Jay Rhodes is from Canada. Evidently the “sport of fitness” hasn’t penetrated Canada:

WOD 120211:

BB Gymnastics

1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch – rest as needed.
2) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk – rest as needed.

Notes: Take as long as you’d like to warm up for these lifts, but limit yourself to ONLY 3 legit attempts. You may use any style of each lift, but try to stick to a near USAW standard.

Conditioning (pain threshold training)

5 rounds for total time of:

Row 250m
10 Squat Clean to Thrusters 95/65#
15 Burpees

-Rest 3 minutes.

Notes: This entire WOD should be performed with a 20/10# vest.

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  1. So for the “Squat Clean to Thruster.” Does this mean I do a squat clean, stand it up then perform a thruster? Or simply a squat clean pushed into a thrusters.

  2. Sac Town Throwdown this weekend. Any other Outlaws competing? I’ll be with CrossFit Elk Grove.

  3. Hey Everyone – New to the site, love the videos, programming, and instruction. I am a little miffed at the apparent animosity towards Crossfit HQ? Just curious about it. Love the site, keep up the good work!

    • Ryan, not being a dick, but have you read the blog? There is ZERO animosity towards HQ. We don’t filter comments, so if you’re referring to those then it is what it is, but as far as the guy who actually writes the blog, animosity would be the opposite of what’s going on.

  4. Coach thanks for what you do I have been following the Outlaw Way from Afghanistan for the past three weeks or so, I am a mere mortal and it has made a hell of a difference. Even convinced a recovered main site follower to give it a try and he is sold as well. When I get back to the motherland I will have to hunt down one of your training camps. Thanks again, for helping me destrominate my mediocrity.

  5. 1 rm snatch and 1 rm c& j: I worked technique on both, because I woke up with more than usual soreness in my recovering shoulder. I did power snatch up to 95# and
    just 105# on C & J. I thought it was the smart thing today. Coach, if you have any other suggestions on scaling when its supposed to be a 1 rep max I’d appreciate it.

    conditioning: 14# vest. = 30:40 subtract 12 min.=18:40 I’m pretty sure this is slow as dirt. 3:35/4:00(turned vest backwards:()/3:44/3:28/3:30. the vest was too big and would end up around my neck on burpees.


  6. Crappy day all around. We had a Valentine Day Couple challenge at our gym. Some n00b actually walked up to my bar when I was getting ready to snatch wanting to take my weights. Totally put me in a bad mood for the rest of the morning.

    BB Gymnastics:
    Snatch – 105# – 20# below PR
    C&J – missed jerk at 170#. Tied current max at 166#.

    Our vests in the gym are crap. Had to eventually bungee cord mine together before round 4. It kept flying open and hitting me in the face during rounds 2 and 3.

    1) 2:53
    2) 3:25
    3) 3:35
    4) 3:06
    5) 3:04

  7. Snatch: 185 GARBAGE!


    This is one of the worst days I’ve had in a long time! Ready for rest and good food!

  8. Snatch: 155# (40# un-PR)
    Clean & Jerk: 225# (30# un-PR)
    Just getting back in it on these.

    No Rower, and too cold/slippery outside to run, so subbed 25 Double-Unders. The rest Rx’d with a 20# vest. Total time was 26:07. Just evil.

  9. Split Clean: 220,242,252 – [17# PR since Alexandria training camp…]
    (Shoulders are wrecked, feel like a bag of assholes)

    Conditioning: 3:16,3:07,3:35,3:42,3:37


  10. Snatch: DNF. Warmed up to 135 easy, missed 145×2, 140×1 (Current PR-145)
    C&J: DNF. Warmed up to 185. Felt real heavy. Got under 205 easy but couldn’t stand up 3 times. (Current PRs: 215 Clean, 225 Jerk). I could power clean 210 6 weeks ago. Feel very weak lately.

    Conditioning: No vest. First round was 2:00 then slowed way down. Then clock got turned off and I just guessed it from there. Probably around 3:15 second round and stayed around that.

    5/3/4 tired of feeling weak, and don’t feel like I’m getting stronger.

  11. Snatch – 215 (5#pr), 220(f), 220(f)
    C+J – DNF – crappy session, poor warm up, focused more on snatch. left shoulder bugging me.

    Total time – 29:55

    1. 2:46
    2. 3:17
    3. 3:10
    4. 3:39
    5. 3:03

    Very tough. Really happy about the snatch though, focusing on my bar path has increased my pr by 10# instantly.

  12. 1) 135 I was so sore and slow slow on these today. My pull had nothing it seemed like. 145 would be PR. Missed 140 and moved on.
    2) 175 which ties my old PR. Did not want to go for 180 today. I was feeling fatigued at that point. PR soon, I can feel it. Jerks were stupid today. Had nothing in the shoulders.

    Conditioning: Holy hell this felt great….haha not!
    3:03, 3:01, 2:54, 3:09, 2:44 – really bad that my last set was the best. Unacceptable. This hurt. Wearing the vest was the worst part. Total working time: 14:51 Total time:22:51

    MFS – 2, 2, 7 Very sore from OHS and Ring Dips

  13. A: Snatch – 175# F (a bit forward but I should have had it), 180# PR, 185# (10# PR)
    B: C & J (did squat cleans today, usually do power) – 198#, 208#, 218# PR (for squat clean & jerk)
    Conditioning (subbed 150m tredsled sprint @ 50#)
    1) 3:30
    2) 3:42
    3) 4:25
    4) 4:24,
    5) 3:45

    *Nothing in the legs for the conditioning, absolutely wiped…

    M/F/S – 3/3/3

  14. Snatch – 190 (Great rep), 200 x F, 205F
    C&J – No pop today, 255F(Jerk), 260F, 265F (best was 235 in warm-ups)
    Bad. Bad. Bad.

    Made up for it on the Conditioning.

    All rounds sub 3 minutes, fastest round was 2.25 (First round)
    Total time: 25.52

    • Oh and by the way Rudy — This marks the third time since I have started this programming that I have said “fuck me, that was fucking one of the worst WoDs I’ve ever done”…(last time was the sled sprints)…Kudos – this was pretty horrible, put me straight to bed when I got home.

  15. at work yesterday so no access to squat equipment so did it today with the metcon.
    squat: 185, 200, 215, 225
    bench: 155,175

    metcon: 33:26 rx’d

    structure fire in the afternoon/medic up all night/taught Jerk class before working out=10 on fatigue/9 mood/sore 8

  16. snatch-185PR, 189.4 fail, 189.4 fail
    snatch getting better every week, got under 189.4 but was off balance

    c&j-210 fail, worked on technique, my hang and power clean getting stronger, but squat clean technique needs work

    conditioning- round times

    this sucked, burpees were the worst. what doesnt kill you will make you stronger

  17. wow, fail on my part understanding the conditioning for today. Didn’t rest 3 minutes between rounds… Also, didnt have access to barbells today, I used 35lb DBs.


  18. I competed in a partner comp with my wife today but it meshed nicely with todays workout.

    1) Max Snatch in 12mins
    I hit 245lbs to tie my PR

    2) Max C+J in 12mins
    I hit 305lbs for a NEW PR!!!!

    The quality is really shitty but you can see whats happening.

    3) 12mins on the clock to complete as a team:
    80 pullups
    70 box jumps – 20″ for men + women
    60 Thrusters – 75lbs for men + women
    50 Burpees
    in remaining time row as many cals as possible

    men had to wear a 20lb vest for the whole workout.

    Awesome day

  19. Snatch: 165, 175f, 175f was so close on both but not quite
    C+J: 205, 215 f on j, 215 f on c Had the clean on my second one but wasn’t quite locked out, by 3rd rep I had blown my wad and couldn’t do it, but on a high not this is a squat clean record for me

    Metcon: 32:33 total time, hardest part was the whole damn thing, rowing got slow by the end, had to break up SC thrusters into 5’s for last 2 rounds, burpees were so slow I’m surprised tomorrows WOD wasn’t posted before I finished, on a high note, I finished

    Not looking forward to missing next week

  20. Snatch: 150 solid. Left it at that today.
    C&J: 205 – full squat clean (with pause at the bottom and bounce).

    Conditioning: 30:34. F my life.

    Thank you!


  21. Snatched 150 lbs 5 lbs PR. My technique needs a ton of work. Clean and jerked 185 lbs! 10 lbs PR. The clean was ugly but the jerk felt solid. Only did 3 rounds of conditioning due to time constraints still hurt like Hell though. Time : 17 min

  22. Snatch: 145 power snatch
    Clean and Jerk: 185


    3:42, 3:43; 3:46; 3:54; 3:50 (total of 30:55)
    I had no vest – even still this was very tough. I am absolutely humbled by what most others are doing…

    I sure as hell hope the border guards let Jay back into Canada… we need all the good Rhodes we can get (cuz most of us live in igloos and dogsleds are the norm…)

  23. Worked up to 195 for a first attempt on the Snatch. Then got booted out because a Gymnastics Competition was going on at the same time and me dropping weight was distracting the athletes or something. Was trying to time it so I never dropped it during their routines but they still didn’t like it.
    No time to go to the affiliate. May try to make this up tomorrow.

  24. Snatch 145
    Clean & Jerk 155 – definitely more in the tank cause FS is 225 and PC is 185…just never squat cleaned heavy before and having a hard time opening my fingers to rack the weight.

    Left it at that for today!

  25. Still struggling on my snatch. I can pull it, can get under it, just cannot catch it.
    Made 5 attempts at 135 and failed on all, than started failing at weights below that that I made warming up. Called it a day. Started feeling slow. Did not bother with C+J as I was already in my head.

    Waited a few hours for the pain threshold fiasco. The combination of the three with the vest caught up quick on round 2. Hamstrings had nothing.
    27:35 or so total. Rounds were 2:41, 3:05, 3:12, 3:15, 3:08

  26. Snatch 185#, failed 195# twice b/c I’m a weak sister
    Clean and Jerk 240#, failed on 255# twice b/c….^

    With 20# vest
    I’m horrible at math, my GMAT Quant will attest to that. so…
    15:59 total work time. I think my fastest round was 2:23


  27. Snatch- 160- tied current pr, failed 165
    C&J- 215- 5# un-pr, cleaned 225 twice, and failed jerk each time
    Conditioning- 2:42, 3:02, 3:07, 3:17, 3:28

  28. Did my strength/skill work, different than whats programmed here. Simply because I have some glaring weaknesses I am working to correct.

    Snatch: (same as prescribed) I hit a PR @ 215# on Wednesday, so Today I made 3 attempts at 220# missed all. Form was off.

    Front Squat: 3×3, Last set @ 315#

    GHD Raises 3×10 w/55#
    GHD Sit ups 3×20

    30 sec rest

    Muscle ups
    30 sec rest

    Came back later to knock out the conditioning:
    I had a headache all day long, that only intensified as the day went. I drove to the gym trying to just power through it, warmed up then hit the conditioning.
    Round 1: 2:22
    Then had some bad GI issues, made it out just as I needed to start round 2 though
    Round 2: 2:50
    Had GI issues again! This time I didnt make it out so fast. Im thinking it had something to do with me not feeling great and the weights of the weight vest smashing into my stomach. When I finally got out my headache had intensified to a slight migraine, because of this my energy dropped substantially, tried to power through it but stopped early because i felt like shit. Headache was giving me the feeling like I was going to get sick. Tried to wait it out to see if it got better. Only got worse. After 15 minutes, I threw in the towel. Im pretty pissed I had to do this. For one, fuck headaches. For 2, this WOD was awesome. For 3..did I mention Fuck Headaches. I would absolutely love to do this one again at some point. For the two rounds I did, I felt good. Row 500 splits were kept around 1:33, squat cleans to thruster all unbroken touch and go and my burpees are getting better now that I am fixing my technique.

    • I dont have any strength work on the agenda for tomorrow because I am starting my new cycle this week which starts tuesday. So im going to do this in the AM. then whatever rudy has planned in the pm.

  29. Strength

    Snatch – hit 221 warming up and it felt pretty easy. So I went up to 231 and it all just went to shit. Couldn’t even get close.

    C&J – first attempt at 287 was piss poor, got the clean on the second attempt but missed the jerk. So I said fuck it and went up to 300, not much different there. Just all around bad day for lifting.

    1. 2:38
    2. 2:42
    3. 3:03
    4. 3:28 – fuck me, just mentally got beat on this round
    5. 3:03
    Total – 27:something
    This one hurt, felt good on the first two rounds, but it fucking sucked after that.

  30. Skipped snatch/C&J (probably going to hold off on going heavy w/ those until Naples.

    Pain tolerance wod:
    2:16, 2:50, 3:01, 3:06, 3:16 –> Total time was something like 27:19. I almost vomited after each of the last two rounds (long time since that’s happened). Rudy’s an asshole genius.

    M/F/S – 3/4/4

  31. Battle for the Cup Competition in St. Louis this weekend. Day 1 is down and I’m sitting in 9th.

    WOD 1: Had to retrieve weights down and lane and load and unload the bar each round.
    Round 1 – 21 hang (below knee) squat cleans 115#
    Round 2 – 15 power cleans 135#
    Round 3 – 9 C&J 165#
    Time 6:48 (6th place), spent most of the time changing weights.

    WOD 2: Free standing handstand hold for max time. Could move around within a 9×5 box. Time: 20 sec (20 place)

    WOD 3: 8 min AMRAP of 3 muscle ups + dip, 16 later jumps over 24″ stick
    Score: 8 rounds + 2 muscle ups (3rd place)

    WOD 4: Deadlift ladder. 45 seconds at each bar, weight goes up by 20# and reps increase by 1 at each bar. Failed at 345×10 (only did it for 5, 26th place). Once you let go of the bar your set was terminated.

    I was 4th coming into the deadlift ladder and it killed me. Knocked me back to 9th. The first wod for day 2 should be a good one for me though.

    For time:
    5 rope climbs 20′
    Run 2 miles

    I have two wods tomorrow so I hope I can kill them both and make it to the podium.

  32. Snatch: 115, 125 fail twice–115 is an UN-PR in case I haven’t mentioned it before. We didn’t have any 2.5’s so I had to skip 120. 115 went up REALLY easy, though, which surprised me after the OHS work from yesterday.

    C&J: Thank you, baby Jesus, I got to do this one second. Changed my whole mood. 145, 155, 165-new PR by 10#. BTW, before starting Outlaw Dec. 24th, my PR was 145 for both clean and jerk. I cleaned 165 a couple weeks ago when we did max cleans, but I’ve never been able to put that much overhead. Super happy with the progress…but still have a lot of work ahead. Bring it!

    Don’t know my times from each round. Overall time was 29:07-15 minutes total rest=14:07 total work.

    MFS 2/7/6

  33. So I fucked up my left wrist missing a 250lbs clean two weeks ago, can you program some one-armed snatch work so I don’t feel left out?

    Seriously though your programming is the shit, picked it up following Jay, Kevin and Jordan on CF HQ’s logs. As soon as my crippled ass heals up, I’ll be back on this shit full bore. In the mean time I’ll keep running some piece-meal bastardized version of your programming with one good arm.

  34. Snatched up to 105kg(231lb)
    Then quick warmup to Clean and Jerk
    Solid hit at 125kg(275lb) Cleaned 132kg missed Jerk. No time or desire for pain threshold.
    The Lifts

  35. Snatch: 138, 143 Fx3
    C & J: 165 (felt great!) 175 Fx3 (caught it on the first try but hit my knees so I bailed)

    No vest the guys used them all!!

  36. Snatch: 182, 187 miss, 187 (85 Kilos, bodyweight)
    C+J: 226, 235, 246

    Conditioning: Not rx’d
    Subbed 60# kb swing x 20 for row, no vest just did 2 rounds.

    M/F/S 3/4/6

    Back and knee pain, so held back on volume today. Felt better day of, feel much better today (Sunday)

  37. Snatch: 185, 235, 250, all power snatches
    Clean: 250 fail, 250, 280 P.R.
    the 280# power clean and split jerk made me feel very confident about getting 300+ very soon, my awesome wife is getting me some oly shoes for Valentines day, excited!

    conditioning rx’d 29:44 total time
    R1: 3:27
    R2: 3:44
    R3: 3:46
    R4: 3:44
    R5: 3:03

    Gratitude for providing this great programming, making great progress.

  38. Shoulder and chest limited me today, really sore from yesterday.

    BB Gymnastics

    1) Worked up to 190#, tried 200# and Failed 3 times

    2) Worked up to 235#, failed 245# Twice

    Conditioning (pain threshold training)

    Shoulders are wrecked – try it tomorrow.

  39. 1. Held off on max effort stuff. Shoulder and wrist are a bit beat up. Did PR on a push jerk earlier in the week, 295lbs, felt super easy going up.
    2. Conditioning:
    Didn’t have a 20lbs vest so used a ruck sack from the gym and put a 20lbs med ball in it… this was a terrible idea… friggin’ back was all over the place on the row and thrusters and was whacking me in the back of the head on the burpees. Held just over 3:00 on all rounds.

  40. Snatch 145# not Pr…missed on 155# for Pr
    Clean did not do, mis read
    Conditioning no row, so I only rest 1 min between rounds
    1. 2:27
    2. 2:51
    For everyone that did this Rx wit da row, you some bad Muthafuka

  41. Did throwndown series Couples WOD

    1) death by burpee-push press (85#/125#)
    7 rounds plus 3 pp

    rest 10 minutes

    2) 6 rounds (alternating partners) of 5 squat cleans (85#/125#), 10 pullup, 200m row. While partner 1 is working, partner 2 does max effort L time (1 attempt per round).
    Lsit times (22, 5 (foot tapped), 13)

  42. 1) 125 felt easy on the snatch but 135 seems to kill me. I know I need better technique to start moving up in weight. I’ve only been doing snatches and overhead squats for a few months
    2) 155 got a call so didn’t get a chance to go higher
    Did this later and it was an ass kicker, didn’t keep time on it. . Did all five rounds and now I’m ready for bed.

  43. Did this one yesterday (Saturday), and I had nothing in the tank. The numbers/times showed it.

    1. 185 (-40 lbs from PR)
    2. Stopped at 225, mainly out of disgust from snatch attempts.

    Conditioning: 33:12
    I made the mistake of attempting this at the same time we had an unusually large Saturday morning class. The first two rounds were done with 50# dumbbells. The other rounds were done as prescribed as soon as a barbell was available.

    This was an exercise in mental toughness, for sure.

    m/f/s: 5/6/8

  44. Snatch – 210 PR!
    C&J – 255 (old PR), 265 clean but failed jerk

    Conditioning – 27:35

    Row to thruster has always been one of my least favorite combinations because it fuckin hurts. Great WOD though.

    M/F/S – 8/7/5 M – been dealing with really shitty news. F – two flights lots of driving trying to squeeze wod’s in between. S – other than being in the seated position, crammed onto airplanes and driving cars made with lounge seats which is excellent for the back my shoulders were pretty beat up from OHS and ring dips.

  45. Snatch: 170 fail – 170 – 175 PR
    Not enough time for C and J

    Conditioning: 26:40 with 25lb vest

    Felt like a full on panic attack at round 3! My body hated it, now its loving the neuroendocrine response!

  46. Snatch 110, failed twice at 115 (previous PR)
    No time for C and J

    Conditioning 27:02 with 10 lb vest.

  47. Snatch 175 – 185 – 195(f) got under it, just couldn’t stabilize
    C&J 210 – 220 – 225 … split jerk practice this week helped out a lot!!

    vest broke on round 2 so I had to ditch it for 3-5
    total time w/ rest = 30:05 i think…

  48. Snatch- Warmed up to 185 missed all 3 attempts @ 198
    C&J 231/238/253(F)

    WOD .. it was all a blur but most rounds were high 3’s low 4’s.. spent more time fucking with the weight vest than doing the WOD

  49. Snatch- 115
    C&J- 140

    Conditioning: total time 28:28 w/ 10#vest; split times 3:15, 3:12, 3:25, 3:23,3:12

  50. Snatch: 105-115-120 (F) Felt slow and heavy, jumping early, everything was off
    C+J : 140-145-150 (felt better as they got heavier)


    1.) 3:01
    2.) 2:53
    3.) 3:12
    4.) 3:12
    5.) 2:55

    No vest, our vests don’t say on for some reason.

    Rows took 1:05-1:10 Im so slow at this, but getting better. Rest unbroken, it was a fight around 7 on the SQCL to Thruster. Need to learn to speed up burpees. Went fast on last round which made me puke. 🙁

  51. Snatch – 85kg
    C&J – 110kg
    Still struggling to get back to previous bests after injury, but quite satisfied about the result.

    = 12:34 total working time
    All done unbroken! Really hard but great WOD!

  52. 1rm snatch: 155 (previous pr)-165(f)-165(f) MENTAL
    1rm c&j: 205(previous pr)-215(failed jerk, pr clean)-215(f)

    conditioning: 21:48 working time (subbed 25 45 lbs sdhp for 250m row)

    *the conditioning workout was terrible–totally smoked

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