I cannot believe how the scores are looking. So proud.

BP, ready for action:


WOD 120225:

BB Gymnastics

1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch – rest as needed.
2) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk – rest as needed.

Notes: Take as long as you’d like to warm up for these lifts, but limit yourself to ONLY 3 legit attempts. You may use any style of each lift, but try to stick to a near USAW standard.



21-15-9 of:

Squat Cleans 135/95#
Ring Dips

For time.

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  1. I cant sleep. So proud of CFM right now! Hughey absolutely BLISTERED that work.
    LGA is still breaking all the “Big Guy” rules and Josie has somehow managed to become twice the weightlifter she was last year and at the same time become MORE well rounded!

  2. Hey Rudy, are you still taking orders for the fight shorts. If so I would like a 32 in the Red ones. Keep me posted!

  3. 1RM Snatch= 85kg (Equal PB)
    1RM Clean & Jerk= 110kg (PB by 2.5kg)

    Cleaned 112.5kg but missed the Jerk

    Screwed from two back to back 15 hour shifts at work and looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!

    M= 7
    F= 8
    S= 5

  4. Made up squat work from last night.

    HBBS: 155, 175

    Snatch: 115, 120 Fail twice 115 is my PR and it goes up so easy.
    C&J: 155 failed clean and put up the weights. (Max is 165–easy)

    Conditioning: 11:14 Only thing unbroken was the last set of cleans. Dips were awful and I felt winded the entire time.

    MFS 3/8/5 Feel terrible today. Still coughing up my lungs from 12.1 last night. Did not want to get up this morning.

  5. Snatch- 155, 165f, 165f
    C&J- 225-failed jerk, 225-failed jerk, 230-5# pr clean, didn’t even try jerk
    Elizabeth- 6:52-pr by 1:21, did all singles on cleans

  6. 12.1 was 101

    Want 3 Pr’s today despite being in an empty gym.

    Sn -115, missed 125(current PR) more than twice, dropped to 120# and missed grr
    C&J – 145, 155, 165 missed jerk. Man my jerk is ugly, I have got to get that thing worked out.

    Elizabeth 10:32(1 min slower than PR) cleans felt pretty good, dips go in the pile with the jerks…more work. I wanted PR’s today but none were had. I am still trying to conquer the empty gym problem

  7. Snatch: Failed at 185#- had trouble locking out today,
    Clean and Jerk: 255# (5# PR)-still had a little left, can’t wait for next time

    Elizabeth: 6:24

  8. 1. Snatch 100kg, 105kg(f), 105kg(f)
    2. Shoulders shot, did 110kg warming up and stopped

    Elizabeth: 5:35… 1:30 or so PR I think! First set of 21 squat cleans were slow, felt smooth for 15 and 9. Looking for some redemption on 12.2.

  9. snatch 170 – 180 – 190 (f) got under it, just couldn’t lock my arms out fast enough
    c & j 190 – 210 – 230 (f) missed the jerk

    elizabeth – 11:56 … PR by over 2 minutes .. still suck at ring dips and the high volume squats killed my quads

  10. Snatch – tied curent PR of 125#. Missed 130#. Actually missed it behind me which is a good problem for me b/c I usually miss out front.

    C&J – 5# PR at 170#. Cleans were off today. Usually not my limiting factor.

    Did not do “Elizabeth”. Quads still smoked from yesterday. Worked on MUs. Soooo close today. Will get it back soon!

  11. Felt like dog shit today…

    HBBS from yesterday 250-290

    Snatch- 185#, stopped there due to some pain from shoulder

    C/J- Stopped at 255#, heaviest I’ve jerked in awhile with shoulder

    “Elizabeth” 6:20, actually happy with this considering how I felt, and the fact I felt like I moved slow as shit!

  12. Snatch= Failed at 215#, 215#, and 205#. This was just terrible – making myself hook grip and making myself not power snatch – just not getting under the bar.
    Clean= 225, 230, 240
    Elizabeth= 10:07, 35 second pr

  13. Doing an olympi lifting cert course all weekend

    No Elizabeth today…. I want I make it up though. Maybe next week depending on the conditioning.

    Today was focused on the snatch.
    Loads of assistance work throughout the day.

    End of the day we did 5 minutes to establishe max snatch.


    Pretty good. There is a PR in there trying to come out….

    Thought about doing Elizabeth anyway but I want to be recovered to throw some weight around on the C&J

  14. My Snatch and C+J suck so focused on working technique with a lighter weight. One of other coaches watched me and noticed my elbows going back on the pull instead of up, which is bringing bar out instead of in, and probably why I lose everything forward when I try to catch.

    Elizabeth in 6:41 which I think is a PR by 6 seconds. I need to learn how to kip dips more efficiently, as most of mine were strict.

  15. Did not feel that well today, residual WOD AIDS from 12.1. Worked out anyway but not my A game.

    Yesterday’s high bar squats – 190, 220
    Snatch – 175#
    C&J – warmed up but passed on this. Shoulders are cashed out.

    Elizabeth – 7:17. Didn’t have much ‘go’ at all and you guys beat me up on this pretty good…but this was still somehow a :42 sec PR from 2 months ago.

  16. 1) Snatch- 175 lbs
    2) Clean & Jerk- client walked in after I hit 185 lbs, so I had to stop. Felt really good too.

    Had to give 12.1 another shot, because my video didn’t show the full ROM on my reps. Wednesday I had 100, today I got 108! Glad I redid it, but I don’t ever want to do 7 mins of Burpees again.

  17. Snatch: 165 (PR)
    C&J: 210

    Elizabeth – 9:12 (PR)

    Did Monday’s workout Wednesday, so that plus the burpees resulted in massively crushed legs for Elizabeth. But I’ll take it.

  18. Warmed up for about 15minutes, hit 162 (PR Match) hit 165 (+3lbs) failed 170×3, failed 168 moved to C&J worked for about 10 minutes, then hit 206 (+1lbPR) 210 (+5lbPR) and missed 215 cause I was fried. Haven’t mixed either lift since Dec.
    Elizabeth, did 3 squat cleans then the rest were power cleans in 6:23, 2:35 PR and new gym leaderboard #1.

  19. BB Gymnastics: only had time for one lift as wod was done at lunch. Did C+J worked up to 155 which felt easy today.

    Conditioning: 7:17. Did power cleans b/c I did squat clean Elizabeth just over a month ago. Cleans we’re spot on. Ring dips worse than yesterday.

  20. A: 185#, 195# (PR), 198# (f)
    B: Power Cleans (left shoulder is messed up ever since last tuesday) – 220#, 235# (PR), 240# (f)
    11:13 (legs and lungs limiting, ring dips fast and crisp, really need to work on higher rep squatting in metcons, big weakness)

    M/F/S: 2/3/7

    *Shoulder tweaked…

  21. About to hit the sack before day 3 of an awesome Outlaw Way Training camp in Naples, and I must say, attending as been one of my better decisions.

    We all rolled in around 6 on Friday for a little oly sesh, where pretty much EVERYONE PR’d, including myself with a 195 lb snatch (10 lb PR) and a 255 clean.

    This morning, we talked strategy and proceeded to destroy them burpees! Had a bunch of people break the 120 mark and a good handful get over 130, again, including myself, with a score of 138 that I’m pretty happy with.

    I’ll put my strategy out there for the rest of team Outlaw just in case anyone hasn’t attempted it yet or will reattempt tomorrow. I worked out some numbers and what I thought to be a perfect strategy for ME, stuck to it to a T, and it seemed to have worked.
    I banged 22 burpees for each of the first 3 minutes, resting (catching my breath and shaking everything out) the remainder of each minute. Did 20 on minute 4 and rested for a sec. The plan was to go for 18 on minute 5, 16 on minute 6 and balls out on the last minute, but that kind of went astray. I ended up getting complacent with the elusive #100 and rested there instead of the planned 104. At the 2 minute mark I dropped back into action and banged out 38. While 140 would’ve been nice, I certainly will not be reattempting this bad boy.

    After talking it over and resting a bit, we hit another good WOD, then headed to an olympic size pool for some super secret, super cool, ninja type shit.

    Finishing strong tomorrow with some squats and a couple more WODs. I’m hoping to be able to work out getting into the Kennesaw camp as well in a couple weeks. Keep killin’ it kids!

  22. No work for me today. I have my Lvl 1 cert this weekend so I don’t have any time nor energy today for the Oly work. We obviously did Fran today. No, I did not go 100% because I am gassed from 12.1 still and all day of sitting. I did however get no rep’d oh about 15 times on my pullups for my chin not going 3 inches above the bar each time.

  23. Snatch
    150, 155-failed
    I kept getting it overhead but couldent lock it out for some reason.

    Clean and jerk
    185 pr
    Felt good but had trouble pressing under for the jerk

    Felt good about my time till I seen you animals times. Monsters on this site.

    Do any of you guys train out of your garage? If you do why would you recomend the min. Equipment needs to follow this programming efficiently? I am moving today to bethesda, md and don’t have anywhere to train yet and was thinking of just building a garage gym if I can.

  24. Snatch– 87 kilos, Miss 91, Miss 91
    C+J– 245, 255 265 clean, no jerk

    Elizabeth: 10:05

    Extra midline: band reverse hyper and easy standing ab wheel

    M/F/S: 3/2/3

    Snatch: Not a great day. Shot video for first time and realized that my starting position is bad; back is not solid.
    Wore belt for 265 clean, felt great, felt weird on 265 jerk; I put it up with more than enough gas (Really too much) and lost it behind, missed the subsequent clean attempt.

  25. Snatch 155 (30 sub PB), failed 175 twice..
    C&J: 225, failed 245

    Elisabeth: 7’28min (PB 32sec)

    Stressed too much with the OL, happy with Elisabeth considering exactly those muscles was messed up since 12.1. (Got 107 with a poor and slow technique, was aiming way higher but happy I dont have to redo it since Africa isn’t that competitive as a region, yet..).

  26. Shitty day:
    Snatch – Hit 190 – felt horrible
    C&J – Hit 235 Felt even worse, never got to working sets

    Elizabeth – 7.07 uninspired and tired…

    m/f/s = 8/8/5 – Bitch Mode – booze and pizza after a 12.1 party didn’t turn out so hot…

  27. BB Gymnastics

    1) Hit 180# and felt pretty good. Failed 190# 3 times – shoulders were tight, I pulled it high enough I just couldn’t catch it which usually isn’t an issue usually.

    2) 215#, Cleaned 235# and missed the jerk then missed 245# Clean – Not a great effort


    8:47 PR

  28. Competed at Garage Games March of Dimes Throwdown because in my hometown.

    1st place on all events by a margin.
    Great validation of training.

    WOD 1: OPEN WORKOUT 12.1
    7 minute AMRAP burpees to 6inch target above highest reach.

    WOD 2:
    3 rounds for time:
    15 Ring Pushups to abmat
    10 stone to shoulder 116/73
    There was not enough space for me to go with the RX women so I competed with the guys and loved every second of it. I beat every guy in my heat but one and it felt amazing. Stones were solid.

    WOD 3: For time and set up on 50 yard field
    1000m row
    at 5 yrd line- 10 Shoulder to Overhead, run to rower at 0 yd line and touch ground
    at 15 yd line- 20 Over the box jumps 24″, run to rower at 0 yd line and touch ground
    at 30 yd line- 30 KBS full lockout at top (70/53), run to rower at 0 yd line and touch ground
    at 40 yd line- 40 DU, run to rower at 0 yd line and touch ground
    at 50 yd line- OH walking lunge back to 0yd line (45/25)
    Went at this at about 85% and had fun with it.

    Overall great day.

  29. Snatch 155
    C+J 205

    Both felt really good, ready to start pushing again



    Used a purple band for the ring dips, my arms were feeling fried from 12.1
    Cleans felt great, didn’t think I could make it but they all felt good


  30. nothing was going right for the snatch today.
    2 – 170lbs (f)
    3 – 170lbs (f)

    cl + jk:
    3-230lb (5lb pr)

    Elizabeth: 9:03

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