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I did some testing on 12.2 tonight. It is WAY different than you think it will be; especially for the boys. If you do not slow down with the first weight, and you muscle snatch every rep, you will fatigue your shoulders and get nowhere near where you should be score wise. This is a test of the ability to pace and a test of technique, as much as it is a test of the strength or work capacity. It will be VERY hard for you to slow down with the first bar, but you MUST. If your shoulders are gone early, they will not recover.

WOD 120302:


High Bar Back Squats: 1X5 @ 60%, 1ร—5 @ 65%, 1X5 @ 70%, 1X5 @ 70% โ€“ rest 2 to 3 minutes between sets.


CrossFit Games Open 12.2

Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
75/45# pound Snatch, 30 reps
135/75# pound Snatch, 30 reps
165/100# pound Snatch, 30 reps
210/120# pound Snatch, as many reps as possible.

12.2 Full Description

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  1. Doesn’t having someone stage your 15’s for you after the workout has commenced seem to conflict with the “Additional notes” portion of the WOD explanation as well as the overall rules governing the CrossFit Games stating that no one is to touch an athletes equipment during the WOD unless it poses a safety hazard or hinders another athlete?

    • Having said that though, an additional pre-staged pair of 15’s would solve that problem and seem to be within the rules. The devil’s in the details and having a score thrown out on a technicality would suck.

  2. One of our guys did this tonight. Spent some time trying to link the 135’s as quick touch-an-go’s and wore out his back. As a result he wound up resting quite a bit between the linked together sets. I recommended he do singles, drop the bar, and quickly get right back on it. It slowed him down, but I think that helped him stay at a more efficient pace. He was able to keep moving that way. He got 71 with 3 or 4 missed attempts at 165#. He said the hardest part was dropping under the weight at 165#. He knew he needed to, but didn’t feel like he could.

  3. This is just a thought but for others where 165 is more typically done going to a full squat it might be a good idea to mix some of the later 135 reps in as squat snatches so you still feel like you can drop under when it’s time for 165.

    • this is a great Idea. I did a run through tonight of the WOD, and like Rudy said – its much tougher than expected.

      Some tips:
      1) Like Rudy said, Power snatch the 75# not muscle snatch. This wore my shoulders out a little even though I split them up into 3 sets. Also, going from a muscle snatch at 75 to a power at 135 was harder than expected. I think mainly because my mind was still in muscle snatch mode.

      2) At 135# set out a game plan were you can have quick reps. I chose sets of 5 in the beginning and I done probably sets of 2 or 3. Sooner of later that set of 5 turned into sets or 2 and 3 anyways because my grip would slip. I would rec. doing 2-3 reps touch and go, dropping and resetting take 3 deep breaths and go. This is going to save your grip as well as save your back – yea you may feel like you are moving a little slower but I think in the long run you will actually move through it quicker.

      3) like Jeff mentioned – throw in some squat snatches during the 135#’s. Going from 60 power/muscle snatches to dropping under is more difficult then you think. I feel throwing a few squat snatches in the will help your body back into dropping under bar.

      4) No matter how easy 165# is for you when your fresh, treat it as a big fucking snatch. It feels exponentially heavier after your 60 snatches in.

      5) Rudy was spot on when talking about the transitions – im going to take his advice on saturday when I do it again.

      6) dont rush anything, take your time – set up on the bar – and let your form do the work. My form slipped in the later reps, causing me to miss a few reps at 165#

      This is just from my perspective, this WOD was made for us. Im sure everyone is going to fucking kill it.

      Just so everyone knows where I stand with the Snatch: My PR is 215#

  4. Gonna hit from the ladies tee on this one. Two reasons 1)I have never “snatched” before 2)CF Ladies are tougher than me, so it will still be a feat just to get to 90 reps. Looking forward to my first snatch encounter. I hear the snatch can be very rewarding and humbling at the same time.

  5. wow, great insight Rudy.

    Has anyone else watched the WOD demo by Froning and Bailey? One thing that I really noticed was how much more hip flexion and extension Froning used. Every rep was almost perfect while Bailey was almost standing straight up.

    Any thoughts? Am I way off…

  6. Thoughts on the weights… don’t know what people think, but anyway, here it is

    75lbs: Start off with 10 and 5lbs plates
    135lbs: Take off the 5’s, put on 35’s. This way you minimize the time spent taking the weights off (the 5lbs plates should be quick to pull off) or holding up the bar.
    165lbs: Add 10lbs metal plates and 5lbs plates.
    210lbs: Pull of the 10’s and 5’s, add another 35 and 2.5lbs.

  7. I haven’t posted in a week but I have been doing the WOD’s. My wife and I have been prepping for my second born daughter to arrive tomorrow, so posting has been low on the list of to-dos.

    Anyway, I did the WOD today and watched some others do it as well. Rudy is absolutely right about that first 30. The guy we thought would wreck 12.2, good motor and 245 max snatch, ended up with the worst score. He smoked the first 30 in 1:08. He then proceeded to do ten straight at 135. So at 2:20 he had finished the 75# and was a 1/3 of the way through the 135’s. It was all down hill from there. He started 165 with 3:35 to go and got 3. His shoulders were smoked, he couldn’t get out of the bottom and more importantly his breathing never got back under control after the 2:20 mark.

    I had the highest score out of our small group of five, 72. I had a plan. My max is only 210 so I knew for me the goal was to get as far into the 165’s as possible. I paced the first 30 and finished at 1:44, started 135 at 2:08 and power snatched and dropped everyone from the top. I don’t usually do that during Isabelle but I knew I had to save myself for reps 61-?. I started the 165 and did 4 a minute for the final 3 minutes. The last two minutes were not pretty but I did them.

    I guess the moral of the story is have a plan and know thy self.

  8. Folks have hit the high notes already…Don’t muscle snatch (I did about 45 of those sumbitches)…change your weights quickly…I did 15/15, 15 and then broke them apart dropping the wts from the top. Got 76 and will go again on Saturday.

    It isn’t how you think it will be. It is a work capacity and efficiency challenge, with the numbers that come across this blog in strength, let your technique work for you.

    I made the mistake of thinking all of it was light wt – until about 5 mins in and the volume hit.

  9. Snatch PR is 207.5. Did 69 tonight on my first attempt. Confident I can get 72-75 on a second attempt. Most of the tips here seem spot on — not only Rudy’s, but also what Dan, Dempsey, Mike and others added in comments.

    I did the first 30 in just over 1:30, muscle snatches for about the first 10, then power snatches, really focusing on getting the butt down and knees out at the start position.

    My transition to 135 was WAY too slow. I like Dan’s idea of putting 35s on over the 10s. I don’t know if it could be much faster than Rudy’s technique, but I’m expecting less bounce out of a 35s and 10s (versus the 45s I used.) Transition to 165 was also a bit slow and I think this lost me a few reps that will make a big difference in the standings.

    I went touch-and-go on the first couple at 135, but then started dropping the bar and resetting for the next rep as quickly as possible. I was trying to conserve my low back, which got pretty fried anyway toward the end of the 135s and into 165s. This was my biggest issue in the last minute or two — 165 lbs FELT like I was going for a heavy single because it was so hard to stabilize when I dropped under the bar with my back lit up. Hoping that continued focus on keeping my butt down, as well as getting shoulders and hips loosened up better next time will help. Shoulders felt fine the whole way.

    I did sets of 5 through the 135s with quick breaks between each. I’m planning on sets of 6 next time.

    On the 165s, I just did them as I could, missing 2 or 3. As others have observed, it’s mostly about preserving strength during the first 60.

    • I’m about the same level as you. Tested it out at the end of a session last night and definitely am giving some thought to doing all the 135 reps as drop singles with a quick turnaround. I guess if you can string them together it will get you to 165 sooner, but I feel like my back would be toast from all that, and with drops you can get a good rhythm going. Thoughts?

      • I tend to err on the side of doing drop singles (versus carrying the bar down) for workouts over 5 minutes with all but the lightest weights.

        If you guide the bar down and have the mental fortitude to immediately get back on it, it’s probably only a second slower each rep. About 30 seconds over the course of the 135s. I think it took me about 4 minutes to get thru the 135s, so the drops slowed me down about 15%.

        Did it save at least 15% of my energy? Or keep my low back happy 15% longer? Not sure, but I suspect so. Of course there are other factors that affect both those things.

        FWIW, I’ll mostly be doing drop singles again on attempt #2. I may try to string together a few more (maybe the first two of each set of 5 or 6.) When I had 3 minutes left to do 165s and only got 9 reps, it was due to my low back, so I’m mostly concerned with managing that.

  10. It works great for me because i trained it more than squat snatch but SPLIT that muhfukka. If you find that you are worn out and having trouble dropping under, then it may help to split snatch. Of course give it some practice prior to hitting the wod

    • Agree. Just hit 73 on my first attempt, and that was dropping every rep after the 75s (should be able to get up near 80 if I touch and go for a few sets into the 135s). I’ve never split snatched before, but hit it a few times pre-wod and felt comfortable. Mid-workout I felt like it saved me. It felt WAY faster, and also like it utilized less legs to stand it up afterwards… like instead of catching the weight in a power stance THEN having to stand up, it felt like the bar was in a continuous path upwards instead… Just purely due to the speed getting under I think. Anyway, if you’re comfortable with it, or even just feel ok with it, use it a few times throughout the wod to give your other muscle groups a break… kinda like mixing up your hand width on pushups. Everything helps.

  11. Back Squats, 230, 250, 270, 270

    12.2 – Aborted at 6 reps of 135 about 4.30 in….

    Since I’m a weak m’fer, my hamstrings have been totally destroyed since the GHRs, which in turn lead to my lower back getting fucked by the DLs on Wednesday. Told my self to try today, but lower back started cramping already after 2 reps at 135…
    Decided to give it some rest and try tomorrow instead, did the back squats after and they at least felt very good!

    Only good thing is that 135 at least didnt feel heavy, just cant setup in the bottom right now, hoping foamrolling and a lot of sleep will fix it.

    • Oh, did about total of 2h of mobility during the morning before trying, so don’t think I missed out on preparation at least hehehe…

  12. How should you warm up for this? Try snatching 210 a couple times then go back down?
    or just hope your warmed up enough when you finish 165?

  13. Been doing CrossFit now for about 2 months after playing college football. I stumbled across Outlaw about 2 weeks ago and as soon as the Open is over I am going to strictly follow it (not quite sure if my box will like it, but who cares). I did 12.2 yesterday (66) and here are my tips:
    1. Do not burn yourself out. Yes Rudy said this but holy shit, just listen to him. Even though we can do 30 reps at 75# unbroken, you dont have to be a badass at the start.
    2. Do not take the time to stare at the bar and recover. This is not a hard WOD. my body was not physically tired or sore after. I would do this WOD 100 times before I did those damn burpees again
    3. I found it better to try and do doubles and triples rather than just singles. Yes the weight gets heavy, but if you can use your momentum off the ground and get 2 reps in 10 seconds rather than 1, hell you doubled your total. I spent too much time resting and doing singles when I could have rested the same amount of time and done doubles.

    I will be re-doing this after being the guinea pig and shouldn’t have a problem getting around 75.

    • So you know where Im at- Squat snatch- 155, Power Snatch- 195. I squat around 450….Ya, haven’t ever worked the snatch enough.

  14. Weird question:

    There was a guy who contacted Rudy a few months ago about helping us redesign the website…he was from Florida, followed The Outlaw Way and has some kind of job in website design/development…well, I would like to touch base with you, but Rudy can’t find your email. If this sounds like you, please contact me – laura @ outlawcrossfit.com

  15. Ok so I have been lurking around your blog/gym website for a bit and I think I am going to take the Outlaw plung and follow your WODs.

    I don’t know if it is the beard or your ability to acquire grenades that convinced me to try.

  16. High bar 5x 225, 235, 255, 255

    12.2 50 reps

    Mock Reverse hyper over 45 degree back ext with dumbbell 10×30, 40, 40
    Evil wheel 2×10 standing

    M/F/S 3/ 3/ 5

  17. There is a better way to change weights especially if you know 210 is out of the question. Start with bar & 15’s – 75lb. Then instead of having to screw with taking plates off or moving 45’s and 35’s, throw on a 25 and a 5. Then at 165 just slide on another 15 and get rolling.

      • Played around with it a few different ways yesterday with the 75lb went in sets of 10 so the bounce wasn’t that big of a deal.

        Tried 135’s in 5’s and 3’s and both with 15 and 25’s and 45’s. Bounce was basically similar. Wasn’t having to run around the gym to get to the bar. 165 was heavy enough to have it bounce just like a normal 165lb set up did with 45’s and 15’s.

  18. Rudy, I noticed you don’t program for Thursdays at your gym, but you have a full schedule, what do you have them do?

  19. Did 12.2 yesterday and got a score of 70. I have a 1rm at 245, so I was pretty dissapointed in this number, but I would say I am disproportionately strong compared to my mechanics, and I truly think in this workout mechanics reign king. A few thing that have already been heard here but I’ll just reiterate:

    – It is REALLY DIFFICULT to transition from muscle snatch to power snatch. The earlier you begin power snatching (i.e., rep number 1), the easier 165 will be. I muscle snatched the first 45 reps or so and after that I felt like I couldn’t drop under the bar AT ALL. Thus my form fell apart and I began catching with a really wide stance.

    – Focus on breathing, mechanics, and set up for each rep carefully. I missed 3 reps because of sloppy mechanics and poor set up and as a result I expended a ton of effort for no reason.

    – Chest up, eyes up, butt down . My back was smoked by the end.

    – Tape up your thumbs and pinkies. I got a few tears and that is going to make a repeat that much more painful.

  20. Any thoughts on loading/changing for the women’s weights? I was thinking 45# bar, then throwing on 15’s (75lbs), then 10’s and 2.5’s (100) and finally two more 10’s for 120#. You wouldn’t have to strip plates at all that way but I’m wondering if it might cause too much bounce.

    • Erin,

      1 45# bar has a larger diameter than a womans bar which will fatigue your grip or later on during the WOD cause it slip easier, just use the womens bar, and go over your plan to transition over and over in your head, slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

      • Thanks for the advice Chad! The only thing is that I NEVER use the women’s bar. Bad, I know, because that is what is used in competition. I think I’ll mess around w/ the women’s bar today and see how it feels though. I know the ones at the gym are rough as hell though so tape will be a must.

  21. HBBS: 215,230,250,250

    12.2: Practiced, doing it tomorrow at local “event”. Got under 210, should’ve had it. Should be interesting. Went over plate setup and plate changing – get it down ahead of time so all you have to worry about is the snatch.


  22. HBBS: 150, 165, 175, 175

    Going back tonight for 12.2. I feel kind of silly because I’m giddy about this. I know it’s going to be tough, but b/c I love this type of WOD. However, I don’t think there will ever be a more perfect WOD for me like the 5 min AMRAP of ground to OVH during last year’s Opens. That SOB was my wheelhouse.

    • Did 12.2 and I had a horrible night. I’m not even going to post my score. I haven’t had a night (or day) this bad in a while.

      A big part of me struggles with repeating the WODs b/c in no other competition would I be allowed a re-do. However, the Opens is not a normal competition – perhaps that’s because this is just exercise – and I will without a doubt re-do this one.

  23. I have been doing outlaw programming for about 2 months without skipping a WOD. A fellow outlaw convinced me to start posting. So here it goes, My 1RM Snatch is 220 (20# pr since starting the programming). Last night I hit 85 on 12.2. I muscle snatched the 75# in groups of 10. I finished my 1st transition by 2min. I power snatched the 135# in sets of 5 (was a little fatigued by 55). I finished my 2nd transition at 5 min. ย I dropped every rep at 165# from overhead. I think if I chained some together I could have reached 90. ย  Anyway, thanks Rudy.

  24. Did squats at appropriate weights based on 1RM.

    60 reps on 12.2. 165 wasn’t going up.

  25. Going back for squats tonight…gonna try and go a little heavier than last session.

    Got cleared yesterday to Do Olympic lifts to power position (phew!), got 67 on 12.2…not bad for not having lifted in 2 months! Also wore knee compressions that made it hard as fuck to get my ass down…which hurt my first pull a lot. Happy to be back in the game!

  26. Would love to hear more chatter about the women’s weights and strategy. It just appears that this is a much different WOD for the ladies than the men (especially if you are good at snatching) but of course it could prove to be otherwise. Thoughts? Can’t wait to see how EA and T do on this one!

    • ayn, i think the strategy pretty much stays the same. so far i’ve seen 4 people do this (2 guys and 2 girls) and good technique is what’s most important. the person who did the best out of the 4 stayed calm and had the best technique. like rudy said, this like snatch technique work. lower backs seem to be getting smoked which is a result of pulling with your back when the weight is light and muscling everything up.

  27. strength completed

    12.2, got 60 reps pretty easy but 165 is my max. had a couple attempts at 165 but just couldnt get under it. ( wasnt really tired after at all) the damn snatch wins again!!


  28. Krissi never posts …. She got 90 on 12.2. Cool thing is she said her shoulders weren’t worn out! She ran out of time after loading the 120lbs.

    • Ooops, forgot to add… she went 15/15, 10/5/5/5/5, then 1 at a time .. she alternated between split and power snatches.

  29. hb squat

    60 reps. had mri on wed. results torn labrum. 135 hurt. 165 was out of question. dropping under bar was out.

    mfs 2/3/7 legs and low back were still very sore. and obviously shoulder hurt.

    • Labrums don’t heal and make your shoulder unstable if it’s anterior. Be careful, if you dislocate you could end up with even more issues. Ask Casey Jenks…

    • Oooooh! Please be smart! The guy who won Masters at the Games last year from our gym just pulled out of the Open because he has a 360 degree labrum tear. He’s having surgery in few weeks.

    • Hey Jonah,

      It sucks and the recovery/rehab process is long but I’d seriously consider surgery. CrossFit is pretty brutal on shoulders if you have any sort of tear. I dislocated my shoulder snatching 215, had an MRI, and the doc told me either never lift anything heavy overhead again, or get the surgery. Didn’t really leave me much of a choice. My tear was anterior, and torn from 12’o clock to 6′ o clock – SLAP tear & bankart lesion.

      You definitely do not want to dislocate. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I was going nuts from the time of dislocation til they popped it back in in the ER about an hour later.

      I’m about 5 months post op, and still trying to get back to where I was. Shoot me an email if you have any questions.

    • I played around with it yesterday with a belt and it kept getting in my way and preventing me from pulling from the pocket. Maybe if I had one of those velcro belts it would’ve been better.

    • I did it with a belt…no lower back soreness or tightness. I never wear a belt when lifting, but thought it would be a good idea.

      • What kind of belt did you have? Velcro? I have a brand new belt and that sucks is stiff as hell and bar kept hitting it. Grrrr! I’d rather do it with one to save my back …

  30. hbbs
    177, 197, 207

    67reps. i have a 190# max snatch-yea not that strong. I went through the 75# at 3×10 in 2 min. During the 135# doing sets of 2-5 I felt really good. When I put on 165#’s I had just under 4 min left and 165# felt like a ton. I was squat snatching really clean, but then my lower back was just on fire and I failed on about 5 reps that really burned me out.
    I did do 2 squat snatches at 135# to make sure I was really to get under 165#.
    I suppose I’m content with the workout. I’m looking forward to 6 months from now after I’ve been following the programming to see where I’m at then.
    Good luck Outlaws

  31. 12.2

    = 73 Reps

    Stoked with this score and the tips on your video post for strategy worked great so thank you. Focused on breathing, mechanics (chest up-ass down) throughout and hitting power snatches from the start to save shoulders for later on.

    Felt totally prepared-

    M=2 F=2 S=3

  32. 12.2

    65 REPS

    PR’d my isabel during the WOD by 3 minutes… failed 3 reps at 165.

    Max snatch is 195.

      • I split at 165 as well, and the benefits are you can drop under the bar faster with less taxation on the legs. I don’t have a strong pull from the ground, so even though I have a 215# snatch, 165 was very heavy to power snatch with multiple reps after all that, so dropping underneath quickly in the split allowed me to catch the weight locked out every time and stand it up with not nearly as much effort as I would from the squat.

      • David pretty much summed it up. That and my squat is pretty ugly, so splitting ensured I didn’t miss a rep.

    • Great job. I’m think about using that strategy as well. What’s your 1RM for reference?

      • #195 Squat Snatch, 185 Power bit from what I’ve see I wouldn’t base how your going to do on someone’s 1RM. Just keep moving and keep your heart rate down. There is no need to stop on this one. With that being said singles can be just as effective as stringing reps together at the higher weights. Use the transitions as your rest

  33. Got to 45 and back cramped up real bad. Said fuck it. Giving it a day of rest. Will get 60 on Sunday. Hit 155 for 10lb PR during practice yesterday, and 135 felt smooth until the back tightened up. Learned more about pacing so that will help too.

    • Strength: based off 235. Really easy and fast sets.

      12.2. 50. Legs went really quickly. Split some towards the end. Fuck it. 2 months ago my PR was 135. I have one goal now. Get strong as fuck. You can have your 4 min Nasty Girl. I want Isabel and Grace to be my bitches.

  34. 12.2 was the most infuriating workout I’ve ever done. Low back got smoked about halfway through 135. Kept my hips down, but my counter said I started rounding my back. Took over a minute to switch the weights to 165 because of my back, then got under it 3 times but couldn’t stabilize. Pretty disappointed with 60 reps, but I’m not going to redo it so that I don’t hurt my back. Programming and advice was rock solid, but my body didn’t have it today.

    The biggest piece of advice that helped me was to throw some squat snatches in at 135. I squat snatched every 3rd rep, and dropping under 165 when I got to it was easy as hell. Just didn’t have anything left in the shoulders or back :/

  35. Squat
    185 195 210 210
    These all felt super light/fast

    12.2- 62

    Paced way too much in the start. But every rep looked way good. 135 done in sets of 3 for 15 then singles and doubles. . Failed 165 about 3 times. Got under it, just fell to knees and didn’t try to stand up.


  36. 12.2 – 63

    I weigh 81kg, Max snatch is 90kg / 198lbs and best Isabel 5:18 all as doubles 5 months ago.

    My strength is my technique. Went 3×10 power snatches, changeover finished at 2:15 in. My plan was 3’s as far as possible then 1’s or 2’s. But after I wobbled rep 4 I made a snap decision to do singles. I feel this didn’t work for me because I wasn’t mentally prepared for a set, lift, drop, set, lift, drop tempo when I lost my way an I lost time.

    I think I had just under 1 minute left after second change squat snatched 2 missed a 3rd just in front then stood out of another with 3 secs left.

    Decided I was doing again before I had finished the 135lbs really just deciding how to attack it. I’m keen to go 3’s and 2’s as far as possible to get to 165lbs sooner as I think my technique will carry me through however if I’m smoked from 3’s and 2’s then maybe not. Otherwise I have to be ready to attack singles this time. Any advice, I feel my potential is low 70’s if I get it right which is super important for the team and my region.

  37. First post-kinda been following in the shadows for a little now. 12.2- first attempt this AM hit 67, then tried it again this afternoon and got 73. I am on week 5 of the Hatch cycle and will hit them tomorrow. Thanks for all you guys post and the amazing resource that is Outlaw Coach.

  38. Got 82 reps, hurt worse than the burpees. Hit a wall 9 reps into 165# went two sets of 15 for the 75# set of 10 and then 4×5 with 135 3×3 with 165 then singles til finish. All power snatches. Technique and strength are there, I’m just lacking conditioning. Happy though because I gave it my all. Good luck everyone!

  39. Lurker stepping into the light to say that I can’t wait till 11:50 AM EST tomorrow! At the Arnold: Fronig Jr, Bailey, Holmberg, Orlando, Hendel, AKINWALE, Klever, Foucher (and more I can’t remember) all hitting 12.2 in the same heat. Should be awesome.

  40. Hit 73 reps… technique went to crap on this… ended up missing something like 3 reps… wondering if I need to do this one again. Thoughts?

    • Any thoughts/opinions on doing singles from 135 on? Didn’t really gas, but my back was totally gone by the 165’s (went in with like 4:00/4:15 left on the clock). Figure with singles can focus more on technique.

      • Dant worked for me and didn’t have a problem with back or shoulders. You just have to ensure you get right back in it each time. No “dancing” around the bar between reps.

  41. A: 155, 170, 185
    12.2 – 61 Reps

    M/F/S: 1/3/3

    *Just want to say a huge thank you to Rudy and the Outlaw crew for the awesome programming. Truly top notch! When I started this my max snatch was 151# and today on 12.2 I got 1 rep of 165# (and it felt really easy, just ran out of time…)

  42. Hit 60 reps with 50 seconds to go. Hit myself in the hon on attempt 1 at 165, knocked myself on my ass, literally. Tried twice more, but there was nothing behind them. 165 is my previous 1rm, set last week.

  43. HBBS- 220,235,255,255

    12.2-70 reps. First round did 3 sets of 10 felt good. Second round, started off doing 5 touch and go’s but started to wear out a bit. Switched to dropping from the top each rep and grabbing and going. Actually used a split snatch technique towards the middle and through the end. This helped me drop under a little faster and definitely helped me to press out each rep. 165# continued using the split snatch and just pressing out each rep. My PR is only 185# and if I hadn’t of used the split snatch and only tried the traditional way I believe I wouldn’t have come close to getting 70 reps. I suggest you maybe try the split snatch if you haven’t already done so, because it without a doubt worked for me.

  44. 82 reps. Gonna try again Sunday, I think. Didn’t pace 135# well, and took too much rest time on 165#.

    Did HBBS in the afternoon.
    265, 285, 310, 310

    M/F/S – 3/4/4

  45. Strength
    Shoulders were not an issue, legs fatigued very fast at 165. 3sets of 10 @75, dropped every rep @135 and 165 but kept a steady pace. Also, keep in mind ass down chest up it will save your lower back. Content with the score overall.

  46. Strength

    68 reps
    Had 4 misses on 165. felt ok but I know i need alot of work. i love the o lifts just havnt worked them like i should. this ends my first week of outlaw and i love it so far.

  47. Did 12.2 today (Sat.) with group at my gym. Snatch isn’t solid yet at heavy (for me) weight, but working on it. Opted to use the women’s weights. Muscle snatched the first 30. Power Snatched the 2nd 30. Didn’t think to do a few full Snatch movements at the 75# weight to get into the rhythm of getting under the bar. Hit 100# and struggled to drop low enough. Got 66 reps total. Was looking for 80. I don’t think my shoulders were truly cached, but my technique blew chunks. Considering retrying this tomorrow, but may take the rest day and just chalk it up to experience and practice. Shoulder strength has long been a limiting factor for me (OHS, HSPU, and the like all suffer). 5RM Standing Press is around 105#.

  48. Got 68 reps this morning. I can squat snatch 215, but being that I dont power snatch a ton, my form broke down in the later reps. Still pretty happy with this. Maybe could have gone through the 135 set a little quicker, I was about 30 sec behind what I wanted, missed 1 at 135 and missed 2 @ 165.

  49. 12.2, 54 reps

    Just watched the video back and I muscled ’em, like a dumbass. Lower back is smoked.

  50. Squat: 102,5, 110, 120, 120 kg

    12.2: Got 68 reps and am very disappointed. Started the 165 reps at 7:00, but already had problems with my lower back cramping. It only got worse and ended up รณn the floor stretching during the WOD. I think, had it not been for the cramps, it would have made somewhere between 72-75. But i wount be able to re-do it, so i Will never know.

  51. 12.2: 71 reps.

    Boo. 165 wasn’t even too heavy. Gamed it too much. Probably could have gotten a couple more in if I went harder. No fails.

  52. 71 reps! I’m pretty happy with this. I felt like my cardio went before muscle fatigue.

    Strength: The gym closed before I could squat, so hopefully I’ll be able to get in tomorrow and squat

    MFS: 222

  53. 12.2 74 Reps, stuck to game plan, 165# was single squat snatches. I wanted more, however, I’m happy with this for not snatching most of last year with shoulder issues.
    I stuck to the game plan and strategy from here and it worked great. Although I want more I’m not redoing this one…

  54. strength: 220#, 235#, 250#, 250#

    60 reps. I am OK with this number considering my max snatch is 155#. Finished the 60th rep with 1 minute and 40 secs left. Got 3 attemtps in at 165# but failed.

  55. 12.2 61 reps
    Got to the 165s with 2:30 to go and it kicked me in the dick for the remainder. Someone should have taped it because I showed every possible way to miss.

  56. 1) 205/215/235 (shorted my 1RM by 20# when calculating, my subconscious couldn’t have been telling me *anything*…)

    2) 60 reps

    Right there, had 165 stood up and ran out of space to run. Good training day, less great competition day.

  57. 12.2: 88 reps. (Did the WOD on Saturday)
    Last year, the “strength” workout was the major factor in keeping me out of regionals–not this year!! I was in the bottom half of our region for 11.3 at 264th place, with top 50 finishes in all other WODs except a 70th in 11.1. I actually had to clean and jerk 55# in WOD 11.1 last year.

    Like Kelsey, I felt more winded, rather than fatigued today. I did fail two reps at 100# in my 80’s–but I felt like it was because I was running out of time and hurrying rather than fatigue. I know we aren’t supposed to redo, but I feel great. To be honest, I feel like I just did an Outlaw Olympic session. It was no big deal. Even though my legs and feet were really cramping after I finished.

    45# 15/15
    75# 5/5/5/5/5/5
    100# 3/2–then split snatch singles the rest.
    I finished 45 and 75 in less than five minutes. I really felt like I was going to make it to 120#, but didn’t realize how much time split snatch would take from me.

    BTW, in warm up, I split-snatched 120–EASY!!! What the heck!! Why can’t I squat snatch 120???

    Also, today was the first day in my life I’ve ever split snatched. Also, the second week in my life that I’ve ever power snatched anything over 55#.

    Pretty happy right now.

    No strength work.

    M/F/S: 1/2/2–low back still a little tight from deadlift WOD on Tuesday–even though I saw chiro for adjustment and ART yesterday.

  58. 5×5 315

    74 Reps
    I wasn’t in it mentally I didn’t push hard enough and my technique went out the door. lesson learned I work better when I just listen to my body and dont try to get all strategic and shit. Oh yes i also got 4 Fails after squat snatching it I didn’t stay locked out Faaaaaaaak

  59. 72 reps. Just want to drop a big thank you to Rudy and the Outlaw Nation. 72 isn’t ground breaking but a year ago 165 was my max. I mean that really ugly nasty snatch that makes coaches look away and pray that I dont run into the wall or snap my arms in half kind of PR.

  60. 1) strength: 80,85,90,95 ( did this after 12.2 to reserve energy)

    2) I hit 60 reps which I was very pleased with. Still need to work on dropping under the weight….

  61. Following a day behind throughout the Open so I can test on Saturdays. We have Open competitions at different affiliates throughout St. Louis so I like to test with a competitive group every week rather than on my own.

    No back squats. Couldn’t work them in before hand.

    12.2 – 79 reps. (15-10-5; 6×3/6×2; singles). Technique was great. Power snatched everything, and never had too much of a form breakdown. Had to squat snatch my last rep at 165. I wanted 80, but i needed about 3 more seconds to get that last rep. I’m very happy with this b/c I have been weak at barbell wods in the past. Fuckin’ Outlaw programming!

  62. My 1RM power snatch is 175. I’ve been following the Outlaw Way since the end of Januaryand my strength is skyrocketing. I got 70 on 12.2. I did 10/10/10 and then drop singles from there on out. I felt like form was the most important part of this WOD. Thanks to Rudy and all the other Outlaws for your input.

  63. hbbs-170, 185, 200, 200

    12.2-61 reps
    -started outlaw right around new year and pr snatch was 165
    -snatch pr over 190 now, but not as proficient w power snatch as full snatch
    -pretty happy w score

  64. 12.2 take two 73 so happy with the way my bum elbow feels. I’m going to pretend it’s better.

  65. Haven’t posted this even though I completed on Friday. After all this time planning, looking at videos, knowing that this was right in my wheelhouse, I totally fucked up the plate change at 165 and did 12 reps at 155 before I realized what was going on.

    So then I changed the weight and did 6 more at 165.

    So I loaded weights 3 separate times, and did a bunch of wrong reps. I think I could get around 80 if I wasn’t an asshole. Will probably try to reattempt in the next month or so.

    Just goes to show you: relax, and don’t be a dumbass.

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