Do I bow to the Queen or curtsey?

I can finally officially (unofficially) announce the dates for the UK leg of The Outlaw Way world tour. There will be TWO Training Camps in “The England”; the first from April 13th to the 15th and the second from April 20th to the 22nd. The dates are for sure, but we still have to nail down the actual cities for each (one will be Manchester, one will be London). We should have ALL details up by the end of the week.

This is an absolute dream come true. There has never been a more appropriate FUCK YEAH than right now.

Side note: Does anyone have a Bugatti I could borrow for a quick trip down to Germany?

Today we have another Beat the Coach challenge, except… Today the BTC stands for Beat the Canadian.

The BTC WOD comes to us from the somewhat evil genius of Brandon Phillips and was designed as a test for our favourite Canadian, Jay Rhodes. It is:

9-6-3 of:

Bar Muscle-Ups
Squat Clean to Thrusters 185/120#

For time.

Jay’s time – 4:27.

Before the form Nazis go crazy; Jay informed me that one of his Thrusters wasn’t completely locked out and he would have no-repped himself (I think it’s the second to last). If you are within 10 seconds of his time, with all clean reps, we’ll go ahead and give you a win on this one. I’m going to just throw it out there thoughβ€”I don’t think Rich Froning himself can beat this one.

Again, the rules are simple… Beat our Canadian, on video, and we’ll send you a shirt. ONLY the first 3 people who post their videos will be eligible.

So, I promised T’s 170# Snatch on video. I have it, but it’s on a video with the entire event. You’ll have to fast forward to 5:50 to see the lift, but it’s worth it. I swear it looks easy.

Here’s T’s recap of the event: CrossFit BGI Team Challenge Recap.

Today The Outlaw Way Facebook page went over 1,000 likes. A few months ago, when the idea of having an Outlaw Way FB page was suggested to me, I laughed as though it was the craziest idea ever. I’m not very smart.

Now go make me look stupider: The Outlaw Way FB page.

WOD 120215:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X2 Hang Snatch (full squat) @ 80% – rest 60 sec.
2a) 4X3 Snatch High-Pulls – heaviest possible, use straps, rest 60 sec.

Notes: The pull should end with the BB at least at nipple height. Concentrate on pulling, not jumping.

2b) 4X3 Behind the Neck Push Press (Snatch grip) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


Beat the Coach (Canadian) 1.3

9-6-3 of:

Bar Muscle-Ups
Squat Clean to Thrusters 185/120#

For time.


1a) 3X20 Reverse Hyper – medium, rest 45 sec.
1b) 3X20 UB GHD Situps – rest 45 sec.


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  1. But Rudy, the guys at BWI just announced today that the “Affiliate Cup” of the Hopper Challenge will be April 14-15 (individual comp will still be in the Fall)!

  2. Awesome WOD! doubt that i will be able to do the bar MU with my shoulder and 185 seems awefully heavy, but i would rather crash and burn than be a pussy and scale the weight.

  3. Hang snatch up to 135, stopped due to back pain
    Snatch high pull 155,
    175, 175, 175, 175, 175
    Snatch-grip push-press 135, 155?, 175, 205
    Midline, done, a little weight on some hypers

    Skipped metcon due to pain and time

    M/F/S 3/3/8– good for an early workout: lingering issues with back pain and midline limiting volume. Will do more midline later time permitting

  4. BB Gymnastics
    1. Hang squat snatch 5×2 – 95# for all
    (don’t know my true hang squat snatch 1RM, so kept it here and worked from the high hang, as one of my major flaws is getting my hips through)

    2a. 4X3 snatch high pulls 125, 130, 135, 135
    2b. behind next, snatch grip PP 95, 105, 115, 115 (should have gone heavier)

    Conditioning: 17:12 as RX’ed
    Slow as hell, but I DID IT! First time doing bar MU in a WOD. I failed at least 4 in the beginning, then got it. On 4 occassions, I strung 2 together. They actually improved after the squat clean thrusters. If I had to do it again, I could easily shave several minutes off. HELL YEAH!

    Midline: done and done

    M/F/S – 2/3/3

  5. bb gymnastics
    1) 95 all sets
    2a) 105, 125, 130, 135 (don’t own straps…need to get on that)
    2b) 85, 95, 105, 115. could have probably increased 5-10#


    will do conditioning later. really excited to do bar MUs!!

    MFS- 123

  6. This is my first post. I’ve been browsing the site for a week or so. I like what you are doing and had to get in on the challenge.

    Did the BTC WOD in 3:52. Our clocks are the opposite direction of the pullup bars. Put a stopwatch to it if you need.


  7. 1) Hang snatch @ 155lbs
    2a) Pulls @ 198lbs
    2b) Behind the neck push jerk 135lbs (took it easy because of recovering shoulder)

    WOD: 8:40
    Extremely satisfied with completing it Rx, since i haven’t done bar MU for more than 4 months because of my injury. I know it’s not super fast, but really happy with the outcome.

    3×20 reverse hyper done alternatively with resistance bands
    3×20 GHD

  8. Very impressive Tanner, nice work!

    I also finished the challenge.. but a minute something over the time limit. great challenge for a big strong guy who just needs to go faster and have more endurance. I’m 6’2″ 230# working on not letting my height and range of motion with thrusters slow me down, the challenge definitely opened my eyes to how much I have neglected working on heavy thrusters. Anywho, here’s the vid.

    Thanks for another great challenge.

    • I’m 6’2″ as well. Gosh I wish I was over 200lbs though. Just passed the 190 mark a few days ago. The weight comes on slow.

      BTW, you’re the leanest 230 I’ve ever seen.

      • Thanks Jordan, I used to be not so lean but eliminating sources of extra omega 6 and replacing them with neutral fats like olive, coconut, and avocado and eating lot’s of wild caught canned sardines, herring, salmon, oysters, made a huge difference for me. Decided to try boosting the omega 3’s after attending a seminar held by nordic naturals fish oil company. Funny that now I don’t even supplement omega 3’s near as much because i just eat fish all the time. Nordic is still a great company though if you can’t handle eating fish and need to get your omega 3’s up.

  9. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X2 Hang Snatch (full squat) @ 67.5kg (80%)

    2a) 4X3 Snatch High-Pulls – @ 80kg across

    2b) 4X3 Behind the Neck Push Press (Snatch grip) – @ 70kg-75kg,75kg,75kg


    Beat the Coach (Canadian) 1.3

    9-6-3 of:

    Bar Muscle-Ups
    Squat Clean to Thrusters @ 70kg


    First time doing bar muscle ups but pleased to complete

  10. 1) 5X2 Hang Snatch (full squat) @ 75kg.
    2a) 4X3 Snatch High-Pulls – 100kg, 100kg, 105kg, 105kg, no straps
    2b) 4X3 Behind the Neck Push Press (Snatch grip) – 90kg, 95kg, 100kg, 105kg.

    Beat the Coach (Canadian) 1.3
    9-6-3 of:
    Bar Muscle-Ups
    Squat Clean to Thrusters 85kg


    Here’s the video

    1a) 3X20 Reverse Hyper – face down on a GHD, hands on foot plate, hips raised on 3 abmats.
    1b) 3X20 UB GHD Situps.

  11. 1) 105 all sets – felt really good

    2a) No straps. Need to buy some. 105, 110, 115, 120, 125 (misread and did 5 sets)
    2b) 115, 125, 135, 135 (5lbs less than last time. Not feeling it today.)

    BTC: 9:47 – used red bands for bar MU

    Will have to do midline later.

    • Can you post a link to your video on the band-assisted muscle ups? I was trying to remember them tonight to practice, but I don’t think I had it right. Thanks!!

      • janice marie, i will no longer willingly post any videos to this site. ha. however, if you’d like to dig a little it is in the archives of my blog. i think it’s december on one of the first few days i started writing the blog. πŸ™‚

  12. 2a) 4×175. (wanted all pulls at or above nipple line)

    2b) 1×135, 3×155 (shoulders a little tight today)

    6:32 (a shit ton harder/easier than I expected. The combo sucked however 185 felt really good)

  13. 1) 165 for all with several fails, felt heavy as crap

    2a) 165
    2b) 205, 215*3 – again, felt super heavy

    Conditioning: 6:56 on Rings

    Brutal combo, wasn’t feeling it today but it was a good one to gut through.

  14. 1) 185×2, 195, 200×2
    2a) 185×2, 200×2
    2b) 195×2, 215, 225

    6:10- Had to run back and forth across the gym in the middle of a class

    Will complete mid line later

  15. Hang Snatch
    2 sets @ 95
    3 sets @100

    Snatch High-Pulls
    1 set @ 105
    3 sets @ 125

    Behind the Neck Push Press (Snatch grip)


    First time attempting bar muscle ups. Used a band. Can get high enough without the band, but having a mental block throwing myself over the bar. Squat clean thrusters were more difficult during the WOD than I anticipated. Not happy with the way this went.


    3X20 Reverse Hyper – 140 across
    3X20 UB GHD Situps – done.

  16. Hands feel beat up….knee still feeling good.

    1) 115# on all sets
    2a) 185#
    2b) 115, 125, 135, 145#

    Conditioning (modified)
    Muscle Ups (rings)
    Clean Thruster, 155#


    Midline in a bit…maybe some handstand walking. I’m ready for a rest day.

  17. 1) had a second failed rep on sets 2/4. felt good though at 170
    2a) did one set at 225
    2b) did one set at 185

    couldnt focus for shit. came back to gym a while later

    c) i suck at ring MUs so i did those instead. 14:14 good wod

  18. 1.125 2a.185 2b.155

    BTC – 4:48 (scaled to 135# because according to Drywall, I have no dick)

    Midline – yes, subbed 95# good mornings for reverse hypers


  19. Nothing with the shoulder for the next week or so. Labrum, AC joint, or rotater cuff. Will know more monday. So, I’m going to get creative with some conditioning, and midline work. I can still squat heavy so that’s plus.

    • BB Gymanstics

      Went light per Rudy’s request

      1) 125
      2a) 125
      2b) 145

      Will do midline and Tuesday’s stuff tomorrow…little behind.

      MFS: 9/5/2 – I think I’m allergic to 2012.

      • That, Rudy, is what I was asking was legal. Somebody else here was a gymnast too methinks.

    • Definitely redoing this after seeing T do it. My last 3 bmu of the “9” set took nearly three minutes. The rest were unbroken. But clearly my technique was off!

      I definitely see a sub 5 min on this.

      1) 175 all sets

      Skipped the next two things. Had to get to a parent-teacher meeting.

      Conditioning (BTC): 8:17

  20. Felt incredibly beat up today, not sure why….probably the ridiculousness partner wod I was forced to do yesterday.

    Hang Squat snatches: 120 for all 5 sets. I failed a few reps but made sure to get 2 successful ones each round.

    Snatch Pulls did all with 155. Heels and feet stayed on ground, focused on all pull to the nips.
    Paired these with DB Press 4 sets with 45# 10, 10, 9, 8 (I missed the HS work yesterday, I have a shoulder mobility/strength issue with HSPU, so I sub these in)

    Did yesterdays COnditioning wod in 13:24 in lieu of today. Cannot do Muscle ups on a bar (or on rings consistently) and the thruster was not happening with the way I was feeling.

  21. 1. 130 all sets. Foot position, turn over, drop down and catch all felt better and more solid.
    2a. 135 all sets.
    2b. 135, 155, 165, 165.

    Felt torn up pretty bad afterwards for some reason.

    Used 185. Got through the first round and let it be. Stopped it at 8 mins.

    Adding bar muscle ups to the practice list.

    After I picked my tears up off the floor, I completed the conditioning.


  22. A: 151# (pretty good, landing a bit forward at the bottom, becomes more pronounced as I fatigue in later sets)
    B1: 185#
    B2: 185#
    Metcon @ 155# – 9:37 (all muscle-ups unbroken, SCT’s took forever…)
    A1: Back Extensions – 3 x 20 @ 25#
    A2: GHD Sit-Ups – complete

    M/F/S – 2/3/3

  23. 1) 165 x 5 x 2
    2a) 165 x 1 x 3, 185 x 3 x 3
    2b) 215 x 4 x 3

    Bar Muscle-Ups
    Squat Clean Thruster 185lbs
    Time: 7.38
    Haven’t done bar muscle-ups in a WoD before, so the first 9 were kinda feeling it out, failed one and probably paced it too much. Ended up pretty quick on 6 and 3…fun WoD for sure, Squat Cleans felt awesome, thrusters not quite as much.

  24. 1) 135 for 5×2. Worked on holding it in the squat position and having full control before standing up
    2) 185; 205; 205
    3) 155; 165; 175; 175

    Conditioning: 6:13
    did set of 9 and 3 MU unbroken, broke the set of 6 into 2 sets of 3. Squat clean thrusters got heavy heavy in the last few reps. great wod.

  25. Snatch @ 165
    Snatch Pulls @ 245
    Snatch Push Press @ 195

    Conditioning: engine feeling week today so I coaster a little by doing 1 squat clean thruster and 1 ring muscleup EMOM 20 min. Felt good

  26. 1) 150#
    2a) 205#, then 225# for 3rds
    2b) 205#-really feeling it in the shoulders on the lowering

    conditioning….humble pie
    13:18Rx-need some technique on the bar muscle ups. Thrusters were heavy

    no reverse hyper available, sub’d on incline bench

  27. 1)155
    2b)185, 205, 215, 225

    BTC: 9:03

    Midline done.

    Snatches were decent, pulls were ok too. I’ve moved my grip to the collars for my snatches so the push press was a little more tricky and demanding on shoulder stability, happy I built there.

    BTC sucked, first time doing any thruster over 135 in a wod, thought my chest was exploding. Bar MUs decent, should have strung them together more.

  28. BB Gymnastics:
    1) 92
    2a) 115
    2b) 95, 100, 105, 110

    12:23 rx First time doing bar muscle ups in a WOD, felt pretty good but the weight was SUPER HEAVYYYYYYY!!!!!


  29. 1) 175#
    2a) 155, 185, 205, 205
    2b) 155, 185, 205, 205

    I love me some hi-pulls.

    BTC: 7:50

    MU’s weren’t no thang. SCT took a bit out of me. Really fun workout.

    Skipped midline.

  30. I need to find a bar to do Bar muscle ups on, the only bar in my gym without another bar above it is about the size of a tree trunk. Had to differ to a different conditioning. I hate straying away from the program, kind of made my second session a debacle. I had never really tried to do high rep bar muscle ups on that bar, I had only done high rep BMU at other gyms. Fought it for a while trying to get used to the bar though. The thickness of the bar is about the same thickness as a barrel of a baseball bat to give you a comparison. I had to really fight to get my hand on top of it.

  31. Hang Snatch: 110
    Snatch Pull: 155/155/165/165
    Push Press: 155/160/160/165

    Cond: 14:48 Did 165#, was very heavy for me. Bar MU not an issue

    Midline: complete

  32. 1. 95#, used 80% of full snatch. Have I mentioned that number has been 115# since October? Oh, I have? I apologize. Anyway, I figured out tonight that I jump forward. Nailed the last two sets. Shoulders are T-I-R-E-D, grip is gone and it was hard to lock out the weight.

    2a. 105, 110, 110, 110
    2b. (with straps) 135 for all sets. (couldn’t get to my nipple on the later rounds)

    BTC: 16:49
    Never thrustered more than 100# before. I used 120 for the first three, but failed three reps in row on rep 4 in first round. Went to 115#. It’s funny how much of a difference five pounds makes–or either I’m just a sissy. Either way, these were beastly. I had to take a lot of recovery time between reps. Also, no bar muscleups, did 9 c2b and 9 ring dips, 6, and then 3. All c2b unbroken–NEVER DONE more than two C2B unbroken in my life. Tonight I did 9 AFTER doing 9 SCThrusters (Did conditioning out of order). Ring dips, were 6 and 3 in rd 1 and then unbroken for rd 2 and 3. Usually can’t get more than 3-4 UB ring dips. So, even though in comparison, you could say I sucked at tonight’s WOD…in comparison to my former self, I rocked it. Pretty happy about the progress–for now.

    Midline: Complete…hamstrings are SCREAMING!! They were even burning in the GHD situps.

    MFS 2/7/7

  33. GR. Didn’t “beat the coach” but wasn’t too bummed about my 5:20 time at RX.. until the camera shut off midway through. Woulda made for a cool little vidjya, but hey, there’s always next time!

    1) 155 straight through, failed the 1st couple, then found my hip crease and locked my arms out quicker and it was game on!
    2a) 155, 165, 175, 175
    2b) 165, 185, 205 (f), 195


    5:20 like I said above. Pleasantly surprised myself, because I knew the sq thrusters were gonna get damn heavy for me, but I powered through em pretty well. Bar mups were a breeze, just need to keep getting stronger!

    Actively resting and stretching tomorrow and Friday before “Caution Grounds” this weekend.

  34. Didn’t have much time today so just did conditioning. Also can’t quite figure out bar muscle-ups yet. Gotta learn how to get the boobs OVER the bar, but after watching some video I think I’ll get ’em w/ a little practice but no time for that today. Subbed regular muscle-ups.

    mfs: 3/6/5

  35. Worked on Hang Snatch technique, working up to 135#.

    BTC: 9:24

    Midline: sit ups and good mornings.

    This is the third workout in a row where I gassed way too early. Time for rest and better recovery. People are posting some great times. Awesome to see!

  36. 1) 5X2 Hang Snatch (full squat) – 125
    2a) 4X3 Snatch High-Pulls – 135
    2b) 4X3 Behind the Neck Push Press (Snatch grip) – 155

    Beat the Coach (Canadian) 1.3

    9-6-3 of:

    Bar Muscle-Ups
    Squat Clean to Thrusters 185/120#


    Midline (never have time for this)

    1a) 3X20 Reverse Hyper – medium, rest 45 sec.
    1b) 3X20 UB GHD Situps – rest 45 sec.

  37. This is my First week of 12 following the programming and im loving every minute of it!!!!
    1. 185
    2B 215,205,205,205

    BTC: 8:10 I did Ring MU because I messed of my thumb (don’t ask) It didn’t hurt on rings. But I got mind fucked on the MU and i kept failing. I guess what I need to work on.

  38. 1) 125,130,135,145,150 hit one rep at 150
    2a) 150,160,165,170
    2b) 135,155,165,180
    8:44 @155
    subbed 95lb good mornings for reverse hypers

  39. Getting nervous about my wrist w/ the Open coming so quickly, so I took it easy on my wrist today.

    1) skipped
    2a) 155, 185, 185, 205
    2b) 185, 215, 215, 225 (f), 225

    Did 2 alternate wods that was in the CF Heath programming (both were on main site):

    1) 3 rds of
    10 DL @ 275
    50 Double-unders
    — 2:08

    2) Eight rounds for time of:
    10 Burpees
    15 Jumping alternating lunges
    20 Double-unders
    25 yard Shuttle sprint (5 x 5 yards)
    Rest 90 seconds
    — Somewhere around 7 and a half minutes working time… around 18 minutes total

    2 minutes ME situps – 96
    GH Raises – 3×20

    M/F/S – 5/4/4

  40. n00b question in 3,2,1….
    The Outlaw programming during the Open will be aiming at performing the open wod on Friday?

  41. Again, did yesterdays work today after taking Tuesday off

    1) 165, 165, 175, 180, 180 (felt SO GOOD!!!)
    2a) 195, 215, 225, 225 (felt a little sloppy on the final set, besides that felt real good)
    2b) 205, 215, 225, 225 (focused on really sticking the lock out as this is a new-found issue for me)

    BTC – 8:43 (used low rings and did as strict as I could)

    1a) 5×20, 10×20, 10×20
    1b) did ’em. Worked on speed

  42. 1)135
    2a)155, 165, 175, 175
    2b)95, 105, 110, 110

    metcon: scaled to 165 6:23. Upon further review I’m still small

    midline: good morning@65/ghds check

  43. 1) 165-185
    2a) 205-225
    2b) empty bar, shoulder pain with anything heavier

    Conditioning: DNF I did not attempt with my shoulder, so I did “Jackie” 6:17

    Midline done, no Hyper so goodmornings with 95#

  44. Warmed up with snatch balance .. which were probably my best ever but got pretty heavy and fucked me in conditioning

    Hang Snatch 115-135-145-145
    SHP 185

    Conditioning .. plain fucking embarassing
    17:50 Was completely rattle from the first thruster that I was having so much trouble getting out of the bottom. I normally have a lot of speed @ this weight and they felt like 1RM attempts … hope this is my dip right before the open starts.

  45. Only did the conditioning. 9:33 Rx’d. Really happy with the Squat Clean Thrusters. Only thing that was hard was the very last bit of the press on each rep. Had to rest a little longer in between to make sure I’d get each one. Feeling damn good these past few days!

  46. 1) 115
    2a) 115, 135, 140, 145
    2b) 135, 145, 150, 155

    5:42 Disappointed with myself. All bar MU unbroken. Gassed out on the thrusters. Have video and will post later. I probably stood around looking at the bar for more than 2 minutes so I know a 3 something is possible. Suck fest. BAR MU were great though = gymnastics style. I have never seen Drew Shamblin stare at me during a workout while he is working out as well and apparently I amazed him with my bar MU skills haha. I think he was in shock for a second. it was awesome.

    1a) purple band
    1b) completed.

    MFS – 9, 5, 4 Mood was pretty crappy today.

  47. 1. 95
    2a) 135
    2b) 115 (did front rack PP) back hurts shoulder


    Scaled weight to 105, bar muscle ups as rxd. Have major problems with heavy thrusters. If this was squat clean and jerk I would have gone rx’d, something about coming up out of that front squat to OH just wrecks me. Thrusters slooooooow. bar MU mostly unbroken.

    Midline done in WU.

  48. 1) 5X2 Hang Snatch (full squat) @ 80% – 105#
    2a) 4X3 Snatch High-Pulls – heaviest possible, use straps, rest 60 sec. 195#
    2b) 4X3 Behind the Neck Push Press (Snatch grip) 185 The hard part on these is putting dropping it back to th eneck

    Conditioning 7:46 subbed 2-1 pullup and ring dip 7:46

  49. 1) 125
    2a) 195×4
    2b) 135-165-165-165

    Conditioning: 8:20 w/145 lbs squat clean to thruster

    Midline: complete

  50. Should have gone heavier with all bb gymnastics
    1) 135
    2a) 145
    2b) 155

    Conditioning: 5:48
    scaled thrusters to 165, first time doing heavy thrusters.

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