A few weeks ago, on the Games Update show, Pat Sherwood said that Elisabeth Akinwale wouldn’t be a contender to win the Games because, as he put it, “She is following Outlaw, and they only do a heavy lift and a short metcon.” His point was that she would surely die on longer metcons, because if you don’t train longer WODs you can’t possibly be successful at them… Right?

We put 4 women in the top 40 in the world on 12.3, including Elisabeth, and almost every single Outlaw gained at least 10 spots in the world rankings this week. We currently have the first place male in THREE REGIONS; Kevin Simons in the Northwest (11th in the world), Brandon Phillips in the Southeast (23rd in the world), and Jason Hoggan in the South Central (34th in the world). We have double-digit males and females currently in the top 100 in the world and metric shit-ton of top 60s in regions everywhere.

You guys simply obliterated 12.3, after training very few high rep box jump WODs and almost nothing over 12 minutes.

Not bad for a “strength bias” program.

Kennesaw camp was fun. We ran up a hill, and ate pizza.


WOD 120312:


1) Back Squats: 1X5 @ 60%, 1X5 @ 70%, 2X5 @ 75% – rest 2-3 minutes between sets.
2a) 3X8 Supinated Bent Over Rows – heavy, rest 60 sec.
2b) 3X8 Weighted GH Raise – heavy, rest 60 sec.


5 rounds for time of:

6 Muscle-Ups
9 Front Squats @ 185/120#

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  1. Camp was AWESOME! If you don’t attend one of the camps. You are LAME! Thanks Rudy, Laura and BP!

    Also, Paragon team did TERRIBLE on 12.3. Got 3rd in Southeast Region on that WOD. Clearly, not prepared for 18min WOD …. What a shame! πŸ™‚

  2. Another great weekend with the Outlaws. Legs are wrecked. Mostly everything below the knees after all the BJs (wait a tic…) and the mile and half run up a mountain.. May even try to sneak my way into one more just to be surrounded with such great athletes and coaches.

    Ps I’m PRETTY sure Rudy’s checkin’ me out up there on that mountain top..

  3. Love the programming and so glad it was brought into my world! Is there a recommended way of progression work/advice/training tips for muscle ups? A skill I have yet to succeed at. I attempt ring work at least 3 times a week (due to time constraints) without much improvement and would like any input on a more successful method of progression. False grip rings to chest weighted pullups have not been a problem for me, however high rep ring dips are.

    • For the workout, Rudy is having his general population do 9 C2B Pullups & 9 Ring Dips. As for progressions gymnasticswod.com has some good stuff on that. The important thing you need is transition strength, doing slow/controlled negatives and lots of extra deep ring dips help. At the end of the day it just comes down to strength vs. body weight.

  4. Jason Hoggan trained with us for about 3 months before he moved to Dallas and all we did was met cons between 20-40 minutes. That’s why he is well rounded! All jokes aside, Jason did train with us, but your programming was legit! I saw that article and laughed. Jason kicked our arses (I got him 1 time though). We are proud to see him at the top! Great Job Outlaw! Keep it rockin!
    Theo Tsekouras
    CrossFit H-town

    • I think I lost about 4 pounds of sweat during every wod… gotta love Houston! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the shout-out, buddy. Hope to see you guys in San Antonio.

    • http://pd.crossfit.com/games/video/G2011_OpenShowWk0.wmv

      about 19:07 they start to talk about EA, about 19:38 starts:

      “She (EA) is following Outlaw Crossfit’s programming pretty religiously…[they do] met-con that rarely exceeds the 15-20 min range so if we see another really long event in the games, I’m not sure that’s the best prep for it…” – Pat Sherwood

  5. Love that your drinking the Kill Cliff Recovery. I’ve been driniking that for about 2 and a half months and it’s good shit. Jus’ sayin’.

  6. Really Rudy? You’re worried about Pat Sherwood’s comments. Outlaws will kick ass and take names…despite silly and dangerous open programming. Keep killing it.

    Btw…nice Kill Cliff represent on the sly. #nectarofthegods

    • We’re no more worried about Sherwood’s dumbass comments than we are about some noob asking what “UB” means.

      You say retarded shit, we mock the fuck out of you mercilessly. It’s the Outlaw Way.

    • On your knees and have someone or something anchor you at your ankles. Oh, and welcome! Youtube and Google are your friend when it comes to subs, demos, examples, etc… I always go there first. hint….hint….

  7. Saying that you need to train 20 min. long duration metcon all the time to prepare for long duration metcon is like saying you need to run 26 miles every week to prepare for a marathon. It’s all about intensity always has been always will…

  8. Just nailed this wod, took about 20 mins didn’t really time it tho. I did some squats and 12.3 yesterday instead of a rest day so was a little bit sore.

    Had to scale the wod to

    6 Ring Dips
    6 Pullups
    9 Front Squats 80(ish)lbs

    I know 1 MU is usually scaled too 2 dips 2 pullups but that was a little bit too much volume for me personally and i wanted to keep it short if it had been 3 rounds then i would of gone for the 12 dips 12 pullups.

  9. Of everything Coach Rudy has put on this site thus far, this was the most meaningful to me (perhaps because I’ve been saying the same thing since I started CF):

    …if you see anything over 12 minutes, I screwed up. Why?

    As I’ve heard Coach say a million times – β€œAll positive adaptations come through intensity”. Intensity is incredibly hard to maintain past 8 minutes, much less out past 12. Also, and this is even more important to me, anything past 12 minutes tends to lend itself to a fuckload of reps. A fuckload of reps means one thing – you get sore and your body breaks down. When you start to break down, we stop making positive gains and start to lose the strength gains we’ve already made. Not to mention, general muscular fatigue/soreness detracts from your ability to perform high level movements, and that is a great deal of what the program is based upon.

    Just a little something I noticed.

    The average wod length for the 2011 Open was 11.1667 minutes.

    The average wod length for the 2012 Open so far has been 11.6667 minutes.

    Last time I checked, 11 is less than 12. I think the Outlaw conditioning wods are just what the doctor ordered.

  10. Was he drinking Kill Cliff Recovery? I didn’t even notice, it must have been subliminal though because I found myself on their site all of the sudden and looking into getting a case of it. Weird…

  11. 1: 215,250,265,265
    2a: 225 across
    2b: 15 across (felt rough)

    All around, not the best day. Skipped conditioning today, calves said fuck that and box jumps.

    3/4/7 – calves and traps pretty sore

  12. LBBS – 145, 170, 185

    2a) 75, 95, 95
    2b) 15, 25, 25

    No conditioning: I had maybe 5 hours of sleep all weekend. Compleyely exhausted today. Worked on MUs. Getting frustrated that I haven’t been able to get one in months. It’s in my head and really pissing me off.

    M/F/S – 5/2/2

  13. This place reminds me of the Skate shop I used to work for, except with exercisers and barbells instead of shit-head teenagers and wheels/decks. It was a legit shop, not some mall-store staffed by fucksticks. A no bullshit kinda place with a mini-ramp in the back and no tolerance for whining or bitching. Outlaw is like the Skatopia of exercising, with more teeth and less Anarchy. In other words I hope you keep this up, thanks Rudy!

        • What….. I didn’t steal anything πŸ™‚
          I was bestowed the SPIDERMONKEY years ago… The only problem is, I’m a little nervous about arguing with someone that just might outlift me πŸ™

  14. A. 230, 270, 290
    Conditioning: 12’50min.

    Did all the FS UB, which I’m not happy with. Should attack the bar and go to failure rather than rest til I can go UB..
    MU’s felt ok, maybe should have gone 3/3 from the start to save fatigue.
    Happy to finish a wod like this as RX’d though!

  15. I exercise at the university of nevada reno crossfit gym and for the past 3 months myself and 3 other members have been following the outlaw way and have seen huge gains. We have 3 guys in the top 60. Unfortunately I dropped nearly 30 spots this week to 93 in 12.3 not because of my fitness level but because of getting the flu and direct quote from the doctor” I have no clue whats going on inside your throat, kind of concerning” (insert awkward moment). Even though I wasnt able to do my best at this wod I was damn proud of my 9 rounds while what felt like breathing through a straw. I got some shit from folks about not woking out, that its not worth it.They thought that if I couldn’t do my best why do it? They just dont understand it. After the wod I couldn’t breath, hell I almost passed out and thats when I started to smile. I just did something that normal people wouldn’t do, I might not have been the best but I wasn’t going down without a fight. The point is 3 months ago I wouldn’t of had the balls to try to pull that off. The outlaw Way has either A) made me crazier or B)made me masochist. Either way Ill take it Thanks guys!

  16. Day one of Outlaw. Wanted to start after the open but I was tired of being a little bitch.

    BS – 195 x 5, 230×5, 245×5, 245×5

    Conditioning- 9:47

  17. Strength
    1) 245, 285, 305
    2a) 185, 205, 205
    2b) 35, 45, 45 (held behind the head)



  18. Still in southern germany on a army course and therefore still only access to crap’o gym with no squat rack (WTF!!!).
    Did PC instead. Touch and go.

    1) 4×3 PC – 225, 225, 245 (failed 3rd rep), 235
    2a) 135, 155, 155
    2b) goodmornings All 155

    Conditioning: sub’ed MU for bar MU (no rings either…)


  19. Strength
    Squat: 245, 285, 315
    2a: 135, 135, 135
    2b: 30, 30 30 (Just trying to get these two movements down, stayed pretty light)

    I was 20+ min. on the conditioning, really trying to get my first MU. No rings, and the bar is a bitch with long arms and weighing in at 215. Very, very close. Staggered jumping MUs and standard attempts. Front squats were unbroken. Just used the whole wod as technique work, still a good sweat.


  20. 1) 275, 315, 340×2
    2a) 205#
    2b) 32kg KB

    — 6:41, I think (FSs were UB and quick, but MUs took too long)

    M/F/S – 3/5/5

  21. are ya’ll allowing straps on the rows? i know rudy usually indicates whether or not theyre allowed but it does say heavy. I’m not sure if this is focused more on grip or pull

  22. 1st day following Outlaw CrossFit – realized two things
    1. My ego was too big
    2. My conditioning sucks

    back squat 195 / 225 / 245

    row 155
    stiff leg dead 185

    5 rounds

    9 ring pull up
    9 ring dips
    9 front squat @ 135

    *** sorry about bringing down the curve = 16:46

    wow – got my ass handed to me – just what I need and am looking for

  23. 1. 195/220/235
    2a. 185 all
    2b. 25 all

    Conditioning 7:39 – FS UB, MU UB 1st 3 rnds, 3-3 last 2 rnds


  24. Yo Rudy,

    If I were just starting out on your program, having just tested some 1RM in the squat, clean, front squat… where would you recommend I start? Past post? Today?

  25. Looks like today is a fine day to start outlaw. Was gonna start after the open but I haven’t been performing as well as I’d hoped. Also, programming for yourself sucks. Ready to do work.

    1) BS 240/260/285
    2a) 165
    2b) 15 (first day on the new GHD from rogue, thing looks like a pod racer)

    Conditioning: 7:33
    FS-UB, MU- last 3 rnds 3-3
    I thought I was good at MU….

    M/F/S – 3/5/2

  26. 1) 5×225; 5×245; 2x5x265
    2b)BW (sub w/ weight on ankles/kissed ground each time)

    15.28 (#135)

  27. 1.) 135-155-170-17-
    2a.) 95
    2b.) 35

    No conditioning today. Exhausted and still very sore.

  28. Strength

    1) Back Squats: 1X5 @ 92.5kg, 1X5 @ 110kg, 2X5 @ 117.5kg

    2a) 3X8 Supinated Bent Over Rows @ 70kg across
    2b) 3X8 Weighted GH Raise – @ + 10kg


    5 rounds for time of:

    6 Muscle-Ups
    9 Front Squats @ #135

    Time= 14:17

    Front squats sucked due to elbow injury and restrictions holding the rack position

  29. 111, 130, 138.5kg

    need to man up on the transitions and get my muscle ups while breathing out of my arse sorted out

  30. 1. 255, 295, 320, 320
    2a. 185
    2b. 35# plate behind head

    Through two rounds very quick and hit the wall HARD. Last two rounds were a pain storm. Worse than 12.3….. Head was pounding and legs shaky for a while. Haha basically it fucked me up.


    • New to crossfit { 3 months } >> age 52, former athlete, wrestling. About your comment > your head was “pounding”.
      Hope that’s normal, is it ? I’m competitive though I’m older like to attempt to keep up in group WOD’s. But if I try too hard, as often I do >> my head is pounding.
      Is that normal ? Is it ok ? Honestly, it has scared me – – – anyone have opinion or similiar experiences ? Thanks.

  31. 235, 275, 295, 295

    18:00 rx
    i’ll get faster, big thing is the front rack is becoming more comfortable each time i work on it. September 2007 i fell off a cliff after a motorcycle accident, stopped myself from falling further down but almost ripped off my left index and middle finger (open dislocations) while shattering my right wrist to the point that it needed plates and wiring. flexibility and mobility was completely shot in those joints, i’m getting to where i can maintain the front rack with minimal pain and it is amazing,

  32. P.S. Video made me lol
    Killer Cliff should team up with Oxygen4Energy and make millions off of selling Darth-Vader looking breathing masks for super intense wod recovery

  33. Camp was amazing!!!! Everyone needs to attend. Get yourself to a camp ASAP!! I learned so much about myself and training. Great weekend!

  34. 1.185-215-235

    conditioning 17:50 First time doing a muscle up wod like this Rx’d big fucking win for me

  35. Hatch cycle wk 6.2

    2a) stayed at 225 the whole time
    2b) 55 plate


  36. A: 170, 195, 210 (all felt light and fast, super easy)
    B1: 132,152,152
    B2: BW x 3 x 8
    Metcon @ 135# + Bar Muscle-Ups – 9:12

    M/F/S: 1/1/1 (feeling great today!)

    *Squatting still needs a lot of work, legs are weak

  37. 1)165,190,205
    2b)sub’d straight legged deadlift @ 135

    Conditioning:13:58 @ 155 Everything UB rounds 1&2, then it turned into fatigue city.

    3/3/2 Took entire weekend off. Feeling good again.

  38. 1. 140, 165, 175, 175 (140 felt like 240 across my back and shoulders. They are so sore from 12.3. But, it got lighter as I went up.)
    2a. 120, 120, 120
    2b. no weight for any round

    Conditioning: 19 and change
    Not a good day for me.
    Did all muscle ups scaled from knees. They were so hard, even that way. My triceps were so fatigued today and I could barely press out in the dip.
    Front Squat RX…the break between was so long because I am currently inept at the muscle up. So aggravating. I am working on that muscle up so hard. I will be so angry at myself if I make regionals and I can’t do one. Depending on the next two workouts, I may not have to worry about that too much.

    MFS: 3/4/8

  39. 1.) 180, 210, 225
    2.a) 135, 145, 155
    2.b) no weight

    red rubber band muscle ups (my triceps are smoked from 12.3)
    FS were only at 155

  40. 1) 135, 150, 160
    2a) 110
    2b) 25
    Conditioning: 15:?
    shoulder was being a bitch, which made for a bad day with MU

  41. 1) 235, 275, 295, 295
    2a) 165, 185, 185
    2b) 10# med ball
    Felt completely fucking smoked today and had to scale those fucking muscle ups still with a red band. I really need to get those muscle ups figured out!!


  42. 1) 265, 310, 330×2 sets

    Did conditioning from the gym I was visitining (Playground Gym in Ft. lauderdale, FL)
    5 rounds for time of:
    400 meter run
    15 OHS 95#

    Time – 13:41 (felt perfect to do after a 4-day bender out on a cruise ship. I feel 30 pounds fatter, so this was great. Felt pretty damn good about this time as well.

    2a) 185, 215, 225
    2b) 15, 25, 25

    Conditioning – did not do. Will do muscle ups as accessory work tomorrow

  43. 1a 168, 196, 210, 210
    2a 155, 185, 200
    2b 1 body weight only, +10lbs for 2&3

    WOD: did HSPU w/reg standard to let a huge hole in my right palm heal up, 155 FS from the floor.

  44. 1) 195, 230, 245
    2a) 135, 155×2
    2b) all bw

    My fucking calves still feel like they have a cramp in them all the god damn time! So I kept the rows light and stuck to just bw on the GHRs. I also skipped the conditioning cause I ran out of time(flippin on ramp classes in my way!!! jk) and eventually lost motivation to finish. Resting calves the rest of the night so they hopefully feel a little better by tomorrow

  45. 1) high bar squat 210, 250, 265
    2a) 205
    2b) someone held my ankles… not sure what to call it, hamstring curls maybe?

    conditioning 18:50 brutal. im a weak pussy. did 9 muscle ups then had to go to 1 c2b pull and one wrist to shoulder dip

  46. 1: 195, 230, 245
    2a: 185, 155, 155
    2b: jerry rigged a floor set up with my rack and an abmat


    FS were heavy and I broke the muscle ups 3&3

  47. Strength
    1)225, 265, 285
    2a)175, 195×2
    2b)had to break these up, but I’m finally starting to be able to complete them on a regular GHD


    10:28 – just wasnt feeling great on this. Didnt have the push on the front squats and broke up the MUs too much.

  48. 1) 160/190/200. Was too light.
    2a) 95 – too light
    2b) 95 straight leg deadlifts – too light

    Conditioning – 16:00

    Huge issues with straps getting tangled around wrists on mu’s. Dropped to 135 for round 2/3/4 to go fast and back up to 185 the last.

  49. 1. 145, 167, 182, 182
    2a. 77, 82, 97
    2b. 10, 15, 10

    Conditioning: 20:09 Really slow I know……but on a good note FS were UB and felt really light and this is the first time I have ever done 30 MU’s in a workout!! I’m also able to get sets of 3 in a row now!! πŸ™‚

    • Been reading this for ages, now I am in.

      1. 77.5kg, 90kg, 97.5kg, 97.5kg

      A) 65, 65, 65
      B) +5kg, 5kg, 5kg

      9 C2B
      9 Dip
      9 Front Sqt (50kg)
      = 11.55


      Thanks for everything you do Rudy!

  50. 1) 215/250/275/275
    2a) 135/140/145 [Pendlay rows from the floor, pause at bottom each rep]
    2b) 15/20/25

    Conditioning – 13:08

    Loved that WOD. Brutal, surprisingly gassy. Triceps still wrecked from 12.3, which made MUs a bit dicey at lockout.

    Need to pick the same settings on the GHD for GH Raises, some days those suckers are easy and some days they’re impossible and I suspect it’s due to inconsistent knee and plate placement…

  51. 1)195,230,245,245
    2b) 35,45,45
    conditioning-8:21 (165lbs)
    front squats was UN-broken and the mu’s were too until the last rep of round 4. the final round went like 2,2,1,1.

  52. Strength:
    1. 165, 190, 205, 205
    2a. 115# for all
    2b. 25# for all

    Conditioning: 17:41
    FS were fast, unbroken. MU were one at a time.

    M/F/S – 3/5/7

  53. Strength:
    1) 110, 125, 135, 135 (that 135 felt more like 175)
    2a) 65, 75, 85 (went lighter since i’m still super sore from 12.3 and it was my 4th day training. my days have gotten all off inbetween school and the Open. resting fully the next 2 days)
    2b) 15 for all sets

    Conditioning: 10:46
    I know we’re not supposed to change the workouts at all, but I was feeling really beat. Did 3 MUs and 95#

    MFS- 139

  54. Did this yesterday.
    Squat . 185 210 225 225
    -Felt slow and heavy
    2a) 135 155 155 165
    -used clean grip, supinated grip hurts wrist
    2b) all BW on floor. Pretty strict, not much of a pushup off floor
    No conditioning today


  55. 1) Squat % of 500
    Will make up 2a and 2b. Out of time.

    Conditioning: 6:36

    Hurt in a much different way than I was expecting. I was anticipating my arms giving out and not being able to get my muscle-ups. Nope. Breathing just felt like shit after each round of MU. I couldn’t believe how winded they made me. Hard to get back to the bar even though the 185 FS felt like 135 used to. I actually felt sick again after this one. Really liked it.

  56. Back squats, 245, 265, 305, 305

    2A) 155,165,175
    2B) 35,35,35

    16:11, @185

  57. Fuck. Slow, and feeling beat down.

    Back Squats) 135, 157.5, 170, 170
    2a) 135, 135, 140
    2b) subbed good mornings – 95, 100, 105

    Conditioning) 25:09 (yes, 25 minutes. Jeebus)

    Subbed 9 C2B pullups, 9 Ring dips for the MUs; 135# Front Squat – squats felt decent, lost some upper body positioning in rounds 4 and 5, legs weren’t the weak link at least

    MFS – 4/7/3

  58. 1) 235, 250, 265, 265
    Did Tuesday’s snatch work:
    2a) 135, 155, 155, 165f, 165, 175f, 175f
    2b) 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215

    Did today’s conditioning:

    Decided to screw this neutral grip crap and started doing false grip again. FS were pretty easy. Only broke em once and I didn’t have too.

  59. 1) 245, 275, 305
    2a) 135 ->

    11.39 I believe (maybe 10.39) — transitions were slow, legs/arms pretty beat up — fun one though…this combo in any way (MU and Squat Cleans, Front Squats, or Clusters always seems to slow me down to a weaker pace)

  60. As a two time regional competitor I thought I was it descent shape. This is my second week following the Outlaw programming and I have come two realize quite the contrary…I am no where close to being in shape. After the conditioning workout…I laid on the ground in the fetal position for 15 min, was able to pry myself up and grab a Kill Cliff, then crawled into my bed and laid there for another 15 minutes until my body stopped shaking. Thank you Outlaw, can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!

    1) 225, 265, 285, 285

    2a) 135, 155, 155
    2b) bodyweight x 3

    3) 17:49 subbed 12 dead hang pull-ups & 12 ring dips each round for the 6 MUs since I cannot do MUs at my house

  61. Conditioning: 11:55, All Front Squats unbroken and fast. Muscle ups unbroken 1st round, 2nd round 3-1-1-1, did doubles and singles from there on out. Strength is not even close to being the issue with my muscle ups. ITs all technique. They have gotten better but I need to improve these drastically. I was never really winded bad during the workout. I lost time as I dropped from the rings and just stared at them waiting till I knew Id definitely hit it. Fresh I can do high rep sets no problem with a break in between. But, I lose my form when it comes to a metcon like this. My hands start getting wide, and I drop prematurely so I dont miss a rep. I really need to just htfu and push it. If I miss it big fucking deal. These need to improve. I see no reason why I shouldnt be able to do this entire workout unbroken. The only thing holding me back is technique. I dont false grip, maybe I should try that. If anyone has any input I’d be interested in hearing it. Fun workout though, I love doing muscle ups, very fun movement and I love front squats. Just need to improve my technique.

  62. 1) 225, 245, 275

    2a) 185 for all sets
    2b) 35lb plate held at chest


    Subbed 12 pullups, 12 dips for MU since I can’t roll MU’s over because of the wrist. Last couple rounds of front squats were brutal, broke them into sets of 3 with short rest.

  63. LBBS – 215×5, 245×5, 265x2x5

    Conditioning: 9:59
    FS – UB, UB, 5-4, 6-3, 6-3
    MU – UB, UB, UB, 4-2, 3-2-1

    Squats have been feeling absolutely terrible lately. No matter what I do I never feel warmed up, even in my final sets. The tops of my knees feels very tight when descending in to the squat. I don’t know if the increased squat volume is finally taking its toll on me and I’m developing some tendonitis or what. Super frustrating though because I squatted 375 on Dec 22, and last week I barely squeezed out 340. WTF?

  64. 1) 195-225-235×2
    2a) 185×4
    2b) no ghd, did dumbbell bench as it’s a weakness of mine 80-90-100(6)-100(5)

    Conditioning: 12:45 w/155 lbs front squat

  65. Rudy seems to be misquoting Sherwood.

    I’m pretty sure he said Outlaw rarely does met-cons that exceed the 15-20 min range… so 18 minutes is part of what Sherwood expected Outlaw athletes to do well at… I’m pretty sure Pat was talking about something like the 1st workout in the Games last year. Being a poor winner is almost worse than being a poor loser. Why all the hatin’ on Sherwood Rudy?

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