This weekend’s Training Camp was by far the best to date. We got to spend an incredible amount of time on instruction and really working on high-level movements with an amazingly attentive group. Thank you guys so much for coming to Outlaw home base and making our last pre-Open camp a huge success. Please post to comments and let us know how we did.

Side note: Car Bombs are always a bad idea.

I know, it’s getting redundant…

Talayna and Poppa won the CrossFit BGI Team Challenge on Sunday. The highlight of the event was—no I’m not kidding—T’s ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY pound Snatch during the first event. It was a PR for her and helped them to a first place in the 1RM Snatch event. Don’t worry, I’ll have video tomorrow.

BP competed in the Garage Games ONE team event this weekend, with the 2pood team. They won, too.

Are we really winning EVERYTHING?

They didn’t stick around to take a podium pic, but here are their awesome team shirts…

WOD 120213:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X2 Hang Clean (full squat) @ 85% – rest 45 sec.
2) 5X2 Split Jerks @ 85% – rest 60 sec.
3a) 4X3 Clean Pulls – heaviest possible, use straps, rest 60 sec.
3b) 4X3 Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


“WOD 1 – Training Camp 12.3”

8 minute AMRAP of:

7 OHS 135/95#
14 T2B
21 KBS 32/24kg

Notes: The preference would be for everyone to complete this WOD with a judge specifically focusing on the KBS. The KB should be ABSOLUTELY vertical (bottom flat to ceiling), with the elbow completely extended and the ears showing in front of the arms. If you cannot get a judge then find a way to get yourself on video to make sure you are performing perfect reps.


20 alternating reps of heavy TGUs (not for time).


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  1. Was there to witness Momma and Poppa TEAR SHIT UP today and it really made me proud to be a part of the same Outlaw “team” with them. Lovin’ it.
    I’m competing in “Caution Grounds” a comp down in Miami this weekend, and hopefully I’ll follow suit and make y’all proud!
    Ready for the Open kids? Let’s all keep WINNING EVERYTHING!

  2. Rudy,
    I met your boy, John this weekend. Nice guy. His beard is almost as epic as yours. I’m excited to pick his brain some more about Outlaw programming. You should def come to NC for a training camp when he’s settled in.

  3. I have a cool video from the Garage Games I may post tomorrow of me and BP’s teams doing a workout right next to each other. I’m kinda scared though bc it has Atlas stones in it.

  4. Couldn’t make the camp and that makes me sad. Hope this isn’t the last of the Northeast camps. Hint. Hint.

  5. Great camp this weekend. Just wanted to throw out a thanks to Rudy and Laura for opening up the gym to us. Also, wanted to thank Dan from Crossfit Woodbridge for letting us hit a couple workouts on Saturday at his gym. I’ve only been following the outlaw way for about a month and this weekend I pr’d on everything I did. Thanks.

  6. To Rudy and all the Outlaw coaches: thank you so very much for sharing your insight into developing world-class athletes (exercisers?…) Truly awesome! Thank you, coaches, for two PRs! I found the recap sessions to be especially informative and have realized the need to become more educated on the various training protocols and scientific literature that exists. This weekend has made me reconsider my journey as an athlete and my role as a coach. Again, many thanks and much continued success in the coming months!

  7. Hey Rudy, when will you updated the “Outlaw Doctrine” to include the “Open through 4 weeks before the Regionals” programming? I mean, we’re paying good money to get all this awesome info…

    You tha man

  8. THX Rudy Laura, Corey, Tommy, and Chef for a great weekend full of top notch stuff to help us all become better athletes no i mean exerciseers (prob not spelled right). Looking forward to continued Pr’s and The Outlaw Way crushing the opens then taking to regionals, and then proving @ the Games!

  9. Camp comments- turns out JayRhodes is the real deal. Eh, who knew? I thought the instructional time was phenomenal this weekend and a good push on the workouts as always. It was an attentive and smart group who also moved alot of big weight on Friday night. No one better to hang out with than smart strong people.

    It’s kinda sad, while people like T, Poppa and BP were out growing the Outlaw reputation by winning stuff, we were diminishing it by taking that ridiculous picture.

  10. BB gymnastics
    1) 195×5 sets
    2) 210×4 sets( failed a couple, couldn’t keep extension, tri-ceps are shot)
    3a) 225,245,265,270
    3b) 155,165,175,185×2(failed 1st rep, tri’s still shot)

    2 rounds + 21reps ( grip was horrible today)

    No time, will do later

    3/6/6( triceps and grip shot from garage games one this weekend)

  11. Camp this weekend was awesome. I don’t have another camp to compare it to like some others, but it rocked. Loads of great instruction and refreshing to be around so many people who take this exercising shit as a serious sport. That reads sarcastic, but it’s not. 🙂

    For me camp started shaky….I forgot how to snatch. haha
    Was very tight through the quads and hips which was messing with all the positions….failed about 15 snatches well under what would be an any day lift.
    Cleaned 300 again, couldn’t put it overhead. Jerk footwork/depth still sucks. But at least I got called out on it in front of lots of people to work on it.
    TONS of people PR’ing everything in that session. It was pretty cool to watch. Guys would hit a lift that looked easy, and then say “yea that was a 15# PR”

    I got owned on the KB standard in the first WOD and ended up at 2 rounds + 27 with probably a good 20 no-reps in there. Evidently that needs some work.
    Rest of the WOD’s went really well.

    Thanks again to Rudy and Laura for everything, especially having Lace and I in there home for a couple days.

    Get to a camp!

  12. Bb gymnastics
    1) 125 all sets
    2) 125 all sets
    3a) 145, 165, 175, 180 (i don’t have straps)
    3b) 105, 110, 110, 115

    2 rounds. the KBS were HORRIBLE. did all of my OHS and T2B unbroken, but really struggled with KBS. had coach watch me and have video (will watch and fully analyze in a little bit)

    No time for midline today. Have to study for exams 🙁

    MFS: 145. traps and quads are still really sore. need to spend more time rolling out.

  13. HC: 175
    SJ: Pass – shoulder issues still
    CP: 330
    PP: 120 – need to work on these so went very light

    Conditioning: Heavy modification, shoulder felt terrible with OHS and KBS.

    Midline: No KB for this, again shoulder. Used #90 boxing bag – kicked my ass

    2/2/2 – all in the shoulders really…

  14. 1) 115/125/125/125/125
    2) 75/85/95/105/110

    3a)145 across
    3b) 95 across

    conditioning: 2+16 (grip gone)

    midline: completed 16kg(first round)
    12kg for rest


  15. BB Gymnastics:

    1) 145 across
    2) 155 across – failed last rep

    3a) 205, 215, 225, 230 – no straps. i thought i was 10 lbs less the whole time until I re-counted my weight at the end. it’s pays off not being able to add.

    3b) 125, 130, 130, 135 – failed last rep

    been struggling with push press and jerk technique the past couple of weeks for some reason. some new flaws are popping up that i haven’t really had an issue with before.


    didn’t do the metcon b/c i’m pretty beat up from the weight vest on saturday. i felt like it was either rest some today or pay for it later this week. i did have a judge watch me work on KB swings. it definitely took a little bit of tweaking for me to swing a 52# with perfect technique. also worked quite a bit on T2B, but didn’t do anything for time.


    ran out of time. will try to make this up tomorrow.

  16. 1 = 135 = still working on proper technique
    2 = 145

    3a = 205
    3b = 135

    conditioning 95 lbs ohs / 35 lbs kbs = 2 rds + 7+14+19

  17. Been sick as fuck since Sat, but I still wanted to work out…
    worked with 105 on all the lifts… straight vagina style.

    Then did 3 rounds of the WOD NFT

  18. Still can’t do heavy cleans/snatches/jerks/presses, so I did speed/drop front squats in lieu of the hang cleans, and strict HSPUs instead of jerks/presses

    FS – worked from 225# to 315#, 5 sets of 4.
    HSPU – Just went to failure every time… tried to go fast

    Clean Pulls – worked from 295# to 365#
    More HSPU

    — 3 rds + 8T2B (I had two different judges on the KBS, but I still had to no-rep myself on 3 extra KBSs, and I missed a couple T2B. Grip was FRIED, and the OHSs made my wrist feel weak)

    Midline – did 3 x 25 UB GHD situps instead.

    M/F/S – 4/4/4

  19. BTW, Saturday workout was naaasty and just what I was looking for “Hurt!” Did’nt have time to post.

    HSquatClean: 205
    Split Jerks: 205
    Clean Pulls: 275
    Push Press: 170

    Conditioning: 3 rounds + 1 OHS, Holy grip wrecker!

    Skipped TGU. Post WOD (Run 400m)=1:19

  20. Glad my knee is feeling better for the first time in 8 months…annoyed with where my strength has gone.

    1) 175, 175, 170×1, 165, 165
    2) 155, 165, 165, 170, 175
    3a) 205 for all sets…not sure why I didn’t go up, wasn’t that hard
    3b) 155 for all, I think (maybe 165)

    Conditioning was awful. Had to lower ohs to women’s weight….t2b were fine, kb swings sucked. 2 + 21

    No time for midline

  21. 1. 145
    2. 165
    3a. 185/205/215/225
    3b. 145/150/150/155

    Cond: 2 rds, 1 t2b (ohs 115)
    TGU: 55#

    Amrap was a bitch. OHS felt f’n heavy, even at 115. 2 pood not an issue. Couldn’t do t2b unbroken in rounds 2 and 3 but grip was ok.

  22. 1) 215 4 sets, 225 last set
    2) 205- wasn’t feeling it
    3) Didn’t do
    4) 165- wasn’t feeling it

    Conditioning: 3 rounds + 1 T2B- grip torture

    Had the pleasure of competing in the Garage Games team competition yesterday against BP and his 2Pood team, Rich Froning and Dan Bailey and their team, and a ton of other Regional athletes. Crazy to think all these world class athletes were going at it in the back of some random neighborhood in Woodstock, GA. Had a blast except for the freezing cold weather. We ended up taking 3rd. Fun weekend.

    2/10/4- Six hour drive and maybe 4 hours of sleep last night

  23. BB
    1)190lbs for all reps
    2) 225lbs for all reps
    3a) 255 for all reps
    3b) 175 for all reps (could have gone a little heavier)

    3 rounds even
    Watched my video and would have taken away 1-2 reps on KB. Most looked pretty legit.

    60lbs DB (10 reps each arm)

  24. 1) 5X2 Hang Clean (full squat) @ 105kg
    2) 5X2 Split Jerks @ 105kg
    3a) 4X3 Clean Pulls – 120kg, 120kg, 135kg, 135kg, no straps
    3b) 4X3 Push Press – 90kg, 95kg, 100kg, 105kg

    “WOD 1 – Training Camp 12.3″
    8 minute AMRAP of:
    7 OHS 60kg
    14 T2B
    21 KBS 32kg
    TOTAL = 2 rounds + 19 reps

    OHS unbroken, grip went away in round 3 of TTB and swings were horrific after competing this weekend in an event that not only had 100 power snatches for time @ 95lbs in, but also 3 min max reps deadlift @ 205lbs! Holy lower back hell!
    Videos of the lifting will follow and hopefully people will appreciate the combination of orange shirt with ginger beard….

  25. I watched Talayna’s PR snatch rep and it was terrific. Excellent form. She had some of the best technique of anyone at the comp. I thought there was maybe another 5-10# in the tank.

  26. Hang Squat Clean – 215

    Split Jerk – 205

    Clean Pulls – 285

    Skipped push press due to weird left shoulder/elbow tricep pain

    Conditioning – 2 rounds plus 7 OH squats and 14 toes to bar with a judge
    felt kinda blah during the workout

    m/f/s – 3, 5, 6

  27. 1) 220 across
    2)skipped but did some 1 arm kb jerks. Left wrist not so hot.
    3a) 275
    3b) subbed HSPUx9 (should have subbed on parallettesx3)
    Only did 3 sets
    May finish rest later

  28. HSC: 205 all sets
    Split Jerk: 235 all sets
    Clean Pulls: finished at 305
    Push Press: finished at 215

    Conditioning: 2 rounds + 7 OHS + 14 T2B + 16 KBS
    found a comfortable pace, making sure reps were solid. Definitely had more in the tank, but kept it there. I would post the video if I could figure out how. I am a technology idiot. Anyhow, I feel like there were two, maybe three, questionable swings. Good day!

  29. 1) 220 across

    2)skipped but did some 1 arm kb jerks. Left wrist not so hot.
    3a) 275
    3b) subbed HSPUx9 (should have subbed on parallettesx3)
    Only did 3 sets
    May finish rest later

  30. Mike Johnson
    1) Hang Squat Clean- 67.5kg, 70kg = full squat
    2) Split Jerk 67.5kg

    3) Clean pulls all with 100kg
    4) Push Press al with 60kg

    2 rounds 7 Toes to Bar ( games standard swings hard) all judged by fellow cross fit coach

    TGU’s Ran out of time

  31. 1) 185
    3a) 255, 265, 275, 285
    3b)135, 140, 145, 150

    metcon 2 rds +14t2b

    tgu w/ 1.5 pood kb

  32. Was planning on taking today off, but it wasn’t a beatdown weekend at all…..feel good.

    Barbell Gymnastics

    1. 260 x 5 x 2 – no fails.
    2. 260 x 5 x 2 – no fails
    3a) 295, 325, 335, 335. Getting some good pop on the bar
    3b) 225, 230, 235, 240 (both 235 and 240 were 3 rep PR’s)

    Good day!!

    No Conditioning…did that one on Saturday.


  33. 1.) 135, 155, 165, 175, 185
    2.) 135, 155, 165, 175, 185
    3.) 225, 235, 235, 235
    4.) 155, 165, 175, 185

    3 rounds and 2 OHS (only used 95 pounds for OHS due to wrist injury)
    no judge, but I can see how a person could be no-repped repeatedly

    tgu with 50 pound db

    Got a new Again Faster Revolution rope (sweet action)

  34. 1) worked up to 160 and felt so good.
    2) 175
    3a) 200
    3b) 140, 145 F
    All felt great today.

    Conditioning: so I sucked it up on this pretty bad today. uggh.
    2 rounds + 28 reps. Tried to keep a strict KB standard though. Each rep was watched carefully. This hurt. Grip went fast but it just sucked today.

    Midline: completed with 44lb KB.

    MFS – 1, 2, 4

  35. 1) @240
    2) skipped having shoulder problems
    3b) did 1 set at 185, stopped due to shoulder


    Competed at a local comp this weekend 5 of us at Crossfit Progression cluding myself who have been following Outlaw for 2 months took the top 5 spots! Thanks Coach!

  36. 1) 210
    2) 210
    3a) 315, 325×3
    3b) 185, 195, 195, 205 – (205 was my 1RM)

    WOD – 2 + 29 reps KBS got me…trying to ensure good reps I let the KB get away from me.

    TGU – 24 kg KB all reps

  37. Had a great time at the camp!! Thanks to everyone that made it happen! Was excited to start working out again. Also got owned on the KB swings. Might have done an extra 100 or so 🙂 Love it!! Really enjoyed the oly lifting and squat session. Learned that I have a lot to work on. But, I LOVE that! Now if Rudy could only figure out my name…..

  38. Today was a transition day between my old and new schedules. I did double conditioning.

    In the AM did the “Pain TH Training” from Saturday because I wasnt feeling well then. Only Had time for 4 rounds because I had to catch the Bus to my 8 am Exercise Physiology Class. This was awesome. It hurt, but it was awesome.

    In the PM:
    30 sec rest.
    Ive taken 5 minutes off this time since we did “Diane”


    did the conditioning:
    Finished with 3 rounds + 7 OHS. Had a Judge watching close. I do have the video but I dont have time to upload it tonight. I have a Biomechanics test on Wednesday that I need to study for.

  39. A: 195#
    B: 205# (footwork needs work, also pressing out a lot of reps, need to work on pushing under the bar)
    C1: 275#
    C2: 195# (2)
    Metcon: 2 rounds + 11 toes-to-bar (T2B on really fat pullup bar)
    TGU: 55#

    M/F/S: 3/5/2

  40. 1. 100
    2. 105
    3a. 155, 160, 165, 170
    3b. 100, 105, 110, 115

    2 rounds plus 7 OHS plus 14 T2B

    TGU w/ 45 lb KB

  41. 1: 225/245/265/275/285
    2: 225/145/275/295/315x(miss)
    3: 315/335/365/405*should have stayed lighter but wanted to pull something heavy
    4: 205/225/245/250×2

    Had to use 70# db in garage, but made it extremely uncomfortable overhead…still can’t say it’s totally legit (tough when training alone and the only camera I have is my phone and I’d rather listen to music than workout in silence) anyways….
    3+5 kb swings

  42. 1.) 185 for all 5
    2.) 175 for all five (focused on form)
    3a.) 205 for all 4
    3b.) 155, 165, 165, 170

    2 rounds plus 7 + 12
    Was judged on KB swings and OHS making it very different. Had some no reps which was frustrating but good. OHS were fine, getting bar up sucked.

    No time for midline. Weak excuse, involves lululemon, chocolate and wine.

  43. BB Gymnastics

    1) 225
    2) 250
    3a) 325
    3b) 225, 230, 235(2), 240(PR)

    2 Rounds plus 1 KBS

    TGU – done with 32kg

    Strength was heavy today, especially overhead. KBS done completely vertical suuuuuuccckkk. Used camera to check form, missed a couple and realized it and did the corresponding extra reps. TGU were tough today too.

  44. 1)185X5
    2)190X2,190(f),190×3 footwork sucks, and pressing it out a little because of my shoulders

    Conditioning: (115# OHS, 53#KB) 2+23 Grip was smoked.

    2/2/3 Felt good today.

  45. 1. 145
    2. 145
    3a. 145/165/175×2
    3b. 115 across

    I fell behind on the programming… Finally said fuck it … Lol tired of being a week behind … Just going to start from today
    … No metcon today… Still a little tweaked from an accident yesterday. Didnt push it too hard.

  46. Training camp rocked. I’ll be posting a recap on my blog tomorrow, just a heads up.

    Today I didn’t have my phone or anything in me so I was trying to remember the BB work out of my stupid brain, I almost got it perfect…

    1) 235, 245, 235, 240, 245 (um, did hang power cleans here. A little pissed I messed this up because I was feeling VERY good, and fast. Kind of want to make these up somewheres soon)
    2) 210, 225, 225, 225, 225 (felt strong)
    3a) 295, 315, 315, 325 (finally figured getting the hips extended fully!)
    3b) 195, 195, 200, 205 (really bad here. Was focusing in sticking the lockout and holding it there for a second. I guess I really have been bad with a true lockout – what we found out this past weekend – becuase my freakig biceps are torn up. Yeah, from controlling a licked out position my biceps are sore)

    Conditioning – no chance I was Doug this one a second time…

  47. 1. 145
    2. 175
    3a. 175, 185, 195, 200
    3b. 121, 126, 131, 136

    2 rds + 10 reps We judged each other tonight and I got a ton of no reps on kb’s. Glad we are woking on this now!! 🙂

  48. BB Gymnastics

    1) 210#
    2) 225# Felt some pain in the shoulder the whole time. Working on trying to get a good full grip on the bar rather than having a finger tip grip
    3a) 225# Only third time doing this with straps and starting to get the hang of it. Next time around should be able to go heavier.
    3b) 185# Same pain in the shoulder that I felt during the split jerk

    2rds + 1. 10 less than I did on Saturday probably shouldn’t have done this again and just rested but I felt pretty good.

    Had to start class so ran out of time.

  49. 1) 190
    2) 190
    3a) 155, 165, 170, 170
    3b) 275
    Conditioning- 1 round + 15 swings, got no repped on about as many as I actually got

  50. 1) 127.5
    2) 127.5
    3a) 165
    3b) 105- felt good, still trying to focus on push pressing and not jerking

    2 + 7 oh squats + 7 T2B

  51. 1) 215#
    2) 225#
    3a) 245, 275, 295, 295- no straps all pulled past waist
    3b) 195, 195, 195, 205
    3 + 3 T2B
    Only had a 45# bar at home

  52. 1) 145
    2) 155
    3a) 155, 175, 185, 195
    3b) 125, 125, 135, 135

    3 + 7 OHS and 3 T2B
    Only have 30 and 50# kettlebells so went w/ the 30 pounder 🙂 First round unbroken. T2B fell apart on 3rd round and KB were pretty slow overall to maintain form.

    • Okay, I’ve been drinking the idiot juice. Just realized it was 24kg for women, not 16kg…should have gone with the 50#. What the f#*k. Now I feel like I should do it again to make up for my stupidity…

  53. Hang Cleans: 245
    Jerks: 220
    Clean Pulls: 300#
    Push Press: 205#

    Conditioning: 3 rounds + 2 kbs w/judge

    TGU: 53#

  54. Holy shit. Having done Friday and Saturday’s programming Saturday and Sunday I think it goes without saying, I am smoked. Had to dial down the percentages a little.

    1) 5×2 @ 215
    2) 5×2 @ 235
    3a) 4×3 @ 335 (no straps)
    3b) no fucking way

    Conditioning – 2rds+16 swings BOO!

    62lb kb x 20


  55. Finally felt on form today. Really happy with the Clean Pulls.

    1) 185, 185, 185, 185, 195
    2) 185, 185, 185, 205, 205
    3a) 275, 315, 315, 315, 335
    3b) 185, 185, 185, 185, 195

    2 rounds plus 20. Felt good. Had a judge on the KBS, and didn’t get any no reps. Toes-to-Bar were the hardest part.

    45 lbs barbell.

  56. Was a long one today.

    1) 235
    2) 235
    3a) 305, 305, 315, 315
    3b) 185, 205, 215, 225 (PR)

    Metcon: 2 rounds + 6 OHS

    Like a brilliant person I did 21 reps of T2B the first round. Awesome. Took away a couple reps but mostly concentrated really hard on keeping it vertical. Done in sets of 7 cause I was going slower on them.

    TGU: 20 reps alternating w/ 32kg KB

    Buddy Tyson came in, was doing some handwalking. Couldn’t say no. Handwalked for a couple minutes. Shoulders are done now.

  57. 1. 243×4;253×1
    2. 243×1; 233×4
    3a. 280×1; 310×3
    3b. 205×2; 220×2

    Conditioning: 2 rounds plus 13 reps. KBS sucked

  58. 1) 185,185,185,190,190
    2) 185,185,190,190,185
    3a) 205,225,245,250
    3b) 165,170,175(2reps),170
    2 rounds and 12 kbs (62lb kb with judge)

  59. 1) 225 across … felt really good

    2) 200 across … slight press out on a lot of reps

    3a) 275 – 295 – 315 – 315
    3b) 155 – 165 – 175 – 175

    metcon – 2 rds + 18 reps

    TGU all at 24kg

  60. Hang clean @ 185, but I did an extra three sets at 205 because the 185 felt too light
    Split jerk @ 195 shoulder is starting to feel better
    Clean pulls @ 275
    Push press @ 185

  61. 1) Hang Squat Clean 275x2x5
    2) Split Jerk 315x2x5
    3a) Clean Pulls 365x3x4
    3b) Push Press 255×3, 265×3, 275×2+1, 275×2+1


    (made this one up from Saturday)

    250m Row
    10 Squat Clean Thrusters 95lbs
    15 Burpees
    -rest 3 minutes

    2:05, 2:09, 2:04 only did 3 rounds because I wanted to get today’s done too.

    AMRAP 8
    -7 OHS 135
    -14 T2B
    -21 KBS (judged)

    3 Rounds + 9 T2B

    Gunning for you there Hoggan. Forearms were jacked after this. Need more grip work.

  62. Have to split training. Kids baseball season is here.
    1. HC 135-145-150-150-150#
    2. SJ 155-170-170-170-170#
    1/2 midline 10reps KB53#
    Make up other tonight or tomorrow morning

    • 3.a 205-225-255-255#
      b 135-145-155-155#
      Conditioning 2 full rounds w/ 1:09 left, grip gone and Bitched out, sucking wind

  63. Recovering from a competition this weekend, so just did the first two lifts since I need the work.

    1. 145 across
    2. 140 across

    M/F/S – 3/6/6

  64. Strength
    Just worked on form some bicep was giving me issues
    I need to work on T2B everything else was good

  65. BB Gymnastics: HC 205 (felt really light making a 10lb jump next time)
    SJ 200 (again too light)
    CP 3×375 (fail @ 405)
    PP 190

    WOD 2rds 5 reps

  66. Hang clean @ 235
    Jerk @ 235
    Pulls @ 275, 295, 305, 305
    Push presses @ 185, 195, 205,205

    2 rounds less two overhead squat reps barbell fell apart

    Will do midline today

    Mfs 3 3 7 felt good buthad back pain

    Mfs 3 3 7 felt good but has back pain

  67. 1. 175
    2. 175
    3a. 245/275/275/275
    3b. 155/165(miss-2)/165(miss-2)/165(PR)

    3 rnds + 6 T2B (scaled to women’s weight).

    Skipped midline.

  68. Amazing programming Rudy!!

    1. 205
    2. 205
    3. 275
    4. 185 across

    25 pistol buy in then
    3 Rds + 1 ohs

    Not enough time for midline

  69. 5×2 HPC- 125
    5×2 split jerks- 135
    4×3 clean pulls- 125
    4×3 push press- 115, 120, 120, 120

    105 reps

  70. Jon: hang sq. clean: 215
    split jerk: 215

    Clean pull: 185
    push press: 190

    Conditioning: 3 rnd + 1

    TGU 75lb barbell

    The Lovely Deanna: hang sq. clean 125
    split jerk: 125

    clean pull: 105
    push press: 95

    Conditioning: 2 rnds + 22

    TGU: right arm 45 left arm 35

  71. BB Gymnastics

    1) 275
    2) Stayed at 225 due to shoulder discomfort
    3a) skipped
    3b) skipped


    2 Rounds + 17 KBS

    Midline: 55 lbs

  72. 1) 5x 210lbs
    2) 3x 210lbs (didn’t do last two sets because shoulder was starting to feel funny)
    3a) 4x 200 lbs
    3b) 4x 165lbs (little light because of shoulder)

    WOD: 3rds + 5 t2b

    TGU: heavy 32kg on right arm but only 24kg on left.

  73. 1. 255lbs,
    2. 255lbs, felt really good on 1 and 2.
    Had to skip 3a and 3b due to time

    Finished 3 rounds plus 3OHS. Grip and shoulders were toast from doing a lot of heavy KB swings and push presses the day before at CF Silver Spring (hands were also pretty torn up).

  74. 1.) 120
    2.) 135
    3a.) 155-175-175-175
    3b.) 115×4

    2 + 7 OHS (HEAVY KBS KILL ME!)

    Midline: Done

  75. Hang squat clean 5×2 @ 225#
    Split jerk 5×2 @ 225#

    Clean pulls 4×3 @ 275
    Push press 4×3 @ 205

    Conditioning 2 rounds plus 25 reps rx

  76. 1) 225
    2) 200, best in a while with my shoulder
    3a) 315
    3b) 135, pain with shoulder on anything heavier

    Conditioning: 2 Rounds + 13 KB swing, actually had a judge from the regionals there with me, holy shit with the grip and that stupid fucking KB standard!

  77. went a little easy today. the last time we did this strength component i hurt my back on the split jerks.

    1) 155
    2) 155
    3a) 235×4
    3b) 155×4

    8 min amrap–3 rounds+15 situps
    105 lbs o/h squats, 7 reps
    15 situps
    50 lbs dumbbell swings, 21 reps
    (starting today i’m going to do a little more scaling w/the conditioning workouts–try to find that balance where you can barely keep working, but you CAN continue. 135 lbs for the 7 o/h squats, 15 toes to bar and 21 65 lbs dumbbell swings would have pretty much been my max for that weight and reps. i don’t think i’d have been able to complete 2 rounds and spent most of the 8 minutes resting)

    midline: 35 lbs plate

  78. First Outlaw training session today.

    1) 195
    2) 185
    3a) 245
    3b) 165

    2 rds + 9kbs ( scaled ohs to 115)

    Used 24kg for midline.

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