Outlaw Strategy video for 12.3:

I guess it’s time for me to put my dad hat on (yes, it’s a black beanie, and no, you can’t see the top of my head)…

Look, the people who comment actively on this site have personalities. Many of them have been around since the beginning, and they are very protective of what started as a 20-person experiment and has grown into something none of us could have imagined. I have previously said that I will not moderate comments unless they are obvious trolls or are in any way offensive (racial/gay slurs would come to mind). Also, this is not the place for HQ hate. If that’s your thing go to IGX or somewhere else (’cause honestly, we don’t give a fuck about your opinion).

A few months ago I realized this site would overwhelm me if I tried to do everything. I took my email address off and basically stopped trying to answer all the questions that were asked in the comments. I made a FAQs page which I thought would answer most questions, and I asked a few of the people who originally started the program to try to answer whatever basic ones came up in the comments. The folks who answer those questions are helpful and polite whenever a legitimate question is asked and are genuinely worried about whether new followers are understanding the work that is written.


If you ask a REALLY dumb question, they might, good-naturedly of course, pick at you a little. If you respond to that “picking” defensively or with anger, they will rip your fucking face off. So don’t. That is not to say you shouldn’t ask questions. If you have a question, ask it. You may want to think about it or read the FAQs before you do, but if there’s something you don’t understand, please ask. If you think it might be a stupid question, then email Laura@OutlawCrossFit.com and we’ll keep your small brain away from the wolf pack (kidding… sorta).

Yes, this is a site for competitive exercisers, but we also believe it is a program that will make any human into a BAMF. Don’t be scared to ask your questions or post your work to comments. I love each and every one of you as if you came out of my very own penis.

WOD 120309:


1) High-Bar Back Squats: 1X5 @ 60%, 1X5 @ 65%, 2X5 @ 70% – rest 2-3 minutes between sets.


CrossFit Games Open 12.3

18 minute AMRAP of:

15 Box Jumps 24/20″
12 Push Press 115/75#
9 T2B

Notes: For full workout details click the link above


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  1. I’ve got a question on the banded GH raises. YES I realize that two days ago the third or fourth comment was targeted EXACTLY at the question I’m about to ask. I’m not new to the internet, so don’t expect me to get all butt-hurt after you guys respond, but I would really appreciate it if eventually after all the hatin’ someone answers.
    From what I know, a GH Raise, starts with your body horizontal (or inverted if on a GHD) and finishes with your torso and upper leg vertical, pivoting at the knee. The way I’ve seen banded GH raises in the past, the band was for assistance. The setup linked a few days ago (http://outlawcoach.wordpress.com/2011/12/06/111206-2/) looks to be a dynamic squat setup, or at best a banded good morning setup where the band add resistance. Can someone help here?

  2. Interesting strategy…thanks for the hard work coach. I am going to follow you into this one…going against putting the bar down, and will only step down after the first few rounds…

    I guess my biggest question is if you switch to a step down, negative splits will be tough…do you still think that should be the goal? AKA pace early, even though you are cycling the BJs faster?

    I am far more comfortable with the step down than the jump down…so I planned on going with it, but my worry was going too slow…now this has me a bit more worried on it…

    • Jeff, I’d say if you are positive you can move as fast with a step down then do it. You have longer legs than most, so that step down probably won’t hurt your balance. We found it hard simply from a flexibility perspective. It’s just easier to gather your feet on top of the box and get right back up there. Also, the PP MUST be done quickly, you’ll need as much time as possible on the T2B.

      • Thanks Rudy — Yea it is not uncomfortable at all to step down on a 24″ for me. I will fly through the PP then, and test out this close grip/wide feet thing. I feel great about my T2B (weird that that is the part I’m NOT too worried about?!) — I really appreciate this dissection of the WoD, I know it will help me keep my head in it tomorrow (sitting 64th too, so crunch time).

        As stated below, don’t wanna snap-ma-shit-up….

      • 10 Rounds + 14 BJ — Strategy worked great, perfectly paced. Wide toes-to-bar was fucking life changing, push presses were a breeze….fucking LOVE this god damn blog. WOD BONER (felt like I maxed myself here, I know its not that incredible of a score, but happy with it for sure)

    • I tend to agree with Jeff and I do think it is a height thing. Stepping down from a 24″ box is a normal size step for me. But if I was one of you midget motherfuckers, shit would probably be hard.

      I think if you’re tall and you hit the point where you start slowing down, it would at least be easier to keep at a steady pace.

      Also, less likely to snap-yo-shit-up.

      • Paneles,
        Good luck with 12.3, hopefully your strategy works the first time. Speaking of getting it right the first time, remind you of anything?

  3. Spent the last two hours reading 3+ months of posts/comments and now have a better understanding of said personalities and the comments section in general. Great site/great programming, looking forward to following. Interested in personal coaching, please check your inbox.

  4. I am one of the noobs that asked a stupid question and learned quickly from said mistake. Already enjoying checking this place out daily and the training has me totally sold. Looking forward to the training gains and the increase in my Internet smartass skills.

  5. I too need to brush up on my internet communication skills…and apparently my spanish skills. Really looking forward to reaping the benefits of such solid programming.

  6. I did 12.3 yesterday- DO NOT underestimate these movements. It looks so simple on paper, 3 movements we have all done, the weight is light and everything should be possible to be done unbroken. 18 minutes SUCKS. My work capacity is not where it should be, but I am strong and carry around a little more weight than most exercisers(Im 6’3 225#). My strategy was to try and pace myself and keep moving throughout. I did the box jumps stepping down on all rounds to try and conserve energy. If I were to do it again, I would bound 8 reps, take a quick breath, and bound the last 7. 24″ was not hard to jump, I just struggle with cardio and resting too much. I did a Push Press unbroken every round. This weight does get heavy, but do not drop it! someone I did the WOD with dropped it and lost a lot of time and energy. I did T2B unbroken as well. Not terrible, but it starts to mess with your breathing when your abs are tight and you are trying to catch your breath. Advice- Dont stop, no matter what. Just move to the next exercise and push through it. Catch your breath slowly walking to the next movement. I take too long looking at the bar before i go because I am not used to 18 min workouts. Ended with 7 rounds+ 5 PP, The last 5 min are nasty, Push through it

    Good Luck

  7. We judged two of our guys last night and they’re almost very similar to each other. One stepped down and one jumped down & the guy who stepped down got 7 more reps than the other guy. Very interesting ….

    Anyways ….. Outlaw Camp starts tonight! Yea boi!

  8. Noob here, as was apparent yesterday, but I’m starting with the beginning of the current squat cycle. Here was the conditioning programming for the non games athletes from the first friday of the squat cycle. (outlawcrossfit.com)

    3 rounds, work 45 seconds, rest 45 seconds (for a total of 18:00)

    ME Shoulder Press 95#/65#
    ME Pull ups
    ME Push Press 95#/65#
    ME Box Jumps 30″/27″

    It’s almost like Rudy knows what the open wods will be before HQ does.

    • Thx for the update Robin. Make sure to post how that goes for u later, and if u could find out what the on ramp class at Crossfit BFE is doing today make sure to post that here on this blog too.

    • FYI Robin (you might already know this), but if you post workout results on a day or for a wrokout that doesn’t pertain to what Rudy has up that day the trolls will continue to crucify you…

    • Great! Glad u and Batman found this site. Y’all are really gonna destrominate the bad guys now!

  9. Dear exercisers… this is your competition (If you’re in Yrup)
    I highly encourage you to view and VOTE on his videos.

    Are fugging kidding me with this crap? This guy (and his Team) are going to regionals!?
    I guess the rules (and movement standards) don’t apply to some people.

    PS: I’m not butthurt… I ain’t eleet enough for that. Just thought my eleet brothers and sisters might want to see what passes for eleet in Europe.

  10. So on 3/5 we saw Back Squats. Today is High Bar. Were the squats on 3/5 supposed to be low bar?

  11. 8 rounds + 8 shoulder to overhead. Stepped down on the box jumps, quads were getting smoked. The push jerk just got heavy and needed my legs for them. T2b were a break

  12. 12.3: 9R+12BJ

    Paced my self too hard after a fast first round, should have gone well over 10 rounds, wasn’t smashed in the end.
    Everything UB til round 7 where I broke the PP in 8/4 to not spike the heart rate.
    Oh, jumped up and down, saves so much leg power for me to use the plyo effect…

    Haven’t been able to train since Monday when an old injury reappeared, (lowest vertebrae twists and causes inflammation in lower back, very pleasant), so in general I’m ok with my score and that the back held up for this..

    Back on the Outlaw way tomorrow!

  13. 8 + 31

    Really hated this. Not my type of WOD. Push press were UB until the last 2 rounds. Box jumps we’re quick. T2B really slowed me down, but I’m pleased with how much better they have gotten in the past couple of months. I broke them up for the first few rounds at 5/4 then they went to crap from there.

    Really hoping for something under 10 min next week. 18 minutes of anything is not mah thing.

  14. 12 + 11 (443).

    Followed Rudy’s strategy and it worked well for me. Didn’t break on BJs and PPs, and broke TTB into 5-4 after the first round (which was sub-1-minute… realized I needed to slow down big time). Kept myself just below redline consistantly after round 7 or so, and only did a couple singles on the very last set of 4 TTB. It hurt, but it wasn’t miserable.

    Thanks for the tips, Rudy.

    Did HBBS after resting for a while – 265, 285, 305.

    M/F/S – 3/3/2

  15. 12.3

    = 9 Rnds + 10 Push Press

    The pacing we have been working on really helped me so thank you.

    M= 3 F= 2 S= 4

  16. 7+31(15/12/4)

    Haven’t done anything with kippig on a pullup bar in over a month (shoulder) and it showed. Shoulders and grip were wrecked. BJs and PP were relatively easy. Rudy tips were good, go kill it!

  17. So, does anyone know what the next cycle is going to focus on? I’m looking for a good time, not week 11 of 12, to jump in to the Outlaw Way.

  18. Gonna be in Nashville, TN next Wednesday 3/14 for work. Any Outlaws down there willing to help a couple travelers get the workout in that evening?

  19. Holy shit that Diamond Dave stuff is great.

    I wasn’t feeling great this week, and I knew this was going to be hell.

    Strength: 245, 265, 285, 285–felt good, fast

    Ended up with 7 rounds plus 19 reps. Totally gassed from the box jumps, just didn’t feel strong. I feel like at another time I could easily make it to 8 or 9 rounds. Sometimes it just really isn’t your day.


  20. Strength
    1) 245, 265, 285

    I did a prep for tomorrow at the affiliate.
    Found out a few things:
    -Box jumps
    The step off method saved a lot of time, for me. I’m 6′, though, so I can’t comment on how it’d effect a shorter competitor.
    -Push Presses
    These weren’t a problem in prep today.
    Did these 5/4 split. Worked well. That seems very sustainable over the WOD.

    • 286 reps

      Disappointed to say the least.
      Missed about 12 T2B (some were questionable calls, IMO). I’m glad my counter held me to the standards, but damn!

  21. 12.3

    7 & 22 reps. Did the PP and T2B unbroken, but really slow on box jumps because of previous achilles injury and I had nothing in my lungs today.

    195, 210, 230

  22. 12.3

    9 + 10 PP.

    I’m 6’3″, so the step down method was a good call. I went pretty much unbroken on the box jumps, but started breaking the PP in round 7. T2B went 5/4 from jump street.

    I need a good finish on this way to ensure a trip to Regionals. Might have to rethink going again. I think 10 + will set me up in a good position.

    We shall see though

  23. Hit a few rounds with the strategy…1.12, 1.14, 1.15 — Did the close grip, wide feet thing and holy shit that is sweet! Never seen it before…excited for that…

    Worked on bounding, and surprisingly felt awesome….Pretty jacked about this one

  24. 7 rounds +10 box jumps. i got alot of work to do. t2bar broke into 5/4 after first round no problem. box jumps werent so fast.

    hbbs-170, 200, 200, 200.

  25. 8 rounds + 8 T2B. all t2b were unbroken. limiting factor was push press. missed 1 t2b on last round and 2 push presses

    Strength: 105, 115, 120, 120

    MFS: 222

  26. Following a few days behind. Did tuesday’s strength work.

    12.3 7 rounds + 19 reps

  27. A: 155, 170, 185
    12.3 – 8 rounds + 10 push press = 313 reps

    M/F/S: 2/2/2 (back finally feeling a bit better)

  28. 7 rounds + 36 reps. I used Rudy’s strategy and it helped big time. Broke on the T2B 5-4 every round. Tried hard as hell not to put the bar down, but finally had to in round 7. I was going to step down, but followed the video and bounded instead, and it was way faster. On pace for 9 rounds, but finally gassed out at the 12 min mark. Felt fantastic up to that point.

  29. Got 9 rounds and 6 box jumps..absolutely loved the narrow hands wide feet toes to bar, chained them each set with ease. also chained the 115 push press every set because my upper body is like “f u 115# i can strict press 225.”. the box jumps slowed me down because i weigh a lot of pounds, had to start stepping down around round 6 or so. Very happy with my score though, thanks for the great tips Rudy! To all you muhvs u haven’t done this yet good luck!

  30. First timer posting here. I guess you can call me a Noob in that sense. Been following this programming for about a month religiously now. Followed the recommended strategy of attacking 12.3. All BJ’s and PP were unbroken and did the TTB 5/4. The BJ’s were the “rest” for me which is odd for most CrossFitters seing that I’m only 5’5′”. Final score was 10 rounds + 28 reps. Pretty dissappointed but I’ll take it. Excellent programming by you all and epic blog on a daily basis.

  31. 12.3: 9rds+12 box jumps.

    Will be making up the high bar back squats tomorrow.

  32. Holy balls, that was long.

    HBBS: 225-245-280-280

    12.3 – 8rds+ 15

    More of a gasser than expected. Step downs off box the whole way, UB push press until round 6 and T2B were unbroken until round 5. I don’t know what to say other than it felt long.


  33. Squats completed.

    10 rds + 12 PP – Should have gotten 11 and some change, but I paced it a little too much and waited too long to kick it in gear. Pissed at myself about this one, but I’m damn sure not doing it again.

  34. Squats – 245, 265 , 285, 285.

    12.3 – 7 rounds 2 reps. Pretty bummed. Nailed the PP, box jump not too bad, t2b just fucked me up.

  35. Squats: fast. did these in inov8’s instead of oly shoes. Felt wierd.

    9 rounds +7 box jumps
    Stepped down every box jump, these slowed down in later rounds but used it as rest.
    All PP unbroken, did really push jerk too much. This really shocked me.
    T2b broken 5/4 after 3rd round. Found that it was harder to restart my rhythm on the set of 4 then to do unbroken, but only did that on round 9.
    All in all pleased.


  36. 1) 215/235/250/250

    2) 8 rds. + 25 reps

    Not so sure about negative splitting. My splits were 1:20/1:40/1:35/1:37/1:36/1:58/2:08/2:16 + 1:45 for the partial around. I don’t think drawing out those early rounds any more would have helped – at some point, the air just catches up to you – and in fact think I might have eked out a few more reps if I had gone a *touch* faster in the beginning. The thing is, for someone doing 11+ rounds who’s going to constantly cycle through the PP and T2B without breaking, negative splits make sense. But if not, you’re going to break and slow down (personally did all but 1 rd of T2B unbroken but broke half the rounds of PP).

    I did see some good negative splits from athletes whom I was coaching who did around 6 rounds – their first two rounds were fast, but then they kept their splits tight or went negative in the last four. Rock star.

  37. Squats:


    11 Rounds + 2 Push Press

    Had 12 in me with a little more effort and just punked out. I have no fear the motor will be there at Regionals in over 3 months. PP unbroken, box jumps slowed down towards the last several rounds, broke up TtB in 2 sets about half way thru. Rested too much between movements. Definitely would not step down on Box Jumps, way too slow.

  38. HBBS
    225 x 5
    235 x 5
    255 x 2 x 5

    12.3 – 11 + 27 (423 reps)

    Bounded the box jumps, unbroken in the bar, broke toes to bar 6-3 the whole way through.
    Pace was too quick at the beginning to hold all the way through. Had a couple rounds in the 10-14 min range where I slowed down and probably lost a good couple handfuls of reps.

    Overall pretty happy. Had no idea what round I was on after 5 minutes. Would have liked to know where I was at times.

  39. Back Squat 145, 155, 170, 170

    Conditioning: 9 rds + 5 t2b (356)
    Really wanted 10 rds just did not turn it on fast enough at the end. Bounded the box jumps, unbroken pp and 5/4 on t2b for all rounds.

  40. HBBS

    155 x 5 easy
    170 x 5 easy
    185 x 2 x 5 had a rep or two left in me, do I do them as I would in Wendler’s system?

    Dropped my numbers and really felt like I hit this right for the first time. No box or pull up bar until tomorrow, will post WOD then.

    Is there a too deep when it comes to squats? I know there is elsewhere but just wondering for squats. Thanks in advance.

    • No. Rudy will tell you that not getting the bounce at the very bottom of a high bar back squat or front squat is a no rep.

      • Will start working with the bounce now since my numbers are so low. Might as well do it right from the beginning. Gracias.

  41. 439 on 12.3.

    None of the movements felt hard exactly, it was just systemic. Not a fan of the 10+ time domain, but it was a good workout. I felt like my whole body was just overheating, which I guess it was. All sets unbroken, just too slow transitions I guess. Threw up in a gas station parking lot about 20 minutes after the workout haha.

    • Just did the math on you Kevin, if your score was validated right now you would be sitting 4th in the world. Friggin INSANE!!!!!!!!

      • Oh wow, that’s awesome! Didn’t realize that. Waiting for all the big dawgs to post in the next two days. Hoping to stay top 10!

  42. 12.3
    299 reps
    Got gassy. Push press unbroken for a few rounds and then split 6/6. TTB split from the start 5/4 and they felt good which I didn’t expect. Most box jumps were bounding but towards later rounds I took a few seconds stepping down or waiting on the box before popping off
    High bar squats will slot in after Olympic lifting Saturday

  43. 12.3

    8rds + 10 BJ’s. Yeah I said it.

    Thanks to Corey for the insight on the tape, and the close grip, wide feet T2B. The fatigue for me was between box jumps and the press. legs started getting wobbly at round 5 or so. I’m happy with this for being a fat.

  44. Strength

    1) 200-215-230-230


    I was pleased with this score. My goal was to get 8 rounds and i got that. I am here to only get better i know i am not going to regionals. like rudy said i am using this blog and these wods to only better myself


  45. Got 6 plus 1 and I hate cardio. Thanks Coach for the tips on breaking it up etc. Now back to the meth to lose this extra weight. Stupid donuts and beer.

  46. 9 rounds + 23. Rolled my ankle on Monday and had it taped up. The step downs saved me.

  47. Did the WOD this morning, actually considered putting it off till tomorrow because I am sick and not feeling well. Sucked it up and did it anyways.

    10 Rounds + 15 Box Jumps + 12 PP + 7 T2B (394 reps)

    Fun WOD, I just wish I could breathe better. Damn being sick. I am happy with the score though. Box Jumps and Push Press were nothing, unbroken and fast, T2B slowed me down. Broke them 5+4 from the beginning. In the later rounds went to 3-3-3.

  48. Conditioning

    CrossFit Games Open 12.3

    8 Rounds + 11 Box Jumps (299 Reps) – All Box Jumps were step-down. First 3 Rounds of PP unbroken then split 7/5. All TTB unbroken except for last round – used narrow grip for all, Thanks Rudy!

  49. 12.3
    9 rounds + 6 toes to bar

    Bounded the first five rounds on box jumps. Stepped down on #6-8. Bounded on 9 again.
    Push press unbroken. Rotated between push press and push jerk after round 4. I push pressed as many as I could and when fatigue set in, went to push jerk.
    Toes to bar…hands ripped on round 6 (left hand only, which is weird). By round 8, blood was flying all over on box jumps and saturating bars. Round 8&9 I could barely hold on to the bar.

    MFS 1/2/2

  50. did wod on 3/10.
    8 rounds, 7 Box Jumps.
    Tried squatting after. Bad idea. Got through first two sets. Laughed at thought of squatting 2 more sets, so called it a day.

  51. 8 rds & 15 BJs. Bounded out of the bottom of the BJs, broke all PUsh Jerks up 7/5, 115 was harsh weighing 170, need to work on it, broke all but first rd of t2b 5/4. Moved the whole time but that whole ‘old slow weak stupid’ thing set in in round 6. One and done.

  52. 7 + 14

    Press is 135 so this is where I stumbled. First two rounds on pp I did unbroken but went 7/5 after that which let me chain them together. I cut about 20s or more off the rounds by doing that. Still gassed and know I need to be stronger but on the program for about a month now and glad we had previously done the heavy( for a 70kg guy) push press recently

  53. Hey guys Great website, was just what i was looking for some str training with conditioning. Alot of crossfit gyms these days seem to think that programming stupidly evil WOD’s makes their Box better then other boxes when in truth its just over training. Love seeing that you guys just stick to the simple wods (sub 30 min couplets/triplets etc) with some nice strength training to kick it off.

    Just did 12.3 got 129 reps (3 + 3pp). Not amazing but i’ve had quite a while off crossfit and I’m in a globo gym at uni atm. So this is definitaly a breathe of fresh air in the world of crossfit.

    Looking forward to following more of the outlaw wods and eventually being worthy to call myself an outlaw =D.

    Just one question tho, what kind of scheduling do you stick to is it 3 on 1 off etc?

    Thanks alot

  54. Started squatting with percentages on my new pr !!! Thank You for that.

    12.3 10 +15 box jumps.

    Never broke anything up. Thank you for that wod a few weeks ago with the push press and ohs. We were supposed to work on unbroken. I used that to stick with it. I stepped down every box jump. Took that time to regain control and calm down. I am pleased and I thank you for your blog!

  55. Ended up with 7 rounds + 25 reps. Pretty happy with that since I stayed on pace, but was never that uncomfortable. Should have set my pace more aggressive.

  56. 12.3 362 Reps, a little bummed with this performence…got pretty gassed, stuck with my plan, maybe paced a little too much…

  57. Got 350 on 12.3 needed 360. Sitting in 63. Time to HTFU for the last Two workouts. Elbow felt alright. I’ll ice until Wednesday and then go at it again.

  58. 351 – 9+27

    I tried this Friday night not trying to go out hard and 5 rounds in was about to blow a gasket and spectacularly fail the last 9min30 so I pulled the pin.

    Two days later, a massage on the traps and levator scap (those 5 rounds messed up my left side) I hit it again and PURPOSELY broke every set of PP 7/5 and TTB 5/4. Bounding box jumps are my thing so I just went cruisey on them to save gas. This fucking worked since I was at the exact same spot but able to breathe and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    My TTB actually left me at round 7 so I had to try 3’s and then they went to ones before I found that 2’s work on my last round so I think that little mess up cost me a 10 + change score but very happy after the initial debacle.

  59. Did 12.3 on Sunday (3/11).

    5 rounds + 33 reps – step-down box jumps, 95# push press, knees to elbows. 115# PP at that rep range would have been too much for my still weak-as-shit overhead ability. 95# was still a challenge though and I’ve been trying to go heavier (for me) even if it takes me longer or decreases my volume. That seems to be the best way to approach scaling the Outlaw workouts for guys like myself coming in with obvious weaknesses, but I’m open to suggestion.

    Overall I know I could have done better. I was aiming for 7 rounds. I just didn’t push myself hard enough on the box jumps for sure. The step down was slow (I’m 6’3″) but was made slower than necessary by my head just not being in it. The push presses were pretty hard for me. I started breaking them up by the 4th round, and used push jerks for reps as best I could before setting the bar down. Knees to elbows were all unbroken. I need to work on T2B technique. I’m generating a ton of swing.

  60. 1) 210, 225, 245

    No 12.3 today. May give it shot for shits and giggles later this week. But I’m still recovering from that evil metcon on Saturday

  61. 1) 195-205-225×2

    Conditioning–did 12.3 a few days ago, so today I did the 5 rds of 11 225 deads, hrpu, and v ups in 7:37

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