Tonight I had the pleasure of sharing a meal of food with 70s Big’s Justin Lascek. Justin is a legit cool dude, and is kinda strong. See…


I got Justin on video sharing a few words about his favorite museums and websites.


WOD 120218:

WOD 1:

8 minute AMRAP of:

12 Wall Balls 20/14#
12 Pullups
50 Double-Unders

*Rest EXACTLY 12 minutes.

WOD 2:

15 minutes to establish a 3RM Hang Squat Snatch.

Notes: Obviously this piece should be performed without putting the BB down. If the BB drops below the knees before the 3 reos are finished, the set is over. Use a judge for depth on the squat.

*Rest EXACTLY 5 minutes.

WOD 3:

7 Muscle-Ups
21 Box Jumps 24″
35 KBS 24/16KG
35 Pushups (hand release)
5 Muscle-Ups
21 Box Jumps 24″
35 Power Cleans 115/75#
35 Burpees
3 Muscle-Ups
21 Box Jumps 24″
35 GHD Situps
35 Push Jerks 115/75#

For time.

Notes: Box Jumps should be performed using the ’11 Regionals standard (stand and show control on top of the box). KBS should be ABSOLUTELY vertical; please use a judge if possible. Burpees should be absolutely vertical with arms extended completely overhead.

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  1. Anyone have any suggestions for a good weightbelt?? I have never really used one, and after the training camp I realized that I definitely need one. Thanks.

    • I would love to get opinions on weight belts in general. I haven’t used one in years. What are the pros and cons?

      • Harbinger has a nice one for WL. They sell them at Dicks Sporting store her in VA. Size is legal in USAW meets.

      • I just have one from Dicks sporting goods, not the best I know, but it does a good job and its light so If for some reason I need it during a metcon I am not weighed down. I only use mine on the final set of a heavy lift. Train without it most of the time, then when things get real heavy, throw it on for protection. I tend to use it in Metcons when there is heavy high rep dead lifts, just as a safety measure.

    • i bought an expensive Valeo (I believe that’s the brand) from Amazon. I’m sure there are better quality belts, but it does the job for me. It’s lightweight which I like.

  2. Too bad I’m missing such a fun Saturday… I really need the conditioning work too. Oh well, I’m going to Vail for a week of snowboarding. Hopefully I can get in that first open WOD somewhere…


    Whatever! Learn and play sports or something something sucka’s!

    • haha… try hitting up crossfit breckenridge. doing the first open WOD at 10,000 feet should be an interesting experience. I was chatting with the owner when I was there a while back and he says guys with sub 3 frans are easily double that at elevation if you’re not acclimated.

      BTW, jealous of the trip! I got a solid 3 days in last month, hoping to make a couple more trips out there this season. You’re hitting up the back bowls & blue sky basin right??

    • Go to venture Crossfit in Avon . Natalie and Sam will take care of you. If you want you are welcome at my gym we are 45 min from vail and will get you in when ever you need. We are in glenwood springs

    • Thanks guys. Definitely will be doing back bowls as much as possible.
      Ya I was thinking of checking out CF Avon cause it’s nice and close. I wanted to see Verve in Denver to get a shirt and say hi to either of the Chans if they’re there but it’s 2 hours away. Ya I was worried about elevation being an issue considering home is about 800ft compared to the 8000 some here. I’m back home on Sunday so I may save it for then just so I don’t totally bomb the first WOD but I may anyways after taking a week off to board and being in a car for 20 hours.

  3. Tough one today! Should have had more than a big Shake and two cups of coffee for breakfast, but it was okay anyhow. 🙂

    WOD 1:
    4rds +3 reps
    Couldnt get my DU working.
    WOD 2:
    WOD 3:

    MFS 3/6/3

  4. 1. 4+24 reps, messed up DU on r3 and lost a lot of time.
    2. 145lbs, used this as technique practice, first time that wrist handled the load without pain!
    3. 24’27min… OUCH, UB first round, then totally gassed out. Need to eat better (more), PC and burpees painfully slow…

  5. WOD 1:

    8 minute AMRAP of:

    12 Wall Balls 20#
    12 Pullups
    50 Double-Unders

    3 Rounds + 9 Pull ups

    WOD 2:

    15 minutes to establish a 3RM Hang Squat Snatch.


    WOD 3:

    7 Muscle-Ups
    21 Box Jumps 24″
    35 KBS 24KG
    35 Pushups (hand release)
    5 Muscle-Ups
    21 Box Jumps 24″
    35 Power Cleans 115#
    35 Burpees
    3 Muscle-Ups
    21 Box Jumps 24″
    35 GHD Situps
    35 Push Jerks 115#

    Time= 26:48

    M= 5
    F= 2
    S= 3

  6. A – 4 rounds flat. Unbroken wall.balls and pull ups. need to smooth out double unders
    B – 85kg. only 10kg under snatch 1rm
    Long rest for a meeting
    C – as rx’d except for doing 15 power cleans before any box jumps in the middle round, so back to the box then back to 0 on the power cleans. Total time = 25:15

    MFS = 364

  7. WOD 1
    3 RDs + 34 reps
    WOD 2
    135#- form feels like it is getting better.
    WOD 3
    27:43- moving slow, shoulders were still cashed from last night.

  8. WOD 1: 5rds

    WOD 3: 18:55

    Programming is pimpin! I’ve been bodyweight/ gymnastics specialist since 2007. Thank you Rudy for enabling me to sling heavy bars!

  9. WOD 1 = 4+12
    WOD 2 = 115 (120f)
    WOD 3 = 20:45 -red bands for MUs

    I saw 24″ next to the box jumps, so that’s what I used. Was that right to assume 24″ for both men and women?

  10. So……..I was pretty fucked up last night after the pain threshold stuff.
    I basically didn’t move for 6 hours, ate dinner at 11:30 at night and went to bed.
    Throat was sore to breath and swallow from breathing so hard, took cough medicine last night and this morning! hahaha anyone else get that or am I just a big baby…..?

    Got to the gym this morning and everyone said I looked like a zombie….
    Felt okay once I got warmed up.

    WOD 1

    5 Rounds + 15 reps

    Doubles were okay, not great….total of 6 breaks I think. Wallballs UB other than maybe two drops because of being off balance. Pullups UB.

    WOD 2

    135 x 3 sloppy
    165 x 3 better
    185 x 3
    195 x 3

    Tough to bring that kind of weight down in the snatch grip! Got some really sore spots still from snatching last weekend at Outlaw. Had time for one more attempt but was happy with 195.

    WOD 3


    Burpees and GHD’s sucked the life out of me. Way too slow on those two. Moved pretty well through the rest.
    4-5 no reps on the KB swing.


    Felt exhausted all week.

  11. Shoulders still sore from doing “Hammer” and Flight simulator yesterday but felt ok during workout
    1. 4 rounds + 1 rep
    2. 115# still working on squat snatch on overhead squat This is defenitely my Achilles heel
    3. 23:50 clean and push press way to slow after yesterdays workout

  12. Wod 1
    4 rds plus 12 WB and 3 Pullups
    (WB btwn 11 and 12 feet. Pullups, strict gymnastic kip.)

    Wod 2
    95-135-155-165-175-185F (got 2 missed 3rd) Used a judge.

    Wod 3

  13. WOD 1: 4 Rounds plus 12/12/0
    WOD 2: 175#
    WOD 3: 22:42

    Shoulders burnt in wod 1, DU sucked, wanted at least 5.

    Happy with the HSS, haven’t done that much for a 3 let alone a 1 I think? Didn’t try more.

    WOD 3 I had zero energy. Not really happy with it, wanted under 20 for sure. I’m sure there will be a few 15 minuters.


  14. “Pain Threshold” last night evidently left me without much in the tank for today. Felt pretty gassed the entire workout.

    WOD 1: 3 + 6 (wasted about 15 sec at the end to check the clock…couldn’t see it from where I was doing wall balls)

    WOD 2: 110. Didn’t fail, so probably should have attempted more. Oh well.

    WOD 3: 22:30

  15. WOD 1: 3 rounds + 12/12/40. double unders are improving but still need a lot of work
    WOD 2: 105# (happy with this!!)
    WOD 3: 28:40.

    I need to work on connecting MUs and going UB on sets. Did all KBS UB, but struggled through clean and push jerks.

    MFS: 133

  16. Got there this morning,
    3×5 Squat Snatch, almost hit a new PR @ 220# on my last set. (Last set started at 195# and went up every rep)
    3 rounds for time:
    10 HSPU
    16 Pistols
    Handstand Walk Practice

    took a break until the 11 am class was done so I had room to work, then went into the WOD’s

    WOD 1: 4 rounds + 12 WB + 12 Pull ups + 47 Double unders.
    I should have been into 5 rounds +, on my 3rd set of DU The rope kept getting hung up on my strap on my shoes, and it was an bad set of DU, wasted a lot of time. Everything else was Unbroken. Except 1 other set of DU where I tripped up but jumped right back into it. Got no rep’d on 1 Wall ball by my judge.
    WOD 2: 165#, had more in me, Ran out of time – I was in the bathroom for the first 10 minutes.
    WOD 3: 20:20, wanted under 20 and should have been under 20, came off the bar too much and rested too much, would have liked to do this one with another person to go head to head with. This would have pushed my pace more. Burpees and GHD’s were slow.

  17. WOD 1) 3rd+20. Double unders slowed me down, but still working on them
    WOD 2) 175#. 10# under 1rm snatch. Felt pretty good completed 175# right at the buzzer but got it in.
    WOD 3) 26:40. Used a judge the whole time. After yesterdays pain threshold training and the other two wods first felt somewhat beaten down. Scaled the muscle ups with a band from the seated position. Overall not too bad.

    MFS: 4,5,2

  18. 1) 4 rds +24 reps
    2) 155
    3) 21:34.For whatever reason I ended up doing the BJs as the 3rd movement. Fucked it up on the first set and decided to stay with the fuck up. GHD then BJs is aweful.

  19. WOD 1 – 3+22
    WOD 2 – 145#
    WOD 3 – 21:00

    Doubler Unders killed me, i used the heavy rope from RX, and the power cleans on the 3rd WOD wiped me out!

  20. 4 rounds even…felt good
    130×3…should’ve gone for 135
    26:00 even. Power cleans were slow for me. Burpees too, even though I am usually fast at them. 35 in the middle of a wod is a m-fer.

    Loved this training session. Gotta get stronger.

  21. 1) 5 + 1 Double Under
    2) 160#
    3) 15:34-No GHD, had to sub Abmat sit ups. Still feel good about the wod.

  22. Part 1) 5 rounds + 10 double unders
    Part 2) 185 x 3 ( really mad that I missed 195 on rep 3 twice)
    Part 3) 18:58 (rough)

  23. I participated in a local throwdown today. Smart programming, nothing crazy, three short work capacity wods.

    Wod 1: 8 min AMRAP: (Light DT) 12 Deads, 9 HPC, 6 Push Press 115#. Got 7 rds + 12 Deads, 4th place- This one crushed the forearms
    Wod 2: 7 min AMRAP: 7 Thrusters; 7 Burpees- This sucked, but I took it steady from the start, 8 rds, 4th place
    WOD 3: 4 rds, 1 min Double Unders, 1 min KB swings, 24 kg. Got 345 reps. My rd 2 of DU was going awesome and some chick in front of me kept jumping backward and hit my rope twice. 4th place

    Overall, I came in 2nd. Was hoping for 1st so I could go along with the Win everything, but I will take it.

  24. 1) 5 rds + 39 Double-unders (missed DUs 4 times… otherwise UB)
    2) 185# (could have gone heavier, but just wanted to test the wrist. Seems good to go.)
    3) 16:46 (went slow and careful with cleans and jerks. No-rep’d on 3 or 4 KBSs)

    M/F/S – 2/3/2

  25. 1) 4 rounds + 12wb + 12 pull up + 17 double unders
    2) 145 form was sloppy after that
    3) 17:41 with a judge. very pleased with how this went


  26. FatBar Deadlifts @ 275 15-12-9
    Muscle ups 5-5-5

    Time-7:50(forearms blew up after the first round)

    300FY-205 calories. After 5 minutes I didn’t wanna play anymore! Haha

  27. Wod 1 4 rounds +10wb
    Wod 2 185#, one rep shy of 200#
    Wod 3 sub’d muscle up with strict c2b and ring dips, can’t do muscle up with shoulder injury yet. No ghd at work so did t2b, everything else done and had a judge, felt slow 19:09

  28. 1. 4 rounds + 32 DU’s
    2. 145# – Felt shame over this. Body wasn’t functional until 10 minutes into the snatch time.
    3. 21:43. Hit a brick wall in the 2nd round. Miserable.

    MFS 592. Contemplating life.

  29. 1) 4 rounds

    2) 115

    3) 20:30

    Disappointed with myself. Especially on the first workout.

    MFS – 7, 5, 6 so glad for rest. Beat up this week.

  30. 1) 3 + 12 + 6
    2) 110 – First time with oly shoes. Still getting used to them but love ’em.
    3) 23:42
    Did the mu’s really slow because my wrists are raw from the last mu workout and they feel a little bruised too. Also probably went to slow on well pretty much everything until the GHD’s and push jerks because I had someone yelling at me at that point. Not exactly happy but it was fun anyway.

    mfs: 4/6/3

  31. WOD 1
    3 rounds + 44 reps
    First time I’ve done Butterfly Pull-ups in a WOD (sad). Kept losing my rhythm, but they’re getting better

    WOD 2
    3RM Hang Squat Snatch
    165 # (Felt easy to get up overhead)

    WOD 3
    Time was 28:25 Rx’d. I didn’t eat much today, so I was worn out before I even started this one. Was hoping for a good 5 mins faster.

  32. Good work everyone! Looks like Jason’s ready to destrominate some shit. This looked fun, wish I could have done everything but got to take care of the shoulder. Going to row and run tomorrow. May throw in some KB swings or something.

  33. 1) 3rds+12 wb+7 pull ups
    need to practice double unders or stick with 1 type of rope, i think i use like 4 different ropes and it throws me off.
    felt good and strong on these. failed on rep 3 on the second to last set at 135. re did it with a few seconds to spare on the clock and it felt good.
    tried to stay out of my redline zone but i think i might have held back to much. but a positive note is that i finally figured out how to do no-false grip muscle ups and managed to string a few together. so this was a win for me.

  34. First off, I did these with Akbar yesterday and he is legit! Me, on the other hand, I’m just an old guy trying to get better. That being said we pushed each other through on WOD 1, felt good about our numbers on WOD 2 and then I was just trying to start the last round before he finished WOD 3.

    WOD 1: 5rds+16
    WOD 2: 175
    WOD 3: 21:12 (had to sub 3 dips and 3 pull ups for each muscle up. Had to stand around for the first two minutes after I failed the first muscle up due to searing pain shooting down my left arm. Think it is a result of doing the last two days of last week on Saturday and Sunday straight into the first three days of this week and having a ton of overhead stress on an already bum shoulder. Haven’t scaled anything since my first months of CF in early 2010. Not happy about that.)


  35. 1) 4 rounds even.
    Did supine ring rows for pullups. Feet on two 45’s DU’s were not in point today. Not sure if I’m likin the new rogue rope.

    2) 165
    Failed on the 3rd rep on 175 3 times. Form felt good, just couldn’t hold the bar.

    3) going for mountain bike ride. Box jumps blow.

  36. 1) 5 Rounds + 2

    2) 160 — Failed on 170, tweaked the shit out of my right Elbow on the second rep…third was painful..wanted 175

    3) 22.00 — Burpees and KBS made me a pussy — pretty fucking tired after this one…really pushed it on the first MetCon, set up my heart on this one nicely.

  37. We’ll last night my assistant wrestling coach and myself went out to celebrate the end of the season and needless to say I feel like $h@IT today and it showed during workout.

    1: 5+9
    2: 205
    3: 20:27 *thought I was going to throw up a few times during this training session. I kept looking at Jess smiling thinking FML!

    Looking forward to Naples this coming weekend! See you Outlaws soon!!

    PS the F-in OPEN starts this week! BAM!!!!

  38. Feel like garbage today
    Wod 1) 3 rounds on the nose, DU’s are a serious goat
    2) 135lbs, only 30 lbs below my max full snatch
    3) 28:51 was able to get one of my new years resolutions and linked 3 MU’s in a row. After that couldn’t do another, so skipped them in the rest of the wod, Would have been 3 or 4 minutes faster without even trying them.

  39. Not rx’d today; I lacked the time to do 3 WODs, and wanted to take some time to fix a tweaked lower back and work on midline.

    High Hang Snatch x 3 + Overhead Squat x 3 up to 145,
    High Hang Snatch x 2 + OHSQ x 2 x 155, 155, 155

    Made up the ‘Beat the Cuban’ WOD I missed, with ring muscle-ups substituted for bar: 13:00 even. 185 squat clean to thruster was deceptively difficult, but 185 is the heaviest I’ve ever thrustered for 1 rep, so that wasn’t too bad. First 9 muscle-ups unbroken. 🙂

    ~50-70 reps bodyweight reverse hyper and some hollow rocks

    M/F/S 3/2/5 SI Joint manipulation greatly improved my lower back pain.

  40. WOD 1:

    5 Rounds + 19 Reps – Felt great on this, perfect WOD for me.

    WOD 2:

    1X3 @ 170#

    WOD 3:

    DNF – Stopped after Burpees at 24 Min. – My shoulder felt great today until my first Muscle-up, as I came down it locked up on me and I just couldn’t pull after that. First set of M-U took me ~ 4 min. and that completely killed my intensity. Disappointed

  41. I could not get my body moving right today. I felt really stiff before working out no matter how much I tried to warm up. After the easy week, I thought I would feel better on Saturday. I’m worried about next week when we go back to heavy squats and I am trying to do the Open WODs.

    WOD 1: 3 rounds + 19 double unders. Was dying from Friday. I didn’t have a sense of urgency at all. Did pullups and wallballs unbroken (used 20# ball). I’ve always been good at doing wall balls UB, but with my steadily increasing upper body strength, the 20 felt light!! Transition time was the issue. Pullup bar was some distance from the wall balls, but I walked back and forth. I should have run. Also, double unders were off on the last round.

    WOD 2: 110 (yay!!) failed on rep 3 on this the first time I tried, but nailed all three reps the second time.

    WOD 3: 24:40.
    Didn’t have GHD, can’t do muscleups, yet. Even so, this WOD really sucked. I had a hard time motivating myself and felt really tired. Subbed c2b and ring dips and just did regular situps. Struggled with push ups and push presses (I can’t read–obviously–and did push presses, instead of push jerks). Transition time killed me, too. Took too much of a break between each movement. Also, my abs are sore today. I am praying it’s not from the 35 situps. If so, we have a problem.

    MFS 2/4/5

  42. Was in rural upstate NY all weekend so had to wait till I got back home Sunday night to get this one. Shitty food and doing it out of a 7 hour car ride was not the best…

    1) 5 rounds plus 15 reps.
    2) 135, 155, 175, 185! (tried 190 twice but missed the 2nd rep each time)
    3) 35+ minutes
    Worst experience of my life. Without exaggeration, I spent well over 15 total minutes on the muscle ups. Everything else was breeze. Worked high rings and just had nothing. Missed a good 10 reps or more. Felt suicidal around the 18 minute mark…

  43. Jon
    WOD 1: 4+30
    WOD 2: 155
    WOD 3: 19:51

    WOD 1: 3+10
    WOD 2: 95
    WOD 3: 22:48 (scaled muscle ups using band)

    WOD 1: 2+36
    WOD 2: 75
    WOD 3: 25:07 (scaled muscle ups 3,2,1/ weight for PC and PJ 55#)

  44. Sick with head/chest cold/ mild fever

    1. 4 + 12 pull-ups
    2. 100
    3. Skipped (don’t want to run myself down before Opens)

    Did some midline work

  45. 1) 4+34
    2) 185- form was off today
    3)23:40- completely gassed. Took way to long on the power cleans which I thought would be solid for me. Then added insult to injury with burpees that were slower than dirt..

  46. wod 1 – 4 rounds
    wod 2 – 155 (need to work on keeping bar close)
    wod 3 – 23:48 (push jerks were the worst for me)

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