Just in case we haven’t made this clear, here’s what the Training Camp weekend typically looks like:

Friday night from 6-8pm is our meet and greet Weightlifting session. Make sure you arrive around 5:30pm to get warmed up and ready for what has become a huge PR session.

Saturday we’ll get started at 9am with an introduction, explanation, and philosophy talk (it’s short, don’t worry). From there on for the duration of the Open we’ll be spending the entire morning session on the Open WOD for the week. We’ll get in another 2 WODs after lunch and ALL of you should be bringing some sort of a swim suit (yes, I just said that), as well as any other gear you would need for a competition weekend. We’ll finish up around 5pm on Saturday and head out for a group dinner at a TBD location (that sells Jameson).

Sunday will begin again at 9am, include a squat clinic, 1 or 2 more WODs, and a Q&A session to finish the weekend. We will be completely done somewhere between 1-2pm.

All sessions will feature instruction, demos and discussion of ways to think through WODs before performing them. Again, this will not be a beat down weekend, but will be an opportunity to learn to approach the sport with as much efficiency as possible.

Here’s Lauren Brooks’s write up of the “Caution Grounds” competition. Along with the write up here’s video of Brooks and Jessica Rodriguez BOTH pr’ing their Jerks (Brooks @ 210#, J-Rod @ 200#):

WOD 120222:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes Snatch technique work.

Notes: Focus on bar path and footwork. Bar should be as close to the body as possible throughout the entire lift, and if you move your feet MAKE SURE you are not jumping forward.


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
Row 400m
20 KBS 24/16kg

Notes: Perform all work at around a 90% effort. Concentrate on controlling breathing and staying “comfortable” during the entire piece. There is no need for a perfect KB standard.


1a) 3×3(each arm) TGU – medium/heavy, rest 60 sec.
1b) 3×10 Fast UB T2B – rest 60 sec.

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    • I think in that segment the person giving the rebuttal had to be critical, I don’t think he meant anything by it. I’ll be rooting for the Outlaws this season. Speaking of that, if there’s going to be triple digit regional qualifiers, should there be some kind of a list to keep it all straight?

  1. Akinwale!!!!!

    Oh, oh. Sherwood calling The Outlaw Way into question. The battle of GPP vs TOW begins!


  2. Good luck on the Open outlaws! I know luck has nothing to do with it, but anyway…

    Snatch – worked up to 80 kg. Missed a lot of reps. Couldnt sleep last night and only got two hours hours of sleep. Did the snatch at a armygym and couldnt really drop the weight.

    Conditioning: 11:40
    Felt okay. Had more in the tank and think i could have 15-20 sec faster per round on a 100% effort.
    Will do midline later.

  3. Birthday today…so I programmed a bday WOD for the gym…it sucked. I’m sure you beasts here would KILL it.

    Helen + Grace….Grelen

    3 Rounds
    400m Run
    21 KB Swings, 52#
    12 Pull-Ups
    10 Clean and Jerks, 135#

    Clean and jerks were taken to full squat


    I’ll probably work snatch technique later, but no conditioning.

  4. Snatch – worked up to 120#
    playing around with a different set-up and it seems to be helping to keep my chest in front of the bar.

    Conditioning: 13:08

    1a. 35# KB for all sets
    1b. done, done, done

    M/F/S – 2/5/5

  5. bb gymnastics
    worked with 95# the whole time alternating between power and squat snatch

    1a) 12kg, 12kg, 16kg. should have used 16kg all 3 rounds
    1b) yes, yes, yes

    conditioning later

    mfs- 233 (gym was closed yesterday due to Mardi Gras so I rested)

  6. BB Gymnastics

    20 minutes Snatch technique work.

    Worked upto 70kg and focused on my turnover as this is where I tend to become lazy with heavier loads.


    3 rounds for time of:

    Run 400m
    Row 400m
    20 KBS 24kg

    Time= 13:40 @ 90%- Felt comfortable apart from the dodgy 200m turn around in the pouring rain (stupid South Wales weather) Looking forward to Friday.


    Didn’t have time as was in a rush for work- will complete later.

  7. Worked to 110# on snatch. Focused on solid shoulders at the bottom.

    Conditioning: 14:55 – tried to keep relaxed and calm. Focused on steady pace and breathing. Didn’t push too hard.

    1a) – worked with 35# on all sets
    1b) – done

    Shoulders very tired from yesterday. Looking forward to having tomorrow off.

    MFS – 3/5/3

  8. Kept it light today, worked up to 135. Realized I’m actually jumping back an inch or too. Worked on that. Footwork is getting better, not landing as wide. Bar stayed close. 1st pull is getting better, and allows for more power in second pull. Shoulder felt good with this.

    I’ve rowed and run a lot the last 10 days, and wanted to rest the shoulder more. so did Annie with our exercisers to practice DU’s and work midline, 6:25 (1:18 PR). For the record, DUs and situps aren’t a real workout, but it suited my needs for today.

  9. BB gymnastics
    Still suck at snatches.

    12:15(90% ish)

    1) 3 sets @ 24kg KB
    2) 3sets UB T2B(15sec,15sec,15sec)

    3/4/4( shoulders still sore and glutes)

  10. Snatch Tech- all from high hang and hang

    Conditioning: 12:17

    1) 1.5
    2) done


  11. AM – Snatch work – every minute for 12 minutes 1 snatch @ 80kg. felt fast and smooth on the whole
    Plus some midline work like toes through rings and reverse hyper
    PM -misread the conditioning and did 4 rounds
    time = 18:33
    this made my heart hurt
    mfs = 464

  12. Snatch: Worked with 135-155. Tried to hit as many positions as possible – testing shoulder

    Conditioning: 14:26

    Midline: Later tonight


  13. Snatch – worked to 205, which felt easy. I tried 225 just for kicks but missed, so I dropped back to 185 and worked on form. Happy I am able to snatch again.

    — 13:19 (treated it as active recovery. Pretty wrecked, so took it a bit easy)

    Midline: 24kg on TGUs

    M/F/S – 1/5/6

  14. Snatch: worked up to 185# and stayed for 5 singles. Paused 5 count in the hole.

    Conditioning: 12:38, lots left in the tank, but legs were heavy

    Midline: 16 kg

  15. BB Gymnastics: played around with 95. Focused on bar path and holding the landing

    15:56 (70% effort)

    Still getting over this cold so took it easy. Will do midline tonight.

  16. BB Gymnastics:

    2 x 1 Snatch Segment Pulls (pause at 1″, above knee, high hang, pull, 5 count back to floor) + 1 Power Snatch




    TtB done; skipped TGU’s

  17. BB Gymnastics:

    Haven’t heavy snatched in a while to kind of rest the shoulder. Worked up to 185 and put 205 on the bar for the hell of it. Needless to say, my snatch now needs A LOT more work than before.

    17:07..Lungs felt as if they were going to melt. Past week my training schedule has been really effed up so it’s been interesting to say the least! Resting up the rest of today. Tomorrow I’ll do some light skill work and active recovery(play around with the open workout) and rest all day Friday until I hit the 12.1 Friday night!

    Skipped due to the shoulder being supa tight this morning!

  18. Just found your site from 70sbig.com…awesome stuff coach. What does UB toe to bar entail? Thanks.

  19. Worked slowly up to 165, no major issues. Footwork was good, actually jumped backwards a couple times, probably not ideal. Did some top down drills for keeping the bar path close, also helped with my starting position.

    TGU with 32kg – good
    T2B – good

    I loathe running. Rows and kbs no issues. Runs we’re 1:50 then upward of 2:00. Last round was more like 95%.

    Switched the conditioning and midline due to equipment restraints. Good day, I’m sure I’ll feel great on Friday!

  20. Worked on drop snatch…have bruise across lower abdominals due to snatch work earlier this week
    Hit a big PR 300

    11:59 on conditioning with tge new bad ass Titin vests, y’all will see this weekend. Still hit around 90% maybe less cause I stayed real consistent throughout.

    • Crap just noticed tge 20x reps on kbs…did 25x each rd…so you could take off about 3 min from my time above

  21. worked up to singles…hit 185 (5# pr)
    11:48 on conditioning….run fell off a little everything else was steady
    a) 20, 24, 28 tgu
    b) felt smooth and fast

  22. Snatch work…

    Got up above 200 easily, a few fails at 225. Tight through the quads from the OH lunges, always seems to mess with my bottom position. Bar was there every time, just lost it behind or just barely in front. Left it after a few fails.



    Took the first run out hard, kind of on purpose to see how I’d react. I wanted it to get a little tough. Definitely slowed the second and third run down….
    Stayed with the vertical KB standard cause it gave me trouble at camp.

    24kg, 20kg, 20kg
    3 x 10 UB

  23. Snatch work was good. Did a pull, a hang squat snatch and a full snatch series, and worked up to 115. Shoulders are toast and I suck at snatches. Nice to hit both at 115.

    Conditioning 14:29. Had zero today.
    T2B complete. No TGU had to get home and cook dinner for the mrs.

  24. Lighter snatch work. Worked on keeping my feet stable throughout. Hit 185# and called it good.

    11:53. Legs were nice and heavy

    24kg. T2B were nice a quick

    How bout hating on the big guys in the first Open WOD!

  25. Snatch- Worked up to 135 for a few, felt really off tonight
    Conditioning- 13ish
    Tgu- 24 kg
    T2B- 11 sec each set

  26. Glad Rudy is reiterating the schedule for the camp! Maybe some of the Paragonians will stop being so skurrrrred & sign up for Kennesaw!

  27. Snatch technique work @ 135-165

    Sub 500m run, 20×80# swings x 3 in 9 minutes

    TTB x 2 x10, Back extension 5 down fast up x 2×10 x 45 #

    M/F/S 2/3/3

    Back feels better still 🙂

  28. Looking forward to 7 minutes of burpees.

    Worked for 20 on snatch technique, from empty bar to 125, no big jumps, worked high hang, above knee, jumped back a little with light weights, tried to get over that habit. Had some good and some ugly.

    13:59 on conditioning

    tgu-3×3 @25lb, followed by quickest 10 UB t2b I could muster after each

  29. Snatch-worked on keeping bar path close to body. Felt good so kept going up. Hit 189.2 for new pr. Pretty excited.

    Conditioning-16:50. Kept it moving focused on controlling breathing


    Bring on those stupid burpees!!!

  30. Snatch – shoulders were hurting big time so stopped at 85 even though it felt good otherwise

    Skipped conditioning. Trying to let the ‘ol achilles heal up as much as possible before Friday.

    So then I headed out to the garage to do the T2B to find the car parked directly under my bar. WTF. I’m freaking tired and over it tonight. Guess that makes two rest days before I attempt the Open wod so could be good or bad.

  31. Snatch Work – Complex of power snatch, hang power snatch, 2 snatch balances. Worked up to 135 and did 3 sets at that weight. Really focused on finishing my second pull and being faster under the bar.

    Conditioning – 12:48, kept the pace down. Rows were in the low 1:50s.

    Midline – skipped. Worked 30 minutes of lower body mobility instead.

    • Good thing you didn’t do this with Mel and I, she was pushing me so hard and I wanted to go slower!

  32. Snatch – worked up to a 190# PR, failed 195# 5 times (really close). Snatch has been feeling really good lately, getting much better at pulling under the bar, need to work on hip extension now.
    3 Rounds @ 90%:
    400m Row
    50 x Double Unders
    20 x 55# DB Swings
    Time – 12:44
    *Really need to work on double unders, they have gone to shit lately (not sure why)
    A1: 3 x 3 @ 50# (left shoulder a bit tweaked from dropping bar on it yesterday)
    A2: 3 x 10 Toes-to-Bar – 0:15, 0:15, 0:14

    M/F/S: 1/3/7 (left shoulder…)

  33. Planned on doing snatch highpulls (since my wrist is still kinda fucked) But couldn’t find the straps. So did some flat foot clean pulls
    3×5 @ 185lbs
    4×3 @ 185lbs

    Conditioning- 16:40
    Run was 1:30-1:45, row was slow. My ass is still out of shape.

  34. Did things backwards today because of time and locations.

    Conditioning – 13:15
    All felt strong at a comfortable pace, my rower sucks butt, hitches and jerks all over the place. Felt good besides that

    Snatch – stayed light up around 175 and worked on pulling a bit more and dropping faster and deeper. Tend to rind the bar down too much

    TGU – 70# for all
    T2B – did em, felt pretty fast

  35. snatch work
    used 115
    2+1 muscle snatch+short pull under
    worked on strong turnover and lock out

    all ub and short as i could get transition times

    never did toes to bar with the quickness before. i need to change how i go about them from now on.

  36. Snatch work; Worked on keeping a vertical torso and scooping the bar. Worked around 165#
    Cond; 14:13 felt good throughout
    Midline; 65# and did T2B UB at about 11-14 seconds ea round.

  37. BB Work, worked some pulls, and hang position, heaviest I went to was 165, wrist and shoulder not feeling it.

    Conditioning 12:45, finished swings and felt fine, no hands on knees or needing to take a knee, so I guess that’s 90%

    Midline: 32Kg KB for TGU, T2b no problem

  38. BB Gymnastics – Worked up to 185# and put it down. Felt tight as hell in the shoulders. I still tend to p-snatch everything.

    Conditioning 15:50 as rx, was not prepared for how bad the run felt.

    Midline – t2b no problem, 54#, 54#, 64# on the tgu

  39. Had limited time so picked what I really didn’t want to do.

    Conditioning: 10:02
    Subbed row for 15 supine ring rows. Medium pace.

  40. just worked with 95lb, worked on third pull a lot and driving through the bar.

    subbed run for 50 du (realized that should have been bumped up to 100)

    missed the midline

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