5 hour drive to Columbus took 9 hours.

I’m tired.

You get no fun. Zero fun. This is a non-fun area. I actually hate fun right now.

I’d tweet (I can’t fucking believe I just said that) from the Arnold tomorrow, but I’ll be entirely too busy making fun of bodybuilders.


WOD 120303:

BB Gymnastics

15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.


50 C2B Pullups
15 Deadlifts @ 315/225#
40 Pushups (hand release)
10 Deadlifts @ 315/225#
30 Pushups (hand release)
5 Deadlifts @ 315/225#
20 Pushups (hand release)
25 C2B Pullups

For time.

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  1. Rudy, I drove ten hours from Wisconsin to be here. Spent the day mostly in Crossfit. I’ll entertain you tomorrow with stories from years past about silly bodybuilder-things from the Arnold Classic, and you’ll feel better.

  2. If there’s anyone still planning on doing 12.2, here are some quick thoughts that I shared on JHoggan’s FB page…

    “J, not sure its worth stringing together. Imho, singles on the 165. You just cant leave the bar. No stepping away. Very little rest in between and right back on the bar. Much less taxing. I think that will get you to the 210 bar. My buddy did 92. I think this will work for you too.”

    Also, protect your low back. Mine lit up pretty quickly.

    I’ll be trying this one again on Sunday. In top 60 in region right now. Hope to move up to top 20 for good. If I can do that, then the under 30 year old beasts that peruse this board should be getting 90+.

    Make Rudy’s points (in yesterday’s video) your mantra.

  3. I was just thinkin I needed to work some c2b pull ups… Open wod today… Doing this one tomorrow

  4. My DL max is around 335# and just last week I did 265# for a 1 set of 3 for my final set. Should I scale this down to 285ish or go all out with the 315#? TIA

    Also, I did the conditioning the other day with 185# DL 5 rounds of 11, UB for 3 rounds then 7-4 for the last 2.

  5. What’s the time domain we’re looking for here? Going to have to scale for a friend (and possibly myself…) and I remember that post that said most Outlaw workouts aren’t supposed to go out past 12 minutes. This one looks like it’s more in the 15-20 min. range, yes?

  6. 12.2 = 60 reps, same shit as yesterday with a cramping back after 2 reps at 135…

    Conditioning, subbed DL with FS at 155 (too light in retrospect), also I’m an idiot so I misread the first C2B to 25 reps………
    Time: 8’45, good flow an all those pullups and FS unbroken, nicely pumped afterwards. 🙂

  7. No c&j today. Wrist and shoulder were tender (wah).

    — 10:53

    M/F/S – 3/3/7

    I don’t think 12.2 is happening again

  8. Haven’t hit more than 145 on a snatch in a long damn time. Managed to hit 1 at 165 during 12.2

    61! Not great compared to you beasts here, but I’m ecstatic!

  9. Worked to 245 on CJ, so I guess that’s a 3lb pr! Lol. Should have had 255, but oh well… Only been following Outlaw for a week and a bit, so the programming hasn’t had time to set in yet, and I wasn’t oly lifting like I should for a LONG time before this. All in all, I’m ok with it.

    Conditioning: 12:11. Should have been much faster, but those fuggin’ pushups get me every time.

  10. BB Gymnastics:
    245# clean & jerk (tied PR), didn’t think I would get anywhere close to that after 12.2 yesterday
    Know I can get 250#+ now if I’m fresh

    DL’s and push-ups felt solid, need to improve my C2B

  11. Also want to say FUCK YEAH to all the Outlaws out there! I’ve been following this programming since the start of 2012 and loving it. It’s awesome to see all the fellow Outlaws lighting up the Open leaderboard!

  12. C&J- cleaned 220 missed jerk, cleaned 225 3 times and missed jerk each time, getting under it just not stable in the recovery
    Conditioning- 13:02

  13. WOD 12.2 – 0ne rep for each of my birthdays: 50! Although far from impressive, it is better than I expected having missed two weeks of training. My extremely limited dorsiflexion (screws and plate in lower leg above ankle joint) doesn’t allow for a solid squat snatch, but I managed to muscle and power snatch my way through. I credit the Outlaw programming for my progress.

    Thanks, Rudy and gang, for creating such a supportive and inspirational community!

  14. Clean & Jerked 245 lbs

    21:28 Rx’d. I had absolutely no gas in the tank today. Pretty disappointed with my whole week of training.

  15. Cj- worked power up to 205 (first time cleaning since injury) and it still felt pretty light. So that was good.

    Conditioning scaled to 275, my knee was just a little janky for 315, so I tried this new thing called not being a dumbass and overworking.

    12:19–I had no idea until this week that pushups were a goat. Fixing that shit quick.

  16. C & J: 198, 220, 230 (Squat clean/pr), 235 (f)
    Metcon: 15:18 (198 dead)

    M/F/S: 2/3/4

    *Deads and pushups are a bit of a weakness, went light to hold form, pushups were big limiting factor…

  17. BB gymnastics
    Hit 225 = 10lb pr ( could have done more but ran out of time)

    11:51rx ( need to figure out C2B butterfly PU’s)


  18. BB gym)
    Got new PR at 255. New clean PR at 260( failed the jerk)
    Shocked to say the least due to how shitty I feel. Snatch hangover I guess. Blah

    Conditioning. Wanted to make up weds conditioning cause I like v-ups
    Totally failed at neg splits, and only got to do 3 rounds. Meh
    1:12 1:13 1:30


  19. 1) 255#, was able to set a clean PR in the process though @ 270# but missed the jerk. After setting a PR at the training camp and following this programming my numbers are going up every time I touch a barbell. Big fuck yea!!!


  20. 1) 265, approximately = best squat clean and jerk PR to date (still 20 pounds under my power clean and jerk PR 🙂 )

    3x5x275 RDL w/belt

    2) Back pain above 275. so I had to ditch DLs. Did 3x5x275 RDLs w/ belt to stabilize back a bit, then subbed sled push x 100m for each DL set:
    ~20:00 not rx’d/

  21. Did 12.2 today. 61 reps. Felt like shit since I had the flu but couldn’t stay in my f-ing bed all day. Wife called me an idiot but I said oh well. Thanks a shit ton to the Outlaw programming. Before I started doing all this crazy shit I could barely snatch 135 pounds.

  22. BB Gymnastics

    1RM Clean & Jerk = 115kg (PB by 5kg)
    Over the fucking moon, that split jerk technique work the other day helped massively


    16:58 (R’xd)

    M=2 F=4 S=4

  23. 1) worked mostly on my technique… Did hit a PR of 105lbs (seems so light compared to the rest of you but that’s my body weight)

    2) conditioning: 22:57(DL- 155) the hardest part for me were the deadlifts. This will be my first week on the outlaw program…. Loving it…
    It makes me work on strength and power which is what I struggle on the most.

  24. Probably not necessary, but redid 12.2, got 78 reps… still think I left a few at the table. Did triples on the 135, but singles may have been better. Will probably hit Saturdays workout up tomorrow.

  25. Redid 12.2 twice today, Got 85 at 9:30 am, then put belt and gloves on and redid it at 11:40 am and got 89… sonovabitch this one was all about pacing for me, the weight is not even an issue, I can power snatch 210# easy. just the volume of reps.. I had 5 seconds left to hit my 90th rep and failed it. Very happy with 89 reps, puts me in the top 10 of the Southwest region right now.

    George Carlin sums up how I feel about this workout

    • Three thing:
      1. That is seriously impressive.
      2. Rudy is probably going to reach through your computer screen and bitch slap you for repeating this after getting an 85. That only increased you about 4 points.
      3. Great clip.

      • 1. thanks, i just knew i could do better so i went for it, hopefully the more experience i get, the easier it will be to just get things done my first try.
        2. i’ll gladly accept a bitch slap, definitely deserve one 🙂
        3. George Carlin has been a fave since I got 3 of his stand ups on VHS my 11th bday haha

  26. C&J – 250, 265, 275 F(clean). Happy with this after doing the Open wod yesterday. My previous 1RM is 270.

    Conditioning: 12:46. That first deadlift after the pullups felt like a max load dead. Got better after that.

  27. Did 12.2 on Friday night, wasn’t happy with my score, and re-did it today. Made some big changes on strategy.

    Friday: power snatched every rep – 62.
    Today: muscle snatched the 75’s, did a mix of split and power snatches for the 135’s and 165’s to not overuse the same muscles. 67.

    Happy with that improvement. If you have yet to do this, my 2 biggest pieces of advice:
    -muscles snatch the 75’s, 3 sets of 10, but take 10 full seconds off. Power snatching them on Friday took way longer and got my legs all tired out. I had no shoulder fatigue whatsoever today and got to the 135 about 30 seconds faster, feeling totally fresh.
    -focus on the 3rd pull on every rep. If there’s anything you’re thinking about (aside from chest up / ass down), it should be getting full extension.

    I had a dream that 12.3 would be beer pong. You’re all about to be my bitches.

  28. C&j- 165 stayed light to work on my jerk technique. Plus the back was a lil sore today..

    Metcon- 10:31

  29. BB Gymnastics
    PR at 255
    went for 260 couldnt get the clean up

    DL were very hard for me, pullups area goat for me also especially C2B


  30. Took Sunday off because I couldn’t face doing the wod alone!


    275# (ties my pr I haven’t hit since starting Outlaw in December because I’m always so beat up by Saturday), ran out of time, felt like I could have hit more


    16:20 –deadlifts are still my big weakness and haven’t improved even after doing all the heavy dead wods over the last several months of Outlaw, very frustrating. Form was awful from rep 1 and was bouncing like a mothertrucker.

  31. Did 12.2 on Friday night….
    Scored 78

    Touch and go triples on 135…..not my style. Ended up slowing me down in the long run.

    Went away skiing and drinking for the weekend, decided at one point that I’d give it a go because I knew I approached it the wrong way and needed to see what the difference would be.
    Went in Sunday night dehydrated and somewhat hungover for a rematch.
    12.2 – 83 reps.

    Much better. Dropped every 135 rep from the top. Actually brought some urgency into the workout. I know we try to treat the Open as no big deal and I think I’ve actually gone too far with that and have a hard time getting myself to push as hard as I can and leave reps there that I could be getting. Tonight was better for that.

  32. 1) Back was a little tight from 12.2 only did 5 reps of C&J. I was able to hit 245# C&J, attempted 255# and was able to clean it (new PR) but failed on the jerk.

    2) conditioning: 19:57(DL- 275) Wanted to save my back as I was going to attempt 12.2 again on Sunday. The hardest part for me were the pull-ups, I have a half ass kip and I spent at least half of the wod doing pull-ups.

    This is my first week training the outlaw way. It feels good to have some direction and renewed motivation trying to improve myself everyday.

  33. Oh boy. So I haven’t been up here in a while. Strange week, but ended it with 12.2.

    A few of the top guys in the Southeast met up at Peak 360 to hit it today. I went in with a goal of 75 and knew somehow that I’d fall right around there. Used Derek Robinson’s breakdown and went 10, 10, 10, then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and as many as I could with 165. Squat snatched all of them from that point and failed two. Felt alright overall, considering my 1RM is only 195.
    Ended up with a total of 72 reps.

    Back on the grind tomorrow! Can’t wait till WOD 3 this week and the GA training camp this weekend! Looking forward to a chipper or anything that’s not a mono structural workout. Ain’t my thang.

  34. BB Gymnastics- Scratched until I’m not broken


    16:44 (only 25 C2B PU 1st set because I don’t read good)

  35. Did open wod Sunday, as expected got 60. Had time for attempts with 165, however, failed the one I attempted.

    After I did the open wod, I did the Deadlift/Pushup/Pull up WOD in 16:58. The Pull ups took me awhile.

  36. bb gymnastics
    145 c&j (must get stronger so i can squat clean!)
    hit 150# on my clean, but missed the jerk (5# clean PR)

    conditioning 9:40
    I half-ed the pullups and pushups due to time constraints. 175# DL.

    MFS: 834
    not feeling it at all today. the stress of school and midterms are really getting to me.

  37. A little behind. Had the flu all weekend.

    Did 12.2 yesterday. 86 reps. Good enough to secure 1st in the region by about 30 points. Thanks, Rudy!

    Clean and Jerk– 315. Still not 100% so whatever. I would really like a PR soon though.

    Conditioning 7:01, but I didn’t read that the pull-ups were C2B.

  38. BB Gymnastics

    Worked up to 225# doing Power Clean – Knee bothering me a bit from Snatch WOD the day before.


    17:47 – Scaled DL to 275#

  39. got up to 235lb (5lbs pr)
    missed 240.

    Conditioning: 16:37
    need to work on heavier deadlifts in wods.

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