10

  54. 1a – 135-135-145-155-155-165f-155. Hard time maintaining grip after the high pulls.
    1b – 145-155-165-175-185-195f (couldn’t reset)-185. Pressing isn’t hard, controlling overhead and resetting is the issue.

    Conditioning – 10:54 total working time. Unbroken rounds 1-3, 1 break rounds 4-5.

    Did the drags.

  55. 1a) 95, 111, 121, 135×4
    1b) 157, 185, 195×4, 205(f), 195
    PTT- 2:36, 3:27, 3:54, 3:44, 3:32- no rep extravaganza
    And yes LGA I skipped the sled pulls because I am a huge sissy

  56. 1a) 135, 135, 135, 165, 165, 175, 175
    1b) 205, 225, 225, 225, 225, 225, 225


    Didn’t have time for sled drags due to next group class starting


  57. 1a. 115, 135 x 6
    1b. 185 x 7 had a really hard time resetting. My wrists have been giving me problems lately. Bar slid down my back twice.

    Conditioning. 14:30 Failure was hip extension related. Grip was fine.

    MFS – 2 5 4


  58. BB Gymnastics

    1) 1:57/1:50/1:53/2:43/2:35(Terrible 4th and 5th round)

  59. 1a. 155,155,165,175PR,175,180PR (I did Hang Power Snatch knees were bothering me)
    1b 200PR,200,200,205PR,,210PR,215PR,220PR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Total Working Time 9:17
    All KBS were unbroken

  60. 1a) 145 across
    1b) 165 across

    conditioning 18:47 rx’d

    sled drags @125 did not time

  61. 1a) 220
    -High Pulls felt awesome today.
    1b) 255
    -Subbed Push Press because snatch grip always tweaks my shoulder. Fairly happy with this.

    1:48 / 1:55 / 2:08 / 2:22 / 1:53

    Prowler Drags – forgot paper with times.

    MFS 434

  62. a) 105, 115, 125, 135 (f), 125, 130, 130(f)
    b) 145, 155, 155, 160, 160, 165(1), 160


    :51+25 UB KBS, 2:47, 2:48, 2:46, 3:15 – 21:ish total time. Fell apart on the last one and forgot to time the first one. That big ol’ kettlebell owned me, only unbroken on the 1st round. Kept coming onto my toes and losing the rhythm. Did the Open wod and Sunday and haven’t had any spring in the step this week.

  63. Strength
    1a) 133, 143, 153×2, 164, 173×2
    1b) 205, 215, 225, 235, 245, 255, 265(1)

    Pain Threshold
    Splits – 1:56, 2:12, 2:22, 2:23, 2:23
    Working time – 11:16

    Sled Pull – 90, 90, 105, 115

  64. 1a) 95,95,105,115,125,135,155 (started to light, but felt REALLY good at 155)
    1b) 115,115,135,155,165,170,175

    Pain Threshold
    1:56 UB
    2:11 20/5
    2:28 15/5/5
    2:37 10/5/5/5
    2:37 12/4/4/3/2

    Prowler drag:
    3:29 @ 135 (couldn’t keep it moving heel/toe)
    2:12 @ 95
    2:10 @ 95
    2:30 @ 95

    I am FRIED… I love it!

  65. A: 165#
    B: 198#
    PTT – 2:11, 2:17, 2:40, 2:56, 2:22
    Tredlsed – 4 x 200m – 55#, 70#, 75#,90#

    M/F/S: 1/6/3

  66. ersjslyHeaviest wt possible, progressly getting heavier or pick a wt that feels heavy.

  67. Triceps still have no ROM past 90 degrees.

    1a. 115
    1b. 45, just tried to move no real weight

    WOD: working time: 12.43

    4×200: 1st @45, remaining @70

  68. 1a)115,135,140,145(f),145,155(f),155(f) all the fails were on the snatch
    1:52,2:11,2:41,2:35,2:44 working time=12:03
    I don’t like KBS very much I had to do sets of 10 15 after the first two rounds to get the kettle bell completely vertical.
    No sled pull today
    M/F/S 6/6/7

  69. Snatch Complex – 135, 145, 155, 165, 175Fx3 (all fails on HSS, lost it in the catch every time)
    SGBTNPP – 155, 175, 195, 215, 230(2), 225, 235(2)

    Conditioning – 2:00 UB, 2:27 15/10, 2:33 17/8, 2:42 18/7, 3:10 11/7/7. Last set got me bad. Had a couple missed reps that cost me time on the last round. No judge.

    Sled Pulls – make up at later date.

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