I want to apologize in advance for this video. I didn’t get a chance to get the camera on everyone, as I was in the middle of the room trying to somehow control a group of 45 lifters. Yes, the ladies are very under-represented and I know many other people hit PRs that I completely missed. This video only features some of the more preposterous lifts that I happened to get on video. I mean REALLY preposterous. I never thought I’d see 400# come off the floor that fast.


WOD 120229:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes Split Jerk technique work.

Notes: Concentrate on footwork and driving the hips under the bar into a support position. DO NOT go heavy unless technique is flawless. Make sure footwork for EVERY lift is the same. Do not change landing position when the weight gets heavier.


5 rounds for time of:

11 Deadlifts @ 225/155#
11 Pushups (hand release)

Notes: This entire WOD should be performed using negative splits. The first round should be performed slower than the final round. Try to build pace throughout the entire piece from 85% on the first round up to full capacity on the final round.


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  1. If you guys want a demo that doesn’t suck (but lacks a ponytail), check out Carl Paoli at 5:07 ;).

  2. Well The Outlaw Way, here I come. Wish I would have found this site at the beginning of my deployment. I would have saw even better gains but still happy with current progress. Now looking for more. Did the conditioning from yesterday and will take on todays completely. Looking for videos of proper split jerk technique. Thanks for the site, it helps a lot while deployed overseas; somewhere to look to for guidance.

    Bench 250
    Squat 270, squatted 540 in HS but spent the last 15yrs trying to make my legs smaller.
    DL 305

  3. Worked up to 242 with good technique on the split jerks.

    4:15 (:56, :53, :52, :51, :44 splits)

    Reminded me of my time as a swimmer with the negative split.

  4. Worked up to 215# on split jerk. The heavier it got, the better my position.

    Conditioning: 4:38
    Didn’t record splits, but definitely hit negatives the whole way through.

  5. Jerk: worked up to 155#

    Conditioning: 5:31.
    All DL were unbroken and got faster each round, while push-ups and V-ups just got hideous. Didn’t feel taxed at the end, so I may have gone a little too slow at the beginning?

    M/F/S 2/4/6

  6. Jerk: Worked up to 255 in the split jerk, comfortable. Dip and drive is good, but the split under was slow and insufficiently aggressive, so I worked on that for 5-6 singles, with measurable improvement.

    Conditioning: Tried to sub RDLs and hollow rocks for deads and v-ups to save back. Had to abort the WOD halfway through round 3 when back starting lighting up (pre-existing issue).

    M/F/S 5/4/7 (just back)

  7. BB gym:
    Stayed at 145#. I’m trying to break this new(ish) flaw of slightly pausing at the bottom of my dip.

    :65, :65, :59, :60, :55

    V-ups looked nothing like v-ups the last couple rounds.

    M/F/S – 2/3/2

  8. Worked on Split Jerks
    up to 205. Failed 230 a few times, but got under it at least.

    5 Rounds
    11 DL, 225
    11 Hand Release Push-Ups
    11 V-Ups
    Goal was to increase speed by round. 8:47

    Rest 20 min…then decided to do regular gym WOD

    5 Rounds
    35 Double Unders
    12 DB C&P, 30#
    10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

  9. SJ: Worked up to 242

    Conditioning: 5:41
    Splits: 1:15,1:00,1:09,1:01 – second split obviously off, could have pushed a little harder throughout the entire thing. Good to work with a percentage in mind, can see where that will help in the future making sure I don’t blow the fuck up.

    2/2/2 – tired shoulders

  10. SJ: Worked up to 3 singles on 225, kept it very submax and improved each rep. Good speed under the bar on last rep.
    Conditioning: 5’23min
    1’17-46s went too slow on the first 3 rounds and tried to make up time on the last…

  11. BB Gymnastics

    20 minutes Split Jerk technique work.

    Notes: Only worked upto 80kg to get my feet right as suggested and torso upright on the down and up. Was pleased with form.


    5 rounds for time of:

    11 Deadlifts @ 100kg
    11 Pushups (hand release)
    11 V-Ups

    Time= 7:47

    M=4 F=3 S=3

    That highlights video from the camp was awesome. Can’t wait for your UK trip

  12. Split Jerk: 200. PR. Felt great today.

    Conditioning. 7.14. Got faster each round. Started at about 1.30 in first round. Last round was 1.10 or so. Shaved about five seconds off per round. Felt great. Scaled to 185 on the DL

  13. Had to take the 2 yr old to the gym this am so the jerk work didn’t happen as I would have liked. I’m going to mess around with it again this evening.

    Conditioning 6:27

    ran the mile from yesterday 10 mins after today’d conditioning…8:13. lots of hills. horrible time.

  14. Are you guys resting in between rounds of conditioning wod? If not, how are you getting precise individual times per round without stopping?

  15. Jerk- worked up to 265, had 275 locked out but my head was way back.

    Conditioning- 4:46, don’t know splits


  16. Jerk: worked up to 265# got under it but was to far back

    Conditioing: 4:41 last round was faster than first but the middle rounds were a little off.

  17. BB gymnastics
    Worked up to 215( worked on timing and getting full potential out of my dip drive) felt great.

    5:14( don’t know splits but did follow 85%-100% ramp up)

    2/3/3(shoulders a little sore)

  18. AM
    BB Gymnastics
    Worked up to a double at 100kg (225lb) feet started off well working up but went a bit haywire and my drive lacked the pop it needs

    1st round 1:16, last round ~1:00. Deadlifts and press ups unbroken, V-ups got squirly and wild as it went on

    Some prowler fun

    Minute 1 row max metres, minute 2 do 20 wall balls and rest remainder of minute, minute 3 row max metres etc. Repeat until 2000m have been rowed
    14:36 – I still can’t walk right about 3 hours later

  19. Split Jerk- only had enough for 185 today. Positioning was great, but was really weak.

    This one was all messed up. I went out nice and relaxed, but got tired real fast.
    Total time- 7:11

  20. bb gym: Really focused on foot placement during landing and getting under the bar.

    5:36 completed the rounds fairly deliberately. V-ups were not video worthy, but everything was UB.

    Ready to see what comes tonight.

  21. Worked up to 205#. Second time I do split jerks so I focused on technique.



    First time I do negative splits. Requires a little different mind set than I’m used to.

    Great day overall!!!

  22. Jerk: Worked up to 245.

    Haven’t split jerked in a couple weeks.

    Conditioning: 6:22

    Don’t know split times, tried to build as I went though. Everything UB.

  23. Outlaw Day 3

    Split Jerk
    My max is around 255, so I kept the reps around 185-205. Tried to work on quick feet.

    Tried to start slow 1:37, got my rounds around 1:15 by the third round, but then the V ups kind of went to hell. Ended up with 1:32 for the last round.
    7:46 total.

    Starting to really feel the added volume. Especially with the midline stuff. I think I’m realizing that most of weaknesses are basically due to a weak core.

  24. Split jerk technique: worked up to 175#
    felt good but I can tell my shoulders are fatigued. Super sore all over today.

    Conditioning: 4:49 🙂
    Deads felt great but got slow bc of core/ midline of other movements. Used to V-ups from gymnastics. Wanted sub 5, so happy with this.

    MFS- 3, 5, 7 sore today! Glad for rest.

  25. SJ: Filmed it. Improved it.

    Conditioning: 7:22 Too slow at beginning. Deadlifts fast and UB. Pushups fast and UB. Fuck v-ups.

    6/4/6 Legs are fried. Trying to lay off the Copenhagen. Cut back about a little more than half this week. Physically I feel better, but mentally I want flip my f’ing desk over and throw my laptop like a frisbee.

  26. First time split jerking again, worked up to 185 in triples and did 2 sets there…knees are feeling pretty good, which is awesome.

    Conditioning: 5:49-splits we’re all in the :55-1:00 range, but my transition between rds was slow as shit. Just tired today. V-ups were also more taxing than usual.

    All in all, another decent day with little knee pain, so I’m staying positive.

  27. Lost two full weeks of training as a result of a vicous flu followed by bizarre middle back pain (sprained facet joint).

    Back at it today, albeit cautiously with DLs in the mix.

    Split Jerk: worked up to 185 lbs.

    Met-con: Splits ranged from 1:13 to 0:52, but I took 1 minute rest in between to make sure the back was not overly taxed.

  28. Bunch of singles… only worked up to 175 (PR is 235) foot work is vastly improved

    metcon – total time= 9:40

    took my time on the V-ups to actually keep good form, my abs are thanking me.
    def fucked up the negative split though… whoops

    less than an hour till 12.2!

  29. I have decided to back off on weight for all oly lifts and start from scratch on technique as mine sucks balls. I never allowed myself the opportunity to focus on technique and am now suffering from piss poor technique as I cannot seem to make any significant improvements. Focused on dropping under the bar which I have not been doing. Drew little feet on the ground and everything for where I should be so I had reference. 155 no problem with form, still leaning forward a tad on dip, however, I go to 165 and form goes to shit. 160 I am okay. Think I am going to focus on lots of reps here and slowly move up once my form is solid.

    Worked on some Hang squat snatches with lighter weight using some insight I got on Saturday. feel much better. Need to drill that into my muscle memory

    Conditioning was in 5:22

    fastest round was round 3.

  30. Using Wendler 5/3/1 program and this was my heavy DL day, so I decided to use the conditioning WOD as a strength builder assist. Scaled down to #185, since 50% for SBA is closer to #160 for me. Hit 265×3 pretty easy. Time to move my max up #20 from #310.

    5 rounds 1:18
    11 Deadlifts 1:24
    11 Pushups 1:39
    11 V-Ups 1:59
    DL 3@UB, 2@7-4 1:45
    29-Feb-12 8:07

    Love the day after feeling a DL WOD gives you. Makes you feel like you really accomplished something in the gym.

      • Yes, I know. But I am a newb and was just finishing up with 5/3/1 and heading over to the Outlaw Way! I should get my junk kicked in for even mentioning it, me scuzzy! However, I blame all of the good people here for not telling me about it sooner. “You don’t know, what you don’t know!” We need to be better advocates of systems that work and stop espousing the programs that breed medicrity elsewhere!

  31. Worked to a 265# jerk, felt really good. This was heaviest I’ve done with no shoulder pain for a little.


    I apparently I don’t understand negative splits, what felt like 85% the first round, I guess was not… There was also a transition in following rounds which is not shown in first round since you start at the bar. I also sub’d ring push ups to keep my wrist in a neutral position, wrist pain lately.

    :57-1:02-1:03-1:05-1:14 Total time 5:21

  32. BB gym:
    worked up to 205. First rep was pretty good. Second one, not to much. Bar kinda J’ed up and I ended up basically strict pressing it the rest of the way up. Capped it there

    :53, :54…downhill from here. Total was 6:19. Bleh, I think I shot out the gates too fast

  33. Hit a new Jerk PR today, 305#, actually the second PR in the last 5 days on this. And the thing is it went up easy. I’ll be setting a new PR again soon…this time I want the 3 wheels on both sides of the bar.

  34. split jerks-worked up to 175 and focused on footwork

    conditioning-1st round 1:30, total 8:23

    bring on the snatches

  35. Worked up to 185 and messed with that for about the last 12 min. Really worked on my footwork and speed.

    7:39 total

  36. Jerks: stayed at 88#, footwork felt really good and hips felt explosive. Played around with some behind the neck and squat jerks
    Conditioning- 8:23 @ 205 ( went out too fast and burnt out, good lesson on pacing)

    M/F/S: 1/3/3 (shoulder finally feeling a bit better, legs a bit tired)

    Played around with some snatches. 135 feels good, 165 is gonna get a bit sketchy

  37. Jerks felt good so I went heavy…..hit 203 3# PR!!!

    6:16 DL ub and got faster, can’t say the same about the PU’s and V-Ups.

  38. Split Jerk technique was decent up to 225. Tried to work up to PR (265) but, couldn’t manage to get under 255 on several attempts. I was not feeling explosive at all and just didn’t feel amped to push heavy weight.


    Was all over the place with my pace, probably started out to fast. Wasted way to much transitioning from V-ups to starting next rd. probably 8-10sec each rd.
    Total = 6:32

    Felt good after the conditioning, but was upset with lack of explosion up & down split jerk work.

    Just saw 12.2…fml


  39. Split jerk worked up to 155, singles from there on hit 185, 195, then 205 felt good but was told my hips were slow and my form was dropping off. Went back down to 185 and did 5 more with fast hips and tighter form.
    WOD in 5:35

  40. Split Jerks

    Bunch of lighter weights, worked up very quickly
    225, 245, 265, 285, 300f, 305, 315f, 315 PR, 325f

    had 325 stalled up there for a second, lost it behind me.
    The 315 was a beauty.



    Not very good at V-ups….I’m sure the last round or two wasn’t too pretty.
    Felt like I got through 2 rounds without even breathing then had to try to relax a bit and get my breath. Pretty good pace throughout.


  41. Still sore from this weekend… not good. Wrist didn’t feel fantastic either, so didn’t work very heavy on the jerk.

    — 4:35. Negative splits, huh? Pacing? I feel like you don’t even know me.

    M/F/S – 2/5/7

  42. Split Jerk
    245, 265 Felt really good, 275 felt ok, 285 tied PR was ugly. Tried 295lbs got close but couldnt finish.

    No conditioning, felt hot on the right side of my back after failing 295.

  43. Effed around with 255, still suck but getting better slowly.

    Conditioning – 4:13.6
    Splits are about 2-3 seconds in the wrong direction. Push ups sped up easily, dl’s stayed about the same until the lady round and the v-ups were the ones where I lost the second or two.

  44. Only worked up to 95lbs on Split Jerk…. Focused more on technique and form.

    Conditioning- 9:59

    My Splits were all over the place:

    Struggled on deadlifts but overall felt decent

  45. Worked with bar and coach only on split jerk for 30 minutes as I’m really trying to become a technician in all things Oly Lifts.

    Conditioning 5:43

  46. Just worked up to 205 on split jerk. Trying to get in a good racked position and getting speed under.


  47. Hit split jerk for the first time in 6 months tonight, started at 45 and worked up to 135 for a set of 5. Then continued up to 200 with push presses. Ended at 200×3. About 25-35 lbs off my old #’s for 3, but pretty excited. Felt solid and stable on the way up, and no pain lowering the weight back to the shoulders.

    conditioning: 9:55.

    Think I might have paced too slow at the beginning haha. Abs still rocked from the GHD on saturday. Def not ignoring those anymore.

  48. Split jerk work – worked up to 225#. Feeling good.
    717 total.
    Kinda hard to figure out where 85% was to start. Probably could have gone faster.

  49. Split Jerk- stayed at 95# (super light) perfecting technique

    Conditioning: in order to save my back for 12.2, I subbed 30 UB double unders for DLs. went out way too fast one 1st round.

    102, 115, 244 (kept missing double unders), 118, 113

    MFS: 135 (back is super tight)

  50. split jerk worked up to 225# everything felt light and easy, focused on technique, shoving down under the bar instead of hulk-smashing it up there

    conditioning 5:58 rx

    did this stuff yesterday but forgot to post

  51. split jerk work on the jerk boxes @ 225. Need to hold the lockout longer on the stand. still felt good though, video’d several jerks, and my bar path had good travel.

    conditioning went rollercoaster style on round 3. whoops.

  52. spit jerk- worked up to 200lbs

  53. Worked on split jerk technique. Moved up to 205 where the bar was still moving fast, then shut it down.

    Conditioning: 6:24

    Ran negative splits, but had to be pretty conservative to make sure that happened.

  54. BB gym)
    worked up to 225. Wrist feels better but pains still there. Did about 5 singles. Getting faster and lower under the bar.
    Also did a lil snatch work for 12.2 about 5 reps at each weight. Worked on touch and go reps.

    Skipped and went swimming instead of burning up the hammies. Did about 1000m, mostly 100 intervals, some variable sprints.


  55. worked split jerk. tech is terrible. went up a bit. stopped at 165.

    first split was 1:18 tried to go slow on it and i did get faster each time. feel like icould have done it in less time if i had just done it like normal without the negative spilts but i was following orders and trying to get the hang of things

    mfs 3/4/7 back was sore as hell still. i spent more time on foam roller this week since starting outlaw than rest of my life.lol i can tell where i need this training

  56. Sheepishly posting my 2nd Outlaw workout… fuck I’m slow. Whatever, I’ll get there.

    BBG: Split Jerk up to 115#
    Cond: 14:28

  57. BB gymnastics
    Worked split jerk..felt good but technique still needs a lot of work. only worked up to 95lbs cause my footwork needs work. overall happy how it felt.

    Total time 7:01
    Took me a little time to be able to feel where i needed to be but by end i got the hang of it.

    Felt overall good. legs were a little sore but loving the program!!

  58. 1) 135 – shoulders/elbows achy, don’t think I’m opening wide enough, but was at least *consistently* opening not wide enough in the same spot

    2) 7:05 (1:12/1:21/1:24/ and then 1:34.5 average on the last two since I forgot the fourth split)

    Fucked that up obviously, as I thought I went out slow and just got slower. Have to do it like Wendler 5/3/1 and take 85& of my 85% pace ;).

  59. First outlaw workout. Kicked my butt.

    Split jerk work, stayed light and worked on consistent foot placement

    Conditioning: 8:19 First three rounds solid then fell off badly.

  60. worked with 185lb most of time, need to lean back more with clean and step through with jerk.

    Conditioning: 4:56
    don’t know the split times, just went after this one

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