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You should read this: I’m the Producer of the CrossFit Games Update Show.

WOD 120310:

BB Gymnastics

1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch – rest as needed.
2) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk – rest as needed.

Notes: Take as long as you’d like to warm up for these lifts, but limit yourself to ONLY 3 legit attempts. You may use any style of each lift, but try to stick to a near USAW standard.


40 Wall Balls 20/14#
30 Pullups
30 Wall Balls 20/14#
20 Pullups
20 Wall Balls 20/14#
10 Pullups

Notes: HSPU are Regionals standard, kipping is allowed.

For time.

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  1. Had to do WOD 12.3 this morning. I wanted to do it with my students yesterday, but I have 4 guys officially signed up, so I thought I had better judge their performances in school (their March Break started today).

    I sure appreciate all of the collected wisdom offered here. I finished with 243 reps; I thought I was going to get 7 full rounds, but I misjudged my 12th push press on round six and lost the time necessary to crank out the remaining T2Bs.

    I stepped down on all but two box jumps (and I am 5’8″) – I realize it cost me time, but it forced a more sensible pace for my 50 year old heart. I push pressed the first two rounds UB, but then split it up into 6/6. All T2Bs were as suggested by many here at 5/4.

  2. A: 176 (20# off PR, really not there today, failed the weight 3 times before I made it, just no power today, trouble getting under it fast)
    B: 220# (again not there today… legs weak, jerks off)
    Metcon – 12:24 (45# thrusters sub + deficit HSPU)

    M/F/S: 2/3/4

  3. Snatch 90kg, misses at 95 + 96
    Clean and jerk 110, 120, 126kg PB clean and clean and jerk. Slightly sloppy jerk, need to hit my position faster. Got to take a PB though!
    Yesterday’s back squats 5 @ 111, 5 @ 120, 2 * 5 @ 130kg.
    Conditioning as rx’d
    HSPU again come to eat me alive, especially tough after 12.3 battered my triceps yesterday

  4. My shoulders were so sore from yesterday and my legs all exploded out I missed all three snatch attempts. got 80kg before that though
    ditto on c&j able to hit all the cleans but fucko’d the jerks. cleaned 120kg

    conditioning was a big shit show. Just dead as fuck. 16:20
    Rest day hozzah

  5. A: 205 (220 is my PR)
    – I had good pulls but weak in the catch.

    B: 255 (failed on the jerk) (270 is my PR)
    – Again, pulls felt good but weak in the jerk.

    – Some of the harest wall balls I’ve ever done.
    – Pull-ups felt really smooth.
    – HSPU went well except for the last round.

  6. Snatch 135, 140, 145(f)
    C&J 135, 145, 155

    All looked like trash. I really need to get with a coach and work on form. I will accept this as my starting point and press onward. Skipped conditioning and worked on military press, 5 x 8 x 50%. Unit is doing filthy 50 in the morning. Cheers!

  7. i would like some advice or guidance on how to start following the programming. let me clarify before i get crushed with comments. been doing crossfit at an affiliate for last 2 1/2 years and consider myself a average cross fitter i am proficient in most movements but definitely have weaknesses. scored 7rds +18 on 12.3 not bad for 41. felt the average gym goer will be from 6-8 rds as the competitor will be 10 or more.i want to start following the programming here to start to get to that competition level or even just be a bamf but i am concerned about how to approach the increase in volume. i understand the basic concepts and flow of the programming but it is definitely more then i am doing now or use to. i know that if i want to reach a competitor level i need to be able to handle this volume and more but i would like to be smart about it. recovery is important. should i follow the main gym for a few weeks( pretty similar to volume i am doing now), or add 2 heavier volume days at first or does anyone else have any better suggestions. thanks good luck in the open.

    • Try following this stuff for a week and see how you feel, you’ll never know ’til you give it a try.

    • What zack said, or you could for example hit 3 sets of barbell work rather than 5 etc

    • @Sven, I would say jump all the way in and let it suck for awhile. When I came in I wasn’t used to anything close to this and had literally zero conditioning. It really wasn’t too bad in terms of recovery. You’ll be surprised how quickly you adapt.

    • From another new guy (less than a month following, read it for a few months prior to jumping in) I’d say jump in. Slightly younger than you (36) but I had the same reservations. You play things by ear and do what your body can do. As an experienced adult just know when to say when, and remember not to bite off more than you can chew, yes?

  8. I think it’s cool that the Outlaw wods are popping up in other locations. Hybrid & the Rob Orlando boys also did this one today.

  9. Read the link about producing the Games Show – funny as shit.

    Linked in it was a long discussion about folks blowing out their achilles tendons doing high rep box jumps (called Come at me, Coach http://beastmodaldomains.com/2011/12/07/come-at-me-coach-volume-iii-high-rep-box-jumps ), which was an interesting warning based on data. They also mentioned some supraspinatus injuries from SDHP and SLAP tears from kipping pullups as being concerns within Crossfit.

    Mitigation approaches were to: 1) Adjust technique to briefly deload the tendon during performance (let heels set on ground, whole foot on box), and/or 2) Use fewer but harder (higher boxes, weighted vests) box jumps to build explosive power, rather than high volume for cardio.

    I liked this post:

    #80 by Sarah Lewis on December 7, 2011 – 4:55 PM

    Epic, I completely agree with you on this one. We stopped programming sets over 10-15 reps a while ago, I think probably before that 11.2 WOD but it might have been just after. When we switched to an emphasis on box jump HEIGHT for small sets like 3-7 reps per round, we saw a huge increase in the explosive power of our athletes, namely our lifters. We will work between higher jumps at 30-40″ for sets of 3-5 and weighted jumps at 24-30″ for sets of 5-7 and this is a great system so far. There is little to no ‘functional’ purpose in rapidly jumping up and down off a 20-24″ object. I can’t actually think of any times in life when I’ve had to do so, maybe when stomping a dead body in an alley….anyway, thanks for putting this out there!
    Sarah-Combat CrossFit

  10. HBBS: Make up of yesterday’s high bar back squats- 235, 245, 250, 250

    Snatch: 145, 170, 190 (f) need to continue working on the third pull
    Clean & jerk: 245, 260, 275 (f) would have been a pr but missed the clean

    Conditioning: 16:26 rx’d

  11. Snatch

    Made 215, some close fails at 225,230
    Positioning was a little off. Very tight calves from 12.3. Every made lift was wobble and stabilize, fails we’re all there, wobble and lose it.

    Clean & Jerk
    A couple failed jerks at 295, then three failed jerks at 300. Had one of them locked out and rushed the feet….. 300 clean was solid though 3/3

    Not sure exactly the time, it’s on camera. I’ll check in a bit
    6 and change I think.
    Triceps and shoulders fried from 12.3. Wallbals and hspu very tough.

    Something up in my right trap bugging me.

    • Conditioning was 6:52

      No kips on the HSPU.probably should have used them in the 10 & 5

  12. Conditioning:

    Disaster. So sore from 12.3 directly followed by plane ride across the country. Wod done at lunch, no time for lifts.

  13. did bb gymnastics before work.
    snatch-60, 70, 85, (88kg)/193.6 PR
    c&j-worked up to 225, missed jerk

  14. Didn’t try too hard on the Oly lifting. Snatched 155 with no warm-up, missed 165.
    Clean & Jerked 185, and then went straight to 275 for a PR attempt. Got under it but couldn’t stand up.

    Used red bands for the HSPUs since shoulders were shot. Time was 14:56.

  15. Snatch: 200# (5# PR)
    C/J: 270# (5# PR)

    WOD: 8:47 No kipping. HSPU’s were broken up. Agree with Jay that HS and WB were tough together.

  16. Snatch- 155, 165(f), 165(f)- got under both the attempts, lost them while standing up
    C&J- 225(failed jerk), 235(5# pr clean, didn’t attempt jerk)
    Conditioning- 10:30

  17. Snatch and clean and jerk felt terrible today. Completely fried from 12.3 yesterday.

    Conditioning was rough.
    11:59 rx with a 25# wall ball.

  18. Snatch: got 195 failed 205 3 times. Just can’t keep it locked out.
    C&J: 225 240 250f
    Again, couldn’t keep it locked out.
    Maybe it was the 108 push presses I did yesterday…….

    Killing pullups felt strong. Only kipped 1 HSPU, and broken into 5’s


  19. Did 60-65-70kg snatch. Missed 75 two times usually i have no problem wirh it, but entire body sore from 12.3.

    Went up to 215 in cnj which was pretty ok considering how sore i am after 12.3

    Started following this site on monday so am pretty excited to ser where it takes me. So far great place with solid long term planning. Hopes that it can take me from well rounded amateur into seriuos athlete. Not long time away from my 34th birthday so hoping its not to late to compete against thoose 20 year old supermen:-)

    Conditioning: 11.26 went well actually- hate wallballs but i am getting my conditioning after long period of little training due to masdive amounts of work

  20. Did 12.3 on Friday night: 9 rounds + 8. Left rotator cuff was hurting earlier in the week, basically first rep into the push presses something got strained really bad and got progressively worse through the workout… a lot of pain in and around the left shoulder blade since Friday night.

    Hopefully this doesn’t knock me out of the open but as of now may have to call it quits depending on how things look through the week and what the doc says. Just want to say thanks for the great programming Rudy! Been enjoying it and hopefully will be able to continue once things heal up. Need to better about mobility in the future. Thanks again dude!

  21. Body is THRASHED after WOD 12.3 yesterday and following this blog for the first time this week

    1) 155#…PR is 165# during 12.2
    2) 205#…PR is 235#


    15:15 RX

  22. Didn’t do the lifts since we hosted the USAW Level 1 at the box, got a lot of reps.

    11:53 RX


  23. No BB gymnastics.

    First Outlaw WOD ever.. Still healing from an SI joint injury, hoping to start BB stuff in the next 2 weeks – until then, I’ll make due. Looking forward to following your programming Rudy

    Subbed the Wallballs for 45lb thrusters, just how the gym is set up pull ups and wallballs can’t happen together. Pretty shitty. Moving to Edmonton in a month with better facilities though!

    16:36 Pretty shitty. haha


  24. Brand new to the Outlaw training. Liking the programming and the community of the all the Outlaws.

    Warmed up for Oly’s and just didnt feel it today. 175 snatch

    Conditioning: 2 hours after WOD 12.3- 12:47 rx’d

  25. Did 12.3 today. Girlfriend got me sick so I wasn’t planning on doing anything but seein other members get some motivated me. Kept a steady pace throughout, didn’t redline until the last round ended up with 6 full plus 10 pp. Broke t2b up in 5/4 from the get go and pp were 8/4 after round 2
    mfs= 6/8/2

  26. I redid 12.3 I felt a lot better and had more energy. I don’t think Fridays are good for me to do the open WOD’s (low energy)

    11 Rounds + 6BJ

  27. Rested yesterday (had to take an ethics exam prep course all day anyway), so made up the conditioning today. Still absolutely wrecked from 12.3, plus the wrist issue is lingering, so I avoided the 1rm attempts.


    — 10:31 (felt like crap… had to drop the wallballs twice, and the HSPUs were terrible, but at least I could do them to standard).

    M/F/S – 4/4/7

  28. Snatch 120, 125 – fail, 125 – fail. (130 is PR). Felt slow and heavy. Still feeling rough from 12.3

    C&J 145, 155, 165 (tied PR)…went ahead and tried for 170# and missed the clean, which shouldn’t have been a problem. Again, feeling rough.

    Conditioning 10:51

    M/F/S – 6/7/8

  29. Snatch — 195, 205F, 205F
    C&J — 265, 275 (PR), 280 JerkFail — clean was pretty, jerk was close.

    Conditioning — 11:50 — hit complete body failure on the last set of 5 HSPU…got to them at like 10.00 — triceps were 100% exploded…not sure about MUs tomorrow : —

    MFS – 1/4/7

  30. BB Gymnastics

    1) Worked up to 175# slowly, taking my time to focus on full extension at each weight. Put 185# on the bar and failed 3 times

    2) 235#, 245#, 255#F (pulled it a little forward and couldn’t stand up with it)


    11:43 – Triceps were still sore from 12.3

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