WOD 120308:

Rest day.

I hate to admit this, but as of right now I really don’t have a ton of thoughts on 12.3. It’s a WOD. It’s just a WOD. I feel like I’ve programmed similar things or done similar things a million times. That’s not bad at all. It just means it’s familiar and it’s VERY appropriate to the sport/competition.

I do believe some negative splits would help and I’m VERY glad we’ve been practicing pacing. Also, the 115/75# Push Press will get heavy for some folks and may end up being the deciding factor. Obviously, we’re pretty fucking good at Push Press, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Ironically (again, don’t know if it’s actually irony), we’ve been practicing that “regionals standard” for a long time on the Box Jumps, so should be good to go there also.

Speaking of the Box Jumps; there’s been a lot of talk about high-rep Box Jumps lately. The “regionals standard” takes a lot of abuse out of the movement, but I will recommend you ONLY DO THIS WOD ONCE. If you’re in the 10- to 15-round range, then you’re in the 200 Box Jump range. Whether you like this movement or not, repeating 200 Box Jumps multiple times in a week is simply a lot of impact. One and done, kids.

I’ll test 8-10 minutes of this tomorrow and give you guys some feedback, or I’ll just guess cause it looks pretty hard.

If any of you are feeling down in the dumps because you sucked at 12.2 as bad as that Russian aerobicizer guy who won 12.1, and maybe you need a little motivation, here it is.

Try not to start a riot or anything.

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    • Kenny Powers is the man, had to throw out a quote “Undaunted, I knew the game was mine to win. Just like in life, all of my successes depend on me. I’m the man who has the ball, I’m the man who can throw it faster than fuck. So that is why I am better than everyone in the world. Kiss my ass and suck my dick. Everyone. “

    • Yeah, sorry, I didn’t realize Tits McGee there would be the cover model for that video.

    • My advice is don’t underestimate it. 18 minutes is a long time and even though they are pretty basic movements, it all adds up. Find your pace and try to keep it. If you redline on this one you are through. Box jump/toe to bar combo chewed up my core more than expected.

      • It looks like you kept a pretty good pace. Did you have a specific pace in mind going in? Either way, nice work.

        Also, which movement slowed down first?

      • I didn’t have a specific pace per round that I was trying to stick to. Toe to bar was the first thing that started sucking for me.

        My plan was to do box jumps unbroken, which I did. I broke up push press and toe to bar from the start. I’m not sure if I will break up push press again when I do it on Saturday or not, that may be a spot where I can make up some time not dropping the bar every round. Toes to bar I will definitely break up again bc once they go with me, they are gone.

        The toe to bar right back to box jump combo was the hardest part to me. I don’t really think there is a ‘strategy’ for that component, it’s just very core demanding.

        Overall not happy with my score bc I gassed out last couple rounds. Around 12 rounds is definitely doable.

  1. After seeing how Ty Hanson talked about how pacing for him was important I thought I’d geek out this workout a bit. So this is probably way too geeky and I completely understand that, but I broke down the time (in seconds) it will take to complete 11-18 rounds on this workout. I thought that this may help with the pacing of this workout.
    Here is the math that I used. There are 36 total reps per rd, so if you do 11rds then you will get a total of 396 reps. There is 1080 seconds in 18 minutes, so for example, if your goal was 11 rds you would need to complete each round in 98 seconds (11×98=1078 seconds).
    So here it is;
    11rds=396 reps, 98 sec per rd
    12rds=432 reps, 90 sec per rd
    13rds=468 reps, 83 sec per rd
    14rds=504 reps, 77 sec per rd
    15rds=540 reps, 72 sec per rd
    16rds=576 reps, 67.5 sec per rd
    17rds=612 reps, 63 sec per rd
    18rds=648 reps, 60 sec per rd
    Thought this may help with everyone’s pacing.

  2. On a workout like the open workout for this week (or when Rudy programs similar Metcons) Do you have to preserve the order of the exercises, especially on the last round.

    So, if I know I’m on my last round, but don’t think I have 15 box jumps left, could I knock out 12 push presses and 9 T2B and still get credit.

    Also, can you break up the exercises, in each round or the last round. Could I hit 6 push presses in the last round, do my 9 T2B and then come back and finish out 6 more push presses and see if I have anything left for box jumps.

    Honestly not interested so much as it pertains to this work out as much as I am in how to approach Outlaw programming.

    • The way new people(newbs) are handled here because of basic questions makes you wonder if outsiders are welcome. Maybe I will take my own advice and just read the email post updates since I subscribed. Unless I have missed something, Robin asked a simple question that could have been handled with a “follow the order in the WOD exactly.” Instead she got a snarky response or two which is pretty standard, but be careful because some of the elitist attitudes on here are moderators.

      Coach, it seems like attitudes/responses like this would be contrary to a productive business model. But maybe that is not the goal/vision of this site since the “inmates run the asylum.” For the record, I haven’t seen you respond in that manner.

      • It’s all good people on here….

        What I’ve gotten from the general attitude of this blog, the camps, and Outlaw in general is that we/they take this sport seriously, but don’t take ourselves seriously and basically make fun of everything. Answers to newby questions are very straight forward and in many cases reading FAQ’s would give them their answers….but the snarky comments are more lighthearted than they come off. Ever misunderstood someone’s tone over text or e-mail? Yup….we all have.

      • I should have known the answer before I posted, but I misread Annie T.’s score on the games site and thought she got X rounds+Y push presses, which made me think you could take the exercises out of order, at least in the final round. I went back and looked more closely and she got X rounds plus 15 BJ plus U push presses.

        In general my non-stupid noob questions have been answered succinctly.

      • BobTony (Dude’s got two first names!), and everyone else that feels like they’re getting bullied: It’s all one big joke (for the most part), and the more serious (butt-hurt) someone gets, the funnier the joke becomes to the people that have a sense of humor and understand sarcasm. We all like to have fun, even you. Almost everything on here is said sarcastically, except for the preposterous weights and times posted, those are real as shit.

        As for asking if a workout had to be done as prescribed… really? Do I need to defend our responses to that? Even Robin shook her head when she realized what she had done?

        Lastly, providing free programming that has had such success is contrary to a classic productive business model within itself, so what makes you think a few sarcastic comments are impacting Rudy’s business? Having experienced Rudy’s humor, I’m going to assume his response would be something along the lines of “HTFU, and go win something.” Maybe more politely, maybe not. Enjoy the free info.

      • Ok, I know this is a blog and people have questions, but this shit is getting ridiculous.

        I am going to assume a few things so OG moderators or Rudy correct me if I am wrong. This blog was started for exercisers that are trying to reach the elite level, and have learned that Rudy is a fucking genius on how to do so.
        So, if you are trying to be an elite exerciser, as with trying to be the best at anything, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGURE SOME SHIT OUT ON YOUR OWN. If you don’t fucking know what UB means then you aren’t ready for this blog yet anyways. If you need to scale a WOD, you aren’t ready for this shit. When Rudy writes WODs they are to be done the way they are written, NO OTHER WAY. If there is something unfamiliar in a WOD, he always puts how it is suppose to be completed. So yes BobTony, I completely agree with people getting attitude from the moderators of this blog.
        The reason you probably haven’t seen Rudy respond to defend these people asking stupid fucking questions is because he’s fucking busy, and he knows that the people that really want to be elite exercisers will figure that shit out.
        So quit your whining about Drywall being a bully on this blog and HTFU.

      • Appreciate all the views and I do get it but it just wanted to drop my .02. Robin got it today, someone different yesterday and someone the day before, etc… New here and just wanted to get a better understanding of how things run. Good natured ribbing never killed anyone.

        Coker, you give out crack for free; get people hooked and then have them pay. Attract people to this awesome programming/training and then get them hooked because it works. The customers then have you traveling the country every weekend doing camps and hooking their friends/fellow CFers and selling product.

      • My opinion would be that Rudy will likely grandfather “Low-Maintenance” games caliber athletes to this training. Why? Because they require no upkeep. They get an email that says: “Do X” they say “Ok” and complete X, they take it seriously, warm-up and do it exactly as it was meant. They even video it, dissect it and send it to Rudy for judging and improvement. If you have ever coached or owned a gym before these are your ‘easy’ members. You would let them come for free, because they don’t take up much time, are fun and easy to coach and watch improve.

        On the contrary, you have the ‘high maintenance’ members. These people pay the same price as the low maintenance members (in this case NOTHING) yet are 50 times the work. They don’t take diet, or sleep seriously. They take “x” to mean “y”, do it and post some excuse for not doing X. They then hassle you about why they aren’t improving, quit, or tell other people that “The Outlaw Way doesn’t know shit, they didn’t help me improve at all” and are thus bad for business, when in reality it was their own fucking stupidity that created the problem not the program.

        SO if I was Rudy I would be happy to see all the high-maintenance people fuck off because they are ultimately bad for business anyways. Your goal (as with all affiliates) is to have a gym that you can say “Ok, Warm-Up, today we are doing back squats at percentages of your 1rm, then squat cleans, then this metcon” and not get any of the “what if you don’t know your 1RM” or “whats a squat clean again?”…again taking away from everyone’s time and effort.

      • As a gym you are willing to help people through with these things, because you need to pay the rent, and OBVIOUSLY build up your members to be this way…this is not the case on an online community based around elite fitness where people are expected to complete the work at their own discretion. Also in the affiliate setting we are trying to get people fit to NOT die, NOT to compete in the games…sorry if that was an unclear connection…I guess the long and short of it, is if you want to be treated nicely, and take things easy and slow…go to an affiliate and partake in group classes…if you want to win some shit, get to where you can do/understand this programming (took me 3 years and it still dominates me some days (BTC 12.2)) and do it as it was meant.

      • I have to piggyback on what Jay said. That’s just the nature of this blog. I completely misunderstood it as well the first couple of weeks I posted, but over the past couple of months I’ve learned that the people on here are pretty awesome… just like what you’d expect from any other CF community. We all take up for Rudy and for each other when when crazies (aka. themainsitecurator) chime in and try to take over the place, but at the same time no one on here gets off the hook. EA said it best it yesterday, it’s The Outlaw Way.

      • I hypocritically hate it when people post comments that don’t contribute any information or clarify anything.
        I unhypocritically hate it when crazies (aka. Tom K and ATD) attempt to ejaculate uncreative and unintelligent bullshit on me multiple times over the span of several days for asking a legitimate (maybe slightly poorly phrased, but whatever) question.
        I must admit that part of the fault is mine for not immediately realizing that ‘paneles de yeso’ means drywall in spanish. Oops
        The rest of the fault is yours (aka. Tom K and ATD) for being asshats.
        I’m not taking over shit. Rudy’s site is badass enough on its own. He does not need a squad of morons (aka. Tom K and ATD) to defend it from noob questions.

        Everyone else seems pretty ok. Don’t mind crazy old me. I’m just taking shit over

  3. Blog is getting spicy these days! lol

    Predictions on the best Outlaw score for 12.3?? Think anyone can go 13+ ?? 14+ ??

  4. Did a 6 min dry run this morn and here are my notes (in case anyone cares):

    1. 13 rounds is phenomenal. Prediction = scores of 13-15 may happen but they will be akin to 160 burpees, an outlier.
    2. The girls on average should get more than the boys. I think an elite male score will be 11-13 rounds.
    3. DO NOT REDLINE (via Ty Hanson). It will be easy to crash and burn on this one. Pace.
    4. The push presses are the gasser (IMHO). I may use the strategy of pausing at the rack instead of stringing them together. I don’t want to drop the weight and have to clean it again.
    5. Take your time on the box jumps. If there is a rest, this is it.
    6. Make sure you get the majority of your foot onto the box. I reverted to just getting the balls of my feet on the box (as with the cyclical jumps) and lost my balance a few times, fell off and no-repped.

    • One more note. After seeing what Ty said and my own feeling about the wod, I think a good strategy (for me) would be to move slow enough to preserve enough energy to get as many toes to bar unbroken as you can. Like Ty, these tend to fail on me quickly and over 18 min, that’s a lot of T2B. Pause at the top of the box, pause in the rack on the PP, string the T2B together.

      Sounds good on paper.

      • On the push press portion did you only do push presses or did you throw in some push jerks and split jerks?

      • For ATD,
        Ty is right. I believe the disparity in the height of the box will make a difference. My observation is that a 20″ box is easier (all relative) for women than a 24″ box is for men.

        Since I only did 6 min, I didn’t get to a point of needing to jerk the weight. But I could see myself needing to in the later 3rd of the workout come game time. My plan is to do these very slowly from the beginning, pausing in the rack. I’m trying to mitigate the need to drop the weight.

    • curious as to why you think the girls should get more than the boys. not being an ass, just wondering what it is about the workout that makes you think that.

      • I was assuming the opposite. Thought guys scores would be better than girls because of the push press being the real limiting factor, not the box jumps. I think the way the scores are already playing out is telling.

  5. The 20″ box will save the girls a lot of time and energy, no doubt about that.

  6. muhfukkaz are getting sensitive on here lately…i love the assholes on here, just saying the shit people want to say but hold back. what the fuck is with this “white knight” routine and people sticking up for someone against internet sarcasm

    N00Bs- i highly recommend reading a weeks worth of posts/comments before asking a question. decide if you can deal with the inevitable sarcasm. if its worth it, then ask your question.

    • Or maybe just post a link to EPIC’s “Don’t be a dumbass Client” blog post in the FAQ’s. Seems to sum it up pretty well.

    • I gotta say Pat B. nailed it: Read the blog for some weeks, get acclimated. You can figure out alot that way. It took me a couple weeks to figure out what UB meant, but I didn’t embarass myself, I just waited.

      My kids ask questions without thinking or trying to find out on their own, don’t be like that.

  7. Ya know, I even somewhat understand asking what UB means. There aren’t a whole shitload of people that program for something to specifically be done unbroken, although reading previous posts would answer that question.
    I’m tired of the dumbasses that say shit like “I’m a coach and I have a client with a max deadliest of 250, should I scale the prescribed 315 in todays workout?” well no fucking shit dude.
    Then they get a Teasedale butt hurt when people call them dumbasses

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