“The Outlaw Guide to the Open”

This is not and could not possibly be an exhaustive reference, but I’ll do what I can to explain our approach and hopefully guide you all in your best possible experience.

  • SCHEDULE. We will be performing the WODs on FRIDAYS. This is the best way for us to be fairly fresh before each but stay with a template that makes sense in the overall scope of the season. I WILL NOT be programming for you to qualify for Regionals. I WILL be programming for you to continue to improve and become better at your sport. Basically, there are two groups who follow this site. There is a group who will qualify for Regionals with no problem at all, and there is a group who will not even be close. If you fall into the “no problem” category, you will do the WODs on Fridays and go about your normally scheduled business. If you fall into the “not even close” category then you are here to improve and need to treat the Open WODs as a worldwide barometer that will help you test your strengths and weaknesses and show you where you need to improve or have improved. In case you have not read the rule book, the WODs will be announced at 8PM EST on Wednesday nights and must be performed and validated by 8PM EST Sunday nights. If you’d like to read the entire document go here: Rule Book.
  • PROGRAMMING. We will load early in the week with our heavier-volume days and take a sort of “active recovery” approach to Wednesdays. It is very difficult to program around an unknown set of movements, rep schemes, volume, and loading, but you can be sure that even if you are not feeling perfect from a muscle-fatigue standpoint, your CNS will be primed for each week’s test. I do understand—despite what I said about there being “two groups”— that some of you invariably will have performances that necessitate repeating the week’s WOD. This is NOT RECOMMENDED, but I do realize it is inevitable. In the event you need to repeat a WOD, the recommendation is to take a full rest day on Saturday. Then, on Sunday, perform Saturday’s Strength (BB Gymnastics) work, drop the Conditioning portion of the Saturday workout and replace it with the Open WOD. We will also remain on the Hatch Squat Cycle until its completion, with our Tuesday low-bar work moving to Mondays during the Open (our final testing week will coincide with the final week of the Open).
  • TESTING. I do believe it to be very helpful to test certain aspects of the workouts in order to understand what sort of a strategy will be the best to use. My coaches and I employed this technique last year and had a great deal of success; however, I do not recommend going anywhere near a max-effort while testing. We will actually test the WODs on Thursdays at Outlaw home base and try to disseminate some strategy tips to all the Outlaws in Friday’s post. You may test portions or aspects of the workouts, but DO NOT get anywhere near the kind of intensity you will have when you are on the clock for real. Testing should be used as a time to get used to standards, transitions, and lay out your general working area.
  • TRAINING CAMPS. Our Training Camp format will remain the same as it has been, which means we will NOT be performing the Open WODs on Friday (we will continue to have our Friday night lifting session), but they WILL be our first workout Saturday morning. We will be taking the entire morning session to prepare, discuss, practice, and be absolutely as ready as possible for the work. The environment at these camps will certainly be like a mini-regional, so we are not particularly worried about our competitors not living up to their potential. If, and that is a BIG if, you feel strongly about possibly repeating a WOD while attending a Training Camp, we will take those requests on a case-by-case basis. I would just honestly say—be READY to go when you get to camp. We will provide the perfect environment and best coaching available. It’s your job to perform. Also, as I’ve said many times, these weekends WILL NOT be beatdowns. They are far more instructional than work-intensive and are designed to fit into our normal volume schedule.
  • THE OUTLAW WAY. Yes, I believe we will have TRIPLE-digit Outlaws qualify for Regionals. This would certainly be an unprecedented achievement for a single training regimen.  That means each and every one of you has a standard to uphold. You are prepared, primed and have put in the work that will allow you to be more successful than any group of competitors in THE HISTORY of this sport. You are the summation of many years of study, testing, sweat, and an insatiable obsession with excellence. Over the course of this season we literally will be writing the manual on how to play “the sport of fitness.”

WOD 120220:


1) Back Squat: 1X5 @ 60%, 1X3 @ 70%, 1X2 @ 80%, 1X2 @ 90%, 1X1 95% – rest 2-3 min. between each set.
2a) 4X10 UB Weighted C2B Pullups – heaviest possible (vests may be used), rest 60 sec.
2b) Front Squats: 1X5 @ 65%, 1X4 @ 70%, 1X4 @ 80%, 1X4 @ 85% – rest 60 sec.


Compare to 111110 or 111111

20 minutes to get as far as possible:

30’ Sled Pull 180/135#
20 Row for Calories
10 OH Walking Lunges 135/95#
60’ Sled Pull 180/135#
40 Row for Calories
20 OH Walking Lunges 135/95#

Notes: The sled pulls should be performed with a 15’ rope attached to the sled. Pulling is hand over hand (think final event at the 2011 games. Distance should be acquired by setting up 2 cones 30’ apart. After pulling the total length of rope, back pedal and repeat.

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  1. I don’t think we will be a great gauge (as our region is one of the least competitive) but I foresee us going 16 for 16 on qualifying for regionals (all our comp training athletes), as well as a good percentage of our everyday athletes. Still really fucking exciting to have that kind of representation in a region regardless … ! Thanks for all you do! Then we will wreck shop @ regionals!

  2. 1) 1×5 @ 242
    1×3 @ 275
    1×2 @ 314
    1×2 @ 358
    1×1 @ 374 Felt very easy!

    2a) All @ 34lbs
    2b) 1×5 @ 215
    1×4 @ 231
    1×4 @ 264
    1×4 @ 280 (failed last rep)

    3rds + 120′ sled pull + 30 cal
    Steady pace All way through. Lunges were by far the hardest part.

    M/F/S – 2/6/3

  3. Hoping for my own sake (and based on Kasper’s results and results from the “Compare to” day), the conditioning numbers form an arithmetic sequence (i.e. 30′, 60′, 90′, 120′, etc for the sled pull) NOT a geometric sequence (30′, 60′, 120′, 240′, etc), correct?

    • I asume that adding 30′ on the pull, 20 cal on the row and 10 steps OH lunges for every round is the intention.

    • Yes, Curtis, it’s an “arithmetic sequence”. How do you like them apples?

      (For anyone who didn’t see what I was doing there, I basically inferred that Curtis is a “Good Will Hunting” level math genius by quoting one of the most famous lines from the movie. It’s really some pretty high level humor. That’s why the Englands like me so much. I’m like Benny Hill.)

  4. Rudy, thanks for all of your hard work & making this available for us all! No doubt in my mind that you will have triple digit Regional qualifiers. Can’t wait to see how all the badasses at my gym do. Last year we only had 3 qualify for Regionals…

    On the other hand, It really sucks that my injury is taking a gazillion days to heal & won’t be able to attempt to qualify for Regionals again. I’ll be an elite 1 rep exerciser 1st couple weeks of the Open. Still not released from PT. Good thing Paragon is super awesome so I can afford to have few more ‘take it really slow’ weeks.

  5. 1. LBBS – 155, 180, 205, 230, 250 (5# PR)
    (increased what I was basing numbers off in previous weeks)

    2a. skipped. elbows, wrists, left lat is on fire(due to Saturday WODs??)
    2b. Front Squat 140, 150, 170, 180

    Conditioning. Completed 3rd rounds, plus 30′ of the sled pull
    lunges got rough, 60 calories on the rower felt like forever.

    M/F/S – 2/3/7

  6. Squats: 215-235-285-320-340
    Pullups: all sets @ 40#
    Front Squats: 180-195-220-235

    Conditioning: 3 rounds + 120 feet sled pull + 1 calorie

  7. I like clicking on the old link and remember the “good ole days” (i.e. 3 months ago) when only 20 of us were suffering through this shit. My how times have changed.

  8. I don’t have a sled in Baghdad any good subs for the sled in this Cond Wod???

    • Find a rope and something heavy to pull. I’ll be pulling an old tractor tire loaded with plates, hooked to a rusty chain. Better than running with it, which I have done a couple times on this program.

  9. Strength

    1) Back Squat: 1X5 @ 102.5, 1X3 @ 120kg, 1X2 @ 130kg, 1X2 @ 120kg, 1X1 140kg – rest 2-3 min. between each set.
    2a) 4X10 UB Weighted C2B Pullups – @ Bodyweight
    2b) Front Squats: 1X5 @ 65kg, 1X4 @ 70kg, 1X4 @ 80kg, 1X4 @ 85kg – rest 60 sec.


    20 minutes to get as far as possible:

    30’ Sled Pull 180#
    20 Row for Calories
    10 OH Walking Lunges @ 50kg
    60’ Sled Pull 180#
    40 Row for Calories
    20 OH Walking Lunges 50kg
    90’ Sled Pull 180#
    60 Row for Calories
    30 OH Walking Lunges 50kg
    + 70′ Sled Pull @ 180#

    Great workout

  10. BS: 215,250,285,320,335
    C2B:20,40,60,60(x7)–>40 (failed last set, dropped to 40 and finished with another set of 10)
    FS: 170,180,210,220

    Conditioning: 2+45 cals (subbed #45 plate OHL, shoulder issues still. Sled at #185, whoops)


  11. 1) 155, 185, 205, 230, 245 (5# PR from when I began Outlaw)

    2a) no weight. None UB.
    2b) 145, 155, 175, 190 (190×4 is a PR of some sort. My highest 3RM when I first started was 180.)

    Three of us did this and we had a bit of a logistical/space nightmare. Stepping over each others barbells and moving sleds out of the way, but we managed to make it work. Very fun WOD. Would love to go at it again with a little more room. 2 rounds + 11 OHS

  12. Strength
    1) 185,215,275,290
    2a) 12.5,20,25,25( all done with a vest)
    2b) 170,185,210,220( failed on last rep, can’t seem to keep my elbows up!)
    3rnds + 90′ into the 120′ sled pull ( fucking overhead lunges)


  13. Strength
    1) Back Squat: 1X5 @ 112.5, 1X3 @ 130kg, 1X2 @ 147.5kg, 1X2 @ 165kg, 1X1 175kg.
    2a) 4X10 UB Weighted C2B Pullups – @ 10kg vest
    2b) Front Squats: 1X5 @ 92.5kg, 1X4 @ 100kg, 1X4 @ 115kg, 1X4 @ 120kg.

    15 minutes to get as far as possible:

    30’ Sled Pull 180#
    20 Row for Calories
    10 OH Walking Lunges @ 60kg
    60’ Sled Pull 180#
    40 Row for Calories
    20 OH Walking Lunges 60kg

    Finished up to here in 11:35 and had to go to work

    MFS = 752

  14. 1: 175/205/235/265/280
    2a: no weight but did all UB
    2b: 155/170/190/205

    Conditioning (scaled OHLunge with 95# as I had never done this before). Got through 2 rounds and 10 Lunges. Lunges were tricky. Sled was RX and fun.

  15. back squat-170, 200,230, 260, 275

    ctb pullups-unweighted, but unbroken
    front squats-165,190, 215, 230

    conditioning- did with atd and drew, 2 rounds+59 calories( i guess every second counts)

    the open is gonna be fun, havent done wods with anybody but you guys in a month and a half. gonna be fun still being last on here but beating some non Outlaws

  16. 1. Back Squat 245, 285, 325, 360 (bit shallow) 385 (shallow, probably no rep)
    2a. 4×10 C2B Pullup First Rd no weight, 2 and 3 10#, 4 5#
    2b. Front Squat 195, 210, 240, 255

    Conditioning: got to 25 cal of round 3, OH Lungs at 105#, those were the hardest part. Hard to keep up the intensity after all the squats.

    So stoked to see how the Outlaws do at the Open. Wish I had found it sooner.

  17. Wish I could dedicate fully to this program. Unfortunately still haven’t found a way to do that. But If I make the Regionals, I’ll credit T.O.W. Rudy, hope you continue to provide this service. Thanks.

  18. Still wondering if I can call myself an Outlaw yet? Thanks so much, Rudy, for all your time and effort in helping people you don’t even know.

    1. 140, 165, 185, 210, 220
    2a. 10# vest for all sets (I don’t recall doing 10 UB body weight C2B, today I did them with a vest!!!!)
    2b. 135, 145, 165, 175 (I wanted to quit on rep 2 of 175, but wouldn’t allow myself)

    Finished the run on round 4, but didn’t get to the 40 OH Lunges. I was looking forward to them, though. I did 10 and 20 unbroken. Split 30 into 20 and 10.
    Didn’t have enough rowers for the three of us, so we ran instead. Did 250, 500, 800m. On a positive note, I power snatched 95# today for the first time ever. Easy!! And did it for all the rounds!!

    MFS: 1/2/2

  19. 1) 225, 275, 315, 365, 375

    2a) all with 35# vest on
    2b) 215, 235, 265, 275

    Conditioning: 3 rounds + 50 calories

    Kept solid pace throughout. Lunges weren’t too fun. Cool workout though, never done anything similar to that.

    8/3/3 – mouth still numb from root canal

  20. 1) 230-270-305-345-365
    2a) all sets ub with 20-40# vest, did not measure it. Did not have time.
    2b) 205-220-250-270

    No rower at work, so sub’d some kb high pulls with a 32kg, biggest I had.

    135# on the lunges 10 at a time.
    185# pulls

    Finished 120′ foot pull as time stopped.

  21. 1) 177,205,235,265,280 <- Like I said before I'm going off of an end of deployment round 300# for this. Got back in Dec.
    2a) 15, 20,20, 22.5 Only non-ub was last rep of 4th round
    2b) 165,175,205,215 <- same bs excuse as above

    sled was made up of 15' rope attached to wood pallets..a pretty good cheap sub

    missed the whole GWH comment and pulled 120' instead of 90' on the 3rd round


  22. 1) 265, 315, 355, 395, 420 (felt easy)

    2a) 20# vest. Should have gone heavier.
    2b) 255, 275, 315, 330

    — 3 rds + 54 calories

    M/F/S – 3/3/3

  23. BS: Did these as singles, not sure if that’s right. Pretty sure it wasn’t, as I surmised when I got to the FS/C2BUB sets, based of a 280 1RM
    170, 195, 225, 250, 265
    10@18, FS155, 10@21, FS170, 10@24, FS170 did the same weight again by accident, 10@30, FS190, 10@36, FS205 used a weightvest w/3lb increments

    I missed the high level humor math shenanigans as well, so did 120′, 80 cals & 40 OH WL on round three, as I haven’t seen GWH in a while.

    Scaled OH WL to 95. 2 rounds and 35 of 40 OH walking lines in third. Pull about 30′ before each rd 2&3 before realizing I must OH WL first

  24. Raised the percentages on the back squat….felt like hitting some big weight, and knew I was ready.

    1) 250 x 5
    295 x 3
    335 x 3
    380 x 3
    405 x 1 (easiest 400+ I’ve ever done…..10# under all-time PR)

    2a) 20#, 30#, 35#, 40# (used a shitty vest, didn’t have my good one had to load 5# metal plates inside it)

    2b) 210 x 5
    225 x 4
    260 x 4
    275 x 4
    Done dynamically, for speed, no stop at top.

    Conditioning (we had 6 going at once….was crazy)

    3 Rounds + 40 cal

  25. A) 165, 190, 220, 250, 260
    B1) BW, 10#, 15# x 7, BW x 9
    B2) 145, 155, 175, 190
    Metcon – 2 rounds + 8 overhead lunges

    M/F/S: 1/3/2

  26. Bc my gym is doing the Open wods on Saturday I am pushing all of these workouts back 1 day, so I can do the open workout in a group.

    I am curious what the best thing to use to pull the sled is if you do not have a rope of any sort (besides the 2 hanging from the roof) at the gym?

  27. Conditioning:

    I got through 60 calories and 2 oh walking lunges on the third round. I used 3 45s on the sled.

  28. Back Squat: 
    1X5 @ 155
    1X3 @ 180
    1X2 @ 210
    1X2 @ 235
    1X1 @ 247

    4X10 C2B Pullups
    Unweighted x 10
    20# x 5, 5
    Unweighted x 10
    10# x 9 (grip failure)

    Front Squats: 
    1X5 @ 145
    1X4 @ 160
    1X4 @ 180
    1X4 @ 191

    Short on time; had to cut it at 14 min.
    Got through 2 rounds plus 90′ sled pull.

  29. 1) 145, 170, 190, 210, 230
    2a) 25#, 30#, 35#, 35# all UB (weight vest)
    2b) 155, 170, 190, 200 for 1 and called it a day.

    Conditioning: don’t have a sled right now so I did something else.
    1 mile run
    24 stone to shoulder @73#
    1 mile run.
    -slow and steady pace. legs were fried from squats and metcon with WBs this am.

    MFS – 2, 2, 3

  30. got about a little bit into 120 pound sled pull
    fun workout
    back squats based on 170kg
    front squats based on 143kg
    40 , 50, 60, 64 for pullups

  31. Back Squat- 240, 280, 320, 360, 380
    C2B- 5w10# in Vest, 7w15#in vest; 5w20# in vest; 4w20# in vest
    Front Squats 195, 210, 240, 255

    Used 95# for OHS lunge, never did these before. Used 2x40kg kbs and pulled those for pulls.
    Got to 46 calories in the 90, 60, 30 round.

  32. Part of the greatest movement in fitness history! Proud to be!

    Got let down by two separate raining partners and ended up working alone and about 5 hours later than planned. Total bummer.

    1) 260, 300, 345, 410 (somehow missed the set at 90%, weird. 410 was super easy)
    2a) all unweighted, I’m heavy enough!
    2b) 210, 225, 255, 275(x3, ugh)

    Conditioning – 3 rounds flat (just moved really slow, not sure why)

  33. 1) LBBS: 215-250-285-320-340
    2a) 2×10@15lbs 2×10@10lbs
    2b) FS: 205-225-255-275(3)

    2rds +12 oh lunges

    We’ve got a group of four following the Outlaw Way here in SoCal. We’ve only been doing it for three weeks but we are all believers. We don’t have any sleds here so we improvised. One Rogue yoke and three palets we borrowed from one of the wherehouses in our building comprised our sleds. Posted the conditioning “afterglow” photo to Outlaw Way FB page. Thanks for keeping it interesting!

  34. 1) 205, 235, 270, 300, 320
    2a) 20, 30, 45, 20(12)
    2b) 190, 215, 230, 245

    Back squat was great, will increase percentage again. Had to wear a vest and duct tape plates to myself, got too difficult in the end to keep up the rest times so just did 20 for the last one and got 12 reps. Front squats still difficult, may increase a little though.

    Made it to 20 OHL in the 3rd round. Wanted to do 3 complete. Did it outside in the cold, neat but cold.

  35. Squat: 245,285,325,365,385# felt great!
    c2b: 18#kb
    F Squat from ground: 210,230,260,275#

    Conditioning: 3 rounds plus 60′

  36. 1. 195, 230, 260, 295, 310
    2A. 22# (most I could rig up)
    2B. 175, 205, 215, 230

    2 rounds + 15 OH Lunges. Improved 8 OH lunges since last time. I pretty much suck at those and we haven’t done them since then. Still boring as fuck, just as I remembered it…

    MFS 552

  37. 1)155,180,205,230,240 Easy
    2a)Did 2 sets strict and 2 kipping (no weight) to test shoulder. Not quite there yet.
    2b)145,160,180,190 Medium

    Conditioning: 3 Rounds Even
    Pulled tire and weights combined for 120+lbs but much more friction than sled. 95# OHL Same setup as last time and OHL were much easier. Row still sucked. Got 16 more reps this time.

    1/1/1 (Just the tweaked shoulder. Everything else is good to go.)

  38. 1)147,171,196,220,232
    2a)5# plate between legs. don’t have a vest

    @100-150lb tire and 95lb bar

    I’m going to be real sad when i move at the end of this week and am not going to be able to follow this programming anymore, especially since i just found out about it last week.

  39. 1) 190, 225, 250, 285, 300
    2a) 20, 30, 40, 40
    2b) 165, 185, 205, 215
    Conditioning- 2 rounds + 60 cal

  40. 1) Squat 5x 225, 4x 275, 3x 315, 2x 345, 1x 365
    2a) FSQ 4 x 205, 225, 245, 3×265, 1×265
    2b) BW, 25# plate, 30# DB, 30# Db x 8, BWx2, bwX10, kipped last 2

    Conditioning: Not rx’d, subbed the heck out of everything.

    Sub 45 degree for sled pull, standing overhead split squats forward x 135x 10 alternating for walking lunges, 75# kb swing x 20 for rows–did 3 rounds in ~12 minutes,

    30 BW reverse hyper, 30 hollow rock.

    M/F/S/ 2/2/4

    Low back pain mostly gone this afternoon. Can still feel the SI weirdness, but Squats went great. Overshot a little on FSQ/chins; did it without a belt and rounded forward on rep # 3.

    Psyched. 365 = 10# less than my best triple to date, and 10# under double bodyweight.. I feel very little fatigue.

  41. 1) 190 210 240 270 285
    2a) body weight
    2b) 185 190 215 235
    First set of FS should have been 170 but I didn’t feel like changing the weight.

    No conditioning.

  42. 1) 110, 125, 145, 165, and 170
    2a) 16# across the board
    2b) 100, 105, 120, 130

    2rounds+31 calories.

    MFS: 156. it’s mardi gras here in NOLA…i’ve been walking miles and miles a day

  43. Strength

    1) 335-385-445-500 (1)-Skipped last set
    2a) 20 lb vest used on all sets
    2b) 265-280-325-345


    2 complete rounds-clock stopped right as I finished the rowing for the third round. I didn’t have a rope, so I used the straps that came with the prowler sled. I lost a lot of time in transitioning and the straps are tough on one’s grip.

  44. Fell behind on my posting. I had a Max Effort Mardi Gras competition this past weekend. Took 1st. Here were the events.

    2 min AMRAP of 6 pullups, 6 burpees – 6 rounds + 1 rep
    5 min to find max height box jump (8 ft lane) – 56″
    5 mins to find max load thruster – 240#
    Max rep unbroken axle hang clean 115# – 34 reps
    Baseline WOD – 3:40

    Today’s work:

    1) BS (375 max) – 225×5, 260×3, 300×2, 340×2, 355×1
    2a) CTBPU – NWx10, NWx10, 10#x10, 10#x7
    2b) FS (300 max) – 195×5, 210×4, 240×4, 255×4

    Used 3 plates on my sled with 30′ turnarounds. 3 rounds + 50′ drag. The lunges went better than I expected.

  45. 1) 200, 235, 270, 300 (1) Shut it down after 90%. Knew I didn’t have it in me for more.
    2a) I got 1 set with 50# Bicep was bugging me from Saturday
    2b) 180, 195, 220, 235

    Had a hard time figuring out what to sub for this one since we don’t have sleds or rowers. I settled on Sumo Deadlift High Pulls for the sleds, and Double-Unders for the rows. It was such an awful workout…
    20 mins:
    15 SDHPs w/ 95 lbs
    20 Double-Unders
    10 Overhead Lunges w/ 95 lbs
    30 SDHPs
    40 Double-Unders
    20 Overhead Lunges

    I got to 3 rounds even with about 4 mins left. My biceps were exploding, so I shut it down before risking injury for the Open. Fuck everything about that workout haha.

  46. BS 240, 280, 320, 345, 385f, 385f just didn’t have anything today
    Used 155 wl on back. No over head (elbow)
    3rds +31 cal

  47. 1) %s of 500lbs- easy
    2a) 55lb vest – didn’t say strict so I kipped them. Tough by the end.
    2b) %s of 400lbs- last set at 340 was a bit tough but doable

    3 rds + 45 calorie row. Logistical fucking nightmare. And no rope so used an extension cord. Not fun.

    mfs 222

  48. Bck squat 78,88,95,104,117,5Kg -way to easy!!

    C2B was whit no weight, but on a fatbar.
    Front squat 71,5,77,88,93,5Kg

    Wod 2 round + 90´sled pull in+60cal+11 lunges

  49. 1. 225, 265, 310, 345, 365 (not pretty but good drive from bottom).
    2a. 2.5kg, 7.5kg, 12.5 (5reps), Strict BW (got tired of my rubber band “weightbelt” that made the weight bounce in all the bad spots..).
    2b. 205, 235, 255, 275 (my old 3RM).

    Conditioning: 2R+11 WL
    Went too hard on second row and suffered a lot on that rounds WL. Left rotator cuff pretty banged up after this, same way I injured my A/C last year so gonna be smart and not do Tuesday’s conditioning…

    Fun wod though!

  50. 1. 145, 165, 190, 215, 225
    2a. 12# x 1, 15# x 3
    2b. 125, 135, 150, 160

    2 rounds + 3 OH lunges
    we had a 15′ turn around on the sled pull’s.

  51. 1.)207 228 276 307 328
    2a) 20lb vest not UB
    2b) 185 200 228 242

    2rds + 10 OHL at #115

  52. Jon: BS: 215-235-more-more-300
    Pull ups done without BW only
    FS: 175-190-215-230

    Conditioning: 2+28 Overhead lunge

    Lovely Deanna: BS: 120-140-160-180-190
    Pull ups used purple band and chin above bar for half
    FS: 115-125-135-145

    Conditioning: 2+41 calories

  53. 3 rounds Flat on the conditioning, I had to stop and fix the rope twice because it snapped on me. Great night to do it here in NC.

  54. A: 165, 190, 220, 250, 260
    B1: BW, 10#, 15# x 7, BW x 9
    B2: 145#, 155#, 175#, 190#
    Metcon: 2 rounds + 8 lunges (sled pulls super hard)

  55. 1) 190-230-255-285-300
    2a) body weight 10-8-8-6
    2b) 175-185-215-225

    I did wod 3 yesterday and it took me 27+ so I cut the conditioning at 10:00. I’m not sure if it’s that or wod 12.1, but my quads are SORE.

  56. 1) 205-240-270-305-320

    2a) All at body weight, first pull-ups in 3 months from elbow injury
    2b) 170-185-210-225


    3 rounds and 45′ sled pull
    sled @ 180
    OH lunge @ 45


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