How many of you guys have run a marathon?

If you answered in the affirmative to the above question, go ahead and take your left shoe off, do some mobility work, then kick yourself squarely in the nuts. It’s not that I hate running, it’s that I hate YOU for running 26 miles. You wanna know something funny? I ran a marathon once. You wanna know how I did? Who gives a fuck. I got arthritis in my big toe while doing it—not kidding. ARTH-fucking-RITIS.

I also got weaker, skinnier (weak is the new skinny, right?), and mostly hated every second of my life while I was training. The weird thing is that every year MILLIONS of people sign up for marathons thinking that if they self-flagellate for FOUR FUCKING HOURS (that’s if you’re as fit as Oprah of course) they’ll achieve some higher level of fitness conscience. The reality is that all they’ll receive is some sort of a long term injury, a flatter ass, and a medal that says you finished… ‘Cause evidently FINISHING something as stupid as running for an entire day is good.

The irony is that a large portion of the people who are currently competing in the Open are people who have also run until they almost shit themselves (look, I have no idea what irony actually is, but it sounded like it fit right there). Amongst the Open competitors are also another group who have done nothing but bitch about the first two WODs. The main argument we’ve seen is that we’ve only done two movements so far, and that can’t possibly be a good test of fitness. I mean I can see their point. It’s super boring and pointless to do one movement a bunch of times, right? Seven minutes of Burpees? Holy shit, that’s like 2 minutes longer than it takes me to microwave my bacon every morning. Ten minutes of Snatches?! I’m surprised that the earth didn’t run out of coconuts from all the coconut water that was needed to replace the global loss of electrolytes during that grueling endurance test.

Guess what? As bad as the first 2 WODs supposedly were, and as horrible of a test of fitness as they were purported to be, look who’s winning. The fittest man in the world and the second fittest woman in the world.

Yep, the naysayers are right. You can’t possibly test fitness with 2 movements. Anyone wanna go for a jog?

Talayna jerked 225 today. TWO-TWENTY-FIVE.

Today I got this email from Rryan Kingsbury:

I just wanted to write you guys to say thanks for having such a great site. I’ve been following the Outlaw Way for the past few months and I only wish I had found it sooner. I can honestly say that I’ve progressed more in the last couple months than I have in the last few years of CrossFit. Unfortunately I broke my hand last week the day before 12.2 was announced. I was sitting number 1 in So. California after event one and tied for fifth overall. Snatches are something that I had been working a lot on and now I’ll never know how I could have done on that workout. Thanks to all the snatch work we had been doing recently, I was able to get 30 reps done with my left arm though and still keep my score going.


Here’s Rryan performing 12.2 one handed…

WOD 120307:

BB Gymnastics

1) 10 minutes Hang Snatch technique work.

Notes: All reps should be caught in a squat and the loading should be light. DO NOT attempt anything heavy.

2a) 4X3 Snatch Balance – medium/light, rest 60 sec.
2b) 4X3 Tempo Snatch Grip Deadlift – medium, rest 60 sec.

Notes: 3 counts (seconds) to the knees, quick to the hips and back to the knees, 3 counts (seconds) past the knees to the floor.



5 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
15 OHS 95/65#


1a) 3X15 UB T2B – rest 60 sec.
1b) 3X10 Banded GH Raises – medium/heavy, rest 60 sec.

130 thoughts on “120307

    • Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
      15 Box jumps, 24″ box
      115 pound Push press, 12 reps
      9 Toes-to-bar

      Does that count as endurance? 15 minutes is my breaking point, this should be fun.

  1. That dude with the one arm snatches in 12.2 is the definition of #badass. Respect.

  2. T, ridiculous.

    I ran a half marathon once…..at that time T would have beaten me in a max split jerk. Coincidence?
    I also had bruised feet for a couple weeks and said upon finishing I would never do it again.

    Here’s some video from tonight’s (yesterday’s) training.

    Closest fail ever on the 3rd power clean…..

    And Rounds 1,4,7 of Pain Threshold training

      • I watch Jay at a lot of local crossfit events. Pound for pound one of the strongest crossfitters in the world.

  3. I ran three marathons without ever running much in training. Only interval work 3 times a week, best time 3:07, worst 3:23.

    I’m also running a half marathon on sunday, never been stronger then now btw. I run once a week, something like 5×800 or so. that’s enough for me to run it under 1:30.

    • Mario, you are one of those anomaly people, but good for you! I’ve run 3 half marathons and every time I got tendinitis! I still can’t run for miles and miles because my hamstring attachments just don’t like it. With CrossFit it seems there’s always something going on with my body, but nothing is ever chronic! Maybe it’s that varied functional movement stuff (wink). Thank G we don’t have to burpees all day!!!!

      • I’m just a pretty good runner without even running during my training. I run once a week and row 2 or 3 times for a warmup.

        Otherwise I just Crossfit.

  4. Hello Outlaws! I am from europe/ Austria and follow this site since 2 months. The programming is awesome and second to none!!
    Last year i run a couple of marathons, ultramarathons, did some triathlons and in august i finished an ironman. 2011 i mixed LSD training with CF WODs (most of the time bodyweight) Absolut shit because i lost nearly my whole strength.

    This year i decided to prepare with CF style only and find the endurance site from brian mckenzie. The programming is also good, but it’s a little bit boring and the strength and olywork is not enough in my opinion.
    My maingoal are the Open 2013 and in june 2012 Ironman regensburg.
    I hope i can be the first Oulaw Ironman ever! Fuck Yeah

    • Best of luck in your training and reaching your goals. Being a former ultramarthoner and ironman I can say I didn’t start making big gains in my strength numbers until I cut all the extra cario I was doing. I would ride my bike (about 10 miles) to the gym do crossfit go to work and then ride my bike to the pool to go swimming/running before riding riding my bike back home.
      Good Luck in Regensburg….the finish line at an Ironman is amazing!!!! Enjoy it!

      • I second that. Stopped triathlon after 2 (in words two) clavicle fractures in two years from bike crashs. Now I run and swim every once in a while. Crossfit is just so much more fun!

    • Are you talking about an Ironman in Regensburg Germany? I live about 30 minutes from Regensburg.

  5. Two years ago I ran a 1/2 marathon on Camp Pendleton, it was rated at one of the hilliest 1/2 marathons (heartbreak ridge 1/2). I decided to run the Sat. race on Fri. morning to shut a kid up that by CrossFitting I had lost all ability to run.

    Finished 2nd in the Clydsdale Div (200#+) @1 hour 40 min.

    And that will be the last time I run that long.

  6. Rudy,

    Stop posting shit about running because then people think I want to read their life stories and how far they can run.


  7. I ran one marathon, about 10 years ago. My knees and IT bands were all fucked up and the training was mind numbing.

    BB Gymnastics:
    1. Hang squat snatch: worked with 85#. Did doubles.
    2a. snatch balance 85#, 85#, 95#, 95#
    2b. tempo snatch DL 125# for all

    Conditioning: Nancy 11:59
    (8 seconds slower than PR, done 1 1/2 years ago). I feel like a bulldozer when I run now.

    1a. first two sets UB, last set not.
    1b. small red band

    M/F/S – 5/6/7

  8. If people want to run, let them run. The smart runners will know the inherent risks (just like the smart CrossFitters will know the inherent risks of 10 minutes straight of snatches…And still do it!). I ran becuase I loved running. I had issues arise and I couldn’t Oly lift to save my life, but I didn’t want to Oly lift, or CrossFit when I ran, and i loved every race and am proud of each of them. I understand that if someone is seriously wanting to CrossFit, they probably shouldn’t do other things to compromise it, but hell man, I wouldn’t say someone who chooses to do some sport that has a high injury rate is an idiot. At this point, pro marathoners make a shit ton more than CrossFitters… They just don’t look as good with their shirts off

    And that’s why I stopped running, so…

    Oh, and Rudy, its not the marathon in the persons past that hurts their CrossFitting ability, it’s their parents. Your words. Stupid fucking parents!

  9. THX Anthony!

    my english is not so good but the comments seems nut very nice. right?

    i love crossfit, mma, running and sport in general and have no problem with that. if you guys have, it’s okay!

    Yes, i kick myself in the nuts because i wos a fan of you and want that you win the games. Now my sympathies on Annie’s site:)

    Peace and keep up the good work to everyone

  10. Really feeling beat up this morning. Wasn’t really up for it today, but started feeling better as i started doing the strength work.

    1) Kept it light and focused on not jumping forward. Went up to 115lbs.

    2a) 95lbs All sets. Shoulder still not loving taking the bar down behind the neck.
    2b) 135lbs

    Nancy: 9:45 – 24 sec PR!!! (did runs on a treadmill since my gym situation is crap this and next week. Might have been a advantage, since it kept me going at a high pace on the run)
    Being a 200+lbs guy i’m almost embarrased to say that nancy is probably my favourite girl. I guess i run quite well for a guy my size.

    3×15 UB T2B


  11. I am new to following outlaw. When it says, “Do not go heavy” or “medium/light”… what percentages would these probably represent?

    • I would load up two bars. One that is heavy and one that isn’t. I would then go to the bar that isn’t heavy and lift that one.

      • Thanks for the helpful words trolls… I was asking because I think the focus is supposed to be on technique… the amount of one can handle and maintain good form and proper execution is different for people. I for one think I have pretty good form and especially with snatch and snatch variations. So i can go heavier and maintain good mechanics more then most. Sorry for trying to figure out how to get the most out of this training.

        I guess I should of expected trolls even in these parts of the woods.

        Drywall edit: call me a troll again and I’ll just delete your stupid question next time. Seriously, it isn’t that hard to figure out light, medium, and heavy.

      • Dear “Name, Job, Place”,

        Sweet guilt trip.


        P.S. that shit was fucking funny, though. Right?

    • Pestrada, Coach, crossfit Elysium,

      Do you know the MainSiteCurator? You two would probably get along. Both not funny and both whine when confronted.

      -Tom, Quality Assurance Dept, The Outlaw Way

      • Jeebus, my internet sarcasm detection and response skills are gonna need some brushing up to hang around here.

      • Its all relative. are you asking what Heavy, medium, light is to one of us ( MAN)

      • Tom, Quality Assurance Dept, The Outlaw Way,

        Do you know you’re a moron? You too should probably be able to see that. Both unhelpful and unfunny, a prime example of internet douchebaggery.

        The Main Site Curator, STFU

      • Curator – you sound mad? Take your licks like everyone else on this blog and STFU.

        But you’re about to get even more mad. Since you reference unfunny and and internet douchebaggery, I’ve got some examples. Below is a list of things you’ve written on your brand new blog. They sound sort of familiar to me…

        themainsite – 03 Mar 2012
        The more people get off their asses and trade their triple stacks for barbells, the better off everyone will be.

        BeastmodalDomains – 02 Nov 2011
        It’s badass to see somebody who until recently was busy playing “Hide the Triple Stack” and searching for his wienermeat suddenly throwing down on a WOD.

        themainsite – 29 Feb 2012
        All I know is that HQ does not have my (sort of) hard-earned
        moneydollars and I will not be wasting my time on poorly programmed facefuckery.

        BMD – 28 July 2011
        there is a bypass to getting your Omega 3′s without spending all your hard earned moneydollars on snob meat.

        themainsite – 13 Feb 2012
        you are a godddamn yoda-level master of butterfly kipping and have not done a strict dead-hang pullup in months (possibly ever).

        BMD – 19 Oct 2011
        As a box-jump achilles rupture casualty and a jedi master of kipping pullups, I say, “fuck safety.”

      • Epic- I have no problem taking my licks when I fuck up, but last I checked asking a question is still allowed.

        Here is my response to your list of references and whatnot…

        that second thing) you did not invent the word ‘moneydollars’

        everything else) some of it is definitely a little EPIC-flavored, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I referenced you in the first post I ever made and if I ever take anything directly from you I will be sure and do so again. Your blog is the shit and I have no qualms with borrowing from a pro. You do it too (mostly from Drywall)

      • If you would like me to change some wording to make it sound a little less EPIC, I will gladly do so. It is your intellectual property and I am very reasonable. Let me know

      • Lulz.

        Thankfully Maddox doesn’t visit this site so there’s no one I can be called out for copying.

      • Curator,

        Your blog is kind of like Drywall’s and Epic’s…except not funny.

        Look at your stats and tell me how many people are looking at your blog now that you had The Outlaw Way hold you accountable for your complete garbage. We made you famous.

        You’re welcome.

        P.S. You aren’t funny.
        P.P.S. You’d think I was funny if you weren’t so butthurt right now.

      • Tom,
        I’m gonna put this in a list because lists are awesome
        1)I have never and will never claim to be as funny as Epic or Drywall
        2)While I do actually care about their opinions(they’re blog famous OMGZ!!!1), I have no idea who you are and do not care one iota about yours.
        Thank you
        P.S.- You don’t matter
        P.P.S.- I’d think it was funny if you were funny
        P.E.N.I.S. <– suck on that

  12. @EA
    not because you are black, because you are sexy. But Annie is also sexy! so i’m her fan now. harhar
    I’m missunderstood here because of the language barrier i guess.
    I write my WOD’s in this blog again when my english is getting better.

    keep up the good work Rudy, you are the Greg Jackson of CrossFit!
    I hope i can join one of your trainingcamps in the future.


  13. this blog finds new ways to make me rofl every day. Also new ways to be inspired by all you hard workin’ muhvs, keep it up.

    1) stayed at 85# and just worked on being fast
    2a) 95#
    2b) 185#
    conditioning: 15:26 95# ohs subbed running for 2 minutes of double unders, the roads and sidewalks outside are incredibly icey today and didn’t feel like harnessing my inner penguin. plus my dubs need work anyways, got 85, 50, 45, 45, 45.

    midline stuff=done

  14. BB Gymnastics:
    1. Hang squat snatch: 95#
    2a. snatch balance 115#, 115#, 115#, 115#
    2b. tempo snatch DL 185#

    Conditioning: Nancy 11:45
    (That’s a 1 min 56 PR!)

    1a. first two sets UB, last set 10, 5. Did 20 Burpees as penalty for dropping off bar
    1b. no band

    M/F/S – 5/7/3

  15. 1) worked hang power snatches instead -85#

    2a) 105 all sets

    2b) 125 all sets

    Conditioning: My most favorite girl workout ever. 13:22 (1min and 20 sec PR). All OHS UB. I’m just slow.

    1a) done – last two sets were UB. Huge improvement for me

    1b) done, but no bands

  16. Running distances of any more than 40 yards, voluntarily, is straight stoooooopid. At least that’s what my lungs tell me when I do it.

  17. Drywall, Tom, & Epic — You guys have been in rare form the past couple days. Cudos.

    You too, EA. 🙂

    1) Did some flat-footed drills, working up to 115#, then worked at 145# for a while. Shoulders, wrist, hips, and hamstrings all felt like complete crap. Found it tough to get into a deep squat.

    2a) Worked up to 185#
    2b) Worked up to 315#

    — 11:11. Slow as hell on the runs. Just didn’t have it today.

    — done.

    M/F/S – 5/6/5

    We placing bets on 12.3 or what? I got $10 on deadlifts or front squats (please please please…)

  18. 1. 95# worked on catching low and fast turnover

    conditioning: 17:49 did all ohs ub. This was a big win for me first time ive completed a solid ohs workout rx’d

  19. 1: 88,99,110,132
    2a: 132,143,154,154
    2b: 225,245,250,255

    Conditioning: 14:24 (1:19 PR)

    1a: done
    1b: Red Band (double, triple, quadruple looped)


  20. BB Gymnastics

    1) 10 minutes Hang Snatch technique work.

    40kg working on feet positions

    2a) 4X3 Snatch Balance – 50kg across
    2b) 4X3 Tempo Snatch Grip Deadlift –60kg across

    Never done 2b) before and enjoyed it but didnt go crazy on the weight to maintain form



    15:57 @ 42.5kg & 450m Run per round

    Midline- Done and UB on T2B

    M=3 F=4 S=4

    Felt a whole load better than yesterday- hammered the hydration, fish oil and foam roller in the last 24 hours. Bring on the rest day before 12.3 arrives.

    Good luck Outlaws

  21. Bashing marathoners, T hitting 225, EA pulling the race card on a foreigner, EPIC and drywall being called trolls on a blog that THEY are essentially moderators on…and of course plenty of stupidity…this is the best pass time ever…

    My biggest question is why didn’t this dude get 60 on 12.2? He can’t one-arm snatch 135?…get some roids bro and stay in the game

    • 1) – Worked up to 165 for doubles from the hang for 3 sets
      2a) 4 x 3 @ 155lbs
      2b) 4 x 3 @ 255lbs

      12.23 — Current course PR by default…400m is more like 450 here, all OHS unbroken, small transition time coming in the door. Hammies and lower back are lit up, fucking too much forced sitting in my life right now…6 more days then I can actually focus on training for good.

  22. Coach,

    Thought today would be a great day to ask(givin what the title of the post is)i’m very new to this site started on monday(love it)but my question is can we add running interval’s once a week?nothing far just like 100meter sprints and such?i didnt know if u program that here.thank you

    • Rudy frequently programs workouts that have sprint intervals (100m-200m) as well as sled/prowler work. He’d also tell you that if you’re here to train for competitions, just follow the program. But it’s your own time and body, no one’s stopping you.

  23. Very light on snatch work. 75#.
    Snatch balance 75#
    DL 115

    Nancy. 1450. Pr.

  24. 1) worked with 135 for the hang snatch practice.

    2a) 185, 205,205,205
    2b) 185, 225,275,275

    “Nancy” 13:55, slow aas fuck but will get faster.

    Midline, done

  25. 1: 95 & 115

    2a: 115
    2b: 185

    Nancy –

    Midline: done

    Probably should’ve gone lighter today >:( I was over ambitious and both of my elbows are feeling very tendonitisy.

  26. I finally made it through the whole thing and all I learned was EA is black. Oh, and sarcasm is really difficult to detect in written form. I just hope this forum doesn’t end up like youtube comments and make me want to seek out other sources for informative and sometimes comical discussion. Just click the follow button in the bottom right corner and get Rudy’s post/updates in email so you don’t have to come here and have your feelings hurt intentional/unintentional. .02

    Currently deployed and unable to workout at a CF gym/box, so Rudy’s coaching/knowledge is invaluable. Guess I can learn to put up with just about anything for great coaching. Cheers

  27. BB Gym:
    1) 95
    2a) 95
    2b) 185

    Kept it all real light cuz my lower back was lit up today, and I’m playing with the “catapult” or “sweep” snatch technique.

    A horrible 13:03. Wow did my lower back ever lock up… I felt like I was running like this guy:


  28. What the fuck? All this talk about long-distance running and no stories about chafing or bloody nipples? I am dissapoint…

  29. BB Gymnastics
    1) Light Hang Snatches
    2a) 95, 115, 135, 135 (light)
    2b) 185 across (medium)

    Rx’d @ 15:40
    Felt damn tired and slow



  30. First legit workout besides 12.1 and 12.2 for 2 weeks. Been battling some sort of influenza/cold/pneumonia. NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. Felt like I was making great progress and then took 10 steps back. Nothing I can do about it though except ease back in to it.

    Kept everything nice and easy.

    1)played with 75 and 95

    20 Burpees
    15 OHS @95#

    T2B and GHR done.

  31. BB gymnastics
    1) 95(just worked speed)
    2a) 125
    2b) 165

    11:48 ( first time doing this WOD)


    2/3/4( hams are beat!)

  32. Conditioning


    5 rounds for time of:

    Run 400m
    15 OHS 95/65#

    12:02 PR

    Run was a bit short. Happy with this though, im not a runner. Broke overheads on 3rd and 4th round.

  33. BB Gymnastics
    1) 95#-115#

    Notes: All reps should be caught in a squat and the loading should be light. DO NOT attempt anything heavy.

    2a) 2 sets @ 115#, 2 sets @ 135#
    2b) 2 sets @ 205#, 2 sets @ 235#


    12:47 RX PR!

    Did not have time for midline. Will do tomorrow

  34. 1)95
    2a)85 worked on speed then held the bottom for a few seconds

    Nancy: Slow as shit, spent about 5 minutes rolling lower back out during the workout. OHS felt way easier than they did a couple months ago. Looking at about 14-15min without roller breaks.

    Midline: Sub 20 situps + 20sec planks, rest 60 sec. (Shoulder/Equipment)


  35. A: 88#
    B1: 88#
    B2: 135#
    Nancy – 19:11 (subed a few rounds on the tredsled)
    A1/A2 – complete

    M/F/S: 3/4/5

  36. 1) 95#, kept it very light
    2a) 95# same same
    2b) 185#

    12:07- OHS were unbroken, but the legs were super heavy from the 2k row last night.

    Completed T2B, but no equipment to pull off a GH Raise.


  37. snatches: worked with 95 lbs. felt good.
    Just did some snatch drops with ligght weight as well before teaching class
    no snatch deads, posterior chain tired

    Nancy in 12:39. PR for me by two minutes. been a long time since I did it though.

  38. I wish I had something retarded to say, but I think the job has been filled…

    1.) 95
    2.a) 95
    2.b) 185

    16:58 (I have OHS issues)

    as The WOD’octor prescribed

  39. 1. worked with 85#
    2a. 95, 100, 105, 115
    2b. 111, 121, 126, 126

    Conditioning: 13:02 OHS ub, but legs did not want to go on the run.

  40. 1, 2a and 2b used 155
    Nice weight for these. Could focus on tech but still have a lot of speed.

    I’m happy with it. Never dropped the bar but a lot of resting at the top of squats. Legs felt tired. Shoulders felt surprisingly great. Back not so much. Running felt like running. It’s windy as shit here so that was annoying.

    Subbed v-ups an did gh raise on floor w/ light pushup.


  41. 1. up to 125
    2a. 115 – 3 count hold at the bottom
    2b. 125

    Nancy: 13:03 – with a 20# vest, pretty consistent splits around 2:35


    MFS: 4/3/3

    • Was the vest to hold your ribs together? Beast-mode, looking forward to seeing your work on 12.3. Fan boy here!

  42. 1) Stuck with 95/115. Worked shrugs, high pulls, muscle snatch
    2a) 115
    2b) 185

    Conditioning: Had to do this at work, treadmill only goes up to 8.5/9… finished in 11:30

    midline: yes

  43. 1. 165,185,195PR,205,210PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I spent too much time on the Hang snatch so I didn’t have time for 2a-2b

    I switched the Conditioning to:
    5 Rounds:
    250m Row
    15 Box Jump 24″
    7 TTB


    I just felt like working on some things for 12.3

  44. 1. used 45, 65, 95, working of form alone for the time
    2.a, worked from 75 to 95
    2.b. did 95 across

    Nancy in 15:01

    Did 2 sets of 15 UB T2B and 5 GHRs

  45. 1. 45kg
    2a. 45kg
    2b. 60kg

    Nancy: 14:14 – all OHS unbroken but runs a bit slow, cant remember my PR

    Midline: Done

  46. 1) 55#, kept it very light to work on technique
    2a) 55#
    2b) 95#

    kept everything very light to work on technique…

    23:56- I felt very heavy and unstable….Took to much time resting…Just a horrible workout all around

    Completed the first 2 sets of T2B UB but the third set my grip gave out/ did GHD sit ups

  47. 1) 95#, kept it very light
    2a) 95# same same
    2b) 185#

    14:20 – OHS were unbroken,

    Completed T2B, but no equipment to pull off a GH Raise.


  48. 1) worked up to 95lbs and hit set of 3 while making sure to catch in a squat with knees out.
    2a) 135,135,145,145 easy
    2b) 165,170,175,185
    Nancy-12:58 RX
    1a) un-broken
    1b) small red band by 2 and medium orange band on the last set.

  49. Snatch work – Did power snatch x 2 + 3 OHS. Worked up to 170#. PR for a power snatch double.

    Nancy – 11:30

    No time for midline

  50. BBG:
    1) Stayed light, 65#, worked on form. Early sets sucked, later sets felt better.
    2a) 95# (upper end of my current limit), 75#, 80#, 82.5#
    2b) 135# across – this were fun, hadn’t done tempo deads like that before.

    Conditioning: 17:19 – scaled weight to 82.5# after practicing at 95#. Run felt good across all rounds. 3rd round broke form in the OHS and split the reps. 4th and 5th round went unbroken but slow. Last 5 reps of 5th round felt horrible on form. Looking to break 15:00 at 95# next time I meet Nancy.

    Midline: Subbed good mornings for banded GH raise, did T2B. I have the strength for the T2B, but the swing on the way down throws off my rhythm in a bad way. Working on that.

  51. 1) Worked with 60kg for triples. Probably did 6 or 7 sets. Really concentrated on using my arms to pull me under the bar. Definitely noticed the difference in speed and stability.
    2a) 70kg, 75, 80, 85 could have done a bit more.
    2b) 100, 105, 110, 110

    Nancy: 12:53

    Never dropped that bar. PR for me.

    No midline. 12.3 tomorrow.

  52. BB Gymnastics

    1) only worked to 75lbs

    2a) 95lbs/105lbs
    2b) 135lbs


    didnt do conditioning today shoulders were spent


    didnt do midline not feeling great today


  53. 1) 95 lbs
    conditioning: 10:45 (subbed 100 jump rope–i need the work, still can’t do the du–for the 400s)
    1b) 12lbs-8lbs(4reps)bw(6 reps)-bw

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