We’ve shot 2 different strategy videos for 12.1, but no matter how I try to upload them the FLA internets will not let them through. It’s gotta be a conspiracy; don’t know how, but it’s there – probably Pat Sherwood 😉

So… I guess I’ll just write some strategic words instead. Here:

1) Put a chalk line on the floor. This will give you a target for both your hands and feet and will allow you to jump without having to look up.

2) Use a fixed target. Rings will work, but the ability to hit something and not have to worry about it moving is invaluable.

3) Use different “styles” of Burpees to stave off fatigue. We have utilized the “step-up” style of Burpee in longer WODs many times. We did some testing yesterday and found it is around 90% as fast as a feet together style, but it also saves a great deal of fatigue in the hip flexors. I’m not saying to use this for the whole piece, but for a minute or two, to recover, may not be a bad idea.

4) Calm down. Seriously, this should be a no-brainer, but I watched 2 people go crazy out of the gate and they were gasping for air within the first minute.

Water, the mortal enemy of all Outlaws.


The UK camps are up:

London, April 13-15th

Manchester, April 20-22nd

Dream come true.

WOD 120224:


High-Bar Back Squats: 1X5 @ 65%, 3X5 @ 75% – rest 2 to 3 minutes between sets.


7 minute AMRAP of:


Notes: Burpees should be performed to a target that is 6″ above the highest reach.

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  1. Yes please. Manchester… possibly several spots. I’m not even bothered about the camp, I just heard you guys love to drink whiskey, so I’m in!

  2. Quite upset that I’ll be working overseas when you’re here in the UK. More dreams shall have to come true at a later date.

  3. Common-sense-but-so-obvious-that-you-might-overlook-it tips:
    1. Dizziness will be a factor if you attempt to spot the target on every rep, especially when you start to fatigue.
    2. If your target is something like a ring that can swing around then don’t smack it.
    3. Unless you’re Superstud – and can just burn burpees for 7 minutes – you’ll have to pick a rep target based on your past 100-150 burpees for time, figure out your seconds-per-rep pace and stick to it until the last minute or so.

  4. Here’s an idea, hang a 50# KB from the ring strap. It won’t swing all around or twist, and it gives you more surface area to touch.

    You are all welcome.

  5. we used cardboard attached to the pull up rig with tape .. gave a easy target to hit (without having to look @ it) … worked like a charm .. big target, no movement, that you can swing @ without busting your knuckles

  6. Crossfitters are so worried about the ssmallest shit like its going to make a work of difference.. Get a game plan, mark off 6 inche and bang out some burpees.. Who cares what your jumping to… I did it with rings and they didn’t swing once.. Adapt mtfs

  7. Just did it about a half hour ago.. Pullup-rig was too tall, so I taped a PVC to hang low enough from it.. Did them w the pullup bar and PVC going laterally, so no matter how far forward I moved, as long as I didn’t go side to side, the target would always be right above my head.

    Got 30 the first minute (one of those guys that went nuts outta the gate..), then hit 100 at about 5:15 (PR’d my 100 FT!!).
    Finished with 125. Wondering how that’ll hold up at camp this weekend and in the SE.

    Good luck everybody.

    • i did it this way as well and never came close to missing a rep.

      wod 12.1: 90 reps

      (my previous 100 burpees for time pr was 9 minutes flat, so this was a pretty good showing for me)

  8. I went in with no strategy specifically other than you just go! I had someone write down my reps at each :30 interval. In the beginning I got 29 in the first minute, then by the 2:00 mark I was at 20. For the remainder of the AMRAP I was able to average just about 16 a minute for a score of 131. I started with jumping both feet out with a wider stance for the first 4-5 minutes, not sure where exactly I switched in that time frame, but then I had switched to stepping one leg out at a time for the remainder as my hips started to get stiff on me. I did not stop once during the entire wod.

    I will attempt to redo this workout with a slightly different approach after a rest day this time. I’m sure my score is good enough to do me well in my region, but as a coach I would like to learn more about how to approach wod’s for competition.

    Hope this helps!

  9. HBBS – 165, 190

    103 reps

    horrible. quads burned like hell. it’s more mentally challenging than anything though. the only way i’d do this again would be sunday evening if i’m tied with about 20 other girls in my region.

  10. Haven’t been posting for a while but have been following as always.

    Squats – 225 – 260 – 260 – 260

    metcon – 93 … not bad for 6’4″ 220 lbs 🙂

    Buddy who follows but doesn’t post hit 126. Gonna redo Sunday and go for 136

  11. squats, 162,183


    it got dark with 90s left on the clock, was a real weird feeling. feet hurt more than anything else when i was done with the wod. any one else feel that?

    • Yes, I was one of the little hookers that bitched…I’m a Marine, if I’m not bitching…I’m not happy.

  12. Great strategy tips! I’m happy with my score but went out WAY too fast: 27 on 1st minute, 18 on 2nd then nose dive to 15 on 3rd minute. Luckily somehow recovered to finish pretty strong:

    (7 mins AMRAP)
    Burpees = 126

  13. Strength


    240 x 5
    275 x 3 x 5


    12.1 – 129 reps (+2 no reps where I went fully back down)

    Meh… Shooting for 140. Quads been tight all week, had no push left for the last minute…..tried for a few faster reps and quads cramped up.

    • 22 in first minute…..40 by 2 minutes 60 by 3 minutes pretty relaxed…..but realized I was not going fast enough…..planning on having more of a sprint!

  14. Strategy helped me sooooo much… When I got to sixty I took a second then started the “step up” strategy until I got to 90 (I have ADD so taking that much time to do a burpee blew, but it fuckin’ worked). My legs were better rested, then when I got to 100 I took another breathe. Started cranking as hard as possible after that and made sure the last minute to get at least 20 in.

    Sqt: 205, 235

    Burpees: 125

  15. 100. Planned on taking it easy but hit 60 by 3:00 and the wall shortly after, slowed way down, cramped up, and started no repping (re-jumping). This is not good at all, but screw doing that shit again.

  16. A: 170#, 195#
    1st Attempt – 95 reps (fucked up the camera angle, so gave it a 2nd try…)
    rest about 15 min
    2nd Attempt – 101 reps (less misses, better pacing)

    M/F/S: 4/3/3

  17. HHBS: 245×5 / 285×5 / 285×5 / 285×5

    Burpees: Tried to do a few, just to see… My wrist flexibility is clearly gone and it was pretty painful to attempt them in the splint due to the limited ROM. Not stupid enough to try them unsplinted.

    Instead, opted for 7 min row. I’m clearly a sprinter on the C2, not a middle-distance guy. My prior best 2000m was 7:30. Today I got 7:02.0 though – new PR.

    My new goal is to break 6:50.0 by Christmas 2012. I will also break 3:06.0 in the 1000m row and 1:22.0 in the 500m row.

  18. Strength
    1) 230, 265

    Open WOD 12.1 – “Fucking Burpees”
    110 – should have done more bc I didn’t pass out, but I guess it’s ok for a big guy(6’3 230)

    I would NEVER do that WOD again.

  19. Burpees first: Got 110, 2 no reps, went to conservative, had gas left at end. ARGGHH. Got 10 quick than stepped the next 90 or so, tried a few jumping types but could not get rhythm, and went back to quick steps.

    Did squats an hour later, 265, 300, 300, 300

  20. Strength- 235, 275

    Open WOD-90, went out pacing for 15 per minute but around 3-5 minutes my pacing fall apart. Ok with the score, my re-do on sunday and shot for 105.

  21. 126.

    Honestly didn’t think the 6″ is what makes it harder, frankly you get 3″ by going on your tip toes. 6″ is what you’re fucking supposed to do when you do burpees.

    The harder part, IMO, is (as dumb as this sounds), the accuracy involved of always jumping and landing in the same spot. When I usually fire through burpees, I could give a shit if a travel slightly forward or back, I just go. With this, you have to pay attention and not move around at all.

    Just my opinion. Leg burner. No fucking way you could do this 48 hours later and do better.

    • The jump gave me problems only because I have terrible flexibility and tend to go real wide with my feet to make up for it, and that added some inches. Plus I stretched out all the to measure my target, like a man.

  22. 1. HBBS: 255, 290

    12.1: 120. Definitely did not fuel well beforehand (was friggin’ starving before the workout), but thinking this will do the trick for the Mid-Atlantic (thoughts?). Think I could hit 130 on another go but probably not worth it.

  23. I found that it was nice having a target that was stationary but didn’t hurt if you took a swing at it. I strung two bungee cords at the required height and swung my ha gs backwards at it. Seemed to help to avoid wasted movement. Worth a try if someone hasn’t done it yet. My # sucked, but i think the target was good.

  24. Strength:
    220, 250

    Did the Open WOD on Wednesday night and got 100 even. Used a gymnastics ring like in the video, and gassed myself out looking for the fucker on every jump. Today I hung up a kettlebell and taped a piece of cardboard to the bottom for my athletes. That worked better, so I might give it another shot tomorrow.

  25. Squats % of 475

    WOD 12.1

    138 reps

    Used a metronome. One Burpee every 3 seconds. 1 second down; 1 second up to feet; 1 second for the jump. Worked great. Missed two reps. Tried to sprint the last minute but couldn’t go any faster.

  26. no strength.

    12.1 – 113 reps. I switched up to the step in for reps 50-70 with plans to switch back to normal but it never happened. I felt like a bitch. I’m going to retest this because it’s not going to crush me and just because i want to.

  27. conditioning: 124 reps. not bad after a bad eating day! haha

    Thank u so much Rudy!!

  28. CrossFit Asia Affiliate Cup Team
    Buck 128
    Kyle 115
    Josh 116
    Darin 100
    Tye 101
    Naoya 100
    Jamie (giving my shoulder 1 day of rest)
    Christen 107
    Keiko 111
    Susan 104
    Auste 91
    Chiaki 84

    Working on winning everything in Asia

  29. How you guys doing the step burpee?

    Do you only step back up to the jump? Or do you step back as well? Just thinking that the dropping into the floor shouldn’t take up too much energy compared to the jump back to the feet before hitting the target

  30. Only been following your programming a week now.
    We have our box following a week behind with your regular box programming and few extra pieces.
    A couple of us coaches/top athletes are following the competition blog extra work.

    Anyway 12.1 – 118. 20/18/17/16/14/15/18

    The dip in the middle really shit me off but there was nothing I could do to go faster without burning out too early for my last ditch minute.

    We set up with a bar overhead running the same way our body would was when lying down. When we jumped we clapped and you couldn’t miss. Also used chalk marks.

    On of our blokes hit 122 and an 8yr old 115. The rest of them need to be more like him

    • “On of our blokes hit 122 and an 8yr old 115. The rest of them need to be more like him”

      Lulz. Other noobs take note: this is how you comment on Outlaw.

  31. Only got 108. Felt like i paced myself too much throughout. The last 2 minutes I was able to crank up my speed, which is why I feel I went too slow in the first 5 minutes. oh well.

  32. Squats x 230, 265, 265, 265 easy

    Conditioning x 82


    M/F/S 2/2/3

    Really took it easy here; back feels great, but not comfortable cycling the burpee with the speed I would need to do this WOD right.

    • Didn’t mention that it took me more than 8 minutes to do 100 burpees when we did them a few weeks ago. Although, I still feel “out of shape” and wanted more, I guess it’s not so terrible. And like Drywall, I don’t feel like there is any way that I can redo this and do it any better in 48 hours time.

  33. WOD 12.1
    119 Burpees
    Splits: 20-20-20-14-15-15-15
    Which means I probably hit 100 around the 5:44 mark.

    Whenever we did the 100 burpees for time a few weeks ago my time was Like 7:31 (that was with questionable reps too). I never realized how shitty my burpees were until then. I had been doing extra in the time since then and managed about a 1:45 PR. Still have some work to do one them to. I still can improve my efficiency a lot.

  34. Conditioning: 90

    Strength: 115, 130, 130, 130

    May redo again tomorrow. Not happy at all.

  35. 12.1 115
    Kept hitting the target with only one hand and getting no repped. Prob around 15 extra jumps. Meh

    Squats bout an hour later
    205, 225


  36. 12.1
    102 reps but video stopped at 100! Damn it! Had a lot of missed reps too, like 10 re-jumps…
    Oh well, bring on 12.2!

  37. 12.1
    102 reps. Not great but pretty happy with it, considering I’m 6’1″ and 235 pounds. Shoulders are fried.

  38. Squats – 215, 245

    Conditioning – 107 which is no mans land on the leader board. Need a big effort these next 4 weeks. I walked the burpees throughout which proved to be foolish and definitely left reps on the table in the first few minutes

  39. Been following the outlaws for about 4 weeks. Feeling great and wish I found you guys in September.

    WOD 12.1 124

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