WOD 120301:

Rest day.

If one… I mean ONE of you complains about 12.2, I will pop out of your iPhone in a Star Trek “beam me up Scotty” way and beat the living shit out of you. Remember that Russian dude that won 12.1? Yeah… The next time you see him will be in 24,323rd on 12.2; “Sport Aerobics” (aka dancing around and doing burpees sometimes) doesn’t involve heavy-fucking-snatches.

Hmmmm… You know who should be good at snatches? I mean heavy ones, light ones, multi-rep-whatever-the-fuck ones.


If you have been following this site for any length of time you should have a WOD boner for 12.2 (yes, I just invented “WOD boner”. Fuck off, Epic). Yes, it’s a lot of reps, but at least they’re heavy.

By the way; no, the men’s/women’s scaling isn’t right. A woman will have the most reps on this one.

Strategy coming tomorrow. And… FUCK YEAH.

I saved one lady from the lifting session highlight video, so I could give her her own video. Elisabeth spent 12 hours traveling last Friday, got to the gym an hour late and PR’d on EVERYTHING.

Noah Ohlsen got a text from a certain 2011 Southeast Region winning male on Saturday night. Noah told me the unnamed male asked him if Talayna had done 190 reps on 12.1 and then burst into a ball of flames while doing some back-flips. The reality was that T had only done 118 reps, which was moderately disappointing to both of us. The reason?

She had a broken rib.

She received this when about 350# of man meat came crashing down on her after a freak wave knocked the speed boat she was on sideways. We knew she had been hurt pretty good, but thought it was just general impact trauma. Nope. Broken. Full-on John Wayne level 118 Burpees with a BROKEN RIB.

You know… Burpees… Those things you literally have to fall on your rib cage to perform. In retrospect, not “moderately disappointed” at all. Now I just think she’s crazy.

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  1. I have to say I fuckin’ love this post…YEAH T! She always give me a wod boner….and I don’t have a penis!

  2. Talayna, “I don’t show pain’ya”, “I won’t complain’ya” Fortunata…

    I think God missed an opportunity when he used a man’s rib to fashion a woman – he clearly hadn’t made this wild woman yet!

    Inspirational to the max!

  3. Does anyone know what “UB” means when it shows up in the programming…as in UB T2B or UB Push Press?

  4. This is that Russian guy that scored 161 reps on the Burpee workout. Something tells me that snatches are not his thing. See what I did there?


    • OMFG! Ever see something and wish there was some way to unsee it? I didn’t know it until just now, but that’s exactly how I feel about “sport aerobics.” Top comment on Youtube as of this writing: “Ok, you are beastly strong, I admire that, but this is VERY gay…” Seems about right. Well, except for the “beastly strong” part, which I’m thinking Comrade Shokhin is about to find has a different meaning outside the context of the DADBS community (Dancing Around and Doing Burpees Sometimes). This needs to go away quickly, before someone at HQ or Reebok gets the idea to use it as an example of how people apply Crossfit in their daily lives.

    • “Something tells me that snatches are not his thing. See what I did there?”

      One of the best comments yet on this blog. I just spit out my coffee all over my computer.

  5. I am a longtime lurker of The Outlaw Way, usually to get my sarcasm fix while at work. After the announcement of 12.2 I wish I was a follower, not that I am regional qualifier level exerciser.

    Are any Outlaws going to be at the Arnold this weekend? I’ll buy you a beer after you crush this one. I may at least be able to hang with you on the drinking.

  6. I think Froning and Baileys approach was the perfect approach. I can’t believe Froning though, every single rep was perfect. Showcases the difference between switching to a Power Snatch proper rather than trying to muscle snatch them all like Bailey did.

  7. @ TJ Miller ““Something tells me that snatches are not his thing. See what I did there?”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That is gold mate!

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